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Choose the correct answer 1. My new car is more than my last one.

4. I dont think Ill try that dish it doesnt I get nearly 100 kms. to 5 litres of petrol.
look to me. a) economical c) economise
a) edible b) eating b) economic d) economics
c) ate d) eaten 2. Co-pilot flies the plane together with the
5. Latest dialogues are going to the pilot.
relations between the two communities. Which of the following uses of co is wrong?
a) strong c) strength a) Co-producer c) Co-owner
b) stronger d) strengthen b) Co-partner d) Co-worker
6. She loves chocolate cakes. She finds them 3. What is a synonym of rude?
absolutely a. inpolite c. unpolite
a) unresistible c) disresistible b. dispolite d. impolite
b) irresistible d) inresistible 13. Which word doesnt make a word with _able?
7. You are such an person. e.g. countable
Why cant you wait quietly? a. help c. rely
a) impatient c) unpatient b. understand d. respect
b) inpatient d) dispatient 14.Which of the following adjectives ending in
8. I am sure the second accident wouldnt have _ful is wrong?
happened, if the police had taken adequate a. painful c. funful
measures. b. beautiful d. fruitful
a) safely c) safety 15. The following are all negative adjectives with
b) safer d) safeness un_. Which should be dis_?
9. The world would be much better place to live a. untidy c. unsociable
only if people were not so to b. unhonest d. unreliable
different political views or religious beliefs.
16.Which of these countries has a different
a) tolerate c) tolerant
ending to the others when it changes to an
b) tolerance d) intolerant
10. Everybody is in one way or another.
a. China c. Ukraine
We should learn to overlook them.
b. Lebanon d. Portugal
a) perfect c) imperfect
17. What is the negative case of consistent?
b) perfection d) perfected
a. unconsistent c. imconsistent
11. Which form of learn starts this sentence?
b. inconsistent d. disconsistent
English is not as hard as you think.
18. Complete the sentence.
a) To learn c) Learning
You shouldnt be worried about
b) Learn d) Learnt
late. We have got plenty of time.
12.Necessity is the mother of
a. being c. to be
a. invent c. inventions
b. be d. will be
b. inventors d. inventive
19. I'm sorry John, I completely with 20. She sailed around the world in 72

the point you've just made. days which is a new record!

a. unagree c. disagree a. successful c. succeed
b. misagree d. deagree b. successfully d. unsuccessfully
30. You can't speak English with just grammar 21. He gave me directions but I must have,
knowledge. Thats
because I ended up in wrong place altogether.
a. illogical c. dislogical
a. understood c. disunderstood
b. imlogical d. unlogical
b. misunderstood d. ununderstood
31. The committee has decided that his business
22. The company was looking for who
approach is totally
were really the most suitable for the job..
a) imethical c) unethical
d) disethical d) ilethical a. applicants c. appliers

32. It is important to consider not only the b. applications d. apply

advantages, but also the of a job. 23. Suffix re means again. Which word does not
a) iladvantages c) unadvantages contain a suffix re
b) disadvantages d) misadvantages a) remote c) recur
33. I dont think he's the right person for the b) recover d) recycle
job? He seems very .
24. Many volcanoes, which have been for
a. disexperienced c. ilexperienced
years, could be active anytime
b. unexperienced d. inexperienced
a) disactive c) unactive
34. You wouldn't think he's 40; he acts like a
b) ilactive d) inactive
child. I've never known anyone so
25. Please that all the lights are
a. unmature c. inmature
b. dismature d. immature switched off before you leave.

35. The rope seems to be quite loose. I think we a) insure c) unsure

need to it a little. d) ensure d) suren

a. tight c. tightness 26. Courage is a noun What is the related verb?
b. tighten d. tighter a. couraged c. couragen
36. All dont mind telling lies so long as b. courageous d. encourage
they win elections.
27. What is the negative case of 'reversible'?
a. politics c. politically
a. unreversible c. disreversible
b. political d. politicians
b. irreversible d. inreversible
37. The council is going to the pavements
28. What is the negative case of contented?
they are getting more crowded apparently.
a. wide c. width a. uncontented c. imcontented

b. widen d. widthen b. incontented d. discontented

38. New supermarket is much cheaper, but it 29. Prefix out means more than / faster than.
takes me 3 buses to get there - it's so . Which word contains suffix out wrong.
a. convenient c. inconvenient a) outnumber c) outclass
b. convenience d. inconvenience b) outside d) outrun
1- edible 20- Illogical

2- strengthen 21- Unethical

3- irresistible 22- Disadvantages

4- impatient 23- Inexperienced

5- safety 24- Immature

6- intolerant 25- Tighten

7- imperfect 26- Politicians

8- Learning 27- Widen

9- Inventions 28- Inconvenient

10- Economical 29- Successfully

11- Co-partner 30- Misunderstood

12- Impolite 31- Applicants

13- Help 32- Remote

14- Funful 33- Inactive

15- Unhonest 34- Ensure

16- Ukraine 35- Encourage

17- Inconsistent 36- Irreversible

18- Being 37- Discontented

19- disagree 38- outside