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World Geo Unit 5- Essential Questions

What topics are identified as a part of the demography, or the
study of human geography?
Age, Population, Life Expectancy

How is the study of demographics a good predictor of standard of


Countries with higher populations and higher life

expectancy typically have a higher standard of Living

What is the difference between population density and population


Population Density is people divided in an area

Population Distribution is the arrangement of people in a

predefined area

Why is agricultural density a more relevant statistic than

population density?

Agricultural Density measures how many farmers are

present per unit of arable land.

Where are the major population clusters in the world located?

South Asia, East Asia, Northeast North America, Western


What are a few unique cultural characteristics of each population

World Geo Unit 5- Essential Questions

South Asia Hinduism, East Asia Buddhism, Northeast
North America Football, Western Europe Anglo Saxons,
Latin based languages

What are the characteristics of the rapid growth, slow growth, and
negative growth population pyramids?

Rapid Growth LARGE Populations in people under 20.

Slow growth low death rates, population increases in

under 20s.

Negative growth Population decreases under 20s,

possibly due to war, natural disaster, or disease.

How does demographic transition model relate to economic


The stages of the Demographic Transition Model correlate

to the sectors of economic development.

Why is stage three of the demographic transition model so


Population fills out and plateaus at a peak population

What social problems are caused by the doubling time of the

global population?

People will fight for already depleted resources and be

way overcrowded.
World Geo Unit 5- Essential Questions


How are the governments population policies in China and Kenya

similar and different?

China Government limited families to one child

Kenya Government reproductive health reports sent to


What are some physical and human reasons that people move?

People move for economic opportunity, political (war)

reasons, climate issues, and cultural reasons like religion
or way of life.