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Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at


Henry David Thoreau

Want to read GOOD books but cant afford one yet?

In line with our advocacy for promoting the culture of reading good books,
we have come up with the read now, pay later system, a system that lets
you enjoy good books without emptying your pockets.

Yes, we understand that good books can be very expensive and hard to find,
but this should not discourage you from having one, reading it, cultivating
your passion, and enriching yourself.

With the read now, pay later system you can take home and enjoy half the
number of your chosen books, after paying at least half of their total price.

Now, for a smoother transaction, please be reminded of the


1. Partial payment is at least half the total price of the books purchased.
2. If possible, purchased books must be paid in full within one (1) month.
3. If not fully paid after one (1) month, a fee of P20 per week is charged.
4. Partially-paid books are good as sold.
5. Despite the abovementioned, everything is still negotiable. Sabot
sabot lang unya ta!

We hope that with this system everyone can have a copy of a good book and
enjoy reading it. Thank you for your continual patronage!

So, what are you waiting for? Read now, pay later!