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undergraduate entrance test preparation program
E MAIL:; PHONE: 9804005499;
ADDREESS: B/37, C.I.T. Buildings, Kolkata 700007, West Bengal, India


Student: Who are you people? How can I be sure that you can help me to crack ISI or
CMI level entrances? I have heard that these tests are tougher than IITs.

Cheenta: Let us not waste your time by introducing our organization to you. Meet us in
the classroom. Performance is mighter than words. There are dozens of institutes that
may fool you with fancy words and expanded lists of degree polished faculties. NO ONE

P.S. If you LOVE maths, ISI and CMI entrances are much easier challenges for you than
the IITs. The flip side is, if you don't love maths, you simply don't stand a chance.

Student: What subjects do you teach?

Cheenta: We teach (and learn) MATHEMATICS at Cheenta. If you join us you will be
one of us and hence at times you will be a student and at times you will be a teacher!

Student: How much do I pay? How long is the course?

Cheenta: It depends on your ability to get assimilated in Cheenta. For ISI and CMI
course your start-up picture will be like this:

Learn these fancy terms first and then look at the table below.
S.C. - Student Companion- someone who is pursuing the same degree or similar
entrance with high mathematical skills
W.F. - Workshop Faculty - someone who is champion of the subject. Workshop
Faculties will take short sessions on different topics once you have mastered the basic
principles with A.S.T.
U.L.- Undisciplined Level
D.L. - Disciplined Level
H.D.L - Highly Disciplined Level
I.D.L- Innovative Disciplined Level
Class Co Worker Time-Line Pay Scale (per month)
If you have not S.C. 15 months 1200
passed Class 10
S.C. + W.F. 15 months 1500 - U L P
400 - D L P
200 - H D L P
000 - I D P
Class XI S.C. 10 months 700
S.C. + W.F. 10 months 1500 - U L P
500 - D L P
200 - H D L P
000 - I D P
Class XII (or pass S.C. + W.F. 10 months depends on the
outs) entrance interview

Two more points. Firstly, we don't ask you be brilliant (it's great if you are one though).
We want you to be DISCIPLINED. Secondly DON'T PANIC, it's not that hard to be

Student: How many students will I have in my batch?

Cheenta: At most five students will be there in the A.S.T. discussion sessions. However
you will begin with one to one discussion.

Student: Are there notes and tests?

Cheenta: No and Yes. You won't need any of those wasteful "notes" kind of things.
Happy Days! Of course you will have tests.
There are some books you will need to buy. Here is a list:

Calculus Calculus in One Variable I.A. Maron

Differential and Integral Calculus Piskunov
Basic of Calculus Tarasov (get a copy from us,
this book is out of print)
Number Elements of Number Theory Burton
Geometry Modern Geometry Clement V. Durrel
Algebra Higher Algebra Barnard S. Child
Higher Algebra Hall and Knight`
Trigonometry Plane Trigonometry (manke sure it has S.L. Loney
the analytical trigonometry part too!)
Coordinate Coordinate Geometry S.L. Loney
Miscelleneous 10 + 2 Test of Mathematics Saraswaty Pustakalaya
publishes this book.
Challenges and Thrills of Pre College Krishnamurthy
Excursion in Mathematics Bhaskarachrya Pratisthan
Combinatorics Balakrishnan
Theory and Application of Krishnamurthy