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Leading Iowa Publ ishers meet with Governor to urge Tax Reform. New Iowa Chief Justice will ask for 15 'thousand dollar raises for

District Judges.

Top Lawmakers forge Tax compromise, ask Governor for special session. 57% of Iowa homes have radon levels above EPA Standards.' Senator Charles Grassley blasts Senate for resisting Bork Nomination. Arrests for domestic abuse have doubled under a new law.

Senator Charles Harkin announces he'H vote against Bo r'k ,

Iowa Labor groups stage a massive rally at State Fairgrounds.

A high ranking Soviet Trade Delegation tours Iowa.

Arntr ak passenger train derai Is in Russell, more than 100 injured. Maquoketa Banker Edwar-d Tubbs named State Banking Superintendent. At Republ ican Governor's Convention I Governor B ranstad calls for

Rural Development Funding.

Iowa Association of County Engineers will ask. for 4¢ Gas Tax hike. Speaking fr-om Rot ter dam , Iowa Ag riculture Secretary Dale Cochran says the European Market can buy no more Iowa commodities than current level.

IA. Dept. of Human Services asks for 16% Budget increase.

IA. Dept. of Education approves new education -standards to include mandator-y pre-school program and tougher high school

requ! rerhehts'." ~

Stock Market crash has Iowa economists concerned.

Key Iowa lawmakers raise votes for tax compromise to meet a deadline

set by the Governor. ,_

Despite student protests Iowa r eqent s zrppr-ove double+dlql t tuition hikes

at State Universities. ,-

A census report says Iowa's poverty rate has doubled in 7 years. Governor Branstad carts a special session of Iowa Legislature.

Senator Charles Grassley says conservatives shot themselves in the foot with defeat of Bork nomination.

Home sales in Iowa drop 7%.

Governor Branstad asks Federal Reserve Governor to lower interest ,rates.

Special session of Iowa Legislature convenes and sees a Tax reform compromise to lower top State I ncome Tax rate to 9.9%.

Iowa Congressman Tom Tauke proposes cut in Social Security benefits. Iowa unemployment up .1% .•. despite seasonal factors that normally force it down.

A survey of upper midwestern bankers finds improved farm economy. Kodak announces a .new Biotech' facility for Ceder Rap ids . A Tannery will bee built' in Waterloo.





Autopsy results on the John Dreesman family show the seven victims of a mass murder suicide were shot within seconds of each other ,as. they gathered for lunch.

Vital statistics show Iowans married older and less frequently, had fewer babies and died at older ages in 1987.

Nine Iowa cities have seen budget surpluses grow by 95% in the last four years.

After several years of increases, the number of child ,abuse reports in Iowa leveled off

in 1987.

AARP buys ads for Presidential candidates to talk about long-term care. Warren Dunham resigns as head of the Iowa D.O.T.

Iowa Transportation Commission asks for a four cent a gallon gas tax hike. An AIDS task force proposes 11 pieces of legislation.

State tax receipts for December were up 10%.

Waterloo bids for an IBP Plant slated for Manchester. Presidential candidate Bruce Babbitt attacks IBP labor practices. Farm Bureau opposes gas tax hike proposal.

Vice President Bush says he will provide testimony to a special prosecutor probing the Iran-Contra Affair.

Attorney General Tom Miller proposes stricter fines for polluters.

The Democratic state party chair forecasts a poor showing for Gary Hart in the Iowa


Both parties projects a record turnout for the caucuses.

Four top Iowa Democrats conduct a campaign swing for Richard Gephardt. Albert Habhab takes oath of office for Iowa Court of Appeals.

Republican Presidential Candidates debate in Des Moines. Bush on the offense over Iran Contra.

Republican Iowa lawmakers stage rally for Robert Dole.

Iowa Legislature gavels into session. Democrats immediately bid to reinstate budget cuts the Governor made last June.

Democratic Candidates debate in Sioux City.

In his condition of the State Address, Governor Branstad calls for gas tax hike,

welfare reform, cigarette tax hike and a new marketing program.

Grand opening for new international trade center.

Bob Dole campaign finance chairman resigns over blind trust questions. Dennis Nagle is named new Iowa Utilities Board Chairman.

23 arrested in Cedar Rapids theft sting.

Iowa Democrats offer party credit cards.

State Board of Education approves new education standards, but drops a requirement for

mandatory pre-schools.

Democratic Presidential candidates debate in Des Moines. Pat Robertson conducts a 27 city bus tour of Iowa.

Governor Branstad proposes 2.6 billion dollar budget ••• a 7% increase.

Chief Justice Arthur McGiverin calls for 1~ million in pay hikes for Judges. National Women's Political Caucus stages a forum for Presidential Candidates. Ted Kennedy campaigns in Iowa for Mike Dukakis.

Black and brown coalition stages Democratic Candidates Debate. Gary Hart admits illegal contributions to his 1984 campaign.

Pro-choice and anti-abortion factions rally at Capital on anniversary of Roe vs. Wade


Richard Gephardt emerges as new front-runner for Democrats in two polls.

Iowa Legislature approves bill to make misreporting of Caucus results a misdemeanor. Iowa Congressman Jim Lightfoot undergoes heart bypass surgery.

Dick Gephardt brings 40 congressman to Iowa to campaign.

Lawmen from around the country gather in Des Moines for the funeral of slain Dallas Police Officer John Chase.

Iowa's three organ donor hospitals agree on how to allocate donor organs.

Governor Branstad won't support recommendations of his adolescent task force saying

some could encourage abortion as an alternative to teenage pregnancy.

A Sample of July Radio Iowa Stories*

Branstad says he'll win lawsuit filed today over item vetoes. (Exclusive Interview) Seat Belt opponents rally at Statehouse.

George Bush in Dubuque (WDBQ).

S/~"e Insurance Commission orders cut in Auto Insurance Rates. Bl~ Henderson, IA. Drug Bust (KKAR).

Warren County man hunt for man who stabbed parents. Shrapnel in fireworks sold along Missouri-Iowa border. DCI says Crack is too expensive in Iowa to be a problem.

A record number of Iowa School Districts prepare to merge or share programs. Altoona Race Track approved.

Iowa Dept. of Ed. will survey students on drug use patterns. Congressmen survey flood damage in Southwest Iowa.

Berkley Bedell will have Cancer surgery (KICD, Radio Iowa and KKAR) State Fire Marshall calls for Chemical Fire Response team.

Health officials say the number of Iowa AIDS cases could double in '87. Iowa Regents adopt new Admission standards. (KICD)

A Minnesota ~~nufacturer moves to Davenport. (WOC)

Iowa's suicide rates rises by 9%.

Economic Summit begins in the Quad Cities. (WaC) Flooding in Clarinda (KMA)

Governor Branstad meets with U.S. West CEO.

Gay coalition angered by Health Official's remark that small town Iowans discourage

homosexuality with threat of gunplay.

D.E.D. recommendations on how to stop Iowa's Brain Drain. Larouchites picket D.M. register •• James Gannon speaks in defense. Gay coalition demands public inquiry into Health Department. Charles Grassley and Otis Bowen host cable program on AIDS. Babbitt leads pack in Arizona Newspaper Poll.

Governor Branstad says he'll mandate State use of Ethanol Fuels. I. \,Racing Commission refused License for Hiawatha Horse Track.

Ia • Democrats respond to charges they extorted money from Presidential Candidates. Belle Plain double Murder-Suicide (~~)

New Air Service links Waterloo and Dubuque to Chicago. (WMT)

Michael Bartnick convicted in Sioux City of murdering a Magistrate's wife and daughter.


Disaster Aid approved for 4 Southwest Counties. (R.I. and KMA) Drake U. Survey reports upturn in Ia. Economy.

World's Biggest Beach Party in Williamsburg.

D.E.S. Project changes in Unemployment Compensation. Iowa AAU BKB Team places 6th in Nationals. (KCHE) ISU Economist says Farmland values will fall more. Ia. personal income up 9.7%

Chemical fire in Des Moines ••• A half mile area evacuated. (RI & KSO) Kemp and Gephardt debate at Drake University.

Ia. Supreme Court Justice W. Ward Reynoldson resigns. D.O.T. Officers will carry handguns.

rBP fined 2.59 million dollars by Osha ••• Vows and appeal.

Juctice David will head the search to replace Chief Juctice Reynoldson. Town of Ollie invites Ollie North to be Parade Grand Marshall.

Teenager killed on RAGBRAI (KTLB and R.I.)

Roxanne Conlin calls for Woman or black on Iowa Supreme Court. Rockwell International, will open a Plant in Fairfield.

Cedar Falls man pleads guilty in Drugs and Contract killing scheme(WMT}

More than half of Iowa's teenage runaways •• have runaway more than once. A State Legislative Panel will consider the problem.

Ir')Corrections Director says Condoms won't be distributed in prison to prevent AIDS. \_/ State Aids Testing Program is swamped with applicants.

Violent Crime Rate for Iowa up 9.8% •• Des Moines the most dangerous city (Exclusive)

-#( .Note: This list prepared on the 25th.

/A-"Sample of August Radio Iowa Stories


Vice President Bush advocates defense spending and lambasts Lyndon Larouche during a visit to

Northwest Iowa.

Iowa Democrats stage a health care conference.

Legislative Committee cbnsiders AIDS tests as requirement for marriage license. World Herald Poll puts Dole and Bush neck and neck in Iowa.

Larouche advisor calls for quarantines for AIDS victims.

Former F.C.C. Commissioner Nicholas Johnson calls end of Fairness Doctrine ••• IIA License To


Solid waste processing building in Ames explodes.

Iowa makes its pitch to U.S. West for a new research facility.

Iowa sets up microwave and satellite links to colleges, schools and libraries. Governor Branstad calls for a crackdown on drunken boaters.

Despite Republican criticism, the Secretary of State holds a voter registration conference.

Jesse Jackson warns student athletes about drug addiction. NAACP calls for a black on the Iowa Supreme Court.

The State Treasurer reports an 11% spread in credit card interest rates in IA. Iowa dog track revenues are up from last year.

Iowa's attorney General and Secretary of State say they're both seriously considering running

for Governor.

The National Chamber of Commerce say Iowa could lose 93 hundred jobs if the minimum wage rises. 7% of Iowans with guaranteed student loans ••• are in default.

A fundraising goal has been met •• To finance a world peace institute in IA.

The Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo has 10 to 20% more residents than its rated capacity. A State Grant is approved for a controversial leather tannery in Waterloo.

1wa realtors claim home sales are up •• despite a federal report that they dropped in Iowa.

';0, legislative committee begins planning school district reorganization.

A 15% increase in rates is approved for Iowa's largest malpractice insurer. An Attorney General's opinion restricts fees on hazardous chemicals.

A State equalization order lowers assessed values on most classed of Iowa property. Anti-abortion and pro-gun groups work to draft Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich for the

Democratic Presidential race.

Republicans charge the Lt. Governor violated laws on campaign use of state telephones. A birth defects registry is being established in Iowa.

Angry school officials testify at a public hearing on changes in education standards •• to

include mandatory pre-schools and extended kindergarten.

One thousand workers prepare for Iowa State Fair.

Iowa Qpens a new Economic Development Satellite Network. Paul Simon holds forums on health care for the elderly. A new Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement opens.

'A string- of new forms are necessary for Iowa Income Tax Returns. A report says 14% of Iowa's population is below poverty level.

Anthony Martin Trigona sues the State Fair •• for inclusion in a Candidates Debate. Lawmakers protest Governor's mandate all state vehicles use ethanol.

Presidential Democratic Candidates debate at State Fair.

White House correspondent Helen Thomas speaks to Midwestern lawmakers.

Teenage suicides in Iowa up 26% Farmer suicides steady but high.

Northwestern Bell will close Des Moines Data Processing Operation.

ICLU sues the State fair for removing nude artworks from amateur contest. Out of wedlock births in Iowa double in 6 years.

Iowa and Soviet Officials meet in a trade conference in Cedar Rapids. Iowa will be a sister

"~) state toa Soviet province.

Anthony Martin Trigona sues to challenge rules for state caucuses. Attendance at Ia. State Fair is down by 50,000 from last year.

~ensus Bureau says 88% of Iowa's counties lost population since 1980.

A new law boosting welfare benefits as much as 26 dollars a took effect July 1st. Also taking effect, 52 increases in licenses and fees Senate Minority Leader Cal Hultman calls a 24 million dollar hidden tax.

The state ended its fiscal year with 62 million dollars in the tt'eaSUt'Y·

A new Census Bureau projection says Iowa?s population will rise by 200 thousand by the year 2,000.

Farm state congressmen and senators call a day-long organizational meeting on the drought.

Governor Branstad endorses corrections department prison expaYlsioy, p Larr,

NRC rejects an evacuation plan for nuke plant near Palo.

A Soviet-American peace walk crosses Iowa ... governor walks partway.

ISU officials consider expanding Hilton Coliseum.

Govet'not' leads development officia.ls on a "sell IClwa" tt'ip to Bostc.n.

AG opinion says governor over~tepped authority with veto of bill

boosting per diem expenses for lawmakers.

Iowa Motor Truck Assn. helps deliver hay to livestock farmers. NW Bell customers awarded 6+ million dollars in refunds.

Iowa republicans criticize Dukakis for choosing Bentzen as VP. Woodburn is the first Iowa town forced to haul water.

A Soviet reporter's visit to NW Iowa held up when officials at Omaha airport refuse to allow his plane to land.

DOT report says most Iowans obey the 65 mph speed limit on rural interstate ••• but traffic deaths have risen since it took effect.

ISUafl econclrllist says Iowa fat'met'S could lClse a billion dc.llal-'s n~t income to drought.

Tornadoes strike Council Bluffs •.. no deaths but 25 million in damage.

Drake University survey reports Iowa economy still picking up steam in 2nd qc r-, with 611- of sUl"'veyed businesses 'r'epOt,tiFlg high§r order volume .

. Democratic National Convention begins. Secy of gtate Elaine Baxter and Congressman Dave Nagle are asked to speak.

~~TSB issues verdict on cause of last fall's Rmtrakcr~sh near Russell ... cites lack of safety oversight.

Bonnie CampbeLl warns Iowa delegates Larouchites are circulating nom t-na t t cn petitic'Yls at DNC.

Democratic National Committee entertains proposal to have a

(p~imany sim~ltaneously with the Iowa caucuses.

'HAGBRAI 'beg ins i YI Si.:.ux City. The govel-'not' t'i des.

House aYld Sena-te appt~c.ve sepal-'ate dr-ou qhb 'r'el ief bi lIs. A··Misso.ul"i .jury gives Andt'ew Six death penC":dty fClt, the stabbiYlg

death of 12 year old Kathy Allen of Ottumwa.

Hot air balloon'championships begin in Indianola ... the last year of the competition in Iowa.

Two t~~aiYls ool Li d e in AltclI:.na prompting a 15 hUYldt'ed pel"son evacuatiol'"ti'_tr'iYlg aYI alcohol f:i~'e.

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