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Bucks fall short Humane society sets Public can meet Jefferson
against Cavs pet run/walk event board candidates Tuesday

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March 24, 2016 THURSDAY Vol. 121 No. 86 $1.00


A view from the front lines
With increased heroin use comes increase in overdoses
July 2013 to June 2015, the Watertown and permanent brain damage. not see race. It does not see age.
By Becky Vosters Fire Department responded to 4,800 Reynen said heroin related calls are “Sometimes I hear overdose and
Heroin use has increased exponen- total calls. Of those calls, 3,300 were received regularly, not on every shift but when I see the person I think there is no
tially in recent years and, as a result, the EMS calls, 81 were overdose calls, 46 with increasing regularity. Heroin deliv- way this person has overdosed, but we
number of overdoses has also increased. were situations that called for Narcan eries in town can also affect the number push the medications and we find evi-
Paramedics irst responders find them- administration and 11 cases were obvi- of calls. dence of heroin use. There’s no typical
selves attending to these individuals ous death caused by possible heroin or “We have times where we can tell situation, it’s everybody.”
more and more frequently. other drug use. when a new delivery has been made and Paramedics respond to calls most
Tanya Reynen, a firefighter/paramed- Heroin overdoses involve a suppres- people are getting more of it,” Reynen commonly in public places.
ic at the Watertown Fire Department, sion of breathing that affects the amount said. “It goes in spurts. There will be a “We have areas where we know
has noticed the frequency of heroin re- of oxygen that reaches the brain, a con- couple and then it will be awhile before there are drug houses and drug activ-
lated calls increasing in the last three dition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can have we go on another one.” ity, but it’s everywhere,” Reynen said.
years. short- and long-term psychological and Heroin does not discriminate. It does
In a two-year period extending from neurological effects, including coma not see socioeconomic status. It does (Continued on back, col. 3) Tanya Reynen


Farmers market move
postponed until 2017
The Main Street Program Board within the boundaries of the pro-
of Directors is postponing the re- gram’s district, which is prompt-
location of the Tuesday farmers ing the eventual relocation of the
market to the North First Street farmers market from Riverside
parking lot because of upcoming Park to downtown Watertown.
construction on the Main Street Main Street Program Executive
bridge. Since the bridge will be Director Melissa Lampe said if
under repair for six to eight weeks there are other civic organizations
and overnight parking will be re- that would like to see the market
stricted in the parking lot, the to remain in Riverside Park indefi-
market will continue to be held nitely, they are welcome to contact
at Riverside Park in 2016 starting the Main Street Program about
May 3. running the event.
The Main Street Program vol- If the Main Street Program con-
unteered to take over administra- tinues to run the event, Lampe said
tion of the farmers market earlier it had a plan to alleviate concerns
this month as the result of staffing that may result from the move to
changes at the Watertown Area downtown.
Chamber of Commerce making “The Main Street Program will
it unfeasible for that organization work with the city to designate
to manage the market. In order for several parking stalls along North
the Main Street Program to run
JAKE BATTERMAN/Daily Times an event, that event must be held (Continued on back, col. 4)
LifePoint Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer John P. Bumpus giving the keynote speech
at the assembly.

Event honors hospital employees
By Jake Batterman ies such as “Star Wars,” and “Casa- President and Chief Administrative blanca” with their own twist, poking Officer John Bumpus spoke to the au-
Watertown Regional Medical Cen- fun at the intricacies of their jobs and dience about the importance of hard
ter (WRMC) held its annual all-asso- the hospital. Several awards were work and sound values when achiev-
ciate assembly Wednesday to thank handed out to various members of ing success.
its employees for the dedication and the hospital staff. Categories included Bumpus encouraged the audience
compassion they exhibited through- Welcome as an expected Guest, Best of employees to be mindful and listen
out the year. Attendees donned Supporting Roles, Lifetime Achieve- to everyone’s ideas, no matter how
gowns and tuxedos for the Academy ment Award for Transformation, and different they may seem.
Awards-themed event which featured Leader and Team of the Year. There “If we’re going to grow from here,
parodies of famous Oscar winning were several winners in each catego- if we’re going to get better, if this
films featuring hospital staff mem- ry which recognized both individu- LifePoint Watertown partnership is
bers. The employees in the videos als and teams. Preceding the awards
re-enacted famous scenes from mov- ceremony, LifePoint Executive Vice (Continued on page 9, col. 4)

Only for
Wednesday’s rain snow mix
9,000 goat farm will go elsewhere in state was only good weather for
the birds. Above, a pheasant
such a large goat operation in Jefferson County and would struts on Navan Road near
By Steve Sharp
need substantial time to receive such permissions, and does one of Milford Hills hunting
JEFFERSON — Despite a banner headline story in today’s “not even have a land offer in the county.” fields. At right, a robin stops
Wisconsin State Journal to the contrary, a 9,000-animal goat “We have no agreements and are not signed up for any- for a moment in the grass
thing,” he said, adding he had not seen the State Journal’s
farm is no longer being proposed by Roswell, N.M.-based
story today. “We only talked to the Jefferson County Land and
while looking for food. Freez-
Drumlin Dairy for the town of Aztalan, nor any location in ing rain and snow showers
Jefferson County. Water, and Planning and Zoning officials, and that was about
According to the man who had been advocating the farm, the property near Lake Mills. We have stopped looking in Jef- are expected to continue into
dairy co-owner Kenneth Buelow, Aztalan landowners were ferson County.” tonight until 8 o’clock. The
not willing to sell the property to him and his business part- The goat farming business had been proposed for a location National Weather Service
ners. Buelow relayed this information to the Daily Times in at N5845 Harvey Road, Lake Mills.
Rob Klotz of the Jefferson County Zoning Department said says strong northeast winds
“We are looking elsewhere in Wisconsin,” Buelow told the the county was approached several months ago by the would- and freezing rain may cause
Daily Times at that time. “(The landowners) have opted not to be farm owners regarding the business that required a condi- some tree damage.
sell the property.” tional use permit under the state’s livestock siting rule ATCP SARAH WEIHERT/Daily Times
This morning, Buelow said the dairy has no permits for (Continued on back, col. 1)

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Watertown Daily Weather Sun and Moon National Map for Tomorrow
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Moonset today . . . . . 7:30 a.m.
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Wisconsin Weather Forecast Around Our State Almanac
Shown is tomorrow’s weather. Friday Saturday 0s This map shows high temperatures,
type of precipitation expected and
location of frontal systems at noon.
Temperatures are tonight’s Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx Temperature
lows and tomorrow’s highs. Appleton 37/31 s 43/30 ra High . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 L H
21 / 43 Beaver Dam 39/31 s 47/33 ra Low . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Cold Front Stationary Front Warm Front Low Pressure High Pressure

Brookfield 39/31 s 48/35 ra Normal high. . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
Burlington 42/32 s 51/34 ra Normal low . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Yesterday’s National Extremes
Rhinelander Chicago 43/39 s 55/40 pc Record high. . . . . . . 76 in 1939 High: 93° in Coyanosa, Texas
13 / 40 Davenport 51/37 s 53/36 ra Record low . . . . . . . . 1 in 1940 Low: 7° in Crane Lake, Minn.
Des Moines 53/40 s 49/31 ra Precipitation
Dubuque 47/36 s 48/33 ra Yesterday . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.63" National Cities
Eau Claire 42/33 s 43/25 rs Month to date . . . . . . . . . 3.02"
Grand Rapids 42/29 s 53/39 pc Normal month to date . . 1.46" Friday Friday
Eau Claire Green Bay 36/30 s 32/13 mc Year to date . . . . . . . . . . . 4.19" Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx
17 / 42 Green Bay Int’l Falls 40/20 rs 32/13 mc Normal year to date . . . . 4.00" Albuquerque 70/36 s Kansas City 61/46 s
16 / 36 Janesville 44/34 s 51/34 ra Snowfall yesterday . . . . . . 0.2" Atlanta 68/41 pc Las Vegas 81/58 s
Kenosha 41/33 s 50/36 ra Snowfall season to date. 25.6" Atlantic City 62/39 ra Los Angeles 74/55 s
La Crosse 44/35 s 45/30 rs Billings 43/23 rs Memphis 61/45 s
Oshkosh Sheboygan Lansing 42/28 sn 52/39 s
UV Index Tomorrow Boston 61/38 t Miami 83/74 t
Madison 42/34 s 48/32 ra
La Crosse 16 / 38 22 / 36 Milwaukee 40/34 s 48/35 ra UV Index for 3 periods of the day.
Daytona Bch 82/67 t New York 65/41 t
Cleveland 37/30 rs Orlando 84/67 sh
18 / 44 Minneapolis 44/33 pc 41/26 rs 8 a.m. ...............................................1 Denver 51/26 pc Philadelphia 65/38 ra
Watertown Oshkosh 38/32 s 43/30 ra Noon ................................................4 Detroit 43/30 sn Phoenix 83/56 s
19 / 40 Milwaukee Rhinelander 40/29 s 41/23 rs 4 p.m ................................................2
El Paso 77/49 s St. Louis 56/39 s
Rochester 41/34 s 40/24 rs
23 / 40 Rockford 47/37 s 53/36 ra
Fairbanks 50/24 pc Salt Lake City 51/34 rs
0-2: Minimal Honolulu 83/72 sh Seattle 53/41 sh
Madison Sheboygan 36/34 s 43/33 ra 3-4: Low
The higher the UV

20 / 42 Racine Superior 43/30 pc 37/22 mc 5-6: Moderate
index, the higher Houston 72/54 s Tampa 81/68 t
the need for eye Indianapolis 50/35 s Washington 69/40 sh
Kenosha 25 / 41 Waterloo 41/34 s 48/32 ra 7-9: High
and skin protection.
10+: Very High Weather (Wx): cl/cloudy; fl/flurries; pc/partly cloudy; r/rain; rs/rain &
Wausau 39/31 s 43/28 rs
24 / 41 snow; s/sunny; sh/showers; sn/snow; t/thunderstorms; w/windy

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9,000-animal goat farm — Watertown farmers market —
(Continued from page 1) you is they had one site pro- in Wisconsin.” (Continued from page 1) their vehicle for loading.” the time they arrive for setup
posed in Aztalan and that fell When asked this morning if Lampe added that the pro- and city hall opening.”
51 in an A-1 zone. Klotz said through due to town road issues Drumlin Dairy has been look- First Street as special loading gram has accounted for bath- The Watertown Farmers’
as long as the farm followed and then the landowners didn’t ing at property anywhere else in zones for customers adjacent to room access as well. Market, formerly known as Fair
the conditions of the zoning, it want to sell the property. The the Watertown area — specifi- the market for parcel pickup,” “Public restrooms are avail- Day, is one of the longest run-
could operate. proposal has been withdrawn cally in Dodge County — Bue- Lampe said. “This way, if a able in city hall after 8 a.m.,” ning farmers markets in Wis-
and we have nothing more in low laughed. customer is purchasing pump- Lampe said. “A local business consin. Lampe said the Main
The project met with oppo-
our records or files on it.” “We have to be open about kins or a watermelon that they adjacent to the North First Street program knows how
sition from its potential neigh-
bors, however. Concerns of the In a February interview with this with you,” Buelow said, cannot carry to their car, they Street parking lot has generous- important the market is to city
neighbors included safety of the Daily Times, Buelow ac- “but we don’t have to tell you may leave those items with a ly offered to allow farmers mar- residents and it will do every-
groundwater, which they said knowledged the opposition to everything.” volunteer at the nearby Main ket vendors to use its restrooms thing it can to make the even-
could be compromised by ma- his proposed project in Jeffer- Street tent while they pull up on Tuesday mornings between tual transition a smooth one.
son County but said he had also

Heroin use, overdoses are increasing —
nure and other pollutants, and
air quality. They were also con- met with people who supported
cerned about specifications of it. Buelow said he was disap-
equipment that would be used pointed the project would not
in the operation, as well as be taking place at Aztalan. We’ll hold their hands and Reynen encourages families breaks your heart,” Reynen
chemicals. (Continued from page 1) try to keep them from hurting with known users to have Nar- said. “That’s the biggest thing
“There is always disap-
“We have no application or pointment when things you “We’ve been to overdose calls themselves or us,” Reynen said. can in their home. for a paramedic responding.”
information on any pending site are trying to do don’t happen, in churches and in businesses, Reynen said it’s a judgment “It’s an addiction. It was Reynen said as heroin be-
for the dairy,” Rob Klotz, the but we will look elsewhere but mostly on the streets and in call, but they are typically go- the choices they made that got comes more prevalent some
head of the Jefferson County in the state,” he said, declin- vehicles.” ing to administer smaller doses. them to this point but they can’t of the recent calls have been
Zoning Department, said today. ing to specify exactly where Naloxone hydrochloride, When they work with people stop unless they truly are ready, shocking to her.
“I think Drumlin is looking in Drumlin Dairy is looking. more commonly referred to as whom they know get violent and if they haven’t hit rock bot- “When we first started get-
this part of the state, but I can’t “Occurrences like this are just Narcan, is an opiate antidote they make sure to avoid larger tom they need Narcan,” Reynen ting heroin calls it was only
tell you if they are looking in part of doing business. I’m utilized by paramedics on pa- doses. Ultimately, they have to said. here, but now we see it more
Dane, Dodge, Rock or Wal- not angry about it. Our inten- tients who have overdosed on be careful. According to the National In- often in people I personally
worth counties. All I can tell tion is to find another location any opiate. “Sometimes they’ll come stitute on Drug Abuse, chronic wouldn’t expect and it’s sur-
When an individual overdos- back and they’ll know they’re use of heroin leads to a physi- prising,” Reynen said. “When I
es on an opioid their breathing in trouble. They see cops and cal dependence or a state in see young girls my age or I see
Markets slows down or stops altogether.
Narcan blocks the effects of
they see firefighters and that’s
where we have to talk to the pa-
which the body has adapted to
the presence of the drug. With-
where they may have worked
and I wouldn’t expect them to
opioids and reverses an over- tient and tell them it’s important drawal symptoms can begin as use drugs, but they do.”
dose by knocking opioids out to get the help they need,” Rey- early as a few hours after taking Reynen said regardless of
Dow Jones Kohl’s 45.70 –1.01 of the opiate receptors in the nen said. “Through communi- heroin. what brought an individual to
The Dow Jones Industrials were Seneca 32.34 +0.21 brain. cation we’re always able to get Withdrawal symptoms can their current situation, recovery
down 83.86 at 9:30 a.m. today SPX Corp. 13.70 +0.01 The fastest way to administer them to the hospital.” include restlessness, muscle is not out of the question if they
at 17,418.73. The Transportation Tel. Data Systems 27.63 –0.94 Narcan is via syringe into the The amount of drugs in a and bone pain, insomnia, diar- are willing.
Index was 7,861.85, down 94.93 Target 81.33 –0.17 vein of the individual. Howev- person’s system can change rhea and vomiting, cold flashes
and the Utility Index was 659.65, Wis. Energy Corp. 58.99 +0.16 “There are people who have
er, a foam attachment is used to the amount of Narcan adminis- with goose bumps and kicking been users that have gone on
up 0.82. The market closed atomize the drug and turn it into tered. Over time, addicts must movements. Users also expe-
Wednesday at 17,502.59. London Milwaukee livestock to do amazing things. You’ll
REESEVILLE — Wednes- a mist to be put up the nose. Po- take more heroin to achieve rience severe cravings for the see people that have experi-
spot gold was $1,220.60, down lice also have the ability to ad- the same high. Longtime ad- drug which usually leads to
$0.28 and silver was $15.30, up day’s Milwaukee Stockyards re- ences with heroin overdose and
$0.18. port: minister Narcan. dicts can have large amounts of continued abuse or relapse. they used to be users and now
30 Dow Jones Industrials Cows: Premium no-roll cows- “Any way you can get into heroin in their system because Users often know they have they’re out there educating the
Alcoa 9.39 +0.07 white cows 73-80, few above; the body is good, but we usu- they long for that much sought an addiction and what they are public and working in rehab,”
Apple 105.15 –0.98 high-yielding cutters and utility ally start an IV and get it into after high. doing is wrong but are physi- Reynen said. “Their lives are
American Express 59.65 –0.98 64-72; cutters 55-63; canners and their veins. It’s stronger and Reynen recalled a time when cally unable to stop. worth saving. They are good
Boeing Co. 130.49 –2.37 shells up to 50. more effective that way,” Rey- an entire dose, 2 milligrams, “They will have it in their
Holstein steers: high choice people. They just got caught up
Bank of America 13.44 –0.19 nen said. did not affect the patient and heart that they want to stop and in the drug.”
Caterpillar 74.78 +1.10 and prime Holstein steers 1,300- Narcan works as quickly as knowing it was a narcotic over- they don’t want to do it again.
Cisco Systems 27.91 +0.08 1,500 pounds 120-126, packages five minutes and overdosed dose a second dose was given. They’ll make a promise to Just like heroin, recovery
Chevron 92.97 –0.62 above; choice Holstein steers individuals can become re- Normally a half of a dose is suf- themselves and they wake up in does not discriminate.
DuPont 63.37 –0.38 110-120; select steers 95-105; un- sponsive abruptly and can be A 24-hour Drug A Abuse Ac-
finished Holstein steers up to 90.
ficient. the morning with no intention
Disney 97.03 +0.20 violent. The dose a patient receives of using heroin again and by 3 tion Addiction Detoxification
General Electric 30.98 –0.09 Beef cattle: prime Angus beef
1,200-1,500 pounds 130-132; “The key with Narcan is is normally based on their in the afternoon they’re doing it Rehabilitation hotline is avail-
Home Depot 129.81 –0.41 you’re taking away somebody’s size and the person’s condi- again,” Reynen said reflecting able at 920-261-3430. Family
Hewlett-Packard 11.81 –0.21 choice steers and heifers 125-130;
select beef steers and heifers 110- high,” Reynen said. “Larger tion. There are some instances on a recent Stairway to Heroin Resources Associates on Main
IBM 145.84 +0.44 Street is available at 920-261-
Intel Corp. 31.81 –0.19 120. doses take away all the effects where paramedics may know event she attended.
Johnson&Johnson 108.34 –0.16 Bulls: premium beef bulls of heroin and people can come a little background or can get Without acquiring profes- 4100. Jefferson County Hu-
J.P. Morgan 58.93 –1.01 1,600-2,050 pounds up to 100; out of it upset so what we’ll do a hint by talking to bystanders, sional help it is difficult for us- man Services can be reached at
Coca Cola 45.35 –0.11 common to good bulls 85-95. is dose it so we don’t take all but generally it all comes down ers to stop. Oftentimes hitting 920-674-3105. Dodge County
McDonald’s 123.28 –0.91 Replacement calves: premium of the effects away so we can to judgment. rock bottom is the motivation Health and Human Services can
3M Co. 164.48 +0.21 bulls 90-120 pounds 200-270; keep them calm and help their The effects of Narcan do not they need. be reached at 920-386-4094.
Merck 53.20 +0.12 common to good bulls 80-120 airway as they become a little last forever. An individual who “Nothing we say to someone Help is always available at the
Microsoft Corp. 54.13 +0.16 pounds 100-200. Premium heif- bit responsive.” receives a dose of Narcan can who has overdosed is going to Watertown Police Department,
Pfizer Inc. 30.09 –0.10 ers: up to 250; common to good call 920-261-6660 or stop in
heifers 75-150; boning calves up
Because there is a chance slip back into a sedative state. change their mind. It’s the ad-
Procter & Gamble 82.78 –0.04 these situations can get out of Generally it starts to wear off diction speaking. We tell them any time.
Travelers 115.50 –0.39 to 75.
Today’s estimated receipts: 625 hand, paramedics are not the after 30 minutes and disappears they overdosed and almost There is a recovery support
Utd. Technologies 98.25 –0.86 sole responders to unrespon- completely after 90 minutes. died. We make them aware they
UnitedHealth 130.00 +0.21 cattle and 25 calves. center located on South Second
Verizon 52.81 –0.10 sive patients. The engine crew Following a long debate, weren’t breathing and it hits Street that offers one-on-one
Walmart 67.74 +0.28 United Cooperative also responds so there are five Narcan is available over the home, I’m sure, but it’s not go- substance abuse counseling at
Exxon Mobil 83.46 –0.29 Johnson Creek people on scene. This is also counter in some areas at stores ing to be enough,” Reynen said. little to no cost. The center can
Stocks of local interest helpful when it comes to as- like Walgreens and CVS. This While a large portion of be reached at 920-988-6944.
Local cash grain bids — clos- sisting with the patient because was controversial because it is overdose calls do occur in pub-
Assoc. Bank Corp. 17.88 –0.22
ing Wednesday. they require more medical care. believed making the drug avail- lic places, it is not uncommon Reynen will be speaking at
Bank of Montreal 58.45 –1.07
March New Crop an upcoming event called Stair-
John Deere 80.43 –0.41
#2 shell corn 3.34 bu. 3.51 bu.
“If they come back violent able to anyone encourages the for these situations to occur at
Eaton Corp. 61.71 –0.77 we’ll talk to them and explain use of heroin and other opioids home. way to Heroin on April 26 be-
#1 soybeans 8.50 bu. 8.62 bu. ginning at 6:30 p.m. at Water-
Illinois Tool Works 101.44 –0.66 to them they had an overdose because users have access to a “Seeing the family panick-
Winter wheat 4.03 bu. 4.11 bu.
Johnson Controls 37.62 –0.47 and we’re here to help them. drug that can revive them. ing or little kids on scene just town High School.