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Course Guide Book for Hydropower Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Debre Tabor, Institute of Technology
Program Regular
Course Title Hydropower Engineering
Course Code ECEg4243
Degree Program B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Module Name Power Engineering I
Module Number 24
Team Leader NN
Course Instructor NN
Students work load 80
Contact Days ( time
and room)
Target Group IV Year
Year/Semester IV/II
Prerequisites ECEg4242: Energy Conversion and Rural Electrification
Status of the course Compulsory
Course Description Classification of hydropower plants; Planning and
Development Process; Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design
Concept; Dams; Spillways; Conduits, Intake, Power house and
Accessories; Hydraulic Turbines.
Course Objectives - To gain insight into concepts of hydropower engineering.
- To provide knowledge of planning, design and development of
hydro-electric power plants.
- To learn the design of dams and spillways.
- Describe the operation of hydraulic turbines.
Detailed Course Schedule: Contact time, topics and reading materials
We g Remark
act Topic/Subtopic/Chapter
ek Materi s

1. Classification of hydropower plants: Run-of-river

plants, Base load plants, Reservoir plants, Peak load
plants, Pump storage plants Valley dam plants, Diversion
canal plants, High head, and diversion plants.

2. Planning and Development Process: Hydropower

development, Efficiency of hydropower, Socio-economic
analysis, Environmental analysis.
3. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design Concept:
Hydropower engineering concept, Hydrological study,
Electrical load study, Heating and cooling.

4. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design Concept:

Hydropower engineering concept, Hydrological study,
Electrical load study, Heating and cooling.

5. Spillways:Types of spillways, Gravity spillways, Siphon


6. Conduits, Intake, Power house and Accessories:

Components of a conduit system, Intake structures,
Location of power house, Classification of power house,
Penstocks and surge tanks.

7. Hydraulic Turbines: Introduction, Classification of water

turbines, The Pleton turbine, The Francis turbine, The
Propeller and Kaplan turbine.
Final Exam Date
Methodolo Lectures , tutorials
Assessmen Continuous Assessment.50%
t Methods Final Exam.................50%
All students are expected to abide by the code of conduct of students
throughout this course.
Academic dishonesty, including cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism will
not be tolerated.
Course Students are required to submit and present the assignments
provided according to the time table indicated.
80% of class attendance is mandatory! Please try to be on time
for class. Students will not allow entering if late more than five
Active participation in class is essential
Cell phones MUST be turned off before entering the class.
1. Josepha Sherman: Hydroelectric power, Capstone Press: December 2003
2. Freshmagichobo: A Renewable Energy Resource: The Hydroelectric Power,
July25, 2006.
3. James Joseph Doland: Hydro power engineering, Ronald Press Co. 1954
4. Brian K, Edwards: The Economics of Hydroelectric Power, Edward Elgar Pub
(October 2003)
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