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Jazmin Espinosa

Computers h
Apple devices

Apple devices have been around since 1976 and that was when Steve jobs and
Steve wozniak created the first apple computer. 1 The first Apple computer that they created was
sold for only a couple hundred dollars but then other people sold the computers for at least
$500. 2 The second thing that apple released was the iphone,the iphone was released on June
29,2007 the first iphone was sold for $399 when it came out3. Before apple released the first
iphone they decided to create an ipod, the first ipod was sold for $20,000 and it was released on
october 31,2001.

A few years later apple released a new thing called the ipad, the first ipad was sold for
$499 and it was a 16gb ipad it was released on april 3,2010.Apple has released a lot of different
products like the apple tv, the apple watch,the ipod touch and much more.The apple tv was
released on september 12,2006 when it released it costed $149. The apple watch was released
on april 24,2015 when it first came out it costed $269.Also apple hh when it was as released the
ipod touch when it was released it costed $199 and it came out on september 5, 2007.

Over the years apple has improved a lot and also they have worked so hard to make a
lot of different thing and they have made them into a 16gb, a 32gb, a 64gb, and a 128gb and
they have made a lot of them so that is a very incredible thing.

Also there has been rumors that apple is in the process of building a car that will be
called the icar, the icar is a car that will be powered by electricity

Apple has done so many things that are so amazing and i wonder what they”re going to
make, Maybe their going to do a computer that is really smart or a phone that works by its.self ,
whatever it is I know that it will be a very useful l and great product to use.

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