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According to Oxford Dictionary, bibliotherapy is the use of books as therapy in the

treatment of mental or psychological disorders. It involves reading specific books which are
relevant to one’s own difficult life situation. Rozalski (2010) describes bibliotherapy as a
projective indirect tool that employs literature for growth of children that can be used to teach
children on life’s challenges by encouraging them to connect with book characters, thereby
letting readers evaluate their individual. It can be a very practical and discreet way of
handling issues among young learners.

The short story that I choose is The Foolish Monkeys. It is a very simple story about
stubbornness and ego. Stubbornness is having or showing dogged determination not to
change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so.
Nowadays, confronting stubborn students in a classroom is not something that teachers look
forward to but it is a disruption that every educator will have to face. Although this may be
tough and sometimes emotional, teachers need to be able to handle this issue.

By using bibliotherapy as a strategy, teachers can confront this issue indirectly by
using the characters in the story to inculcate moral values into the child’s mind. The
monkeys in the story were written to be very egoistic and does not want to listen to anybody
else other than themselves. The owl in the story depicted as a wise person giving advice to
the monkeys. In real life, teachers can give example of parents, older people and
themselves as the owl.

By having students to read the ending, it will help to enlighten them the benefits of
accepting other peoples’ advice rather than just blindly follow their own stubbornness and
ego. From there, they will gain a new insight of the value well- written in the story and is
relevant to their everyday life.

In an article written by Carol Johnson, she writes that any human being will respond
to positives over coercion. So teachers can counter this issue by using example from this
story and build from it a positive experience of reading and self-actualization. Bibliotherapy is
admittedly one of the best strategy to address this issue.

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