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Lowell library hires level one director
By Becky Vosters other employee who works four hours a week. With such a small
LOWELL — For the first staff Kensgaard is in charge of
time ever Lowell Public Li- virtually everything.
brary has a level one director. “The purchasing, ordering,
Lowell library is a rural li- circulation and the stats, you
brary in the Mid-Wisconsin name it I do it. It’s pretty excit-
Federated Library System ing,” Kensgaard said.
tucked neatly inside a multi- There are a few changes she
purpose building with the po- plans to implement now that
lice department, fire department she is the director and first on
and post office. Recently, the li- the list is a website.
brary welcomed Amanda Kens- Currently, Lowell library pa-
gaard as their new director. trons have to use a different cat-
Kensgaard graduated last alog on other libraries systems
year from the University of to place holds on books.
Wisconsin-Madison with a “I have training in HTML
level one master’s degree in and CSS so I’m going to build
Library Informational Science a website,” Kensgaard said.
and started as director of the “It’s going to have a calendar or
Lowell Library on Nov. 17. events and a list or new books
Graduate students who pur- and items when we get them. It
sue this type of degree can be- will be one way access.”
come a level one, two or three Kensgaard plans to continue
director with level one being hosting craft days at the library,
Contributed photo BECKY VOSTERS/Daily Times
the highest. but would like to add some
Amanda Kensgaard, the new adult programming like a knit-
Visiting Santa
Kensgaard grew up in Cot-
tage Grove and later attended director of the Lowell Public ting club or book club.
the University of Wisconsin- Library, looks up from shelv- Because she is in charge of
Santa visited the Hustisford Community Hall last weekend. Over 140 children came for hot Green Bay where she received ing books and smiles.
all aspects of the library, Kens-
chocolate, cookies, goodie bags and visited with Santa. At left, Lorelei and JT Candler pose a bachelor’s degree in English. gaard has been learning a few
She volunteered at L.D. Fargo the kids she worked with in news things.
with Santa. At right, Elliot, Maverick and Ryker Stratman pose for their picture. “I love the fact that I’ve been
Public Library in Lake Mills Watertown and stays in touch
and then decided to pursue her with them and their parents via learning a lot,” Kensgaard said.
master’s degree. Facebook. “I can do cataloging now.”

Ex-Oklahoma police officer’s rape “I love reading and I also like
the important part libraries play
in everyone’s community so li-
Kensgaard recently married,
her now husband, Erik and the
couple bought a house in Ixonia.
This new skill is one of her
favorite things about her job.
She also loves the entire con-

conviction symbol of US problem brary science fit both those as- “I resigned from Watertown cept of a library.
pects,” Kensgaard said. because I was looking for a big- “They’re not just for books.
Kensgaard selected UW- ger opportunity and we thought They’re a place for a commu-
Madison for her graduate stud- we were going to move,” Kens- nity to build on. They’re a re-
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — exist in whether officers are victims of sex crimes without

ies. While studying there, she gaard said. source center, a place to get
The teenager’s mother clapped prosecuted or reported to their their consent and is not using worked at Middleton Public After the couple decided to Internet access, they have pro-
her hands and screamed with state licensing boards. the mother’s name so as not to Library and did her first practi- stay in the area Kensgaard be- gramming for everyone and
joy as she watched an Okla- A common thread among identify her daughter. cum at the College Library on gan the job search. they108 S. 6ththe
bridge Street, Watertown,
digital WI
homa City jury convict a for- cases of police sexual miscon- Several of Holtzclaw’s ac- Madison Campus. “I started looking for oppor- Kensgaard261-5711
said.Fax 261-5723
“Who doesn’t
mer police officer of raping her duct was they involved victims cusers had been arrested or love a library?”
daughter and sexually assault- convicted of crimes, and his
Kensgaard did her second tunities that allow me to grow
who were among society’s most practicum at the Watertown and this is what I found and I The Lowell Public 8-5, Library
ing seven other women. vulnerable: juveniles, drug ad- attorney made those issues a Hours: Mon.-Wed.
Public Library and was hired applied and after two interviews is hosting a craft day Saturday
Minutes after 29-year-old dicts, and women in custody or cornerstone of his defense strat- on part-time after as the teen li- they hired me,” Kensgaard said. with a holidayThurs. 8-8,theme
Fri. 8-12and an-
Daniel Holtzclaw was found with a criminal history. egy. Adams questioned several brarian. She also did story time, “It was really exciting.” other Dec. 19 where the chil-
guilty, the mother of his young- women at length about whether baby bounce and toddler time. In addition to Kensgaard, the dren will construct gingerbread
est accuser said she hoped the That’s exactly who authori- they were high when they al- Kensgaard said she misses Lowell Public Library has one houses.

case would show that the prob- ties accused Holtzclaw of tar- legedly encountered Holtzclaw.
lem of police sexual miscon- geting. He also pointed out that most
duct wasn’t limited to one of- After receiving a report did not come forward until po-
from a grandmother who said 108 S. 6th Street, Watertown, WI
ficer or one department. lice identified them as possible
“It’s a problem for the na- Holtzclaw forced her to per- victims after launching their in- 261-5711 Fax 261-5723
tion,” she told The Associated form oral sex during a traf- vestigation.
Press. fic stop, police identified a Ultimately, that approach did Hours: Mon.-Wed. 8-5,
dozen other women who said not sway the jury to dismiss all
Holtzclaw was convicted Holtzclaw had victimized them. the women’s stories. Thurs. 8-8, Fri. 8-12
Thursday night of preying on The youngest was the
the teenager and other women 17-year-old girl. She was the
he met on his police beat in a last to testify at Holtzclaw’s
minority, low-income neigh- trial.
borhood. He could spend the
rest of his life in prison based The girl recalled Holtzclaw
on the jury’s recommenda- pulling up in his police car as
tion that he serve a total of she walked home one night in
263 years, including a 30-year June 2014. Holtzclaw drove
sentence on each of four first- her to her family’s home and
degree rape convictions. walked her to the porch, where
he told her he had to search
In total, the jury convicted her. She said he grabbed her
Holtzclaw of 18 counts con- breasts, then pulled down her
nected to eight of the 13 wom- pink shorts and raped her.
en, all of whom were black,
who testified against him. Ju- She testified that he asked if
rors acquitted him on 18 other it was the first time she had ever
counts. He sobbed as the ver- had sex with a cop. Her DNA
dict was read aloud. was found on his uniform trou-
His case brought new atten-
tion to the problem of sexual Holtzclaw’s attorney, Scott
misconduct committed by law Adams, asked the girl during
enforcement officers, some- the trial about perceived incon-
thing police chiefs have studied sistencies in her testimony as
for years. well as her use of drugs. She
pushed back at one point, tell-
Holtzclaw’s case was among ing him, “I’m really getting up-
those examined in an Associ- set by the way you’re coming
ated Press investigation of sex- after me.”
ual misconduct by law enforce- The jury convicted Holtzclaw
ment. The AP’s yearlong probe of first-degree rape, second-de-
revealed about 1,000 officers gree rape and sexual battery in
had lost their licenses for sex the girl’s case.
crimes or other sexual miscon- Her mother said her daugh-
duct over a six-year period. ter didn’t want to talk about the
The AP’s finding is undoubt- case anymore, but that she was
edly an undercount of the relieved about the conclusion of
problem. Not every state has a “long journey to justice.”
a process for banning prob- “I feel like justice has been
lem officers from re-entering served today,” she said. “It is a
law enforcement. And of those comfort to us all.”
states that do, great variations The AP does not identify

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