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Volume 19 Number 3 September 2008

Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

The title for this article is adapted from an 1804 letter its continuity by making the future like the past, and
Beethoven wrote to his childhood friend, Stephen von thus avoiding the present. By the notion of paying for
Bruening, after an argument had driven them apart.1 It the past in the future, the past becomes the determiner
echoes what Jesus says to us on every page of A Course in of the future, making them continuous without an inter-
Miracles. Indeed, one could say that his purpose in the vening present (T-13.IV.4:2-4).
Course is to have us—once and for all—choose against Moreover, guilt blinds us to the truth of the Atone-
the ego thought system of separation and judgment that ment, at the same time, through projection, blinding us to
has kept us so divided from each other; a division that has the mind in general by rooting us in the mindless world of
existed since the beginning of time, and will end only bodies, a most effective shield that prevents us from rec-
when time has “cease(d) to seem to be” (M-14.2:12). ognizing the inherent unreality of the ego’s thought sys-
It is this need to keep ourselves separate from others, tem of sin, guilt, and fear:
even our closest friends and family, that reinforces and Guilt makes you blind, for while you see one spot
preserves our belief that the separated identity we seem- of guilt within you, you will not see the light. And by
ingly stole from God is real. Moreover, it is our guilt over projecting it the world seems dark, and shrouded in
this self-perceived sin that ensures that this belief can your guilt. You throw a dark veil over it, and cannot
never be looked at and chosen against, for guilt roots us see it because you cannot look within. You are afraid
firmly in the ego’s mindless world of time, from which of what you would see there, but it is not there. The
there is no apparent escape. Thus what temporarily thing you fear is gone. If you would look within you
seemed to come between us and our Source has become a would see only the Atonement, shining in quiet and in
quasi-permanent reality, held firmly in place by guilt and peace upon the altar to your Father (T-13.IX.7).
nourished by the special relationships in our lives. And so we choose to preserve our belief in guilt, and
therefore in our separated self, by projecting it onto others,
The Blinding Barrier of Guilt perceiving them as the hated sinners while we no longer
If we had to choose one word to encapsulate the ego have awareness of our self-accusations, the searing hatred
thought system, guilt would perhaps head the list. It looks of ourselves for what we believe we did to God and His
back to our past sin, being the emotional response to that perfect Love. Inevitably, then, we seek objects in our
belief, at the same time it looks forward to a future filled world to project onto, hating them so that God would not
with dread of God’s wrathful punishment for such sin. hate us for our believed attacks on Him and His Son. We
Guilt, therefore, divides us from God and from each other, should never underestimate the intense need in all of us to
and roots us solidly in a world of time—a sinful past, a protect our guilt by attacking others, and it is this vicious
guilt-laden present, and a fearful future: dynamic of projection that literally makes our world go
round and round and round, seemingly forever:
The ego invests heavily in the past, and in the end
believes that the past is the only aspect of time that is Hate is specific. There must be a thing to be
meaningful.…its emphasis on guilt enables it to ensure attacked. An enemy must be perceived in such a form
he can be touched and seen and heard, and ultimately
killed.… Who sees a brother as a body sees him as
1. In his original letter, Beethoven used the word “hidden” instead of “undone.” I made the
substitution to keep the statement in line with A Course in Miracles, as Beethoven’s word fear’s symbol. And he will attack, because what he
has the connotation that what is hidden is real and is still present.

“Let There Be Forever Undone What Temporarily Came Between Us” (continued)
beholds is his own fear external to himself, poised to really yours. You hate it, yet you think it is your self,
attack, and howling to unite with him again. Mistake and that, without it, would your self be lost. This is the
not the intensity of rage projected fear must spawn. It secret vow that you have made with every brother who
shrieks in wrath, and claws the air in frantic hope it can would walk apart. This is the secret oath you take
reach to its maker and devour him (W-pI.161.7:1-3; 8). again, whenever you perceive yourself attacked. No
one can suffer if he does not see himself attacked, and
We all therefore walk the earth looking for people,
losing by attack. Unstated and unheard in conscious-
objects, or causes to be upset about. Without enemies out ness is every pledge to sickness. Yet it is a promise to
there—our special love and hate partners—we would be another to be hurt by him, and to attack him in return
forced to confront our own personal enemy, the guilt that (T-28.VI.4; italics mine).
our minds chose over Christ’s innocence, our true Identity.
These attack thoughts can be minor or major, but their rel- This, then, is the ego’s purpose for all our relation-
ative intensity is irrelevant. As long as we believe we can ships: the means of preserving its thought system of sepa-
be affected by something external to us, we are making the ration and differentiation. In a sense, therefore, each
ego’s dualistic thought system real, giving power to illu- victim is matched with a victimizer, for one has no mean-
sions and rendering illusory the truth of Heaven’s perfect ing without the other, which is no different from any pair
Oneness. Thus we read from two passages, from the work- of opposites in the dualistic world. As an early workbook
book and manual for teachers: lesson points out:
… remember that a “good world” implies a “bad” one,
…anger may take the form of any reaction ranging
and a “satisfying world” implies an “unsatisfying” one
from mild irritation to rage. The degree of the emotion
you experience does not matter.…a slight twinge of
annoyance is nothing but a veil drawn over intense fury Thus do we pair off with each other, our special love
.… It does not matter. All of these reactions are the and hate partners: those who abuse us or are abused by us;
same. They obscure the truth, and this can never be a those we think we love and those we think love us. No
matter of degree. Either truth is apparent, or it is not. It matter the form, for the underlying content of upholding
cannot be partially recognized. Who is unaware of truth our secret vow is what drives all relationships in this
must look upon illusions (W-pI.21:3-5; M-17.4.6-11).
world. This is why Jesus in his course places such empha-
Since our ego’s goal is to obscure the truth of the sis on the healing of relationships. In truth, of course, the
mind’s decision to attack and supplant Heaven’s truth, we only relationship that needs healing is the mind’s mistaken
exist in a world in which we are blinded by guilt to the choice for the ego, the original and only special relation-
light that shines in each of us: the light of Christ—the ship that exists in the illusion. Yet because we have
Great Rays—is perfectly unified. This blindness is sup- become mindless and believe that relationships exist
ported, for the people in our lives are blinded by the same among bodies, Jesus presents his teachings in this con-
guilt, the same need to protect the guilt through projection, text—the dualistic (or physical) condition in which we
and the same pledge to sustain our mutually separated think we exist (T-25.I.7:4). This is why Jesus tells us that
states by preserving guilt in our special relationships. A Course in Miracles “remains within the ego framework,
where it is needed” (C-in.3:1).
The Secret Vow If we look openly and honestly at our past and present
We each come into the world having uttered a secret (or even anticipated) relationships, we can see how our
vow to all the relationships that comprise our worldly lives have derived their meaning from others, beginning
experience: the families into which we are born, our circle with our parents or parental surrogates. All these relation-
of friends, our work associates, our lovers, spouses, chil- ships, at least in part, have been characterized by the need
dren, etc. To each we solemnly pledge to uphold the hid- to be unfairly treated, our secret wish. Thus Jesus urges us
den “truths” of separation and specialness that would to “Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly
forever come between us, thus ensuring the permanency treated” (T-26.X.4:1). Why, we may ask, such evident and
of what would forever come between us and our Source. patently unkind insanity, given the pain it inevitably
The body is the keeper of this pledge, for by their very brings us and others? The passage continues with the
nature bodies demarcate the beginning and end of every answer:
seemingly separated fragment of the Sonship—the gap In this view, you seek to find an innocence that is not
that is represented by our special, differentiated selves: Theirs [God’s and Christ’s] but yours alone, and at the
The body represents the gap between the little bit of cost of someone else’s guilt (T-26.X.4:2).
mind you call your own and all the rest of what is


This pledge to every living everything that occurs throughout our lives: thing is upheld until the pain of our decision becomes The setting of the Holy Spirit’s goal is general.2:1-2. for it is this which will seductive it is to be unkind. when we are fearful of the loving truth that lies behind the ego’s dreams of separation and specialness: the decision- 3 . and projection. for that is how we maintain determine the outcome. We need to be mindful of how goal belongs at the beginning. The goal we set is everything. Unkindness. one other than ourselves. change it. Replacing thwarted in His designs upon our sinful lives. system and gently awakening us from the dreams of one Thus we all need our abusers. becomes our lessons of forgiveness very specifically in each of our the ego’s means of sustaining its life at another’s expense. another loses. to share poison the pleasure of our “justified” attack thoughts.7:3-4. and ene. nor are they made without awareness. until you can more safely look beyond each situation. in the throes of our miserable state He will work with you to make it specific.7–2:1-3. a happening Given this impossible situation in which our destruc. for what was done cannot be done with. instead of one effected by yourself (W-pI. magic wands you wave when truth there is none. for they are purposive indeed. your (M-17. 3:1-3. for it deter- game of specialness with each other. we all play the same murderous rate interests.1:4-5. for they allow us to keep our ego’s cake of separa.… The value of deciding in the separation thought that has come between us. as the ego has of the ego’s tactics: framed it: Anger is not an accident.10-13). the ego counsels us to play a on you. Thus do we open our eyes each morning and reaffirm tion and enjoy it. therefore. without the sin and guilt that would our goal for the day: to be kind instead of angry. this is how the wrathful God of our insane fantasies is the insane substitute for the reality of Heaven. 136. “Let There Be Forever Undone What Temporarily Came Between Us” (continued) We need to have someone else be perceived as guilty for making mind’s mistaken choice for the ego’s nightmares. These thoughts of tive.… But afterwards. to be unconscious but because of the rapidity with one who bears this stain on him must meet with death which you choose to use them. They seem out. while we are returned to us asleep. we read the following exposé for teachers presents the situation to us. trick on God. And so. Moreover. Now intolerable. Christ’s vision of the universal sameness of God’s Son in Being fragments of the original ego thought system of sin. 4:1-2). or the other: one wins. it is essential at this point object of our fidelity from the ego to the Holy Spirit. feel. In any situation in which you are uncertain. so it seems to be external to your own intent. as Jesus teaches in the text. too. unintentional. from to use them [the Holy Spirit’s guidelines] in each situa- the goal of attack and murder to kindness and love. we need will perceive the situation as a means to make it hap- to recognize the ego’s hidden agenda behind our attack pen.”… An angry father pursues his guilty son. learning to generalize our goal and purpose to kindness and forgiveness. very simply. the first Beethoven’s words should be in our minds and on our thing to consider. beyond your state of mind. plan requires that you must forget you made it. an outcome with a real effect tion is an imminent certainty. shifting from the ego’s purpose for relationships the projected sinners will be the ones to suffer damnation of miring us still further in the slime of guilt and keeping and eternal punishment in hell. relationships and in the situations within which we find and therefore it eschews with a vengeance all attempts at ourselves. to Jesus’ purpose of undoing our insane belief God’s good graces and happily return home with Him. The stain of blood can never be removed. ever-faithful to the mines how we will think. victimizers. 4:3. Following the ego’s principle of one or the other. Only then. Kill or be killed. we will practice that gave us existence. and any. and behave throughout the solemn and secret vow to uphold the thought of separation day. italics mine). The manual the word anger for sickness. for here alone is choice. You will therefore make every effort to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of your objec- thoughts. another mies. appears to threaten what you would believe. can we ask for the help that would shift the tion is specific. Think not He has insane device for self-deception. for applica- of existence. place of the ego’s misperceptions of differences and sepa- guilt. Beyond this They are secret. And so we transfer the stain of our sin onto others. to convince Him that His sinful Son is some. in an understanding far broader than Shifting the Goal: Attack to Kindness you now possess. so that they will surely meet with Recognizing the ego’s goal for what it is allows us to death. tion separately. Like all defenses. dies. it is an “You have usurped the place of God. one lives. as it advance what you want to happen is simply that you came first between us and our Source. is “What do I want to lips the minute we are tempted to choose an unkind come of this? What is it for?” The clarification of the thought about someone.VI.… Defenses are not forgotten.… Therefore. and concentrate on everything that helps you meet judgment are the magic wands the ego waves before us it (T-17.

for taught the real meaning of holiness. from judgment to vision.V. for example. Because of this consistency. Our kind forgive- cialness. In every condemnation that dreaming its mindless nightmares of attack.294). and yet I do not yearning to be increasingly right-minded. willing to accept the means?… A purpose is attained IX. pose here is sin. which in turn expresses their our relationships. and that fear is a forgiveness that would help us achieve it. It can be used as a fur- they provide a radical shift from how the world perceives therance of our reliance on form.5). “Let There Be Forever Undone What Temporarily Came Between Us” (continued) The implications of this procedure are enormous. for reality as spirit. The forms of our thought of separation and differentiation. accept His offer of Atonement for all your You recognize you want the goal. teach him he is right in his delusion?… See (W-pI. then. for it reflects lives. the means remain unquestioned while … love is content. and decision maker with because we have forgotten our right-minded purpose. it is only mind: wrong mind. aimed at raising the always secondary to desire. pain. and if you want a purpose you must be will- ing to want the means as well.I. one cannot be serious about the goal if ally. right mind. and not form of any kind.VII.12:1-4). within which form has substituted for content. for his guilt lies in his never any other cause for our disquiet.2:3-4. the power to choose between guilt and innocence. panions on the journey home. With no guilt in want to learn the means to get it”? (T-20. Would tells us that we are never upset for the reason we think you. that fright- one is not also serious about practicing the daily lessons of ened people can be vicious (T-3. Indeed. undifferentiated The centerpoint of the mind’s means is the body. Again. and there will never be. The special rela- VII. and so the illusion of a brother as a body is quite in the core. once it has been made.… But the pur- cedes form.I. to say it in different words. How can one be sincere And so we look past the egos of our brothers to their and say.3-7). defense against remembering their true. shift it. make the unholy relationship seem real. And this is The body is the means by which the ego tries to always independent of the external: content always pre. body—ours and another’s—we are the only ones who can Restoring our attention to the mind’s content of for. you offer the Son of God lies the conviction of your timization. or the Holy Spirit’s means by which we are ness opens the door that passes through nightmares to 4 . thereby maintaining the itself. then. these experiences have no other pur. in the form. for sight is cial relationship is a ritual of form. not the decisions made by our minds. It cannot be attained but in illusion. Seeing adapts to wish. If you would have the Holy Spirit make you free of it. the shift from form or awakening—and this provides the psychological set for to content. by means. have no meaning other than the one given Heaven’s unbroken Oneness that we experience here as them by our decision-making minds. Since we are the ones who assigned the goal to the and love has lost its meaning (T-16. Yet there is Lay not his guilt upon him. of every formal religion: keeping with the purpose of unholiness. The spe- the end is cherished.5:1-2. how we will perceive our world and react to it. sleeping us to the mind that can choose again. and vic. attack stituting instead the ego’s purpose of preserving our self and forgiveness: by denying the power of our minds to choose. tionships. a senseless ritual…the sign that form has triumphed over content. sub. we do not take their apparent attacks on us person- ing Arms.4:2). This enables us to look on others as com- its inherent neutrality (W-pII. For so you learn that it is true for you (T-13. is the decision not to undo the call for the love they have denied (T-12. therefore. as guilty. The true cause of our distress is that we shifted no one. Are you not also brothers. giveness. we perceive our everyday experiences as the we accept his purpose of learning kindness instead of means of attaining the goal of continuing the journey of judgment and are willing to share his vision of the univer- awakening. sal sameness of God’s Son. therefore. but recognize. wherein situations and relationships determine how guilt that has kept us separate from each other. There is no meaning you have chosen judgment and not vision (T-20. “I want this above all else. tionship must be recognized for what it is. 6:1-4). form…at the expense of content.6-7) our minds to distort our perception. We are the instrument that reverses the ego’s projections and returns ones who choose the goal—forgiveness or attack. In other barrier between ourselves and God and return to His lov- words.5:1. Choosing Jesus as our teacher instead of the ego. A Course in Miracles reminds us: own guilt. or as an we feel. which is why Jesus secret thought that he has done this unto you. This then means that the fragments of God’s Son sharing equally the same split if we are upset for any reason by anything. all sharing in the desire to allows it to be either the ego’s means of preserving its spe- remember the innocence of God’s Son. we see them as Jesus does: their wrong-minded attack thoughts being the The decision to maintain the barriers of separation in defense against their fear. the exact opposite of the ego’s special rela.8-10). And if you see the body. This undoes the underlying pose now but to be our pathway home. and you will affirm the truth of our goal back to the ego’s need to keep us asleep and guiltlessness unto yourself.

allowing the sacred vow God’s eternal Love. a promise to be sick. I come. for this the only language that we know. words we had yearned to hear through all of time. for you can heart because it beats in you. Q * * * * * * * We gratefully appreciate any donations. regardless of their history. self to God (T-28.” His Son remembers not that Do not forget.VI. I call in love. You are My Son. of God. to offset the costs of printing and mailing this newsletter. Dream of your brother’s kindnesses instead of dwell. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE LIGHTHOUSE. CA 92590-5668. This is the sacred vow we pledged once to God. Do not forget. My Own beloved Son. but lets his mind be healed and Behold Me. what had temporarily come between us and our brothers. Call them now to Me. perfect in its oneness. before time even seemed to be: in which I still abide. in Christ. The secret place is open now at This vow is renewed each and every time we have a last. 41397 Buecking Drive. Select his thought. Say now Amen. Periodicals Postage Paid at Temecula. “Let There Be Forever Undone What Temporarily Came Between Us” (continued) happy dreams.6). who unites driven apart the different aspects of God’s Son. Temecula. And from this dream the cost to us of such a gap. as God has made to him. door before the hidden place. My Son. the glory of the infinite. books. In His great Love. Open the he replied “I will. Seeing the with you in holy innocence. so near you cannot fail to touch its you forever. I come. who has made promise of him- to Christ and from His hand to Me. 5 . Now at last we hear the reflecting the promise we made as one Son in our creation. and give thanks to what temporarily came between us. Be you perfect as Myself. Each p. I am here for I am You. THE LIGHTHOUSE (ISSN 1060-4987) is the newsletter of the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. And he will keep the and dwelling place.” Thus He asks us to him for all the helpfulness he gave. we gladly choose again and undo Lord of Heaven will Himself awaken His beloved Son. California and additional mailing offices. truth. CA 92590.” though in that promise he was born. never be apart from Me. You are My light be one with him and not apart. “You are beloved of Me and I of Remember love. great and loving gift. My child. and on the world through you. our Father says to us. behind which lay concealed the The kindness of our thoughts softly undoes the secret even more secret door that reveals the infinite space of vows we made with each other. September. that you you. for unified. did his Father say. Heaven leans down in gratitude for our ing in your dreams on his mistakes. And what he sub- the joy of Heaven and the holy peace of earth. June. God ber now for all the world. courses. For- kind thought about God’s Sons. 41397 Buecking Drive. and audio and video tapes. returned stitutes is not his will. tered our inherent unity. December) by the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. long. get all things except that I am here (The Gifts of God. by returns us to the Heaven we never left: undoing the barriers of separation and specialness that had Dream softly of your sinless brother. and let Me blaze upon a Yet God reminds him of it every time he does not share world made glad in sudden ecstasy. The Gifts of God: rection for the secret vow we had made to the ego. Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. never dreaming they would still be there for us. THE LIGHTHOUSE is published and sent out four times a year (March. And as we do. and in the inspiring words given at the end of Helen Schuc- which returns to our awareness when we forgive—the cor. remem- that he has made to God. as you will keeps His promises. knowing you will remember. My Son. for if God could speak. Now at last we come home. 128). regardless of their ego. His Son keeps his. and then on to the gentle awakening that thought reflects Heaven’s love. open your heart and let Me shine on Let this be your agreement with each one. regardless of their form. this is what fulness to dream about instead of counting up the hurts He would say to His Son: “Let there be forever undone he gave. Forgive him his illusions. for it is done. In his creation answer Me. man’s prose poem. Articles published in THE LIGHTHOUSE are copyrighted by the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES®. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1983 to help students of A Course in Miracles through workshops. which are tax-deductible. Whose promises he shares. His secret vows are powerless before the Will Christ. because it is the one have forgotten. And do not brush open the door. patiently await- The Sacred Vow ing our readiness.VII. and I do not forget the secret place long ago. behind which we had kept hidden the aside his many gifts because he is not perfect in your thoughts of separation and guilt that had seemingly shat- dreams (T-27. Come. Now at last our minds are open to the of Heaven’s unity to replace them with its gentle love. My Son.15:1-6). Temecula. Forget all things except My changeless Love. You speak for Me to those who promise that you make with him.

our lives of futility are transformed into opportunities for unlearning the ego’s thought system.6489 or 1.m. The Hopelessness of the Body’s Life 2.251. “The Practice of A Course in Miracles. “The Real Alternative” 3. October 18 • 10:00 a.348. summarized in the idea that we can never be truly happy in the world because it is not our home. As with the other books in this series.3540 or e-mail: retreats@spiritpathonline. CONTENTS Introduction: The Myth of Sisyphus Part Two: A Right-Minded Sisyphus 1. and Afraid” 4. Introduction: “One Must Imagine Sisyphus Part One: The Futility of Life Happy” 1. The first part of the book addresses this view as presented in A Course in Miracles. “There Must Be Another Way” B-26 • $7 • 145 pages 6 . FROM FUTILITY TO HAPPINESS: SISYPHUS AS EVERYMAN The Greek mythic figure of Sisyphus was condemned by the gods to a life of pushing a rock up a moun- tain.00 early bird. “Choose Once Again” 2. Seeking and Finding Closing: “Transformation” 5. ANNOUNCEMENTS * * 2008 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT—KENNETH WAPNICK * * Unity Village. “We must imagine Sisyphus happy. Topic: A Course in Miracles: The Journey Home Fee: $65.” From Futility to Happi- ness is presented as an aid in applying the Course’s principles of forgiveness more meaningfully to our everyday lives. Death 3. His life of futility mirrors our life in the body and the hopelessness inherent in pursuing any meaning in the * * * * * * * * * * * * NEW BOOK BY KENNETH WAPNICK. MO 64065 Sponsored by: SpiritPath at Unity Village Workshop: Saturday.00 after 09/18/08 Information: Call 816.866.3540 or email: reservations@spiritpathonline. there to begin his labors Reservations: Call 1. only to have it fall back down to the bottom. $80.” Through a change of mind brought about by changing our inner teacher from the ego to Jesus. Homeless.– 4:00 p. that they may become increasingly happy and less futile in our experience.251.816. A Sorry Figure: “Outcast. reflecting Camus’ important essay on Sisyphus. which he ended by stating. “Stabat Mater” 6. MO: Unity Village • 901 NW Blue Parkway • Unity Village. The second part discusses the transition from futility to happiness in the context of the Course’s offering of another way of looking at our seeming fate.m. Ph. A purpose- less life of inherent meaninglessness thus metamorphoses into a meaningful classroom that leads us to the Heaven we never truly left.

thereby excluding our brothers and ourselves from the Kingdom.00 3m-151 • one CD (mp3) • $10. supplemented with two articles. ANNOUNCEMENTS * * * * NEW MULTIMEDIA RELEASES * * * * Kenneth Wapnick.00 3m-43 The Bible from the Perspective of ACIM (mp3. Perhaps the most famous of Jesus’ gospel parables. which consists of an edited transcription of a talk given to a group of stu- dents by Kenneth Wapnick.00 3m-36 Making the Holy Spirit Special (mp3. AB-17 (Audiobook) ) $10 ) one mp3 CD ) (Audiobook read by Loral Reeves) THE PRODIGAL SON’S B ROTHER. however.” The focus is on the many forms of resistance and their basis in the fear of love. wherein we are condemned to re-experience our sinful past as a guilt-ridden present and fearful future. must always be on the mind’s decision to be guilty (to self-accuse). CD-152 • three CDs • $20. 1 CD) $10. for when that decision is kept unconscious. undoes this insane thinking and restores to our aware- ness—through forgiveness—our inherent unity as God’s Son. and his vision of forgiveness releases the Sonship from its prison house of guilt. AUDIOBOOK ENDING OUR RESISTANCE TO LOVE. By choosing the holy instant in which guilt and the body do not exist. along with Jesus’ role in helping us look without judgment at our investment in maintaining the ego’s thought system—the miracle that resolves the paradox. ensuring that it will never be undone.00 7 .00 3m-53 The Meaning of Forgiveness (mp3. This is the topic explored in this book. this means that it is never the body that attacks and forgives. It is the brother of the returning prodigal son that epitomizes this favorite tactic of the ego’s dynamic of specialness: comparing oneself to others. his eyes become our own. Thus does every moment become the first time. co-authored with his wife Gloria. which focuses on our need to feel ourselves unfairly treated. and God’s Son is remembered as the Idea that has never left Its Source. Yet when we join with Jesus. CD-150 • three CDs • $20. “The Prodigal Son” forms the basis of this workshop. 1 CD) $35. 1 CD) $45.00 3m-152 • one CD (mp3) • $15. This workshop focuses on the journey Jesus leads us on that travels through the illusion of time to the timeless reality of our home.D. we learn that our present reality is innocence and not guilt. Freud’s valuable insights are discussed. By so doing we inevitably legitimize the belief in separation. yet it is the only concept that can satisfactorily explain the paradox of students sincerely attempting to learn and live its principles under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Guilt is the ego’s major weapon that roots us in lin- ear time. the guilt will inevitably be projected (to accuse others). This 2008 workshop is based on the two major themes in the section “The Self-Accused” (T-31.00 ROLLING BACK THE CARPET OF TIME.The term resistance appears infrequently in A Course in Miracles. but only the mind.00 Now also available on CD: CD-32 The Laws of Chaos: Our War with God (15 CDs) $80. 2) Because ideas leave not their source. therefore. CD-151• two CDs • $15. “The Lighthouse.00 THE SELF-ACCUSED : FREEDOM FROM G UILT . the idea of guilt can never truly leave its source in the mind through projection. that appeared in the Foundation’s newsletter. while experiencing the ongoing frustration of not doing just that. Allowing Jesus to help us. Ph.00 3m-150 • one CD (mp3) • $15.III): 1) All attack is self-attack (only the self-accused condemn). freeing us to remember our one Identity as children of Love. Our focus.

Col. For information. and to each other. working as a partner company for the main office based in Mexico as Tarots del Mundo. The Most Commonly Asked Questions. Spanish translations can be ordered from our publica- tions list on page 16. Many of the Foundation books have also been translated into Spanish including Absence from Felicity. find pro- gram schedules for both the Temecula Center and the La Jolla branch. Oaxaca 71. The theme is discussed in the context of our gratitude to God. as well as the most recent newsletters in their entirety. Order from Henri Theron • 302 Monterey Bay Road • Mouille Point. add your name to our mailing list or change your mailing list address. not itself. Order from Zalozba Quatro • Zabnica 31 • 1357 Notranje Gorice. Italian: The Talk. please con- tact: Greuthof Verlag und Vertrieb GmbH • Herrenweg 2 • D79261 Gutach i. register for the Temecula Center Danish: The Talk. Email: info@tarotsdelmundo.facim. Order from our publications list on page 16. and Ending Our Resistance to Love. Roma Norte. Order from SphinX Publishers • Løvstræde 8 • 1152 København K • Denmark. SPANISH DISTRIBUTOR Exclusive distributor for our Spanish titles in Central and South America: Asclepius LLC. Contact Orlando Asman or Patricia Chagoyan • Phone (52-55) 1998-3301 • Cell 52-1-55 2273-1277. New York. Awaken from the Dream. Our expressions of gratitude. WEB SITE—www. and Absence from Felicity. view. Afrikaans: The Talk. Slovene: The therefore. ANNOUNCEMENTS YOUTUBE CHANNEL YouTube is a free video-sharing Web site where users can upload. Our Question & Answer service can be found at: http://www.” a workshop presented by Kenneth in 1989 at our former location in Roscoe. Ending Our Resistance to Love. French: The Talk. Mexico City (06700).facim. You can view Foundation video clips of Kenneth and Gloria presenting workshops and classes at the Foundation. Order from Ankh-Hermes bv • Postbus 125 • 7400 AC Deventer • The Netherlands. including our ego’s resentment that God is the Creator. including our online excerpts Browse our Web site. Av. 7681-6025 • FAX 7681-6027.htm. Order from Miracles in Contact • Pieter de Hooghlaan 3 • NL-3761 AR Soest • The Netherlands. TRANSLATION OF BOOKS Most of the Foundation books and several tapes have been translated into German. Order from Pelquin Kustannus • Merivirta 19 E 35 • 02320 Espoo • Finland 8 . and consult our teaching aids. These excerpts can be found at the Foundation’s Web site at www. Cape Town • 8005 South Africa. • Germany • Tel. The many forms of our resistance to being grateful are considered. help us undo this original error. where you can purchase Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® publications at a 10% dis- count. and share video clips. and the Holy Spirit. EXCERPTS SERIES Our latest series of excerpts is from the tape album “Our Gratitude to read past articles from The Lighthouse. Dutch: The Talk and The Most Commonly Asked Questions. Order from www. The Foundation now has its own channel at: http://youtube. Finnish: The Talk.

9800 (. International students being on the waiting list. telephone.699.676. • It is important that you double-check the regis- • If you register by mail or FAX.6261 between 9:00 a.676.296.4 miles) Kitchenettes Embassy Suites Hotel 951.m. be guaranteed.m.m. Please note that weekend hours may be adjusted when classes are being held at the Foundation. instance.5 mile) ing class at the Foundation. (10-45 minutes from Temecula). your registration form and fee will be • If you register by phone. or credit card. you • All program fees must be paid in full—by check. as auditorium seating cannot any check returned to us for insufficient funds.–5:00 p. and on our Web site at www. RESERVE EARLY!!! Motel 6 Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites La Quinta Inn & Suites 951. Oasis of Peace. If you reg.4 mile) Hampton Inn Extended Stay Doubletree Suites Hotel 951.2331 (2. • Payment by cash or check only at the door. 9 .00.8 miles) Holiday Inn Express Quality Inn Receive a 10% discount when you 951.00. may be confirmed either as a participant or as money order.3788 (. is open 9:00 a.6 mile) 951.m.676. PT.7378) offers students attending classes at the Foundation discounted rates: Sun-Thurs $69.–5:00 p.00. OASIS OF PEACE BOOKSTORE Our bookstore. POLICIES AND GENERAL INFORMATION FOR THE TEMECULA CENTER REGISTRATION CONFIRMATIONS • Pre-registration is encouraged for all programs. Your check or money order should WALK-INS be made payable to ITIP-ACIM (in US funds only. • Confirmation information will be given over the and REQUIRED for the week-long Academy phone if your registration form does not reach us classes taught by Kenneth Wapnick. In the event the program you register for is filled.8881 (. you may call the office Monday–Friday.7199 (2. daily.587. may also use wire transfer (call our office for information). please have your credit returned to you. There will be a $20 fee for tration is encouraged.296. In this • We accept registrations by mail. pre-regis- drawn on a US bank). least 3 days prior to the event you plan to attend. your name be placed on a waiting list.506.facim.587.296. please allow enough tration information sent with your confirma- time for your registration form to reach us and the tion letter to ensure the accuracy of the confirmation form to reach you in return. Friday $99. and Saturday $109. information. Pacific time to verify your ister online. please call our office at 951. Thus.1003 (.m.6 miles) 951. unless you have requested that card ready when you call. please submit your registration at acceptance into a program. and 5:00 p. • While walk-in registrations are accepted. LODGING ACCOMMODATIONS IN TEMECULA Best Western Country Inn (1mile / 951.9 miles) 951. in time for a letter to be sent to (2. FAX. 9:00 a.2444 (1 mile) (formerly Comfort Inn) identify yourself as a student attend- 951. Monday through Friday. For a list of additional lodging accommodations in the surrounding area Many food establishments are nearby in Temecula.

12/24.m. • Free An introductory lecture for those interested in learning more about A Course in Miracles and what it says. 2008 DATE: Saturday.) are facilitated by the Foundation Staff. • Fee: $30. January 24 Saturday.” ABYSM OF TIME” Saturday.00 2008 2009 S-12 A COURSE IN MIRACLES: “THE GOSPEL S-1 “THE HEIGHTS OF HAPPINESS” OF TRUTH” Saturday. FALL–WINTER 2008-2009 SCHEDULE INSTITUTE FOR TEACHING INNER PEACE THROUGH A COURSE IN MIRACLES Temecula Center • Faculty: Dr. March 15 INTRODUCTORY LECTURE Time: 12:30 p.m. and 12/31).m. and REQUIRED for the week-long Academy classes taught by Kenneth. SEMINARS Time: 1:00 p. 10 . – 4:30 p. December 6 Sunday.–12:30 p. March 7 No Registration Required MORNING AND EVENING GROUPS ON A COURSE IN MIRACLES The Foundation conducts weekly ninety-minute discussion and study groups on the Course (except on days when an Academy class is in progress.m.m. February 14 S-14 “I AM AT HOME. as well as 11/26. The program format will include a question-and-answer period.m. and 7:00 p. These Wednesday sessions (11:00 a. October 4 S-2 SPECIALNESS: “AN IDOL OF S-13 “MAKING LOVE MORE MANAGEABLE” IDIOT-WORSHIPPERS” Sunday. November 9 Saturday.00 fee per session. FEAR IS THE S-3 “THE DARK BACKWARD AND STRANGER HERE.–8:30 p. November 1 2009 DATE: Saturday.m.m. Kenneth Wapnick Pre-registration is encouraged for all programs. There is a $5. – 2:00 p.

00 A-1D3 January 27 Fee: $40. which deal with the ego’s self-love that is the ultimate source of our mortality. ALL Academy 10 classes will be taught by Kenneth Wapnick PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED A-10 “MUCH A DO A BOUT N OTHING”: E VERYTHING . as the Atonement reflects the Great Rays that are our Identity as Christ.00 A-10D5 Nov.00 A-10D3 Nov.00 for each individual day.m. 11 . which dictates everything we think. 2009 A-1 “THERE IS A LIGHT IN YOU THE WORLD CAN NOT PERCEIVE ” Dates: January 25 – 27 Fee: $100.00 A-3D5 March 20 Fee: $40.00 for entire program. Indeed.00 A-1D2 January 26 Fee: $40. opposition. and do in the world. 9 Fee: $40. Kenneth Wapnick.00 The Course comes in a curricular framework.00 for each individual day.00 for entire program.00 A-3D2 March 17 Fee: $40. A-11D1 Dec. 14 Fee: $40. This thought system of self-cen- teredness will be contrasted with the message of selflessness that substitutes the shared interests that unite us within the illusion for the ego’s philosophy of one or the other.00 A-3D4 March 19 Fee: $40. And what we decide is what we demonstrate. – 12:30 p. $40. we remember to laugh at the “tiny.00 A-11D3 Dec. 10 Fee: $40. A-11 T HE MASTERY OF FEAR Dates: December 7 – 9 Fee: $100. 10 – 14 Fee: $175. A-9 “TRUST N OT YOUR G OOD INTENTIONS ” Dates: October 5 – 7 Fee: $100. 7 Fee: $40. – 4:30 p. demanding the ego’s hierarchy of defenses. A-10D1 Nov. 12 Fee: $40. and thus whose message we wish to teach: the ego’s or Jesus’. feel. or compromise will fail because they commit the fundamental mistake in following the ego: making the error real. 8 Fee: $40. 13 Fee: $40.00 The title of Shakespeare’s comedy provides a succinct summary of the Holy Spirit’s response to the ego’s thought system of sep- aration: much ado about nothing. Such recognition comes when we seek Jesus’ help to return to the source of our fear: the mind’s decision to believe in the ego’s lies of separation. By identifying with this response.00 for each individual day.00 for entire program.m. N OTHING. $40. A-3D1 March 16 Fee: $40. $40. the ultimate end of all narcissism. mad idea” instead of taking it seriously as a sin (T-27.m. the Course teaches that the world was made so that we would never be able to access the light of Atonement the Holy Spirit holds for us. Thus what we teach others—peace or conflict—is what we first taught ourselves. A-2D1 February 15 Fee: $40.00 A-10D4 Nov.6:2-3).00 A-11D2 Dec.VIII.00 The Greek myth of the young man so smitten with himself that he ends up dying rather than destroying his image forms the basis of these classes.00 A-10D2 Nov. and 2:30 p.00 A-2D3 February 17 Fee: $40. By so doing. highlighting its focus on the sameness of teaching and learning: ideas leave not their source. $40.m. ALL Academy 3 classes will be taught by Kenneth Wapnick PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED A-3 TEACHING AND L EARNING Dates: March 16 – 20 Fee: $175. Thus do we remember that the ego’s something is truly nothing.00 A-3D3 March 18 Fee: $40. Fear can be overcome only by recognizing its illusory nature. Rosemarie LoSasso. we return to the source of the love that is the only answer: the mind’s decision to identify with Jesus’ message of forgiveness. ACADEMY CLASSES Faculty: Drs. A-1D1 January 25 Fee: $40. the condition for awakening to our Self. allowing the return to awareness of the Everything that created us and Who we are.00 for entire program.00 A-2D2 February 16 Fee: $40. and Jeffrey Seibert Times: 10:00 a.00 for entire program.00 for each individual day. 11 Fee: $40.00 for each individual day. A-2 N ARCISSISM —THE EGO’S M YTH Dates: February 15 – 17 Fee: $100. $40.00 for each individual day. $40.00 This opening line from Lesson 189 highlights the important relationship between the mind and world. Yet our learn- ing His lessons of forgiveness reflects this light.00 for entire program. AND SOMETHING Dates: Nov. Our decision thus rests on which teacher we choose to learn from.00 Attempts to master fear through confrontation. We thus move beyond the ego’s myth of separation to Jesus’ myth of Atonement.

Group Study Group Study Group 29 30 31 12 . Group Study Group Study Group 26 27 28 29 30 31 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Disc. Group Thanksgiving Study Group 30 DECEMBER JANUARY Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 Disc. Group Disc. Group A-2 A-2 A-2 Study Group S-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Disc. Group Study Group Study Group 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Disc. CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR TEMECULA CENTER OCTOBER NOVEMBER Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 1 Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group Intro 1 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Disc. Group Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group S-2 Study Group 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Disc. Group A-9 A-9 A-9 Study Group Study Group 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Disc. Group Disc. Group Study Group S-12 Intro 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Disc. Group Study Group UNITY S-13 A-10 A-10 A-10 A-10 A-10 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Disc. Group A-11 A-11 A-11 Study Group Study Group 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Disc. Group W-1W-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 Study Group FEBRUARY MARCH Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Disc. Group Study Group S-14 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Disc. Group Christmas Study Group S-1 28 29 30 31 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Disc. Group Disc.

If you do not want Please sign and date the Release Form below. to be videotaped. REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE TEMECULA CENTER • You may use the same form if you are attending with another student. Note: If you are also ordering publications.9117 13 . and may be sold to the public. & Discussions are videotaped. I understand that the finished video may be sold to the public. U Check or money order enclosed for $ U Credit card information: U American Express U Discover U MasterCard U VISA Person 1: Exp Date: _____________ No. or ITIP-ACIM (US funds only. drawn on a US bank). or provide credit card information to secure a place for the programs listed on pages 10-11. you will be seated in the rear of the auditorium. ( )____________ Phone: Day ( ) Eve. I understand that the finished video mission to videotape me. you will be seated in the rear of the auditorium. Classes. Classes. * * * * RELEASE FORM * * * * * * * * RELEASE FORM * * * * I hereby grant the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® per. that I will receive no compensation for said videotape. Some of our Workshops. as well as shown on the internet. & Discussions are videotaped. • Registrations without the correct amount of money accompanying them will be returned. CVV2/CID Number: ____________ Important Credit card billing address if different from above: Person 1: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Person 2: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Signature(s) required: Mail to: Institute Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® 41397 Buecking Drive Temecula. as well as shown on the internet. PERSON 1: (Please print) PERSON 2: (Please print) Name ________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City/State/Zip __________________________________ City/State/Zip__________________________________ Phone: Day ( ) Eve. ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Signature Signature __________________________ __________________________ Date Date PLEASE ENTER PROGRAM CHOICE(S) ON PAGE 14 • Make check or money order payable to the Institute for Teaching Inner Peace through A Course in Miracles. Please sign and date the Release Form below. and that I will receive no compensation for said videotape. If you do not want to be videotaped. ( ) ___________ E-mail (optional): _______________________________ E-mail (optional): ______________________________ Some of our Workshops. I hereby grant the Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® per- mission to videotape me.296. CA 92590 FAX: 951. please send separate payment. CVV2/CID Number: ____________ Person 2: Exp Date: _____________ No.

AMOUNT HERE: grams.00 PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED Person 1 $ November 10 – 14 Person 2 $ A-11 December 7 – 9 $100. REGISTRATION FORM (continued) SCHEDULE OF RATES CALCULATE YOUR PAYMENT Pre-registration is encouraged for all pro. Program Fee Number Program Program Fee Person 1 $ Number Date ACADEMY CLASSES Person 2 $ Please use program numbers listed on page Person 1 $ 11 when registering for portions of.00 Person 1 $ 2009 Person 2 $ A-1 January 25 – 27 $100.m.m.00 Person 1 $ S-12 October 4 S-13 November 9 Person 2 $ S-14 December 6 Person 1 $ 2009 Person 2 $ S-1 January 24 S-2 February 14 Person 1 $ S-3 March 15 Person 2 $ Person 1 $ Person 2 $ TOTAL $ 14 . and REQUIRED for the week-long Academy classes taught by Kenneth Wapnick. – 4:30 p.00 Person 2 $ A-10 $175.00 Person 1 $ A-2 February 15 – 17 $100. rather Person 2 $ than a complete.00 PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED Person 1 $ March 16 – 20 Person 2 $ Person 1 $ SEMINARS Person 2 $ (1:00 p.00 Person 2 $ A-3 $175. Academy class. Person 1 $ A-9 October 5 – 7 $100.) • Fee $30.

Christmas. 21 — Nov. or Tuesday: 10 a.m. The fee for these lectures is $5.m. 11 (Tue. CA 92037 ) 858.m.1227. Call: 858.) “THE SELF-ACCUSED” Dates: Jan.) FW-1 “RECOGNIZING THE SPIRIT” Oct. 10 (Tue. & New Year’s Day) from 6 p.) Fee: $20 plus CD set Jan. 12 (Mon. – 11:30 a. 9 — Sept. Suite E ) La Jolla. 29 (Mon.m.) ABOVE FATE’” Date: October 12 Sept. 20 — Nov.m. “SWEET ARE THE USES OF ADVERSITY” “THE DECISION MAKER: ‘THRONED FW-7 “THE STATE OF SINLESSNESS” Dates: Sept. • $15 fee Pre-registration is required at the La Jolla Branch. 26 — Feb.m. 5 — Jan.m. 27 — Feb.) Date: January 11 Registration ends: October 9 Fee: $15 plus CD set FW-2 “THE MESSAGE OF THE HOLY Registration ends: January 15 RELATIONSHIP” Date: February 8 OCTOBER Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat NOVEMBER 1 2 3 4 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat DECEMBER Lecture Tape 1 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Study Lecture 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 3 CD 4 CD 5 6 7 8 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Lecture Study Study Lecture FW-7 Lecture 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 9 10 CD 11 CD 12 13 14 15 19 20 CD 21 CD 22 23 24 25 Lecture Study Study Lecture Study Study Lecture 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 26 27 CD 28 CD 29 30 31 Lecture FW-8 Lecture Study Study Lecture 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Christ- Thanks. to 7:30 p. 10 a.) Fee: $20 plus CD set Jan. – 7:30 p.551. No registration required. 8 — Sept. mas 30 giving 28 29 30 31 JANUARY Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat FEBRUARY 1 Happy 2 3 MARCH Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat New Year 1 2 CD 3 CD 4 5 6 7 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 4 5 CD 6 CD 7 8 9 10 Study Study Lecture Study Study Lecture 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 CD 10 CD 11 12 13 14 11 12 CD 13 CD 14 15 16 17 Lecture FW-2 Study Study Lecture FW-1 Study Study Lecture 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Lecture Lecture Lecture 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 25 26 CD 27 CD 28 29 30 31 Lecture Lecture Study Study Lecture 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Lecture 29 30 31 15 . – 1 p. 13 (Tue. 9 (Mon. payable at the door. FALL–WINTER 2008-2009 SCHEDULE INSTITUTE FOR TEACHING INNER PEACE THROUGH A COURSE IN MIRACLES La Jolla Branch 7843 Girard Avenue.551.m. 6 — Jan.) Dates: Jan.1227 FACULTY: ROBERT AND KATHLEEN DRAPER LECTURES Classes are held each Thursday (except Thanksgiving.) FW-8 “THE SAVIOR FROM THE DARK” Fee: $10 plus CD set Date: November 16 Registration ends: December 25 “THE MAGIC FLUTE OF FORGIVENESS” 2009 Dates: Oct. 10 (Mon. CD STUDY SUNDAY WORKSHOPS Monday: 6 p. 30 (Tue.

00 CD-58-5 $45.00 16 .00 B-1s Psicologia cristiana en UCEM $5.Must Be Another Way” (mp3) 10.Asked Questions.00 CD-49 Climbing the Ladder Home 40.00 3m-36 Making Holy Spirit Special (mp3) 45..00 CD-58-4 $65..00 Classes on the Text of ACIM 40. 22.00 3m-26 Overeating: A Dialogue (mp3) 10.00 CD-58-3 $30.00 CD-18 The Song of Prayer 70.(G&KW) 8.00 3m-53 The Meaning of Forgiveness (mp3) 10.00 CD-10 Special Relationships—Part 2 40.00 CD-59 The Quiet Answer 25. of ACIM 22.00 CD-58-2 $30.00 B-15 The Message of ACIM–2 vol..00 B-13 ACIM & Christianity (KW/Clarke) 7.00 B-21 Form vs.00 CD-26 Overeating: A Dialogue 15.00 B-14s .00 B-23 Journey through Wkbk of ACIM 60.00 B-6s Los 50 principios.00 B-22 Parents & Children (2 book set) 14..00 CD-40 Rules for Decision 55..00 B-19 Healing Power of Kindness: Vol.—Parts 1 & 2 (mp3) 75.00 CD-57 Sep & Forgiveness—4 Splits 50. PUBLICATIONS PRICE LIST Item Title Price Item Title Price Item Title Price Books (B) & Audiobook (AB) B-13s UCDM y el cristianismo: (KW/Clarke) 7..00 CD-55 Gifts of the Ego and God 55..00 B-27 The Arch of Forgiveness 7.00 CD-36 Making Holy Spirit Special 50.00 CD-62 Meaning of the Holy Instant 15..00 CD-44 The Theology of ACIM (G&KW) 15.00 B-7 Awaken from Dream (G&KW) 10.00 B-16 The Journey Home 16.00 Audio tape production has ceased.00 3m-37 Meaning of Judgment (mp3) 10.00 CD-1 The Simplicity of Salvation $60.95 3m-17 Love/Not Oppose (G&KW) (mp3) 50.00 B-9 Love Does Not Condemn-sale 20.00 B-11 Absence from Felicity 17. in ACIM $5.00 B-3 A Talk Given on ACIM 6.00 CD-21 Jesus: Teacher • Model 55..00 CD-31 Jesus: Manifestation of Holy Spirit 35.00 CD-51 The Importance of Jesus 15.00 3m-49 Climbing/Ladder Home (mp3) 35.00 CD-47 Holy Christ.00 CD-52 Learning from the Holy Spirit 15..00 B-20 Healing Power of Kindness: Vol.00 CD-32 The Laws of Chaos 80.(G&KW) (mp3) 15.00 B-5s El perdón y Jesús 16.00 3m-34 Metaphy of Sep & For (mp3) 10. 1 7.00 CD-50 How Will the World End? 15.00 B-15s El mensaje de UCEM 22.00 B-11s Ausencia de la felicidad 22.00 CD-33 “There Must Be Another Way” 15.00 B-25 “What It Says”: Preface of ACIM 8.00 B-17 Ending Our Resistance to Love 7.00 CD-17 Love Does Not Oppose (G&KW) 55...00 CD-34 Metaphy of Sep & Forgiveness 15.00 CD-60 The Lifting of the Veil 55.00 B-10 A Vast Illusion 14.Born in Me.00 B-17s El final de resistencia al amor 7.00 3m-41 I Want the Peace of God (mp3) 10.00 B-18 Life. Please contact our office for availability of remaining albums.00 CD-45 The Inheritance of God’s Son 15.00 Compact Discs CD-46 Sign of Christmas Is a Star (G&KW) 15..00 3m-40 Rules for Decision (mp3) 50.00 3m-33 “.00 B-26 From Futility to Happiness 7. (G&KW) 8.00 AB-17 Ending Our Resistance (mp3) 10.00 3m-43 Bible/ACIM Perspective (G&KW)(mp3) 35.00 3m-47 Holy Christ.preguntas más communes.00 3m-1 Simplicity of Salvation (mp3) 55.00 B-5 Forgiveness and Jesus 16. Content: Sex & Money 7.00 CD-58-6 $50.00 CD-48 From Time to Timelessness 15.00 3m-48 From Time to Timelessness (mp3) 10.. 3m-45 Inheritance of God’s Son (mp3) 10.00 B-4s Glosario-Indice para UCDM 10.00 B-4SI Scriptural Index for ACIM 5.00 3m-38 The Web of Specialness (mp3) 75.00 B-1 Christian Psych. Death and Love 25. 8) per item CD-41 I Want the Peace of God 15.00 CD-39 Duality as Metaphor in ACIM 55.00 Spanish Translations of Books CD-38 The Web of Specialness 80..00 B-12 Overeating 5.00 B-3f Introduction Générale à UCEM $6.00 B-3s Una introducción básica a UCEM 6.00 3m-46 Sign of Christmas Is a Star (mp3) 10. Rel.00 CD-53 The Meaning of Forgiveness 15.00 3m-59 The Quiet Answer (mp3) 20.00 3m-56 The Experience of ACIM (mp3) 50.00 CD-61-1 (Vol.(G&KW) 20.00 Audio Tapes 3m-44 The Theology of ACIM (mp3) 10.00 CD-37 The Meaning of Judgment 15.00 CD-58-7 $55.00 3m-60 The Lifting of the Veil (mp3) 50.00 B-14 Most.00 CD-54 The Kindness of Healing 15.00 3m-57 Sep & Forgiveness/4 Splits (mp3) 45.. 2 6.00 number B-7s Despierta del sueño (G&KW) 10. 00 3m-50 How Will the World End? (mp3) 10.00 CD-42 Forgiving Jesus 15.00 CD-29 Real Wrld: Home Away frm Hme 55.00 B-6 50 Miracle Principles of ACIM 8.00 3m-52 Learning from Holy Spirit (mp3) 10.00 CD-43 Bible/ACIM Perspective (G&KW) 40.00 CD-5 The Ego and Forgiveness 20..00 CD-56 The Experience of ACIM UCEM 8.00 3m-9&10 Spec.00 CD-9 Special Relationships—Part 1 55.00 B-4 Glossary-Index for ACIM 8. 1)—CD-61-8 (Vol.00 The Workbook Lessons of ACIM French Translations of Books CD-58-1 $40.00 B-24 Journey through Man..

.00 3m-132 Bringing Drkness to Lght (mp3) 20. PUBLICATIONS PRICE LIST Item Title Price Item Title Price Item Title Price 3m-62 Meaning of Holy Instant (mp3) 10.00 CD-106 The Inner Voice 20.00 3m-140 “No Man Is An Island (mp3) 50. Content: Sex & Money 25.00 3m-142 InnocenceLost/Innoc.00 CD-107 Shadows of Limitation 25.00 CD-73 The Time Machine 25.00 3m-122 Four Splits..00 CD-108 H.00 CD-124 The Temple of the Holy Spirit 25.00 CD-76 The Changeless Dwelling Place 25.00 CD-142 Innocence Lost/Innoc.: Home of Guilt 20.00 CD-133 Jesus’ Promise 25.00 CD-67 Living A Course in Miracles 25.00 CD-144 Decision Maker/Throned Above Fate 15.00 CD-125 The Quiet Center 60.00 CD-65 Love and Be Silent 25.00 17 .00 CD-98 Who Is Jesus? 20.00 3m-135 Magic Flute of Forg..00 CD-130 Asking the Holy Spirit 20.00 CD-86 Jrney From Ego Self to True Self 85.00 3m-64 Pathway of Forgiveness (mp3) 20..00 CD-64 The Pathway of Forgiveness 25.00 CD-100 Jesus: Songs of Gratitude/Love 100.00 3m-144 Decision Maker: TAF (mp3) 10.00 3m-138 “Light of …Flowers” (mp3) 10.00 CD-110 Art and A Course in Miracles 25.00 CD-87 Living in the World 45.00 3m-131 “Nothing So Blinding.00 3m-124 Temple of Holy Spirit (mp3) 20.” 25.00 CD-89 Deciding for God 15..00 3m-123 Cause and Effect (mp3) 40.00 CD-84 The Quality of Mercy 25.00 3m-141 “The Gifts of God” (mp3) 25.00 CD-96 Walking with Jesus 20.00 CD-109 “Sweet Are Uses of Adversity” 25.Revisited 25.00 3m-130 Asking the Holy Spirit (mp3) 15.00 CD-145 The Ego Strikes Back 25.00 CD-72 An Overview of ACIM 10.00 CD-118 ACIM: “A Book for All & None” 20.00 3m-69 Dreaming the Dream (mp3) 20.00 3m-127 Love: Dk Nht/Lvng Flm (mp3) 15.00 CD-129 The Ark of Peace 20.00 CD-137 The Happy Dream 15.00 CD-111 Transformation 20.00 CD-117 When 2 + 2 = 5 25. but Too Well 25.00 3m-143 Pathway of ACIM (Atlanta) (mp3) 85.00 CD-105 “On Three Metamorphoses” 25.00 CD-135 Magic Flute of Forgiveness 25.00 CD-127 Love: Dark Night/Living Flame 20.00 CD-83-1 Classes on Manual of ACIM 55.” (mp3) 25..00 CD-139 The Metaphysics of Time 25.00 CD-88 Healing: Hearing the Melody 25.00 CD-97 Jesus: “Bright Stranger” 25. Schucman: A Gift of God 15.00 CD-74 Forgiveness & the End of Time 25.00 3m-88 Healing: Hearing/Melody (mp3) 20.00 CD-71 Approaching A Course in Miracles 10.00 CD-94 Jesus: “The Ancient Love” 25.00 CD-114 From Futility to Happiness 25.00 CD-112 Lessons of the Holy Spirit 25.00 3m-145 The Ego Strikes Back (mp3) 20..00 CD-119 The Conductor and the Orchestra 25.00 CD-115 The Real Alternative 25.00 CD-77 To Be or Not to Be 25.00 3m-128 Miracles versus Magic (mp3) 15.00 CD-99 Jesus: Companion on Journey 25.00 CD-126 Jesus: Wakening to Resurrection 20.00 CD-93 Psychotherapy 45.00 3m-63 From Darkness to Light (mp3) 20.00 CD-63 From Darkness to Light 25.00 CD-138 “A Light of Laughing Flowers” 15.00 CD-131 “Nothing So Blinding.00 CD-78 Form vs. (mp3) 20..00 CD-81 Justice Returned to Love 25..00 3m-129 The Ark of Peace (mp3) 15.00 3m-136 “To Believe a Lie” (mp3) 15.00 CD-69 Dreaming the Dream 25.00 CD-113 Parents and Children 30.” (mp3) 20.00 CD-80 Returning Home 25.00 CD-82 The Problem of Evil 25.00 CD-95 Escape from Love 15.00 CD-83-2 Volume 1 and Volume 2 each CD-120 Psychotherapy and Healing 35.” 30.00 CD-136 “To Believe a Lie” 20.00 3m-133 Jesus’ Promise (mp3) 20.00 CD-102 Ghost of Caesar: Guilt’s Shadow 25.00 CD-143 The Pathway of ACIM (Atlanta) 90..Revisited (mp3) 20.00 3m-137 The Happy Dream (mp3) 10.00 CD-121 What Is ACIM?: Theory & Practice 15..00 CD-75 Healing the Dream of Sickness 25.00 CD-140 “No Man Is An Island” 55.00 CD-122 The Four Splits.00 CD-134 “Be Kind.00 CD-128 Miracles versus Magic 20.00 CD-90 Loving Not Wisely.00 CD-92 Letting Go of Judgment 20.00 3m-113 Parents and Children (mp3) 25.00 CD-85 A Tale Told by an Idiot 20.00 3m-67 Living ACIM (mp3) 20.00 CD-132 Bringing Darkness to Light 25.00 CD-70 The Compassion of the Miracle 25.00 3m-134 “Be Kind.Regained (mp3) 20.00 3m-125 The Quiet Center (mp3) 55.00 CD-101 “What It Says”: From the Preface 25.00 CD-123 Cause and Effect 45.00 CD-116 Looking w/Jesus: Forgiveness 20.00 CD-103 Jesus: Fantasy or Truth? 15.00 CD-68 Special Rel.00 CD-66 Jesus: Symbol and Reality 25.Regained 25.00 CD-91 Jesus: Light in the Dream 15.00 3m-139 The Metaphysics of Time (mp3) 20..00 CD-79 The Prodigal Son 25.00 3m-126 Jesus: Waken/Resurrection (mp3) 15.00 CD-104 The Arch of Forgiveness 20.00 CD-141 “The Gifts of God” 30.

00 C-3 Electronic version of ACIM—Win (VISTA incompatible) 40.00 F9-cd Readings from A Course in Miracles (1 CD) 15.00 V-24 The Prodigal Son 30.: Home of Guilt (non-US) 40.00 3m-148 The Ego: A Quaint Absurdity (mp3) 10.00 V-28 A Tale Told by an Idiot 30.. Content: Sex & Money 30.00 One 2-hr.00 V-25 The Problem of Evil 30.) (42 audio tapes) 150.00 F-12 A Course in Miracles (2nd Ed. tape per item number per item V-33 “What It Says”: From the Preface 30.00 3m-146 Body: “Engine of Destruction” (mp3) 15.00 V-27 The Quality of Mercy 30.00 V-29 Healing: Hearing the Melody 30.00 V-20 Healing the Dream of Sickness 30.00 DVD (Region 1) V-11 Love and Be Silent (US) 30.00 Nightingale-Conant (Gloria & Kenneth Wapnick) VHS (US) & VHS PAL (non-US) V-14 The Time Machine 30.00 V-26-1 through V-26-10 number V-9p Meaning of Holy Instant (non-US) 30.00 V-8 Living A Course in Miracles (US) 30..00 VHS (US only) DV-108 Helen Schucman: A Gift Classes on the Text of ACIM V-32 “Psychotherapy” 60.00 F-16 Recollections about Dr.00 F-5sc The Gifts of God (Paperback) 15.00 3m-149 For They Have Come (mp3) 15.00 V-22 To Be or Not to Be 30.00 18 . Process and Practice 6.95 (Gloria and Kenneth Wapnick) V-15 Forgiveness and End of Time 30.00 of God (1 DVD) 15.00 F-3 The Song of Prayer 6.00 P-13 Concordance of ACIM 50% discount 25.00 V-1 Seek Not to Change ACIM (US) $20.00 C-5 Electronic version of ACIM—VISTA (Win XP & VISTA only) 40.) (59 CDs) 170. PUBLICATIONS PRICE LIST Item Title Price Item Title Price Item Title Price CD-146 Body: “Engine of Destruction” 20.00 V-17 Jesus: Symbol and Reality 30..00 One 2-hour tape per item number per item 3m-151 Rolling Back Carpet of Time(mp3) 10.00 F-12cd A Course in Miracles (2nd Ed.00 Classes on the Manual of ACIM 15. Combined Hardcover) 35.00 F-17 A Rare Inverview with Dr.00 $15.00 A Course in Miracles and Related Material (retail only) Item Title Price Item Title Price F-2 A Course in Miracles (3rd Ed.00 V-7 Pathway of Forgiveness (US) $30.00 DV-05 Interview with G & KW 15.95 F-14dvd The Forgotten Song (DVD/ Part I only of F-10) 30.00 CD-152 The Prodigal Son’s Brother 20.00 V-7p Pathway of Forgiveness (non-US) 40.00 NC-1 Living A Course in Miracles (CDs) $79.00 F-10p The Story of ACIM (1 video tp) VHS (PAL non-US) 60.00 DV-03 The Real World (G & KW) $30.00 CD-148 The Ego: A Quaint Absurdity 15.00 F-34s Anexo a Un curso en milagros (Spanish Supplements) 10.00 V-13 Justice Returned to Love 30.00 CD-149 For They Have Come 20.00 V-30 Loving Not Wisely.00 V-16 From Darkness to Light 30. Combined Paperback) 20.00 DV-142 Innocence Lost–Innocence V-12-in through V-12-31 number Regained (2 DVDs) 30.00 V-5 Interview with G & KW (US) 15.00 F-6 Workbook Lesson Cards 23.00 CD-147 Beyond Theism: The God of ACIM 15.00 F-10 The Story of A Course in Miracles (1 video tape) 45.00 V-11p Love and Be Silent (non-US) 40.00 3m-152 The Prodigal Son’s Brother (mp3) 15.00 F-14 The Forgotten Song (1 video tp/ Part I only of F-10) 30.00 F-15 A Course in Miracles (2nd Ed.00 V-31 Intro.00 V-1p Seek Not to Change ACIM (non-US) 30.00 F-4 Psychotherapy: Purpose.00 V-10p Special Rel. but Too Well 30.00 VHS (US) & VHS PAL (non-US) V-21 The Changeless Dwelling Place 30.00 V-5p Interview with G & KW (non-US) 20.00 3m-150 The Self-Accused (mp3) 15.00 F-8 What It Says (1 video tape) 30.00 F-7cd What It Says (1 CD) 15.00 CD-151 Rolling Back the Carpet of Time 15.00 V-8p Living A Course in Miracles (non-US) 40.00 C-4 Electronic version of ACIM—MAC (OSX incompatible) 40.00 F-9 Readings from A Course in Miracles (1 audio tape) 10. Helen Schucman (DVD) 15.00 CD-150 The Self-Accused 20. includes pamphlets) $30.00 3m-147 Beyond Theism: God of ACIM (mp3) 10.00 V-10 Special Rel.00 F-8dvd What It Says (DVD) 30.00 F-11 A Course in Miracles (2nd Ed.00 V-6 Visionaries (US) 10.00 V-23 Form vs.: Home of Guilt (US) 30.00 V-9 Meaning of Holy Instant (US) 20. to A Course in Miracles 10.00 F-7 What It Says (1 audio tape) 10.00 F-1s Un curso de milagros (Spanish) 35.00 V-19 Compassion of the Miracle 30.00 V-18 Dreaming the Dream 30. Helen Schucman (DVD) 15.

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Turn right onto Jefferson Avenue.THE LIGHTHOUSE (09/08) Foundation for A COURSE IN MIRACLES® 41397 Buecking Drive Temecula. which is the first stop light. CA 92590-5668 TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS The Foundation is located just off I-15. Turn right onto Buecking Drive. Turn right onto Buecking Drive. Continue straight on Jefferson (heading north) for two long blocks until you reach Buecking Drive. • From the south: Take the CA-79N/Winchester Road exit. Continue straight on Jefferson (head- ing north) for two long blocks until you reach Buecking Drive. Get into the far right lane and turn right onto Jefferson Avenue. again staying in the far right-hand lane. . turning left onto Winchester Road. which is the second stop light. Turn right onto Winches- ter Road/CA-79. • From the north: Take the CA-79 N/Winchester Road exit and stay in the far right lane. The Foundation is the second building on the left. The Foundation is the second building on the left.