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Qualities, Waeseating Quine : A Dances of Universal Peace Retreat with Anahata Iradah SCHEDULE Registration 8:15 - 9:15 AM Retreat begins at 9:30 Saturday and ends after lunch Sunday Welcome fo ihe first-ever overnight rehreat with the Dances of Universal Peace in Central lowa. Newcomers as well as old hands are Invited fo join the circle as we focus ‘on embodying Divine Guaities in ‘ounelves. From humanity's beginnings, sacred movement, song and slory have brought people together- as part of ‘everydoy life and for special life passages and ceremonies. Dances of Universal Peace allow us fo step into this timeless tradition celebrating the socredin community through music and movement, Anril 29-30, 2017 “Anahotaradan's2senereacner The ta eosnars Guldtthe Unvenat Peace, snes 9 tea runcan tsochat i ‘note ot rane he crane {eden Argairem Coerae. & the Be Sg. 24, hs. Reserve your place with $100 now, ‘and the rest will be due on April 1. Reteat cost of $125 ‘onda retreat ach ber Alele foo of $25 wi bw ade Newton Chrstion Conference Centers aural conference cenier ‘and summer camp, 40 miles east of Des Moines and -4rrinutes off 80. Ii features a beautiful meeting space, comfortable: ‘accommodations, good food and 225 acres of land ‘with hiking frais Newlon Chision Conference Center 5064 Lincoln Skee, Newlon, lowe 50208 (541-792-1266 Lodging Options Newton Christian Conference Center: Tiipynwww ipperidwenteccrgicnout Motel Room in main building: 2 queen beds, bath, wisi andl dies tv, Twelve of these available, $75h0om/night Director's Suite in mein builcing: 3 rooms with shared bah, whitlpool lub and kitchenette. Two of these rooms have a double bed and one hat Hin bunk beds. $100/suite/night Lighthouse Cabin Shori walk: Bunk Cabin built 2014, heating and AC. shared bath, $20/night with nen pack - includes pilow. 2 Sheets, blanket, towel and washelota. $25/night if bing own bedding and towels. Nearby Motels: ‘Americinn or Boulder Inn and Suites ere evell- ‘oble three miles away on Ex! 168 near I-60. If you choose this option, you'linoed to recistor there yourself and do not send that amount fo us, Registration Form: Your Nome: Name(s) of Roommatesis)orsuite mates: Address: Email: Phone/Mobile : _Relreat ond Mecls ($125) Lodging Preference: Motel Room (§75/room/right) = _ “Director's Suite (3 rooms ~ $1C0/suite/night}. = Signtnouse Bunk Cabin ‘$0/night with inens '$25/nigh! bring own linens) “Iwi not need lodging at ihe conference center Totol: Dietary preferences: Gluion Free _, Veggiarion __ f Vegetation, do you eat Fsh®__ Diabetic Dairy Free _ Low Soil _, Other Broaktast Choice (Choose 1}: — Yogut! bar, grancic, stawbenies, ost, hot and cold cereal — Hol breakfast (Egg cishes, meats, potatces, toast, Rot end cold cereal