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Volume 50 - Issue 19

March 8, 2017
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2 Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 NEWS 3

The bomb threats no one told you about
Between October 2014 and March 2015, Ryerson received 10 threats targeted towards O’Keefe House and kept it secret
By Jacob Dubé Kilfoy, a third-year computer sci-
ence student and former house pres-
While students were getting ready ident of O’Keefe, received a threat of
for their midterms in October 2014, his own. The email, sent through a
residents of O’Keefe House were single-use email address that is hard
hiding in their basement, waiting to trace, included death threats ad-
for the all-clear from Ryerson se- dressed to Kilfoy that told him: “You
curity. There had just been a bomb are not safe where you are.”
threat—the first of many they would He thought that the messages
receive that year. were just a bad prank. “But why
Between October and March 2015, would someone do that? What were
the university and a student person- they thinking?” Kilfoy said.
ally received a total of 10 anonymous Kilfoy reported the threats to se-
threats via email that were all related curity. They confirmed in an email
to O’Keefe and its residents. Though that the messages were similar to the
security isn’t investigating the case ones Ryerson had been receiving. O’Keefe House is a student residence building located at the corner of Gould and Bond streets.
(despite never making an arrest) They moved Kilfoy out of O’Keefe
and believe the threats were never and into a room in the International creasing number of threats, Perrone “We were pleased that all commu- On March 1, bomb threats tar-
intended to be carried out, nobody Living and Learning Centre resi- said security contacted everyone at nity members volunteered to share geting Muslims caused Concordia
outside of the residence was allowed dence for two weeks, which they said O’Keefe and asked to go through their emails with us and cooperated University to evacuate three build-
to know about them. he had to keep under wraps as well. their Ryerson emails. She said there fully in the investigation with both ings. It was made public right away
It started on Oct. 23, 2014. “They didn’t want to tell anyone ei- was an option to opt out, but doesn’t us and Toronto Police,” she said. because threats were also sent to
Around 9 p.m., Isabella Perrone, ther,” Kilfoy said. “So very few people think anyone did. “Everyone just Poppleton said the case is no lon- media outlets.
a first-year at the time, was play- knew. Only my roommates knew.” wanted the whole thing to be over ger being actively investigated, and From security’s point of view, it’s
ing ice-breaker games at O’Keefe Ryerson’s Integrated Risk Manage- with.” security believes they know who is over. But Perrone never got the in-
when Ryerson security showed ment (IRM), which runs the security Security brought Perrone and her responsible for the emails. That per- formation and closure she wanted.
up and told everyone in the build- offices, with the help of Toronto Po- roommate into an interrogation son has been contacted by Toronto Officers kept telling her not to tell
ing to go to the basement. All they lice, launched an investigation into room at their office on Bond Street. Police, but no arrest has been made. anybody about the threats. When
told her was that there had been a the threats, who they were coming Everything was grey, from the walls “While any threat of violence is they stopped investigating, she
bomb threat, and they had to search from and how credible they might be. and floors to the single table with a taken seriously, it does not appear never found out the full story. The
the building. Two hours later, they Brian Lesser, chief information voice recorder in the middle of it. Se- that the threats were ever intended email updates to O’Keefe residents
found nothing. officer at Ryerson, said the threats curity officers introduced themselves to be carried out,” Poppleton said. stopped and no public security alert
“At the end of it they said, ‘Okay, were sent with disposable email ad- to the recording, had Perrone and Poppleton said that what security was ever put out.
the house has been searched, there’s dresses that were almost completely her roommate consent to the search communicates about public safety is- The incidents have stuck with
no threat, you can go back to your untraceable. If a message is sent on record, and proceeded to look sues are considered on a case-by-case Perrone to this day, and completely
rooms. But you really can’t tell any- through Ryerson servers, Lesser through their emails for the next basis and that “the entire residence changed how she expected her very
one about this’,” said Perrone, now and his team are able to know which five minutes in silence. After a while, community was notified by housing first year of university, and living
in her third year of journalism. At addresses sent and received it, but Perrone was told she could go. management in December 2014.” away from home, to go.
first, she didn’t tell anyone about not what’s inside. According to Tanya Poppleton, “If there’s any risk to our commu- “Everyone else was like ‘I had a
what happened because she wor- They’re also able to know who manager of security and emergency nity, I think it’s at the best interest great time, I went to a bunch of par-
ried it might interfere with the in- logged onto a server and at what time. services at IRM, this case was com- of Ryerson and the community to ties’,” she said. “And I say: ‘Yeah, my
vestigation. “It’s not a lot, but it can be helpful plicated, and making sure security be upfront and communicate the in- mom called me every single night to
A second message was sent on in an investigation,” Lesser said. had all of the records they could was formation,” said Ryerson president make sure I was in my house, and
Oct. 28, and a few days later, Jordan After Ryerson received an in- important. Mohamed Lachemi. alive.’”

Lecturer’s controversial comments get complaints from students
By Alanna Rizza hates Christianity. This is why it “ashamed of their heritage” and “will and the Department of Aerospace
supports BOTH Islam and LGBTQ. backfire violently.” Engineering, and an active mem-
Students have made complaints The ONLY thing they have in com- Also in the same public comment ber of Ryerson’s Design Fabrication
about comments posted on Facebook mon is that they both bother Chris- thread, Petz wrote that the Holocaust Zone, it is unfortunate that these
by a Ryerson engineering sessional tians.... LGBTQ not so much any- was a “major clash of cultures” that alleged comments have been made
lecturer and instructor. more. I am not religious, but I see “did not end well for one group, as public,” he wrote. “I welcome the op-
The instructor, Brian Petz, de- the values in the traditions that the usual.” “What do you think is going portunity to discuss further.”
tailed controversial political views on West is founded upon.” to happen in Europe if the [I]ndig- Petz did not respond to further in-
immigration and religious commu- In another public comment from enous people see themselves being terview requests prior to publication.
nities in a series of public Facebook November 2016, Petz wrote that displaced and REplaced (sic) by Mus- The Eye reached out to the fac-
comments posted over the past year. people “coexist peacefully” until lims imported from the ME?” the rest ulty and the public affairs depart-
Petz has held a teaching position they feel their culture and identity of the comment read. ment and received the following
at Ryerson since January 2016. Addi- Brian Petz. PHOTO COURTESY: LINKEDIN is “threatened.” He also wrote that, Petz also made a public com- statement: “The University does
tionally, he has worked as an instruc- “importing millions of third world ment in October 2016 about former not confirm the receipt of any
tor at the G. Raymond Chang School In December 2016, Petz wrote immigrants” into North America US presidential candidate Hillary complaints filed against any of our
of Continuing Education since Janu- on Facebook, “Giving away money “will not end well, just like the at- Clinton. “She should be hanged by employees. Human Resources mat-
ary 2015. for nothing is exactly what is wrong tempt to colonize India and Africa the neck until dead. I really hope if ters are addressed as confidential
The Eye has confirmed that infor- with our immigration system. We didn’t work out. The [I]ndigenous Trump wins, she goes to jail, and matters.”
mal complaints were made to the need people to come here who are people rejected being supplanted dies there. None of this Gerald Ford Petz was a student at Ryerson
Ryerson Students’ Union, but was motivated to succeed, not motivated and bred out of existence and you’ll type amnesty shit,” he wrote. from 2004 to 2011. In the 2007-
unable to confirm whether those to receive.” see the same thing here.” When asked for comment regard- 2008 school year, he was the presi-
complaints were taken to the uni- In another public comment, Petz In the same comment, he wrote ing these public views, Petz replied dent of the Campus Conservatives,
versity due to confidentiality con- wrote, “The West has been so suc- that “cultural Marxism” and a “false with an emailed statement. a student group that is an extension
cerns with the human resources cessful because of the virtues and construct of a hierarchy of op- “As a Ryerson alumni, sessional of the Ontario Progressive Conser-
department. values of Christianity. The Left pression” makes white people feel lecturer of both the Chang School vative Campus Association.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Self-destruction from the sidelines Nathalie “Classified” Rodriguez
Sierra “Top Secret” Bellmore

Lyba “bird queen” Mansoor
Emerald “Hellraiser” Bensadoun
Melissa “pithcin’ in” Salamo
Megan “Shomi” Terris
Editor-in-Chief Premila “Nickname?” D’Sa
Nicole “Fick dich!” Schmidt Bryan “Get a Receipt” Meler
Matt “Homefront” Collins
News Ben “Made the Team” Waldman
Alanna “Miststück!” Rizza Brenda “Which Team?” Molina-
Sarah “Hurensohn!” Krichel Navidad
Jacob “Du Dummkopf!” Dubé Mira ‘Mirror’ Miller
Sophia ‘Slick’ Smith
Photo Nicole ‘Prodigy’ Brumley
Devin “Verpiss dich!” Jones Nikhil “Big” Sharma
A photo so self-explanatory it doesn’t really need a caption. PHOTO: KEITH CAPSTICK Izabella “Bloede Kuh!” Balcerzak Sylvia “Go see Logan” Lorico
Keith “Du Drecksack!” Capstick Raneem “Go see Logan, too” Al-
Students’ Union (RSU) elections, I executive team and the board. Did I Ozzi
By jokingly Tweeted about wanting to mention that there’s also a massive Online Alannah “Contagion” Astroquiza
Alanna write about my experiences cover- deficit? Sierra “Du alte Kackbratze!” Bein
Rizza ing student politics. A minute later, Some student politicians I’ve inter- Farnia “Du verdammtes Arschloch!” Playing the role of the Annoying
I received responses from a few fol- viewed have told me that talking to Fekri Talking Coffee Mug this week is
In my first year at Ryerson I thought lowers encouraging me to do so. So, reporters is like therapy. This is where Lee “Dummes Huhn!” Richardson alcohol and tears. If you’re a food
student politics was essentially a for my three fans, this one’s for you: “off the record” comes into play— snob or purist, avert your eyes. This
bunch of smiling students sitting Reporting on student politics is they’re free to bitch, complain and Features Saturday afternoon: 1) download The
around a table discussing how to more interesting than I expected it to gossip knowing that I can’t report it. Karoun “Ess Scheiße!” Chahinian Beach Boys “Pet Sounds.” 2) Go to
organize a dance, or some sort of be. It’s essentially a soap opera with I’m not about to spill any RSU se- Sneaky Dee’s and buy a big thing of
prom committee bullshit. too many seasons, and I get to play crets (because ethically and legally Arts and Life their super secret red sauce, then stop
But it wasn’t until this year, when Big Brother. I can’t), but I will say that covering Annie “Veganer luder!” Arnone at the grocery store. You’re going to
I became a news editor, that I real- Executives snap at each other in student politics has changed the way want to make a list. Buy: corn chips
ized student politicians actually have board meetings and board members I view my relationships with people. Sports (the flatter the better), Black Dia-
a lot at stake: reputations, friend- act like they’re best friends when I You never really know who is genu- Daniel “Du Schweinehund!” Rocchi mond Old White Cheddar, 4-5 limes,
ships and future career prospects. know how they really feel about inely being nice to you and who kosher (or sea) salt and agave syrup.
It also wasn’t until this year that each other. This year especially, wants something from you; you Biz and Tech Then, go to the liquor store and get
people involved in the campus po- there is a lot of tension because of never know who’s being honest and Justin “Hirnlose Ochse!” Chandler tequila and Cointreau (if you’ve been
litical scene seemed to care about 6 Fest drama and a lack of commu- who has an agenda. feeling sad lately, buy a larger bottle).
my opinion. During the Ryerson nication and transparency with the Whenever I write a story, I have Communities When you get home, shred the cheese
to set aside all of that petty drama Sidney “Kackbratze!” Drmay and pull out a pizza pan. Layer the
and report in a way that’s accurate, corn chips flat and cover with Sneaky
fair and critical. But there’s a whole Fun Dee’s red sauce. Then cover (well)
other side to everything that hap- Skyler “Ich ficke Katzen!” Ash with the shredded cheese. Pop in the
pens within the RSU—the things oven at 350 degrees. Put Beach Boys
the average person doesn’t see. Re- Media on. Make Margs: 1 1/2 oz. tequila, 1
lationships, personalities, ideolo- Thomas “Wichser!” Skrlj oz. triple sec or Cointreau and 1 1/2
gies and core ethical values all play a Carl “Der abschaum!” Solis oz. of fresh lime juice mix together.
role in what decisions are made, but Moisten the rim of the glass and
it’s not always easy to get all of that Copy Editor salt, add ice pour in mixture. Ta-da!
from reading an article in the news Igor “Schweinepriester!” Magun A Saturday afternoon break! Drink
section. And that’s why this week, your sorrows away, eat your weight
I wanted to write the feature about General Manager in cheese, repeat until satisfied.
politics from the inside. Liane “Scheißhaus” McLarty
Do I love the drama? Yes, it’s The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and
fucking entertaining. Advertising Manager only independent student newspaper. It
Do I enjoy seeing the RSU self- Chris “Der schwanz!” Roberts is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
destruct? Do I enjoy seeing vice- lishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
president student life Harman Singh Design Director owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
struggle under the weight of 6 Fest J.D. “Zur Holle mit dir!” Mowat offices are on the second floor of the
refunds? Do I enjoy seeing presi- Student Campus Centre. You can reach
dent Obaid Ullah be accused of anti- Intern Army us at 416-979-5262, at
Semitism? No, this is also my student Zadie “Confidential” Laborde or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.
union. And, like you, I also pay them
about $125 every year.
So no, I’m not personally out to get
anyone. The RSU execs all have a sal-
ary of about $36,000 each—not criti- This issue marks four weeks until
cizing them would be irresponsible. I join the dead editors club. But
With all of that being said, I’ll you, dear reader, could have a
continue to sit through dramatic different fate.
board meetings, I’ll keep Tweeting Every year, The Eyeopener
about the “revenge” sweater that vp hosts elections to kill off the old,
operations Neal Muthreja wears on bitter editors (like myself), and
the regular, and I’ll keep trying to welcome fresh blood.
hold these people accountable. I’ve Interested in drinking the
been doing this for long enough Kool-aid? Stay tuned over the
now to be able to distinguish be- next few weeks for details on
tween gossip and the things you de- voting and running. FIN.
serve to know about.
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 NEWS 5

“Boys’ club” holds power in RSU, execs say
The current power dynamic in the RSU has created a “patriarchal office culture”among the executive team
By Sarah Krichel statement, Ullah wrote to The Eye
to clarify that previous experience
Executives of the Ryerson Students’ inadvertently plays a role in the cur-
Union (RSU) have made accusa- rent RSU atmosphere. “Harman and
tions of sexism against members of I had experience together, which
the executive team, resulting in a can contribute to a gender divide,
gender split inhibiting the union’s but isn’t sexism,” he wrote.
efficiency. Office politics are often cited as
Vice-president equity Tamara a cause of conflict. According to
Jones and vice-president education Jones, the current situation hinges
Victoria Morton told The Eyeopener on existing friendships. The diver-
about experiences where they’ve gence of the “boys’ club,” she says,
been excluded by the three other started during 6 Fest planning. De-
members of the executive team: pres- spite attempts to incorporate more
ident Obaid Ullah, vice-president accessibility into the event, Jones
student life & events Harman Singh said she was ignored by Ullah and
and vice-president operations Neal Singh. Ullah and Singh did not re-
Muthreja. spond to these specific allegations.
“Whenever you have a preference At the Jan. 31 board of directors
in work style, values or who you see meeting, where a motion to im-
yourself reflected in—if you’re not peach Singh due to ongoing issues Your student union is no longer united.
able to look outside of that and ac- with 6 Fest refunds was discussed,
cept people who maybe don’t look Morton and Jones spoke about failed as someone who isn’t in the office Stevenson added the “boys’ club” “who their friends were” rather than
like you or think like you ... it can attempts to solve the issue between everyday, she’s also noticed the gen- has “kind of broken down now” due the board members. “I know I felt
manifest itself in a way that is sexist executives. “I am embarrassed to be der split. to the 6 Fest refund fallout. that we were completely excluded in
or racist,” Jones said. a part of this organization,” Jones “There definitely was a boys’ Morton and Muthreja are cur- getting more involved.”
Morton and Jones said a “boys’ said at the meeting. club,” Stevenson said, adding that rently running on the same slate for Bartlett added it’s difficult to distin-
club” atmosphere has built up with- Jones later added that her knowl- she would go to Morton or Jones the Board of Governors elections guish whether the current situation
in the RSU, creating a political cli- edge in online finance and customer for information because she felt the that end on March 8. is blatant sexism, but sees traces of a
mate that makes it difficult for them service gained while working at a other executives were inaccessible. At the beginning of the year, boys’ club existing within the team.
to do their jobs. major American bank could have “[There was] definitely a kind of when Stevenson tried to get in- She’s noticed similar instances in on-
Former RSU president Andrea aided the refund process. She add- scrutiny on the women-identifying volved with planning 6 Fest, she line comments. “You can’t help but
Bartlett was on the executive team ed that she and Morton suggested persons on the board whenever they said she was turned down. She add- notice male executives telling female
with Singh and Ullah in the 2015- Singh work on refunds, while she [spoke] out.” ed that jobs were delegated based on executives to sit down and be quiet.”
2016 year. She said she noticed po- and Morton work on contingency
tential for imbalance before their plans, statements, etc., but “it turned
term started due to the differences into a dumpster fire.”
in experience. “If you look at all that Nearly $80,000 designated for re-
combined, you kind of have three funds was transferred into Singh’s
males on the team who will be more personal bank account, as well as
closely associated with one another accounts of non-RSU affiliated
because of experience and previous members Ali Yousaf, vice-president
knowledge, and that creates the per- finance of the Ryerson Engineering
fect storm for the two females of the Student Society, and Ram Ganesh,
team to be left out,” Bartlett said. former RSU student life & events
In the six days leading to publica- assistant, as well as Ganesh’s private
tion, The Eye reached out to Ullah, business account.
Singh and Muthreja several times Similar accusations have mani-
requesting comment on the allega- fested in small, day-to-day tasks.
tions. Despite several conversations When expensing food for the board
about other stories, we did not re- of directors, Morton said she’d be
ceive a direct response from Singh questioned by Ullah. “I felt my small-
or Muthreja. er expenses were questioned much
On March 7, Ullah provided the more than larger expenses [made]
following statement: by male executives,” she said.
“... The RSU has not received any Morton said she’s been consis-
complaints about a ‘boys’ club.’ I tently accused of acting on her po-
understand [there] are accusations litical motives. “As if I have anything
about sexism and racism, but this has to gain from anything I’m doing
not been brought up in any channels right now,” she said.
of the RSU. I advise that you inform “Tamara and I have been com-
the accusers to file a complaint with pletely unheard for eight months.
our General Manager.” Every single thing that has come up
“... After receiving this email, we over the past month has been dis-
did bring this up in our Executive cussed at length in the past, and it’s
Committee meeting, and I did ask never been taken seriously.”
that if anyone has any concerns or Internal conflicts, Jones said, have
complaints, they bring that up to the affected her ability to support stu-
GM so it can be addressed. This is an dents because the focus has been on
issue at large and we do not tolerate resolving disagreements. She added
this in the RSU work environment. that she felt like her position was
That being said, we can’t address just a “filler.”
anything if it isn’t brought up.” Anna Stevenson, director for the
In a conversation following this faculty of community services, said
6 FEATURES Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Young &
also recalls keeping her relationship with
an elected CFS executive secret because she
knew if anyone, especially Snobar, found out,
it would have been used as a “political tool.”
“They would say, ‘Nora is just a puppet of

The Clueless
the CFS because she’s screwing around with
this guy who’s been elected’—this guy is now
my partner and we have children together.”
Loreto was pro-CFS up until the very end.
She walked across the stage at her gradua-
tion with a sign that read, “This degree
should have been free.”
When a group of inexperienced student politicians have access to millions At the end of her presidency, she was
overcome with depression. She locked her-
of dollars, damage is inevitable. Alanna Rizza looks into the scandals and self in her apartment for two and a half
months and developed a fear of flying that
drama that plague the Ryerson Students’ Union year after year, and whether took her almost a decade to get over.
or not former executives can ever really move forward Currently, Loreto works for the Canadian
Association of Labour Media in Quebec,

which provides training, news and online
am Harris* sat in his parked car on a bit- afford them and the Ryerson Centre had to Bartlett was particularly frustrated about try- services to union activists. She also published
ter night, knowing he shouldn’t be be- cover the remainder of the operating costs. ing to balance personal opinions with what she a book about how unions should progress
hind the wheel. A thick layer of dust had Historically, the student union has consis- thought was actually best for students. She be- in reaching out to their members and elimi-
collected on the windshield, illuminated by the tently managed to tarnish its own reputation, lieves that failure to separate personal feelings nate anti-union rhetoric. Snobar is currently
dim, overhead lights of the parking garage. as well as the university’s, as a result of inter- from decision-making harms the RSU and the an alumnus Board of Governors member at
He felt anger and frustration overpowering nal conflicts. students because what executives want may be Ryerson and a brand manager at the Ontario
his sense of rationality. Mental breakdowns Today, even after 69 years, student politi- different from what the students want. Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
had become part of his weekly routine, but cians continue to get wrapped up in petty But in the end, students are the stakeholders. It’s common for some RSU presidents and
this felt different. For a minute, he lost sight conflicts and are often left to suffer the con- Conflict and tensions have existed on most vice-presidents to worry about becoming
of his ability to control his thoughts. He con- sequences. executive teams in recent memory, something irrelevant to students’ lives, wrote Stagg.
templated turning the keys in the ignition and After a four-year streak of default candidate Nora Loreto experienced personally. Eventually, they realize they’ll no longer
driving through the glass panes of the Student victories in the years leading up to 2015, the In 2007, when Loreto was elected presi- have their title.
Campus Centre (SCC), or running his car RSU elections finally saw genuine opposition dent, the point of political turmoil on the In summer 2016, Bartlett was lying in a
over the first person to cross his path. from students with varying political ideolo-
With his cellphone pressed tightly against gies. In February of that year, old and new stu-
his ear, he listened to his girlfriend speak dent politicians crammed together in the back
softly over the phone. The soothing timbre of the Ram in the Rye, huddled around a screen
But today, even after 69 years, student
of her voice settled his rage. But thoughts as they anticipated the election results. The politicians continue to get wrapped up
about his political decisions, about how he smell of beer, fried food and stale sweat was
was manipulated, and how he was threat- overpowering. in petty conflicts and are often left to
ened by some of the people closest to him, Andrea Bartlett, who would soon be elected suffer the consequences.
continued to play on loop. RSU president, hurried down Church Street to
Harris was involved in student politics the pub, flustered from singing the national an-
for half a year before he reached his break- them at a Rams hockey game. executive team was conflicting opinions bunk bed alone in Vienna, Austria, looking up
ing point. The responsibilities he was giv- The atmosphere was tense and anxiety was regarding the RSU’s membership with the at the ceiling. Her RSU presidency was over,
en—financial burdens, managing egos and mounting. When the results were projected Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), the her four-year relationship had ended and she
extinguishing day-to-day conflicts—were on the back wall, bottles of cheap champagne country’s largest student advocacy group had to move out of her condo because it was
all contributing factors. And he’s just one of were popped open. Bartlett felt like her ear- to which the RSU currently pays an annual under construction. Newly graduated and un-
dozens of other students responsible for run- drums were about to burst. Her team won all membership fee of about $500,000. employed, she thought to herself, “you have
ning a multi-million dollar organization—also five executive positions. That year was filled with grievances, filed nothing—why are you in Austria?”
known as the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). “Holy shit, we did it,” Bartlett thought. complaints and a lot of crying board mem- When she came home from her trip, every-
Behind the scenes of student leadership, there And then she remembered that she was only bers. thing came crashing down. She realized she
have always been brutal internal politics that twenty-two years old, with no idea how to Loreto recalls a time when board members got so caught up in creating the slate, putting
hinder the way the student union is governed. run the RSU. The thought of collaborat- physically blocked her from getting to her of- on a strong face, and trying to shut out her
More often than not, these leaders step into ing with different students and leaving her fice. Another day, during a fight with then- true emotions because of the bylaws and poli-
their positions with little experience manag- comfort zone appealed to her, but the year vice-president student life & events, Abe Sno- cies she was bound to.
ing money or people, let alone serving as a to come was something she never could have bar, he refused to leave her office and she was “I went from ‘Andrea Bartlett, President of
voice for close to 36,000 undergraduate stu- prepared for. forced to call security—something she said she the RSU’ to ‘Andrea Bartlett who likes to sing

dents on campus. Bartlett’s presidency was tainted by law- did multiple times throughout that year. Sno- and hang out with her dog’.”
tudent politics at Ryerson date back to suits filed by men’s issues and pro-life bar confirmed that they had many heated argu- Despite the drama and all of the things that
1948, when the school was founded. At groups, an alleged theft of $90,000 and the ments, but does not recall security being called. went wrong, she never regretted her expe-
the time, the RSU was called the Stu- controversial layoff of former executive di- Snobar said Loreto’s support for the CFS rience—one of the few things most student

dent Administrative Council. In a book about rector of communications and outreach, Gi- was the cause of friction between them. Lo- leaders can agree on, including Loreto.
the history of student initiatives at Ryerson, lary Massa. reto was elected as the CFS-Ontario trea- n August 2016, she was back at Ryerson
history professor Ronald Stagg wrote that at Towards the end of her term, Bartlett surer during her presidency and went on for the first time in at least five years. She
time, the nasty politics “inhabited the student wrote a blog post on Medium comparing the to work with the federation for about three was on a conference call when she stepped
union’s ability to act.” Former union execu- RSU to the tip of an iceberg—there were a years after. onto Gould Street and thought back to the
tives created their share of controversies as a lot more issues than she thought, including “You’re either with them or against them,” time when she was involved in the process of
result of director resignations, impeachments, ongoing lawsuits from past years and sev- Snobar said. “She knew I was adamantly shutting down the street for pedestrians.
personality conflicts and large deficits. eral conflicts of interest. She was receiving against the CFS, so she did whatever she But Loreto’s memory was soon interrupted
The first major financial crisis happened weekly death and rape threats. could as president and the person being re- by a pro-lifer yelling about abortion being
in 1970, when then-president Barry Hales Most politicians accuse their colleagues of sponsible for staff to make my job harder.” evil. She thought about how she would work
left behind a deficit of about $50,000 (which partaking in student leadership in order to Snobar shared a similar opinion with The to ban those “pieces of garbage” from showing
would translate to $320,000 in today’s finan- enhance their resumés, yet they’re quick to Eyeopener back in 2007, along with his ex- their faces on campus when she was president.
cial climate). Things didn’t get much better. say their own intentions are genuine and are perience of feeling “roadblocked” because of Distracted by all of the changes, and by the
In the late ‘70s to the early ‘80s, the student driven to serve the students. their ideological differences. protesters, she was unable to focus on the
union and the Ryerson Centre staff (now “There’s always some sort of ulterior mo- But to this day, Loreto sees it differently. voices at the other end of the phone line. But
known as the SCC) bought a small farm and tive, and whether or not you recognize it at the Loreto believes Snobar couldn’t say he when she cut through the Quad into Kerr
a ski lodge in Blue Mountain as an invest- time, it usually becomes pretty clear. And let’s hated her for being a “strong woman,” so Hall, everything was just as she remembered
ment, according to Stagg. They later sold be honest nobody likes to work with someone she said he used her pro-CFS stance as “an it—and she realized she never really left.
both properties because they could no longer who’s selfish and not a team player,” she said. easy narrative” to justify their rivalry. She *Name has been changed for anonymity
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 ARTS & LIFE 7

An all-female hip hop group is celebrating International Women’s Day with a
Lil’ Kim song and an adult jungle gym for their new music video

By Annie Arnone “It made for the best birthdays and age artists are attempting to recre-
cemented in memory the greatest ate that feeling by sampling from
Phoenix Pagliacci was approached family moments,” she said. the greatest hip hop era,” said Pa-
by 40 Oz Heroes—a Toronto group At the age of six, she began writ- gliacci.”
that showcases hip hop artists ing music. Following her accep- Brodie Metcalfe, the events co-
through videos and performances— tance to Ryerson, Pagliacci began ordinator for the Ryerson Students’
in February 2016 about participat- rapping and joined the Urban Hip Union and manager of The Soror-
ing in an all-female music project Hop Union (UHHU), where she ity, said that the members took on
featuring women-oriented lyrics performed and freestyled her own the personas of the artists featured
and issues. work. in Lil’ Kim’s song, and added new
Following its release on Interna- lyrics to the classic tune.
tional Women’s Day, it went viral. “They wanted to dedicate a lot
One year later, she’s doing it all “I felt responsible for of their work and artistry to mak-
again. But this time, the group is us- paying it forward to ing sure that they were providing
ing their music to raise money for those who helped me commentary on women and hip
the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre. through one of the hop, by incorporating media,” he
“As a rape survivor myself, I felt worst times in my life” said.
personally responsible for paying Upon hearing about The Soror-
it forward to those who helped me ity’s idea to shoot inside of Pursuit
through one of the worst times of The members ran their own solo with an all-women angle, the gym’s
my life,” Pagliacci said. “Being a To- careers prior to their 2016 debut. manager, Will McLean, decided to
ronto organization, I felt it impera- After receiving a comment on join forces with The Sorority, using
tive to choose a local organization their video asking the group to their music video as promotion for
and a cause that is in line with what make another one “asap,” they Pursuit’s new women-identifying-
The Sorority believes—charity re- channeled their love for Lil’ Kim’s only hours.
ally does start at home.” cover of “Ladies Night,” originally The group is set to headline mul-
The centre is a not-for-profit performed in the ‘70s by Kool and tiple shows and play an upcoming
organization that aims to raise the Gang, while jumping around in concert in the U.S. They also plan
money to counter violence against a local Toronto jungle gym called to host a one-year anniversary show
women, promoting equality in Pursuit. on March 8.
race, gender and sexuality—beliefs The gym kind of looks like a glo- “It’s a huge milestone in our short
that the group uses as part of their rified children’s jungle gym, minus existence and we are so excited to
musical identity. the smell of feet and juice box vom- have put our gender and our city on
Pagliacci, a Ryerson criminal jus- it. It comes complete with a glow in the map,” said Pagliacci.
tice and law graduate, is one of the the dark ball pit—a component that The video will be released on
four women who make up the all- Pagliacci was sold on for the video— March 8, on International Women’s
female hip hop group called The as well as monkey bars and ladders Day.
Sorority. to climb. Over $500 has been raised for
Music has always been a staple in “We all felt that the nostalgia of the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre so
The Sorority drops their new music video on March 8. PHOTO COURTESY: ALICIA WYNTER
Pagliacci’s life and family. the ‘90s was missed and these new far.

In his shoes: Rye shoegaze artist debuts new song
put our finger on, that’s what gives are is as scary as dancing,” Katz said.
us a unique aspect.” “But it can also be as easy as dancing
“We’re always developing our in an open field.”
sound,” added Hart. Greenhouse recorded their first
The featured track is about vulner- EP almost a year ago at Candle Stu-
ability, specifically in relationships, dios in Toronto. It came out in the
and the music video reflects this. summer and they have been per-
“A greenhouse is completely glass, forming it live all over Toronto ever
you can see all through it, kind of since, along with their new songs.
like being vulnerable in front of They have also sold out their past
someone else,” Katz said. “You’re al- couple of shows, which they said
lowing someone to see into you.” they couldn’t be happier about.
The band headed up to Puslinch, “Once my dad had to lie and say he
Ont.—a small town in the middle- was the guitar tech to get in because
By Olivia Bednar for their self-titled track, Green- tarist, Hugh Hart is on bass, and Joe of-nowhere—to shoot the music it was sold out,” Fisher said.
house. The video will premiere on Flan plays drums. video. The video was filmed and While filming the video for
Sacha Katz and Quinn Fisher met for Ohestee, a Toronto-based indie mu- Greenhouse labels their sound as directed by Aidan Cheeatow, a York Greenhouse, the band also collected
the first time at Toronto Rock Sum- sic blog. The band was also recently shoegaze—a motionless performing student and filmmaker. They filmed footage for their second music vid-
mer Camp when they were in el- featured in ELLE Spain. style focussing only on pure sound, the video over a couple of days. It eo, which is projected to come out
ementary school. Between the hours Greenhouse is fronted by Katz, a originating in the late ‘80s to early follows Katz and a girl on a drive in early May for another song off
spent covering Rush songs and food first-year Ryerson creative indus- ‘90s—but say they have lots of varied in the country, making empty roads their EP, Part-Time.
fights with chocolate lava cake, the tries student. He is the vocalist and influences in their work from bands and gas station stops look romantic They will be going back into the
two laid the groundwork for what guitarist, and has been branded by like My Bloody Valentine to The and dreamy. It leads up to a scene of studio in April to record acoustic,
would eventually evolve into their his band members as the band “dad.” Strokes. the girl dancing completely freely lo-fi tracks.
current band, Greenhouse. The other three members of the “The type of music we play isn’t and uninhibited in an open field. “We’re always trying to explore
On March 8, the band of four will band are finishing high school. easily labelled,” Fisher said. “[The “If you’re really in love with new things,” Katz said. “I never
release their first ever music video Fisher is another vocalist and gui- style] is something we can’t really someone, showing them who you want to get bored and stagnant.
8 BIZ & TECH Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Apps can help with stress and anxiety

These apps might help you when you need it. ILLUSTRATION: SKYLER ASH

By Skyler Ash there, you can select from a list of

2017 OUA CHAMPIONS! When I started having panic attacks
about four years ago, I didn’t know
topics including “coping with test
anxiety,” “managing worry” and “tak-
ing charge of panic.” The app pulls
what they were or understand what up a list of symptoms, feelings and
I was feeling. So I didn’t tell anybody. thoughts. You select the ones you as-
The attacks got worse, so I finally sociate with the situation you chose.
went to see a counselor through my Next, you can select activities to
school. While our weekly sessions help manage those emotions and
helped, I needed more. That’s when thoughts.
I started using apps to cope. The questionnaire—where you
According to the Canadian Men- check off the emotions, reactions
tal Health Association (CMHA), and thoughts you have in response
only one-fifth of Canadian youth to a given situation—is the best
who need mental health services are part of the app. It gets you to reflect

MARCH 9 -12
able to access them. on how you function when faced
This is where an app can be use- with that situation, which is help-
ful. If you have access to a phone or ful since you might not know you
a computer, you can have access to feel a certain way until you see it on

help managing stress and anxiety. the list.
I spent an afternoon testing some SAM (Self-Help for Anxiety
of the top apps for mental health, Management) ¶¶¶¶/5
seeing what they do best and how This app is really user-driven, in
they could help when I need them. that it doesn’t offer guided medita-
Here’s what I found. tion, but gets you to work through
Pacifica ¶¶¶/5 things on your own, offering a bit
This app has a bit of everything, of freedom in terms of the activities
allowing you to do activities to help you can do. I’ve used it regularly for
relax and reflect on situations you’ve over a year and really enjoy it.
found stressful. It has a lot of op- I always start by rating my anxi-
tions, but wasn’t the easiest for me ety via the sliding scale that tracks

MARCH 10/11
to navigate. feelings such as worrying thoughts,
On the main page, you can rate unpleasant physical sensations and
your current mood. From there, you tension. These can be viewed in a
FRI. MAR.10 8:00 PM VS MCMASTER can rate your energy level and Paci-
fica will suggest activities you can do.
graph that allows you to identify
when your anxiety piques and pos-
SAT. MAR.11 5:30 or 8:00 PM VS TBD Some of the options include: medita- sibly find patterns so you can work
Men’s games played at McMaster University tion guided by a voice track, breath- toward breaking them.
ing, and guided therapeutic tech- Some of the activities you can do

niques, such as visualization. with the app are calm breathing (a
One feature tracks your habits, like moving circle prompts you when
sleep, eating, exercise and hobbies. to breathe in and out) and “picture
This feature also allows you to set re- peace,” where you select an image
minders to do these things. then uncover it by swiping on your
I liked the habit tracker, because screen (good if you like things to do
it’s a nice visualization to show you with your hands). There are also a
where you’re meeting your mark number of muscle relaxation and
and where you’re falling behind. grounding exercises.
When you enter how long you I like the anxiety tracker best, be-
spent doing each activity, it fills up a cause it really shows when you are
heart icon at the top, which is a good experiencing a particularly hard day

MARCH 10/11
indicator to let you see where you’re or week. By doing this, I’ve been
at for the day. able to identify what makes me the
Another feature has you pick most anxious or upset. From there, I
FRI. MAR.10 8:00 PM VS MCMASTER something that makes you stressed
and reflect on it by considering how
can select activities to do to help me
deal with those uncomfortable feel-
SAT. MAR.11 6:00 or 8:00 PM VS TBD you felt about it in the past and how ings and reactions.
Women’s games played at University of Toronto you feel about it now. I like how easy it is to jump be-
MindShift ¶¶¶/5 tween activities and the tracker is
This app is about self-reflection and really effective.
Claim a ticket with your Ryerson OneCard for the game and fan bus. offers guided activities like breathing *All these apps are free and available
For more info visit: and muscle exercises to help you deal on Android or iOS. Some require addi-
with what you’re feeling. tional in-app purchases to access the full
To start, you can read about anxi- range of features. I only reviewed free
ety then rate how you feel. From features.
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 SPORTS 9

Diary of a wimpy While Ryerson’s men’s basketball team was chasing its second
straight Wilson Cup championship, we were chasing the Rams.
The following story is my first-hand account of two wannabe
sports reporter sports journalists taking their campus paper way too seriously
By Daniel Rocchi the cutting-edge technology of Dyson
vacuums and the implications for
Being charged with murder would future civilization from downtown
probably have ruined my weekend. Toronto to the Scarborough Town
At least, that was part of the Centre, he moved across the aisle and
thought process that kept me in my struck up a shouting match with two
seat on the bus ride to Ottawa. I was young guys around my age. I realized
on my way to the nation’s capital I was doomed for the rest of the ride.
with fellow Eyeopener reporter I learn far more about the flat-faced,
Bryan Meler. Our mission: report big-nosed baldie than I would have
on history in the making—or not— liked, and based on the dirty looks
as the Rams men’s basketball team the rest of the passengers are giving
aimed for its second straight Wilson him, I’m not the only one feeling this
Cup at the Ontario University way. He finally stops shouting his
Athletics (OUA) Final Four. life story with about an hour left to
March 3, 11:30 a.m. - Departure go. He devotes that time to showing
Bryan and I arrive at the bus his new friends his favourite rap
station at Bay and Edward streets tracks—using one of their phones at
after rendezvousing at The Eye full volume and without headphones,
office with 20 minutes to spare. naturally—and to practice his truly
We people-watch as we wait for terrible freestyling for the benefit of
the attendant to start hollering out the entire bus. The picture that nearly cost Bryan his life.
ticket numbers. A pity we don’t March 3, 4:45 p.m. - Check-In
people-listen. We can’t believe we’ve actually free-flowing booze and a deafening neither one of us is as close to done before heading to Carleton to watch
March 3, 3 p.m. - The Voice of Satan survived the trip as we emerge sea of red-and black-clad fans. This, as we say we are. “Sure,” I answer, the Rams play the Ravens for the title.
The asshole at the back of the bus from our God-forsaken-torture- surely, is how university sports are shutting my laptop. March 4, 9 p.m. - The Dunk
has not stopped talking since we chamber-on-wheels at Ottawa meant to be played. Bryan is already As the closest bar still serving The Ravens enter the game
left the terminal. Actually, let me Central Station. Google Maps tells snapping pictures. alcohol, the Berryman Pub checked all undefeated. The Rams are defending
rephrase that: the asshole at the back me that the bed and breakfast I found March 3, 10 p.m. - Shock and Awe our boxes. After a day of Greyhound Wilson Cup champs, but Carleton
of the bus has not stopped screaming for us on is right around The Rams have just beaten the assholes and frantic game coverage, has won the last six national titles,
since we left the terminal. At first, the corner, which isn’t exactly Ottawa Gee-Gees in a ridiculous 76- that first sip of Moosehead brings and Ryerson hasn’t won at the Nest
I appreciated his friendliness from promising news as we walk through 75 semifinal game. Bryan and I can’t tears to our eyes. Our conversation since 2000. It’s a close game, but it
four rows ahead and across the aisle the shabby-looking neighbourhood. believe what we’ve just seen. With begins at sports, winding its way seems like it will go Carleton’s way in
as he conversed with the old man Our suspicions are confirmed when Ottawa up by seven points in the through our backgrounds before the end. Until the dunk.
sitting captive in the window seat we get to the door adorned by a fourth quarter and clearly carrying arriving at global politics and the With four minutes to play and
next to him. But after roaring about printer-paper-and-sharpie sign that the momentum, a Ryerson loss had caricature running the White House. the Rams up by one, Ryerson all-
provides the number to call if no seemed probable. But the Rams It’s at this point that Jay joins the star Adika Peter-McNeilly delivers
one answers and you don’t have the had stormed back to earn a spot conversation. Half-Irish, half-French, one of biggest jams I’ve ever seen as
clairvoyance to guess the pin for the in the championship game. We’re all Canadian and entirely hammered, a Ravens player makes contact with
number pad. scrambling to file a quick hit, trying he spends the next hour ignoring his his head and sends him crashing into
The owner answers, and checks to beat our rival, the Ryersonian, and annoyed-looking friend sitting to his the spectators under the net. Busy
us in on his ancient desktop while Ryerson athletics. As I work my way left and helps us solve the world’s filming the action, I don’t notice that
we stand clutching our backpacks through the post-game madness problems. By the time we leave, the photographer who took the brunt
and camera cases in the cramped looking for Rams to interview, I the three of us have deconstructed of the collision is Bryan.
Men’s Basketball front hall of his eight-room business. bump into the two reporters the capitalism, money and human nature. The play permanently turns
He gives us a $20 discount as he Ryersonian sent for the weekend. We There’s still plenty to do when momentum Ryerson’s way. Within
OUA Semifinal explains that we won’t have the decide to do a media scrum instead we get back, so we do the sensible a few minutes, the Rams have
March 3 - Rams: 76 Ottawa: 75 private bathroom advertised on the of talking to players separately, thing and stop in at a pizza joint ruined the Ravens’ perfect season,
site. When we unlock room number temporarily teaming up to make five minutes from our b&b. Our snapped their losing skid at Carleton
OUA Wilson Cup Final seven, it’s hard not to laugh. the interview process quicker. As pepperoni, bacon, green pepper and won Ryerson’s first back-to-
March 4 - Rams: 86 Carleton: 79 I don’t realize just how intimate we pack up our cameras afterwards, and tomato-wearing new best back OUA titles. The Carleton
our dubious accommodations are I spot Bryan typing frantically at friend gets us through most of our crowd abandons the gym quickly
Rams win OUA Wilson Cup until I nearly knock over the desk his laptop in the broadcast booth remaining work. Bryan heads to after the final buzzer, leaving the
championship chair, squeezing past it get to my overlooking the court that I had bed around 6:30 a.m. and I follow visiting Rams and their fans that
side of the bed. It’s the kind of room left a few minutes later. I occupy an hour later. Less than two hours made the trip—mostly family and
Men’s volleyball that makes you check the mattress the Ryersonian team with a chat pass and we’re up and back at it, other Ryerson athletes—to enjoy an
for bed bugs. The search is fruitless, about the game and the weekend, putting the finishing touches on exclusive celebration on the home
OUA Quarter-final though we do come across a few comparing our responsibilities and our projects before checking out. team’s court. My post-game routine
March 4 - Rams: 3 Western: 2 questionable stains. accommodations. I make sure Bryan Efficient? Maybe not. But beer is a blur as I force euphoric Rams
(17-25, 22-25, 25-20, 25-22, 18-16) March 3, 6:30 p.m. - The Ravens’ Nest has already submitted his first article makes everything better, and pizza to answer a few questions for the
After our Uber drops us off in before I end the conversation and let makes everything perfect. camera, tripping over my words as
Rams advance to OUA final four front of Carleton’s physical recreation them get back to work. Not all games March 4, 12 p.m. - Pre-game Routine I fail to contain my own excitement.
centre and we track down the media are played between the whistles. After checking out of Icky Inn, As Bryan and I sit working on our
WOMen’s volleyball handler who has our press passes, we March 4, 1:15 a.m. - Jay and Dan we begin championship day in true recaps of the night, he shows me
step into Carleton’s home court for “You wanna get a beer, bro?” Canadian fashion: a trip to Tim his pictures of the dunk. “I almost
OUA Quarter-final the first time. As the Ravens put the Bryan asks me as we sit working Hortons and The Beer Store adjacent got killed shooting this,” he tells me
March 4 - Rams: 3 Guelph: 0 screws to the Brock Badgers in the in our tiny room. He’s lying on the to it (It’s a long bus ride home, and gleefully.
(25-23, 26-24, 25-20) first semifinal game, I feel a smile bed writing his game story while I we need to be prepared for more March 5, 12:50 a.m. - Home Time
spreading across my face. I’ve seen a sit at the miniscule desk editing the assholes). We make our way to the Exhausted, Bryan and I stand in line
Rams advance to OUA final four few enthusiastic crowds at Ryerson highlights video. I glance at the clock. Rideau residence of the University for our 1 a.m. bus back to Toronto.
home games in four years covering Tomorrow is the championship of Ottawa, where Bryan has an old It’s quiet, and we exchange a relieved
For more game coverage, visit the Rams, but this is something else game, we have to be out of our room friend studying engineering. While smile. It’s been a long weekend, entirely. Drumlines, noisemakers, by 11 a.m., our respective projects his friend writes a midterm, we and we won’t have to listen to any
banners, cheerleaders, facepaint, have to be published by dawn, and squeeze in a much-needed power nap freestyling on the way home.
10 ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to be fancy : a guide to posh living

You fancy huh.

By Skyler Ash husband, who is also sleeping with
Nigel, Caroline’s brother-in-law,
Is your life lacking elegance? Prob- who is married to Eleanor, who
ably. Do you think you could be more is actually a very nice person and
ornate in your day-to-day activities? I doesn’t deserve this kind of treat-
do. And lastly, do you like to read lists? ment. Anyway, you’re having
I thought so. If you answered “yes” to tea, and your pinky is up, because
any of these questions—even though I you’re better than the others, and
answered them for you—then this list you know it.
is for you! Dress lavishly. I cannot stress
As a bonafide very fancy person enough how important this is, as
(AKA, I dress nicely and usually do we all know that society values you
something with my hair), here are solely on your looks and not your
some surefire ways to jazz up your life: actual worth. As such, it is key to
Listen to classical music. Pic- look as good as you can. For a casual
ture this: You’re draped across your daytime look, try a simple pressed
elegant fainting couch (like a real suit jacket, paired with a tapered
couch but half of the back is miss- dress pant and a simple but perfect-
ing, which is ideal for fainting), ly-shined oxford. For a quiet dinner

WANT TO DRIVE PROGRESSIVE wrapped in a luscious silk robe, and
Tchaikovsky is playing softly from
the phonograph in the corner. As
in with the family, a simple tailcoat
or gown will do. For night, silk py-
jamas are a must.

your manservant, Claude, feeds you With these tips, you are sure to
a plump grape, you get lost in the impress. I’d know, because I live
beauty of the overture. like this daily, and people are always
Pinkies up. Imagine it: you’re very impressed by me. So go forth
out to a luncheon (yes, you say and be as fancy as you can be, be-
“luncheon” now) with a few of your cause at the end of the day, it’s not
closest friends, who you pretend about being a nice, kind person. It’s
to be close with in person but ac- about material goods and the soci-

Become a Community Worker. tually hate, and all the while you
are secretly sleeping with Blythe’s
etal hierarchy that values looks and
possessions above all.

The Community Worker (Fast-Track) program at George
Brown College will teach you how to work with
marginalized communities.
Word Scramble
You’ll study a range of issues including:
, Social Justice
, Food Security
, Immigration and settlement SUHMU
, And much more!

This program is designed for students who have an existing TTSULCE
diploma or degree.

Now accepting applications for May 2017
To learn how you can make a difference, visit
Unscramble the words to reveal some classic Disney characters! Submit
your completed puzzle to The Eyeopener office (SCC 207) with your name,
contact info and favourite Disney song for your chance to win a $50 Indigo
gift card!
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 11



Accelerate your tax career
Become a highly-valued member of the Canadian tax community.
Join Canada’s most comprehensive English-speaking program for the development
of tax professionals. Offered by the University of Waterloo at our Toronto campus.


12 Wednesday, March 8, 2017


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Watch It Blaze Pizza Rogers
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Starbucks Subway Chipotle MII Sandwich
Tim Hortons Curry & Co. Opa! Souvlaki
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