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Josh Yagel

Reinforcement of Positive Values

Sport participation and training offer unique avenues to the

development of various positive values in athletes of all ages. One particular
value that will constantly be reinforced in my program is that of personal and
social responsibility. From the first day onward, athletes in my program will
begin to cultivate a strong sense of responsibility by meeting obligations for
the team and for themselves. First and foremost, athletes will be held
responsible for arriving to practice or meetings early. This shows that they
have taken responsibility to manage all obligations in order to make football
a priority, and to treat their teammates and coaches with respect. If athletes
expect to be on time or late, they must notify the coaching staff in advance,
as to take full responsibility for their actions. This simple task will empower
athletes to cultivate a strong sense of responsibility for their personal

By the same token, sport participation and training provide the

opportunity for athletes to develop strong socially responsible habits. As
most sports require teamwork and accountability, athletes will begin to
realize that their teammates must be able to count on them to fulfill their
role as a part of the team. Through practice and competition, athletes will be
held accountable for their successes and failures, which will lead them to
take responsibility for their function as a part of the team. As athletes
continue to grow and change, responsibility to contribute positively to the
team will be a skill that will carry them through life.