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Neighbours – Paul Theroux

The story was about a man (An American) who had two neighbours. One was
called R. Wigley, and the other one had no Nameplate in his/her apartment.
This man saw Wigley as a very strange person and unfriendly. He could notice
that Wigley always rushed off at night and return early in the morning. He was
very strange. He late realized that Wigley was a civil servant, and worked for
the post office.
One day they go for a drink together with the Scadutos (Vic and Marietta). In a
moment, Vic started asking questions that were a bit personal, but Wigley
replied with no problem. He explained that he also enjoyed taking pictures of
aircrafts. Then started talking about the third neighbour, (he was known as
Storm Trooper) and they agreed that he/she was a bit annoying and noisy.
Because of all the questions Vic asked, the American could realize that Wigley
was a good person. He only needed to know the other neighbour, Storm
Trooper, and say him he was being a bit disrespectful.
One day Wigley left the building and moved to another place. The man took
courage and went to complaint with Storm Trooper, but when he knock the
door, nobody answered. From the day Wigley left, there was no more noise.

The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind - Bradbury
The story takes place in a town called Kwan-si. This town was in constant
fighting with another town. They always fight because of the shape of the walls
in their towns. First the other town built its walls in the shape of a pig, and
Kwan-Si built their walls in the shape of a club so as to “kill the pig”. Another
day, the other city built its walls in the shape of a bonfire to burn the club, so
Kwan-Si re-built its walls in the shape of a lake so as to quench the bonfire. And
the two cities went on doing the same for years.
As Kwan-Si was building walls non-stopping, the population suffered terrible
illnesses and many shops closed. Villagers started to starve to death.
One voice told the two emperors to stop this situation. The daughter of the
Emperor of Kwan-si, showed the emperor, children flying kites of different
shapes. She explained that the kites needed wind to be kept in the air, and that
the wind needed kites to be more colourful. One needed the other. Then the
two cities rebuilt their walls in those shaped. One without the other is nothing.
But together, all is beauty and cooperation. Now, the cities were called the
Golden Kite, and the Silver Wind.
The Horned Women – Joseph Jacobs
This story is about a woman who had the visit of twelve witches. One day a
woman was at home preparing wool when a witch knock at the door. That was
the “Witch of one horn”. Then the second witch went to house of the woman. It
was the “Witch of two horns”. Witches kept coming up to the Witch number
twelve, who had twelve horns in her forehead. The twelve witches started
weaving. The woman in the house was scared. Then the witches started asking
for things like a cake or bringing water in a sieve. When the witches left the
house, the woman prepared her home in case they came back. As the Witches
couldn’t enter the house, they flew away and never came back.

The April Witch – Bradbury
This is the story of witch called Cecy. She had the power to travel through
space and time. She can leave her body and possess another one. Cecy wanted
to be in love, but she couldn’t marry a mortal because her parents explained
her that she would lose her powers. Because Cecy couldn’t experience love by
herself, she needed the body of another person. One day she possessed the
body of a young girl, Leary. She forced Leary to date a young boy named Tom.
(Leary already knew Tom because they used to date but they broke).
As there were moments when Leary talked Cecy (Inside her) Tom got very
Cecy also forced Leary to go to a dance. In the dance, Tom noticed that the
Leary was not being normal. He realized he was falling in love again with the
“New Leary”.
One day, Leary knew that Cecy really want to be in love with someone so she
gave Tom a paper with Cecy’s address. She begged Tom to visit Cecy one day.
But Tom never visited Cecy.

The Landing – Anita Desai
This is the story of a woman who moves into an old house she has just bought.
As the woman enters the house she seems to feel strongly that she is not
alone. Soon she began to feel something or someone was watching her. One
day she returned from work and find the door unlocked when she knew she had
locked it or double locked when she never did that. While she was at home she
could notice that the windows opened and closed. She even thought the house
could breathe.
She deduces that the landing of the house could be a connection to a different
world or space. Then she thought that the house didn’t want her to be inside.
She got so scared that she ended up leaving the house for ever.
The Haunting of the New – Bradbury Ray
This is the story of Nora, who owned a house. Nora burnt it because she felt the
house didn’t want her inside, and later she rebuilt it. Nora called Charles (A
man whom she used to date) and offered him the house, if the house likes him.
The house was, in a way, tired of Nora’s parties and old people, so Nora gave
the house to Charles. When Charles entered the house, he noticed that some
elements in the house started burning, so he realized that the house didn’t
want him too because he was very old. So they both, Nora and Charles left the