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1/9/2016 Rae Systems RaeGuard 2 PID Fixed Detector for VOCs | Digital Fixed Gas Detection Systems


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RaeGuard 2 PID Fixed Detector for VOCs
Manufacturer Rae Systems Inc

Brand RaeGuard 2 PID

Model Fixed Gas Detector

The RaeGuard 2 PID is a 䄇⠀xed
photoionization detector (PID) that measures
a broad range of volatile organic compounds


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The RaeGuard 2 PID by Rae Systems operates on 10 to 28 VDC and provides an analog (4-20mA) three-wire single output, and
RS-485 Modbus digital signal output. Calibration and maintenance have been greatly simpli䄇⠀ed as the digital PID module can
be easily removed in hazardous locations for calibrations and maintenance.

The RaeGuard 2 PID has a graphic display and LED light status indicator for fault and alarm conditions. In addition, Low, High
and Fault relays can be con䄇⠀gured to trigger external alarms or process controls. Over 200 correction factors are pre-
programmed and allow users to display readings of a speci䄇⠀c target gas. A magnetic key interface enables the detector to be
calibrated and operational parameters adjusted with the explosion-proof enclosure in place.

Class 1, Division 1 (Zone 1) continuous VOC monitoring solution for hazardous locations
Three wire 4-20 mA analog output and RS-0485 digital communication in ModBus protocol
Three dry contact relays (<30V, 2A) normally open (or normally closed), one for High and Low alarm, another for Fault alarm
Explosion proof stainless steel enclosure suitable for outdoor hazardous environment applications
Magnetic key interface eliminates the need to open the explosion proof housing when adjusting parameters
Continuous VOC monitoring in hazardous and non-hazardous area locations
Reduced maintenance costs due to easily removable sensor module. Sensor and lamp can be removed without tools and
serviced in hazardous locations­2­pid­fixed­detector­for­vocs.aspx 1/3
1/9/2016 Rae Systems RaeGuard 2 PID Fixed Detector for VOCs | Digital Fixed Gas Detection Systems

serviced in hazardous locations
Faster response time with sample 샑怀ow through design powered by internal diaphragm pump
Humidity compensation ensures accurate readings even in humid environments

Specifications - DigiPID Sensor
Power Supply 5V±0.25VDC
Current 110 mA max
Power Consumption <0.6 W
Measuring Range 0.01 to 100ppm 0.1 to 1,000 ppm 1 to 1,000 ppm
Resolution 10 ppb, 1 ppm depends upon model
Response Time Pumped ­ T90: <30 seconds
Calibration Two point off line and field calibration, optional three point calibration
Accuracy ±2% for calibration point
Analog Output 0.5 ­ 2.5 (ro=1.0K)
Digital Interface Serial Interface (UART) Transmit (Tx): 3.3 V TTL Receive (Rx): 3.3 V TTL
Warranty 2 years for lamp, 1 year for housing and electronics
Operating Temperature ­4ºF to 131ºF
Humidity 0­95% RH non­condensing
EMI/RFI Highly resistant to EMI/RFI, compliant with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
Package 316 Stainless Steel, spray watertight for IP65 rating, dust membrane for sensor front protection
Size 1.02" x 5.95"
Weight 19.4 ounces

Specifications - Fixed Sensor Head
Working Current DC 10 to 28V, 210 mA at 24V
Power <5W
Output 4­20ma, three level programmable alarm relays, RS­485 support Modbus
Sampling Internal diaphragm pump, adjustable up to 500cc/min
IP Rating IP­65
Mechanical Interface ¾" NPT Male
Installation 2" pipe holding or wall mounting
user Interface Three key magnetic bar adjustment
Calibration Two Point
Warranty  1 year for pump, 2 years for housing and electronics
Material 3166 stainless steel
Operating Temperature ­4ºF to 131ºF
Humidity 0­95% RH non­condensing
Pressure 90 to 110 kPa
Display 128 x 65 matrix backlit LCD, supports graphic display
Size 10.1" x 7.9" x 4.2"
Weight 7.7 pounds
ATEX: EX II 2 (1) G Ex d (ia GA_) IIC T4 Gb UL/CSA: Class I, Div I, Groups A, B, C , D, T4 pending IECEx: Ex d (ia Ga) IIC T4

Ordering Information
The RaeGuard 2 PID can be ordered as individual components or as a complete VOC monitoring kit. The Sensor Head includes
an explosion proof ss enclosure with LCD display, integrated sampling pump and relays, digital connector for external sensors
and a magnetic key. The DigiPID Sensor Module includes a complete SS PID sensor module with UV lamp and digital connector
output for use with the RaeGuard 2, choice of detection ranges and a maintenance kit, The complete kit includes all of the
above. For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email
Description Catalog No.
RaeGuard 2 PID Kit, 0.01 ­ 100 ppm range, IS approved D03­0004­000
RaeGuard 2 PID Kit, 0.1 ­ 1,000 ppm range, IS approved D03­0005­000
RaeGuard 2 PID Kit, 1 ­ 1,000 ppm range, Note: Correction factors and relays are not available, IS approved D03­0008­000
RaeGuard 2 PID Kit, 0.01 ­ 100 ppm range D03­0009­000
RaeGuard 2 PID Kit, 0.1 ­ 1,000 ppm range D03­0010­000
RaeGuard 2 PID, 1 ­ 1,000 ppm range, Note: Correction factors and relays are not available D03­0012­000
RaeGuard 2 Fixed Head, IS Approved D03­0007­000
RaeGuard 2 Fixed Head D03­0013­000
DigiPid Sensor Module, 0.01 ­ 100 ppm range, IS Approved C01­0001­000
DigiPID Sensor Module, 0.1 ­ 1,000 ppm range, IS approved C01­0002­000
DigiPID Sensor Module, 1 ­ 1,000ppm range, IS approved C01­0004­000
DigiPID Internal Dust Filter, pk/5 C01­2034­005
DigiPID External Water Trap Filter, pk/5 490­0011­005
DigiPID Teflon UV Electrode Shield, pk/10 C01­2017­010
DigiPID Lamp, 10.6 eV 1/2: 050­0000­003­2­pid­fixed­detector­for­vocs.aspx 2/3
1/9/2016 Rae Systems RaeGuard 2 PID Fixed Detector for VOCs | Digital Fixed Gas Detection Systems
DigiPID Lamp, 10.6 eV 1/2: 050­0000­003
DigiPID Replacement Sensor Kit C01­3007­100
DigiPID Flowthrough Adapter, SS C01­3012­000

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