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PERIOD COVERED: 01 January 31 December 2011


The Information Management Office (IMO), created as a Service Staff in accordance

with the applicable provision of Executive Order No. 292, s-87, has made modest
accomplishment for the past year. Tasked primarily with the development and
maintenance of information systems and information technology (IS/IT), IMO has optimized
its scarce resources and ICT in-house capability in order to accomplish its mandated

This report focuses on significant accomplishments of the Office (IMO) for the period
01 Jan-31 December 2011 in the following areas:

Information systems development/enhancement and maintenance

Hardware and Software maintenance and technical support/assistance
Network facility and equipment maintenance
ICT training and education
Other significant accomplishments/activities
Administrative matter and other concerns
ICT Policy Formulation
ICT Special Project


A. IS Development/Enhancement and Maintenance

The Office has been maintaining eight (8) computer-based information systems, four (4)
of which have been enhanced to accommodate the additional requirements of the end-
users. These systems are briefly described as follows:

(1) Human Resource Information System (HURIS). This system provides, among
others, employee personal information, such as educational background, service
record, in-service training, skills, etc. It has been upgraded from 2007 MS Access
operating platform to MS Access 2003 to make it compatible to our present
computing environment.

(2) Personnel Attendance and Leave Monitoring System (PALMS). This system was
enhanced by the adoption of a biometric finger scanner to record the daily
attendance of DND Proper civilian personnel. It has been planned to be linked to
the Payroll System for the automatic computation of leaves and absences.

(3) Document Tracking System (DTS). This system was developed in order to track all
incoming and outgoing communications and thus, facilitates monitoring. It has
been pilot tested at OSEC, OASAIL, OASPER, and at the Records Division of the
Admin Services. In addition, the following offices were also given access to the
centralized DTS has been designed for installation and use in all DND Proper Offices
once the pilot testing proved successful.

(4) Payroll System. This has been enhanced by adding fields to be used for the Notice
of Salary Adjustment (NOSA) preparation.

(5) Public Assistance Desk (PAD) System. This is a computer-based system that
receives complaints/grievances especially from the public against DND personnel
and provides information on the status and/or action taken on the said

(6) Electronic-New Government Accounting System (ENGAS). This is a COA-developed

system that is being maintained by the Office. This provides for accurate, fast, and
reliable processing and recording of government financial and accounting
transactions of the DND Proper. To date, the Office maintains seventy (70) user
accounts with different access security levels in accessing the system.

(7) E-Mail System. This is also an Internet-based system that provides electronic mail
services for the DND Proper personnel. It is being maintained by the Office, which
includes the creation of new email accounts for new DND Proper personnel and the
creation and updating of e-group accounts. To date, there are three hundred
twenty one (321) user accounts for this system.

(8) DND Website. This indicates the web presence of the DND in the outside world. At
the same time, it acts as the Defense web portal that provides linkages to the
websites of the bureaus and agencies under DND. It also provides a secure site for
the DND Proper personnel in accessing their e-mail boxes anywhere, anytime. In
addition, the Office has posted during the year a total of thirty seven (37) various
types of information specifically described as follows:

BAC Matters 11
Press Release 15
Photo Release 2
Announcements 9

B. Hardware and Software Maintenance and Technical Support/Assistance

As part of its functions, the Office has been maintaining the DND Proper IT resources to
ensure unhampered operation of the user-offices. During the period, the Office has
maintained assorted IT equipment issued/installed in different DND Proper Offices. These
include 366 workstations and 73 laptop computers; and 300 Operating System and 300 MS
With respect to the ICT-related technical service support and assistance being
provided by the Office to various DND Proper offices such as (but not limited to),
hardware/software installation, troubleshooting, printing/scanning, etc. our records (Job
Orders) show that during the period, a total of one hundred forty seven (147) jobs have
been performed by the Office broken down as follows:

Monitor CPU UPS Printer Video Card Internet OS Anti- Application TOTAL
Vitus Software

5 26 4 40 7 30 5 18 12 147

C. Network Facility and Equipment Maintenance

The DND Proper Local Area Network (LAN) facility, which now links and provides ICT-
related services (particularly Internet and E-mail) to various staff-offices/divisions of the
DND Proper, is a vital information infrastructure that is being maintained to prevent undue
interruption of office operation. Recognizing this responsibility, the Office has during the
period updated the network operating system, checked regularly the network configuration
and connectivity of all workstations, as well as updated and installed anti-virus software to
all workstations as additional network security measures. In the same manner, the Office
has also maintained and monitored the Internet facility.

Relatedly, the Office has maintained a total of twenty nine (29) pieces of different kinds
of network and telecommunications equipment, including 19 network switches, 7 servers, 1
firewall, 1 router and a host of other tools.

In the same manner, establishment of wireless connection at OASAIL, OUSDA, and

OUSCVRA was undertaken, while the network connection of some offices were relocated
due to renovation.

In line with the desire of the SND to modernize and improve the capability of the DND
telecommunications system, wherein the Office of the Secretary will be able to have
immediate communication to the different USEC, ASEC and Chiefs offices and provide the
Department with unified communication where the public and internal communication have
an easy access, thus the implementation of the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) System has
been established. Phase 1 has already been in place, where a total of 70 local lines were
installed to different DND Proper offices to include also 3 local lines installed at OCD for
direct access of the SND specifically during times of calamities. IMO was the OPR of the
project in terms of the technical aspect.

D. ICT Training and Education

In the area of ICT training and education, the Office has conducted a total of 4
training/seminars held at IMO and participated by 115 civilian employees and 23 military
personnel from different DND Proper Offices, as indicated in the table below:

1 MS OFFICE 2010 Training Seminar March 21-25, 2011 22 3
2 MS OFFICE 2010 Training Seminar April 11-15, 2011 21 4
3 MS OFFICE 2010 Training Seminar May 9-13, 2011 19 6
4 MS OFFICE 2010 Training Seminar
May 23-27, 2011 25 0
(Government Arsenal, Limay, Bataan)
5 ICT Coordinators Briefing/Orientation December 13, 2011 28 10
TOTAL 115 23

Likewise, this office has also facilitated the conduct of demo on ICT-related items as
shown below. Participants from different DND Proper Offices attended the briefing
presentation to be able to understand the latest technology in terms of hardware and
software that can be later on used as an office tool to help improve the efficiency of

Document Management System (DMS)

Time and Attendance Monitoring System (to include payroll and Leave
Monitoring System)
Bandwidth Manager
Geographic Information System
Tele presence and audio-visual solution

Finally, to enhance their ICT knowledge and skill, as well as their professional growth
& development, qualified IMO personnel were sent to IT organizations and educational
training institutions as indicated below.

1 Visual Basic Net Fundamentals, Meralco May 19 to June
Foundation, Institute, Pasig City 10
Thursday and
2 Rules and Regulations on the Granting,
Utilization & Liquidation of Cash Advance, DND July 5, 2011 2
BAC Conference Room
3 Gender & Development (GAD) Planning and
July 5-8, 2011 1
Budgeting Seminar Workshop, Tagaytay City
4 PSR-NSC, Holiday Inn, Clark, Pampanga (Chief, July 18-20,
IMO attended) 2011

5 Property & Supply Custodianship, Acctg and
July 20, 2011 1
Reconciliation, DND BAC Conference Room
6 Property & Supply Acquisition and Disposal, DND August 10,
BAC Conference Room 2011
7 ICT Resources Acquisition (ICTRA) NCC, Diliman, August 22-26,
Quezon City 2011
8 Technical Report Writing Course by CSC, New August 23-25,
horizon Hotel, EDSA Mandaluyong 2011
9 Selective Pre-Audit of transactions & Submission
August 31,
of Contracts & Supporting Documents, DND BAC 2
Conference Room
10 Managing ICT Services in Govt ITIL Framework, September 7-
NCC, Diliman, QC 9, 2011
11 Rootcon: 5thPhilippine Hacker Conference &
September 9-
Information Security Gathering, Parklane Hotel, 1
10, 2011
Cebu City (attended by Chief, IMO)
12 Gender & Development (GAD) Gender
October 4-7,
Awareness & Sensitivity Training Class 6, Hotel 2
Kimberly, Tagaytay City
13 Security Fundamentals of Large Scale IT November 8-
Operation, Somerset Hotel, Makati City 11, 2011
14 Information Security Management System November 15-
(ISO/IEC 27001) 17, 2011

E. Other Significant Accomplishments/Activities

During the period, some IMO personnel also performed additional functions such as:

Attendance (upon notice) of C, IMO to the DND BAC meetings.

Attendance (upon notice) of some IMO technical staff (as member & as TWG)
to the DND Proper BAC meetings.
Attendance to the regular IMDP PDR Project Meetings
Assistance in the technical evaluation of IT equipment (computer & printer)
procured through the PITC and DBM-PS.

F. Administrative Matters and Other Concerns

The Office has during the year received e a total of 1,079 communications of
various kinds, including 208 DFs, 505 Memos, 77 letters, 144 Notices of
Meetings/conferences and 145 other communications. On the other hand,
a total of 269 communications of different types (DFs, Memos, letters) were
dispatched during the period.

G. ICT Policy Formulation
The Office has also issued 3 ICT policies (Password, Anti-Virus, and Email) for
guidance/reference of DND Proper computer/network users as well as one
Cyber Security Tips/Reminders.

H. ICT Special Project

Defense Situation Monitoring Center (DSMC) Project

The DSMC Project is a highly secured facility that shall have connectivity to
the Presidential Situation Room (PSR), the AFP Command Center, J2 and J3;
Coast Watch Center; the Office of the Civil Defense/National Disaster Risk
Reduction and Management Council and other government agencies.
In order to facilitate the implementation of the DSMC Project, it was
determined that the construction and repair of the facilities is undertaken by
the 51st Engineering Brigade of the AFP and the ICT Equipment procured
using the Direct Contracting/Negotiation. Status of the project is as follows:

a. Repair & Maintenance of Building & Facilities Construction and repair

has already been started.
b. ICT Equipment Awaiting the approval of the Notice of Award to be
signed by the SND upon endorsement of the DND BAC.

Creation of Cyber Security Division

The Office has created a Cyber Security Division that will perform the following

a. Plan and develop effective cyber security measures for the protection of
DND Proper information infrastructures.
b. Implement and monitor compliance cyber of security policy guidelines &
take necessary action for any violation thereof.

Similarly, a request for the creation of the Cyber Security Division and
additional plantilla positions was submitted to DBM last June 2011.