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Isabelle Rawlings
Narrative writing
October 28th, 2016

The divorce

My story begins with me sleeping in a car. I felt a slight push then rub with a sweet voice saying

sweetie were here. I slowly sat up wide eyed. Is this our new house mommy. I said with a

tired expression on my face. I looked up and saw a tan house with a red front door. I pointed out

the door to my mom because i thought it looked weird. We grabbed our stuff in the car and

walked inside. From a preschooler's perspective the house looked like a huge castle but in reality

it was normal sized.

I put my bag of toys in my room and started to explore the house. I noticed every room had a bed

but mine. I ran downstairs (*THUD THUD THUD*) to my parents. Mommy daddy why don't i

have a bed? I said with a frown.

Honey you just finished using your crib why don't you just sleep down stairs on the couch,

mom said with comfort. NO! I'm a big girl, i yelled. The moving van soon arrived and

dropped off all of our stuff we didn't own a whole lot so it only took about a week to unpack.

Soon enough though it was time for bed. My mom had made a bed out of pillows and blankets

and laid me down and tucked me in. I looked at my mom wide eyed and asked a question that
would never be forgotten. Mommy do you still love daddy? I love you and that's what

matters my mom said with a sad expression.

I woke up bright and early because of how uncomfortable the floor was. I ran down to stairs to

see what was for breakfast. WELL MAYBE IF YOU WOULD HELP ME THEN! my mom

yelled as i ran into the kitchen. My parents turned around and looked at me. My mom was in

tears and my dad looked angry. Mommy, daddy are you guys fighting? I said with sorrow.

Honey why don't you go to your friend's

house my mom whispered. About an hour later i came home and went to my room to play.

My mom walked into my room a half and hour later to tell me something very important.

honey i have to tell you something your dad and i are breaking up. My mom said. Silence and

sorrow filled the room. i pushed my mom out of my room and slammed and locked the door. An

hour later i slowly walked down stairs my mom was cooking something and my dad was

packing. I ran up to him and hugged him tight.

Daddy i don't want you to leave, I cried. My dad stood there holding me in a tight hug. Isabelle

you know how sometimes people don't get along. Well me and your mom don't like each other

anymore and i know it's hard you don't want me to leave but i have no other choice. My dad

said with sorrow.

I yelled at my mom Its all your fault! I broke free from my dad's hug and ran back upstairs to

my room. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want him to leave and i didn't want them to fight. I

wanted them to be happy together not apart. I hid under my bed crying thinking it was all my

fault. That i was the thing that ruined their relationship and because of that i wouldn't be able to

wake up and see my dad. I stayed under my bed for the rest of the day and even fell asleep their.

In the morning light i watched my dad's car pull out of the drive way for the last time like a
soldier walking out of a lost battle. I sat on the bench in the front porch and just sat there

thinking. Before my mom could say anything i quickly reached over for a hug and i kept telling

her how sorry i was for saying those mean things to her and how i didn't want her to leave me as


After we finished hugging she let me sit outside.

When dinner time came my mom searched the whole house thinking i had come back inside but

as soon as she opened the front door she saw me there still sitting and drowning in my own

thought. isa why don't you come inside for dinner my mom whimpered. I'm not hungry i

replied. Well why don't you just get ready for bed then so you can get the extra rest. I will even

let you sleep in my room my mom said trying to comfort me. I don't want to come inside

because i know my daddy isn't there to hug and kiss me goodnight and i know he isn't coming

back and i know i will never see him again i said with tears in my eyes. My mom looked at me

and ran inside. She called my dad to ask him where he was going to stay the night at.

Next thing i knew i was in the car with some of my cloths and toys and we were on our way to

my aunt melissa's house or like i call her aunt missy. As soon as we got there my mom grabbed

me and my stuff and knocked on the door. I had spent the weekend with my dad and on monday

afternoon he took me home again. As i walked into my mom's house i couldn't help but think

about how i could have persuaded my dad to keep me longer. Mom gave me a big hug knowing

that i needed it. I had wished i could go back in time when my parents still loved each other.

About two years later i was in the car asking mom when i could see my dad. your dad has to

work and besides you can always skype or call him mom said with reassurance. NO! I want to

see my dad i don't wanna see him on skype or call him i want to see him now. Tears ran down

my face and the color of my skin turned into a flame of red. So that day i saw my dad. At the end
of me visiting my dad's my parents told me every other weekend i could spend the weekend with

my dad. That leads up to today.

I learned from my parents divorce that things aren't always going to turn out for the best so make

good with what you got and if you think you have the slightest chance then go for it push the

limits and try to make things work. I miss my dad and i hate i don't see him all the time. It stinks

but i make do with what i got. I see him every chance i get and i make sure to make do with what

i got.