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Rock Candy Lab Introduction

Carbohydrates are the one of the most important nutrient of lifes. They are the main
energy source which will be used the first. Carbohydrates can be divided by their structure
which are formed by molecules of sugar. There are simple carbohydrate and complex
carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrates are consist of one or two molecules of sugar like
glucose, fructose, galactose, maltose, sucrose, and lactose. For complex carbohydrates,
they are consist of more than two molecules of sugar join together as a long chain
(NutritionMD, n.d.) The simple carbohydrates can refer as sugar and complex carbohydrates
can refer as fiber and starch. As you can see, sugar are included in various kind of food
even in fiber too. Sugar have many types so in our daily life they appear in many varieties
whether they be an ingredient, milk, fruits, etc. There are four main properties of sugar which
are sweetness, solubility, crystallization, and caramelization. The ability of properties in
different kind of sugar are different from each other depend on their structure. For
sweetness, every types of sugar does not have the same level of sweetness like fructose is
the sweetest sugar due to the structure of molecules of fructose. Solubility is talk about the
ability in which sugar can dissolve in the water for one hundred percent depend on their
concentration and temperature. The sugar that has more concentration will dissolve less. On
the other hand, if the temperature is higher the sugar will dissolve more. Next one is
crystallization which is the process that crystal occur. When we make a supersaturated
solution we need to heat it up and add more sugar until it cannot dissolve anymore so it will
be supersaturated solution. After the solution cool down, the sugar that dissolve in the
supersaturated solution will form a crystal. For the last properties, caramelization is the
interaction between sugar and sugar when they reach one point of temperature then the
water evaporate and the sugar turn into brown color.

The purpose of rock candy lab is to demonstrate the properties of sugar and this lab
we used two properties of sugar to form a crystal which are solubility and crystallization.
Solubility is used when we make the supersaturated solution by adding more sugar and
raising the temperature while stirring the solution until it cannot dissolve anymore. For
crystallization, this process is used when we put the stick in the supersaturated solution and
let them cool down so the crystal will from.


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