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EDEL 450 Vocabulary

Week Vocabulary Word Definition/Description/Illus Importance for the

tration classroom teacher
(Select one)

One assessment Gathering information There are different

and using it to improve forms of
teaching and student assessments.
learning (Brookhart and Classroom
Nitko, page 2) observations,
classwork, projects,
tests and exams.
These can all be
used to assess the
One evaluation Judgement made on the Evaluating
specific data/information students work is
gathered from the important in
assessment. determining the
teachers next
steps, should they
repeat a
lesson/concept or
can they move on.
One high-stakes Assessment which are This can affect the
assessment tied to particular teachers and
consequences for the students in the
school and or teachers. form of pressure
This can be in the form being placed on
of funding or salary. the performance of
the teacher and
students. With
some teachers
teaching to the
test. This means
students make
pass assessments
but its unlikely
theyve completely
understood the
specific concept
being taught.

One standards Student requirement This is a

teachers must
teacher their
students in order
to meet the
One learning objectives Gathering information There are different
and using it to improve forms of
teaching and student assessments.
learning (Brookhart and Classroom
Nitko, page 2) observations,
classwork, projects,
tests and exams.
These can all be
used to assess the
Two validity Ensuring the The teacher is able
assessments which are to better focus
selected meet the their instruction
intended purpose of the because theyve
evaluation. selected an
assessment which
best evaluates the
students based on
what the teacher is
looking for.

Two reliability Assessments which are The teacher can

administered and obtain an accurate
evaluated with report on all
consistent results. students when
Supporting accuracy in assessments are
the results. taken with
reliability in mind.
Two SEM The standard error of This can be
measurement is the beneficial to the
score that is taken based teacher as they
around either below or can gauge what
above the students true students may
score. suffer from test
anxiety or if they
guessed and/or got
lucky with the test
Two progress monitoring PM is a tier-based PM is important to
support program for the teachers because it
student. If a potential at is a formal way of
risk student is flagged recording the
for PM. The student is students
assessed to determine if progressing
they require further throughout each
support then what is tier of support. It
given during regular also supports the
classroom institution. If student during
it is determined they do their learning
require further difficult. This can
assistance they will range from a few
move in the next stage months of
of support and so on. temporary support
or more specific
Two RTI Response to Intervention Teachers greatly
is a program consisting benefit from RTI
of specific stages which because theyre
supports the teacher in able to better
identifying if a student serve their
requires progress students when
monitoring and/or theyre aware of a
special educational students
needs. educational needs.
Three alternative Refers to assessments These are
assessment which have been important
created outside of the assessments to
regular multiple choice consider for any
tests and standardized teachers classroom
achievement tests. because they allow
for a different style
testing, which
supports students
who dont work
well with
Three authentic Refers to assessments Its important for
assessment which are directly teachers to
meaningful opposed in incorporate both
indirectly. Directly direct and indirect
meaningful learning is a meaningful
task which teaches learning. Often
students to build on times indirect
skills which they will learning can be
inevitably use in the real used as a stepping
world. Indirectly stone to direct
meaningful learning learning and vise
refers to an element verse.
which contributes to the
ultimate learning
Three performance This is when a student is An important
assessment required to demonstrate element the
their knowledge. This teacher must
can be in different forms remember is the
such as creating assessment must
something, producing have a rubric.
something like a project Which is created
or demonstrating a with the objectives
process such as a in mind. A
volcano eruption. performance
assessment is not
valid unless it has
a rubric.
Three summative This is a formal This is an
assessment assessment which extremely
students are evaluated important
based on learning goals. assessment
Results are recorded and because it can
reported on to parents accumulate into
and school. Typically the final grade.
students are evaluated Results can be
by exams and test used to assess the
during different times teachers teaching
throughout the year. effectiveness,
performance and
can be used for
teacher reflection.
Three higher order thinking Refers to a way of For a classroom
thinking. Students teacher to teach
should be given the effectively they
opportunity and must be cultivating
encouragement to delve a learning
into concepts, ideas, environment which
reasonings and develops higher
motivates of perhaps order thinking. It is
some book characters. not only an
These skills can be important skill for
applied to an academic academic life but
and life in general. its crucial for
students to
develop for the life
out side to stay
competitive in
todays work force.
Four concept map a visual way to demonstrate These are important for
relationships between concepts the teacher to use in the
within a subject. classroom as it brings a
visual element to
learning which supports
visual learners. They
allow you to see what
areas the student may be
missing or need more
clarification on.

Four learning target Is a child friendly way of The term is a reminder

saying objective. to both the teacher and
student that the goal is
to be learned and
worked on. This is
helpful for formative
Four diagnostic assessment The focus of this assessment is This is crucial for
to determine what the student effective teaching. In
does not know or is having order for teachers to be
difficulty in mastering. The effective in their
other goal of this assessment is instruction and
to recommend reasons why a materials they use in the
student might not be meeting classroom, they need to
their goals. be fully aware of their
students abilities.

Four learning progression A sequence of learning goals This visual guide helps
typically within a subject. students to clearly
follow their progression
in each step. Teachers
are able to refer to the
guide and assess if
students are ready to
move on or need a
repeat of the lesson.
Four PLC Professional Learning This is an important
Communities is a learning support system for
community consisting of teachers. Teachers can
teachers. Often made up of the discuss lessons ideas,
same grade level department. share reflections on
failures and success of
Brainstorm ideas for
challenging students.
Plan upcoming school
events. As well as
conduct training for
new programs or
teaching strategies.
There is a multitude of
things that can be
discussed and shared
during PLC.

Five interim or benchmark As the name suggests, interim These are important for
assessment assessments are administered teachers because it give
throughout the year to give the them a clear benchmark
teacher a guide as to how they as to the students level
might perform on the state of understanding of the
assessments. topic/concept/subject.
From these results, the
teacher can drive
instruction in a way
which benefits the

Five state-mandated These are assessments which These are used for state
assessments are issued by the state. reporting on the
progress of schools and
Five national norms This are the norms based on This is a helpful guide
students in the nation. for teachers to see
where their own
students come in
relative to these norms.
Five norm referencing This is when a students As mentioned above
score/result is measured up this is process teacher
against national norms. use in their classroom
when analyzing students
Five student growth This is an estimation of a This is helpful to
percentiles students likelihood of teachers so theyre
progress of a particular aware of the students
area of study, based on ability to grow and their
their prior achievement. limits.
Six descriptive feedback Feedback which is given with Best used for formative
detailed/specific information assessments as students
about the students work. have a guide to what
they can use/apply in
the summative
Six evaluative feedback Feedback which is give to Used for recording
evaluate the work. Either student progression,
through a grade or comments. final results,
Six scaffold prompts The teacher supports the This is useful to the
student to make further teacher when trying to
connections or complete assess a students skill.
specific tasks. Usually in the The teacher will likely
form of prompting questioning know that a student
to encourage further thought. knows the content but
they just need support to
expressing it.
Six levels of questions Level 1: Text Explicit Teachers should be
(defining/observing) conscious of the type of
Level 2: Text Implicit questioning given to
(analyzing/inferring) students. As high order
Level 3: Experience based thinking is encouraging
(evaluating/predicting) this means a more
specific type of questioning.
Six Self-assessment The students ability to evaluate This is a life long skill
and assess their own work. that teacher should be
encouraging. Students
who can self assess their
work gives them an
opportunity to correct.

Seve FERPA The Family Educational This is an extremely

n Rights and Privacy Act. Is a important law which
federal law that protects the teachers should be
privacy of student education aware of. Teachers
records. The law applies to all should know what
schools that receive funds students in their
under an applicable program of classroom this applies
the U.S. Department of and be extra diligent in
Education the information they share and discuss even
fpco/ferpa/index.html with other teachers.

Seve test anxiety Stress and or tension Teachers should give

n associated with the testing students time to practice
process. on the style of questions
that will be asked in
Before administering a
test teachers should give
students a preview of
what the test will look
like in terms of type and
style of questioning.
This prep should help
relieve anxiety for
Seve standards-based report A report card which is a basic In terms of completely
n card measure of scale based on 20+ report cards this
frequency for example; always, should be relatively
frequently, sometimes, never. quick format to
complete however
teachers should be
aware that its not a
detailed evaluation of
the student and how
they preform in the

Seve goal-setting For student led conferences This can be a great

n conference students or teacher can opportunity for
showcase the students work to parent/student to see the
the parents. students development
and progression over
Seve showcase conference Having a purpose for each As time is limited with
n students conference. each conference its
important to have goals
for each.
Teacher should have a
short list of what they
want to discuss with
Eight Refer additional