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December 2006

LGI UPdates
Life-Growth Christian NetWork, Inc. (LGI)
Issue 3

Skills Development and Job Placement Program

LGI has been serving a few warm and well fed," but does personality development,
churches for two years now nothing about his physical cosmetology, massage and
through our ministry of needs, what good is it? In the the like.
Prayer and Bible Education. same way, faith by itself, if
We have pastors, educators,
One day, I asked myself- it is not accompanied by
psychologists, medical
GSP’s will advance the
What is LGI doing for the action, is dead.“ (James Jesus-Agenda in their
professionals, and a
poor? Particularly, for their 2.14-17) workplaces
registered social worker
physical needs? My answer Can you imagine- we will be
LGI had 77 graduates from its helping us develop our
was- Nothing! sending these LGI graduates
One-Year Bible Curriculum Curriculum.
(or “God’s Special People”–
I remembered God’s word last March 2006, and most of
There are no shortcuts to GSP’s) to places of work as
that says- “What good is it, these graduates are
Character Building and Yayas, where they can pray
my brothers, if a man claims professionals and are willing
Employable Skills for children and teach them
to have faith but has no to impart not only Bible
Development. LGI’s Project to prays in Jesus’ name; as
deeds? Can such faith save truths but also their
HOPE is committed to MOLD, Bantays for the sick who
him? Suppose a brother or respective professional
TRAIN, AND FIND JOBS, to know how to lay hands, cast
sister is expertise for LGI’s
help ‘God’s Special out pain and release
without Employable Skills
People’ (GSP’s) possess their healing; as Sales Clerks who
clothes and Development Program.
future! are known for honesty and
Courses offered will be in the integrity; as Helpers or
food. If
areas of health/bedside care, Katiwalas who can pray for
one of you
arts and crafts, homemaking, their employers; as senior
says to him,
English-speaking skills, citizens who can do part-
"Go, I wish you well; keep
time Clerical Work in
church offices; as
Beauticians or Massage
LGI Molds, Trains and Finds Jobs for GSP’s Therapists who can easily
share the gospel.
GSP’s are “God’s Special Peo- God led me to design a pro- proposal to help develop the
ple”, the out-of-school youth, gram to include these under- Total Person: spirit, soul and In other words, these GSP’s
single mothers, elderly, the privileged, not only in the body through a Comprehen- will be our LGI
lame, the blind. LGI’s Project area of spirituality, but also, sive Curriculum and Job missionaries, advancing the
HOPE wants to mold charac- to meet their psychological Placement Scheme. This is to Jesus-Agenda in homes,
ter, train for skills and find and socio-economic needs. be launched in June next stores, factories, beauty
jobs for at least 50 benefici- school year, by God’s grace. shops, offices, companies,
In October 6, 2006, the LGI
aries for starters (more I wherever God sends them!
Board happily approved a
Life-Growth Christian
NetWork, Inc. (LGI)

Rev. Dr. Mina Navarro-Palomo Life-Growth Christian NetWork, Inc.

877 EDSA, West Triangle, Quezon City (LGI) is a non-stock, non-profit organiza-
tion established in 2003. LGI is run and
413.6803 maintained by Christians committed to
help develop the Total Person in spirit,
soul and body.

The Total Person is a godly individual of

integrity, good moral character and em-
ployable skills.
the Jesus-Agenda
LGI’s contribution to nation-building is
towards Character Building, Employable
so the world may believe that Jesus Skills Training and Job Placement of
is Lord! Out-of-school youth, Older Street Chil-
dren, the Lame, Blind, Single Mothers,
Senior Citizens. We call them ‘God’s
Special People’ (GSPs).

Status Report to LGI Pledgors (June-November 2006)

Let me report to you what your money It made possible for LGI to avail of part
has been doing since June 2006. time administrative services of LGI
Alumna Mimi Damian of CRL and Pastor
Some of you as of this writing have had
Golda Taopo of Cosmopolitan Church to We pray for a fruit-bearing LGI
blessings, some have had trials (financial
organize our library books (about 200),
even), some had struggles—I was with
to make an inventory of office equip- Mimi made a set of Bible Comprehensive
you always, in the bond of prayer and
ments, and to monitor your pledges and Examination questions requested by the
concern. Some lost their jobs yet insist
donations. Asian Center for Missions-700 Club Asia
on giving just the same—I can never
with whom we are going to formalize a
comprehend that kind of commitment. This freed me to finish the One Year Cell
partnership with.
Some said they earn more now, so they Group Bible Curriculum for churches
pledged more than I asked. Some, espe- which come with Flip Charts as Visual Lastly, please pray for Project Hope. It is
cially Joyce and Tina, raised funds from Aids. your contributions that we are using to
over a dozen of their friends, who, fundraise and prepare for its launching.
I have also begun writing the LGI Kids’
amazingly, raised funds from their
Curriculum for Kindergarten. Pastor Liza I thank my God every time I remember
Garcia is helping me. you. In all my prayers for all of you, I
I cannot comprehend the anointing that always pray with joy because of your
Through your donations, we now can
makes people ask their friends to give, partnership in the gospel from the first
afford the services of two LGI psycholo-
and more incredible is why people who day until now, being confident of this,
gists- Vanessa Abuyabor and Leila Dis-
do not know LGI, give so generously. I that he who began a good work in you
tajo- who are writing the LGI Psychologi-
think your giving has ushered in a great will carry it on to completion until the
cal Counseling Curriculum.
anointing of giving! day of Christ Jesus. PHP 1:3-6