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Religion founder, time, place, Beliefs Social impact Spread of religion: How? Where?

Holy Books (diffusion: trade? Conquest? War?)

No single founder; India; caste system; karma, social stability (every- TradeSE Asia
Widely practiced by 1500 BCE; dharma, reincarnation; one had a place); lack
Hinduism Vedas & Upanishads Polytheistic; meditation; of social mobility;
ahimsa, satyagraha gender inequity
(truth force); sati
Siddhartha Gautama; started Four Noble Truths Rejects desire for Monks (monasteries)
in northern India circa 500 BCE; (life is suffering, suffering material things; SE Asia, China, Japan
Sutras caused by desire, crush men become monks
desire, follow Eightfold pacifist beliefs, some-
times contrary to
Rejected caste system;
militarism; 20th century
meditation; nirvana;
rejection of capitalism
First monotheistic faith; Diaspora in first century Diaspora mainly to Europe,
Abraham, 3rd century BCE (Israel Ten Commandments CE; anti-Semitism
then to U.S.;
Egypt); Moses, circa 1200 BCE discrimination; Holocaust
Judaism Also, back to Israel post WWII
(back to Israel from Egypt); Torah (WWII); Arab-Israeli
and Talmud crisis (1947-present)
Social stability during Missionaries Europe;
Jesus Christ (Israel, circa 2nd monotheistic faith; Middle Ages; religious
Trade, conquest, and
year 0); Bible (Old and New Ten Commandments; Conflicts (Crusades,
Christianity Reformation, etc.); Missionaries Latin America
(Catholic, Testament) salvation
Improperly used to jus- (PIP) (CAM)
Protestant, tify conquests (conquis-
Greek Orthodox) Imperialism (conquest)
tadors (1500s); Imperial-
Asia, Africa
ism (1800s)

Five Pillars of Faith Equality for all believers;

Jihad northern Africa (600s)
Prophet Muhammad; Mecca, 1) Allah, Muhammad, womens rights increase
Persia (600s);
Arabian Peninsula (622 CE); Koran (Quran) at first, but diminish as
Islam Islam spreads to Persia Trade and Missionaries
Quran (Koran) 2) pray 5x a dayMecca
3) fast during Ramadan (example of syncretism); SE Asia (1000-1450);
4) Alms (charity) for poor allows social mobility Conquest Sub-Saharan
5) hajMecca Africa
Social stability; gender Trade (cultural diffusion)
Confucius, China circa 550 CE, Five Relationships inequality; social Japan during Chinas Tang
Confucianism Analects (look them up) (superior to inferior); mobility via civil ser- Dynasty (600s)
Mandate of Heaven vice exams; Mandate
of Heaven continuity
AP World History
of dynasties (1700s Mr. Cummings
BCE to 1900s CE)
AP WORLD HISTORY NAME ________________________________

Religion founder, time, place, Beliefs Social impact Spread of religion: How? Where?
Holy Books (diffusion: trade? Conquest? War?)




Greek Orthodox)