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Unsurpassed expertise
> 50 metros operating with our signaling solutions

> The worlds first radio CBTC commissioned in 2003

> SHORT LEAD TIME DELIVERIES carried out worldwide

With urban populations continuously growing and the need for green solutions obvious, mass transit systems worldwide are hard pressed for long-term
solutions. Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) is the latest generation of technology for metro and suburban rail networks. It gives operators
precise control in the movement of their trains, allowing more trains to run on the line at higher frequencies and speeds in total safety with or without
drivers. CBTC improves capacity, efficiency, reliability, safety and operating costs.

Chosen by major operators Designed for customer satisfaction

Today, URBALIS is in revenue service in Switzerland, Brazil, China, Italy, Optimized train speeds and line capacity to meet transport objectives
Mexico and Singapore. Alstoms experience covers major metro lines, G uaranteed short lead-time delivery to achieve service date targets
driverless operations, renovations, and includes delivering systems in short
time frames with no disturbance to traffic. R eliable operations from day one to ensure passenger satisfaction
URBALIS is a widely adopted solution that Alstom will support for A utomated operations & easy maintenance to reduce operating costs
the next 30 years. We provide safety assurance to the highest standards
endorsed by official authorities.

So Paulo lines 1,2,3, Brazil

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state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGY

URBALIS deliverED performance on: HIGH-PerformanCE CBTC technology: DESIGNED TO OPTIMIZE metro operations:

> Singapore North East & Circle Lines, the worlds largest driverless network >Easy expansion for line extensions by adding communication and >Top performance: the system works with the moving block principle
interface modules. to ensure train operating headways as short as 85 seconds, resulting in
> Beijing Line 2, renovated IN 2 YEARS with no disruption to commercial service the highest possible line capacity.
>Easy integration of additional functions and connectivity to external
> Lausanne Line M2, unattended driverless operation on slopes up to 12% systems, thanks to network-based architecture using standard interfaces. >Flexible operations from the control center: trains are run to a timetable
or with a constant time interval between them, with automatic
>Best immunity against interference ensured by our robust radio readjustment in case of perturbations. Trains can be easily inserted or
technology with coding option from the IEEE802,11b/g standards in withdrawn and are controlled to arrive at stations with a precision of 1
Urbalis radio CBTC the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz band. second.

>Obsolescence-proof through the use of Alstoms core signaling products >Driverless (or upgradeability to driverless) system: the system
and subsystems (Alstom safety computers, SMARTLOCK interlocking, integrates all the features and interfaces for driverless operation.
ICONIS control center,).
>Energy saving: the most energy-saving speed profile is calculated
>Safe, designed to international standards (CENELEC*) and developed
N MSS according to the train speed chosen. If regenerative braking is not

ATIO with formal software specification and proof processes. available, for example due to long train intervals, the system will make

...18h 57
ST >Minimum trackside equipment for secondary detection to ensure
maximum use of train coasting to save energy.
...... .18h
li.. .... 02

>High availability: a combination of full redundancy of architecture, high

ba fy .........19h08

RADIO operation in degraded mode.

duod .........19h
gopa ....
ro PIS Salle des quipements
component reliability, and immediate detection of component failure
Centre de contrle ICONIS
ensures optimum availability.
E/S *CENELEC : European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
>Easy maintenance: The system provides rapid diagnostics with
centralized Maintenance Support System (MSS).
Produits TU
conventionnels NN


2 SMARTLOCK interlocking

Our proven interlocking relies on a redundant and fault-tolerant platform and requires only minimum line possession during commissioning.
I/O input/output ST ICONIS control center
ATC automatic train control ATC Our control system guarantees train adherence to schedules, automatic route setting, conflict-free use of resources. ICONIS can be scaled to
ATS automatic train supervision
PSD the networks size and complexity and can integrate Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), on-board and in-station passenger
PSD Platform screen doors
PIS passenger information system

...... .18h
li.. .... h02
...18 57 information system, security system and maintenance supervision system.
ba fy .........19h08
E/S duod .........19

MSS Maintenance Support System gopa ....


SMARTWAY conventional products

Alstom offers one of the largest portfolios of conventional trackside signaling products to address specific needs. It includes point machines,
URBALIS is built on 3 networks compliant with international standards (IEEE*) and integrated into a
NETWORK KEY train detection and signals.
Data Communication System (DCS) to provide continuous, seamless communication. The network can be
implemented to provide non-vital signaling solutions such as Passenger Information and Security systems.
tRACKSIdE NEtwORK The trainborne ATC computer continuously updates the trackside safety computer on the position of the Maintenance Support System (MSS)
RAdIO NEtwORK train, and receives a detailed description of the line and movement authorities. Our approach allows the system to gather all maintenance information on all equipment integrated into an URBALIS solution through the
*IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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Partnership in project execution For all types of mass transit by rail

Alstom works in partnership with customers to boost their performance. This Alstom provides integration and commissioning services for URBALIS
also ensures lowest Life Cycle Cost. on any type or brand of rolling stock and lines, with only minor
modifications needed to meet all customer requirements:
> SHORT LEAD TIME DELIVERY >We integrate specific customer requirements from the beginning of
OPTIMIZED FOR LOW LIFE CYCLE COST the project with a standard process for the most efficient delivery path. >Driverless lines: We provide a proven driverless radio CBTC ensuring
high reliability, safety, and an optimized quality of service for passengers.
>We use factory testing with an advanced simulator to minimize on-site The system integrates all the functionality for full Unattended Train
work, and facilitate commissioning. Operation (UTO) both for the line and depot.
INCLUDING SAO PAULO, THE WORLDS BUSIEST METRO LINE AND LAUSANNE, THE STEEPEST >Our well-established engineering tools and processes reduce risk >Renovations or network extensions: Alstom supplies the CBTC overlay
and improve quality, ensuring that we fully meet our contractual with all the system engineering addressing all the critical interfaces,
obligations. with a maximum of testing done at the factory. We work in partnership
with the customer to determine the most appropriate migration
>We determine the best maintenance plan during the design phase. strategy for their needs. Alstom commits to providing disruption-free
installation and commissioning.


1. Proven radio CBTC solution: in service on

major metro lines, including driverless lines

 igh availability due to a proven fully

2. H
redundant system

3. Standard interfaces for open architecture and

flexible interconnection between subsystems

4. Robust radio technology in the 2.4 or

5.8 Ghz bands for the best immunity against

5. Short lead times for both non-disruptive

renovation and major new-build projects

6. Flexibility: system easily upgradeable

to driverless

7. Line renovation with CBTC: best industry

track record
Lausanne M2, Switzerland

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urbalis, proven reliability

Metros that have chosen Alstom CBTC

New driverless line equipped
with URBALIS within two years
Chinas first automatic metro, a 28-km elevated Airport Express, links
Beijing city center to capital international airport. Our advanced CBTC
system provides real-time multimedia communication between the
control center and the trains, and allows the trains to run at 110 km/h.
Alstom delivered the project to Beijing Dongzhimen Airport Express Rail
within two years, in time for the 2008 Olympic Games.


MILAN L1 SHANGHAI L12 & L13 & L16 Disruption-free renovation

WUXI L1 & L2 for the Olympic Games
KUNMING L1 In parallel, Alstom resignalled Beijings Line 2 with URBALIS for Beijing
SHENZHEN L2 & L5 Metro Operation Company, allowing the line to operate now with a
2-minute headway and near-perfect availability. No line closures or
service reduction were allowed during the two-year renovation due to a
rigorous schedule of night work: 3 hours each night on alternate weeks
SAO PAULO L1 & L2 & L3 over the 9 months of integration, test and commissioning. The advanced
radio solution allows a seamless handover from free propagation to
SANTIAGO L1 waveguide propagation sections.

Radio CBTC Reference Renovation Driverless SINGAPORE, NORTH EAST & CIRCLE LINES:
Worlds longest fully automatic metro
first to use radio CBTC
SWITZERLAND, LAUSANNE M2: BRAZIL, SO PAULO METRO LINES 1,2,3: Alstom supplied the worlds first radio CBTC system to Singapores Land
Transit Authority (LTA) for its 20 km, 16-station North East Line and
A new metro Driverless-ready system as part of a turnkey project for its 33 km, 29-station Circle Line. With
running on a steep gradient installed for worlds busiest metro these two lines, Singapore has the worlds longest and highest capacity
Lausanne Transport Authority chose Alstoms driverless URBALIS system In 2008, the State of So Paulo selected Alstom to renovate lines 1, fully automatic metro first to use radio CBTC. Thanks to URBALIS, the
to transform and extend its M2 line into a high performance backbone 2 & 3 of its metro with no disruption to service. A sizeable challenge networks meets operator LTAs high standards for availability, safety and
for public transport in the city. The Alstom solution of rubber-tired trains for the worlds busiest metro lines. Alstom is installing its URBALIS service quality. For Circle Line, Alstom also provided rolling stock, track
and advanced Automatic Train Control (ATC) is adapted to the lines CBTC as an upgradeable driverless-ready system to give operator CMSP work, system engineering and integration in a turnkey contract.
specific geographical constraints: 12% slopes and tight 40-meter curves. (Companhia do Metropolitano de So Paulo) greater efficiency and
Stations have platform screen doors and trains feature real-time video transport capacity. Passenger service began in 2010 on the extension
surveillance for a fully secure and supervised environment. of line 2, and will continue with the other sections, for operations with
platform screen doors on some stations and 3 fully automated depots.
In a separate contract, Alstom has also been modernizing the rolling

North East Line, Singapore

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URBALIS within
Alstoms global offer

Shanghai interlocking test room, China

Alstom: The signaling company Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and

Signaling beyond Mass Transit Security systems for urban networks rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly
Alstom develops, installs, commissions and maintains a complete Alstom offers proven, high-performance security systems that provide
technologies. Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metro
range of signaling system solutions and equipment for all types of rail urban transit operators with real-time information, warnings and
transport - from light rail to very high speed rail. pre-configured instructions and procedures to ensure a fast and in the world, provides turnkey integrated power plant solutions and associated services
Our range of Smartlock interlocking systems ensure rail safety every effective response to any sort of security breach. Alstom has the
day on every continent along with Smartway point machines and technology and expertise to capture risk-related data in all rail contexts for a wide variety of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, gas, coal and wind, and
train detection. (trains, stations, track and tunnels, depots and control centers) and
Alstom was one of the pioneers in the development of the ERTMS transform it into useful information for security management and it offers a wide range of solutions for power transmission, with a focus on smart grids.
specifications and today we are the leading supplier of trainborne and operations without affecting the flow of passengers. Our engineering The Group employs 92,000 people in around 100 countries. It had sales of 20 billion*
trackside ETCS technology with ATLASTM. and security consulting services can assist in your security project from
We also offer train supervision, SCADA system, trainborne and risk assessment to commissioning security related systems. and booked close to 22 billion* in orders in 2011/12.
in-station security and passenger information with ICONIS.

Comprehensive Services & Maintenance Alstom: The Multi-specialist

Alstom is a committed maintenance partner, offering specially tailored
solutions to meet customers needs. Our maintenance services are part URBALIS systems can also be provided as part of a full turnkey
of our global offering to optimize cost, guarantee system availability and solution that includes rolling stock, railway infrastructure (track work
ensure optimal operating conditions during the entire life cycle of the and line electrification), all electromechanical equipment, products,
products, systems and solutions. maintenance and civil works. Such contracts can encompass system
definition, engineering and optimization, interfacing and project
management. The customer determines the scope of activity.

*Proforma figures
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