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Volume 20 Number 3 September 2009

Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

Introduction: The World as Negative and Neutral only one need, which is to learn that we have no needs
except to forgive. As he tells us early on in the text:
A Course in Miracles is unequivocal about the nature of
the illusory world and body, speaking of the former as hav- But the only meaningful prayer is for forgiveness,
ing been “made as an attack on God” (W-pII.3.2:1), the lat- because those who have been forgiven have everything
ter as a limitation on love (T-18.VIII.1:2-3). Furthermore,
we read elsewhere in the Course that bodies are born into “a Returning to the world, the theme of this article, the
dry and dusty world, where starved and thirsty creatures simple truth is that not only is the phenomenal world an illu-
come to die” (W-pII.13.5:1). Yet we are also told that the sion, but its making fulfilled an ego purpose. This is a con-
body (and by implication the world) is “a wholly neutral cept of intention, largely untouched in most other spiritual
thing” (W-pII.294) and can be the “means by which God’s thought systems, yet is a core premise of A Course in
Son returns to sanity” (W-pII.5.4:1). Miracles. This purpose is to establish the Son as a mindless
These seemingly contradictory statements are what read- (i.e., physical/psychological) creature with no awareness
ers who are critical of the Course might state are examples of that he is in fact a mind, actively choosing to be separate
Jesus speaking out of both sides of his non-corporeal mouth, from his Creator and Source. Since this mind is unremem-
for how can the world be both negative and neutral? The bered, the Son can hardly gain access to its decision-making
answer to this apparent paradox lies in the process of correc- ability in order to choose again. Thus is the original decision
tion or forgiveness that the Course sets forth. This is similar of the ego preserved and kept secure from all undoing, a cor-
to what we read in The Song of Prayer about Jesus teaching rection that mindfulness would surely accomplish. On this
us what also seem to be mutually exclusive ideas in A Course level, then, the world hardly can be said to fulfill a positive
in Miracles: on the one hand we should ask for specific help purpose. We shall revisit this essential point in more detail in
of the Holy Spirit, and on the other hand we are taught the next section.
repeatedly that there is only one problem (the belief in sepa- However, there is another way of looking at the world.
ration) and one answer (the decision for Atonement): Once we believe we are in the world of bodies, in relation-
ship with other bodies that either imprison us or make us
You have been told to ask the Holy Spirit for the
answer to any specific problem, and that you will receive happy, we need to forgive the original decision as it is
a specific answer if such is your need. You have also expressed in these daily experiences of special hate and spe-
been told that there is only one problem and one answer. cial love: guilt, projection, and attack. In what amounts to
In prayer this is not contradictory (S-1. I.2:1-3). A Course in Miracles shibboleth, we learn that we forgive
In other words, when Jesus looks at the overall process others for what they have not done (e.g., T-26.IV.1:6).
of forgiveness (or prayer), sometimes symbolized by a lad- Teaching us what this means constitutes the essence of the
der (e.g., T-28.III.1:2; S-1.II), he focuses on different aspects journey that Jesus asks us to take with him via his course.
or rungs of the journey he is leading us on, depending on his Learning the lessons of forgiveness, therefore, is a process
teaching emphasis at the time. In the passage from The Song that frees us from the ego’s prison house of the body (“the
of Prayer, for example, Jesus is saying, in effect, that when rotting prison” [T-26.I.8:3]) and its special relationships—
he is speaking to us on the level of our need-driven experi- the citadels of hate. In the text, we read the following com-
ence as bodies, he encourages us to ask him for help for forting words that integrate these two levels:
what we think to be our needs. It is only when we are The body was not made by love. Yet love does not con-
ascending the ladder that we come to realize that we have demn it and can use it lovingly, respecting what the Son
of God has made and using it to save him from illusions

we are condemned to living in a perpetual state of Another way of understanding the ego’s investment in mindless existence as bodies: the bodily experiences of pleasure and pain. While you the subject of our next two sections. almost its playground of special love. This conceals the ego’s underlying purpose of mak- and that to make mindless is to heal (T-8. Workbook Lesson 182 pro- none of us has even the remotest clue as to the real source of vides one of the clearest expressions in A Course in the body’s pleasure and pain.… No one but knows not of the body. What seems to motivate us it. as it were. It does not tell you what ego made the world and caused a veil of forgetfulness to fall its purpose is and cannot understand what it is for. and experience the need for Of one thing you were sure: Of all the many causes you the surcease from pain that life appears to engender. which always wants to weaken the mind.g. helps us to shift the The body does appear to be the symbol of sin while you world’s purpose from prison or playground to classroom. for when one examines the ego’s strat- ingness of the body: egy (i.III. yourself with the body.. believe that it can get you what you want. Jesus is unequivocal in A Course in Miracles “world was made as an attack on God. Our experience has become such a powerful to give meaning to any relationship. but never makes the to the mind and choose differently: for the Holy Spirit by choice. purpose is everything (e. for if the body were real. which is the invitation to pain pose.VI. followed by placing the sepa- suffers not the punishment you give because it has no rated Son in a body. giving rise to life’s perceived purpose of the pain of our mind’s decision for guilt. witness to the seeming fact that the body is the source of our It is therefore beholden on us when we look at the world or feelings. a body.7:4). With no recollection of who we aimlessly the path on which it has been set (T-28. Self. The World: Prison/Playground or Classroom? (continued) A Course in Miracles.” It is the projection that this is not the case at all. It is not born and does not die. the mind’s decisions. the first two obstacles to peace from Chapter 19 in the text: and do not recognize their tears at all.VI. Yet our experience is not pleasure or pain. which is the mind’s decision Miracles of our suffering existence in a world within which for the ego and its guilt: we feel so alienated and alone.IX. When the It [the body] does not seek to make of pain a joy and look for lasting pleasure in the dust.g.… It across the miscreating mind.. “Nothing so blinding as perception of form” we informed the Creator that His Love. from it.… We speak today 2 . Others will deny that they are sad. tension and the relief from ten- As we have already seen. It behaves in ways you want. not to mention that there is indeed a difference body to consider their purpose. ration). the workbook tells us that the sion. are and where we came from (the mind that dreams of sepa. and World [T-22. so too must be Herein lies the meaning of our being born into the body.6:1-3). This is so on from pain.VII.IV-B. Yet some try to put by their suffering share the wrong mind’s single purpose of making the sin of in games they play to occupy their time. The perceived as bringing pain and suffering to you. therefore. reinforcing the for it becomes the preoccupation of the world: a source of belief that the ego is our true self. for the body feels nothing. thing is) “What is it for?” [T-17. that experience and perception of the mind’s original attack thought of separation. 1:4-5.4). It is essential that this relationship be understood. or both the physical and emotional levels. the ego ensured that he will never return feeling. The World as Prison/Playground: It is impossible to seek for pleasure through the body and The Special Relationship not find pain. either through the ego’s prison of special hate.6:7]).IV-A. here abridged.e. circumstance. wherein lie (e. but simply acts were not enough. And yet. The only question to ask of any- The problem here. Repeatedly in A Course in Miracles. you will also believe that it can bring you pain (T-19. Jesus tells us that (T-19. and mini.12:1-2. between pleasure and pain.17:10-11). The special relationship is the means of such release mizing what hurts us and causes us to suffer. or event. that the world is really an attack on the Son’s power of decision. one that the ego so cleverly exploits. and therefore are the same because they whereof we speak. but rather of life as maximizing what pleases us and makes us happy. Moreover. and that only the opposite of these would out. ant obsessive fascination with them. Yet the world is one telling and representative passage of the inherent noth- even more than that. This world you seem to live in is not home to The importance of this idea that pleasure and pain are you. Yet the ego actually believes that it is protecting it. again. ing the body real. is to examine our spe- tries to separate it from the body in an attempt to destroy cial love and hate relationships. and our result- The ego.. believe that it can give you pleasure. the thought of separation that gave rise to it.2:1-2]). here is the sheer pain of existence and the need to escape This is because the ego believes that mind is dangerous. can be seen in the idea’s rapid repetition in sadness from them. It can but follow choosing against the ego. Thus we read in this satisfy our hunger for individual existence.…you feel an alien here. 2:2-5). your opening three paragraphs. one sees. Understanding is that it is counterintuitive that the body does not feel plea- the mind’s purpose—separation or forgiveness—enables us sure or pain. say it all: guilt was not among them (T-27. and keep their separation real.… It is but the inevitable result of equating We begin by returning to the all-important theme of pur. its purpose).

Until. You hate this prison you have made…(T-18. that we live lives. A thousand homes he makes. And out of its unwill. The world you see is the delusional system of those made mad by guilt. To reit. Children are born into it through pain and ing. yet none contents lives are programmed for such failure: his restless mind. special love and hate relationships are the same in how the body is not what it seems. removed and unreachable. despair. substances. but not itself. To summarize this salient point. for God’s wrathful Will pursues are at last ready to learn the better way (T-2. desires are thwarted.VI. therein lies our release from the pain of imprisonment.VI. of “quiet desperation. There is indeed help that can ence as bodies we have no recourse. There certainly appears to be no hope. existence of depression. This transforms its strange religion must therefore be the conviction that the home we made in hate. which transforms the world into a Mind reaches to itself. 2:1-3. not even in death. it offers you immortality in hell.8:2-5. from recognizing that regardless of why the world of bodies etc.… Their minds seem to be trapped in their brain. our nal property of mind. since our selves fully convinced us that our problem lies in the alienation we seem to be trapped in the body. and death. The World: Prison/Playground or Classroom? (continued) for everyone who walks this world.4. or activity that gives us pleasure.7. A Course in Miracles instructs us in learning how there is erate this important point. freedom instead of imprisonment: You see yourself locked in a separate prison.I. in pain. not recognizing what it is An earlier passage in the text describes exactly why our he seeks. IV). and you will These games we play. The Holy Spirit pain. for he is not at home. …the place you set aside to house your hate is not a substance. vation and its own warped understanding of healing. For this world is the symbol of pun- special… And leaving the memory of Heaven buried beneath a decaying their bodies wither and gasp and are laid in the ground. but an illusion of yourself. and not entirely unexpected failure: the hell that is the ego’s sal. darkness what he cannot find.III. How can the The Process of Becoming a Happy Learner guilty hope for Heaven? (T-15. The body is a limit becomes a playground in which our needs are happily met imposed on the universal communication that is an eter- and our existence becomes a joy. causes.8). and are no more (T-13. Now it becomes a class- genuine happiness and peace. God-proof (T-5. that we are minds not bodies. what it wants for itself: When we believe we love someone. Look carefully at this world. meaning that this mind can learn form. we escape. and its powers to decline if their bodies are hurt. us even when the body appears to die: allowing Jesus to teach us that the world is the place in The ego wants you dead. and that Heaven and hell content—the mind’s special relationship with the ego—for are nothing more than decisions the mind makes. are our realize that this is so. and each and every one of them. once it was made to attack. alienated from each other and source of help. yearning for relief and frustrated in the outcome of the teaches us. based on they share the common purpose of keeping us mindless. This help is found in the shift physical bodies. Yet we do not stop our striving. punishment. constitute our special relationships. and we know of no other feel in the world as bodies. laws of death. yet he also tells us that it is not phrase. but The World as Classroom: assures you that Heaven is not for you. seeking in VI. homes we seek to build. reached. therefore. in Thoreau’s evocative thought system is fool-proof. a courtroom of judgment and it can pursue you beyond the grave. which is the ego’s goal that book. was made (to imprison).5).2:2-5.10).7:5-6). ideals. He goes uncertainly about in endless search.3:3-7) We begin the section with this statement from the work- And so there is no hope. for the hell of separation is its unspoken goal for us. ingness for you to find peace even in death.” From this pain-laden experi. it can nonetheless serve the purpose and each one will fail because each was chosen by the ego of being a classroom in which we learn from a different so that it would fail. These.… The home he seeks can not be made by him (W-pI. Seek and do not find is the ego’s mantra (e. once again. and all the laws that seem to govern it are the regardless of its form. The outcome of which we learn the happy fact of salvation. This is why Jesus tells us that the ego from our self. shares the one content of always fail. the ego has success.).1:1.… Within itself it has no limits. into a gentle classroom of learning forgiveness. But the communication is internal.3:5-6). see T-12. It speaks to you of Heaven. 3:1-3. material objects.. This leaves us in a perpetual state of Teacher and a different thought system. except to seek relief come to us from outside the ego’s inner and outer worlds of from other bodies (read: anything in the world. ishment. room in which our new Teacher lovingly instructs us in how which means that we can never avoid the hatred of ourselves to see a different purpose for the world: forgiveness in place and the world for the inevitable failures: of condemnation. the world prison.10:6). including separation and specialness. Thus are we forever “trapped” in bodies. prison that prevents us from freely partaking of life’s “joys. never to achieve the impossible dream of world.” and there is nothing outside it (T-18. or find some food. succinctly summarizing the inherent neutrality of the keeps us striving. incapable of reaching out as being 3 . of course. despite the obvious differences in nothing outside the mind. with no hope for Tired of the pain of our continual disillusionment.182.

4:8).B. Those readers apparent I was not. once look upon the world as it is. music with him over such a long period of time. I would asked only to enter into the process of learning that. But to mean these words is everything (W-pI. weak and exhausted. The opening of Lesson 185 says: We need to see a little. then. Those who which I was fortunate to play wonderful music with two believe in it therefore perceive this as an attack on them.13:7). step by step: learn. To have the peace of God means we become the happy learners the Holy Spirit needs us to be a decision to give up the conflict that is the source of our in order to learn His all-inclusive lesson of forgiveness that separated self. Phil1 and Nancy Blum. have the willingness to admit we were wrong. “Ay. Everything!—how I put the reed in and emaciated. I was well out of my league in what you believe you are (T-6. behavior—the meaning of Freud’s concept of repetition cence. and patiently which to learn our lessons: showed me how absolutely everything I was doing with my Prisoners bound with heavy chains for years. To say these words (“I want the peace of God. who came to our Foundation’s Roscoe home may have sons. learning a little each day. with the Son of God finds his freedom (W-pI.”) is 161. and with eyes so long cast down in darkness they remember not the light.13:3-4). that the accepting that our learning must occur over time. The Holy Spirit cannot The first steps on our journey back are to accept that teach without this contrast. arranged for me to have some lessons Still another passage from the text. remorse lets the joyfully embrace a thought system or teacher that undoes the past teach us not to repeat mistakes that hurt us. terms of ability. that in acknowledging our it. recently do not leap up in joy the instant they are made free. You who are serve. there must be another way of looking at it.3:7). By not choosing against this dynamic. In this context.V.3:2. so seeming real. and made him think that he has lost his inno. cellist and thought system. true learning in the world (M-4.IV-A). lows from the need to protect our insane self: I am a most amateur clarinetist. and every thought system centers on cellist/pianist respectively. with a nod to Plato’s with one of the orchestra’s clarinetists. what constitutes happiness (T-14. will surely be completed by our Teacher.” because we do not It is in taking these little steps. His patience with my playing was always very inspiring.57.III. and Phil. The willing- very core of our existence. that always mean these words.1:1-3). The terror of nonexistence is too ness to admit mistakes (remorse) allows us to choose again. and see it as a place where begun by us.1:1-2). nothing. as the following describes: as opposed to guilt that must always be repressed. makes clear the need for time in rie was as fine a teacher as he was a musician. As Hamlet said. Him (W-pI. that we learn a lot (W-pI. starved instrument was wrong. Two statements The first and most important thing to consider in the from the workbook emphasize this important aspect of our process of seeing the world as a classroom is the desire to learning slowly. one of the most accomplished musicians I have ever encountered. denied his Father. We are world is really a place where he can be set free. for you believe that misery is learning is in truth a process of unlearning. Do not deny the little steps He [God] asks you take to 185.… I see the desire to be rid of the truth we recognize our resistance. you are weakening it. the delusional conflict the ego believes it has undoes the ego: with God. we can fearful is the dream. who has always played Many thought I was attacking them. So compulsion. compelling.193. 4-6). Lawrie Bloom. Guilt keeps us rooted in the past. our insane identification with an insane thought system fol. longtime cellist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Law- famous cave prisoners. you are miserable and not happy. that we Referring to the biblical story of his life. there’s the rub. It died of cancer after fifty-four years with the orchestra that is one of the world’s fin- takes a while for them to understand what freedom is est. it is also helpful to remember the first steadfastly devoted to misery must first recognize that obstacle to peace: the desire to be rid of it (T-19. It is the right-minded decision not to be the spe- The Holy Spirit needs a happy learner. in whom His cial self we have striven so mightily to achieve and then pre- mission can be happily accomplished. Jesus explains how meet the condition for true learning: humility. therefore. our willingness—one small step at a time. This is because everyone identifies himself with his excellent instrumentalists. Phil. We cannot continue Seeing the contrast between guilt and remorse may be without recognizing our resistance to this process: we do not helpful. in share a thought system. It must be. 4 . and made war upon himself.9:1-2). It is only when we to reality without the sweat of terror and a scream of mor- tal fear…(T-27.II.VII. An insane learner learns strange les. thus world as a prison for God’s Son. feeling remorse for the pain we caused ourselves and others. 1. The World: Prison/Playground or Classroom? (continued) Since the purpose of the world is not the one I ascribed to It is imperative. I am reminded of an experience I had several years ago. even though it was much better in his head than in his fingers. he could not waken never escape the ego’s prison of guilt. I shall always be grateful for his friendship and the privilege of having made (T-20. This Nothing more fearful than an idle dream has terrified ensures that we will always repeat it—the content if not the God’s Son. What you must recognize is that when you do not attended one of the annual Tennanah Lake Trio concerts.1:5-9).X.

IV. there mistake. This was Jesus’ point remembering our true Self. is what Jesus says in the lesson. recognizing sometimes asked to do. Humility. not to mention the style of my playing. and for nothing else. (T-29. they forbids a full quotation. the only place in the curriculum where he of Heaven’s love. my hand positions.… There may well be a temptation to arrogantly assert that we have already learned it? As Jesus regard the day as lost because you have already failed to states in the workbook: “You will not question what you do what is required. the way we respond in our daily life will help admits mistakes. which knows only the oneness in Lesson 95. 8:1-4.4:1). How can we ever learn if we your advance. This enables us to become happy learners out of fear of sinning. angry. rather than give it power to delay our the allure of the special relationship—form to the exclusion learning. How mistake to continue is to make additional mistakes. but begin the hard work of correcting my mistakes. This should. instant that each minute holds.VIII. Under the gentle tutelage of the Holy Spirit. is to do it imperfectly. and of your need for mind training. in contra-distinction. but an interested reader can read it unlearn the ego’s lessons of sin and guilt that leads to in its entirety: remembering the magnitude of the Self. This allowed me to The problem is thus not the thought of separation itself. Let us therefore be determined…to book perfectly. based can we recognize our weakened desire for peace unless we on the first and reinforcing it. littleness. my lip and tongue multitudinous “little” mistakes are microcosms of the one action on the reed. thinking of it as a sin. training program lies in recognizing our need for correction. merely be rec- have already defined” (W-pI. for it is indeed a hindrance to mind’s mistake in content. is to prevent any healing from hap- (T-14. and then forgive oneself diligence. but stubbornly instant when the time of terror took the place of love holds on to the need of being right rather than happy (T-26. then. or depressed. Illustrating that our good intentions them as the defenses that they are. believe we have made any? 7:4-5. “huge” mistake of separating from our Source: the tiny. and every minute in each day. Each day. These otherwise well-meaning people truly think guilty. which is to learn from mistakes. we are reliving itself. the need for purchasing alarm wrist watches so that they do not forget to “mental discipline” and “mind training” is reflected in the think of God every hour. To allow a rather than its spirit. mistakes. or six times an hour as we are daily practice of monitoring our ego thoughts.28. guilty about them. Without the mistakes. be open to all Lawrie’s corrections. falling prey to to overlook it.2. This. joyfully Therefore.… This tolerance for weakness will enable us for having done so. with the letter of the lesson. In this regard. knowing that they expose the mind’s us undo the ontological ego response. mad Fortunately for me. Space truly be.95. you have merely made a mistake. the core of its one-year rected. all the while having made reminded that all these responses are defenses against the Holy Spirit obsolete as a teacher. and every Arrogance. I was able not to be defensive. a goal many students unfortunately have for be willing to forgive ourselves for our lapses in themselves. arrogance. The World: Prison/Playground or Classroom? (continued) the mouthpiece and the placing of the ligature that holds it in approach to our learning. anxious.1-2). It is necessary the need to recognize our mistakes in form that reflect the that you be aware of this. but to idea at which we are to remember to laugh (T-27. and an unwillingness to try again. for it is but another way in which you learn from mistakes in our decision-making if we do not would defend illusions against the truth (W-pI. a refusal to let your mistake be cor- Speaking of the workbook. reflecting the all-important theme in A Course in the original mistake: Miracles of humility vs. To feel guilty over the underlying decision for the ego.13:1). 9). pline. It is this process that must see how consistently we defend against it? How can we be laid aside. not the playing destroy love. we need to be they are being “good” students. or by avoiding situations problem. the ego’s defense against its self-perceived little. enters into such a lengthy discussion of this wrong-minded 5 . denying it by covering it over would be no opportunity for correcting the fundamental and pretending it never occurred. My central point here is that our place. It is tempting for students. such behavior merely sabotages any learning that could have Each time we find ourselves becoming annoyed.VII. The Holy Spirit is not delayed in His teaching by your I have often taught that the true meaning of doing the work.4:4-5. trying to get it right in form. fearful.1:9).V. magnitude vs.6:2). we need to recognize our need to learn. The issue our having taken it seriously by believing it has the power to here was my attitude toward my learning. ensued.II) who welcome their world as the classroom it can pening. never feels it has anything to learn. The point is not to feel are not enough and should not be trusted (T-18. I frequently poke fun at Course students Translated into our everyday experience. you but relive the single ness. my fingering. This calls for correction. ognized as what it is. however.… When you fail to comply with the require- of content—to use any means to ensure that they comply ments of this course. but to bring them to Jesus for correction. You have seen the extent of your lack of mental disci- To restate this. Whenever we choose our ego. He can be held back only by your unwilling- ness to let them go.

healed” (W-pII. See it as damned. When we finally have learned our lessons. and nothing now can be remembered of the world of guilt. see is what you did to hurt the Son of God.1:2-9). thus gaining access to our mind’s decision for the ego. our daily lives a shining com- pass. September. forces [we] cannot control.6:7. to offset the costs of printing and mailing this newsletter. Your holy Son is pointed out to me. And so the crucial ele- ously motivated to leave the ego’s prison house. Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. Leaving the dream of separate will project upon the world.VII.VII. as You appointed prisoner. because penultimate step for awakening from the ego’s nightmarish we are mindless. ize that we are no longer victims of the world. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1983 to help students of A Course in Miracles through educational programs and publications. we need to see the projections of this mis- hell of separation. and this you and its special relationships. holiness and hope. The prison patiently to hear Your Word. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE LIGHTHOUSE. Periodicals Postage Paid at Temecula. THE LIGHTHOUSE is published and sent out four times a year (March. Temecula. Healing is done. The same are one. Your Voice instructs me can drop them off merely by desiring to do so. our own desires and wishes. I would give up my insane wishes and walk into that the way shall be: “Behold his sinlessness. CA 92590-5668. thereby forgiving it. God. being joy- we condemn ourselves to repeat it. Thus our thoughts. italics becomes a temple. I can leave simply by walking out. a peace that embraces all people in its love. Whenever we are feeling anything but the peace of brushes lightly past all sickly dreams. italics omitted). Process and Practice summarizes the qualitative made. and all you interests to share only the happy dreams of shared interests. Nothing as I look upon Your Son today. I hear Your Voice holds me in this world. There is no choice that lies between these two deci- This lovely paragraph from the pamphlet Psychotherapy: sions. and God’s Voice is all we hear as He beyond [us]. and be you the sunlight at last (W-pI.357.4-6 italics mine). we have ment in our journey lies in recognizing the mistake for what made the Holy Spirit’s qualitative shift (T-5. The same goes for our feelings and experiences. and the street a stream of stars that omitted). but only of and experiences fulfil their potential of becoming holy. California and additional mailing offices. wherein we recognize Read the following statement of this theme: that we are not the miserable and helpless effect of our world Damnation is your judgment on yourself. I my brother. we know for what is perfect needs no healing. the world changes from prison to Our daily experiences are transformed into streams of classroom when we learn that it is only our mind’s decision stars that lead to the temple that is our THE LIGHTHOUSE (ISSN 1060-4987) is the newsletter of the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®.IV-D. and thus escape the prison house in which I How can I be the victim of a world that can be com.7:6) that is the it is. and learn from this to recognize which one you shift. feelings. as we see in And then forget the world and all its little triumphs and this statement from earlier in the text: “I must have decided its dreams of death. Articles published in THE LIGHTHOUSE are copyrighted by the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. And door is open. We have to real- of learning that end the dream. Since the ego thought system is unconscious. 41397 Buecking Drive. think I live. and give as I receive.I. Only my wish to stay keeps me a instructing me to find the way to You. December) by the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. without looking at the Conclusion: “A Stream of Stars” ego and its mistaken thought system. And you will see the witness to the choice you Purpose. The room wrongly. and death. and thoughts that proclaims the truth of God’s Son in the following words we come to [us] against [our] will” (T-19.. Q Happily now.57. you joined the Will of God to set him free. tells me how to offer miracles.8) In summary.… If you see we realize the intrinsic sameness of God’s separated Sons. Temecula. a stream of stars that lead us to our home. The World: Prison/Playground or Classroom? (continued) To reword this last discussion. the classrooms that has consigned us to Heaven or to hell.2:1-2.1. forgiveness ognition. Think what the joining of two brothers really means. What freedom lies in that rec- Miracles have come to replace all grievances. we leave the world of darkness and enter Jesus’ forgiven world of light. first in pletely undone if I so choose? My chains are loosened. then.7:4)! We close pray to our Father: this section with the following excerpt from the first review lesson in the workbook: Forgiveness. which are tax-deductible. 6 . specialness. 41397 Buecking Drive. radiant in its purpose: chose (T-21. truth’s reflection. for we are no longer “at the mercy of things shines away our sin. CA 92590. This change is take. We gratefully appreciate any donations. June. be forgiven where there is no sin? (P-2. because I am not at peace” (T-5. brought about through forgiveness. then in me. and what remains to for certain that our minds have chosen the ego.

this final stage marked by the ease of being in the world but not of it.D. and child from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.Innocence Regained: The Othello Syndrome (4 hrs 6 mins) $15.facim. other than downloadable MP3s.00 3m140dl “No Man Is an Island”: Our Common Purpose (11 hrs) $40.00 3m153dl Life: A Required Course (3 hrs 37 mins) $13.00 3m134dl “Be Kind.00 3m136dl “To Believe a Lie” (3 hrs 29 mins) $ 3m133dl Jesus’ Promise: “If You But Knew.00 3m144dl The Decision Maker: “Throned Above Fate” (2 hrs 27 mins) $ 9.6261.” (3 hrs 46 mins) $14. (This is the eighth in our series of small books on the practice of A Course in Miracles.00 3m143dl The Pathway of A Course in Miracles: From Spirituality to Mysticism (19 hrs 35 mins) $71. are also available by phone: 951.296.aspx 3m154dl Our Earliest Memory (12 hrs 56 mins) $47. ext. 7 .00 3m138dl “A Light of Laughing Flowers”: An Advanced Teacher of God (2 hrs 26 mins) $ 9. our journey proceeds in and through the world and on to spiritual maturity. Using Nietzsche’s parable of the camel.00 All of our publications can be ordered from our Web site: www.00 3m141dl “The Gifts of God”: The Poetry of Helen Schucman (5 hrs 7 mins) $18. THE STAGES OF OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. Publications. Ph. lion. seeing everything now through the eyes of forgiveness. for Everyone You Meet Is Fighting a Hard Battle” (5 hrs 10 mins) $19.00 3m147dl Beyond Theism: The God of ACIM (2 hrs 9 mins) $ 8. 30.00 3m152dl The Prodigal Son’s Brother (3 hrs 40 mins) $13.00 3m149dl For They Have Come: An Ancient Hatred Becomes a Present Love (2 hrs 29 mins) $ 9..00 3m146dl The Body: An “Engine of Destruction” (2 hrs 43 mins) $10.) B28 )$7 )161 pages DOWNLOADABLE MP3s: https://facim. this book unfolds the process of spiritual development woven into the Course’s teachings.00 3m135dl The Magic Flute of Forgiveness (3 hrs 56 mins) $14. A Course in Miracles tells us that our journey is a pro- cess occurring over time. As these teach- ings demonstrate.00 3m148dl The Ego: A “Quaint Absurdity” (2 hrs 27 mins) $ 9.00 3m150dl The Self-Accused: Freedom from Guilt (2 hrs 35 mins) $ 9. especially the six stages described in “Development of Trust” (M-4..00 3m137dl The Happy Dream (2 hrs 20 mins) $ 8. ANNOUNCEMENTS * * * * NEW RELEASES * * * * Kenneth Wapnick.00 3m145dl The Ego Strikes Back: “The Return of the Repressed” (4 hrs 9 mins) $15.I).00 3m151dl Rolling Back the Carpet of Time (2 hrs 24 mins) $ 9.00 3m139dl The Metaphysics of Time (3 hrs 57 mins) $ 3m132dl Bringing Darkness to Light: The Vision of Forgiveness (3 hrs 48 mins) $14.00 3m142dl Innocence Lost .

Afrikaans: The Talk. The Most Commonly Asked Questions..pdf format. The Foundation now has its own channel at: http://youtube.296. Br. add your name to our e-newsletter mailing list. Order from Ankh-Hermes bv • Postbus 125 • 7400 AC Deventer • The read past articles from The Lighthouse. SPANISH DISTRIBUTOR Exclusive distributor for our Spanish titles in Central and South America: Asclepius LLC. Order from Zalozba Quatro • Zabnica 31 • 1357 Notranje Gorice. register for the Temecula Center programs. including our online excerpts series. ext. and Absence from Felicity. This corrects the common misperception that in hearing an inner voice one is automatically hearing the Holy Spirit. ANNOUNCEMENTS RE-DESIGNED WEB SITE—www. Email: tarotsdelmundo@ymail. Contact Orlando Asman or Patricia Chagoyan • Phone (52-55) 1998-3301 • Cell 52-1-55 recognizing. Dutch: The Talk and The Most Commonly Asked Questions. Slovene: The Talk.6261. and consult our teaching and share video clips. Call our order department at 951. 30.6261. These excerpts can be found at the Foundation’s Web site at www. Ending Our Resistance to Love. Order from Pelquin Kustannus • Merivirta 19 E 35 • 02320 Espoo • Finland 8 . • Germany • Tel. Italian: The Talk. Many of the Foundation books have also been translated into Spanish including Absence from Felicity. Danish: The Talk. TRANSLATION OF BOOKS Most of the Foundation books and several CDs have been translated into German. is the subject of our current series of excerpts. and then choosing against the inner voice of the ego. Av. Order from SphinX Publishers • Løvstræde 8 • 1152 København K • Denmark. Mexico City (06700). Spanish translations can be ordered from our Web site (www. The teaching and discussion of readings in this class focus on the principle that one cannot hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit without first Oaxaca 71.facim.facim. Order from Henri Theron • 302 Monterey Bay Road • Mouille Point. Col. For information. Roma Norte. French: The Talk. CATALOG OF PUBLICATIONS The Foundation’s Catalog of Publications is available in a . please contact: Greuthof Verlag und Vertrieb GmbH • Herrenweg 2 • D79261 Gutach i. Order from www. YOUTUBE CHANNEL YouTube is a free video-sharing Web site where users can upload. 7681-6025 • FAX 7681- 6027. working as a partner com- pany for the main office based in Mexico as Tarots del Mundo. and Ending Our Resistance to Love. ext. find program schedules for both the Temecula Center and the La Jolla Browse our newly re-designed Web 30. including our automated online bookstore where you are able to purchase Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® publications as well as A Course in Miracles and the pamphlets. view. EXCERPTS SERIES “The Inner Voice. Cape Town • 8005 South Africa.htm. as well as the most recent newsletters in their entirety. Order from Miracles in Contact • Pieter de Hooghlaan 3 • NL-3761 AR Soest • The Netherlands. which is downloadable from our Web site at: http://www. Awaken from the Dream.facim. You can view Foundation video clips of Kenneth and Gloria presenting workshops and classes at the Foundation. Finnish: The Talk. as well as never-before-seen mini-talks by Kenneth on selected Course or by phoning our order department at 951.296.” the March 2004 seminar.

9:00 a. be confirmed either as a participant or as being on the • If you register by mail or FAX. • While walk-in registrations are accepted.2 mile) (formerly Comfort Inn) identify yourself as a student attend- 951. program you register for is filled. Oasis of Peace.8 miles) Holiday Inn Express Quality Inn Receive a 10% discount when you 951.00 cancellation • All program fees must be paid in full at the time of regis- fee.4 mile) ing class at the Foundation. or credit card.m. information sent with your confirmation letter to • We accept registrations by mail. (10-45 minutes from Temecula). In the event the our Web site at www. and office Monday–Friday. .org. Pacific time REQUIRED for the week-long Academy class to verify your acceptance into a program.m. POLICIES AND GENERAL INFORMATION FOR THE TEMECULA CENTER REGISTRATION letter to be sent to you.296. you may the event you plan to attend. please call our office at 951. • Five-Day Academy Class: To avoid a $50.facim. as auditorium seating cannot be guaranteed.7378) offers students attending classes at the Foundation discounted rates: Sun-Thurs $69.3788 (. please allow enough time waiting list for your registration form to reach us and the confirma. only. pre-registration is CONFIRMATIONS encouraged. telephone.9800 (.8881 (.296.4 mile) Hampton Inn Extended Stay-Kitchenettes Embassy Suites Hotel 951. ready when you call.–5:00 p.676. drawn on a US bank). and Saturday $109.4 miles) 951. Friday $99.m.9 mile) 951. as well as the Seminar • It is important that you double-check the registration preceding it.587.00. Your check or money order • Cancellations for all other programs will be given a full should be made payable to ITIP-ACIM (in US funds refund less the $20.699.296. taught by Kenneth Wapnick. PT. For a list of additional lodging accommodations in the surrounding area Many food establishments are nearby in Temecula.506. and 5:00 p. • We charge a $20.2444 (1. In this instance.m. please have your credit card please review the program schedule carefully. 9 .6261 between 9:00 a.2331 (2.5 mile) 951. unless you have requested that your name be placed on a waiting list. tional students may also use wire transfer (call our office for information).–5:00 p. your cancellation must be received no later than 7 tration—by check. OASIS OF PEACE BOOKSTORE Our bookstore.00 fee for all registration changes.587. Monday through Friday.7199 (2. your registration form does not reach us in time for a LODGING ACCOMMODATIONS IN TEMECULA Best Western Country Inn (1mile / 951.m. you may call the • Pre-registration is encouraged for all programs.6 miles) 951. so • If you register by phone. money order. your registration form please submit your registration at least 3 days prior to and fee will be returned to you.m. is open 9:00 a. • Confirmation information will be given over the phone if • Payment by cash or US check only at the door.676.1003 (. RESERVE EARLY!!! Motel 6 Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites La Quinta Inn & Suites 951. Interna- days before the start of a five-day Academy class. Please note that the book- store will also be open weekend days when programs are being held at the Foundation. and on ensure the accuracy of the information.00.00. FAX.00 change fee. REGISTRATION CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS tion form to reach you in return. There will be a $20 fee for WALK-INS any check returned to us for insufficient funds. Thus.5656 (2.676. If you register online. Monday through Friday.

MAD IDEA”: S-1 THE HOLY RELATIONSHIP:” REMEMBERING TO LAUGH A STREAM OF STARS” Saturday.00 2009 2010 S-10 THE “TINY. • Free An introductory lecture for those interested in learning more about A Course in Miracles and what it says. and 7:00 p. DATE: Saturday. and days when an Academy class is in progress). The program format will include a question-and-answer period.) are facilitated by the Foundation Staff.m. as well as the Seminar preceding it. March 6 No Registration Required MORNING AND EVENING GROUPS ON A COURSE IN MIRACLES The Foundation conducts weekly ninety-minute discussion and study groups on the Course (except on November 25.m.m.–8:30 p. These Wednesday sessions (11:00 a. November 8 S-3 CONFUSING SYMBOL WITH SOURCE PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED Sunday. January 9 S-11 ANGER IS A GAME THAT CHILDREN PLAY S-2 THE COURSE’S SHORTCUT PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED Saturday. 10 . December 30.m. • Fee: $30. March 14 INTRODUCTORY LECTURE Time: 12:30 p. There is a $5. – 5:30 p. – 2:00 p.m.m. SEMINARS Time: 2:00 p. and REQUIRED for the week- long Academy class taught by Kenneth.–12:30 p. Kenneth Wapnick Pre-registration is encouraged for all programs.00 fee per session. February 13 Sunday. October 10 Saturday. FALL–WINTER 2009-2010 SCHEDULE INSTITUTE FOR TEACHING INNER PEACE THROUGH A COURSE IN MIRACLES Temecula Center • Faculty: Dr.m.m.

right mind. from the Holy Spirit’s thoughts of forgiveness and healing. which we do by taking all God’s Sons with us. $40. 9 Fee: $40. This ends the dissociation.00 A-11D2 Nov. Learning to see shared instead of separate interests transforms our special relationships into holy ones. and the illusion of wrong. A-11D1 Nov. and Jeffrey Seibert Times: 10:00 a. Therefore we have split off the ego’s attack thoughts. guilt. we continually need to find justifications for our grievances and judgments: the means the ego uses to keep forgiveness hidden. heals the split.m. By deciding no longer to identify with the ego’s thought system of sin. A-2D1 February 14 Fee: $40. and readings will pro- vide different modes of exploring this important theme. the mind returns its attention from the world of linear time (past.00 A-11D3 Nov. and fear. and 2:30 p. This is the ultimate basis for forgiveness and healing.I. 11 Fee: $40.00 A-3D4 March 18 Fee: $40. There then is no way for us to enter God’s Presence unless we recognize the ego’s defense.00 A-1D2 January 11 Fee: $40. $40. Lecture.m.00 A-3D2 March 16 Fee: $40. – 12:30 p. and future) to the time-less world of forgiveness and healing. discussion.00 This seminal principle goes to the very core of the Course’s thought system: the reality of One-mindedness.5:6).00 A-11D4 Nov.IV-D.00 for each individual day. A-10 “NOT ONE NOTE IN H EAVEN ’S SONG WAS MISSED ” Dates: Oct. 11 . In reality. $40. Loral Reeves. 9 – 13 Fee: $175. In the illusion.00 A-11D5 Nov.9). which opens us to the eternal world of love. $40. bringing its darkness to the Holy Spirit’s light.00 for each individual day. – 4:30 p. for what appears to be external to the mind remains within it. and allows us to disappear into the Presence beyond the veil (T-19. A-3D1 March 15 Fee: $40. which means that projection is a lie. and we gently dream the Holy Spirit’s happy dreams that will awaken us entirely so that we remember our Source.00 A-3D3 March 17 Fee: $40. 11 – 13 Fee: $100. expressed in the class title (T-11. present. and on earth by the sameness of his split mind (wrong mind.00 A-1D3 January 12 Fee: $40.00 for each individual day.00 A Course in Miracles teaches that the way to remember God is to “perceive the healing of your brother as the healing of yourself” (T-12.m.and right-mindedness.00 for entire program.00 for entire program. A-1D1 January 10 Fee: $40.00 for entire program. ALL Academy 3 classes will be taught by Kenneth Wapnick PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED A-3 “IDEAS L EAVE N OT THEIR S OURCE ” Dates: March 15 – 19 Fee: $175.00 for entire program.00 for each individual day.00 for entire program. Rosemarie LoSasso.00 The holy instant is the term A Course in Miracles uses to denote the instant outside time and space when the decision-making mind reverses its previous mistakes and chooses the Holy Spirit as its Teacher.00 A-2D3 February 16 Fee: $40. ACADEMY CLASSES Faculty: Kenneth Wapnick.19:1). 12 Fee: $40. This healing thought of forgiveness reflects the unity of God’s Son: in Heaven as Christ (“a Oneness joined as one” [T-25. it means that the idea of separation has never left the mind.II. 2010 A-1 THE H OLY I NSTANT : “A MINIATURE OF E TERNITY ” Dates: January 10 – 12 Fee: $100. 13 Fee: $40. Ideas leave not Their Source is the Atonement principle that undoes the ego’s belief in sep- aration: God’s Son (Christ) has never left His Source and remains one with It.m. 10 Fee: $40. ALL Academy 11 classes will be taught by Kenneth Wapnick PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED A-11 “YOU CANNOT ENTER G OD ’S PRESENCE IF YOU ATTACK H IS SON ” Dates: Nov.7:1]).00 for each individual day. A-2 “T HE WAY TO R EMEMBER G OD ” Dates: February 14 – 16 Fee: $100. decision maker). $40.00 Mutually exclusive thought systems cannot co-exist without dissociation.IV. In order to maintain this split.00 A-3D5 March 19 Fee: $40.00 A-2D2 February 15 Fee: $40.

Group Study Group S-2 Study Group 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group Study Group 28 28 29 30 31 Disc. Group Study Group Study Group 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group 12 . Group Disc. Group THANKS- Study Group GIVING 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 29 30 21 Disc. Group A-10 A-10 A-10 Study Group Study Group 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Disc. CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR TEMECULA CENTER OCTOBER NOVEMBER Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Disc. Group Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group S-10 S-11 A-11 A-11 A-11 A-11 A-11 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group A-1 A-1 A-1 Study Group 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Disc. Group Study Group Study Group 27 28 29 30 31 21 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Disc. Group Study Group Study Group Intro-1 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Disc. Group W-1W-1 Study Group FEBRUARY MARCH Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Disc. Group Disc. Group A-2 A-2 A-2 Study Group S-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Disc. Group Study Group Study Group S-1 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Disc. Group Study Group 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 9 12 13 14 Disc. Group Study Group W-1W-1 DECEMBER JANUARY Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 Disc. Group Disc.

as well as shown on the internet. to be videotaped. • Registrations without the correct amount of money accompanying them will be returned. Some of our Workshops. ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Signature Signature __________________________ __________________________ Date Date PLEASE ENTER PROGRAM CHOICE(S) ON PAGE 14 • Make check or money order payable to the Institute for Teaching Inner Peace through A Course in Miracles. you will be seated in the rear of the auditorium. please send separate payment. CVV2/CID Number: ____________ Important Credit card billing address if different from above: Person 1: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Person 2: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Signature(s) required: Mail to: Institute Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® 41397 Buecking Drive Temecula. or provide credit card information to secure a place for the programs listed on pages 10-11. that I will receive no compensation for said videotape. CA 92590 FAX: 951. If you do not want to be videotaped. U Check or money order enclosed for $ U Credit card information: U American Express U Discover U MasterCard U VISA Person 1: Exp Date: _____________ No. & Discussions are videotaped. I understand that the finished video mission to videotape me. or ITIP-ACIM (US funds only. I understand that the finished video may be sold to the public. Classes. as well as shown on the internet. If you do not want Please sign and date the Release Form below. ( )____________ Phone: Day ( ) Eve. * * * * RELEASE FORM * * * * * * * * RELEASE FORM * * * * I hereby grant the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® per.296. REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE TEMECULA CENTER • You may use the same form if you are attending with another student. and that I will receive no compensation for said videotape. and may be sold to the public. & Discussions are videotaped. CVV2/CID Number: ____________ Person 2: Exp Date: _____________ No. Note: If you are also ordering publications. drawn on a US bank). you will be seated in the rear of the auditorium. I hereby grant the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® per- mission to videotape me. Classes. ( ) ___________ E-mail (optional): _______________________________ E-mail (optional): ______________________________ Some of our Workshops. PERSON 1: (Please print) PERSON 2: (Please print) Name ________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City/State/Zip __________________________________ City/State/Zip__________________________________ Phone: Day ( ) Eve. Please sign and date the Release Form below.9117 13 .

13 Person 2 $ S-3 March 14 (Pre-registration required) Person 1 $ Person 2 $ Person 1 $ Person 2 $ TOTAL $ 14 . Person 1 $ A-10 October 11 – 13 $100.00 Person 2 $ 2010 Person 1 $ A-1 January 10 – 12 $100.m.m.00 Person 2 $ A-11 Person 1 $ PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED November 9 – 13 $175.) • Fee $30. 10 Person 1 $ S-11 Nov. and REQUIRED for the week-long Academy classes taught by Kenneth Wapnick. – 5:30 p. Program Fee as well as the Seminar preceding it. AMOUNT HERE: grams. 9 S-2 Feb. rather than Person 2 $ a complete. 8 (Pre-registration required) Person 2 $ 2010 Person 1 $ S-1 Jan. Academy class.00 Person 2 $ A-2 February 14 – 16 $100. REGISTRATION FORM (continued) SCHEDULE OF RATES CALCULATE YOUR PAYMENT Pre-registration is encouraged for all pro.00 Person 2 $ Person 1 $ SEMINARS (2:00 p. Number Program Program Person 1 $ Fee Number Date Person 2 $ ACADEMY CLASSES Person 1 $ Please use program numbers listed on page 11 when registering for portions of.00 Person 2 $ S-10 Oct.00 Person 1 $ A-3 Person 2 $ PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED Person 1 $ March 15 – 19 $175.

00 plus CD set Fee: $10. & New Year’s Eve) from 6 p. CA 92037 ) 858. Call: 858.m. Christmas Eve. 12 (Tue. 8 (Mon.1227.) Date: November 1 Fee: $25. FALL–WINTER 2009 SCHEDULE INSTITUTE FOR TEACHING INNER PEACE THROUGH A COURSE IN MIRACLES La Jolla Branch 7843 Girard Avenue. payable at the door. Suite E ) La Jolla.) Dates: Jan. to 7:30 p.m.551.) Jan.00 plus CD set Registration ends: October 8 Registration ends: December 24 2010 “THE PRODIGAL SON’S BROTHER” FW-1 “THE ROCK OF SALVATION” Dates: Jan.00 plus CD set FW-2 “THE SUBSTITUTE REALITY” Registration ends: January 14 Date: February 21 OCTOBER Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat NOVEMBER 1 2 3 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat DECEMBER Lecture 1 2 CD 3 CD 4 5 6 7 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 4 5 CD 6 CD 7 8 9 10 FW-8 Study Study Lecture FW-7 Study Study Lecture 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 CD 10 CD 11 12 13 14 11 12 CD 13 CD 14 15 16 17 Lecture Study Study Lecture Study Study Lecture 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 CD 17 CD 18 19 20 21 18 19 CD 20 CD 21 22 23 24 Lecture Study Study Lecture Study Study Lecture 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 22 23 CD 24 CD 25 26 27 28 25 26 CD 27 CD 28 29 30 31 Lecture Study Study Thanksgiving Study Study Lecture 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 29 30 27 28 29 30 31 JANUARY Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat FEBRUARY 1 2 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat MARCH 1 CD 2 CD 3 4 5 6 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 3 4 CD 5 CD 6 7 8 9 Study Study Lecture Study Study Lecture 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CD 9 CD 10 11 12 13 10 11 CD 12 CD 13 14 15 16 Lecture Study Study Lecture Study Study Lecture 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 CD 16 CD 17 18 19 20 17 18 CD 19 CD 20 21 22 23 Lecture Study Study Lecture FW-1 Study Study Lecture 14 15 CD 16 CD 17 18 19 20 21 22 CD 23 CD 24 25 26 27 24 25 CD 26 CD 27 28 29 30 Study Study Lecture FW-2 Study Study Lecture 31 Study Study Lecture 21 22 CD 23 CD 24 25 26 27 28 Study Study Lecture 28 29 30 31 15 .1227 FACULTY: ROBERT AND KATHLEEN DRAPER LECTURES Classes are held each Thursday (except Thanksgiving. The fee for these lectures is $5.m.m. 19 — Nov.m.) Date: January 17 Jan. • $15 fee Pre-registration is required at the La Jolla Branch. 2009 2010 FW-7 “BEYOND THE BODY” Date: October 4 “BE KIND …” “THE EGO: ‘A QUAINT ABSURDITY’” Dates: Oct.) Fee: $15. 25 — Feb.m.m. No registration required. 26 — Feb. CD STUDY SUNDAY WORKSHOPS Monday: 6 p.) FW-8 “WEAKNESS AND DEFENSIVENESS” Oct.m. 9 (Tue. 16 (Mon. or Tuesday: 10 a. 20 — Nov. 10 a. 11 (Mon. – 1 p. 5 — Jan. – 7:30 p. 17 (Tue. 4 — Jan. – 11:30 a.551.

turning left onto Winchester Road. Turn right onto Winches- ter Road/CA-79. again staying in the far right-hand lane. which is the first stop light. Turn right onto Buecking Drive. which is the second stop light. . • From the south: Take the CA-79N/Winchester Road exit. The Foundation is the second building on the left. CA 92590-5668 TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS The Foundation is located just off I-15. Turn right onto Buecking Drive. The Foundation is the second building on the left.THE LIGHTHOUSE (09/09) Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® 41397 Buecking Drive Temecula. Turn right onto Jefferson Avenue. Get into the far right lane and turn right onto Jefferson Avenue. Continue straight on Jefferson (head- ing north) for two long blocks until you reach Buecking Drive. Continue straight on Jefferson (heading north) for two long blocks until you reach Buecking Drive. • From the north: Take the CA-79 N/Winchester Road exit and stay in the far right lane.