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This research is entitled The Placement Status of Marine Engineering Graduates

of TIPQC as 4th Engineer /3rd Assistant Engineer in Foreign Merchant Ships. This

research is mainly concern with the placement status of TIPQC Marine Engineering

graduates; about how long is the period of becoming a 4/Engr. or 3 rd Asst. Engineer a

TIPQC graduate can be, what is the period of time can a graduate of Marine

Engineering of TIPQC can act as a 4/Engr. or 3 rd Asst. Engineer, and what are the factor

that takes them time to act their 4/Engr. or 3rd Asst. Engineering license.

This research is composed of five (5) chapters, the first chapter is about the

Introduction of the research, the second chapter is about theoretical framework/ design

concept, the third chapter is about the operational framework, the fourth chapter is

about the results and discussion, the last chapter is about the summary, conclusion and


This research aims to know the outcome if Marine Engineering graduates of

TIPQC is very successful in becoming a Marine Engineer in foreign going ships. The

result of this research will give the Marine Engineering Department as well as with its

students the idea and possibility a Marine Engineering graduate of TIPQC become an

engineer in a period of time in foreign going ships. It will also give the idea of what are

the factors that affect the time of becoming a Marine Engineer in foreign merchant

With regards to these matters, the researchers found out that some of the

graduates of Marine Engineering of TIPQC are still in ratings which are the Oiler and

Wiper rank. While the graduates that became an engineer took time of becoming one

due to the unavailability of the position, ladderized program for promotion, and taking a

long months of vacation before joining their next vessel.