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April 5, 2016 TUESDAY Vol. 121 No. 94 $1.00


Former addict shares Council OKs
story of battle with TIF District 7
prescription drugs By Jake Batterman
The Watertown Common Council unani-
mously approved TIF (Tax Increment Fi-
nancing) District 7 and its related project
His children gave labeling him as an accident waiting to
plan in its meeting Monday night. TIF
districts are used to encourage the re-use
him strength to One option was back surgery, but
the likelihood of it being successful
of existing commercial and industrial sites
by creating incentives for developers. TIF
was very low so Wizner opted for
overcome addiction pain management. He was prescribed
allows developers to use up-front public
expenditures to develop land and infrastruc-
oxycodone, fentanyl and morphine. ture. The developers then pay the initial
With a little encouragement from expenditures back over time through dedi-
By Becky Vosters the woman he was dating at the time, cated property tax revenues.
Wizner filled the prescriptions. TIF District 7 will encompass about 200
For approximately 18 months of “When I started taking them at first
Chris Wizner’s life he did not care acres of property in the south central part
I felt good. I was taking way more of the city corporate limits. The aim of TIF
about anything except where he than I was supposed to and then af-
would get more pills. District 7 is to rehabilitate land parcels
ter awhile I wasn’t taking them to feel that exhibit conditions of economic obso-
“I remember the mornings when I good, I was taking them to not feel
was out of pills because I had used lescence, blight and vacancy that have a
bad,” Wizner said. negative effect on property values. Alder-
them all and it was the worst pain. According to the National Institute
Like a hangover times 10,” Wizner man Augie Tietz made a motion to amend
on Drug Abuse, addiction is a chron- the resolution to include two properties, by
said. ic, often relapsing brain disease that
It was not until Wizner woke up request of the owner, within the district’s
causes compulsive drug-seeking and boundaries and that was approved as well.
one morning and was considering use despite harmful consequences.
switching to heroin that he knew he The council approved an ordinance to
While the initial decision may be vol- adopt amendments to the city’s comprehen-
untary, the brain changes over time sive plan that would expand the definition
and hampers a person’s ability to re- of “planned mix use” future land use cate-
sist the impulses to take drugs. gory to include planned industrial and parks
In the United States alone, more JAKE BATTERMAN/Daily Times and recreation uses as well as reflect the an-
than 15 million people abuse pre- Resident Kay Burbach hands her ID to a poll worker before ticipated development of TIF District 7. The
scription drugs which is more than the changes will also amend the city’s future
combined number of people who re-
voting at the Watertown Senior and Community Center.
land use map to accurately depict the TIF
port abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, district’s expected development. Another

Polls in the area
inhalants and heroin according to the motion was made to change a single par-
foundation for a drug-free world. cel in the plan from two-family to planned
Within a month of when he started mixed which was subsequently approved.
using, Wizner lost his job. The council approved a development

open until 8 p.m.
Wizner was taking 150-500 milli- agreement between the city and BASO
grams per day, well over the 30 mil- holdings.
ligrams he was prescribed. BASO, a local company that produces
Wizner began seeing cash doctors gas products, will be getting funds from TIF
who would provide prescriptions in District 4 to develop a new manufacturing
exchange for cash or money orders. By Jake Batterman plant and relocate to the Westside Business
Wizner’s ex-wife, Cindi, and other Park. BASO currently operates on South
Chris Wizner concerned friends and family mem- The Watertown mayoral election is taking place at four differ- Twelfth Street in Watertown. In addition to
bers began asking what was wrong ent polling places throughout the city today until 8 p.m. Candi- the development agreement the council also
had to change his ways or he was go- when he was unable to keep his head dates include current Mayor John David and area resident Jordan
ing to die. approved the sale of land in the business
up or his eyes open. However, Wizner Turner. Watertown’s 12,568 registered voters had already begun park to BASO.
Wizner has three children, all boys, denied everything saying everything to crowd the polls to cast their vote this morning.
who he said gave him the strength to “I’m extremely happy that they’re stay-
was fine. District 1 located at Marquardt Chapel already had 126 vot- ing in Watertown and building a new plant
overcome his addiction. According to MyAddiction, an ad- ers turn out by 9:15 a.m. and districts 2 and 6 at Madison Area
Wizner, a Watertown native, was here,” Mayor John David said.
diction and recovery resource, denial Technical College both had 112. Districts 3, 4, 7 and 9 voted at A public hearing was held relating to the
a police officer for 15 years, five in is strong in opioid users. Symptoms the municipal building and had 131, 75, 99 and 134 voters, re-
Milwaukee County and 10 in Ocono- proposed fare increases for the Watertown
include continued use after negative spectively. Districts 5 and 8 located at the Watertown Senior and Transit System. Citizen Diane Tuhy said as
mowoc. consequences, defensiveness, excus- Community Center had 89 and 191 voters, respectively.
It all started when he hurt his back a daily user of the transit system, she thought
es and lack of personal hygiene. Photo IDs are required to vote in the election. Acceptable the fare increases were unreasonable. Tuhy
in 2009. Wizner took a few weeks off People who are addicted have far IDs include those issued by universities or technical colleges,
work before he was cleared to return also brought up several issues she and other
less denial if they are treated with Wisconsin state ID, Wisconsin driver’s licenses and state ID re- riders she knows have experienced when
to duty. However, the police depart- ceipts, tribal ID, a U.S. passport, U.S. Uniformed Services card
ment’s physician did not clear him, (Continued on back, col. 3) and certificate of naturalization. (Continued on back, col. 1)


Fire destroys Cruz, Sanders seek
garage, kills wins in Wisconsin
five calves MILWAUKEE (AP) — Republican Ted Cruz and Dem-
ocrat Bernie Sanders are angling for victories in today’s
IXONIA — Black smoke Wisconsin presidential primaries that could give their cam-
filled the sky Monday after- paigns a needed boost but still leave them with mathemati-
noon when a fire on Ash Road cally challenging paths to their parties’ nominations.
burned a garage to the ground While Sanders remains a force in the Democratic prima-
killing five dairy calves. ry, a win over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin would do little
At approximately 3:28 p.m. to significantly cut into her lead in delegates that will decide
Ixonia firefighters responded the party’s nomination. The stakes are higher for Cruz, who
to a report of a fully engulfed trails Donald Trump in the GOP race and sees Wisconsin
structure at N9213 Ash Road. as a crucial state in his effort to push the party toward a
The garage was 20 feet by 30 convention fight.
feet and the five calves inside in “We are seeing victory after victory after victory in the
addition to a new four-wheeler grassroots,” Cruz said during a campaign stop Monday.
were a total loss. “What we are seeing in Wisconsin is the unity of the Re-
The fire melted siding on the publican Party manifesting.”
house nearby but fortunately With the White House and control of Congress at stake
did not spread. in November, leaders of both parties are eager to turn their
Assisting at the scene were attention toward the general election. Clinton would enter
the Watertown Fire Depart- the fall campaign saddled with persistent questions about
ment, Sullivan Fire Department her honesty and trustworthiness, but also with a significant
and Oconomowoc Fire Depart- demographic advantage. It’s an edge Democrats believe
ment. BECKY VOSTERS/Daily Times would be magnified in a race against Trump, who has made
The incident is still under in- A fire on Ash Road Monday afternoon destroyed a garage containing five dairy calves and a four-
vestigation. wheeler. Firefighters sort through the rubble to make sure the fire is completely extinguished. (Continued on back, col. 1)

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Moonset today . . . . . 5:28 p.m. 100s
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lows and tomorrow’s highs.
32 / 40 Beaver Dam 48/31 ra 42/27 rs Low . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Cold Front Stationary Front Warm Front Low Pressure High Pressure

Brookfield 49/32 ra 42/27 rs Normal high. . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Burlington 51/32 ra 43/27 rs Normal low . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Yesterday’s National Extremes
Rhinelander Chicago 55/36 ra 45/33 rs Record high. . . . . . . 79 in 1981 High: 96° in Death Valley, Calif.
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Des Moines 55/38 t 56/32 ra Precipitation
Dubuque 53/34 t 48/30 rs Yesterday . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.00" National Cities
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Eau Claire Green Bay 44/29 rs 36/16 rs Year to date . . . . . . . . . . . 6.16" Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx
34 / 45 Green Bay Int’l Falls 39/22 sn 36/16 rs Normal year to date . . . . 5.06" Albuquerque 75/40 s Kansas City 60/41 pc
33 / 44 Janesville 52/33 ra 44/28 ra Snowfall yesterday . . . . . . 0.0" Atlanta 67/51 s Las Vegas 85/63 s
Kenosha 51/34 ra 42/29 ra Snowfall season to date. 28.2" Atlantic City 51/46 s Los Angeles 88/57 s
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Oshkosh Sheboygan Lansing 49/33 ra 42/24 rs
UV Index Tomorrow Boston 39/38 s Miami 77/71 s
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La Crosse 34 / 45 35 / 44 Milwaukee 50/33 ra 42/29 rs UV Index for 3 periods of the day.
Daytona Bch 74/62 s New York 48/45 s
Cleveland 58/38 rs Orlando 78/62 s
38 / 48 Minneapolis 46/34 rs 44/29 rs 8 a.m. ...............................................0 Denver 62/37 s Philadelphia 54/46 s
Watertown Oshkosh 45/30 rs 41/26 rs Noon ................................................1 Detroit 51/35 sh Phoenix 96/66 s
36 / 49 Milwaukee Rhinelander 40/24 rs 37/19 sn 4 p.m ................................................0
El Paso 77/53 s St. Louis 64/44 sh
Rochester 46/32 ra 45/29 rs
36 / 50 Rockford 53/34 ra 45/30 rs
Fairbanks 47/23 pc Salt Lake City 65/43 s
0-2: Minimal Honolulu 83/71 s Seattle 66/46 s
Madison Sheboygan 44/33 ra 39/28 mc 3-4: Low
The higher the UV

37 / 50 Racine Superior 40/27 rs 36/25 cl 5-6: Moderate
index, the higher Houston 79/54 pc Tampa 81/65 s
the need for eye Indianapolis 58/40 t Washington 57/49 s
Kenosha 37 / 50 Waterloo 50/32 ra 43/28 rs 7-9: High
and skin protection.
10+: Very High Weather (Wx): cl/cloudy; fl/flurries; pc/partly cloudy; r/rain; rs/rain &
Wausau 43/29 ra 40/24 rs
37 / 51 snow; s/sunny; sh/showers; sn/snow; t/thunderstorms; w/windy

Cruz, Sanders looking to pick up victories in primaries —
(Continued from page 1) immigrants and women. up to Wisconsin’s contest by his campaign manager’s le- publican with a realistic path to needed to do so before the GOP
controversial comments about For Trump, the long lead- has included one of the worst gal problems after an alterca- clinching the nomination ahead gathers in Cleveland.
stretches of his candidacy. He tion with a female reporter, and of the Republican convention, Cruz headed into today’s con-
Bike path task force to meet was embroiled in a spat involv-
ing Cruz’s wife, which he now
stumbled awkwardly in com-
ments about abortion.
a big loss in Wisconsin would
greatly reduce his chances of
test with the backing of much of
the state’s Republican leaders,
says he regrets, was sidetracked While Trump is the only Re- reaching the 1,237 delegates including Gov. Scott Walker.
The Citywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Path Task Force will

Former addict talks about addiction —
meet Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in Room 2044 on the second floor
of the Municipal Building, 106 Jones St.

TIF district OK’d — (Continued from page 1)
empathy and respect, rather
Wizner did not want to be hos-
pitalized so he quit cold turkey.
“I went through 10 days of
his children he would try his
best not to, but he was not posi-
tive he could hold out.
know I didn’t do it for myself.
If it wasn’t for Toni and my
kids, I would be using.”
(Continued from page 1) of David. Kelsi Schultz was than told what to do or be con- the absolute worst pain you can According to Everyday Wizner said he gives his chil-
appointed to the Community fronted. imagine,” Wizner said. “Every- Health, one year after stopping dren credit for being so sup-
using the transit system, among Action Coalition Board; Peter Things continued to take a thing ached and I was throwing opiates there is an 85 percent portive after all the lies he said
them rude drivers, unsafe vehi- Lehmann was appointed to the downhill slide for Wizner. up and I had my car in the ga- chance of relapse. when he was using. The boys
cles and poor management. Zoning Board of Appeals. Ann “I progressively got worse. I rage twice trying to kill myself Months into his recovery, supported him on his tough-
“(The dispatchers) are dis- Nienow was appointed to the was living with this girl and the because I just couldn’t deal Wizner still had neck and back est days, telling him he could
respectful, discourteous and Health Board; Mark Sweet was kids would be there and we’d with it anymore.” pain. On those days he had to it, and he knew he couldn’t let
they’ve often hung up on me,” appointed as municipal judge; be sleeping all day, partying all According to Narconon, focus on making it through the them down.
Tuhy said. “When you call, Ron Krueger was appointed night and drinking. I just didn’t withdrawal symptoms include day without using. Carson recalls one of his fa-
they act like you are bothering to the Board of Review; Brian care,” Wizner said. “I thought agitation, muscle pain, bone Cameron, Wizner’s oldest vorite moments throughout his
them.” Konz was appointed to the I was a pretty good dad but pain, depression, diarrhea, son, now 17, said he did not father’s recovery.
Tuhy asked the council to do Parks, Recreation and Forestry when I was on these pills noth- chills, insomnia, vomiting and know what was going on but “He was about a month clean
everything it can to apply for Commission; Sherry Cira and ing mattered. That was the first nausea. tried to block it out. and he woke us all up one night.
grants that might offset the fare Tony Arnett were appointed to thing you worried about in the As Wizner began to resur- “My mom would tell me He had found a pill in his car
increase. the Plan Commission. morning when you got up.” face from his oxycodone haze, something was wrong with dad and he flushed it down the toi-
A public hearing was also In other business the council Wizner’s middle son, Car- the shame of what he had done but she didn’t know what and let,” Carson said.
held for the amendments to the voted unanimously to write off son, recalls a time when his fa- began to wash over him. to keep an eye out,” Cameron Wizner is not shy about shar-
city’s comprehensive plan. One community development block ther was absent. “The embarrassment of what said. “I didn’t really want to be ing his experience. He likes tak-
citizen brought up concerns grant (CDBG) loan. The loan “There was one time I need- I did and how I let the boys involved so I tried to ignore it ing about it because he knows
with the possibility of a reten- was part of a program that al- ed help with a homework prob- down. I let everything in my and we didn’t talk much for a it is a problem that can affect
tion pond in Washington Park lows citizens to borrow money lem at 7 o’clock at night and life go because of those pills,” year or so while he was using. anyone.
but David said the city is not from the city for housing im- he didn’t come home until 3 in Wizner said. It’s a lot better when he started Wizner said it is important to
planning for such a pond. provements. The property be- the morning and I didn’t know “One of the hardest things I recovering because that’s when note people can and do recover
The council approved several ing improved was foreclosed what to do.” from addiction.
appointments to various posi- on. David said the write-off was Eventually Wizner’s ex-wife “You have to want it. Court
tions within city government a formality to get the money off quit trusting Wizner and did not “One of the hardest things I had to do can tell you you have to, or
based on the recommendation the city’s books. let him have the children.
The lies began to build, be- was when I sat down and told my boys work or a spouse, but you have
to want it more than anything,”
coming second nature, until he I was a drug addict. One of them start-
Markets had a small breakthrough.
When his girlfriend came ed crying and asked if I was going to
Wizner said. “Nobody can take
the fact that I beat my addiction
away for me.”
Dow Jones Kohl’s 44.83 –0.27 home one morning at 10 o’clock
The Dow Jones Industrials were Seneca 35.20 –0.46 and had already taken three die. I had to go from being a father September marks five clean
years for Wizner. He moved
down 73.20 at 9:30 a.m. today SPX Corp.
Tel. Data Systems
15.37 +0.04
30.34 –0.22
pills, he knew it had to stop and figure to a complete failure.” back to Watertown in 2013 and
at 17,663.80. The Transportation gave her an ultimatum. She had is now employed at a local piz-
Index was 7,801.18, down 15.81 Target
Wis. Energy Corp.
82.49 +0.18
59.43 –0.68
to pick him or the drugs. — Chris Wizner za place.
and the Utility Index was 659.38, She left, and, knowing he
down 8.96. The market closed He said the free time he gets
had to stop, Wizner kept using. had to do was when I sat down communication started. I sup- to spend with his children is
Monday at 17,737.00. London Milwaukee livestock He burned through $23,000, his
spot gold was $1,228.50, up $0.75 REESEVILLE — Monday’s and told my boys I was a drug port him and I’m really proud well worth the drop in salary.
Milwaukee Stockyards report: electricity was turned off and addict,” Wizner said. “One of of him. I knew he could do it.” As long as he can put food on
and silver was $15.10, up $1.04. eventually he was evicted.
30 Dow Jones Industrials Cows: Premium no-roll cows- them started crying and asked if At one of the lacrosse games, the table and a roof over his
white cows 73-80; high-yielding Wizner resorted to living in I was going to die. I had to go Wizner met Toni, a woman he children’s heads, he could not
Alcoa 9.40 –––
Apple 110.63 –0.49 cutters and utility 64-72; cutters his car. from being a father figure to a married in 2012. be happier.
American Express 60.10 –0.52 55-63; canners and shells up to “It was summer and it was so complete failure.” Carson, now 14, said he was “I still say I am a drug addict
Boeing Co. 127.73 +1.39 50. hot, but I didn’t have money for When the withdrawal symp- always more of a daddy’s boy in recovery. I will always be in
Bank of America 13.24 –0.27 Holstein steers: high choice gas to run the air conditioner,” toms subsided, he picked him- and he started going every- recovery,” Wizner said.
Caterpillar 75.35 –0.37 and prime Holstein steers 1,500- Wizner said.
1,700 pounds 120-123; choice self up and went to a Narcotics where with him. Wizner said he is always
Cisco Systems 27.79 –0.35 On some occasions Wizner Anonymous meeting in Ocono- “He was coaching lacrosse at willing to help anyone at any-
Chevron 93.10 –0.33 Holstein steers 105-119; select would put $20 of gas into his
steers 95-105; unfinished Holstein mowoc. When he turned to the the time and when he started to time.
DuPont 63.77 –0.03 vehicle, go inside the station guy in the seat next to him, he get clean I’d go to NA meetings Help and recovery are avail-
Disney 96.91 –1.77 steers up to 90. and tell them he did not have
General Electric 30.98 –0.25 Beef cattle: prime Angus beef was hit with a reality check. with him and practices. I just able for anyone interested in
1,200-1,500 pounds 126-128;
any money. He said usually “I sat down and in the seat like being around him. It was seeking it. Family Resources
Home Depot 135.52 +0.67 someone would step in and of-
Hewlett-Packard 12.13 +0.03 choice steers and heifers 120-125; next to me is a kid I arrested awesome to see him progress Associates on Main Street is
select beef steers and heifers 110- fer to pay for him. probably three times for drugs,” and get better. I’m really proud available at 920-261-4100. Jef-
IBM 151.08 –0.99 After awhile he moved in
Intel Corp. 31.92 –0.08 120. Wizner said. of him,” Carson said. ferson County Human Services
Johnson&Johnson 109.57 +0.98 Bulls: premium beef bulls with a college friend from Mar- Wizner received a key chain Things continued to im- can be reached at 920-674-
J.P. Morgan 58.68 –0.52 1,600-2,050 pounds up to 105; shall and began having thoughts for attending his first meeting proved for Wizner. He received 3105. Dodge County Health
Coca Cola 46.71 –0.18 common to good bulls 85-95. of heroin. and slowly things began to get his 30-day key chain and then and Human Services can be
McDonald’s 127.60 +0.03 Replacement calves: premium “I woke up one day and I better. On the condition that his his 60-day key chain. Soon he reached at 920-386-4094. Help
3M Co. 166.34 –0.06 bulls 90-120 pounds 200-290; thought I needed heroin or
common to good bulls 80-120 ex-wife could call him at any- was sober for a year and now he is always available at the Wa-
Merck 54.52 +0.12 something because I couldn’t time and ask him to report to has been clean for almost five tertown Police Department, call
Microsoft Corp. 55.09 –0.34 pounds 100-200. Premium heif- get enough pills,” Wizner said.
Pfizer Inc. 30.84 +0.12 ers: up to 250; common to good the emergency room for a blood years. 920-261-6660 or stop in any-
“They’re hard to get, but heroin test, he was allowed to see his “I don’t really get the urge time.
Procter & Gamble 83.14 –0.07 heifers 75-150; boning calves up is something anyone can get.”
Travelers 117.19 –0.37 to 75. children again. He started anymore,” Wizner said. “I had There is a recovery support
Today’s estimated receipts: 800 That’s the wake up call Wiz- coaching the lacrosse team his to quit drinking too because center located on South Second
Utd. Technologies 99.89 –0.38 ner needed.
UnitedHealth 128.03 –1.46 cattle and 375 calves. son Carson played on. alcohol is a drug and looking Street that offers one-on-one
“I don’t know what hap- Unfortunately, signs of re- back I had a pretty bad drinking substance abuse counseling at
Verizon 54.15 –0.27 pened but the day I decided I
Walmart 68.54 –0.56 United Cooperative covery did not completely erase problem.” little to no cost. The center can
Exxon Mobil 82.92 –0.24 Johnson Creek needed heroin I knew I was go- the bad times. Wizner said if he were to be reached at 920-988-6944.
Stocks of local interest ing to die,” Wizner said. “There were times I would ever use again he could never A group of community mem-
Local cash grain bids — clos- He went to see a doctor and
Assoc. Bank Corp. 17.21 –0.21 go to the church in Waterloo face the four most important bers is planning an evening
ing Monday. explained he had been using for
Bank of Montreal 59.38 –0.81 and I’d just kneel down and people in his life. program called, “Stairway to
April New Crop 18 months. The doctor told him
John Deere 75.93 +0.03 pray and cry. I had nothing. I “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t Heroin” beginning at 6 p.m. on
#2 shell corn 3.19 bu. 3.34 bu. he had to get to the hospital and
Eaton Corp. 60.97 –1.68 lost everything,” Wizner said. look them in the eyes and tell April 26 with a resource fair
#1 soybeans 8.59 bu. 8.74 bu.
Illinois Tool Works 101.82 –0.85
Winter wheat 4.15 bu. 4.21 bu. do 90 days of intensive inpa- Wizner said he expected them again,” Wizner said. and a program at 6:30 p.m. at
Johnson Controls 38.33 –0.43 tient treatment. himself to relapse. He promised “They were my strength. I Watertown High School.