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Alexis Rae Gardner, M.A.T.

518 Scott Lane
Venetia, PA 15367

Objective To obtain a full time position teaching English Language Arts in a school district that will
allow me to use my passion for English and a variety of teaching methods to create opportunities for
students to demonstrate growth and achievement

Virginia Initial Secondary Certification (Type 09) July 2016
Pennsylvania Instructional I Certification (3230) September 2016
Vermont Teaching Certification ​ ​ Expected April


James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 2015-2016
Master of the Arts in Teaching

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 2009-2014
Bachelor of the Arts in English
Education Minor

Teaching Experience
J.E. Harrison Middle School ​ - Long-term Substitute ​ September 2016-Present
● Designed and delivered lessons to engage Eighth Grade students in month-long writing unit
which combined a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts to provide students multiple
experiences with Text-Dependent Analysis
● Collaborated with other grade-level teachers to write a more extensive, instructionally aligned
curriculum for ​To Kill A Mockingbird
● Designed and delivered lessons for month-long unit​ on ​To Kill A Mockingbird which integrated
grammar knowledge and writing skills with study of setting and characterization
● Engaged in school-wide community, including staff professional development requirements
and student activities such as Assistant PowderPuff Football Coach
● Regularly incorporated the use of technology and current events into unit studies to provide a
more innovative and relevant learning experience for students
● Maintained accountability for state standards through the use of benchmark Classroom
Diagnostic Testing and utilized results for formative assessment and planning purposes
● Carry out the lesson plans of other teachers, making adjustments as needed to fit any given
● Regularly establish and maintain classroom management in a variety of classroom settings
Riverheads High School – Student​ Teacher March 2016 – May
● Increased student interest in reading by delivering Book Talks for a wide variety of literature
● Participated in the school community by volunteering for chaperone responsibilities and other
faculty events
● Prepared students for relevant experiences with brief mini-unit during which students learned
and practice interview etiquette
● Modelled the writing process with a brief lesson on writing narrative conclusions
● Designed and delivered lessons to engage Twelfth Grade students in a four week research unit
on the topic of each students’ choice in accordance with state standards
o Facilitated independent research and guided students to appropriate resources to support
their topics
o Motivated students to accomplish difficult tasks outside their comfort zone, both with
research and mediums of presentation
● Collaborated with Cooperating Teacher to prepare students for the Virginia Standards of
Learning Writing Exam
● Increased students’ understanding of different learning types and the environment that best
supports those learning types through personality study
● Designed and delivered lessons to engage Eleventh Grade students in three weeklong units
which highlighted the Realist and Modernist movements in American literature
o Adapted individual lessons to fit into a thematic unit based on the contributing factors
of change and disillusionment
o Provided opportunities for peer teaching to ensure deeper connections to material

​ Montevideo Middle School – Student Teacher January 2016 – March 2016
● Integrated reading and writing skill practice into independent reading time with guided reading
to create more student choice and lasting connections
● Modified instructions in a Sixth Grade classroom in accordance with IEP qualifications and
other unique student needs
o Made use of developmentally appropriate research-based practices to inform instruction
in a way that would meet the needs of diverse learners
● Developed and utilized formative assessment materials to monitor the effectiveness of
instructional practices within the classroom and analyze student growth
o Applied use of backward design to create learning objectives, ensure alignment between
objectives and instruction, and track the progress of learning objectives
o Employed both individualized differentiated instruction and full class modifications to
provide the most effective instruction according to assessment results
● Actively participated in Parent/Teacher conferences
o Listened to concerns of parents
o Supplied relevant information based on student performance and observation
o Advised appropriate course of action for further student improvement
o Provided support to students following conferences to help them achieve success
Other Experience
Virginia Association of Teachers of English Conference October 2015
● Represented James Madison University as a panelist discussing the strengths and weaknesses
of teacher preparation programs
● Attended conferences dealing with technology for English teachers, differentiating writing
instruction, and including more diverse YA Literature in the classroom

Kappa Delta Pi September 2015 – May 2016
● Participated in service and professional development opportunities

​ Forensics Judge October 2015
● Objectively evaluated and scored student performances according to criteria of Forensic Rubric

Big Brothers Big Sisters October 2009 – December 2011
● Provided mentorship and companionship for a thirteen year old boy both in school and outside
of school

​ Praxis Award of Excellence 2013
● Awarded for scoring within the top 15% on Praxis II

● Experience with classroom use of: SMART Board Technology; iPads; Schoology; Infinite
Campus; Google Classroom; Canvas; Skyward Educator; NoRedInk

Classroom Environment
● Provide excellent one-on-one support; Maintain control of the entire class without issue;
Establish concise routines for daily activities; Approachable