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The Genius

There is a new engineer by the name of Eugenio D. Matalino, who was born into a
wealthy family. Being rich, his parents were able to give him everything that he
needs and wants in life: a good education, a nanny to assist him when he was
young, a car, and so on.
From his boyhood until adulthood, Engineer Eugenio D. Matalino exhibited diligence
and intelligence. He graduated as the valedictorian of his batch during elementary,
and as a summa cum laude in college. It would not be an exaggeration to say that
he has everything. Intelligent, rich, responsible, handsome, reliable, trustworthy, are
just some of the words that can describe him.
Many companies were already trying to hire him even when he was still studying,
and when he took the board exam, he ranked first among all the examinees.
His first job was in a company in Makati, and he will get a monthly salary of
14,000php. The company assigned him to a project in Davao.
It takes two days and one night of walking to reach the site, however. The location is
a forest, and the project aims to develop the site. Engineer Eugenio D. Matalino is
the only engineer in charge of the project, and the thing is, the environment there is
very different from his life back home.
There is no electricity in the area, it is scary due to the dense growth of trees and
tall grass, and his subordinates speak a dialect that he does not understand. All the
engineers who were assigned there before him had resigned, and after two weeks of
his stay there, he now holds a pen and a paper to write a resignation letter.
It is his first project in the company where he got his first job. Do you think he
should resign? If you are in his situation, are you going to resign? Why or why not?