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March 2017

Clean Delaware returns stronger
than ever after fire devastates
its equipment and facilities


Iowa pumper Rick Miene collects
earth-moving machines, then finds
ways to make money with them PAGE 42
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4 Pumper March 2017

IN THIS ISSUE March 2017 Pumper
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Rising From the Ashes
- Peter Kenter COLE Publishing Inc.
Clean Delaware returns stronger than ever after a 1720 Maple Lake Dam Rd.
PO Box 220
devastating fire takes out its vacuum trucks, restroom Three Lakes, WI 54562
inventory and facilities.
ON THE COVER: Friends and competitors helped Clean Delaware fully recover from a Copyright 2017 COLE Publishing Inc.
fire that destroyed its fleet of service trucks and equipment inventory in January 2015. No part may be reproduced without permission of the publisher.
The company is back to full strength today. Gerry Desmond, general manager, is shown In U.S. or Canada call toll-free 800-257-7222. Elsewhere call 715-546-3346.
with a 1999 Sterling truck with a National Vacuum Equipment pump, the first rig the Email: Website:
company bought after the fire. (Photo by Doug Curran) Fax: 715-546-3786

Office hours 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday - Friday

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Advanced Treatment Units
- Craig Mandli
42 The Bucket List or Winnie May
Iowa pumper and installer Rick Miene has fun at or call
collecting a wide variety of earth-moving machines
84 Case Studies: 800-994-7990. Publisher reserves the right
and finding new ways to make money with them. Advanced Treatment Units to reject advertising, which in its opinion is
- Betty Dageforde - Craig Mandli misleading, unfair or incompatible with the
Jim Flory Winnie May character of the publication.
50 Septic System Answer Man: Tips You 88 Product News CIRCULATION: 2016 circulation averaged 23,098 copies per month. This fig-
Product Spotlight: NextGen Septic offers clean water,
Must Share With Pumping Customers, Part 2 small footprint and a retrofit treatment solution.
ure includes all circulation regions (nationwide) and international distribution.
When they follow these operation and maintenance
- Anthony Drew REPRINTS AND BACK ISSUES: Visit for op-
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54 Money Manager: Are Employees Driving

Your Rigs After-Hours? 2018 WATER & WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT,
Watch out for the tax consequences of sending your TREATMENT & TRANSPORT SHOW
fleet of trucks home with your employees.
- Erik Gunn
Coming in APRIL 2017
Education Day: Wednesday,
SPECIAL ISSUE: February 21, 2018
58 2017 ATU Directory
62 Safety First: February 22-24, 2018
n CONTRACTOR PROFILE: Diversifying for success
Trenching Deaths Double in 2016 Indiana Convention Center,
in North Carolina
Federal officials warn incidents show an alarming and Indianapolis, IN
unacceptable trend that must be halted. n ANSWER MAN: When someone questions your
- Doug Day land application practices

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8 Pumper March 2017

Jim Kneiszel, Editor
Contact Jim with
your comments,
questions and
opinions at

Sending a Big Thank-You

to Onsite Educators
The septic service industry should recognize the inspectors, regulators and public health professionals
who constantly promote routine pumping and maintenance. By Jim Kneiszel, Editor

read a story from a small Missouri newspaper recently that illustrated just ognizes that the pumpers often bear the brunt of the criticism when theyre
how uneducated homeowners can be about septic system maintenance. called out to address a neglected system.
And it gave me a big idea. They wait until it breaks and then they start pointing fingers at every-
The writer in the Boone County Connection, Lelslie Limberg, was ex- body, and everybody is at fault but them. Its amazing, May says of home-
plaining how a power outage forced her to get her septic tank pumped for owners, especially those who are living in their first home with an onsite
the first time after 16 years of home ownership. Later, when she found out system. Then you ask if they knew three toilets in their house were running
she should have her tank pumped regularly, her response was succinct: for 30 days.
Limberg learned her aerator was nonfunctioning and to make matters SPREADING THE WORD
worse, the filter was jammed (Filters need regular cleaning, right?) Gross. When she started working in the Division of Building Code Enforce-
Who knew? No one said anything about this when we bought the house. ment, May quickly noticed an education gap among septic system users,
Is everybody else up on their septic tanks? Realtors, and even the professional engineers who were designing systems.
You know the answer to that question: No way. Wish they were. She meets with people having systems installed at new homes and finds
This is just another random story showing the dire need for consumer out if theyve ever lived off the public sewer grid. She patiently explains how
education about the need for regular pumping their water-use habits will have to change moving off the sewer. She gives
and septic system maintenance in general. them the checklist and suggests they follow all of the recommendations.
Once you get a feel for (whos used a septic system before) you know
THE WASTEWATER GURU which ones you have to work with then I go to town, she says. She sends
The writer turned to her countys formi- them the tips list, a soil report to keep on file, and provides lists of licensed
dable, all-knowing wastewater guru, Sandy installers and pumpers when thats requested.
May. For 25 years, May has served as wastewa- As someone who can design systems in suitable soils and has learned
ter system inspection specialist for St. Charles the lay of the land in her part of Missouri, she focuses on working closely
County, Missouri, where she oversees 7,000 on- with engineers on all of the practical issues learned over the years working
site systems. May quickly shared a list of 12 tips with installers and pumpers on the front line of maintenance. Mays father
to avoid septic system failure, including pump and son are both engineers and she respects the profession, but she also
your tank every two to three years and every says its unfortunate there is no statewide training about onsite work for en-
year if you have an alternative-type system. gineers.
Problem solved. Sandy May A lot of times theyre not going to the site, she says in regard to a bur-
This is where my idea comes in. We as the geoning business in new systems of late. They draw stuff so pretty, it looks
industry should give an award every year to a so nice on paper. Then when they get out there its different. The ground
strong advocate for better public education about septic system care. We doesnt lay like they show it on the plan. Theyre designing at their desk. If
need to recognize those hardworking folks who act as a conduit between the theyd have gone out there, theyd see that.
uninformed homeowner and the professional pumper; the people who rec- And Realtors get special attention as well. May organizes septic semi-
ognize when a consumer is lacking the basic knowledge about their septic nars for real estate agents 10-15 times per year, attended by 20 to 80 people
system and sets them on the right path. each. She says 90 percent of the Realtors are concerned about the septic sys-
And I would nominate Sandy May as the first honoree. tems, while others dont care. Theyre just going to sell. While her coun-
I cant imagine how many homeowners May has helped in her inspec- ty code doesnt mandate pumping or real estate inspections, shes always
tion career. And every time she educates a homeowner, a system designer, pushing to improve oversight.
an engineer or a Realtor, shes helping the pumpers in her region. May rec- (continued)

10 Pumper March 2017


2011 Peterbilt 367 Call for 2008 Peterbilt 367 Call for
2011 Peterbilt Call for 4800 Gal., 500 h.p., Cat C15, 4000 Gal., 480 h.p.,
4800 Gal., 18 spd., Loaded price 200K Miles, 18 spd. price Cummins ISX, 10 spd. price

2006 International 2007 GMC 2006 International 8600

4100 Gal., 607 NVE, $77,000 Duramax Turbo Diesel, Auto, AC, $53,000 4000 Gal.,
480 h.p., Cummins ISX New 2000 Gal., 347 CFM Pump

2006 International 2007 International 8600

Full Dump Tank Call for New 5000 Gal., Cummins ISM, $85,000
Call for information! price 400 h.p., 10 spd., Low Miles

BUY FACTORY DIRECT 2 year/100K mile warranty on engine, transmission

and rear end for Class 6 and Class 7 vehicles.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. 1 year/100K mile warranty included on engines for class 8 vehicles.
May remembers giving her pitch to a woman building a new home in
the early 1990s shortly after she started working for the county. She caught
up with the homeowner recently as she was selling the same house. There
were no problems with her onsite system after all the years.
She did everything I told her, and when it came time to sell that house,
it passed a septic inspection, didnt need the tank pumped, the aerator re-
placed or the filter cleaned. She told me,
Since I did everything you told me to do, Ive
They wait until it never had a problem with the system.
breaks and then they Another homeowner recently called
start pointing fingers May out to thank her for being a straight
shooter and an honest evaluator. He told
at everybody and me, Youre not the good old boy trying to
Sandy May everybody is at fault get into someones pocket. Youre out to help
inspects a work
but them Then me. After all these years, that made me feel
site in Charles
County, Missouri. pretty good.
you ask if they knew
three toilets in their DOING GOOD WORK
Id like to get into the real estate agents pockets, and then theyd de- house were running Quietly going about her business, May is
cide real estate inspections are a good idea, she concludes. making a difference for the pumpers in her
for 30 days. county. Homeowner by homeowner, shes
GLIMMER OF HOPE working to prevent premature system fail-
Sandy May
Theres good and bad when youre pushing education, May says. ure and show the value of calling a pumping
The idea is to get people interested and involved in maintaining their professional for routine service. Without her
systems, May says. I think we dont do enough training. I try to call on efforts, there would be more blame thrown to wastewater contractors and
homeowners, discuss systems on the front end and explain as much as I can. doubts about the effectiveness of decentralized wastewater in general. For
But people, once they flush, it goes bye-bye and they dont care. that we owe her and others like her a debt of gratitude.
Well, thats not entirely true, May admits. She had a recent experience So what should the wastewater educators award be? How about a
that gives her hope. plaque with a golden vacuum truck?

Complete Details At
Your Equipment SUPERSTORE Since 1995 3811 Old Tasso Rd. Cleveland, TN 37312
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12 Pumper March 2017

Sets Up With One Person In 10 Minutes
One person can easily set-up or easily into place. Add the three
take down our ADA+2 trailer in 10 railings and the ADA+2 is ready to
minutes! Three electric, remote go! Thats ADASimplified! Which
controlled jacks lift and lower the means you can manage your
trailer quickly into position and the events with fewer people and still
two-piece aluminum ramp snaps offer exceptional service.

Versatility and
Quick set up is important, but the exterior surfaces resists moisture,
best feature of the ADA+2 trailer which can easily result in expensive
are the two full sized unisex repairs and lingering odors.
bathrooms in addition to the For more information about the
comfortable ADA bathroom. Event ADA+2 or other trailers, please
organizers will love the option of
call your Area Manager or
having both in one trailer.
574-350-2150 for additional
As for quality, all Satellite Suites assistance.
trailers, a non-wood structure
covered with seamless interior and
Visit the site daily for new, exclusive content. Read our blogs,
find resources and get the most out of Pumper magazine.

We are disappointed our logo

is being taped over, as we are very
proud of the Dons Johns name.
Providing Service for High-Profile Events


can you afford

a truck?
With everyone relying
on you to make the right
choices for the business,
BIGGER TANKS get behind big decisions like buying
a truck can feel stressful.
the wheel
To add to that frustration,
Brad LaVoy, owner of Brads financing is shrouded by
Septic & Sewer Service of misconceptions. To make

productivity Temperance, Mich., knew

exactly what he wanted when
your decision a little easier,
take a look at the most
he ordered his new 2016 common equipment
For the first five years after he purchased
International 7500 vacuum financing myths.
McNel Septic, Shawn Carlton relied on a truck. After driving used rigs
1995 International truck with a 2,300-gallon for more than 20 years, he says
tank. It was a reliable vacuum rig, but he had the difference is significant.
Read his story in this months
visions of bigger things. That dream became
Classy Conversation, a
a reality this year when he took delivery of a companion piece to Pumpers
2016 Kenworth T880 with a 4,000-gallon steel Classy Trucks.
tank outfitted by Erickson Tank & Pump and
increased his productivity as a result. TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS

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A company is only as good as its team. Knowing how to do good
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pumping work is one thing, but it isnt always easy to convey those
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newsletters and alerts. Get exclusive content methods to your employees. With a good training framework, you
delivered right to your inbox, and stay in the or Twitter at
loop on topics important to you!
can teach your best leaders to train others, helping everyone become
proficient as quickly as possible.

14 Pumper March 2017

P.O. Box 1107 - 135 E Mile Road - Kalkaska, MI 49646
p: 231.258.4870 - f: 231.258.2019 -

800.952.1537 - WWW.MARSHIND.COM
Vacuum Septic Units

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16 Pumper March 2017
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Hoot Systems, working today to protect tomorrows environment.

In the aftermath of the fire at Clean
COVER Delaware, you can see this truck, barely
STORY recognizable, with its burned out cab and
melted vacuum tank.

Clean Delaware returns stronger

than ever after a devastating
fire takes out its vacuum trucks,
restroom inventory and facilities
By Peter Kenter

erry Desmond recalls exactly where he left a shipment of de-
cals designated for portable restrooms the night of a fire that
ravaged the premises of Clean Delaware in Milton, Delaware.
Wed received enough decals to cover 100 portable restrooms, Clean Delaware Inc.
says Desmond, the companys general manager. I left them on the
Milton, Delaware
seat of one of the trucks Thursday night. Thats the last time I saw the
shop before it was destroyed. GENERAL MANAGER: Gerry Desmond
Desmond believes the fire started shortly after 6 a.m. on Jan. 9, FOUNDED: 1984 Delaware
2015. One of my employees who lives nearby called me to say that
there was a fire, he says. On the way over I heard a giant whuff and EMPLOYEES: 30
saw a fireball 200 feet tall that was the propane tank exploding. SERVICE AREA: Sussex and Kent counties
Nine fire companies battled the blaze and brought it under con- SERVICES: Septic pumping, installation,
trol by 9:30 a.m. The fire had consumed the entire shop, 11 vacuum repair and inspection; restaurant grease trap service,
trucks parked inside and 175 portable restrooms located around the industrial and municipal pumping; portable sanitation
propane tank. Also gone: pumps, timers, controls, fittings and other
AFFILIATIONS: Portable Sanitation Association International,
inventory. The companys onsite wastewater treatment plant was
National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association,
also significantly damaged.
(continued) Delaware Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

The crew of Clean Delaware gathers at the company WEBSITE:

headquarters for a photo. Its trucks and treatment plant
were replaced after a devastating fire in January 2015.
(Photos by Doug Curran)
In Business Since 1959

Portable Toilets | Holding Tanks | Hand Wash Units | Accessories

TJ Shorty

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The TSF Company Inc.

2930 S St. Phillips Rd. | Evansville, IN 47712
Toll Free:1-800-843-9286 | 812-985-2630 | Fax: 812-985-3671
E-mail: | Website:
Sink Lifting Bracket
After the fire, all that was left of a Kenworth truck with a 5,000-gal- Desmonds two immediate priorities in the aftermath of the devasta-
lon aluminum tank was an engine block and frame not even a steering tion: keeping his workers busy and servicing as many customers as possible.
wheel, Desmond recalls. Some of the guys tried to recover their favorite While the local office was destroyed, the companys head office is located
hooks from the ashes, but few succeeded. offsite and provided continuity.
The folks at Clean Delaware made a decision to survive that day. A lot of our crew has been with us 10 years or more, says Desmond.
Launched in 1984, the business has prospered serving Sussex and Kent There were more than a few tears
counties, and now employs 30 people. The company divides its time be- as they wondered if they had jobs
tween three primary pursuits: to go back to. We immediately be- There
Commercial and municipal pumping represents 60 percent of busi- gan to find things for them to do, were more
ness. Clients include agricultural operations and food processing plants,
breweries and municipalities requiring removal of biosolids and treated
like taking stock of surviving equip-
than a few tears
sludge. Only two vacuum trucks as (employees)
Septic tank pumping, installation and repair represents 25 percent of parked away from the shop sur- wondered if they
the work. About half the installations are advanced treatment systems with
associated operations and maintenance contracts required by state law.
vived: a 2007 Kenworth T800 pull-
ing a 7,000-gallon aluminum tank
had jobs to go back
Portable sanitation service for 800 restrooms represents the remain- trailer by Polar with a Masport to. We immediately
der of the work. pump, and a 1991 Freightliner began to find
Clean Delaware was first profiled in Pumper 10 years ago as a pumping
company celebrating its 25th anniversary. The magazine returned to check
FLD120 pulling a 5,500-gallon
stainless steel tank trailer from
things for them
out how a small business comes back after a devastating fire. Presvac Systems. to do, like taking
That was good news because stock of surviving
we still had some pumping capac-
ity, says Desmond. The bad news
was that its not easy to drive a trac- GERRY DESMOND
tor trailer to a customers house
to pump their septic system. But the most important thing was to keep our
people working.
Desmond secured an office trailer and ordered electrical and telephone
hookups and a new coffee machine.

Above: Technician Chad

Jones cleans debris from
the tank of a 2014 Kenworth
with a 4,200-gallon Presvac
tank with NVE blower pump.

Right: Chad Jones, left, and

Joey Everitt open the rear
hatch of the Kenworth. This
truck was ordered before
a fire that destroyed Clean
Delawares fleet and was
delivered afterward.

20 Pumper March 2017

Portable Toilet Pump Truck
Restroom, Shower & Sink Trailer Rentals
Superior Logistics Is Ready To Assist You In Your Short Term Or Long Term Rental Needs.

Late Model Pump Trucks Ready for Immediate Delivery.

~ We have a well maintained fleet of pump trucks ~ Automatic Transmissions and Air Brakes.
that are under CDL requirements. ~ Tank sizes range slightly but most are
~ Most have dual side service. Wash down pumps. approximately 1100 waste/400 fresh.

Your Customers Need Trailers, Why Say No, Rent Them Wholesale From Us!

Late Model Restroom, Shower & Sink Room Trailers for Immediate Delivery.
~ We have a well maintained fleet of Trailers in a Variety of Sizes and Configurations, over 40 available.

We offer weekly, monthly

or rent-to-own
1 800.475.0049
We can assist with
Delivery and pick up. Since 1979 March 2017 21
A local news outlet reported that the operation had closed for good. 4,200-gallon capacity, the replacement fleet initially averaged closer to 2,000
Clean Delaware called regular customers to assure them that the company gallons, requiring the crew to drive longer hours to cover the same ground.
was indeed open for business that day and for the long haul. We had a brutally cold winter, so with pumpers parked outside instead
of inside, we were dealing with frozen valves and lines, says Desmond. Ev-
TO THE RESCUE erything took longer. It was a perfect storm of bad events.
Desmond set to work finding additional service trucks to rent, purchase The cause of the fire was never determined. However, a replacement
or borrow. Friends and competitors provided assistance for all three, often 60- by 90-foot building was erected by November. Insurance fully covered
spontaneously. the replacement costs of the building, although vehicles were compensated
One competitor offered to run some of our restroom routes for us, says at depreciated value, requiring Clean Delaware to commit additional capital
Desmond. RPJ Waste Services had a portable restroom service truck that to replace vehicles. While major inventory over $2,000 was covered for in-
they had recently taken off the road, an Isuzu with a 900-gallon combined surance purposes, Desmond notes that replacing smaller tools remains an
capacity tank. They serviced it to get it roadworthy and told us it was ours ongoing effort.
as long as we wanted it. Eastern Lift Truck Company off-loaded a forklift in Not a week goes by without someone asking where they can find the
Technician Tim told
our yard and Martin
usservices Five Peaks
it was ours as long as we needed it. We received a lot of doohickey machine, he says.
restrooms and PolyJohn Enterprises
unsolicited kindness. Today, the fleet is fully built out. The companys six commercial vacuum
hand-wash stations at an apple orchard.
trucks include three Internationals a 2001 8100 with a 3,300-gallon steel
tank and Jurop/Chandler pump; a 2003 4900 with a 3,600-gallon Progress
Turning a profit with restrooms aluminum tank and Wittig pump (Gardner Denver); and a 2013 7600 with
4,800-gallon Progress aluminum tank and Masport pump. The remain-
Clean Delaware operates a thriving portable restroom business. ing trucks all have pumps by National Vacuum
The company fields almost 800 units: 500 K2s from Five Peaks, and 250 Equipment: a 1999 Sterling with 3,400-gallon Eric Luciano checks
out a control panel
Fleets and 30 Comfort XL from PolyJohn Enterprises. Theyre primarily deliv- steel tank; a 2014 Kenworth T440 with 4,200-gal- for the companys
ered on a 12-unit trailer from Liquid Waste Industries. Two event trailers are lon Presvac aluminum tank; a 2014 Freightliner Lakeside Raptor septage
from Black Tie Products two-stall units, one ADA compliant. Deodorants are acceptance plant.
from Walex.
Construction provides the bulk of our contracts, says Gerry Desmond,
general manager. Weve got a nice construction boom going in Delaware.
The company once sought out contracts to service the largest events in the
state, including the Punkin Chunkin World Championship, a pumpkin-throwing
event held in Millsboro, which drew almost 50,000 people and required 200
We found that on larger events like these, we were seeing damage to
our units portables with burn marks, tipped over and run over by trucks,
says Desmond. After crunching the numbers, and discounting repairs and
maintenance, we realized that we werent netting enough money from these
events. We decided we would be better off focusing on smaller, controlled
events and supplying nicer units. Today, we love doing events like farm fes-
tivals or road races where we can put out fewer but nicer units, maybe 20
to 40 with sinks and freshwater supplied with foot-activated pumps. For us,
thats the sweet spot.

A Kenworth T-800
Vacuum Sales in Lindenwold, New Jersey, running in tandem with a
also rushed a trade-in truck off the lot, which 7,000-gallon Polar tanker
was ready to use by Friday evening. is used to haul yeast
We called our operator network to find byproducts from a brewery
in Milton, Delaware.
out if there were any new pumpers available,
says Desmond. Lanes Mobile John in Ken-
tucky had three Dodge 5500s coming off the line. Generally nobody sells you
a truck without a two- to three-month lead time, but we flew three guys out
to Kentucky and they drove them back.
The company had also been interested in buying the assets of another
pumping company the deal was closed in a day. Desmond recalls paint-
ing the company logo onto that truck.
That really boosted morale, he says. We had our identity back.


While Clean Delawares pumper fleet featured tanks with an average

22 Pumper March 2017 Since 1979 March 2017 23
Two dump trucks are used
in septic tank installations: a 2006
Before the
Kenworth with Morgan dump fire, we had
body and a 2000 Sterling. Four tried to move the
excavators include two Kubotas,
a Volvo and a Takeuchi.
truck fleet toward a
single manufacturer
BACK ON OUR FEET because we thought
Before the fire, we had tried
to move the truck fleet toward a
that it might be
single manufacturer because we easier. We now
thought that it might be easier have a menagerie of
for in-house maintenance and
stocking replacement parts, says
trucks from a range
Desmond. We now have a me- of manufacturers and
M2 106 with 4,000-gallon Amthor International Dan Cleary performs
a residential septic
nagerie of trucks from a range of I can honestly say
aluminum tank; and a 2015 Western Star 4700 with
4,000-gallon aluminum Amthor tank.
system inspection.
manufacturers and I can honestly
say that it doesnt appear to make
that it doesnt appear
A Lakeside Raptor septage acceptance plant assists in processing waste much of a difference. to make much of a
for the companys on-site waste processing facility. He notes that the company difference.
The portable sanitation fleet includes five trucks, all with Masport may have lost five or six portable
pumps: three Dodge 550s with 950-gallon waste/300-gallon freshwater restroom contracts in the first GERRY DESMOND
tanks, two steel and one aluminum, from Lanes Vacuum Tank; and two Isu- weeks following the fire.
zu NRR trucks from Crescent Tank with 750-gallon waste/350-gallon fresh- Ironically, the publicity resulting from the fire probably made up the
water steel tanks that carry six portable restrooms. business with new customers, says Desmond. While I wouldnt wish a fire
Of five shop trucks, four have utility bodies two 2013 Ford F-450s with on anyone, it helped us to focus on defining and rebuilding the core of our
lifts and two 2016 Chevy 3500s. The fifth is a 1996 Chevy 3500 flatbed with business. Almost two years after the fire, were in a better position than be-
stake body that can carry six portable restrooms. fore the fire. Were a more focused and efficient company.

Amthor International Liquid Waste Industries, Inc.
800/328-6633 877/445-5511
Black Tie Products, LLC Masport, Inc.
877/253-3533 800/228-4510
(See ad page 3)
Crescent Tank Mfg.
585/657-4104 National Vacuum Equipment, Inc.
(802) 728-9170 (800) 210-2361 Five Peaks (See ad page 7)
866/293-1502 Polar Tank Trailer, LLC
THE LEADER IN LIQUID WASTE RECYCLING (See ad page 49) 800/826-6589
We dont just sell equipment, we also provide support Gardner Denver Inc.
PolyJohn Enterprises, Inc.
866/376-8181 800/292-1305
Isuzu Commercial Truck (See ad page 103)
of America, Inc.
877/478-9828 Presvac Systems 800/387-7763
Jurop/Chandler (See ad page 104)
800/342-0887 Progress Tank
NT-2500D Dewatering Box NT-8000E Dewatering Box Lakeside Equipment Corporation
NT-Thickening Reactor Walex Products Company
Dewatering Equipment Sales and Leasing Lanes Vacuum Tank, Inc.
800/592-3308 (See ad page 33)
Grease Dewatering Sludge Dewatering Dewatering Training
Septage Dewatering Project Consulting & Engineering Polymers
(See ad page 78)

24 Pumper March 2017

Get out and go, spring into service this year with a new pumper
Big or small, we do it all.

2017 Ford F500

6.7 L Diesel
1200 Gallon Restroom Tank 900/300
NVE 304 210 CFM Burks DC Washdown System
Fold Down Toilet Carrier
450 Gallon Slide-In
Electric start 5.5 HP Honda
Cond Super 6 Vacuum and Pressure
Flo Jet Water Pump
2" Bucket Fill,
Add Rear Engine Cover/Hose Hanger
Get closer to the hose
without climbing over
the side of truck,
helps protect against 950 Gallon
the harshest elements
8,395 650/350, 115 CFM, Electric Start,
9 HP Honda, Fits a 10' Flatbed


Contact us today and

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P0317 866.789.9440

Wee Engineer
decrease fatigue on your tank frame,
mounts to most tanks, easy bolt or weld-on
style, heavy-duty stress relieved springs.
Mounts with springs..$82.00
Springs alone ...........$11.00 ea.

Preventing your valves from freezing will
help your profits during the winter months.
1.5-2" ..... $110 4" ........... $198
3" ........... $165 6" ........... $297
Installation kit and 110 volt heater kit available

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26 Pumper March 2017

This pump has
outlasted a truck &
3 of its drivers.

The above Fruitland Manufacturing RCF 500 pump was mounted on a previous truck in 1993.
Almost a quarter century, two trucks and four drivers later, this workhorse is still going strong
pumping about 3.8 million gallons of liquid waste each year. At Fruitland Manufacturing were
redefining reliability and outlasting the competition. Just give us a call to learn what we can do for you.

Elim FB2000 Blower Package
US Includes FB2000 Blower
Washable Filter
External Oil Filling Ports
External Oil Level Gauges
Hydraulic or Belt Drive
6 Connections
324 Leaside Avenue Vacuum and Pressure Gauges
Stoney Creek, ON Canada L8E 2N7 Low Noise
Tel: 905-662-6552 / TF: 1-800-663-9003
Low Cost
Fax: 905-662-5412
Strong Noise Absorption Enclosure Call to locate your nearest dealer

This company was started 27 years ago under a different name. We had one goal in mind: produce a
better portable restroom. Create a restroom so no matter where you are on this earth, it flushes clean
water 24/7 with no sight or odor of the waste. Most of all make it JUST LIKE HOME.

We wanted to target the construction industry and the special events where a CHEMICAL portable
restroom is not accepted by all users.
THE VIP BEST 1 features the following: ___________________________________________________
1. A solar panel unit that will recharge the battery but weve been told these have been the most sold 16. We offer an 80 watt solar panel; it produces
to power the 12-volt water pump that provides over time. almost 4.35 amps per hour in peak sun. Frequency
flushing abilities 24/7 to the RV porcelain bowl. 11a. Because of that, we have adopted these three of use to restoration will determine the size of
No matter where you are on this earth, you can models for our retrofit kit. Vendors who own battery wattage needed.
adjust the tilt of the panel to capture the sun. one of these great portable restroom shells The solar panel bracket is also mounted on the
2. An odor exhaust fan to remove odors. will not need to purchase another model. The back wall of the unit. It is reinforced by two
existing model will fit on our retrofit tank, solar aluminum 1/8" straps inside and outside.
3. The water and waste tanks hold about 43 gallons of The existing walls are about 1/8 thick and not
panel roof top, and fan adapter.
water and 68 gallons of waste. enough to support the panel and adjuster alone.
The idea is to use your existing models and reduce
Note: Frequency of pumping will depend on volume, etc. the cost of another purchase of walls, doors, and 17. We have developed a patent pending towable
4. We use non-potable water so as not to waste roof tops, while still owning a restroom with a dolly system attachable to the base of the unit;
drinking water. solar panel feature. Use older models for con- it is available as an option. Used only for
struction. Save your profits. hard top surfaces.
5. An RV bowl that requires only 16 ounces per flush
or half full, to carry the solids through the neck 12. These units are not air conditioned. 18. We were issued a utility patent pending by the
of the bowl. Theyre designed as an inbetween of the U.S. Patent Office for copyright protection.
high-end air conditioned units and chemical
6. Chemical deodorizers are not needed How much can you earn renting out a
portable restrooms.
to control odors. VIP BEST 1?
13. The industry standard of the chemical portable
7. A pressure plate switch below the polyethylene floor We think you can increase your profits using a quality
restroom is over 45 years old.
mat, allowing the lights and fan to turn on and off product. We charge more than others and still receive
upon entry and exit. 13a. The cost to purchase a chemical portable orders because of that quality. This is a step up from
restroom is about $450-$1,200. the smelly toilets.
8. An electric 12-volt water pump creates a washdown Cost to purchase a single air conditioned unit is
feature so anyone having a fecal accident can clean Available air-conditioned units cost up to $5,000
about $3,900 to $5,000. Nice units.
the unit without the help of others. whereas chemical portable toilets run as low as $450.
You can clean the interior first, then refill the water 14. Construction of our retrofit kit. The reason is the cost to produce and the quality. As
tank. Theres no need to move the pump truck or drag We have designed the water, waste tanks and skid the saying goes, Cheap is never good and good is
a hose around or between the units. to be about 200 pounds of polyethylene material, never cheap.
70 pounds for the water and waste tanks, and
9. The water fill, battery box and waste tank openings We charge $85/$95 per week with twice a week service.
60 pounds for the skid that holds the two tanks
are all in the rear of the unit, so attendees can still Thats $4,420/$4,940 over the year. Charging weekly
together. After adding the shell and bowl and fan
use it while its being cleaned. Without having to allows us to offer a small discount for larger orders.
adapter and solar panel system the unit will be
get equipment in and out of doors, you can clean it heavy. A chemical restroom weighs about 100 to We do charge a onetime service fee to prep, deliver,
faster than a chemical portable restroom. 175 pounds. and clean the unit upon pickup. The farther we travel
10. The Sure Seal odorless waste tank design is like a from our base yard, the more we charge per unit in
14a. We created on the tanks side a set of forklift
P-trap in your home. No chemical deodorizers are order to pay for the operational cost.
ports for easier placement and removal/loading
needed, so profits are saved. onto the truck with a forklift. You can load it full What are you making now for your hard work? Com-
The unit vent pipe above to the rear will exhaust of 43 gallons of water for delivery to an event. pare your current results with the fees on our rentals.
the fecal odor gases. The size of the VIP Best 1 unit is about 48" x 72" Start off slow with us and make a determination to
11. The invention of plastic produced three great long. Four can fit atop the typical truck bed. change if it works.
products in the early 1970s, the models of Poly- 15. We made an adapter to recess into the roof Who wants a smelly toilet, raise your little pinky?
Portables, PolyJohn and Tufway. Other portable and hold the exhaust fan to remove odors.
restroom products have since come to market, The side vents must be sealed to work properly. Thanks For
Visiting Us
Please share your thoughts by emailing us at THEVIPBEST1@GMAIL.COM
Please share your contact information and email address. We are looking at this as a part of our market study. Your comments will definitely help and be appreciated.

Todays portable chemical restrooms are not able do what THE VIP BEST 1 can do.
Thank you all,
Jeff Haden
Jeff Haden is a
contributing editor for and a LinkedIn

Watch out for These

Nasty Employee Behaviors
Backstabbing, shirking responsibilities and planting seeds of distrust should get
these nightmare workers the pink slip By Jeff Haden

t isnt the truly terrible employees who cause the real problems. Whether
clearly incompetent or unbelievably lazy, theyre easy to spot. With these Nothing important is ever accomplished alone,
workers, you quickly identify the problem then let the person go and
move on.
even if some people love to act like it. A good
The real problems are caused by employees who appear to be doing a employee and good team player shares the glory.
satisfactory job but meanwhile act like what a friend once called an insidi-
ous cancer, slowly destroying other employees performance, attitude and
morale and with them, your business.
Here are eight destructive qualities of employees you absolutely must late into better skills, better performance and greater achievement is worth-
address or, worst case, need to let go: less. For example, a colleague once said to younger supervisors, My role is
to be a resource. Great, but then he sat in his office all day waiting for us to
1. They lead the meeting after the meeting come by so he could dispense his pearls of wisdom. Of course, none of us
You have a meeting. Issues are raised. Concerns are shared. Decisions did stop by. We were all busy thinking, I respect your experience, but I wish
are made. Everyone in attendance fully supports those decisions. Then your role was to do your job.
someone holds the meeting after the meeting. Now she talks about issues
she didnt share earlier with the group. Now he disagrees with the decisions 5. They love gossip
made. And now, what was going to happen never will. Waiting until after a Before a meeting, some of us were talking about supervisors in another
meeting to say, Im not going to support that, is like saying, Ill agree to department when our new boss looked up and said, Stop. From now on
anything, but that doesnt mean Ill actually do it. Ill even work against it. we will never say anything bad about anyone unless they are actually in the
room. Period. Until then, I never thought of gossip as a part of a companys
2. They say, Thats not my job culture gossip just was. We all did it. And it sucked especially because
The smaller the company, the more important it is that employees being the focus of gossip sucked.
think on their feet, adapt quickly to shifting priorities, and do whatever it Employees who create a culture of gossip waste time better spent on
takes to get things done. Even if that means a manager has to help load a productive conversations. They also cause other people to respect their co-
truck or the office staff has to perform a task in the shop. Any task an em- workers a little less. And anything that diminishes the dignity or respect of
ployee is asked to do as long as it isnt unethical, immoral or illegal, and any employee should never be tolerated.
its below his or her current position is a task an employee should be will-
ing to do. Its not my job, says, I care only about me. That attitude quickly 6. They use peer pressure to hold others back
turns a cohesive team into a dysfunctional group of individuals. The new employee works hard. Shes hitting targets and exceeding ex-
pectations. And she eventually hears, from a more experienced employee,
3. They act as if theyve already paid their dues Youre working too hard and making the rest of us look bad. A great em-
An employee did great things last year, last month, or even yesterday. ployee doesnt compare herself with others she compares herself with
Youre appreciative. Youre grateful. But today is a new day. Dues arent herself. She wants to win that comparison by improving and doing better
paid. Dues get paid. The only real measure of any employees value is the today than she did yesterday.
tangible contribution he or she makes on a daily basis. Saying, Ive paid Poor employees dont want to do more; they want others to do less.
my dues, is like saying, I no longer need to work as hard. And before you They dont want to win. They just want others to make sure they dont lose.
know it, other employees start to feel theyve earned the right to coast, too. Saying, Youre working too hard, is like saying, No one should work hard,
because I dont want to work hard. And pretty soon very few people do
4. They think experience is a tangible commodity and the ones who keep trying get shunned for a quality you need every
Experience is definitely important, but experience that doesnt trans- employee to possess.

30 Pumper March 2017

RomoTech is a
custom molder.
See us for your THANKS
new project. VISITING
Lids for Risers
Water Tanks

Long lasting durability

On-site installation exibility
Custom logo option
15", 18" and 24"
sizes designed
to t standard Your Logo
riser pipes Here! 8 - 525 gallons.
1/4" closed cell
gasket seals tight
Request a quote
Ships with 2" Stainless Steel Fasteners for special sizes.

7. They rush to grab the glory ...

OK, maybe he did do nearly all the work. Maybe he did overcome al-
most every obstacle. Maybe without him, that high-performance team
would have been anything but. But probably not. Nothing important is ever
accomplished alone, even if some people love to act like it.
A good employee and good team player shares the glory. He credits
others. He praises. He appreciates. He lets others shine. Thats especially
true for an employee in a leadership position. He celebrates the accom-
plishments of others secure in the knowledge that their success reflects well
on him, too.
Saying, I did all the work, or It was all my idea, is like saying, The
world revolves around me, and I need everyone to know it. And even if
other people dont adopt the same philosophy, they resent having to fight
for recognition that is rightfully theirs.

8. ... And they rush to throw others under the bus.

A vendor complains. A customer feels shortchanged. A co-worker gets
mad. No matter what has happened, its someone elses fault. Sometimes,
whatever the issue and regardless of who is actually at fault, some people
step in and take the hit. They willingly accept the criticism or abuse, be-
cause they know they can handle it. Few acts are more selfless than taking
the undeserved hit. And few acts better cement a relationship. Few acts are
more selfish than saying, It wasnt me. At the best companies, everyone is
in it together. Anyone who isnt needs to go. Since 1979 March 2017 31

Economical Dewatering Polymer
Grease Traps Septic Tanks Municipal & Industrial Wastewater

Expert technical Affordable shipping and
sales staff & efficient customer service

Serving customers for 39 years

32 Pumper March 2017 V

Performance Products for Performance Needs

Walex is committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality products by THANKS
creating positive experiences for every customer, everyday. VISITING

Visit Us: Email Us: Call Us: 800-338-3155 . 910-371-2242
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1/4" Thick Steel Primary Shutoff
Pipe Reinforced Baffles
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Flanged & Dished Heads
21" Top & Rear Hatches M BATTIONI Information
Full Length Under Carriage on Bottom of Tank M CHALLENGER Or Prices
M JUROP On Tanks,
2100 gal ..... $5800 3360 gal ..... $8140
2500 gal ..... $6740 3570 gal ..... $9000 M MASPORT Pumps And
3000 gal ..... $7575 4000 gal ..... $9920 M MORO All Parts
Pump Rebuild Kits In Stock
Sight Glasses, Valves & Couplings Secondary Shutoffs

21" & 36" Manways

12" Primary Shutoffs


34 Pumper March 2017


Contact: Since 1979 March 2017 35

RULES & REGS Rules and Regs is a monthly feature in Pumper.
We welcome information about state or local
regulations of potential broad interest to onsite
contractors. Send ideas to

Florida Recommends Bypassing Water Softener

Discharge Away from Onsite Systems
By Doug Day

n a memo to county health departments, the Florida Bureau of Envi- enhanced nutrient removal has been required across the state since 2012,
ronmental Health Onsite Sewage Program said it is now recommending adding around $10,000 to the cost of building a new home. Gov. Larry Ho-
that brine waste from water softeners not be discharged into an onsite gan announced the rollback of the regulations by the Department of En-
wastewater system. This is a reversal of a position first taken in 2003, based vironment last fall. BAT is still required in critical areas, defined as within
on further research since then. 1,000 feet of tidal water. Such systems also require a service agreement for
The memo states, While more recent studies indicate that an effi- operations and regular maintenance. Local governments can still require
ciently run water softener should not impair the OSTDS (onsite sewage BAT outside of critical areas.
treatment and disposal systems) and may enhance treatment, these appear Proponents of the BAT requirement say it helps protect water qual-
to be the best-case scenarios. In worst-case scenarios, this practice results ity in the sensitive Chesapeake Bay, while opponents have said it harms
in the discharge of excessive amounts of salt and/or volume of backwash economic development in the state. According to the DEQ, there are about
water into the system, which can affect the ability of the contents of the sep- 420,000 septic systems in Maryland, with 52,000 in critical areas. The Bay
tic tank to properly settle, leading to increased solids bypassing the outlet Restoration Fund Onsite Sewer Disposal System grant program has up-
filter and improper formation of the scum layer, as well as hydraulic over- graded more than 8,000 septic systems to include technology that removes
load of the system. It is also known that the soil structure of fine-textured nitrogen from the effluent.
soils can be affected by high sodium levels (decreasing) soil permeability,
which can result in drainage problems. It is also possible to have leaks in the New Jersey
water softener unit, which can result in the discharge of hundreds of gallons The New Jersey legislature may fight the proposed relaxing of rules
per day of excessive water. Any excessive water being discharged over a sus- governing the number of septic systems allowed in the Highlands region,
tained period will have an adverse effect on the OSTDS. stretching for 60 miles along the Atlantic Ocean that provides about 70 per-
The agency is recommending against the practice for the following cent of the states drinking water. The current standard is one individual
reasons: septic system for every 25 acres of non-forested areas and one for every
The volume from the water treatment system brine recharge has not 88 acres of forested land. The new density standard, announced in spring
been calculated into the estimated sewage flow, including using on- 2016, establishes three zones and would increase the number of allowed
demand versus timed-recharge functions septic systems by about 12 percent: developed communities (32,896 acres)
The effects of the volume and content of brine on an individual sys- one system per 11-acre lot; agricultural and woodlands (54,555 acres)
tem cannot be predetermined based on regulations one system per 12-acre lot; lands important to water quality protection
Accounting for lack of appropriate maintenance as well as ineffi- (327,449 acres) one septic system per 23 acres.
ciently operated water softeners is beyond the scope of the permit- The state Senate held a hearing to question state and federal officials
ting, use and maintenance of a septic tank system about the methods used to establish the new limits, and a bill has been
A proposal to charge a half-cent sales tax to clean up the Indian introduced in the Assembly to block the new rules.
River Lagoon passed easily in a November vote in Brevard, Florida. The
tax passed with 62.3 percent of the vote. It will provide $340 million over Rhode Island
10 years to clean the body of water, including removal of nitrogen and A referendum allowing a community septic system loan program in
phosphorus that have been feeding algae blooms over the last five years, North Kingstown Township passed with 67.4 percent approving (9,454
resulting in the deaths of manatees, dolphins, pelicans and other marine votes) and 32.5 percent against (4,554 votes). The referendum allows the
animals. About 66 percent of the money goes toward dredging muck and town to set aside $2 million for loans to residents and homeowners to up-
silt. Another $10.8 million will go toward stormwater projects, $9.4 million grade their septic systems to rid the town of cesspools. While new cess-
for sewer plant upgrades, and $41.7 million for septic system removal and pools have been banned since 1968, a 2015 law requires all of them to be
upgrades. disconnected within 12 months of the sale of a property.

New construction in Maryland will no longer be required to use the
Best Available Technology (BAT) for septic systems statewide. BAT with

36 Pumper March 2017


all Today For SavingS
Professionals in the Vacuum Tank & Trailer Industry
Contact: Jerry Blake, Toll Free: 866-720-4999 or: Amanda: 401-339-9992
P.O. Box 8136, Cranston, RI 02920
Cell: 401-688-0043
Amanda Hensarling
Baytown, TX
Cell: 401-339-9992

2017 567 Peterbilt

2017 Peterbilt 337 New 2017 Hino
International or Peterbilt 10-speed, 485 HP, tri-axle, aluminum wheels, 5,000 gal. tank,
300 HP, Allison auto, NVE 607 Pack, w/2500 gal. tank NVE 607
950 gal. aluminum, carrier rack IN STOCK NVE 866 Max package liquid cooled, all air, loaded
2800 gal. aluminum tank. IN STOCK

2010 MRU613 Mack

Self Contained Unit
148K Mi., PR200 vacuum pump,
600 gal. steel tank, 33.5 HP Kubota
350HP, Allison 4500, NVE SS valves,
diesel engine (choice of
5200 gal. aluminum tank.
IN STOCK pumps), 200 gal. poly tank,
Restroom Tanks Excellent condition.
4500 gal. aluminum tank 6 gpm 3,000 psi jetter.
Stainless steel and aluminum available in various
sizes and compartments. IN STOCK
Slide-In Units Trailers In
(2) 5,000 gal.
500-1,000 gals, 1 or 2 compart- Stock
aluminum tanks
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engine HP. Standard units Always
ready to mount our 8000 & 9000 Gal. Aluminum Tri-Axle Trailers,
2015 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special in Stock all light weight aluminum,
chassis or yours. Air ride suspension (tri-axle), pump platform, bright
17,000 miles, loaded $19,500 many available options.
finish, LED lights, Betts valves,SHINE
Products From

Pumps For Sale SHINE ON Products From
NVE 866 and 4307 Packages Available

Need Equipment? Contact Us We Can Get It. Conde


de r Pressu
Well Un

CromaFlow, Inc
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Hot and Cold Trailer Models
143 Lumber Lane Up to 7000 psi
Montoursville, PA 17754 Flows up to 40 gpm
Powered Reels
570-435-5550 Diesel Powered Models

Specializing in
manufacturing state
of the art wastewater Skid and truck mount
models up to 7000 psi
treatment systems
with proven technologies
that meet the Portable Hot
Thanks for
and Cold Water
most stringent Visiting
Diesel Powered Models
regulations. We will custom build to your specifications 800-648-5011
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We know
know thethe
ins and
and outs
of fluid
fluid transfer.

We understand the intricacies of your jobsite. That is why we developed Green Hornet XF Waste
We understand the intricacies of your jobsite. That is why we developed Green Hornet XF Waste
Management Hose and our multi-purpose Velocity Water Transfer Hose. The Green Hornet XF is a suction
Management Hose and our multi-purpose Velocity Water Transfer Hose. The Green Hornet XF is a suction
and discharge hose that is tough, lightweight and flexible. Requiring 45% less force to bend, it helps you get
and discharge hose that is tough, lightweight and flexible. Requiring 45% less force to bend, it helps you get
it where you need it. Velocity is a clear water transfer hose with a corrugated outer helix and synthetic braid
it where you need it. Velocity is a clear water transfer hose with a corrugated outer helix and synthetic braid
reinforcement that provides exceptional performance allowing you to see the water in motion. Demand your
reinforcement that provides exceptional performance allowing you to see the water in motion. Demand your
hose be tough and flexible enough to withstand any jobsite and light enough to go where you need it.
hose be tough and flexible enough to withstand any jobsite and light enough to go where you need it.
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No Other System Can Match Our GPM Capacity
STATION 40.5 sq. ft. of Screen Off-Loads At Up To 1000 GPM
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Easily Fits In Pickup for Transport Optional Two 4" Hoses - Offload 2 Trucks Simultaneously
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500 GPM Patented Dual Screen Design MAXI SCREEN
Portable Event Screening
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Features On Aluminum & Stainless Construction
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Mobile Septic Receiving Station All Screens - No Moving Parts Gravity Off-Load At 500 GPM
Clean Up Your Bolt On Universal NEW 4' Trash Extension Puts Trash Directly Into Dumpster
Land Application Site Trash Exit Optional Patz Conveyor To Move Trash to Dumpster
Never Hand Pick Trash Again Patented Dual Screen Design

TRIPOD Saves Back Injuries GRIT ELIMINATOR HANDLE-TECH Hose & Pipe Handles
Auto Brake Winch
LID & PUMP Only Weighs 28 lbs. Increased Productivity Authorized
LIFTER Heavy-duty Aluminum Reduces Fatigue & Injuries
Construction Removes Grit From Flow Stream GET A GRIP
Folds to Fit on Hose Deck Available In 4-5-6 ft Models Keeps Onsite Storage Grit Free 1.5 To 6" Sizes
Max Load 600 lbs. Lifts Stubborn Tapered Lids Available in 15-31.5 cu. ft. Grit Capacity Easy One Handed Clamp for Handling Hoses & Pipes

Convey one-way or
Geared motor, directly
two-way, straight-Line,
or up and down inclines. flanged to the pump AND AGITATORS
Smooth, textured and Pin joint sealed with Housing can be completely
cold temperature belting elastomeric boot drained
90 suction housing flange Low angularity connecting Mix while dewatering.
available. Agitate fast,
Choose from a wide rotation rod
Stator has gaskets Standard ANSI connections Move septic and grease transfer fast, load fast.
variety of conveyor interceptor waste with Handles sand grit and
lengths, widths, speeds Hardened steel, hard sized to ensure no dead
chrome plating rotor zones allowing complete ease from underground slurry type materials.
and load capacities. storage tanks. Pit depths of 3 - 12 ft.
Convey large volumes Enlarged suction housing drainage
PROVEN Rugged, dependable Works with above and 3333 Up to 500 GPM
of material to storage
PERFORMANCE equipment back by U/M
015- 045- 045- 065- 065-
below ground storage 4444 Up to 1580 GPM
facility or load into 300SD 600SD 620HD 900SD 920HD
In Ag Industry manufacturer written Great for transferring to 6000 & 8000 PTO Up to
transport vehicles. Flow Rate
for 68 Yrs warranty. (Water)
GPM 26 88 88 132 132
land application site. 3500 GPM.


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Oem guzzler Vactor Jetstream

Consumables and accessories
FLEET makes 800.822.8786
SCHEDULE A DEMO TODAY! Visit or call 815.672.3171 Since 1979 March 2017 41

Septic Service
Robins, Iowa
OWNER: Rick Miene
SERVICE AREA: 50- to 75-mile radius of
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

SERVICES: Septic pumping, repair, inspections
and installations; site development and excavation

Iowa pumper and installer Rick Miene
has fun collecting a wide variety of
earth-moving machines and finding
new ways to make money with them
By Betty Dageforde Rick Miene is shown at
home with a 2015 Ford

rowing up, Rick Miene always had a passion and a skill for F-550 work truck and a 2016
Mack carrying a Henderson
operating equipment while working for Miene Septic Service,
Products dump body.
the company his father started in 1973 in Robins, Iowa. But in (Photos by Scott Morgan)
1986, about the time he graduated from high school, Miene got to put
that interest in high gear when the company expanded into septic sys-
tem installations.
The first installs were done using a skid loader with a backhoe
attachment, but the equipment inventory quickly grew as the young
Miene saw more and more opportunities to meet customer needs.
Theyd need more skid loader work or grading work while we
were there doing a septic install, so we just started diversifying and
buying more, he recalls. Hes collected quite an arsenal of vehicles and
attachments over the years, and each one helped him solve problems,
suggest designs, or take on work outside the scope of septic systems.

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For a Complete Catalog and Pricing
Call 1-800-382-7009


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on Full Cartons!

Fits most commercially 4 Horizontal

Safety Screws Vertical Safety
available: Screws

IPEX PVC Ribbed Pipe
Corrugated Pipe



Tuf-Tite Riser
Concrete Keepers

Secured by 6 Vertical and 4 Horizontal Foamed-in Permanent Holds up to 70 lbs of Concrete Water-TITE Vertical and
Safety Screws. Screws Included. Polyurethane Gasket. for Added Safety. Joint Horizontal Safety

4 Effluent Filter and 4 T-Baffle 6 Effluent Filter and 6 T-Baffle

86 ft. of 1/16 filtration area. 244 ft. of 1/16 filtration area.
EF-4 Combo 18
Increases time EF-4 Combo Increases
between filter Includes Filter,
4 Effluent Filter EF-4 time between EF-6 Combo 6 Effluent Filter EF-6
Includes Filter,
cleaning. Housing and One-piece effluent filter fits in 4 filter cleaning. Housing and Bushing One-piece effluent filter fits
Sanitary Tee. in 6 T-Baffle.
4 Sch. 40 &
SDR-35 Injection molded PolyPro 4 Sch. 40 &
Injection molded PolyPro
Simple to install
Simple to install - Easy to clean
Easy to clean

4 Sanitary Inlet/Outlet T-Baffle

Injection molded T-Baffle. COMPONENT
6 Sanitary T-Baffle
COMPONENT ANSI/NSF Injection molded T-Baffle.
800 GPD
Injection molded T-Baffle Standard 46
ANSI/NSF COMPONENT Injection molded
ANSI/NSF Standard 46 Fits 4 Sch. 40 and SDR-35 pipe
Standard 46 1500 GPD
Standard 46
Simple to install ANSI/NSF TB-6 Housing Fits 4 Sch. 40 and SDR-35 pipe
Standard 46 Simple to install
TB-4-18 Housing May also be used as Inlet &
TB-4 Housing 12/carton
May also be used as Outlet Tee
Outlet Tee
with Solids Deflector
SD-4 Gas/Solids
Gas/Solids Deflector Deflector

Tuf-Tite, Inc. 1200 Flex Court, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 | 800-382-7009 2013 Tuf-Tite, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Right: The Miene Septic Service
crew is shown with one of the
company vacuum trucks, a Peterbilt
367 built out by Advance Pump
& Equipment with 4,200-gallon
aluminum tank and National
Vacuum Equipment blower. From
left to right are Joedy Hurtt, Dylan
Jacobs, Anthony Schmitz, Rick
Miene and Ray Heasty.

Below: Equipment operator Ray

Heasty uses a Bobcat excavator to
dig for a new septic tank at a home
in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

vehicles reflective detailing and strobe lights to make sure the guys can
be seen at all times. One truck has a back-up camera not foolproof, but a
nice tool to have, Miene says.
The office staff makes reminder calls to customers for maintenance.
Miene likes to have homeowners present during septic service, not only to
help flush toilets, but so technicians have an opportunity to educate users
about how their system works.
Hes concerned about clean
water and believes putting wa- Then we just
ter back into the ground is the started buying
right thing to do to replenish the more attachments
Rick Miene, 48, took over the business in 2008 when his father, Richard, aquifers. And homeowners play
retired. On his team are two office workers, including his mother, Faith, three an important role by properly and doing more for
technicians handling septic maintenance and inspections, four installers, a caring for their systems, he says. people, and really
dump truck driver and a grader operator. Camron Miene, Rick and Faiths trying to accommodate
17-year-old son, is also starting to work in the business. Rick Miene also does ONSITE WORK
a lot of grading, but fills in anywhere needed. Each year the company them while they
Its funny how many hats an individual has to wear, he says. installs 40 to 50 systems during were already under
The company works in a 50- to 75-mile radius of the Cedar Rapids area. an eight-month weather win- construction. We could
Septic pumping, repairs, time-of-transfer inspections and installations ac- dow. Most are replacements
count for 90 percent of their work. The balance is anything they can do with of failing systems discovered get their properties
the equipment theyve got land clearing, grading, basement excavations, through real estate inspections. into better shape for
driveway installations and snow plowing. Although they install conven- their needs.
tional systems, most are more
MAINTENANCE SERVICES advanced, primarily sand filter RICK MIENE
The two technicians on the maintenance side handle pumping and systems, AdvanTex units from
time-of-transfer inspections. They are also certified service providers for Orenco, and Coco Filter systems from Premier Tech Aqua.
annual maintenance contracts the Iowa Department of Natural Resources The majority of work is residential, but they also get involved in com-
requires on certain septic systems. mercial systems. On bigger projects, Miene learned the hard way that his
Pumping is done with two Peterbilt 367s (2011 and 2015) built out by ability to do a job right is often dependent on others doing their jobs right. In
Advance Pump & Equipment with 4,200-gallon aluminum tanks and Na- one situation, they placed four 5,000-gallon concrete tanks weighing 38,000
tional Vacuum Equipment blowers, each equipped with a RIDGID SeeSnake pounds each at a site. As they started to backfill, it began to rain and the
camera, a Crust Buster tank agitator and a Nasco Whirl-Pak Sludge Judge tanks floated out of the ground because another contractor had not properly
for measuring solids. The company is starting to put safety features on their (continued)

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Ask for Scott or Frank 888-395-7551
After hours call Scott at 816-590-4076

Delivery Available Anywhere in the Lower 48!!

2007 Mack Granite, Mack 370 HP, jake, low miles,

10 spd, 20# front, NEW 3400 gallon steel tank, full hoist, 2013 Pete 367, ISX Cummins 500 HP, 18 spd, jakes, 2007 Freightliner M2-112, Mercedes 450 HP,
full rear open door, +250 gallons fresh water, full lockers, 20/46# lb axles, 4650 gallon steel vac tank, jakes, 8LL spd, 3600 gallon steel vac tank,
NEW NVE 866 liquid cooled vac pump. alum. hose trays, Fruitland 500 vac pump. Masport 400 liqud cooled vac pump
Call For Pricing! $84,500 $45,950
2-YEAR 200,000 MILE 1-YEAR 100,000 MILE 1-YEAR 100,000 MILE

2007 Mack CX613, AC-380 HP, jakes, 10 spd,

double framed, 14# lb fronts, 44# lb rears, 2 - 2007 Freightliner M2, Cat 210 HP, 6 spd, 2005 Peterbilt, Cat 210 HP, 6 spd, NEW 2300 gallon
NEW 3400 gallon steel vac tank, NEW 2300 gallon steel tank, NEW Jurop PN 84 vac pump. steel tank, NEW Jurop PN 84 vac pump.
NEW Masport 400 liquid cooled pump, heated valves. Call For Pricing! $51,500
2-YEAR 200,000 MILE 2-YEAR 200,000 MILE 1-YEAR 100,000 MILE

2007 International 9200, Cummins 435 HP, 10 spd, 2008 Sterling Acterra, Cummins 240 HP, 6 spd, 2009 Freightliner M2, Cummins 260 HP, 6 spd,
Jakes, NEW 3360 gallon steel vac tank, NON CDL, NEW 1850 gallon steel vac tank, NEW 2450 gallon steel vac tank,
NEW Masport HXL400 liquid cooled vac pump. NEW Jurop PN84 vac pump. NEW Jurop PN84 vac pump.
Call For Pricing! Call For Pricing! Call For Pricing!
2-YEAR 200,000 MILE 2-YEAR 200,000 MILE 2-YEAR 200,000 MILE
A Kubota BX25 backhoe is used for inspections. Over-the-deck 25-foot trail-
ers from B & B Trailers are used to haul equipment.


The company has always kept its vehicles and equipment indoors.
Were pretty proud about the equipment, so we want to keep every-
thing nice. And we have a lot less issues in the winter with startups. By 2010,
they purchased more land and built a 17,000-square-foot structure but
theyre outgrowing that, too, he says, and looking to add on.
Miene says their trucks are a major source of advertising. Its the first

Above: Rick Miene, Anthony Schmitz and Dylan Jacobs install

components of an Orenco AdvanTex system at a home in Cedar
Rapids, Iowa.
Right: Dylan Jacobs, left, and Anthony Schmitz seal a concrete tank
lid during a septic system installation.

filled them with water. It reminds me to go the extra step and

make sure everybody is doing what theyre supposed to do,
he says.
The company has three excavators, all zero-tail-swing
models a 12,000-pound Bobcat E50, a 20,000-pound Bobcat
E85 used for most of their septic installs, and a 56,000-pound
John Deere 245. For skid-steers they have a wheeled Bobcat
S300 used to move attachments around and for snow re-
moval, and three tracked Bobcat T770s, one for grading and
timber clearing, one for installs and a third for miscellaneous
applications. impression, he says. Every unit is a billboard thats going down the road.
Other equipment includes two triple-axle dump trucks a 2000 Ster- They work hard to keep the trucks shiny and spotless, and Miene credits his
ling with a Beau-Roc dump body and a 2016 Mack with a Henderson Prod- kids, Adriana, 20; Camron; and Marissa, 12; (and soon 6-year-old Raegan)
ucts dump body, a John Deere 650 crawler dozer used for site development, with being big contributors to that effort.
and a John Deere tractor with an attached Bush Hog flex-wing rotary cutter. The company performs routine equipment maintenance when they
have time, otherwise they outsource it. They try to avoid major problems by
keeping the fleet relatively new, but these days Mienes enthusiasm for buy-

Horse country ing new equipment has been tempered a bit as he faces increased costs and
maintenance requirements resulting from the U.S. Environmental Protection
Rick Miene, owner of Miene Septic Service in Robins, Iowa, is not a horse Agencys Tier 4 emissions rules that apply to more and more of his machines.
person, but in rural Iowa a lot of people are, including his 12-year-old daughter Theres been some real trying times to figure out financially is it time to
Marissa. So naturally hes been drawn into that world. buy the new machinery or do you wait? Youre scared about what the main-
Of course, a lot of horse ranches have septic systems, so hes developed tenances are going to be and the quirks to all of that, he says.
a good clientele through networking, maintaining and installing systems. But Like everyone, Miene has no choice but to deal with keeping trucks
as hes picked up more equipment, hes been able to branch out and do other topped off with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and vehicles going into regen-
things for the equestrian crowd. eration mode. The frustrations are there and I think will continue, he says,
One of the big things weve been doing is building horse arenas, whether but you live and learn, and you learn to adapt.
it be a residential or a commercial site, he says. For these projects, whether
fenced-in outdoor arenas or wood-construction indoor facilities, the company BRANCHING OUT
constructs the riding pad, which involves site clearing, excavation of topsoil, When the company started installing septic systems, Miene quickly saw
compacting and grading the soil base, and laying down a sand footing. other site work opportunities. Using the skid-steer, he started doing his own
Miene has also gotten involved in supporting the National Barrel Horse As- grading and then offered that as an added service.
sociation, the organization his daughter belongs to. He sponsors some of their Then we just started buying more attachments and doing more for
activities and donates grading and leveling services during events. In return he people, and really trying to accommodate them while they were already un-
puts up a company banner at the arena. der construction. We could get their properties into better shape for their
Septic work can open a lot of doors, he says. It all works hand in hand. needs. By the late 1990s theyd accumulated several pieces of equipment
and grew the staff to handle the workload. It was starting to become a real,

46 Pumper March 2017

Wow, what did we get into? Miene says, But things were just working.
Once they bought the big excavator, they began digging basements
and putting in small ponds, or occasionally installing water and sewer lines.
Working for developers, they saw the need for land-clearing equipment, so
they picked up a number of forestry attachments for their skid-steers and
doing everything from building driveways to clearing fully timbered areas.
When work slows down in the winter, they put plow blades on the
trucks and wheeled skid-steer and offer snow removal services. Employees
typically take vacations or work on an on-call basis during the off-season.
Miene says the crew thrives on unusual challenges. For example, in
2016 they had a contract to install a commercial septic system at a new facil-
ity for the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids. They were eventually
asked to also build an amphitheater at the facility using natural stone from
the adjacent hillside. Thats the neat thing, he says. One day it might be
one thing, the next something totally different and once in a while some-
thing totally off the wall.
In another interesting twist, a
We have residential customer had them install
his septic system, which led to grad-
a real ing work, then building a pond and
dedication to the then to his eventual employment with
customer being the company. Miene now calls Kyle
Mekvinda the rock of the company.
satisfied. I like Hes the go-to guy; positive about ev-
it when you see erything and great with customers.
them light up and KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY
theyre happy Miene says one of his favorite
about what they things about the business is meeting
get in the end. people, getting a vision of what they
want to do and figuring out how to
RICK MIENE make it happen.
Maybe they want a new septic
system, but they also want a (home) addition. We try to problem-solve and THANKS
maybe even look a little further and say, What if we move it over here so you VISITING
hide your tank and at the same time give it a little better location for servic-
ing? Theres a lot of things people dont think about and we might be able to
come up with something that may actually work out better for them.
A happy customer makes it all worthwhile, he says. We have a real
dedication to the customer being satisfied. I like it when you see them light
up and theyre happy about what they get in the end.

Advance Pump & Equipment, Inc. National Vacuum Equipment, Inc.
563/557-0957 800/253-5500
(See ad page 3, (See ad page 7)
Eastern and Midwest Supplement)
Orenco Systems, Inc.
Crust Busters 800/348-9843
(See ad page 83) Premier Tech Aqua
Henderson Products, Inc.
800/359-4970 RIDGID
Nasco Whirl-Pak
800/558-9595 Since 1979 March 2017 47

Tank World Corp
The Last Line of Defense
ALL MAJOR BRANDS for Pressurized Distribution Systems


41% open area (139 square Easy to clean surface
inches of open area on the 6" x Made of PVC plastic so will not
18" screen model) corrode
Fits most turbine pumps (also Self adjusting seal
known as deep well pumps) Very light in weight so it does not
Adds only 1/4" of height to make pump insertion or removal
pump making it easy to retrofit to difficult
existing systems Screen available from 18" to
Has 3" sludge shield at the 42" long
bottom of the filter Also available with 316L stainless
Disassembles for thorough steel screen
cleaning if needed


Lower total suspended solids Pass up to 83.8 gallons per
(TSS) minute @ 1PSI
Protect with low head-loss Allow for easy installation and
(.5002 ft) service
Can be used in Extend the life of the distribution Protect from improper system
a manifold to
handle almost field maintenance
any flow-rate Filter to .062", .024", .007", or Protect from system abuse
US Patent# 5,885,452 .004" Satisfy your customers
CAN Patent# 2,237,751


Very effective at filtering tissue, hair, lint, and other Sizes:
4" yellow
solids common to waste water. And flexible enough 6" white
The 7" filter in to fit just about anywhere, most common appli- 7" red
a 5" square cations are standard tees and square concrete The 4" 8" blue
concrete baffle. filter in a Patent#
baffles as shown below. 4" Tee. 6,811,692

Aluminum 2000 gal Porta Potty Tanks The Original Orifice Protector Large discharge area that
Sturdy design for all appli- does not clog
In stock 500/1500 2 compartment cations Large open area
Easy to position No moving parts to stick
Will not fill with gravel in any Will remain in place, even
We build Vacuum trucks, Septic trucks, position without glue
Porta potty trucks, and Body swaps.
We can do Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. FLOAT TREE ACCESSORIES
Easy adjustments No entering tank

Tank World Is Your Pot of Gold No tangled wires

No float hang-ups
Easy pump repairs
Very affordable Thanks For
At The End of The Rainbow
No straps to break
Visiting Us
Parts and Accessories In Stock
Check Out Our Other Quality Solutions! Risers, Security Nets, Clean-Out Sweeps, etc.
12001 W. Peoria Ave Jerrys cell 623-680-2037 Office 623-536-1199
El Mirage, AZ 85335 Fax 623-935-4782 888-999-3290

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We know what RUGGED
portable sanitation means.
Regardless of where your business or event is located Five Peaks portable
restrooms have you covered. From a construction site to the finish line of a
marathon we offer a full line of well designed products that are durable and
filled with standard features. Features that no one can compete with for
quality or price. Our goal at Five Peaks is to make sure that
our restrooms are as tough as our customers.

Get the BEST

in portable
231.830.8099 866.293.1502

Porterville, CA MADE IN U.S.A.
US Now with two
new Service Centers

Jim Anderson, Ph.D.

Jim Anderson, Ph.D., is an emeritus professor
at the University of Minnesota Department of
Soil, Water and Climate and recipient of the
pumping industrys Ralph Macchio Lifetime
Achievement Award. Email Jim questions
about septic system maintenance and
operation at

Tips You Must Share with

Pumping Customers, Part 2
When they follow these operation and maintenance rules, homeowners will be happier
and youll have fewer emergency calls By Jim Anderson, Ph.D.

ast month I discussed the first five things you need to tell homeown-
ers about their septic system. They were: 1) Provide a diagram of their Educating homeowners and getting them actively
system; 2) Explain the system design capacity; 3) Talk about how water
usage habits impact the system; 4) Promote regular maintenance; and 5) Tell
involved in the care of their septic system will make
them what to avoid flushing into the system. Here are the remaining five im- for more satisfied customers and provide you with
portant things a homeowner should know: more business.
6. Tell them not to build over the septic system. There are a num-
ber of items in this category. Dont install a deck or patio over their septic ing other than grasses should be shallow-rooted over the soil treatment area.
tank or any other type of tank in the system. Since sewage tanks are usu- It is amazing how roots from water-loving plants can penetrate parts of the
ally installed near the residence, they are sometimes in the area where a system, clogging pipes and interfering with performance. Sprinkler systems
homeowner would like to put a patio or another outdoor living space. They can also add too much water to a system. If watering is necessary to main-
should not do anything that would limit access to the tanks or the house tain grass during dry periods, manual sprinklers should be used. This often
sewer with clean-outs. Putting a trap door in the deck is not a good solution happens with mound systems where I live. The soil on the top of the mound
to this problem. Also, no additional fill should be placed over the soil treat- dries out, making it necessary to add water to keep the grass growing.
ment area other than cosmetic filling of areas over trenches where settling
may have occurred. 9. Tell them to keep off the grass! Avoid any unnecessary foot or ani-
mal traffic over the soil treatment area and avoid vehicle traffic over any part
7. Explain how excess water runoff can cause hydraulic failure. Wa- of the system. It is amazing how often the drainfield area is looked at as an
ter from surfaces such as roofs, driveways, garages, etc., should not be al- ideal parking area for a boat or RV. Since most systems are relatively shallow,
lowed to drain over any part of the system. This could potentially flood out this traffic can damage pipe as well as compact the soil in the soil treatment
the drainfield. All runoff should be diverted away from the system. This may area, which interferes with the acceptance of sewage effluent. In the winter
involve installing roof gutters or landscaping berms to direct water away in my part of the world, parking snowmobiles in the area or tying the dog out
from the system. In addition to the potential for flooding the system, extra on top of the mound can help drive frost into the soil. This can cause freezing
water can cause additional biomat to form by reducing the oxygen available in supply pipes between parts of the system.
for the breakdown of the organic portion of the wastewater. This, in turn,
reduces the long-term acceptance rate of the soil, meaning a reduction in 10. Show them how to do a homeowner check of the system. They
system capacity. should walk around the soil treatment area checking for any evidence of ef-
fluent surfacing, rodents digging into the area or other potential problems.
8. Caution them to be careful when landscaping around the system. If there are inspection pipes on the trenches they can see and record how
Make sure not to put fill over the system, but also keep heavy equipment much of the system is being used. This information can help them regulate
used to haul landscape materials from running over the system. One client water use and call you as the service provider at the first sign of a problem
years ago wanted a tennis court in that open yard out back without realizing rather than letting things go until there is a much larger problem. Emphasiz-
the area was occupied by his septic system! He got to replace his drainfield ing early warning and recognition can prevent really bad experiences later.
in addition to building a tennis court. As I did, you probably wonder about Educating homeowners and getting them actively involved in the care
the wisdom of the contractor who was doing the grading on that project. of their septic system will make for more satisfied customers and provide
Plant choice over the septic system can also have a negative impact through you with more business, while protecting health and environment. If you
root intrusion. have more items to add to our homeowner education checklist, send the tips
Trees and shrubs should be kept away from the system and any plant- to me and well feature them in a future column.

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Lifes Good
THRU 4/30/17

Vacuum relief valve

upon request NEW! LIQUID
Vacuum / Pressure Integrated Final air lter,
Selector eective for both vacuum
and pressure use

automatic in the body
lubrication Blade

side oil tank

Steel pins
xed on
rotor for
easy main-
Built in (KPS 550 - 670)

490 - 550 - 670
High wear
resistance thanks KPS 490 477 CFM 3" Connections
to high hardness KPS 550 539 CFM 3" or 4" Connections
Standard KPS 670 657 CFM 4" Connections
Air injection
cooling upon request Long Life CPS - CRASH

Painting RAL 7021, resistant to 240 hours Sliding Flanges avoid breaking the
corrosion protection salt- and fog/haze tested body and rotor during vanes crashes ONLY

90 CFM 145 CFM 250 CFM 285 CFM 320 CFM

MEC2000 MEC4000 MEC6500 MEC8000 MEC9000

$890 80 $1,010 00 $ 1,065 00 $1,195 00 $ 1,360 00 $ 1,479 00 $ 1,530 00 $ 1,650 00 $1,795 00
3P17 $2,325 00 $ 2,670 00 $ 2,490 00 $2,890 00 $2,795 00 $ 3,195 00
Battionis Better! Integrated Final air lter,

Vacuum relief valve upon request

eective in both vacuum
and pressure use NEW! FAN
Vacuum / Pressure Selector
Standard automatic
lubrication pump CPS - CRASH

FAN Sliding Flanges avoid

breaking the body and
rotor during vanes crashes

COOLED! Standard
external side
oil tank

Forced-air cooling
with 2 fans

Blade inspection hole

Long Life Blades
High wear resistance thanks
to high hardness cast-iron Air injection cooling upon request 420 - 530
FAN 420 423 CFM 3" Connections



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394 CFM 489 CFM 537 CFM

$2,095 00 MEC13500 MEC16000 Battioni Muffler Packs include: Battioni Max Packs include:
MAX PACK MUFFLER PACK AUTO LUBE AUTO LUBE Pump, Right Angle Gear Box, Auto Align Everything on Muffler Pack PLUS
$3,095 00 $3,575 00 $2,695 00 $ 2,795 00 Bracket, Pump Stand, Oil Catch Muffler, Secondary and Final Filter.
All Fully Assembled! All Fully Assembled!

Power Booster Sizes:

2", 3", 4", 6" & 8"
For Visiting
Decrease pumping time/Increase profits No moving parts
Get the competitive edge Be the Require no gas or maintenance
company who gets the job done where
Attach to the end of the hose,
others have failed
no heavy equipment to hold
Conquer deep lifts and long hose runs Feature rugged lightweight construction,
Thanks Reduce work load on equipment/Keep the 3 Inch unit only weighs 10 lbs.
For the pump cooler
Visiting Authorized Dealer For
Dealers In:
New Zealand Australia
866-504-6596 Proudly made in the USA


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Erik Gunn
Erik Gunn is a magazine
business writer in
Racine, Wisconsin.
Direct inquiries to him at

Are Employees Driving

Your Rigs After-Hours?
Watch out for the tax consequences of sending your fleet of trucks home with your employees By Erik Gunn

oes your septic service business have a fleet of company-owned ser- by your company. During the day you drive it to meetings with clients, to
vice trucks? check on your work crews at their job sites, and more.
Dumb question! Of course it does. All those on-the-job miles are legitimate business miles. They qualify
Do you cover a sizeable territory larger than a small town, say? for a deduction on your business federal tax return. (The same is true if you
Chances are pretty good the answer to that is yes, too. dont have a company car but simply make those trips with your personal
And do some of your employees drive their service trucks home af- vehicle; the only difference is that the deduction for the mileage would be
ter work at least sometimes so that the next morning they can drive made on your personal income tax return not the one your business files.)
straight to the days first job without stopping at the shop? But some miles you drive every day arent deductible either in the
If your response is another yes well, no surprise there. Especially if company car or in your personal car: the miles you commute back and forth
your business reaches beyond your city limits, or even crosses county lines, from home to work. IRS rules treat those as personal miles.
and if your workforce is just as far-flung as your customers, that sounds like
a commonsense practice. SERVICE COMPLICATIONS
See how this can get complicated with service fleet vehicles?
TAX IMPLICATIONS Suppose your next-town-over employee drives a service truck home
Say that your technician lives 15 miles away in the next town and the from the shop at the end of every day, and drives back to the shop first thing
first customer on tomorrows calendar lives in that very same community. every morning.
Isnt it smart scheduling to send Frank to that homeowner right away? Those are commuting trips. Your company cant treat them as business
If your driver doesnt first have to travel to the shop, get in his service mileage even though theyre driven in your business service truck.
truck and drive back, he could be at the customers home up to a half-hour But remember one of the reasons you and many service contractors
earlier. It can be a great way to save your customers money and help your permit employees to drive service vehicles home is so they can go straight to
business maximize the number of service calls you can make in a day. that first job and, in all likelihood, home from the days final job.
Many contractors may take this practice for granted. If youre one of In that case, the very first leg of the day from the employees house to
them, pay close attention: You need to make sure youre doing it right so that the first customers location should be counted as commuting miles and
the IRS doesnt come back to bug you. Yes, its an obscure problem, but that therefore not tax deductible for your business (the trucks owner). The same
doesnt make it any less real. As with many wrinkles in the tax code, what you is true for the last leg of the day: The miles driven from the last customer to
dont know can hurt you. the employees home are nondeductible commuting miles.
On the bright side, careful but fairly straightforward recordkeeping can All the other miles in between, from the first customer to the shop to
solve the problem without dropping the basic practice. every other job of the day and to the last customer, are legitimate, deductible
business miles.
DEDUCTIBLE OR NOT? So you need to make sure your employee differentiates between those
Tax attorney Patricia Hintz, a partner at Quarles & Brady in Milwaukee, first and last nondeductible commuting legs and all the other deductible
counts many small businesses among her clients, and small-business own- travel during the day in performing the job.
ership runs in her family.
Hintz was explaining the broader tax issue of how company vehicles get OTHER COMPLICATIONS
used day to day when this specific subject came up. Vehicles are a real hot- But heres another wrinkle: The gas that the tech uses to drive from
button issue, she says. Company fleet vehicles are no exception. home to work and back every day. If youre not charging the employee for it,
Whether were talking about a company-owned vehicle or a private ve- thats a form of income that must find its way onto your employees annual
hicle that an employee uses on the job, issue No. 1 is this, says Hintz: The W2 form come tax time.
only tax-deductible miles are the ones driven for work. Commuting miles You could charge it back to your employee, but do you really want to
dont count. send a message that makes you, the boss, look money-grubbing? Psycho-
A simple example: Suppose you, the business owner, drive a car owned logically, if for no other reason, its better just to add it to the employees

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Get FIT with the right pumper truck!

2018 M2-106 with New 4000 2016 114SD w/5000 gal 2008 M2-106 W/ New 2500 gal
gal. Imperial Alum. Tank, Imperial Tank w/ NVE4307 Imperial Tank, NVE 607 Pump,
NVE4307 Blower Package, 350 Blower Package, Detroit DD13, Mercedes and Allison 3000 RDS,
HP Cummins, Allison Auto., Allison 4500RDS, 20K FA/46K Air Ride Suspension. 290892
Air Ride, Full Lockers. Coming RA w/Full Lockers. 391341

2017 M2-106 (non-CDL) with 2000 Volvo WG64 w/3500 gal 2018 M2-106 W/ 2500 gal
Imperial 2150 gal Alum. Tank, Tank, 18,000 front, 40,000 rears Aluminum Imperial Tank, NVE
1600 Waste/550 water Masport on Hendrickson, Full Lockers, 607 Pump, Cummins L9 with an
HXL75 Vacuum package, Cum- Double Frame. 554066 Allison 3000 RDS, Air Ride, Diff
mins ISB with an Allison. 544718 Lock. 550250

Call See888-961-4185
our entire inventory at
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income statement. Its probably easier to manage your records that way, too.
A bigger headache can arise when employees make personal use of the
company vehicle on their own time. If you dont capture those costs, they
risk turning into a black hole. And once again, they need to be included in
the employees income statement.
Mileage records are essential for those nonbusiness uses, Hintz advises.
Better yet, set strict rules on how employees use the vehicle off-hours.
Still another complication involves on-call policies. For an employee
who is on call overnight and so drives the service vehicle home, that might
not count as commuting, Hintz notes. The key will be exactly how your on-
call responsibilities are worded, among other things.
Ultimately, youll need to consult with your lawyer and tax professional
to draw up clear policies and procedures about how and when your employ-
ees take your service vehicles home.


Make sure there is clear recordkeeping and consistent application of
the rules. And make sure you keep good records. Numerous smartphone
apps can keep personal or business mileage records. If your techs use smart-
phones on the job, its worth investigating which of these tools might best
help your business easily keep records and transfer them to whatever form
you need for your annual business tax return.
By taking care to cross those ts and dot those is, you can reap the ben-
efits of flexibility and efficiency that come with enabling employees to take
service trucks home for a legitimate business purpose.
And you can do so without getting tied up in tax knots..
US Since 1979 March 2017 55

20479 Balsam Dr
Sauk Centre, MN 56378
320-351-TANK (8265)

Vacuum truck tanks and trailers
2-, 3-, 4-axle tanker trailers
Hydraulic telescoping hoists
Full opening rear tank doors
Hydraulic drive systems
NVE vacuum pumps and blower systems
Standard models or custom built

Manufacturers of
Lightweight Stainless Steel Long Lasting Winterized

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Revolutionary New Fragrances

have High Note, Staying Power
and Increased Odor Control.
This fragrance technology is Ramya is also very excited about
going to revolutionize Safe-T-Fresh the purity of the new fragrances,
deodorizers and cleaning saying the best way to describe
products, said Ramya Kothamasu. the difference is dynamic. For
instance, if you compare our
Ramya is the research scientist at current cherry with our new cherry
Safe-T-Fresh in Cedar Park, TX. She fragrance, you would say it is a
has a degree in chemical purer scent. A higher note!
engineering, with an emphasis on
organic, surfactant and fragrance Safe-T-Fresh customers will soon be
compounds. hitting a higher note with their
customers as well, using their
Basically, this new formula has the favorite fragrance or one of two
ability to chemically change odor new ones, Lavender and Cherry
molecules, said Ramya. Most Blossom!
fragrances simply mask odors,
which only has a limited affect on Improving our fragrances is one
odor control. But now, odor control way Safe-T-Fresh helps you stay
will last the entire service cycle. ahead of your competition. Its
also how we stay ahead of ours.

Call today to order our new

Lavender fragrance in either STF or
Fresh Form liquids. Its dynamite!

Ramya Kothamasu
Research Scientist
Safe-T-Fresh Odor ControlGuaranteed!
Advanced Treatment Units and Other Onsite Treatment Systems


FAST 150 to 1996 Simple, works on any scale. Recommended for various residential/commercial U.S. and
600,000+ property needs for any size from upgrading existing septic systems to multi-family, 70+ Countries
new construction developments, using FAST Systems solves most onsite wastewater
Bio-Microbics, Inc. treatment issues. With a small footprint, the RetroFAST system is ideal to upgrade an
8450 Cole Parkway existing tank. The MicroFAST offers higher levels of nitrogen removal (NSF/ANSI 245).
Shawnee, KS 66227 With the SFR feature, intermittent operation of the blower reduces electricity usage up
800-753-3278 913-422-0707 to 45% and can provide improved nitrogen performance (in specific situations). Enables
Fax: 913-422-0808 cost-effective treatment with less maintenance and more reliability, than most other biological process treatment systems. BioBarrier 500 to 1996 Sustainable Water Engineering dramatically simplifies the settling, screening, direct aeration
See ad, page 81 MBR 100,000 and ultrafiltration of the wastewater treatment process to remove 99.9% of the contaminants.
Installed above or below grade, locally-sourced tanks and certified to NSF/ANSI 40 class
1, NSF/ANSI 245 (nitrogen reduction), and NSF/ANSI 350 standards, this blackwater/
greywater treatment system establishes the material, design, construction and performance
requirements for onsite residential and commercial applications. The BioBarrier MBR and
HSMBR, from 500 GPD to 100,000+ GPD flows, meets water quality requirements that can be
used for restricted indoor water use and/or unrestricted outdoor water use.
SeptiTech 150 to 1996 Trickling Filter Systems. STAAR (Smart Trickling Anaerobic/Aerobic Recirculation)
STARR 600,000+ Filter Systems are designed for both residential and commercial wastewater treatment
applications. The STAAR System treats high organic loads that integrate with other
technologies and accessories. The simple, automatic and reliable equalization and
clarification process maintains low levels of Nitrate-N with all below-grade components
that fit in readily available concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. SeptiTechs Smart
technology allows the system to go into a sleep mode that will dial down activity and
eventually shut all power off until normal flow conditions are detected.

Water & 500 to 1965 Provides on-site advanced secondary and tertiary treatment for wastewater, recycle Worldwide
Wastewater 1 million and reuse applications to improve water quality and exceeds World Health Organization
CromaFlow, Inc. Treatment requirements.
143 Lumber Ln. System
Montoursville, PA 17754
Fax: 570-435-5570
See ad, page 38

Eliminite Up to 1997 The Eliminite Grizzly system is designed for large-scale, high-volume, high-strength U.S.
Grizzly 50,000 commercial applications where advanced nitrogen reduction is necessary. The system
was originally developed to serve high-altitude commercial and resort developments in the
Eliminite, Inc. Rocky Mountains where winter temperatures linger at or below 0 degrees F, and seasonal
use patterns/dramatic fluctuations in flow and wastewater strength are the norm. It
PO Box 359
functions with little operator input and simple maintenance. C-Series systems serve
Belgrade, MT 59714 high-altitude highway rest areas, resort communities, golf courses, ski areas, mixed-use
888-406-2289 residential communities, restaurants, RV parks, worker camps, corporate retreats, business parks and convenience stores. It is suited for use in multi-stage treatment trains and as a means of reducing waste strength prior to conveyance to municipal treatment facilities.

GSF Scalable 1982 The Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) is an advanced wastewater treatment and dispersal North America
to site technology. The GSFs unique design provides treatment and dispersal in the same and Australia
conditions footprint while keeping installations easy and maintenance minimal. Independent testing
Eljen Corporation has shown that the Eljen GSFs performance meets NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and provides
125 McKee St. advanced treatment of septic tank effluent to better-than-secondary levels.
East Hartford, CT 06108
See ad, page 85

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LA-Hoot 500 to 1986 LA-Hoot is an improved version from the original Hoot Treatment System introduced Nationwide
1,000 in 1984. Results are better than 10/10 mg/L on CBOD asd TSS, with more than a 95%
reduction of the wastewater influent. Two-year warranty/NSF Standard 40 certified.

Hoot Systems, LLC H-Series 500 to 1995 Five-stage, one piece system with a pretreatment tank, aeration chamber, final clarifier,
1,200 optional disinfection device and a pump tank. Results are better than 5/5 mg/L on CBOD/
2885 Highway 14 E
TSS. A 99% reduction on CBOD and TSS. Marketed as BNR in MD and FL with Biological
Lake Charles, LA 70607 Nitrogen Reduction of >50%. Three-year warranty/NSF Standard 40 certified.
888-878-4668 337-474-2804 ANR 450 to 2007 Adds Advanced Nutrient Reduction to the Hoot System. Results of 5.8 mg/L on TN,
900 better than 10/10/10 mg/L on CBOD/TSS and Total Nitrogen. Areas where 10 mg/L is the
discharge limit for Total Nitrogen, the federal level for drinking water. Three-year warranty/
See ad, page 17 NSF Standard 40 and 245 certified.

Hydro-Action 500 to 1988 The Hydro-Action technology utilizes an activated sludge treatment process, which Contact us
6,000 constantly infuses oxygen to wastewater where aerobic bacteria metabolize the waste. for local
PO Box 640
We offer both residential and commercial treatment systems. Our commercial units are distributors
Plymouth, IN 46563 available as Set-N-Go designs for 1,000 to 1,500 GPD. Our technology can be modularly
574-936-2542 800-370-3749 designed and treat up to 6,000 GPD. These units are made of lightweight, high-strengh fiberglass resulting in easier installation.
Nitrogen 500 to 2013 The Hydro-Action technology utilizes an activated sludge treatment process, which constantly
Reduction 1,500 infuses oxygen to wastewater where aerobic bacteria metabolize the waste. Then it separates
Series in a clarification chamber without the use of media filters, carbon additives, or expensive,
high maintenance technologies. We offer our products in a three tank combination as a single
unit: pretreatment, aerobic treatment, and pump tank design as the Set-N-Go unit. Tanks
can be sold as individual treatment plants. 72 tall standard and 52 tall Low Profile systems
available. NSF Standard 40 & 245 Nitrogen Reduction approved. Nitrogen Reduction averaged
less than 10mg/L TN and 79% reduction in Total Nitrogen removal.

J 1500 BAT 500 to Jets residential wastewater treatment plants employ the Jet BAT Process Media which U.S. and
Media Plant; 1,500 provides the ideal environment for natures own bacteria to thrive and grow. Great International
J 500-800 numbers of these living microorganisms attach themselves to this submerged structure
Jet, Inc. PLT to create a biomass that rapidly treats wastewater. The Jet 700++ Aerator provides the
750 Alpha Dr. mixing and fresh oxygen the microorganisms require to live while the Jet BAT Process
Cleveland, OH 44143 R-Series 450 to Media provides the environment to support the microorganisms that allow natural
800-321-6960 440-461-2000 1,500 filtration and biological reduction to take place. Available in concrete and plastic.
Fax: 440-442-9008
See ad, page 34

Norweco, Inc. Hydro- 500 to The Hydro-Kinetic wastewater treatment system employs innovative Hydro-Kinetic filtration North America,
Kinetic 1,500 technology to produce the cleanest, most consistent effluent quality available. They Hydro- Central
220 Republic St.
Kinetic system uses the extended aeration and attached growth processes to treat wastewater, America,
Norwalk, OH 44857 and features innovative nitrification-denitrification technology. The Hydro-Kinetic FEU system South America,
800-667-9326 (NORWECO) is the only NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and 245 certified residentail wastewater treatment system Europe, Africa
419-668-4471 to pass two consecutive back-to-back tests without performing routine maintenance for a full and Middle
Fax: 419-663-5440 12 months. It quietly, efficiently and automatically pretreats, aerates, flow equalizes and filters East all wastewater returning only the purest effluent back to the enviornment. The Singulair system is the state-of-the-art alternative to a troublesome septic tank for
See ad, page 71 Singulair 500 to domestic wastewater treatment. Employing the extended aeration process, the Singulair plant
1,500 provides flow equalization, pretreatment, aeration, clarification, tertiary filtration and optional
chemical addition within a single precast concrete tank. Designed for domestic wastewater
flows ranging from 500 to 1,500 gpd, performance of the Singulair system is certified by NSF
International (Standards 40 and 245) and the Canadian Standards Association.
The Singulair Green aerobic treatment system incorporates Norwecos advanced aerobic
Singulair 500 to treatment process into a durable, watertight polyethylene tank. It is ideal for new or
Green 1,500 retrofit applications and can be installed easily in the most difficult jobsite with just
a backhoe. Incorporating support ribs and inherently strong arch shape, the durable
Singulair Green tank will provide decades of reliable performance. Designed for domestic
wastewater flows up to 600 gpd, with treatment performance meeting or exceeding the
strictest state and county requirements, Singulair Green is certified by NSF International.

Presby Advanced Varies 2005 Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) is a passive treatment and dispersal system. This effective 30 States and
Enviro-Septic and non-mechanical onsite system is designed for residential, commercial, and community 14 Countries
Environmental use. AES has been proven to remove up to 99% of wastewater contaminants without the
143 Airport Rd. use of electricity or replacement media. AES does this quickly and naturally establishing
Whitefield, NH 03598 multiple bacterial treatment environments throughout the system that break down and
800-473-5298 603-837-3826 digest wastewater contaminants leaving the septic tank. This passive process allows the
Fax: 603-837-9864 system to discharge highly purified wastewater, preventing soil clogging and groundwater
contamination. AES has third party certifications from NSF, Cebedeau, BNQ, and SAI Global. EnviroFin Residential/ 2016 The Enviro-Fin passive onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal system is designed to have NH, ME, AL
Commercial a small footprint and ship easily, while maintaining and exceeding NSF/ANSI Standard 40
treatment. Effluent leaves the septic tank and enters the fin distribution unit, where it settles
and breaks down suspended solids. Effluent is distributed to the eight treatment fins, which
are filled with coarse green plastic fibers, filtering and digesting more suspended solids. Since 1979 March 2017 59


Trenching Deaths Double in 2016

Federal officials warn incidents show an alarming and unacceptable trend that must be halted
By Doug Day

ever again he wrote on his Facebook page after a trench in Protect yourself
which he was working collapsed in May. A month later, he was Do not enter an unprotected trench! Trenches 5 feet deep or greater re-
dead killed in another trench cave-in. quire a protective system unless the excavation is made entirely in stable
He was one of at least 23 workers who died in U.S. trenching mishaps in rock. Trenches 20 feet deep or greater require that the protective system be
2016, compared to just 11 in each of 2014 and 2015. The Occupational Safety designed by a registered professional engineer or be based on tabulated data
and Health Administration released the troubling statistic last November prepared and/or approved by a registered professional engineer.
with six weeks left in the calendar year. There is no excuse, says Dr. David
Michaels, OSHAs assistant secretary of labor. These fatalities are complete- Protective systems
ly preventable by complying with OSHA standards that every construction There are different types of protective systems. Sloping involves cutting
contractor should know. back the trench wall at an angle inclined away from the excavation. Shor-
According to local media reports, the 33-year-old victim in Ohio posted ing requires installing aluminum hydraulic or other types of supports to
Never again aint worth it on his Facebook page after the first incident May prevent soil movement and cave-ins. Shielding protects workers by using
10, 2016. On June 15, he was killed when a sewer line trench boxes or other types of supports to prevent
trench that collapsed earlier the same day gave way soil cave-ins. Designing a protective system can be
again. Despite the history of instability, no cave-in complex because you must consider many factors:
General trenching
protection was provided. OSHA issued the compa- soil classification, depth of cut, water content of soil,
and excavation rules
ny two willful and two serious safety violations with changes due to weather or climate, surcharge loads
a proposed penalty of $274,359. Keep heavy equipment away from (spoil, other materials to be used in the trench) and
The citations state that the 60-foot by 12-foot- trench edges other operations in the vicinity.
deep trench had no protection against cave-in, the Keep surcharge loads at least 2 feet
walls were not property sloped, shored, benched from trench edges Competent person
or protected against collapse, and spoils had been OSHA standards require that trenches be in-
Know where underground utilities are
placed within 2 feet of the trench. After the trench spected daily and as conditions change by a compe-
had collapsed earlier, workers were sent back in to tent person prior to worker entry to ensure elimina-
dig out the caved-in soil from the trench. It later col- Test for low oxygen, hazardous fumes tion of excavation hazards. A competent person is
lapsed again, trapping the victim under 8 feet of dirt. and toxic gases an individual who is capable of identifying existing
His body was not recovered until several hours later. Inspect trenches at the start of each and predictable hazards or working conditions that
Michaels calls the number of deaths an alarm- shift are hazardous, unsanitary or dangerous to employ-
ing and unacceptable trend that must be halted. ees, and who is authorized to take prompt correc-
Inspect trenches following a rainstorm
The dramatic increase in deaths comes as OSHA has tive measures to eliminate or control these hazards
a national emphasis program directed at trenching Do not work under raised loads and conditions.
and excavation, which it lists as one of the most haz-
ardous operations in the construction industry. Access and egress
It is truly sad that so many trench collapse fa- OSHA requires safe access and egress to all ex-
talities are still occurring despite availability of a wide variety of shoring sys- cavations, including ladders, steps, ramps or other safe means of exit for em-
tems and trench boxes, says Tony Simunac, sales manager for Pronal-USA, ployees working in trench excavations 4 feet or deeper. These devices must
which manufactures and sells the SmartShore inflatable trench shoring sys- be located within 25 feet of all workers.
tem. The easier the system is to use, the more likely the crews will use it.


OSHAs Trenching and Excavation Safety fact sheet summarizes the re-
quirements for trenching operations:

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Is there anything I can put in my tank?


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Cape Cod Biochemical Co.

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International: 1-321-800-5763 MWBE
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Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association New Hampshire Association of Septage Haulers; 928/443-0333; 515/225-1051; 603/831-8670

Arkansas Granite State Designers and Installers Association

Arkansas Onsite Wastewater Association; 603/228-1231
Kansas Small Flows Association; 913/594-1472
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California Professional Onsite Wastewater Reuse
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Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater Long Island Liquid Waste Association, Inc.
Maine Association Of Site Evaluators; 720/626-8989; 631/585-0448

Connecticut Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists North Carolina

Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association North Carolina Septic Tank Association; 860/267-1057; 336/416-3564
North Carolina Portable Toilet Group
Delaware Maryland Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association; 443/570-2029; 252/249-1097
Delaware On-Site Wastewater Recycling Association North Carolina Pumper Group
Massachusetts; 252/249-1097
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Florida Onsite Wastewater Association Professionals Ohio; 321/363-1590; 781/939-5710 Ohio Onsite Wastewater Association; 866/843-4429
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Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association Michigan Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association Oregon; 678/646-0379 Oregon Onsite Wastewater Association
Georgia F.O.G. Alliance Michigan Septic Tank Association; 541/389-6692; 989/808-8648
Idaho Minnesota Pennsylvania Association of Sewage Enforcement Officers
Onsite Wastewater Association of Idaho Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association; 717/761-8648; 208/664-2133; 888/810-4178
Pennsylvania Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
Illinois Missouri
Onsite Wastewater Professionals of Illinois Missouri Smallflows Organization Pennsylvania Septage Management Association; 417/631-4027; 717/763-7762

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Tennessee New Brunswick Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services
Tennessee Onsite Wastewater Association New Brunswick Association; 877/202-0082 of Onsite Wastewater Professionals; 506/455-5477 Saskatchewan
Texas Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater
Texas On-Site Wastewater Association Nova Scotia Management Association; 888/398-7188 Waste Water Nova Scotia; 877/489-7471; 902/246-2131
Education 4 Onsite Wastewater Management Canadian Regional; 713/774-6694 Ontario Western Canada Onsite Wastewater
Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association Management Association
Virginia; 855/905-6692; 877/489-7471
Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association; 540/377-9830

Washington On-Site Sewage Association; 253/770-6594

Wisconsin Onsite Water Recycling Association; 608/441-1436

Wisconsin Liquid Waste Carriers Association; 608/441-1436


Water Environment Federation; 800/666-0206

National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association; 800/966-2942

National Association of Wastewater Technicians; 800/236-6298


Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association; 877/489-7471

British Columbia
WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management of B.C.; 877/489-7471

British Columbia Onsite Sewage Association; 778/432-2120

Manitoba Onsite Wastewater Management Association; 877/489-7471

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Building quality Stainless Steel Tanks
One Truck at a Time, Since 1972

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and those who wish they had.

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All 304 Stainless Steel

Grease Composting Approval

Requires Patience, Major Investment
North Carolinas Jason Gibson had no idea how much time and money would be necessary
for the permit to dispose of his own grease trap waste By Doug Day

n 2010, Jason Gibson began thinking there may be a business opportunity
in grease. He was already operating a successful portable sanitation
company that had grown from one unit to 400 in about five years. His
business, 64 Portables just outside of Lexington, North Carolina, was
suffering a bit from a slowdown in the construction industry and was looking
for new ways to diversify.
He had added septic and grease pumping to his portable restroom busi-
ness and began studying grease recycling. Two years ago, he settled on his
grease plan composting it for soil enhancement in agriculture, landscap-
ing and gardening. He purchased 70 acres of land less than a mile from his
business and began what turned into a long engineering and permitting

Pumper: Does grease still have the potential you envisioned in 2010?
Gibson: I sure hope so now, after all this work. I think grease is a big
growth opportunity. I dont know if its in composting, dewatering, but I
think grease is the big thing.

Pumper: You chose com- You really need

posting. How does it work? to make sure when Pumper: Can you explain the chal- Rubble is removed during
Gibson: Were taking the lenge further? construction of the clay base
you step into this that for the windrow area of the
grease, mixing it with wood chips, Gibson: You need the carbon mix right.
and putting it into windrows to you have the money. Depending on what material you bring in, compost facility. (Photos
compost. We have our own grease It was a several hundred you might need a wood chip that has a lot of courtesy of 64 Portables)
pumping company and are charg- nitrogen or one that has a lot of carbon. Ive
thousand dollar project
ing three other pumpers to accept had a chemist working on this for quite a while. It has to sit at 130 degrees F
their grease, about 10,000 gallons a with buying the land, the for 30 days. But were going to let ours sit for six months and have it tested by
week. Were trying to start out re- engineering, buying the the University of North Carolina to make sure its ready. Testing takes about
ally slow with this. five to seven days.
loader, the concrete pit
The trucks come in and dump The compost can be used for any number of things from your yard to
the grease into a 30-foot by 60-foot and getting farms. Were wholesaling everything to one company right now. I think were
concrete pit that will hold about everything going. in really good shape with what were doing, I think its going to work out well.
8,000 gallons. We have a Caterpil-
lar 906 loader with a 2-yard bucket Jason Gibson Pumper: You started accepting grease last July after a permitting
and put in some wood chips, mix process that took a lot longer than expected. How long?
it up until its dry, and put it into Gibson: It took us two years and two months. The (North Carolina) De-
windrows about 115 feet long. We get the wood chips from a friend of mine partment of Natural Resources is very familiar with it (grease composting)
who runs Todco, a wood recycling and mulch company in Lexington. and everything has to be done according to their specifications and stan-
Theres more labor than I thought there would be. It has to be turned dards, and everything has to be engineered.
about every three days and we check the temperature every morning with a I wish someone would have told me about engineers and their pric-
6-foot thermometer. If its not turned right, youre not going to make com- es. You really need to make sure when you step into this that you have the
post, youre going to make a landfill product. You have to mix the right wood money. There was so much I was clueless about. It was a several hundred
chips with whatever grease products you have. (continued)

70 Pumper March 2017

The engineers finally fought it out. We went from a clay pit to a concrete
pit, and then they wanted the whole site concrete. I checked on the cost of
that and it was going to be around $400,000, so that obviously wasnt go-
ing to work. We got them back to
Left: Grease waste is dumped into an allowing a clay base (to hold the
8,000-gallon, 30- by 60-foot concrete pit, composting material).
where it is mixed with wood chips. A loader
is used to move the compost material into
Pumper: What made you
115-foot windrows on the companys 70-
acre property. even start thinking about grease
in 2010?
Below: An operator uses a Caterpillar
Gibson: Disposal costs in my
loader to turn a windrow of grease waste
area. Obviously theres grease be-
composted with wood chips. The piles
must be turned every three days for proper ing made every day and I thought
composting. there had to be a better way than
dewatering it and hauling it off
somewhere. So I wanted to do
something to make a usable prod-
uct. I just had to figure out what it
was and composting was the an-
swer for me.
I guess Im just too dumb to
stop. When I started this compa-
thousand dollar project with buying the land, the engi- ny I was working in a factory and
neering, buying the loader, the concrete pit that was didnt even know how to turn on
pretty expensive and getting everything going. I had the truck. I bought my first truck
a geologist and a soil scientist. I had no idea until I got from Bill Abernethy (Abernethy
into it and got too deep to stop or I would have never Welding in Vale, North Carolina)
started. and had to ask him to come out
and show me how to work it, I
didnt even know how to turn on the pump. He said, You wont be in busi-
ness long. I bought six trucks from Bill before he died.

Pumper: What does the market look like for getting grease?
Gibson: I imagine I could get 15,000 to 20,000 gallons a day easily, but
Im not set up for that kind of volume right now. I want to go slow. Theres a
guy just north of me who started a compost facility and they had a meeting
recently with 150 people trying to shut him down because of the smell. So
Im being very cautious with what I take, the amounts I take. I want to make
sure I know what Im doing so I dont get in over my head and have to start
hauling stuff off to the landfill or having EPA problems.

Pumper: How does the rest of the business look?

Gibson: Were going wide open. Were running about 700 portable rest-
rooms now and have about 150 customers for septics and grease pumping.
We bought four loads of portable restrooms from T.S.F. Company in 2015 and
a couple in 2016. In 2010, we only had
Jason Gibson can be a couple of drivers and now there are
reached at 336/250-9848 or five plus me, and I dont have enough. I would like to have seven.

Pumper: Whats your vision for five years from now?

Gibson: Id like to see the company double in size. I dont know if I want
to see the composting grow that fast. Maybe in five years Ill know what Im
doing and well have a 200-acre site. But right now, Im so new into it that I
just want to take my time and figure it out.
If Im going to do anything, I want to do it right and that normally takes
some time. I think thats where a lot of people mess up, even in the septic and
portable toilet industry. They go gung-ho and want 10,000 customers, but
dont figure out that they cant take care of all them.

72 Pumper March 2017

Run circles around your competitors, not your truck.
Time is money. Why spend your time running back and forth from the end of the hose to your truck?
Our all-new remote system puts you in full control of PTO, intake and vacuum operations to flush
inefficiency and save you as much as half the time you spend on site.

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THANKS Imperial offers the best septic trucks, 407/412 D.O.T. units, vacuum trailers,
VISITING portable-restroom service units, slide-in tank units, and all the replacement parts
US and accessories you need. High-quality products without the high price tag.

Efficient Septic Pumping & Drain Cleaning

New London, Minnesota

wner Jason Long added a red and white 2013 International 7600
WorkStar built out by Imperial Industries with a 3,600-gallon steel
tank and National Vacuum Equipment 4307 blower. The truck is
powered by a 430 hp MaxxForce engine tied to a Fuller 8LL transmission.
The truck has a 40,000-pound rear suspension and 18,000-pound front
suspension. It features a drivers side heated 3-inch intake, two 4-inch
heated rear intakes, a 6-inch air-controlled heated dump valve and two rear
1-inch lime and sample valves. It has three sight glasses in the rear and an
Thanks NVE stainless steel float indicator on the drivers side. Bright work includes
aluminum toolboxes, aluminum wheels and fuel tank. Interior features
include AC, power windows, heated mirrors, cruise control, tilt steering and
air-ride seat. Graphics were provided by John Krukowski at Acme Graphx.
The truck is used for residential and commercial septic service. The driver is
Kelly Hammerschmidt.

Got a truck with real WOW appeal? Show it off to Pumper readers!
Send photos of your truck after it has been lettered with your
company name. Any industry-related truck is acceptable. Please limit
your submission to one truck only.
Your Classy Truck submission must include your name, company
name, mailing address, phone number, and details about the truck,
including tank size, cab/chassis information, pump information, the
company that built the truck, and any other details you consider
important. In particular, tell us what features of the truck help make
your work life more efficient and more profitable. Email your materials
to or mail to Editor, Pumper, P.O. Box 220, Three Lakes, WI
54562. We look forward to hearing from you!

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. Perfected.
Summer Plus
Concentrate P.T. Spray Down

Pump Fresh Lube

Surface Pump Oil
Spray Additive

wiZZard Fresh Straps

Urinal Screens Air Fresheners
Water Soluble Packets

Surco offers a fully-integrated line of odor control and air freshening products that exceed
the industry standard - catering to the needs of all maintenance staff, portable restrooms
and cleaning professionals. From our deep blue Potty Fresh Plus liquid concentrate to our
Fresh Straps self-locking air fresheners weve got you covered. With our team of experts, along with
our state of the art manufacturing facility, Surco has perfected the art of keeping your air fresh. Check
out our products online or better yet, call a representative today.

Visit us at our booth at Look for the Metazene
the 2017 WWETT Show More of everything that matters. Odor Neutralizer Shield

Surco Products 800-556-0111

Portable Sanitation Products RIDC Industrial Park, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Copyright 2017 Alpha Aromatics Since 1979 March 2017 75


The Wastewater Industry Copes

with Maryland Regulatory Flip-Flop
A new governor draws back on statewide advanced system requirements, prompting market
changes for contractors and manufacturers By Doug Day

itrogen removal is no longer required for every septic system installed On the Department of Environment website, Ben Grumbles , MDE sec-
in the state of Maryland. The Best Available Technology (BAT) regu- retary, published a statement saying the agency was committed to clean wa-
lation has been unpopular in rural areas of the state that saw it as a ter and meeting the states goals for cleaning up Chesapeake Bay.
barrier to development because of the approximate $10,000 added cost for This is a measured step to reduce regulatory burden and build public
building a home. support for a smarter and more effective septics program across the state,
Republican Gov. Larry Hogan announced the rollback of the regula- he wrote. We are customizing the statewide requirement to meet local
tions by the state Department of Environment in August during a speech to watershed needs more effectively while still insisting on excellent environ-
the states Association of Counties, calling it a cost-prohibitive burden on mental results. Innovation and collaboration at the local level, rather than
Maryland homeowners and businesses. locking into one particular technology, will lead to more success in protect-
The change became effective in late November ing and sustaining Marylands precious environment. We will work hard to
after a rulemaking process by the Department of En- make sure it happens through regulatory reform, education, compliance as-
vironment. The new regulation allows conventional sistance and enforcement.
septic systems outside of the Critical Area, defined Harrison says for the most part, members of MOWPA agree with Ho-
as within 1,000 feet of tidal water, and such systems gans action to overturn the BAT requirement. A survey of members showed
require a two-year service agreement for operations about two-thirds, mainly installers
and maintenance, and must be inspected annually. and local regulators, were in favor of
Local governments can still require BAT outside of OMalley it and a third, equipment manufac-
critical areas in order to protect public health or wa- implemented turers and some installers, were op-
ter quality, and all systems with design flows of 5,000 Reach Eddie Harrison, posed.
gpd or more still require BAT. MOWPA president,
it for political reasons It was sold as save the Bay,
In 2012, Hogans predecessor, Democrat Martin at Harrison Contract- and Hogan pulled it out Harrison explains. Any person with
OMalley, began requiring that all new septic sys- ing, 410/795-8691; for the same reasons. a basic knowledge of septic knows
tems reduce nitrogen releases by 50 percent. Eddie that the nitrogen (from septic sys-
Harrison, Maryland Onsite Wastewater Profession- Neither one did it for the tems outside Critical Areas) is never
als Association president, says it was no surprise that environment or anything going to make it to the Bay. He adds
Hogan overturned his action. Not to anybody thats been aware of things. to do with the (onsite) that other benefits of BAT, such as
When Mr. OMalley put it in, there was a very strong kickback amongst the protection of wells and groundwater
rural voters that voted in Mr. Hogan. industry, it was about and longevity of the systems, was not
Hogans 2014 win over the then-Lt. Governor in the heavily Democratic satisfying a promoted when the requirement was
state was seen as a big upset. Hogan campaigned on a theme of blocking political agenda. added. When you get a bad taste in
taxes and regulations from the OMalley administration. OMalley imple- your mouth about something, its
mented it for political reasons and Hogan pulled it out for the same reasons, - Eddie Harrison hard to convince you that its good.
says Harrison of the BAT requirement. Neither one did it for the environ- While there is support for the
ment or anything to do with the (onsite) industry, it was about satisfying a BAT rollback, some installers may be
political agenda. lamenting the costs they incurred in meeting the 2012 law. People had to
invest a lot of money in training and materials to satisfy the change, says
POTENTIAL IMPACT Harrison. They spent, cumulatively, millions of dollars for equipment that
According to the DEQ, there are about 420,000 septic systems in Mary- is just going to be parked with weeds growing out of it. Most of our member-
land, with 52,000 in critical areas. The Bay Restoration Fund Onsite Sewer ship is glad it rolled back, but for a sector of our membership, it hurt them
Disposal System grant program has upgraded more than 8,000 septic sys- pretty bad.
tems to include technology that removes nitrogen from the effluent as part Harrison says counties are adjusting to the new regulation. Counties
of the efforts to clean up Chesapeake Bay. are handling it differently as far as modifying existing permits. Some coun-

76 Pumper March 2017

Choose LMT to build your custom vacuum equipment
Stock Tank Kits Available in
Hoisted Full-Open Door 1800, 2300, 2500 & 3500 Gallons



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1105 SE 2nd St. Galva, IL 61434

ties are still leaving BAT as an option to put in depending on their soils and
site conditions. There are some counties that like it (BAT) and still want to
put them in. But they cant require them everywhere; they have to come up
with a good reason to have it.

Politics being what they are, Harrison says the future of BAT regulations
in Maryland is uncertain. The (onsite) manufacturing industry really got
upset. Theyve started their own movement to bring it back. They were upset
that they were forced into the business. But once they made the investment, Thanks For
theyre upset that they spent all that money for a few short years and now the Visiting Us
bottom has dropped out of it.
There is also a chance the legislature, controlled by the Democrats, may
get involved, though that has failed in the past. Democrat Gov. Parris Glen-
dening (1993-03) was the first who tried to get it passed into law without
success. OMalley had tried earlier through legislation and it wouldnt go
because the rural legislators constituents wouldnt stand for them voting for
it, so he did it by regulation right before he left office, says Harrison.
Now Hogan has pulled it back through regulation. But now that its
already been in and all the pains of getting it started have passed, the legis-
lature may theres a chance that they will pass it for political reasons, he
continues. Its a Democratic legislature and a Republican Governor, so it
may come back.
Because of the mixed feelings of its membership, MOWPA hasnt taken
an official position. Its all about politics; its not about science. And its very
frustrating for those of us in the industry, Harrison continues. Stay tuned. Since 1979 March 2017 77

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Truck Sales & Rental, Inc.

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MACK E7 @ 427 HP, 8LL TRANS, 18/44 ON MACK MP8 @ 505 HP, 10 SPEED TRANS, 20/46 ON DETROIT DD13 @ 450 HP, 18 SPEED, 20/46 ON 18 SPEED TRANSMISSION, 20/46 ON HAULMAX


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5800 W. Canal Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44125

For all occasions

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Armal INC Phone: +1 770 491 6410

122 Hudson Industrial Drive Toll free: 866 873 7796 Since 1979 March 2017 79


Advanced Treatment Units

By Craig Mandli
The Hydro-Kinetic Green waste-
water treatment system from Nor-
KNIGHT TREATMENT SYSTEMS weco employs hydrokinetic filtration technol-
WHITE KNIGHT MICROBIAL ogy to produce clean, consistent effluent quality. Developed to
INOCULATOR GENERATOR serve homes and small businesses outside of city sewers, the system uses
The White Knight Microbial Inoculator extended aeration and attached growth processes to treat wastewater, and
Generator from Knight Treatment Systems has nitrification-denitrification technology. Listed by the most stringent
offers an enhanced form of aerobic treatment wastewater certification in the world, it quietly, efficiently and automatically
technology that introduces, cultivates and re- pretreats, aerates, flow equalizes and filters all wastewater, returning pure
leases selected microorganisms. It is designed to be simple to install in most effluent back to the environment. All treatment processes are managed by
septic tanks. It can be used to retrofit outdated ATUs and package treatment reliable components and user-friendly controls, according to the manufac-
plants, and enhance the performance of community and high-strength turer. The integrity of the treatment process is protected by a non-mechani-
wastewater treatment systems in addition to septage processing facilities. cal, demand-use flow equalization device, as well as the Hydro-Kinetic Bio-
800/560-2454; Film Reactor. 800/667-9326;


ANUA PURASYS SBR The Ecoflo Biofilter from Premier Tech Aqua
The PuraSys sequencing batch reactor from is now offered as a nitrogen-reducing unit,
Anua batches treatment in cycles, including thanks to an add-on kit comprised of a pres-
aerobic and anaerobic steps, to clean water and surized flow divider that recirculates a fraction
reduce total nitrogen. It allows nitrification and deni- of the water back to the primary tank, and a sim-
trification to occur in the same chamber, saving space. The plex control panel that manages the dosing pump
smart controls adjust aeration for varying flows, eliminating excessive air cycles and monitors all records. Available in ready-to-
that can lead to system failure through sludge bulking. Flexible tank config- use rotomolded shells or as a kit to be integrated into exist-
urations include the retrofit of existing tanks. The system can reduce BOD5 ing tanks, this ecological, high-performance and low-maintenance septic sys-
and TSS to less than 10 mg/L and provide greater than 50 percent total ni- tem uses a natural and compostable coco husk-based filtering media capable
trogen reduction, per NSF 40 and 245 testing results. It can be scaled up for of sustaining high hydraulic load rates, according to the manufacturer. The
commercial applications. 336/547-9338; system is NSF-245 certified. 717/479-0005;


MICROFAST STAAR residential trickling filter systems from
MicroFAST wastewater treatment sys- SeptiTech are NSF/ANSI Standard 40, Class I and
tems from Bio-Microbics are recom- NSF/ANSI Standard 245 (nitrogen removal) cer-
mended for individual, small com- tified. The clean effluent prevents biomat forma-
munity and commercial applications. tion and leachfield clogging. They are compat-
With a small footprint, the system is ible with shallow drip, direct discharge, pressure
integrated into a standard septic tank distribution, spray irrigation and conventional
and does not require additional space. It is designed for low maintenance. leachfields. Utilizing an enhanced, biological,
Alternate modes of operation include recirculation of nitrified wastewa- unsaturated media filter process, they are ETV-U.S. Environmental Protec-
ter to the primary settling chamber for denitrification and (with the SFR tion Agency verified. With an optional UV disinfection system, the systems
feature) intermittent operation of the blower to reduce electricity usage are designed for direct discharge or water reuse and engineered to fit most
and improve nitrogen performance in specific situations. 800/753-3278 typical small-flow residential and commercial applications. 800/318-7967;

80 Pumper March 2017

2007 Freightliner M2-106 C7:
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Upcoming 2004 Sterling

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Septitech and STAAR are trademarks owned by Bio-Microbics, Inc. Since 1979 March 2017 81


UV DISINFECTION UNIT The EnviroFin passive onsite wastewater
The Illumi-Jet UV Disinfection Unit from Jet Inc. is capable of re- treatment and dispersal system from Pres-
ducing fecal coliform bacteria levels to well below the most strin- by Environmental is designed to have a
gent U.S. treatment standards, according to the manufacturer. It small footprint and ship easily, while main-
uses a germicidal lamp, which emits 95 percent of the ultraviolet taining and exceeding NSF/ANSI Standard
energy at the wavelength of 254 nanometers. This wavelength is in 40 treatment. Effluent leaves the septic tank
the region of maximum germicidal effectiveness and is highly le- and enters the fin distribution unit, where it
thal to virus, bacteria, protozoa and mold. The disinfection cham- settles and breaks down suspended solids.
ber couples directly to any systems 4-inch discharge pipe, and is Skimmer tabs located at the perforations prevent grease and suspended sol-
permanently installed below grade. When fully inserted, the lamp ids from leaving. Effluent is distributed to the eight treatment fins, which are
housing is correctly positioned by an integrated keyway near the filled with coarse green plastic fibers, filtering and digesting more suspended
top of the disinfection chamber and creates a well-defined flow solids while creating a large bacteria treatment area. Each treatment fin has a
path, ensuring system effluent has the proper ultraviolet exposure perforated pipe functioning as an air duct across the top, providing oxygen to
time. Under standard operating conditions, fecal coliform reduction exceeds promote bacterial growth. 800/473-5298;
99.9 percent. 800/321-6960;

DISINFECTION UNIT The SciCHLOR sodium hypochlo-
The 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit rite generator system with multi-pass
from Salcor is for residential, commercial SciCELL electrochemical activation
and municipal uses, and is UL certified technology from Scienco/FAST can
NEMA 6P flood-proof and NSF/Washing- produce an available supply of disin-
ton State Protocol 6-month-tested (with fectant solution. It is available in sizes
21 upstream treatment systems). It inac- of 10 to 60 pounds chlorine equivalent per day to provide a reliable method
tivates pathogens, including superbugs. of safely producing liquid chlorine for medium to large on-site disinfection
Rated at 9,000 gpd gravity flow, it is a re- applications, while surpassing operational efficiency performance require-
liable building block for large water recovery/reuse systems, ac- ments, according to the manufacturer. Connected to an incoming water
cording to the maker. When installed in 12-unit parallel/series arrays with source and with operating modes of batch, continuous, clean, setup and di-
ABS pipe fittings, systems are disinfecting over 100,000 gpd. Gravity flow agnostic, the brine solution multi-passes through a low-voltage DC electro-
equalizes without distribution boxes. Each unit has a foul-resistant Teflon lytic cell to produce the sodium hypochlorite. When it reaches the low-level
lamp covering, two-year long-life lamp, easy installation, minimal annual float setpoint, the system automatically restarts to replenish its water supply.
maintenance, and energy usage of less than 30 watts. 760/731-0745. If no solution is used, the system shuts down to save power. With an 800 ppm
FAC sample taken from the generator, the solution killed 100 percent of the
Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli organisms within 30 seconds, the maker
reports. 866/652-4539;

Bio-Boost Tablet 1T from Bionetix Inter-
national is a natural treatment for septic BOERGER BLUELINE
tank maintenance and aftershock treat- ROTARY LOBE PUMP
ment. It relies on a high-density, one-tril- The Boerger BLUEline rotary lobe
lion-count blend of bacteria with biologi- pump is a self-priming, valveless,
cal nutrients and stimulants to naturally positive displacement pump used
biodegrade paper, oils, greases and waste. to convey viscous and abrasive ma-
It can be efficient for treatment after toxic shock from the use of strong terials. Applications include sludge,
bleaches or other harmful chemicals, such as root killers for removing roots biosolids, grease, sewage, scum,
from pipelines. The tablet nourishes and replenishes bacteria in the septic lime slurry, alum sludge, permeate
tank to biologically digest waste and reduce sludge buildup. The manufac- and polymers, etc. There are 21 pump models in six series with pulsation-
turer states that results can include reduction of odors and methane, pre- free operation, fully reversible rotation, dry-run capabilities and flow rates
vention of pipe and drain blockage, and decrease of septic tank pumping up to 7,500 gpm. According to the manufacturer, they are stable and wear-
frequency. It can replace chemical products and does not attack plastic or resistant with a maintenance-in-place design that allows for all wetted parts
metal pipes. Use two tablets in the startup month, followed by one tablet per to be easily replaced through the front cover without the removal of pipe or
month for maintenance. 514/457-2914; drive systems. 612/435-7300;

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Advanced Treatment Units

By Craig Mandli
FOR TREATMENT OF HIGH- Problem: A homeowner in Littleton, New Hampshire, had a failed drainfield that was improp-
STRENGTH WASTE erly installed. The property had multiple site constraints, including a close property boundary,
a heavily sloped site, and a rock retaining
Problem: Risen Roll Bakery and Deli in Middlebury, wall made up of boulders. A system with
Indiana, had an existing septic system that was no a reduced footprint was needed to mini-
match for its increasingly large flows and high BOD mize impact and the amount of fill mate-
of 6,000 mg/L. rial needed to keep costs down.
Solution: Installer Akins Excavating brought in Solution: Lynn Mayo of Far North De-
Meade Septic Design to evaluate the situation. Meade signs specified the 20-unit Eljen GSF
developed a design that reused as much of the ex- B43 system. The site had a 12-minutes-
isting system as possible, while adding components per-inch perc rate for a four-bedroom
necessary to handle the flow. The final design incorporated 24-hour time dosing to 12 AERO- home. Schofields Septic Service installed
TECH AT-1500 aerobic treatment units (four in parallel and three in series) from 8,000 the system in two leach lines, making
gallons of time-dose tank capacity. This design also included 6,000 gallons of grease traps, the system 41 feet long. Fill material was
10,000 gallons of septic tanks, and absorption fields totaling more than 10,000 square feet. used to level the system area. The leach-
Result: The bakery now has a relatively low-maintenance system that easily handles their field is comprised of the GSF units placed on a 12-inch stabilized base of ASTM C-33 sand,
unique, high-strength waste needs. 574/935-0908; and is gravity fed from the existing septic tank.
Result: The homeowner was able to get the new, code-compliant system installed quickly
with minimal impact to the site. 800/444-1359;

Problem: A school in Ontario, Canada, had an undersized wastewater treatment plant that LEACHFIELD
was not meeting the Provincial Ministry of the Environment total nitrogen effluent criteria for SYSTEM SOLVES
subsurface discharge. Incoming flow was measured at 1,850 gpd with an ammonia concen- CHALLENGES FOR
tration that ranged between 175 to 311 mg/L. MINE FACILITY
Solution: Modifications were made to treat the increased flows and to facilitate nitrifica- EXPANSION
tion/denitrification processes to reduce TN to the new MOE-imposed criteria. The design
Problem: An Indiana coal-mining op-
concept included the addition
eration was in need of expanded worker
of ECOPOD-N units from Delta
facilities. The presence of disturbed
Environmental to the existing
mine spoils, shale and limestone throughout the site made system siting a challenge.
system to provide tertiary treat-
ment, including further BOD/TSS Solution: The design and installation of an Infiltrator Advanced Treatment Leachfield
reduction, nitrification and deni- (ATL) system reduced the drainfields footprint by nearly half compared to a stone-and-pipe
trification. The first unit is oper- system. Extensive soils investigation and testing were conducted to locate the 3,150 gpd
ated in an aerobic mode. The system over soils without potentially large voids that would allow effluent to migrate into the
second is operated in an anaero- native soils without proper treatment. The modular geotextile media, sand-lined wastewater
bic mode to facilitate denitrifica- treatment and dispersal leachfield system is designed for quick and easy installation, has no
tion. The third is operated in an moving parts and no venting or additional sand cover requirements.
aerobic mode to provide polishing of the effluent. The units are fixed-bed biological reactors.
Result: The system treats the effluent from locker room showers, an administrative office
A carbon feed is added to the anaerobic unit to provide a carbon source for the denitrifying
and a machine shop before it enters the disturbed soils. Effluent flows out of the facility via a
bacteria. The system recirculated 100 percent of plant effluent discharging from the ATU
4-inch PVC pipe to the first septic tank. It then moves to a pump tank where it is dosed twice
units back to the initial anaerobic septic holding tanks.
daily using on-demand alternating pumps to four ATL beds creating a drainfield. Effluent is
Result: As a result of a combination of the ECOPOD-Ns ability to reduce total nitrogen along absorbed into the underlying native soil. Each zone took two days to install, then was covered
with some simple process modifications, test data shows the system is able to consistently re- with 12 inches of topsoil hauled from another area of the mine and seeded. 800/221-4436;
duce TN below the MOE criteria of 5 mg/L. 800/219-9183;

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Dewaters Overnight >All Stainless Steel &

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In The Round Dewatering

2012 IH 7300,
2300 gallon aluminum tank, 607 Challenger Max pack
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Innovative Environmental Products and Solutions Since 1970

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A.R. North America Heil of Texas Texas Undergound (PipeHunter)
Atlas Inspection Services Hydra-Flex TRIC Tools
Allan J. Coleman KEG Technologies, Inc. Trio Vision LLC dba Cobra Tech
Cam Spray Medit, Inc. Ultra Shore
CLS Equipment Co. Nozzteq, Inc. US Jetting
CUES Perma-Liner Vac-Con
GapVax Pipe Lining Supply - Missouri Vanguard Pathogen
Godwin Pumps, Sewer Equipment Defense Systems
a Xylem Brand Spartan Tool VaraCorp, LLC
Green Equipment Co. Zoeller Pump Company
List current as of 2-22-17.
Additional companies being added daily.
Please check the website for updates.

The V-100 Series reel from COXREELS fea-
tures improved O-ring sealing designed for
greater vacuum consistency and perfor-
in the mance, and a new swivel-retention system
SPOTLIGHT that strengthens the frame and prevents sepa-
NEXTGEN SEPTIC By Anthony Drew ration of the swivel under excessive lateral loading. The
OFFERS CLEAN WATER, new swivel also allows for connecting a 2-inch hose in addition to the 1.5-
SMALL FOOTPRINT AND A RETROFIT inch hose, making the reel more accessible for home and light commercial
TREATMENT SOLUTION applications. The V-100 Series is available in either a 35- or 50-foot model.
The need for advanced septic systems is on the rise as regulations, varying
treatment requirements and failing rural onsite systems necessitate innovation.
What are contractors supposed to do when theyre faced with a failed system, WATER CANNON
uncooperative terrain or a lot thats simply too small for a traditional drainfield? POLY DRIVE
Thats the question Green Forward Technologies CEO Rakesh Govind had in CLEANING
mind when he developed NextGen Septic. MACHINES
The NextGen Septic features a multistage process that uses a combination of The Poly Drive twin-cylin-
conventional anaerobic treatment and aerobic treatment by biofilms. A compart- der pressure washer from
mented tank with a working capacity of 1,509 gallons treats sewage under anoxic Water Cannon features a Honda GX 690 engine and industrial-duty Gen-
conditions to break down solids before moving it to the aerobic stage. eral Pump TSP Series pump. The result is 6,000 psi of power for commer-
We expedite the formation of biofilms using specially coated, high-surface-ar- cial and industrial cleaning applications. The units are also equipped with
ea biomedia, says Govind. The biofilms are significantly more stable, and theyre a Gates Poly Drive long-life belt system that is laser aligned. Standard ac-
capable of handling a wide variety of contaminants. The aerobic treatment by cessories include a 50-foot pressure washer hose with quick couplers for
biofilms is followed by membrane separation that Govind explains uses proven continuous washing, four quick-connect spray tips, aluminum frame,
anti-clog membrane technology. safety belt guard and a high-rated trigger gun and wand. 800/333-9274;
The final stage is UV disinfection for water that can be reused in toilets or dis-
charged as surface water. NextGen produces effluent that exceeds water-quality
standards, Govind says. Since treated water from the system has practically no
turbidity, soil clogging is not an issue. Govind says NextGen even helps unclog OXFORD PLASTICS TEMPFENCE
failed drainfields from legacy systems. Oxford Plastics collaborates with fence contractors
With water that clear, Govind says there are many possibilities for the NextGen to manufacture products for the temporary fence
system. It can be used for business and suburban applications, such as office or industry. BigFoot Fence Weights offer an alterna-
apartment buildings, he says. Because the system requires no drainfield, tanks tive to sandbags, OxBlock HiVis are an alternative
can be placed in out-of-ground locations like rooftops and piped so that water to concrete feet, and the OxStand provides an al-
output is used for irrigation or other nonconsumption use. ternative to tube stands. All are designed to provide
The NextGen Septic system also has a retrofit option for system repairs. The safe alternatives to traditional temporary fencing.
technology can be added to standard, approved septic tanks. Govind says the Oxford Plastics also offers EnduraMat ground
system can be used in many situations beyond the traditional rural onsite system. covers, a range of barriers, trench covers and
This expandable system can be applied across multiple scenarios, he says. composite modular road plates. 800/567-9182;
In cases of community development, NextGen has developed a community septic
model, which is a hybrid between a packaged treatment plant and an advanced
septic tank.
Using a runtime system for its pump, the NextGen operates for less than $200
per year. A 1,200-volt, single-phase power connection to the home also relays
alarm signals for monitoring purposes. The programmable logic controller is
also connected to the internet, allowing for remote monitoring. 513/262-9506

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Vacuum Sales Inc.
51 Stone Road, Lindenwold, NJ 08021

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Hinge Systems
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BrenLin Company, Inc

Manufacturers of Seal-R Products
888-606-1998 |
(continued) Since 1979 March 2017 89
FOR REAL Ledwell 70th anniversary
LEARNING Ledwell & Son Enterprises
celebrated 70 years of manufac-
turing trailer and truck bodies in
Upcoming Training & Events 2016. A few operational features of
Ledwell vacuum trucks and trail-
ers are: ASME/DOT 412, multi-

SAVE THE DATES compartment tanks; hydraulically

operated front hoists and full-opening rear doors; Liquid Ring technology;
and continuous-duty vacuum pumps with auxiliary off-loading capability.

COLORADO PENNSYLVANIA Muncie Power Products M-Power Tech

CPOW/NAWT Installer Course 8th Waste Treatment Symposium available in Spanish
March 17, 2017 August 23-24, 2017 Muncie Power Products announced that its online power take-off and
Bolder, CO Apollo, PA mobile hydraulic system training program, M-Power Tech, is now available
Lisa Nicoll - 720-626-8989 in Spanish. M-Power Tech users can access the online program from any-
CPOW@CPOW.NET where and complete lessons at their own pace.
2-DAY NAWT Inspection Training Continental plant honored with
CPOW/NAWT Design Course April 12-13, 2017 Ambassador of Energy Efficiency award
March 21-22, 2017 Ruidoso, NM Continental ContiTechs St. Marys, Ohio, plant received the Ambassa-
Eagle, CO Nanci Swanner/Jace - 575-937-7484 dor of Energy Efficiency award from Efficiency Smart, a Columbus-based
Lisa Nicoll - 720-626-8989 company that assists businesses with implementing energy-efficient prod-
CPOW@CPOW.NET ucts and services. The plant replaced metal halide lights in its facility with
high-performance T8s and installed LED wall-packs and floodlights.
CPOW/CO Site and Soil NAWT Inspector Course
May 16-17, 2017 March 31 - April 1, 2017
Castle Rock, CO San Marcos, TX
Lisa Nicoll - 720-626-8989 Brian Murphy - 817-467-0213

CPOW/NAWT Inspector Course RETS/NAWT - Septic Training

November 16-17, 2017 Inspector Course
Greenwood Village, CO September 8-9, 2017
Lisa Nicoll - 720-626-8989 Arlington, TX
CPOW@CPOW.NET Brian Murphy - 817-467-0213

FOR REAL 800-236-6298
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THANK Pictured: Super Wolverine 8# Unit

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THANK Septic Vent Filters

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-AAA Industrial Triplex Pump
867.97 290 Alpha
Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15238
800.556.0111 412.252.7000
1-800-213-3272 Makers of the Wolverine Brand
(866-667-8465) of Odor Control Solutions 973-846-7817 in NJ
-SIMPSON 420cc, 4-Stroke Engine
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Abrasion Resistant Monster Hose
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YOU (9274)

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Market Includes:
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Year Sensor
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7 Tripod
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Fall Protection
Work Winch
Full Body
Body Harness
Municipal and Industrial Digester and Lagoon Cleaning
THANK Double Belt Filter Presses Liner Repair & Replacement YOU

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classif ieds Fully-equipped Long Island, NY cess-
pool cleaning company for sale. Estab-
see photos in color at Fr e e S e r v i c e R e m i n d e r S o f t w a r e . c o m ,
lished 50+ years serving Nassau & Suf-
folk Counties with excellent reputation and Fr e e S e r v i c e D i s p a t c h S o f t w a r e . c o m ,
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drain cleaning calls every week. Best offer. (P03)
Septic Tank Cleaning & Inspection Ser-
516-993-0446 (P04)
vice Business for Sale in Central Maine. DEWATERING
Owner is retiring and is motivated to sell. Florida septic business for sale with two Portable septic and grease receiving sta-
Profitable (Average 3-yr Gross $205K), turn- Pre-owned 2016 Presvac 5,500 U.S. gal-
trucks and all equipment. Established 36 tions, dual-screen design. Screens that really lon, carbon steel, D.O.T. 412 (A.S.M.E.)
key business with 5,200 loyal customer years. Specializing in drainfields, tank instal- work - simple, non-mechanical. Set it up any-
base. Two pump truck operation (1) 2000 vacuum tanker with a hydraulic-driven
lations and repairs. $289,000 negotiable. where. 208-790-8770 Fruitland RCF500 pump. (Stock# 5002C)
GMC - 2,500-gallon capacity. (1) 2004 Pe- Commercially-zoned house & office available (PBM)
terbilt 4,500-gallon capacity. Serious in-
for an additional $130,000. Serious inquiries
quiries only! Email Dewatering Solids Units. 1. Hycor Roto (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) PBM
only. Call for more info. 727-326-5044. (P06)
or call 207-782-1620 (PBM) Strainer Screen for removal of core solids.
Municipal & Residential Sewer/Septic Com- It is stainless steel, 4 ft. long and comes
For Sale: Very reputable portable restroom pany for sale in Conroe, TX, which is on the with 20,000 wedge wire screen plus a hy-
company of 25 years. Main ofce in Edin- north side of Houston. 1.7 acres unrestrict- droscreen. Asking $10,000. 2. Roto Strainer
burg/McCook, TX and yards in Cotulla, TX ed zoning, 3,000 sq. ft. of buildings, bunk Screen. It is stainless steel, 8 ft. long and
and Cuero, TX. For more information, price house, office, work shop with 14' doors, comes with hydroscreen. $25,000. Please
and whats included, please call 956-842- billboard. 2014 3-bedroom, double-wide contact 734-722-8922. (P03)
3603. Sale due to owners retiring. (P04) mobile home. (3) Vactors, (2) Aries cameras,
commercial septic truck with hoist & rear Pre-owned 2,300 U.S. gallon, carbon
Septic Tank Pumping Business, Central North
door. Services include: municipal sewer line
DRAIN/SEWER steel, D.O.T. certified, vacuum pressure
Carolina. Excellent income. Two (2) pump CLEANING EQUIPMENT
trucks, excellent condition. Owners retiring. cleaning & televising, root cutting, manhole tank. Mounted on 2002 International
Willing to train new owners. $250,000 firm. inspection & repair, lift station cleaning, 2014 Bullfrog Industries Crapshooter: 1,500 cab and chassis with a Presvac PV750
Also available: 3-bedroom house with large lot. septic pumping, smoke testing. $579,000. psi, 1.65gpm suitcase jetter unit with 100' vacuum pressure pump. (Stock# 0529V)
Contact (P03) Contact Ben 952-994-1117. (P04) and 50' jetter hose. Barely used. $950 OBO.
717-738-2149 (P03) (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) PBM
Busy sewer, drain, septic and PSU business Septic Business for sale in central Flori-
in rural Oregon. Buy-in, or buy-out, either da, truck and equipment, 40+ yrs., same
way, owners are out within three years maxi- phone # 352-429-2426. $250,000. Email DRAINFIELD RESTORATION
mum. Complete training and seamless tran- (P05)
Terralifts - New and Used. Financing avail-
sition with all licensing, certifications and
Portable Restroom Business for Sale able for qualified buyers. For more infor-
customers. Septic pumping and inspections,
in Midcoast Maine. Loyal customer base mation call Dick Crane 800-223-2256 or
drain field cleaning, system maintenance
for 20 years. Event, contractor, sinks, for electronic brochure. www.
and repairs, portable toilets, rest room trail-
12-place trailer, 400/700 Imperial Indus- (PBM)
ers, sewer and drain cleaning and jetting.
tries tank on an F-550. Serious inquiries Pre-owned 2,300 U.S. gallon, carbon
Phenomenal growth over the past five years Small septic company looking for a Terralift
only. $125,000. or steel, DOT certified, vacuum pressure
with excellent reputation, margins, cashflow machine in good condition. Please contact
207-449-8741. (P04) tank. Mounted on 2000 International
and future potential! We roll hard and fast in Tim at 804-539-5657 with available equip- cab and chassis with a Presvac PV750
large geographic region. Turnkey operation WIND RIVER ENVIRONMENTAL is actively ment. (P03) vacuum pressure pump. (Stock# 4509V)
with excellent books, records, staff, equip- seeking opportunities to acquire companies
ment and customer base. Business, real es- New and used terralifts for sale starting at
in the septic, grease, waste hauling, drain
tate, shop/office, trucks and all equipment. $20,000 used and $38,000 new. Financing (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) PBM
cleaning and commercial plumbing service
$785,000. Would make an excellent family lines on the East Coast. Join a winning team! available. Call John at AerraTech 413-298-
business. Call 503-457-5659. (P03) Check us out at 4272. (PBM)

Septic Pumping Business for Sale. Serv- Email or call my

cell at 717-587-1909. (P04)
ing Wilmington, MA and surrounding com- HAZARDOUS WASTE UNITS
munities. Includes 1987 Mack pump truck
Looking to start your own septic tank
w/3,000-gallon tank, portable water jet, in-
business in Florida? I can help. Have li-
spection camera. 600+ customers. Call 978-
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1998 King Vac, 1998 Mack RD688, 300
KLM Companies success stories. Dewey Walker, 813-704- 617-909-9044 PBM Mack, 3,000-gallon tank w/recent inspec-
6599 or 813-758-2552. (PBM) tion. $49,000. Call 713-206-2540 (P04)
P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E

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1998 King Vac, 1998 Ford L8T, 8.3-liter
Cummins, 3,000-gallon tank replaced Xtreme Flow Trailer Jetter Hot/Cold!
4/2012. .................................. $79,900 Model# HJ2TA8536, tandem axle trailer, 1990 International 4700, DT466, 5-
800-535-8606, OH P03 2001 Peterbilt Vactor 2100: C-10 CAT, 35 hp Vanguard 10 gpm @ 3,850 psi, speed, 158,000 miles, hydraulic brakes,
push-button Allison. 80gpm @ 2,000psi. 325-gallon water tank, 300' hose, Gen- under CDL. 1,500-gallon stainless tank,
61,000 municipal miles. Exceptionally eral pump. Fully loaded! List $36,995. 65gpm Myers pump, Ford power unit
clean unit. Ready to work. Delivery avail- On sale for $32,995. with recent long block. $19,500. Also
able. CHAMBERS MOTOR CO., Boring, 800-213-3272, have OBrien trailer jet - $3,000.
JET VACS Oregon .................................... $99,500 PBM
715-533-2262, WI P03
Call John 503-887-0070 PBM
Myers Ram jet, 1986 Ford F-700 Ford die-
sel, Myers D65-20 pump. 500-ft of 1-inch
hose. 70,000-miles. Like new. $14,500 OBO.
734-365-4035 (P04)
2000 Mack Vac-Con RD688S T/A
350hp, Maxitorque T21130 13-speed, Vactor 850, 1984 GMC 8.2 diesel. 600 feet of
Camelback suspension, 270-inch WB. 1-inch hose. Tank needs repair. $4,500 OBO.
Vac-Con V312SHCE tank, rear gate, 734-365-4035 (P04)
hoist, silver face heater, Cummins 4-cyl.
2003 OBrien FC-3515 sewer jetter,
aux., 60,013 miles. 3,000/6,000-watt
inverter. Unit has hot water to steam,
3,500psi, 15gpm, Kubota diesel pow- LEASE/FINANCING
1995 Ford L8000 Vactor 2115: 80gpm ered. 300-gallon water, 500' 1/2" hose,
jetters, LED worklight and backup light. Western Equipment Finance, a bank-
@ 2,000psi, 120,773 miles, 9,226 pony regularly maintained. Low hours, stored
Main 7,068 hours, Auxiliary 2,714 hours. owned direct lender, is committed to con-
motor hours. New: Fan blades and clutch, indoors. Solid machine. Delivery avail-
$65,000 Delivered to Port of Tacoma, tinuing to help you prosper. All equipment
rodder pump, hose reel bearing and lock. able ...........................................$9,500
Washington. Currently located in Alaska. types, new or used; we have the best rates
Tires are between 50-100%. .. $48,000 330-231-5943, OH P04 and terms you deserve. App-Only Financ-
907-398-5263, AK P03 Call Josh 952-873-3292, MN P03 ing and credit decisions within an hour. Call
the team you can trust, Jim Stekl at West-
Pre-owned 2007 PipeHunter trailer-mounted
ern Equipment Finance 701-665-1647.
Vac-Con industrial machine mounted on a jetting unit Model 38T44. 4,000psi @ 25gpm (PBM)
pre-owned 2006 Sterling cab and chassis. w/335 U.S. gallon water tank. (Stock# 4313V)
(Stock #8593C) www.VacuumSalesInc. (888) VAC- Quick and easy financing for new or used
com (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) equipment without all the headaches.
Credit is not an issue. We have working
Vac-Con V390LHA combination unit with SECA 900-gallon fiberglass tank, Myers
capital available for commercial equip-
Roots 827 blower, 1999 International Mod- D65-20 pump, 6-cylinder Perkins diesel,
ment purchases $20,000 to $2,000,000.
el 2554 cab and chassis. (Stock #3918C) 1-inch hose, low hours. Nice machine.
$14,400 OBO. 734-365-4035 (P04) BSG Services - Call 866-259-5370 or email
2015 Camel Western Star 1200 com-, (888) VAC- (PBM)
bo truck, 824 blower, ejector plate, 12- UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)
yd. debris tank, 80gpm @ 2,000psi water
system, 1,500-gallon freshwater, 600' of Jack Doheny Supplies Inc. offers a full range JETTERS-TRUCK MISCELLANEOUS
1" jet hose. Front pump-off system. Low of late model combo units and DOT industrial
Selling septic trucks and a septic tank stake
hours and miles. Call for more informa- vacuum loaders. Call us @1-800-3DOHENY.
truck with 16-unit carry capacity - $12,000.
tion and pricing. (PBM)
300-gallon slide-in septic tank for a pickup
Jay 317-769-2777, IN P04 - $1,500. 3,000-gallon septic International
1998 Vactor 2100: 162,129 miles, 9,336
hours. Cummins C8 drive motor. Cummins 5.9 truck - $15,000. GMC TopKick with 700-gal-
pony motor. $47,000. 408-377-2793 (P03) lon capacity tank - $5,000. 1,100-gallon
capacity septic truck - $15,000. Location:
Brighton, Michigan. Call 810-217-4639, ask
1999 SECA 747-SP: 40 gpm @ 2,000 for Bart. (P03)
JETTERS-TRAILER psi, 700-gallon poly tank. 4,940 hours.
OBrien trailer jet, 30gpm, 3/4" hose, Wiscon- Mounted on ex-municipal truck with 31 cases of alcohol-free foaming hand sani-
sin engine. Hose and fuel tank needs to be 37,400 miles. ........................ $16,000 tizer Betco Clario 77829-00 with 48 black
2015 Freightliner Camel combo truck, 608-835-7767, WI dispensers. 17 cases of Gel-Rite gel hand
cleaned, but runs and works. Comes with root PBM
824 blower, ejector plate, 12-yd. debris sanitizer. Derma Rite 00100BB. Also EZ Foam
saw. $3,000 OBO. 715-533-2262 (P04)
tank, 80gpm at 2,000psi, 1,500-gallon dispensers, 24 total. 419-865-4830 (P03)
freshwater, 600' of 1" jet hose. Low Trailer Jet SRECO 2004, 4-cylinder Ford - 1975 Ford F-700: 5-speed, 35,000 miles. Hy-
hours and miles. Front pump-off system. gas, Myers-35-20 pump, 750-gallon poly draulic brakes. Non CDL. No a/c. O'Brien jet
Call for more information and price. tank. Very good condition. $11,750 OBO. ran by Ford pony motor. 600' reel, 60gpm at Submit your classified ad online!
Jay 317-769-2777, IN P04 or call 734-365- 2,000psi. 1,000-gallon water tank. Runs and
4035 (P04) jets good. $7,500. Call 706-798-8080 (P03)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E Since 1979 March 2017 95


2007 Freightliner M2106: Mercedes

Complete Portable Toilet service engine, automatic, air brakes, 309,778
(26) ADAs, (12) Double-basin Sinks, 2007 International 4300: DT466, auto-
miles. 1,500/500 aluminum tank,
truck mount units (turn-key), mount- matic, air breaks,283k miles. 1,500-gal-
(10) Double Trailers: Currently selling Masport HXL4V. Dual side service, 2-unit
26 Five Peaks Matterhorn handicap ADA ed on your truck or ours. Tool boxes, lon tank (1,100 waste, 400 fresh) Rebuilt
carrier. Under CDL. ................. $38,000
units, 12 PolyJohn Applause double-ba- dual work stations, dc10 washdown engine 2014, rebuilt transmission 2015.
pump, reversible vacuum pump, hose Call or text Bill ..................................... Asking $29,000
sin sinks and 10 PolyJohn double field 614-496-5571, OH
trailers (holds 2 standard units). Asking reel, set up complete, toilet racks avail- P03
Call Mike or Josh
prices: ADAs - $600 each; Sinks - $250 able. 1100 waste/400 fresh: $21,000, 901-452-7040, TN P03
each; Trailers - $800 each. Call or email 1700 waste/600 fresh: $23,500. Any
for more information: custom options or sizes available!
217-239-5646, IL P03 TexLa Services 936-641-3938 P03

20 used portable restrooms. Blue with yellow

tops. $199 each. Scott Williams 706-832- 2007 Ford F550 diesel 137,503 miles,
5224 (P03) Keith Huber body 750/350, dual side
service, 2-unit carrier. ............ $28,000
PORTABLE RESTROOM Call or text Bill 1996 International 4700 LP, holds
614-496-5571, OH P03 500 gallons wastewater and 250 gallons
TANKS freshwater. ............................ $10,000
FOR SALE: (21) PolyJohn 250-gallon, low- Call 724-947-9008, PA P03

profile holding tanks. $250 each. Call 956- For Sale: 2006 International 4300 toilet
842-3603. (P03) truck & tank. DT466 engine, Allison auto.
transmission, a/c, air brakes, air-ride
drivers seat. Abernethy unit 700-300
PORTABLE RESTROOM tank, Masport HXL75 pump, dual side
TRAILERS service, 2-toilet carrier. With pressure
from truck can use vacuum on waste
2 Decons, 28' Tonto, 18' Royal, 2001 ASCI, & freshwater. In good condition, no CDL
needed. ................. $30,000 negotiable 2007 International 4300, engine over-
16' Presidential, 26' Presidential, portable toi-
haul at 250,000 miles. Restroom servic-
let hauler trailers. 315-437-1291, NY. (PBM) 410-239-1228 P03
ing. 500 freshwater/1,000 waste. PTO
pump. Call or text for more info. $19,999
2011 Optimum 28 Portable Restroom Trailer:
949-244-8698, CA 1999 International 4700 LP pumper,
9/2 restroom trailer. Great for male-dominant P03
holds 500 gallons wastewater and 250
site. Large waste tank with hot-water heater.
gallons freshwater. ................. $10,000
Arctic package for extreme cold temps. In
2012 Isuzu NQR diesel, automatic, 900/300 Call 724-947-9008, PA P03
great shape and ready for work. $35,000.
aluminum tank, Masport pump, two-unit car-
435-896-9212 (P03)
rier, 141,000 miles. $36,000 OBO. Call 845-
24' Olympic portable restroom trailer for 883-7880. (P03) 2007 Ford F550 4x4: New 11 flatbed, new
sale. 5 stalls, 3 urinals, 2 sinks. $12,000. 800-gallon portable toilet slide-in tank -
2007 Isuzu NPR: 600-gallon waste compart- 540/260. Conde Super 6, 70cfm, 5.5hp
Call 844-274-7464. (P03) ment, 350-gallon freshwater compartment. electric start Honda. Bucket fill, 30 Tiger Tail.
2006 International City Freight 500: 60 cubic feet of dry storage space. 108,000
1990 Olympic 10-station restroom trailer, Ready to work. $27,995. Denver CO. 303-
6-cylinder diesel, 93,000 original miles, miles. Can transport 4 portable restrooms.
24'. Women's 4 stalls, Men's 2 stalls/4 uri- 789-9440 Ask for Matt. (PBM)
auto transmission. Stainless tank built in $18,000. For more information please con-
nals. New exterior paint. North East, MD. 2013, Conde pump electric start Honda, tact (P03)
$7,800. Contact Robert @ 443-553-1517; 2006 Ford F550 4x4: New 11 flatbed, new
pail dump & water pump. 6-unit carrier (P03) 2008 Isuzu NPRHD: Crescent flat tank, 6-unit 950-gallon portable toilet slide-in tank -
with liftgate, 60 inch & 32 inch alumi-
carrier,120,000 miles, diesel/automatic/ex- 650/300. Conde SDS6, 9hp electric start
num tool boxes with stainless doors.
haust brake. Thieman liftgate, 550w/250f, Honda. Bucket fill, 30 Tiger Tail. Ready to
Tires are 80%, trailer hitch. Truck is
PORTABLE RESTROOM ready to work! Masport pump. Dual side service, work lights. work. $29,995. Denver, CO. 303-789-9440
Ask for Matt. (PBM)
TRUCKS Call 989-284-9193, MI P04
Serviced every 5,000 miles. Clean truck.
$39,000 OBO. Call 203-748-6906. (P03)
2001 Ford F650: Cummins engine, Allison 2007 International 4300 1,350-gallon
auto. transmission, a/c, 280k miles. Prime in- 2002 Isuzu FTR: Allison auto., air brakes, 2000 Isuzu NQR: Automatic transmission, re- $39,500; 2006 International 4300 1,350-gal-
dustrial 700 waste/400 water, Masport HXL4 air-conditioning, under CDL. 1,100-gallon built motor. 450,000 miles. 750-gallon - 500 lon $37,500; 2002 International 4300
pump. No winters. $29,000. More info/ques- sludge/400-gallon water. Keith Huber Prin- waste, 250 water. Call 800-461-0032 for 1,350-gallon $21,000. 256-757-9900 or
tions call Jim 231-690-2964 no text. (P03) cess II. $22,900. 401-663-1002 (P03) pictures or further info. (P03) (PBM)
P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E

96 Pumper March 2017

POSITIONS AVAILABLE 2016 Acro Vacuum Trailer: Stainless steel
6,000 gallon, DOT certified double conical
DISPATCH MANAGER PROFESSIONAL: Grow- with air-ride suspension. Aluminum wheels
ing portable toilet company in Akron, Ohio all positions, full hose trays, OSHA walkways
looking for an experienced Dispatch Manager. and railings. Vacuum pump option either hy-
Must have at least 5 years experience, strong draulic or self-contained. KLM Rentals, Inc.
customer service skills, must be versed on 617-909-9044 (PBM)
2011 Chevrolet 3500HD, 4x4, Dura- the latest technology and have excellent com-
max 6.6, 1-ton, DRW, Allison automatic munication skills. We offer top pay, benefits, SEPTIC TRUCKS 2003 Peterbilt 379, C15 Caterpillar
transmission, 126,590 miles. NEW company match retirement plan, new state- with 335,000 miles, Eaton-Fuller. Double
Conde SDS-12 hydraulic-drive pump. of-the-art facility for a comfortable working frame, big rear end, dual stacks, drop
12v washdown pump,2010 Imperial environment. Will assist with moving expens- visor. Karymore 5,100-gallon aluminum
600-gallon aluminum tank. Aluminum es. Serious candidates please send resume to: tank with Masport HXD 400W pump.
bed/lift gate. NEW brakes, no rust. (P03) Woodgrain dash, cloth seats. $85,000.
..................................... $37,500 OBO 2000 Peterbilt 379, C15 Caterpillar,
GapVax, Inc., a nationally recognized manu- 221,000 miles in-frame done less than
facturing business, is seeking a talented,
715-874-5274, WI P05 10,000 miles ago. Eaton-Fuller, double
highly motivated individual to fill a full-time
frame, big rear end. Karymore 5,100-gal-
Sales Position in the Midwest (Iowa based 2012 Peterbilt 365: Paccar 485 en- lon aluminum tank. Jurop pump just re-
preferred) region. GapVax is the leading gine, 8LL transmission, 4700 Pik Rite built. $65,000.
manufacturer of industrial and municipal tank. 220,000 miles. .............. $98,000
vacuum units and hydroexcavation units 386-672-1576, FL P03
Dave 724-747-3229, PA P03
in the United States. We provide the most
reliable, comprehensive, and efficient mo-
bile vacuum units in the industrial and
municipal markets. Specifications of the
2012 Mitsubishi Fuso: 3.0-liter turbo position are listed on our website, www.
diesel, 123,563 miles. 300/150 Impe-, click on the Now Hiring link in
rial steel tank, Honda GX240 8.0 mo- the left hand column. Send resumes to or
tor. Carries 6 with gate up, 8 with gate or 575 Central Avenue,
down. .................................. $30,000 Johnstown, PA 15902. (PBM)
574-896-5424, IN P03 PRESSURE WASHERS 2009 International WorkStar: Interna-
tional engine, 225,000 miles, 4,200-gal-
Industrial Pressure Washer - New w/warranty lon Curry vac tank, Masport pump. 2014 Kenworth T-270: Cummins
2007 Ford F550: diesel, auto, fresh rebuild $9,500. 2,000psi, 18gpm. 999cc Kohler & AR ................................................ $67,500 325hp, Eaton-Fuller 8-speed,127k miles,
on engine with warranty. 600w/300f stain- pump. Will deliver. 321-800-5763 (PBM) 248-431-5899, MI Jurop RV360. New tires all around, new
less steel vacuum tank, Masport pump.
Honda horizontal GX engines, new in-the-box P03 paint tank & frame. Excellent truck in ex- Call JR. @
w/warranty. GX200QX - $399; GX270QAG - cellent condition. ..................... $78,900
720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)
$579; GX390QA - $599 delivered price. 800- 804-895-6355, VA P03
2009 Dodge 5500: 6.7 Cummins diesel, 363-9855 or (PBM)
auto., 4x4, new aluminum vacuum tank,
700w/200f, Masport pump. Honda engine. PUMPS Call JR. @
720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) Buy & Sell all makes and models, new & used
vacuum pumps & high pressure water pumps,
2005 Chevy Kodiak 4500: Duramax die- and good used replacement parts. Call for an 2013 Kenworth T-800: Loaded. 5,000-
sel, auto., 4x4, 13-ft flatbed, 52,000 miles. inventory sheet and save. www.Vacuum gallon steel tank, D-Mag 800cfm jetter.
Like-new. $35,000. Vacuum tank & pump, (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) Ready to work. 210,000 miles. $130,000
can be added for additional cost. www. Call 850-902-9044, FL 2012 International 7500 SBA: 141,000
(PBM) P03 Call JR. @ 720-253- miles, MaxxForce 350hp, 58,000 GVW.
8014, CO. (PBM) 2 New Goulds submersible lift pumps, Imperial 4,000-gallon aluminum tank.
Model# WS 5012 D4, 5hp, 230-volt single Challenger 866 vacuum pump. Heated
phase, 3" discharge. $2,500 each. Call 419- valves. Runs great. ................... $69,000
358-1936. (P03) 715-234-6325, WI

Attention large outdoor events promoters For Sale: Two (2) Myers M1610K40 pumps
and seasonal campgrounds requiring show- only. or
ers, sinks and hot water availability: FOR phone 714-259-7700. (PBM)
2010 International 5900i PayStar:
SALE: Two (2) 40-ft. shower containers. 14 Cummins ISX, 525hp, 18-speed, Fruitland
shower heads per container, handicap ac- RENTAL EQUIPMENT pump. Hendrickson air ride, 18/46 axles,
cessible. Trailer and accessories included. double frame. New red paint on 4,600+
Liquid vacs, wet/dry industrial vacs, combi-
For pictures go to (110 Barrel) J&J lined tank. Low miles,
nation jetter/vacs, vacuum street sweeper &
712-428-6143 or cell 712-880-1250. (PBM) loaded cab. Very nice truck inside and 2005 Mack: 677k miles, AC310/330hp
catch basin cleaner, truck & trailer mount-
ed jetters. All available for daily, weekly, out. ........................................ $110,000 diesel, 4,000-gallon tank.
Submit your classified ad online! monthly, and yearly rentals. VSI Rent- Call 810-614-9141 Andrew 561-302-7195, FL als, LLC, (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) or 586-996-5552, MI P03 P04 (PBM)
P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E Since 1979 March 2017 97


1993 Peterbilt 377: 3,600-gallon tank, 2005 Kenworth T800: C15 motor,
new pump. Ready to drive anywhere. 210,000 miles, 10-speed. 4,000-gallon
2003 Sterling Keith Huber Dominator
Turn-Key Vacuum Tank Units: 3,600- ............................................... $35,000 waste, 200-gallon freshwater. Transway
3,000 waste/300 fresh is for sale. Fleet-
gallon, unit mounted on your truck or 276-620-0533, VA 1200 pump. High-pressure jet, full-open
maintained and 173,000 miles. We are
ours; $23,500. 2,500-gallon truck units; P03
rear door, hoist and vibrator. New tires.
painting the truck now (white) and line-
$20,000. 1,500-gallon truck units; ...................................... $125,000 OBO
X. We upgraded to a new unit and this is
$17,000. Self-contained vacuum skids,
is still bulletproof. 440cfm hydraulic vac 802-658-6243, VT P03
1,000-gallon; $11,000. 2,500-gallon
pump with dump bed and rear-opening
painted tanks ready to mount; $13,000.
door. You can drive it anywhere, No oil
PortaPotty trucks and any custom op-
leaks, runs perfect. 68mph top speed.
tions or sizes available!
................................................. $58,000
TexLa Services
678-906-0712, GA P03
936-641-3938 P03

2006 International with 1992 Keith

Huber Dominator. Truck has 295,980
miles on it; tank has original identifica- 1997 Freightliner FL70: 8.3 Cummins,
tion plate. .................... Asking $37,500 145,000 miles.2003 Imperial 2,500-gal-
Danny 228-832-5600, MS P03 lon tank, 367 Challenger pump, heated
valves. ................................... $26,000
2011 International DuraStar: 33,000
GVW, 6-speed, 100,000 low miles. Call 507-867-1666, MN P03

2,500-gallon Progress aluminum tank. 2005 International 4400: Original

Also 100-gallon tank for PTO-powered owner, 132,500 miles, clean (garaged),
jetter w/electric reel. ................ $61,500 Masport HXL400WV, 7-speed manual,
765-744-0862, IN new clutch 12/15, 2,300-gallon alumi-
num tank, 50-gallon freshwater tank.
Looks great, runs and pumps with ease.
............................................... $58,500
Scotts Enterprises 1996 Kenworth T800: Cummins
989-275-5011, MI P03 M11, 370hp, 10-speed RoadRanger. 1996 International pump truck with
18k fronts, 44k rears, air bag suspen- new 3,600-gallon Abernethy tank. M-11
sion. 3,500-gallon tank, 367 Challenger strong 9-speed, a/c, new tires R-260.
pump. 3" valve, 4" valve, 6" dump. North Florida ................... $45,000 firm
Heated valves. ....................... $35,000 William 850-902-9044 P03
Squires, Pierson and Sons, Inc.
2002 International 4400: DT466,
631-283-1403, NY P03
269,000 miles, Allison 3060P. 2,400-gal- 1986 GMC General, tandem axle, 350 Big
lon Jay's hoisted tank (steel), 747 Na- Cam Cummins, 15-speed Fuller transmission.
tional Vacuum blower, air push axle. 800,000 miles, engine rebuilt at 600,000
................................................ $35,000 miles. 4,000-gallon tank w/rebuilt Jurop
218-744-4443, MN P04 2007 Freightliner: 60-Series Detroit, R260 pump. $11,000. 719-576-7707. (P03)
455 horsepower. Only 117k miles!
10-speed transmission, a/c, jake. New 2001 Sterling Acterra: Good starter or back-
3,500-gallon tank with stainless steel up truck. 340k on truck, 100k on engine.
hose trays and aluminum on sides. Needs minor repairs, nothing major. Runs/
Fruitland 500 vacuum pump--used very pumps great everyday. $32,500. Call/text
little. New stear tires and paint. This 859-621-6526. (P03)
truck is in excellent shape. .... $57,000
740-259-5555, OH P03

1993 International 4700 single-axle 2005 Kenworth T800 pump truck: 184k
bobtail vac truck. 280,000 miles, runs 1997 AutoCar/Volvo: Cummins N14 525hp miles, C13 motor, 10-speed. 4,000-gal- LIST YOUR
great. 1,200-gallon tank, new pump engine, Eaton 8LL 10-speed transmission. lon tank, full-hoist, rear-opening door, vi-
brator. Transway 1200 air-cooled pump,
on truck and also comes with a back-
up pump that needs to be refreshed.
2009 PikRite 5,000-gallon vacuum tank with
Presvac LPK vac pump. Excellent running high-pressure jet with 75-gallon water FOR SALE
............................................... $15,000 condition. $36,500. Used Presvac PV750 tank. Vacuum pump recently rebuilt.
...................................... $115,000 OBO
Call 701-340-7780, ND vac pump for sale, recently overhauled. P03 $2,500. Contact Frank@ActionKingServices. 802-658-6243, VT P03
com or 978-452-7750. (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E

98 Pumper March 2017

2007 International tandem-axle septic 2004 GMC 7500: Duramax diesel,
2002 Mack: Tank freshly painted, alumi- truck. 3,500-gallon aluminium tank, 250hp, 6-speed manual. 1,500-gallon
num freshly polished, liquid-cooled Jurop Masport 400 water-cooled pump. 10- vac tank, Jurop pump. 2000 Freightliner: 370hp, 10-speed
pump, cold AC, good rubber, brand new speed Eaton automatic transmission, Eaton manual transmission. Brand-new,
brakes, aluminum wheels. This truck is 235,383 miles. ...................... $82,500 Call JR @ 720-253-8014, CO PBM never-used 3,600-gallon carbon-steel
ready to go make money. ..$52,000 OBO
Call Rodney Lane tank. Battioni vacuum pump, 467cfm.
Darla 352-317-2527, FL P03 270-832-3793 P03 411,000 miles. Well maintained, 2nd
owner. ................................... $35,900
612-559-3456, MN P03

2006 Kenworth T800 EXT Cab, C15

2006 Sterling, 460 horsepower Mer- CAT, 18-speed. Aluminum 4,500-gallon
1999 Volvo: 400hp Cummins, Tran- Trucks for Sale, all work-ready. 2001
cedes, 265k miles, 10-speed transmis- tank. Wittig pump. Hauled only freshwa-
sway 3,800-gallon tank. New Fruitland F550 w/PikRite slide-in unit, $18,000.
sion, a/c, cruise, jake. Newer 4,200-gal- ter. 228,000 miles. ................. $75,000
pump March 2015, hoist just rebuilt. 1998 F550 toilet truck with Satellite
lon tank - lined inside and used very Dave 724-747-3229, PA
New transmission, 60k miles. .. $40,000 P03 tank, $18,000. 1996 Peterbilt septic
little. Fruitland 500 vacuum pump, 20k
Mike 443-235-5979, DE truck w/4,000-gallon, $38,000. 1996 In-
P03 lift. New tires and aluminum wheels.
ternational septic truck w/4,000-gallon,
Very clean, low-mile truck. ..... $55,000 2004 Freightliner FL70: 1,200-gallon unit,
$32,000. 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 toilet
740-820-5520, OH P03 low-entry cab with a van body and liftgate.
delivery truck, $10,000
(Stock# 4101V)
(888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 814-277-6227, PA P03

1992 International 2654 with a 4,000-gal-

lon, carbon-steel unit. Extremely low-
mileage municipal truck (Stock# 6246C).
2003 Peterbilt: 330hp Cummins, Al- (888) VAC-
lison automatic transmission, 207,465 UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)
miles. Air-ride chassis/seats, single-
1987 Kenworth T600A: CW CAT 6-cylinder.
axle, 2,800-gallon TST aluminum tank. 2001 Sterling Acterra: 2,800-gallon
Eaton-Fuller 15-speed. 8-bag A-R suspension. 1988 Kenworth pumper: LTA10 Cum-
4 & 6 heated valves, 6" air-operated Progress aluminum tank, Caterpillar
3,365-gallon vacuum tank, Masport 75 pump. mins, Jurop R260 pump. Holds 4,000 gal-
from cab/rear. Masport 400 pump. 3126 engine with 200,000 miles, re-
$31,000. Call lons wastewater. ...................... $22,500
50-gallon freshwater tank, hose reel. built Spicer 7-speed transmission, NVE
JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) Call 724-947-9008, PA
Tires like-new w/aluminum wheels, pump. ..................................... $32,500 P03
toolbox. Always kept inside, excellent 704-562-3523, SC P03 2012 International 4300: 260hp die-
condition. .................. Asking $55,000 sel, auto., 95,000 miles. New 1,850-gallon steel vacuum tank, new Masport pump. SERVICE/REPAIR
Five (5) older pump trucks with full-opening
715-874-5274, WI P05 Call JR. @ Dynamic Repairs - Inspection Camera
rear doors for sale. All are in good shape
720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) Repairs: 48 hour turn-around time. General
and work daily. 3,000 to 3,600 gallons with
Wire, Ratech, Ridgid, Electric Eel, Gator Cams,
large Jurop pumps. Contact Joe Waters @ 1996 Western Star: Detroit Series 60, Insight Vision, Vision Intruders. Quality service
775-691-1403. (P08) 18-speed transmission. Hendricks suspen- on all brands. Rental equipment available.
sion. 3,365-gallon vacuum tank, Masport For more info call Jack at 973-478-0893.
2005 Kenworth T-800: CAT 475, 18-speed, 400 pump.
20k front, 48 air ride. 4,000-gallon aluminum Lodi, NJ. (PBM)
Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)
full-opening rear door, RFW 200 vacuum
AVERAGE MONTHLY pump. Brakes 90%, rubber 90%. Truck works 1994 Peterbilt 377: Detroit Series 60, SLIDE-IN UNITS
CIRCULATION every day. $60,000. 800-696-0761 (P05) 10-speed transmission. 3,365-gallon vacu- NEW Robinson vacuum tank: 600-gallon
um tank, Masport HXL pump. www.pumper- aluminum, single-compartment. Conde Su-
2010 Sterling, 2,500-gallon tank with NVE Call JR. @ 720-253-8014,

liquid-cooled pump. 80,000 miles. Asking per 6, 5.5 Honda electric start, 30 ft. hose,
CO. (PBM) 30 wand and valve. $8,000. Call Mike 321-
$55,500. Wisconsin 608-963-3881 (P03)
Eight great older pump trucks - $35,000 537-5498 (P03)
READERS! 2004 Sterling L7500 pump truck, 195,000 each. Big power. Jake brakes. 3,365-gallon
miles (1 owner). 2,500-gallon steel tank, RCF vacuum tanks, Masport pumps. All makes & Submit your classified ad online!
500 Fruitland pump, hydraulic tank hoist. models. Call JR @
Ready to work! $25,000. 706-798-8080 (P03) 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E Since 1979 March 2017 99

1998 Kenworth T800: CAT engine, 8-speed,
Keith Huber Dominator, jetter, 3,000-gallon
tank with 500 fresh. New rear suspension.
Cheap, Used Vacuum Tanks - Late Might trade for pothole trailer. $35,000. 816-
model, lined steel tank sale! 4,650-gal- Imperial Vacuum Trailers: In stock,
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pumps. Also: Low-price plug-and-play compartment Imperial vacuum trailers.
2004 F550 stake truck: Holds 7 toilets with
Moro and Fruitland pumps. Call Kyle Tommy lift and Imperial tank behind cab.
100 - 2011 Wichita 500 bbl. (21,400 Call 269-751-5167, MI PBM 800-558-2945 Ext. 424 PBM
157k miles. $16,500. Pictures upon request
gallons) portable frac tanks. Epoxy lined. or call Paul at 715-
Delivery available. Geneva Equipment, Inc. 927-7290. (P04)
New Aluminum Tanks READY FOR DELIV-
Call 815-341-0375 ERY - LOWEST PRICE AROUND. Without work
or PBM stations/two-compartment: 1,250-gallon:
$12,500. 1,500-gallon: $14,000. 2,000-gal-
lon: $20,100. 2,300-gallon: $21,200. Single
compartment: 2,000-gallon: $17,300.
2,300-gallon: $20,300. 2,500-gallon: 2010 Acro 6,000-gallon vacuum trailer,
$22,500. 2,800-gallon: $23,000. 3,600-gal- 2002 Mack CH tractor. 264,000 miles, AVERAGE MONTHLY
lon: $24,300. 3,600-gallon w/rings: $26,300. 427hp, 13-speed. 14,500 lb. front, CIRCULATION
4,000-gallon: $26,700. 4,200-gallon: 44,000 lb. rear, air ride. .......... $60,000
$27,700. 5,000-gallon: $31,500. Additional
Joe 631-566-4209, NY P04 REACHES
options: Work stations. Stainless steel tanks.
Call Chad Walsh with Advanced Services, Inc.
218-391-8882. (P05)

(16) Kentucky Tank 300-gallon holding Vacuum Tanks - New: Sizes from 1,000-
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tanks in good condition. $2,320 for all. 4,300 gallons. All complete! Delivery avail-
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721-2774. (PBM)

Crust Busters: Portable, lightweight ma-
chine, guaranteed to mix up septic tanks and
FILL a job opening
grease traps! Save time and money! www.

BID OUTan upcoming job, 1-888-878-2296.(PBM)
New Aluminum Tanks: All of the listed
sizes in stock: T&T Tools, Probes, Hooks: Probes feature
950/300-gallon ...................... $12,500 steel shafts with threaded and hardened tips.
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a position wanted
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TM February 2013 PUMPER profiLe
D E D I C A T E D T O T H E L I Q U I D W A S T E I N D U S T R oN locAtIoN

COVER Owner Jeff Rachlin records data
STORY tHe JoB: Oregonfrom
the Jet Inc. control panel

2014 Dodge Promaster IBAK TV Truck,

locAtIoN: Sweet Home, Ore.dispersal system.
on a drip
tHe PRo: Bucks Sanitary
by Jack Ramsdale)

um loader, with a Roots Hibon PD blower A Watchful a Bow

<<< Susie Sieg, of Bucks Sanitary Service,
unloads a Satellite Industries Maxim 3000
PORTABLE RESTROOM OPERATOR Pennsylvanias OnSite Management grows
restroom its

at the Oregon Jamboree.

May 2013 (Photos by Peter Krupp)
maintenance contract business to provide quality,
At theroutine
oregon care for customers septic systems and build

BE3.5 command module, CA Pipelogix

more consistent
the crew revenue stream

mounted on a 1997 Mack RD688S cab and

the teaM
at Bucks Sanitary Service
Lisa and Scott Weld, owners of Bucks
provides service that sings Sanitary Service in Eugene, Ore., have a
BY BettY dAGeFoRde sta of 10 an office worker, yard worker,

1806 full DVS, Orion zoom navigation

part-time mechanic and seven drivers.
By Ken Wysocky Lisa works in the office answering phones
and managing the creative and marketing
side while Scott fills in on everything

chassis. (Stock# 4602C) www.Vacuum A Watchful T

from management to running routes to

o improve cash flow, operate more efficiently,

maintenance. Five people worked on the
lower prices, and boost customer loyalty while
Oregon Jamboree along with the Welds
fending off competitors, OnSite Management Inc.
and their three children, Maren, 9; Milah,
in West Chester, Pa., employs a simple and inexpensive

camera, Orion zoom camera, T76.1 large

13; and Sten, 17; who are accustomed to
tool: maintenance contracts.
helping out at events.

a Bow
Jeff Rachlin, who owns OnSite Management along
with partners Bud Baroni and Derald Hay, says the (888) VAC-UNIT (822-

company has been using maintenance contracts for about The very day we found out wed
10 years. Slightly more than 20 percent of the companys have to move our shop, somebody
5,000 or so accounts have signed maintenance contracts,
the crew at Bucks Sanitary and that number continues to grow.
came through the door and said,
Do you want to buy Bucks back?

tractor, IB LISY3 launcher, LISY3 large

Pennsylvanias service
Jeff that sings
Rachlin The rest of our customers just havent reached that
teachable moment yet, where theyve just had a major It was really a door closing, door
for oregon
serves clients Music Festival
with thorough repair or watched the previous homeowner go through opening, all in the same day.
onsite system
Page 10 maintenance a $10,000 to $40,000 system replacement, Rachlin says. Scott Weld

8648) (PBM)
They figure If it aint broke, dont fix it. Everyone learns
Page 16 differently but usually, cost is a big influence.
coMpany history
OnSite Management which tests, designs,

line kit, KW 305 cable reel 1,000' multi-

inspects, installs and services septic systems in a four- In April 2012, Lisa and Scott Weld

2013 EXPO SHOW ISSUE county area in southeastern Pennsylvania markets the
contracts to new customers after installing a system, and
bought Bucks for the second time. Their
first crack at it was in 1995 when Scotts
Entertainment: Just an Ole Boy Page 16 | Expo Eats: 10 to Try Page 38 | Attractions: Tip a Frosty Mug Page 30 to existing customers, but only after their system passes father heard the 20-year-old business was
an inspection. having problems. The family made an oer
February 25 - 28, 2013, Indiana Convention Center to the founder and operated it for four
Rachlin says maintenance agreements benefit both
customers and the company. Profile years as an add-on to their trash and septic

Were For customers, regular inspections save money in

OnSite Management Inc.,
service business. In 1999, when Welds

conductor cable. .......... $219,000 CDN

West Chester,
sold it toPa.

father retired, they a national
the long run by detecting small problems before they
solid waste company. Weld went to work
lead to costly system failures. And customers appreciate

FOUNDED: 1997 for that company, then 10 years later tried
making smaller quarterly payments instead of receiving

2009 Sterling LT9500 with a Vacall AVRB-

OWNERS: Jeff Rachlin, Bud Baronihis
Derald Hay at self-employment in the
Personal customer attention

one large pumping bill. The contracts effectively enable

Glove Test
EMPLOYEES: 9 trash business. A few challenges cropped
drives Alberta Septic Systems them to amortize the cost of tank pumping over the life of the contract,
SPECIALTIES: Testing, designing, up,
but they turned out to be fortuitous,
Page 26 which runs for three years. Furthermore, they end up paying less for service
installing and pumping septic systems
says Lisa Weld.

cleanliness means success for because the company can schedule pumping routes more efficiently.
SERVICE AREA: Southeastern Pennsylvania
North carolinas teS Group For OnSite Management, quarterly contract payments generate more
AFFILIATIONS: Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, National

Call Ryan 905-870-0908 or

Page 18 consistent cash flow, as opposed to one pumping fee charged every several
Association of Wastewater Technicians
(continued) WEBSITE: (continued)

18 industrial vacuum loader. (Stock# 4792C) years. In addition, contracts give customers a built-in motivation to stick
with the company. (If a customer moves, the contract is transferable to the
Lets roLL

Starting At
Dave 289-339-1366, ON P03
new homeowner; if the new owner doesnt want it, the old owner may get
Eight times, Sunday through Wednesday, a caravan of three trailers
a credit for work not performed, or might owe the company money if the
made the hour-long drive up Interstate 5 from the companys yard to the
payments made dont equal the value of the work performed.) Its easier to send a driver (888) VAC-

Jamboree site to deliver units. Two of their 15-year-old company-built

It takes them out of the market, Rachlin explains. When they have a
trailers held 16 units each and a third trailer carried 20 (also company-built, Its like a car, in that if
to pick up toilets if theyre

problem, they know they can call someone whos familiar with their system, using an Explorer receiver from McKee Technologies, Inc.). The company youre educated and you
instead of looking through the Yellow Pages or going on the Internet to used service vehicles to pull the trailers.
find someone. Plus, it keeps their price down because the biggest cost for all in one spot. I probably know it needs oil changed at certain
Weld tried a new approach for the removal process. Sunday night
us is getting out to a job and back. So if we can schedule, say, six houses at intervals, youll do it. The same thing is
spent a little bit extra labor, and continuing Monday, the team pumped and moved all units to a single
a time, it helps us be more efficient, and we can pass those savings on to staging area, which he felt simplified the job. Its easier to send a driver to true with septic systems. Once theyre
the homeowners. but at least you dont pick up toilets if theyre all in one spot, he explains. I probably spent a little educated, customers will follow

UNIT (822-8648)
bit extra labor, but at least you dont have to send somebody with a map to

up with service intervals.
coMMon-cents strategy have to send somebody go to this campground, get these six, go to another campground, get these
Rachlin says he settled on the idea for maintenance agreements when eight. Then you start leaving sinks behind and the (handicap unit) doesnt - Jeff Rachlin
an HVAC contractor tried to sell him a maintenance plan on a new system in with a map to go to this fit. Its just a logistics nightmare trying to get the loads to work out. During
his home. I figured if they can do it, why cant we? he says. the week, they grabbed units as schedules permitted.
campground, get these six,
custoMer education
Heres how the contracts work: In Field services technician Dave keepin it cLean
go to another
exchange for quarterly payments, OnSite
Burgess gets ready to measure
Rachlin adds that educating customers is an
Jamboree organizers required someone be on site and available by
Cloud Computing Management performs two inspections the solids level in a residential
geta these eight.
septic tank. radio at all times so Weld, his son and another member of the team stayed in
important part of the companys marketing and
^^^ Satellite Industries Tufway restrooms
contract sales are lined up and ready to go before the
Raises Productivity Sky-High year, which includes a pumping, if needed.
The technician checks the solids level
a motor home at one of the campgrounds. Oregon Jamboree, complete with
Vacuum truck operator Dave Wilkerson (left) and
After westrung
installinathe front ofwe
system, thego
out and do
Scott Weld Venue units were serviced each night fromtechnician
11 p.m. Dave
to 2 Burgess
a.m. Atreturn
6:30 hose onto the companys an orientation, he says. The more they know,
and the structural integrity of the tank above the liquid level, cleans filters, a.m. they started in on the campground units, 2007 Volvo around
finishing vacuum truck, built out by Advance Pump &
9:30 a.m. the better off we both are in terms of prolonging

The paper trail used to bog down some aspects of operations at OnSite flushes the laterals, and hydro-pressurizes the system once a year. If a tank is Equipment Inc., after pumping a septic system. the life of the system. If its designed, installed
During the day, they pumped out 20 RVs and 19 holding tanks 10 at the
Management Inc. in West Chester, Pa. But that changed dramatically when emptied, a technician also checks its structural components. two shower facilities and the balance for the food vendors. and maintained properly, we believe it should last

2014 Freightliner 114SD with a Vacall AVRB-

the company went to cloud-based data storage, which greatly improved Early on, we were going to do maintenance intervals three to four times Five service vehicles were used: A 2010 Peterbilt 335 and a 2008 indefinitely. And the more confidence they have in
productivity by providing companywide access to documents even for a year, but weve found that twice-a-year intervals are more cost-effective, professionaL
International 4300, both Background heLps
built out by Progress Vactruck with 1,500-gallon us, the more likely theyll continue to be our customer in the future. Its all
employees on remote work sites, says Jeff Rachlin, one of the companys Rachlin says. The company freshwater
waste/500-gallon developed aluminum
its own contract
tanks;and inspection
a 2001 Isuzu forms. The
FTR from about building trust and relationships.
co-owners. As a bonus, homeowners that sign<<< The Bucks team
maintenance includes,
contracts getfrom
billed at latter task wasntTruck
Workmate/FMI as daunting
Sales &as it maywith
Service sound, Rachlin says,
an 850-gallon because of his
waste/350-gallon Basically, Ive found that its like a car, in that if youre educated and
As an example, septic system inspection reports that used to be left, Milah Weld, Susie Sieg, Josh involvement withtank;
regular hourly rates for after-hours emergency calls,Weld,
Wooley, Sten RachlinScottsays.
Weld and freshwater steel and two organizations
2000 Internationaland networking
4700s built with
out byothers
Lely you know it needs oil changed at certain intervals, youll do it, he adds. The
available only in paper form are now scanned as digital .pdf files and in the industry.Inc.
Manufacturing Hewith
belongs to the
750-gallon Pennsylvania Septage
waste/350-gallon freshwaterManagement
steel tanks. same thing is true with septic systems. Once theyre educated, customers
Technicians fill out and leave behind a copy of a checklist so the
Eric Brownrigg.
posted on a remote server employees can access via home computers, Association, sitting on the organizations education committee. He will follow up with service intervals.
homeowner knows when the inspection occurred, the condition of system All have Masport pumps.
laptops and smartphones. The company pays a minimal monthly fee for also teaches courses technicians take to become certified septic system After pumping a tank and performing a 20-point inspection for a new

18 industrial vacuum loader. (Stock# 9116C)

the service, he says. components and whether repairs are needed. If its a serious issue, staffers Waste was transported to the companys yard each night and transferred
inspectors. In addition, hes a member of the National Association of customer, technicians leave behind a completed inspection checklist,
It really helps send out a letter and/or make followup phone calls. to a 20,000-gallon tank. From there, another pumping contractor picked up
The very day we after
out wed have to move our shop, somebody country music festival. Surprisingly, Wynonna Judd said yes and the festival Wastewater Technicians. a thank-you bag with a company refrigerator magnet that displays
came hoursthe
through or door
on weekends, I used to figure that if
and said, Do you want to buy Bucks back? It hasRachlin
attracted declined to ever
top talent disclose theInprice
since. 2012,ofthethe quarterly
9,000 contract
residents fees,
the waste and disposed of it by land application.
Being a (certification) instructor allows me to stay on top of the latest essential contact information, a brochure that explains how to take care
was reallysays. If I need
a door records,
closing, I dont
door opening,youallcould access
in the same any
day. They quickly but notes
40,000 its a August
visitors direct function
3-5, mostof how much
of whom campedtimeout.technicians
Judd was backspend on-
to help inspection techniques, and belonging to NAWT keeps me abreast of things of a septic system, and another brochure that provides details about the

2002 GapVax HV 5700 in working order.

have to run
jumped back
at the to the office and get
chance. site a figure
celebrate thethe company20th
Jamborees got aanniversary,
better handle on over
along withtime.RascalOur customer
Flatts, Dierks saMe onBut different
information. Plus, it helps me talk more information within two checklists show us solids-content
going nationally, he says. Our forms continue to evolve over time as new maintenance contracts.
Bentley, the Charlie Daniels Band,trends which
and enough help usfor
performers better predict
22 shows on technologies emerge
In one sense, andwas
Weld employees
an old pro and even
at this customers
event, pretty much
so it was
Today their business is exclusively portable restrooms, serving the Check out a video with Jeff Rachlin
intelligently to customers if they call me
minutes, you were when a tank Other
two stages. will need to be pumped,
attractions included beerhe says.
and Th
wine at,gardens,
in turn,merchandise
allows us to suggest
businesschanges. Forhe
as usual, example,
says. On thethefrequency of our visits
other hand, (forand scope had
the size talking about the OnSite Management
after hours. Willamette Valley. Theyve got about 1,500 Satellite Industries
Rachlin(andpretty efficient. (Cloud
units As
gray Tufways and Maxims a few white ones for weddings, and schedule
booths andvisits to other
a kids nearby
zone. customers,
The event is held inwhich boosts effi20-acre
a no-facilities, ciency.park-like maintenance intervals)over
changed significantly changed because
the years of customer
their input.
first year, they brought in 60 operation at (888) VAC-

another example, setting near the edge of the picturesque town.
green unitsSelling
for onecustomers
venue and onfour
the campgrounds.
idea of That was the most difficult ^^^ Milah Weld helps out her fathers crew, keeping restrooms and hand-wash
cites units for their
something asUniversity
simple as of Oregon
a tailgating; quack shacks, they call
computing) knocks stations stocked with soap and paper products at the Oregon Jamboree, includ-
them after list
the for
Oregon Ducks mascot), several ADA-compliant Freedoms eQuipped for the Work regular
thing formaintenance
me, he says.isSoeasier if theyve
I had to get my act together. He quickly got his
materials a septic system ing these Wave sinks from Satellite Industries.
and wheelchair-accessible
installation. Rachlin puts it Liberties
it down to literally
on the an Ameri-Can Engineering Crowd Technicians use the companys four Ford pickup trucks to do
By the nuMBers
around it.a Youve
major expense,
got to justlike a your
scratch Owner Jeffand
head Rachlin
kick it in gear and
go. We didnt
system stop moving
replacement, someone (right) prepares to
all weekend.
or heard
Pleaser restroom
server where its trailer, seconds,
and two smaller
easily accessible depending
Comfort on from
Station trailers inspections, and they can perform minor repairs during the inspections.
inspect a septic

5,861 blower hours. Needs some metal re-

The company brought in 265 units (20 Maxims, 10 Freedoms, 20 elses story of problems uncovered in a
Advanced Containment
to a work crew. So if a crew Systems,
finishes Inc. About 50 percent of their work is Along with the pickup trucks, OnSite Management owns a 2007 Volvo truck, tank as vacuum
a projectevents,
early,including, in 2012,
they can access
the Internet speed.
thethe U.S. Olympic track-and-field trials.
Liberties, one Standing Room Only urinal unit, and the balance Tufways),
built by Advance Pump & Equipment, Inc. and equipped with a 4,000-gallon time-of-sale septic system inspection. truck operator Dave MORE INFO
three restroom trailers, and 73 hand-wash stations (half Satellite Industries The bottom line is that
materials list for the next job and get aluminum tank Wilkerson evacu-
- Jeff Rachlin Waves from the and a Demag-Wittig
companys inventory, the RFL-100 pump made
rest PolyPortables,
Alongs maintenance is cheaper compared to ates the contents. Advanced Containment Masport, Inc. Progress Vactruck
started instead of coming back to the Denver; a J-3000 Jet Set portable pipe cleaner made by General Pipe Systems, Inc. 800/228-4510 800/467-5600

UNIT (822-8648)
rented from a colleague).

Making connections replacing a system, Rachlin says. If we 800/927-2271
office to retrieve a hard copy. Cleaners/General Wire Spring; a GenEye pipeline inspection and locating
Some 115 units, including five handicap-accessible, were set up at the replace a system during a real-estate transaction, the buyer
hard live in Sweet(productivity
to quantify Home so theyve always
and profi tabilityhad the hometown
gains), he system, also made by General Pipe Cleaners; a RIDGID SeeSnake pipeline
continues. for But the Jamboree
he says andno
the crew Bucks
hasdone it since
to spend its beginning
valuable time in main venue a few at bus stops, the hospitality center, and parking lots, sees what the seller is going through its a great teaching McKee Technologies - Satellite Industries
but the bulkcamera;
in large and a RIDGID
banks, along NaviTrack Scouthand-wash
with six to eight sonde pipestations,
locator. were point, he says. They can see that with a maintenance Ameri-Can Engineering Explorer Trailers 800/328-3332
1996. Theyfor
searching feelrecords.
confident theyll retain the work as long as they provide good 574/892-5151 866/457-5425
The at
the fouralso relies
2007 Volvo tri-axle dumpthetruck,
ACSI atrailers

pairs, but is fully functional as is. $65,000.

and5,000 customers,
a reasonable and sometimes working on 10 to 20 accounts
price. placed corners The crew placed contract, they dont have to worry about that any more. Its as (See ad page 27)
single-axle dump
near the stage fortruck, a 25-ton trailer
the performers made
and the by Eager Engineering
Ameri-Can Beaver Trailers, a 25-
trailer in close to flush and forget as you can be. (See ad page 46)
at a time, the cloud makes information management much easier and
convenient, he concludes. I used to figure that if you could access any ton
thetrailer made by Rogers
food court/beer Brothers
garden, Corp.,
along with theaurinal
2011 PC 160 excavator made by
unit. It also helps that consumers are becoming more aware Lely Manufacturing, Inc. Workmate/FMI Truck
the Main event Komatsu Ltd., a CT322 compact track stations
loader made 800/334-2763 PolyPortables, Inc. Sales & Service
information within two minutes, you were pretty efficient. (Cloud computing) Thirty units and six hand-wash were by Deere &inCo.,
arranged twoabanks
420D of the importance of septic system management, especially 800/241-7951 800/927-8750
knocks it down
In the to literally
early 90s, whenseconds, depending
Sweet Home on the Internet
came up withspeed.
an idea to help backhoe/loader manufactured
at a smaller, adjacent venue. byTheCaterpillar
rest of theInc. and a 2012
inventory wasE35 compact
taken to 23 as more municipalities and/or states require septic system
excavator made by Bobcatunits
Co. were rented to individual campsites. inspections before a home is sold. (See ad page 33)
fund civic projects, this little town asked a big star to perform at their first campgrounds. Thirteen

Dan McCleary 813-376-1147 (P04)

Reprinted with permission from PRO / February 2013 / 2013, COLE Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 220, Three Lakes, WI 54562 / 800-257-7222 /

Pre-owned Super Products Supersucker

industrial vacuum loader, with a Roots TRI- Sizes: 24" x 30" & 36" x 45"
VACUUM LOADERS NADO blower mounted on a 2009 Sterling
L9500 cab & chassis. (Stock# 4366C) www.

PUMPER profiLe

(822-8648) (PBM)
COVER Owner Jeff Rachlin records data
STORY from the Jet Inc. control panel
on a drip dispersal system.
(Photos by Jack Ramsdale)

A Watchful Pennsylvanias OnSite Management grows its

maintenance contract business to provide quality,
routine care for customers septic systems and build

a more consistent revenue stream

A Watchful
By Ken Wysocky

o improve cash flow, operate more efficiently,

NEED a vane supplier? Franklin Fibre-

lower prices, and boost customer loyalty while
fending off competitors, OnSite Management Inc.
in West Chester, Pa., employs a simple and inexpensive
tool: maintenance contracts.
Pennsylvanias Jeff Rachlin Jeff Rachlin, who owns OnSite Management along
with partners Bud Baroni and Derald Hay, says the
serves clients with thorough

company has been using maintenance contracts for about

Lamitex Corp. is the premier American

onsite system maintenance 10 years. Slightly more than 20 percent of the companys
5,000 or so accounts have signed maintenance contracts,
Page 16 and that number continues to grow.
The rest of our customers just havent reached that
teachable moment yet, where theyve just had a major
repair or watched the previous homeowner go through

manufacturer of composite vanes for pumps

a $10,000 to $40,000 system replacement, Rachlin says.

Starting At
They figure If it aint broke, dont fix it. Everyone learns
differently but usually, cost is a big influence.
OnSite Management which tests, designs,
inspects, installs and services septic systems in a four-


county area in southeastern Pennsylvania markets the

and compressors. OEM tested and approved.

contracts to new customers after installing a system, and

ALL IN to existing customers, but only after their system passes

an inspection.

Personal customer
Rachlin says maintenance agreements benefit both
and the company. Profile
drives Alberta Septic Systems
For customers, regular inspections save money in
Page 26 the long run by detecting small problems before they OnSite Management Inc., West Chester, Pa.

Competitive pricing and reduced lead times.

lead to costly system failures. And customers appreciate
making smaller quarterly payments instead of receiving
OWNERS: Jeff Rachlin, Bud Baroni and Derald Hay
one large pumping bill. The contracts effectively enable
EMPLOYEES: 9 Pennsylvania

1999 International Guzzler vacuum

them to amortize the cost of tank pumping over the life of the contract,
SPECIALTIES: Testing, designing, inspecting,
which runs for three years. Furthermore, they end up paying less for service
installing and pumping septic systems

because the company can schedule pumping routes more efficiently.
SERVICE AREA: Southeastern Pennsylvania

800-233-9739 (P07)

For OnSite Management, quarterly contract payments generate more
AFFILIATIONS: Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, National
consistent cash flow, as opposed to one pumping fee charged every several
Association of Wastewater Technicians
(continued) WEBSITE:

excavator: Totally refurbished, purchased years. In addition, contracts give customers a built-in motivation to stick
with the company. (If a customer moves, the contract is transferable to the
new homeowner; if the new owner doesnt want it, the old owner may get
a credit for work not performed, or might owe the company money if the

new for Big Dig Project. 27" blower, CAT

payments made dont equal the value of the work performed.)
It takes them out of the market, Rachlin explains. When they have a

problem, they know they can call someone whos familiar with their system,
instead of looking through the Yellow Pages or going on the Internet to
find someone. Plus, it keeps their price down because the biggest cost for
us is getting out to a job and back. So if we can schedule, say, six houses at

engine, auto remote. Special noise-sup-

a time, it helps us be more efficient, and we can pass those savings on to
the homeowners.

coMMon-cents strategy Its like a car, in that if

Rachlin says he settled on the idea for maintenance agreements when
an HVAC contractor tried to sell him a maintenance plan on a new system in youre educated and you

pression equipment. Tri-axle. High-pres-

his home. I figured if they can do it, why cant we? he says. know it needs oil changed at certain
intervals, youll do it. The same thing is

We are looking to purchase used portable

Heres how the contracts work: In Field services technician Dave
exchange for quarterly payments, OnSite Burgess gets ready to measure true with septic systems. Once theyre
Cloud Computing Management performs two inspections a the solids level in a residential
septic tank.
educated, customers will follow
Raises Productivity Sky-High year, which includes a pumping, if needed. up with service intervals.

sure wash-down system - 300-gallon

The technician checks the solids level
and the structural integrity of the tank above the liquid level, cleans filters, - Jeff Rachlin

toilets and half-high toilets. Please contact

The paper trail used to bog down some aspects of operations at OnSite flushes the laterals, and hydro-pressurizes the system once a year. If a tank is
Management Inc. in West Chester, Pa. But that changed dramatically when emptied, a technician also checks its structural components.
the company went to cloud-based data storage, which greatly improved Early on, we were going to do maintenance intervals three to four times
custoMer education
productivity by providing companywide access to documents even for a year, but weve found that twice-a-year intervals are more cost-effective, Rachlin adds that educating customers is an
employees on remote work sites, says Jeff Rachlin, one of the companys

water tank. $85,900 OBO. Also available

Rachlin says. important part of the companys marketing and
co-owners. As a bonus, homeowners that sign maintenance contracts get billed at
As an example, septic system inspection reports that used to be contract sales efforts.

Lance at or call 561-

regular hourly rates for after-hours emergency calls, Rachlin says. After we install a system, we go out and do
available only in paper form are now scanned as digital .pdf files and Vacuum truck operator Dave Wilkerson (left) and
Technicians fill out and leave behind a copy of a checklist so the Dave Burgess return hose onto the companys
technician an orientation, he says. The more they know,
posted on a remote server employees can access via home computers,
laptops and smartphones. The company pays a minimal monthly fee for homeowner knows when the inspection occurred, the condition of system
2007 Volvo vacuum truck, built out by Advance Pump & the better off we both are in terms of prolonging
the service, he says. components and whether repairs are needed. If its a serious issue,Equipment staffers Inc., after pumping a septic system. the life of the system. If its designed, installed

1997 Ford Guzzler vacuum excavator -

It really helps after normal send out a letter and/or make followup phone calls. and maintained properly, we believe it should last
business hours or on weekends, I used to figure that if Rachlin declined to disclose the price of the quarterly contract fees, indefinitely. And the more confidence they have in

346-9296. (P07)
Rachlin says. If I need records, I dont you could access any but notes its a direct function of how Background
professionaL much time technicians heLps spend on- us, the more likely theyll continue to be our customer in the future. Its all
have to run back to the office and get site a figure the company Thegot a betterdeveloped
company handle onits overowntime. Our customer
contract and inspection forms. The about building trust and relationships.
information. Plus, it helps me talk more information within two checklists show uslatter
task wasnttrends which
as daunting as ithelp
may us better
sound, predict
Rachlin says, because of his Basically, Ive found that its like a car, in that if youre educated and
intelligently to customers if they call me minutes, you were when a tank will need to be pumped,
involvement he says. Th
with professional at, in turn, allows
organizations us to
and networking with others you know it needs oil changed at certain intervals, youll do it, he adds. The
after hours.
pretty efficient. (Cloud schedule visits to other nearby customers, which boosts
to the effi ciency.

same features as 1999 International.

in the industry. He belongs Pennsylvania Septage Management same thing is true with septic systems. Once theyre educated, customers
As another example, Rachlin
Association, sitting on the organizations education committee. He will follow up with service intervals.
cites something as simple as a computing) knocks eQuipped foralso the Work
teaches courses technicians take to become certified septic system After pumping a tank and performing a 20-point inspection for a new
materials list for a septic system
installation. Rachlin puts it on the
it down to literally Technicians use the companys
inspectors. In addition, fourhesFord pickup trucks
a member to do Association of
of the National customer, technicians leave behind a completed inspection checklist,
server where its easily accessible seconds, depending on inspections, and they can perform
Wastewater minor repairs during the inspections.
Technicians. a thank-you bag with a company refrigerator magnet that displays
to a work crew. So if a crew finishes Along with the pickup trucks,
BeingOnSite Management
a (certifi owns aallows
cation) instructor 2007 Volvo
me totruck,
stay on top of the latest essential contact information, a brochure that explains how to take care
a project early, they can access the
the Internet speed. built by Advance Pump & Equipment,
inspection Inc. and equipped
techniques, belongingwith a 4,000-gallon
to NAWT keeps me abreast of things of a septic system, and another brochure that provides details about the

No washdown system. $85,900 OBO. WANTED: Septic truck only (Keith Huber ELECTRONIC
materials list for the next job and get - Jeff Rachlin aluminum tank and a Demag-Wittig
going on nationally, he RFL-100
says. Our pumpforms made by Gardner
continue to evolve over time as new maintenance contracts.
started instead of coming back to the Denver; a J-3000 technologies
Jet Set portable pipe
emerge and cleaner
employees made by even
and General Pipe
customers Check out a video with Jeff Rachlin
office to retrieve a hard copy. Cleaners/General Wiresuggest changes.
Spring; For example,
a GenEye pipeline theinspection
frequency andof our visits (for
locating talking about the OnSite Management
Its hard to quantify (productivity and profitability gains), he system, also made maintenance
by General Pipe intervals)
a RIDGIDbecause of customer
SeeSnake input.
pipeline operation at
continues. But he says the crew no longer has to spend valuable time inspection camera; and Selling
a RIDGID customers
NaviTrack onScout
the ideasonde ofpipe locator.
searching for records.
The company regular
also reliesmaintenance
on a 2007 is easier
Volvo if theyve
tri-axle dump truck, a Mack
With 5,000 customers, and sometimes working on 10 to 20 accounts

DOMINATOR). Must be in good working condi-

just incurred
single-axle dump truck, a major
a 25-ton trailer madeexpense,
by Eager like a
Beaver Owner Jeff
Trailers, Rachlin
a 25-
at a time, the cloud makes information management much easier and

617-212-0162, MA
ton trailer made by system
Rogers replacement,
Brothers Corp., or aheard
PC 160 excavator (right) prepares
made by to
convenient, he concludes. I used to figure that if you could access any inspect a septic
story of track
problems uncovered
made byin a

information within two minutes, you were pretty efficient. (Cloud computing) Komatsu Ltd., a CT322 loader Deere & Co., a 420D
tank as vacuum

knocks it down to literally seconds, depending on the Internet speed. time-of-sale septic
backhoe/loader manufactured system inspection.
by Caterpillar Inc. and a 2012 truck E35 compact
operator Dave
excavator made by Bobcat ThCo.
e bottom line is that Wilkerson evacu-
maintenance is cheaper compared to ates the contents.

tion, no repairs needed. Any tank/fresh water

replacing a system, Rachlin says. If we
replace a system during a real-estate transaction, the buyer
sees what the seller is going through its a great teaching
point, he says. They can see that with a maintenance

Starting At
contract, they dont have to worry about that any more. Its as
close to flush and forget as you can be.
It also helps that consumers are becoming more aware

combination. Preferably automatic transmis-

of the importance of septic system management, especially
as more municipalities and/or states require septic system

inspections before a home is sold.

sion. Send by email ALL information including $

photos - a must - to:
South Florida septic company. (P03)

Looking for used Sebach toilets. In the south-

east is a plus. Call Eric 321-269-9957 or
email at (P03)

UEMSI/HTV seeks additional regional rep-

Three (3) Volvo/GapVax trucks for
resentation for our industry-leading inspec-
sale. 1999, 2000 and 2001. 1999 is
tion camera systems, sewer hose lines and
stainless. All trucks ready for the job.
parts. Call Brian, Bill or Bernie - 877-389-
$75,000 each or all three for $210,000.
9999. (P03)
Cary Kneupper Order through our website
361-920-2279, TX P03 Wanted to Buy: Vactor 2100s and late model
Guzzlers. Cash. Phone 800-336-4369. (PBM)
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