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Hudson~Litchfield News
Volume 28 Number 35 March 10, 2017 12 Pages

Nadeau Resigns Bronco Student Leadership Council

from School Raises Funds for Joshua
Ben Nadeau
his seat on
the Hudson
School Board.

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

Patty Langlais
read Nadeaus
letter to the
during their
Monday night
his current
inability to The Lady Broncos proclaim an important message on Saturday. The Alvirne girls warm up before the Dover game.
meet the trust that the voters had placed in him.
Nadeau has completed two years of the three-
year term that he won after serving the town as by Len Lathrop community members for prayers, but
a selectman for nine years. Nadeau began his When the Lady Broncos came onto the the Alvirne Student Athlete Leadership
political career as a budget committee member Steckevicz floor Saturday for their basketball Council led by officers Sara Siteman,
where he served for six years. game, they all were wearing camouflage Emma Beals and Danny McCrystal
Nadeau has recently had health, family and T-shirts with big yellow letters, proclaiming knew more was needed.
legal issues that have, since last fall, prevented him Joshua Strong. These shirts are going fast, but the
from keeping his commitment to the school district Joshua Keller, a Hudson resident, organizers have committed to order
and the students of Hudson. an Alvirne graduate, and a U.S. Army more until everyone who wants one
Specialist, was shot in the neck on Feb. gets one. Several town businesses

Courtesy photo
In his letter, he expressed his hope to, at some
time in the future, return to serving Hudson. 11 in Washington state. While making have stepped up to help the students
Chairman Langlais wished Ben well. Langlois progress, his improvement has been very get these shirts into everyones
quickly advised that after the March 14 local slow, and his mom and dad, Maria and hands. They are $15 each and can
elections, the school board would seek and Matt, are standing by his bedside, with his be purchased at Hudson True Value
appoint someone to complete the remainder of twin brother, Zachary, also an Army Ranger, Joshua and Zach Keller Hardware, Rivers Pub (formerly Capri
Nadeaus term. have only asked their hometown and its Pizza) and Ayottes Stateline Market.

Fast-Moving Fire Destroys Litchfield Home

by David S. Morin High winds
A home on and single-digit
Muscovy Drive temperatures hampered
in Litchfield was firefighters efforts to
destroyed by a fast- control the blaze, said
moving fire on March Fire Chief Frank Fraitzl.
4. The winds pushed the
Numerous 9-1-1 flames through the
calls were received by building also spreading
the Hudson Fire Alarm flames to a wooded
Office reporting the area behind the
fire just after 7:30 p.m. home. Water from the
Litchfield Deputy Fire several hose streams
Chief Doug Nicoll, used by firefighters
while en route to the created ice and froze
scene, requested a up of equipment. The
second alarm due to slippery conditions
the information being brought concerns of
received from callers. slip and fall accidents
On arrival of fire to the firefighters.
Firefighters face heavy fire conditions and freezing temperatures. crews the large single With the freezing
family home at 17 weather, a third
Photos by David S. Morin Muscovy Dr. was alarm was called for
heavily involved in additional manpower
flames. A short time Firefighters wet down the remains of the home at 17 Muscovy Dr. in Litchfield. so fire crews could be
after Deputy Nicoll continually rotated in
arrived, a partial and out of the scene
collapse of the left side of the home occurred keeping firefighters and to replace equipment put out of service due to freezing.
from entering the building. The Hudson ladder truck was the Fifteen area departments were called into the scene of the fire
first-arriving fire apparatus on the scene and immediately set up to assist knocking down the flames.
to pour water on the intense flames. Several brush fire units were summoned to the scene to quell
The lack of fire hydrants in the area of the fire required the two-acre brush fire. The Nashua Salvation Army Canteen
firefighters to deploy 1,800 feet of supply hose from the closest provided hot drinks for the firefighters at the scene.
hydrant located on Meadowbrook Lane. For a time firefighters Firefighters returned to the scene on March 5 to wet down
were concerned that the residents may still be in the building. several remaining hot spots still burning within the pile debris.
Working with Litchfield Police and contact information of the Crews assisted at the scene from Hudson, Londonderry,
homeowners, it was determined no one was at home at the time Manchester, Bedford, Amherst, Hollis, Derry, Salem, Merrimack,
of the blaze. Nashua, Pelham and AMR Ambulance.
Firefighters from Londonderry and Hudson work at the scene.

Learning the How-tos of the Hardwood the Fun Way

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

by Len Lathrop concludes with a game, for some their first game with rules Peterson, who has run this special program for many years. One can
The Hudson Recreation Instructional Program runs for eight and referees. The boys played on Monday night at the Hudson only hope that, when the baskets are raised to 10 feet from the floor
weeks where first and second graders, under the tutelage of local Community Center, with the first teams squaring off at 5:30 p.m. and the round ball gets bigger, these young sportsmen will be the
high school athletes, learn some sports fundamentals. The program These action shots resulted from an invitation extended by Ed fiber of the 2028 Alvirne team.
2 - March 10, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

A Cover Design by Harrison Foti

Chosen for this Years Cabaret Program
by Len Lathrop Congratulations to Harrison Foti for winning the Cabaret 20 A
Alvirne Music Retrospective cover contest. Harrison was awarded $75 from
Department District Music Director Gerry Bastien.
students were
challenged to The Fox runs through our town in support of the activities

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

design a cover for and actions of the community and its people, while trying
this, the 20th year to point out the great things people are doing along with the
of Cabaret. The issues and problems that affect all of us.
program book Most individuals realize that the newspaper business is
includes sponsor not what it used to be. But when local election time came,
advertisements the Fox felt that some of that support that the paper gave
and one-liners produced little reciprocation with minimal advertising from
from parents those who know their articles needed voter support.
and serves as a The Fox thanks those on page two who put their money
fundraiser for the student activities. into the game of serving our community; God knows that
The annual Cabaret weekend being an elected official is a thankless job. The Fox, whose
for 2017 is March 25 and 26 with alter ego serves as a elected member of town government,
shows on Saturday at 2 p.m. and thanks them for running and knowing that supporting the
7:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 1 community paper is good for both them and the paper.
p.m. The program cover had to It is concerning that some candidates and groups with
include the wording Cabaret 20 A articles on the ballot did not even use the free candidate
Retrospective. Other nomenclature announcement or a free letter to the editor to reach voters.
was that it had to be portrait and Last weeks sister paper for Pelham and Windham had three
in black and white; the size of the full-page ads and several smaller ads for people who wanted
cover is 5.25 inches wide by 8.25 to win or have their warrant articles passed by voters, not to
inches tall. mention 68 letters to the editor.
The Cabaret Executive Committee Maybe Hudson takes the paper for granted as it is free to
selected the winner based on the the readers, but it is a business with weekly costs of printing
design that met the requirements and and postage to get the paper in your mailbox, not just thrown
best portrayed the theme of the 20th on the ground like others. Call the folks in Salem and ask
annual Cabaret. what happens when you no longer have a community paper.
Every week I wonder if community papers like ours are
sustainable in this world ruled by the internet and social
Let the Fox ask some questions, something he is good at. If
a selectman

states he
has a school

he is
where is

the Fox Say
his letter of
support for
that man?
Why is there
no letter
from the president of the public service employee unions
who have warrants on the ballot? Writing a letter doesnt cost
money; it only takes some of their time.
Every year there is an election the second Tuesday of
March. For those who live under a stone, this is where
residents approve many things, all of which have a direct
effect on the way that we live. There is no more important
vote that you will cast.
Do you know who is running for what office and do
they have goals and ideas that if elected you can live with?
Do they like to spend or save, will they listen to what the
people want, and are they accessible to talk with? Do you
agree with them about the future of the school board and
town government, and can we all afford their approach to
That same question could guide you with most of the other
decisions you will be asked to make regarding operating
budgets, new buildings and union contracts. Remember, this
is your chance to vote how you feel, listen to what has been
put out there by the people or group promoting what they
want, and consider whether it is a good idea for you to pay
for it.
There is only one more point left in the Fox at this juncture.
Remember that sometimes you have to spend now to save
in the future. Sometimes money should not be the issue
but what is right and good for your town. But you have to
balance your lifestyle and abilities to pay with what you want
from your school district and town government. Please vote,
let people know how you feel by casting your vote on Tuesday
- yes or no - there is no vote more important than this one.

Town Hudson 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hudson Community Center,

Elections 12 Lyons Ave.

Litcheld 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Tuesday, March 14 Campbell High School,
1 Highlander Ct.

Malcolm Price Elect David S. Morin
Hudson School Board Board of Selectmen
Committed to Hudson and serving as the voice of the
people. I bring years of experience and
knowledge to the town that the other candidates
can not acquire.

Positive forward vision for a creative and effective

path to bring a long-range plan.

Will bring businesses and effective government to

our community.
A Fresh Face, A Fresh Start
A strong work ethic, the know how to think on my David S. Morin
feet and the tenacity needed to serve Hudson. Cell: 603-305-9887
I ask for your vote to be your next
29 Library Street
selectman March 14th.
Education is the New Currency Hudson,NH 03051
Hudson - Litchfield News | March 10, 2017 - 3

Remember Hudson When ... Sudoku

United Pentecostal Church (The Sanctuary)
by Ruth Parker church took out a 7 1 2
The Hudson mortgage from a
United Pentecostal
Church was
New Hampshire
bank for the
4 9 7 8
4 6 9
organized in 1961 balance. A short
with the first services time after the
being held at the completion of the

2 6 7
home of Mr. and parsonage, the
Mrs. Sam Lapan Rev. Harvey M.
on Boyd Road. Howe resigned

3 5 7 1
Sunday School his pastorate
classes were begun in Manchester,
at the same time; moved to Hudson
using the family
basement, garage,
and assumed
full-time duties 3 5 2
and re-purposed of the church
chicken house for
classrooms. The
here. Beginning
as a small handful
1 8 4
5 9 3 6
services were Hudson United Pentecostal Church c. 1975. of members, this
conducted by the church has mirrored
Rev. Harvey H. the growth of the

6 7 8
Howe, then pastor of the Manchester United Pentecostal Church. town of Hudson over the years.
Pastor and Mrs. Howe, along with the small parish, began The present pastor is Rev. David Howe, son of the founding
searching for a church site and were successful in purchasing pastor, Harvey Howe. Rev. David worked as associate pastor with
land at the corner of Derry Road and Philips Drive in Hudson in his dad prior to assuming the pastorate. He and his wife, June, Puzzle 11 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.33)
1963. Work began on the church building and by September the have shared 45 years of life together serving the church in Hudson. Generated by
foundation was completed. On a few subsequent Saturdays, as In 2013, the church celebrated 50 years of organization in Hudson
many as 29 men from other churches in the district gathered for a and changed their name from Pentecostal to the Sanctuary United Answers on page 9
church-raising bee. The first floor was completed followed by Pentecostal Church. The new name provides more identification Sponsoredby:
the sidewalls, and then the roof. Within 11 days the building was for a church in these times offering a sanctuary in a troubling
made weather tight, all with volunteer labor. Through the winter
months others volunteered services to complete the interior. Sam
world. Not a mega-church, Sanctuary United Pentecostal is a
church that knows its individuals and provides an influence in the
Dumont - Sullivan
Lapan served as head carpenter with Pastor Howe overseeing the
work. The church was completed and dedicated in June 1964.
community and in the world.
The 1975 photo of the Pentecostal Church is from the Hudson Funeral Homes &
In the spring of 1965, a seven-room garrison-style house
was built by the membership as a parsonage thus providing
Historical Society collection. Much of this historical background is
from The Town in Transition as published by the society in 1977, Cremation Services
a permanent residence for the Rev. and Mrs. Howe and their as well as various newspaper articles.
family. Some funding for these buildings came from district and 50FERRYST. 370MAINST.
international headquarters of the Pentecostal Church. The local

Many, Many Acts of 882-9431

Knights of

Columbus Free Kindness at HMS New England Gymnastics

Training Center
Throw Contest submitted by Karen OBrien,
Hudson Memorial School

The week of Feb. 13-17
was recognized as Kindness
Simply the Best GYMNASTICS
Week at Hudson Memorial
School. Sponsored by New England
HMS Ambassadors of Hope Gymnastics
Organization, the anti-bullying Training Center
group at HMS, students Londonderry/Hudson
and staff were encouraged Town Line
to commit random acts of
kindness throughout the
Take $20 OFF
week. Classrooms were given
tuition with
buckets in which to record
the acts. Mrs. Hines sixth
this coupon.
(new students)
grade classroom registered 516
acts of kindness during the
week. The school as a whole (603) 880-8482 NEGTC.COM
recorded over 1,617 acts of
kindness. Christian Mastroelli Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

and Lisette Beauchemin were

selected from the leading
homerooms to win movie tickets.

Actual Patients

From left are Kaylee Cabral, Anthony Charbonnier, Jillian Nangle

and Kendall Nangle.
submitted by Dave Wilder
A couple of weeks ago, youth from Hudson attended
the annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Challenge.
The competition was a contest to see how many out of
20 free throws the youth could sink. Boys and girls ages Specializing in Braces and Invisalign for Children and Adults
10-14 participated in this competition. It was a closely
fought competition in multiple age groups, and the Simply Orthodontics is
margin of victory was a single basket in some cases.
Once again, the Knights of Columbus partnered with proud to offer you:
the Hudson Rec Department for this event, and we
appreciate all they do for the youth of Hudson. Special Lifetime Guarantee
thanks to Chrissy Peterson of the Rec Department who Caring and Knowledgeable Team
was instrumental in helping the Knights make this event
happen. Thank you as well to the Rodgers Memorial Flexible In-House Payment Plans
Library staff and the wonderful parents for bringing their Retainers for Life Program
kids to the event and the awards presentation.
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal State-of-the-Art Technology
organization that runs several youth activities in Hudson
throughout the year, including the Hudson Historical Two Convenient Locations!
Hunt, Soccer Challenge, Free Throw Competition and
other events. For more information on the Knights or to
become a member, please contact our Grand Knight, Paul
49 Derry Rd Hudson
132 E. Brodway Derry
Dumont, at or 883-6902.


Premier European Specialists in Southern NH. 11th
Doors Open at 4PM
No Appointment Necessary First Game at 6:30PM
for Oil Change and Family owned
& operated Prizes: Good Neighbor
State Inspection! 4 - $50 cash prizes!
20% off State Inspection 4 - $25 gift cards
*Any service $100 BRAKE & Basic Oil Change $18.95
or more- $10 OFF
Any Detailing Package SPECIAL $49.99 NH State Carry Over $37,590.24
*Any service $250 Inspection
or more- $30 OFF 25% OFF GYEON 20% OFF Any Synthetic Oil Change
Celebrate The
*Any service $500 Quartz Finish Brake Repair &(Up
State Insp $64.99
or more $75 OFF
to 5 quarts of Oil,
some oils excluded) (603) 943-7682 "LUCK O' THE IRISH"
Just Off Rt. 3, Exit 2 24 Hampshire Drive (just behind Prime Subaru), Hudson NH Kiwanis Hall, Melendy Road, Hudson
4 - March 10, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor
Urging Support of School Board of them. Equity amongst all is a top priority to Stacy. If you place; it would only give the Board of Selectmen direction from

Budget and Teachers Contract

want someone who has already a proven track record of putting
our school district first please vote for Stacy Milbouer.
the voters. I believe that they would in turn give the charge to
develop a plan to the Benson Park Committee. As a member Beauty and
the Beast and
of the committee I would not support any fees which did not
My name is Jill Pennington, and its been a joy and a Patty Langlais, Hudson include a low seasonal pass for residents. Having a fee schedule
privilege to teach at Campbell High School for the past 12 would allow us to charge those who do not pay property taxes

an Alabama
years. Ive come to know so many of you over the years at in Hudson to help us support the park. While I understand
school and community events, and Im proud to say that I work Budget Committee Chair Says that some Hudson residents might not like the idea of paying
in a community full of generous and civic-minded residents
Vote No on Tax Cap Article 15 twice, I would suggest that having to pay a small annual user fee
who value that which is unique about Litchfield, and who work
hard to maintain and expand opportunities within this town.
Similarly, Im so thankful to work with a truly remarkable group
Why is the Chair of the Budget Committee asking you to
vote no on the tax cap article?
is much more fair than the current system of having all Hudson
taxpayers support the park, whether they use it or not, while
allowing people from out of town to get a free pass. I hope you
of professional educators whose content skills and knowledge
are matched by their genuine love of the students here in
Changes in 2014 to NH RSA 32:5-b allowed towns to enact
local tax caps. Last year a tax cap was proposed. There was
will join with me and vote yes on article 19.

Shawn N. Jasper, Hudson

Litchfield. a lot of confusion around what was included in the tax cap Before I start off this week I would just
In my opinion, one of the greatest ways you can support calculations and how it would be applied. A required step in like to clarify the Muslim ban. That was
the ongoing prosperity and success of this town is to support the approval process was missed so last years vote was declared
its schoolchildren and the educators who work with them on a invalid even though it passed 807 to 297. Captain Dave Morin Changed this just the terminology that mainstream media
daily basis. On Tuesday, March 14, I urge you to come out and was using so I used it. What I should have
vote to keep Litchfield kids first by supporting both the school
The problem with jumping onboard with new untested
laws is that they can have unintended consequences. The tax
Fire Explorers Life said was a temporary travel ban on people
operating budget and Warrant Article 2, the proposed teachers cap includes the base budget plus all warrant articles. This I am writing to tell you about what David Morin has done in select Middle Eastern countries. Are we
contract. was not clear last year; it was thought that it did not to apply to change my life. He took the time to put me on a path that angry thumbs downers?
Thanks to the diligent work of both the School Board and to individual warrant articles. As it stands now, the Budget I am proud to say I continue down today. I was a young high Anyways, onto this weeks uplifting topic.
Budget Committee, the proposed school operating budget Committee will never be able to recommend most major schooler when I was first told about the Hudson Fire Explorer A lot of us are very excited about the new
maintains vital educational programs while still respecting the infrastructure proposals for the town from a fire station to fire post that gave kids from ages 14-21 an opportunity to get real- Beauty and the Beast movie that is coming
fiscally conservative and responsible ideals of town taxpayers. trucks to major road repairs or any other justified large expense. life fire service experience. From a very young age Ive always out this month. I am personally very excited.
Warrant Article 2 is a proposed contract that will allow This fall when the Budget Committee received the Town known that for me to sit down and be at a desk all day for a
teacher salaries to stay competitive with those in comparable Im a huge fan of when Disney remakes their
budget, they chose to abide by the tax cap and the decision career was just not practical. When I was little I was fascinated
communities nearby, while significant health insurance of the voters. The committee spent six weeks reviewing by big trucks, especially fire trucks. This curiosity grew into an animated films into adult ones. I would
concessions on the part of the Litchfield Education Association expenditures line by line and the justification for each requested interest for firefighting so I jumped at the opportunity to join be over the moon if they remade Mulan,
will keep the bottom line reasonable. expense. At the end of this long process, after numerous the Hudson Fire Explorers. From my first meeting to my last I The Hunchback of Notre Dame and
If youd like to learn more about these proposals or any other reductions and much debate, we were still significantly over loved every second I had in the fire house with Captain David Pocahontas.
warrant articles connected with Litchfield School District, I the tax cap amount. How could that be? When looking back Morin, better known as Cap. So, as I was scrolling down Twitter, I
urge you to check out the school district website which has at the history of past budgets since 2010, even years where a After just one meeting with the fire explorers I knew for sure stumbled across an article about how an
specific details that can help you to make a very informed default budget passed, all but one year would have also been that this is what I wanted to do for a living. Every meeting or Alabama drive-in theater would not play the
decision at the ballot booth on Tuesday, March 14. significantly over a tax cap. Yes, even with default budgets it day spent in the firehouse or training with the guys was always
new Disney Beauty and the Beast movie
would not have met the tax cap. filled with valuable lessons on the fire service, life, and anything
Jill Pennington, CHS Teacher of the Year 2016, NH The tax cap only applies to the budget committee. The in general. As I gained more time under my belt on the on account of there being a gay character.
Teacher of the Year Finalist 2017 selectmen are free to propose any amount of budget over the explorers I was starting to get the opportunity to go in and ride
tax cap. In theory, voters are free to approve any amount with Captain Morin and the members of HFD Group 1 every
over the tax cap, but the budget that is voted on is the Budget so often. My love for the fire service only kept growing more
Vote No on Litchfield Article 15 Committees number. In order to meet the tax cap, the budget and more, I wanted nothing else than to be in the firehouse,
I am writing to ask my fellow citizens of Litchfield to (for committee could not approve several warrant articles that they doing firemen things. Captain Morin could see this and he did
2017 anyway) vote no on Article 15 relating to adopting a felt made good financial sense only because they did not meet everything he could to support me.
tax cap. an arbitrary tax cap number. Since the budget committee cant The fire house is a dierent world, its a culture that takes
legally support them how are the voters to know which ones time and guidance to understand and be a part of. When I All About

Many of you know that I have been consistently opposed
to a tax cap with our form of government. Having served for they are? would ride I was the low man on the totem pole. The fire
several years on the Budget Committee, I became aware that You elect a budget committee to make sure every dollar is service has a very strict etiquette, he saw that I had a desire to
the way this article is written, it will render the actions of that justified and to recommend a budget that will meet the needs do the job and he helped me understand the culture. He took
committee virtually moot. of the town and taxpayers. The tax cap as it is now prevents me under his wing teaching me what the fire service is really
Unlike cities, towns such as Litchfield enjoy the most direct the committee from providing voters with the information they about. As time went on, our bond grew stronger. Capt. Morin
and purest form of democracy authorized by our constitution. need to make an informed decision. The law needs to be fixed made sure I was always in check with everything from my I believe that in the article it said that
Citizens directly elect their local ocials and hold them so that the local budget committee can continue to analyze and schoolwork to my attitude and performance in the firehouse they couldnt play a movie that they
accountable for their actions both at Deliberative Session and make appropriate recommendations on expenditures. and with the post. I had my bumps in the road when I was
couldnt watch with the Lord. I believe that
on Town Meeting (voting) day. Adding a tax cap restriction is Please vote No on the Tax Cap Article 15 so that your a cadet. The captain was a great mentor and role model, if
Budget Committee can continue to inform voters with warrant I made a mistake, he would make sure that I wouldnt make eliminates a lot of movies. So Im not sure
both unnecessary and regressive. The way this one is worded
article recommendations that mean something. Thank you. the same mistake again. My high school days were not spent how that particular drive-in is going to stay
will not allow the Budget Committee to recommend any
amount over the cap, even though they may agree with the getting in trouble, causing mayhem like the usual teenager does, in business if they can only show movies
expenditure. Many projects such as recreation improvements,
Cindy Couture, Litchfield instead I spent almost all of my free time at the station, hanging that they think the big guy upstairs would
road projects, public safety improvements, etc. will be sacrificed with the Cap. approve of.
I am sure this was not easy for Cap, but he took the time
because of the restriction.
I would oer that a tax cap is not a panacea. Manchester had
Every Child can be an A+ Student to help me fit in with all of the firefighters in Group 1. These
Its 2017. There are going to be gay
people in movies. I dont know what else
its bond rating downgraded by Moodys because they instituted with the Right Attitude and Tools four years gave me the direction and opportunity to move on
to the next level in my fire service career. My friend who was a
to tell you. When you own a business and
it. Also, they have overridden their tax cap several times over discriminate the only one that gets hurt is
the last few years. Memorization and the right attitude will help you increase past fire explorer in Hudson was enrolled in a Fire Science live
your test scores. in program through Southern Maine Community College. I your business. You are losing money. Plenty
The tax cap proposed for Litchfield restricts an increase
in expenditures to $175,000 for the total budget, including I honestly didnt realize this until I was trying to pass the was very excited to learn about the great program that he was of other places will happily show the movie.
warrants. It was not intended to be that restrictive, only to CPA exam. One review course taught students to learn and in. The process was made easy by Capt. Morin because he The only thing that youre proving to the
cover the towns Operating Budget. Our representatives have memorize enough information to score the minimum, a 75. helped guide me through writing a resume, and making myself world is that you are making a poor business
indicated that they will work to adjust the state laws regarding I prepared for the exam, trying to pick up areas I knew cold, the best candidate possible. I was hired as a live-in firefighter decision.
the wording of tax caps. If that occurs, it could certainly oer hoping they would be on the test. The magic combination in Scarborough, Maine. My success is a product of the great On the contrary, they do have the right
the opportunity to revisit the proposal and put it before the didnt occur! I scored in the 60s. work Capt. Morin did making me not only the fireman, but
to not show that movie. Who are we as a
voters. The final review course taught students to go for 105 percent! the person I am today. I owe more than I could ever repay to
They spent time teaching cool games and other techniques to Capt. Morin for the role model that he has been to me. I hope society to dictate what the owner can and
At least for this year, please vote no until appropriate
form a solid memory so that we could recall the information that taking the time to read this shined a positive light on your cant play at his drive-in theater? He has
wording can be allowed from the NH Legislature.
with ease! Striving for 105 percent, I was now ready for any opinion of David. the right not to play it and I have the right to
Brent Lemire, Litchfield combination and I scored in the 90s! comment on it how I see fit. It is the beauty
During this final CPA exam review course, I realized how Jeremy Dowd, Hudson of this country.
much I actually missed in my previous years of education. Had The problem is this begins a slippery slope
Vote Yes on Hudson School I learned not to settle for less that 105 percent early in my
Give the Gift of Life on March 21 and leads to a bigger problem. We saw that
education, I could have performed far greater in high school
companies were refusing to sell gay people
Warrant Article 3 and college and pass the CPA exam with much greater ease? The Hudson Police Department will be sponsoring the 57th their wedding venues or wedding cakes
How many students are going through this and are being Semi-Annual American Red Cross Blood Drive at the Hudson
We are asking for your support of the Hudson Leadership because they didnt believe in it. It kind
tested for the first time when the test counts for a grade? Community Center on Tuesday, March 21, from 12 to 7 p.m.
Team contract (School Warrant Article 3). This is a contract of reminds me when blacks were refused
There are many tools available to help. Flashcards are used at This drive will be serving a variety of food from many area
that was negotiated between the Leadership Team (Principals, service, just saying. What happens if a lot
an early age for spelling, vocabulary and multiplication tables. restaurants and stores. After donating, replenish your body
Assistant Principals, Department Heads, School Counselors,
When material gets more dicult, you have to break it down with food selections provided by: Cahills Super Subs, T-Bones, more business and venues decide its their
Library Media Specialists) and the School Board. It is fair to
into smaller parts and use things like mnemonics and interactive Green Tea, Annes Florals & Gifts, Sams Club, Roccos Pizza, right to refuse service to that community?
both sides and brings equity and stability to both the district
databases to form the information properly into your mind. Walmart, Northside Grille, Margaritas Restaurant, Market On top of it being highly insulative it could
and the employees. Please show your support for the dedicated
Interactive databases like Quizlet can help. You can test your Basket, Dream Vacations (Lucy Chesna of Hudson), Stonyfield
school leaders who work hard for your students by voting yes make life a little more difficult for the gay
knowledge before the big test that counts! Many teachers have Yogurt, Klemms Bakery and more!
on School Warrant Article 3.
their own methods to assist students that are ready, willing and community. People have been using the
As a token of our appreciation, donors will receive a blizzard
knowledgeable that they can increase their test scores/grades. Bible for years as an excuse for hate. Why
Dan Wells, HLT president, on behalf of the Hudson coupon (valid at Hudson location only) and one free flower,
Hudson uses a portal system that shows the detail to a compliments of Annes Florals & Gifts in Hudson. Each dont we just love all of Gods creatures and
Leadership Team
students grade! It lists grades on homework, quizzes and tests. donor will also receive an American Red Cross t-shirt. (Before respect one another. We have been on this
You can catch a poor grade before it is too late. Tests can often mentioned items are only available while supplies last.) earth for a long time. Lets evolve a little.
Time to Get out and Vote for Stacy be retaken to improve a grade!
I have assisted my seventh grade son, in bringing up his
All donors may be entered into an opportunity to win a rae The second story to come out of this movie
prize. is Emma Watsons risqu photo. I love Emma
It is time again for everyone to get out and vote. It is so grades to high honors by assisting him with memorization skills If you have any questions about donating blood, please Watson. For those who dont know her, she
important to know who you are voting for since they help to and promote an attitude of striving for 105 percent instead of contact the American Red Cross Blood Services of New
make our schools and town great. I am asking that you vote for settling for average! played Hermione in the Harry Potter films,
England at 1-800-262-2660 or visit
Stacy Milbouer for school board. I have worked alongside Stacy People are settling blindly for a grade without realizing went to Brown University, and is a known
Walk-ins are always welcome, however appointments are
for the past three years on the school board. Stacy has headed they are in control of their grades! Many dont understand the recommended. Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit www. feminist. She is an amazing, intelligent and
up the search committee for the new superintendent and is importance of education for a future career that will sustain and enter sponsor code HUDSONPD to classy woman in my opinion.
also the chair of the policy committee which is the biggest them in adulthood! schedule your appointment today! She took a risqu photo and all of a
responsibility we have as a school board member. She also took You cannot score above average if your goal is average! You Blood donors can now save time at their next donation sudden she gets ripped to shreds. People
it upon herself to see a need for a communication committee can not apply what you dont remember! You cannot remember by using RapidPass to complete their pre-donation reading were calling her a hypocrite. Emma Watson,
which she not only chaired but started. I have seen her be an what you never learned! and health history questionnaire online, on the day of their as brilliant as she is, responded back by
advocate for the teachers when it came to teacher contracts. donation, prior to arriving at the blood drive. To get started
While still being mindful of the tax payers. Stacy is always Peggy Huard, Hudson saying, Feminism is about giving women
and learn more, visit and follow
standing up for the students and trying to do what is best for all choice. I think the point is if she wanted
the instructions on the site.
to take that photo a man didnt make her.
Voting Yes on
Early Start Learning Academy Jamie Iskra, Hudson A woman should never be forced in the
Hudson Article 19 entertainment industry to take photos or
and Child Care do scenes that she isnt comfortable with,
I am writing in support of Article 19
on the Hudson Town Warrant. While Town Elections but if she wants to its totally fine. All that
matters is that women should have the right
no one likes to pay fees, few of us should
be in favor of paying for people from Tuesday, March 14 to choose.
out of town to use Benson Park without Besides, our brains arent the ones that
~ the Building Blocks to social, emotional & academic acheivement ~ contributing to the costs associated with Hudson 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. stop working when a little cleavage is shown.
Ages 18 months to 6yrs - Open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm maintaining and upgrading the park. I Hudson Community Center, As always email me your thoughts,
Private Country Setting, think that we all know that a very large 12 Lyons Ave. comments, concerns, compliments,
Innovative, age appropriate curriculum number of people from out of town use complaints and questions to nicole@
Kathy Nolan, Sherry St. George the park on a regular basis. Voting in Litcheld 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
141 Kimball Hill Rd. Hudson, NH Campbell High School, 1 Highlander Ct.
& Karen Richards favor of the article will not put fees in
880-ESCC (3722)

Kennedys Trucking & Excavating

FAMILY LAW SOLUTIONS New/Replacement Septic Systems

Divorce Sewer/water service repair
Child Care commercial/residential excavating
Support Issues snow removal 297 DERRY ROAD HUDSON
Allen Kennedy Jr. 603-235-7936 (next to Roccos Pizza )
Third Generation Excavating Contractor (603)689-8703
238 Central St, Unit 4 603.821.9052 SPRING SPECIAL: $100 OFF With HLN Ad Preparation for Teachers, Fire & Police - Eighty dollars
Hudson, NH Septic System Replacement Hours Mon Sat 11am- 7pm
Hudson - Litchfield News | March 10, 2017 - 5

Good for the Community

Your Hometown Community Calendar
Second Saturdays, now thru June Monday of the month at 2 and 6:30 p.m., catch org/hms/page/hms-musical-tickets-are-now-sale. com/greater-nashua-triathlon.
Thanks to a generous grant from Digital Credit films you may have missed in the theaters. On Tickets may be purchased at the door with cash
Union, the Rodgers Memorial Library in Hudson March 13 Meryl Streep stars as an heiress who or a check. Contact Sue Weis at 566-5832 if you Thursday, March 16
will be hosting the DCU Free Concert Series on the
second Saturday of each month throughout 2017.
dreams of becoming an opera star despite having a
terrible voice. Fourth Saturdays is the Free Family
have any questions. 16th Celebrate Sunshine Week together at
an event in Nashua about how to obtain
Saturday, March 18 public records from your government. Join
Concerts will begin at 2 p.m. Film Festival. On March 25 at 3 p.m., see the
March 11: Shannachie, Irish Tunes animated story of a Polynesian girl who goes on 1 8th Hudson American Legion Post 48 will
host a Meat Raffle beginning at 2 p.m. The
us from 6 to 9 p.m. for a public event at
April 8: Simona Minns, Lithuanian musician, an adventure to save her island. See films on our the Hunt Memorial Building at 6 Main St. where
proceeds from this meat raffle will benefit experts on the states public records law will
everything from jazz standards to traditional big screen, snacks will be served. Call the library
youth attending wrestling camp this summer. detail how to get them using the states right-to-
Lithuanian folk songs played on the Lithuanian film line at 816-4535 or check our events calendar
The post is located at 1 Fulton St. Hudson. For know law, RSA 91a, and the state Constitution.
kankles (sponsored by the Charles Zylonis Trust) for details.
more information call the Foxhole at 889-9777 If you are experiencing difficulty getting public
May 13: Ragtime Jack Radcliffe, Old-time Music
Tuesday, March 14 after 11 a.m. Pre-buys are available. records, advocates will be available from 6 to 7
Hall of Fame Inductee, Ragtime, Country Blues,
Jazz. 1 4th Making Friends in Adulthood. Join
Master Life Coach Diane MacKinnon,
Thursdays, April 13, May 11 & June 8 p.m. to discuss your case one-on-one with you.
June 10: Ramblin Richard Kruppa: Traditional Pager Turners is a middle school sixth to eighth E-mail or nwest@
M.D. for an interactive discussion about to set up an appointment, or just
American Folk Music grade book group, meets the second Thursday
the benefits of friendship in adulthood and show up. At 7 p.m., David Saad, president of Right
Check the library website, for of every month from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Students
ways to make real friends that will last you a happy, to Know NH (
future concert information. have a light snack, discuss the monthly book and
healthy, lifetime. 7 p.m. at the Rodgers Memorial will present an easy-to-understand guide showing
participate in crafts and activities. Students can
Wednesdays thru April 5 Library. Pre-registration requested, walk-ins how to obtain public records and exercise your
take bus No. 3 from Litchfield Middle School to
The Rodgers Memorial Library is offering a welcome, go to or call 886-6030. right to know. Then, First Amendment Attorney
the library. Call the circulation desk with any
new program, Geopolitics in Todays World. The Rick Gagliuso will share his experiences fighting
Wednesday, March 15 questions at 424-4044.
purpose of this program is to bring awareness of
how geography and economics have an influence 1 5th The Litcheld Senior Citizens Group
will meet on at 12 p.m. at the Community
for public records for a variety of news outlets
since the 1980s. A panel of news reporters,
on politics and on the relations between nations.
The sources of the information are obtained from
Church, 259 Charles Bancroft Hwy., in Happenings Across editors and citizens, including Chris Garofolo
from the Telegraph of Nashua, and Nancy West
Litchfield. Lunch will be served at noon
world-wide think-tanks, and established world-
wide geopolitical websites. The presentations
to be followed by a program of Irish singers and the River from, will also be on hand. We
musicians. All senior citizens are invited to attend. expect a robust Q&A session and plan to have light
are scheduled on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 refreshments available.
p.m. at the Rodgers Memorial Library. Presenter Friday, March 17 Currently
John Penasack has been facilitating the popular
Geopolitics and Conflicts program for the Rivier 1 7th Hudson Memorial VFW Post 5791 and
Auxiliary will hold a Meat Rafe tonight
Registration now open for the Greater Nashua
Sprint Triathlon (Swim 0.March Bike 9.6/Run 3.1)
Institute for Senior Education and will now be at 7 p.m. The proceeds from this event held at YMCA Camp Sargent, 141 Camp Sargent
bringing this related program to the library. Anyone will benefit the VFW National Home for Rd. in Merrimack on Sunday, June 11, starting at
interested in this topic is encouraged to attend. Children. Must be 16-plus to play. The post is 9 a.m. The race will be timed using an ankle chip
Pre-registration is requested so adequate materials located at 15 Bockes Rd. in Hudson. For more which will be worn during the duration of the
can be prepared. Walk-ins welcome. Go to rmlnh. information call 598-4594 for more information. race. Timing mats will be located as racers enter
org/events to register or call 886-6030. We look forward to seeing you there. and exit the lake as well the entrances and exits Blood Donation Opportunities
of the transition area. Your results will show times Nashua
Monday, March 13 & Saturday, March 25 Friday, March 17 & Saturday, March 18 March 21: 12-7 p.m.,
for each leg of the race and both transitions. All
13th The Rodgers Memorial Library, 194
Derry Rd. in Hudson hosts two Free Film
Hudson Memorial School to present Once
Upon A Mattress Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.
racers must be 14 years old before Dec. 31, 2017. Hudson Community Center, 12 Lions Ave.
(This triathlon is not a USAT sanctioned event.) To
Series. At Monday Movies, on the second To buy tickets online go to: http://www.sau81.
register or for more information visit www.trireg.

Hudson~Litchfield News is an Area News Group Publication

Area News Errors: The liability of the publisher on account of
errors in or omissions from any advertisement will in no
Deadline for all materials is due Tuesday at noon, prior
to Friday edition.
Any article, Letter to the Editor, Thumbs, or
advertisement appearing in Area News Group papers are the

Group way exceed the amount of the charge for the space
occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first
incorrect insertion. Advertisers should notify
management within three (3) business days if any error
The Area News Group prints Letters to the Editor on
a space available basis, with preference to non-frequent
writers. Requests to withhold a writers name will be
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sole opinion of the writer(s) and does not necessarily reflect
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reserve the right to edit or refuse ads, articles, or letters
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occurs. 600 words will be returned to sender. Published by Michael Elizabeth & Moore, Limited
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Your Hudson~Litchfield News is delivered weekly to every home and business in each town. If you do not receive your paper please let our office know at 880-1516

Write in Gary Gasdia for School Board PREPARATION
Electronic Filing
My name is Gary Gasdia, and everybody talks about the budget, but its about more than that. Walk-In or by Appointment
I am asking that you write-in my While the budget is an effective tool, what we lack is a strategic
name on March 14 for a position vision to improve the education we offer our children and that is Completed in one visit
on the school board. Im an
active parent in our town who
my area of expertise. My background is in finance, and I have
spent much of the past twenty years focusing on strategic planning Ackley Associates Inc.
believes we owe it to our children and finding innovative ways to solve problems. I have been 603-883-3912
and grandchildren to help them successful in my professional life and want to work together to 215AMainSt.,Nashua
reach their dreams through a solid bring that same type of success to Hudson. (AboveAubuchonHardware)
education and a community that I look forward to having the opportunity to work together with Mon.-Thurs. 8:30 am- 6 pm, Fri. 8:30 - 5pm, Sat. 8:30 am -12:30 pm
supports their potential. other members of the school board to help shape the vision that
As a parent I embrace the
opportunity to teach my kids
will move Hudson forward for not only our children, but for all of
us. Having a better town, increasing our home values and making
Are you looking for a church home?
the importance of family and our community strong starts with educating our youth. Please Visit us and feel the warm welcome.
community and have taken write-in my name, Gary Gasdia, for school board on March 14. I Sunday Worship Services- 10:30 AM
an active role in many areas appreciate your vote.
On the First Sunday of each month we serve communion and
over the years. Ive had the pleasure of coaching Hudson youth
on the baseball field for 5 years and on the basketball court for
have a time of fellowship and refreshments after Worship Service.
three years. As Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 20 since 2010 and COLLINS BROS. Food Pantry for Hudson residents
Hours: Tues & Thur 10am to 12pm
Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 20 since 2016, Ive taken an active
role in scouting in our town and have helped to grow the program PAINTING "Best kept secret
over the years. In addition to these roles, Ive had the opportunity that is right See us on Comcast Cable ch. 20 Sundays at 9AM and 6PM
to participate in the strategic planning boards for the Rodgers Interior & Exterior Top Quality Work in plain sight." 236 Central St., Hudson, NH 882-6116
Memorial Library and the Senior Center. Through these different Affordable Fully Insured FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF HUDSON
opportunities I have been able to form connections with Hudson Free Estimates Excellent References
residents from all age groups, income brackets and educational
backgrounds, which has been a great experience and really 603-886-0668
given me a level of respect and
appreciation being a resident in
When it comes election time, Full Electric & Generator Service Company
Your Locally Owned, 24-Hr Emergency Service

Independent Dental Office Service Upgrades

Building Rewiring

Serving New Hampshire Additions

Swimming Pools
for over 30 Years All
Hot Tubs/Spa
Recessed Lighting
Electrical Under-cabinet Lighting


Quality Dental Care For Your Entire Family
Needs Exterior Lighting
Generator Systems

Were All Ears! Free estimates!!

Flexible Payment
Send us your comments Options Now Available!
and let us know how we Where Excellence 603-595-2970 12-months Same-As-Cash
are doing! is a Habit Or 6.99% for 5-years
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not the Exception On any Project over
(603) 880-4040


Payment Options. (12-M SAC for projects over $1,000.00 and 6.99% 5-year Reduced Interest Option for projects over

One Campbell Avenue

New Patients Always Welcome $3,500.00, credit approval required and cash deposits may be required. Subject to change.) **Loans provided by
EnerBank USA (1245 Brickyard Rd. Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106} on approved credit, for a limited time
Repayment terms vary from 18 to 126 months (On Same-as-cash Option, interest waived if repaid in 365 days.) (On

Hudson, NH 03051 262 Derry Road (Rt. 102) Litchfield, NH 03052 6.99% Rl Option. Repayment term of 60-months. 6.99% fixed APR, effective as of 2/6/17, subject to change. Minimum
loan amounts apply. The first monthly payment will be due 30 days after loan close.
6 - March 10, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News |

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner As Always, the Locals Know Best!

Our Favorite Neighborhood

t o D i n e !
Pla c e s
Mon -Thur 11:30AM to 9PM (Diningroom) 10 PM (Lounge)
Fri & Sat 11:30AM - 10PM (Diningrm) 11PM (Lounge) ~ Sun 11:30AM - 8:30PM (Diningrm) 9:30 (Lounge)
Happy St. Patricks Day
Valentinos Restaurant
Catering and Delivery Ournewownersareserving
Hudson and Litchfield Businesses authenticSushi,Thaiand
Do you have office meetings and company lunches, but Come on in to Valentinos for St. Patricks Day Specials like Corned Japanesefood.
you don't have time to leave and go pick up the food?
Beef and Cabbage dinner and more! Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks
Give us a call and we'll deliver it right to your office for you. NowopenforLUNCH
John White, Valentinos owner, is working on some positive &DINNERserving
Always fresh, FULLLIQUOR
We just need 24 hour notice. always delicious! changes for the restaurant. A new menu is out now, and a new Wine
& Cocktails list will be soon to follow. Valentinos is getting a new

&American Dining
Function and Banquet Hall with seating up to 90 DeliveryandCateringAvailable Join
Come in and pick up a Catering Menu website with a whole new look. It is still under construction and will Our
30 Lowell Rd Hudson NH
Italian have a live calendar to check out the upcoming entertainment and so
much more. Manager Terry DeSimone from Salem has been added (603)889-0055
142 Lowell Rd. Hudson 889-9900 to the Valentino Family. Entertainer Bobby G is in the dining room on
Thursday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. On Friday and Saturday nights there

** Friday Night Fish Fry ** are always local entertainers in the Lounge.
In the dining area, there is a section they call the alcove.
Fresh Haddock, Whole Belly Clams, Jumbo Shrimp, It seats 20 people and is great for family gatherings or small parties.
Its private and very comfortable. The main function room holds up
Scallops, Fried FishermansPlatter, Surf & Turf to 90 people and has had anything from birthday parties to weddings
(also 5 options that are non-seafood) Along with Baked and everything in between. It has a separate menu and a full bar.
Stuffed Versions. Starting March 3rd Lunch is 10:30 - 2:00 This room is available for Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Bridal/
(Basic Choices only) and Dinner 4:00 - 7:00 (All traditional) Baby Showers, Graduation or any other party that you would need it
March 17th - Corn Beef Dinner & for. The outside Patio holds 16 people and spring will be here before
you know it.
Huge Selection of Meats
Beer Batter Fish & Chips Something new for local Hudson and Litchfield businesses: Do you Full Deli & Imported Cheeses
have office meetings and company lunches, but you dont have time
to leave and pick up the food? Give us a call and well deliver it to
Homemade Breads & Pastas
your office for you. We just need 24- hour notice. Pastries by Modern Pastry
Dont forget to ask your server about the Rewards Program.
Valentinos is open every day, Monday through Sunday, at 11:30
Large Selection of Beers & Wines
a.m. for lunch; the closing hours vary. 290 Derry Rd, Hudson 880-8300
M,W,Th, 7am -2pm Fri ,6 am-2pm (Closed Tues) Sat, 6-am-1pm; Sun 7am-1pm Valentinos Restaurant 142 Lowell Road Hudson, NH Check us out on Facebook
Closed Mondays Tues-Sat 10:00-7pm, Sun 10:00-5pm

Brook Plaza, 28 Lowell Rd., Hudson 889-6482 603-889-9900

NAN KING NOW ~ Your Restaurant ~ Full Service Catering

222 Central St. Hudson, NH (603) 579-3636

RESTAURANT R V I N G ! On Our Brunch/Lunch Page on or off site


$50 per week includes:

3 x 2 column ad
222 Central St, Hudson, NH
PLUS a rotating story
The NK BOGO! about your business
Buy One Buffet- Get One FREE!*
Can be used for any of our Buffets.
Call Mike, Sandy or Sheila
*Purchase Two Buffets and Two Drinks, Gratuity Added before Deduction 603-880-1516
Cannot be combined with any other offer, Expires March 18, 2017 G
Buu ss ii n
n ee ss ss oo ff tt h
h ee Y
Yee aa rr !!

We Are P a n o s R o a s t B e f
Hometown Located across from
Goodwill and
News. Dunkin Donuts
M Basket New Goodwill
Donuts Panos*
225 Lowell Road
(603)595-7827 Open Mon-Sat Closed Sundays

Hey there! Im Archie, a sweet Hello all! My name is Weezy
older pup hoping to meet you and please bear with me as I
2 1 3 4 8 6 9 5 7 soon. I came into HSFN so that am a little confused with
they could help me find the
1 9 2 6 7 8 5 4 3 perfect home for me to live out my what's been happening in my
retirement years. Im eight years life recently. I heard this talk
3 5 8 2 4 9 6 7 1
old and love my walks, but love about moving, then all of
4 6 7 1 3 5 2 9 8 snuggling up with my favorite these packing boxes appeared,
9 3 1 8 6 4 7 2 5
people even more! Im good on and now here I am without a
leash and such a perfect home! I'm a little shy and
7 8 5 9 1 2 3 6 4 gentleman that you wont need
any other dogs and wont mind unsure in this new place but I
6 2 4 7 5 3 1 8 9 that I need to be your one and Archie Weezy do like pets and attention once
Puzzle 11 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.33)
Generated by
only. I have lived with older kids Humane Society Hours I get to know you. With love
and wouldnt mind doing so again Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri...Noon to 5:00 p.m. and patience I'll soon be back
as long as theyre nice and calm. Wenesday.....Closed to my sweet self and you'll see
You see, at my age I appreciate Sat & Sun.... 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
peace and quiet and most of all a And check us out at WWW.HSFN.ORG my fun personality. I like to
comfy bed. Are you looking for a play at night so it would be
low maintenance, sweet guy? Here great if you are a night owl
I am! Learn more about me and too! If I sound like the kitty for
my friends available for adoption you, please come to meet me.
at Im currently staying with my
friends at the Humane Society
for Greater Nashua, located at
Family Owned 24 Ferry Rd., Nashua
24 Ferry Rd in Nashua, NH.
Old Fashioned Butcher Shop & Specialty Market 889- 2275


We carry the finest selection of: Knives, Scissors, Lawn & Garden Tools ...........
Marinaded Meats and Hand Cut Steaks We SHARPEN Anything!
Boar's Head Deli Meats/Cheese Storewide Sale New England
Farm Fresh Produce Saturday March 18 &
Sunday March 19 SHARPENING Company Inc.
Specialty Salads Vantage Point 1
20% off everything in the store 28 Charron Ave., Unit 14, Nashua, NH 603-880-1776
Fine Wines & Specially Craft Beers (not to be combined with any other
Largest Selection of K-Cups Available discounts or offers)
10% off
any service with this coupon.
Superior Customer Service Not valid with other offers. Exp 5/31/17
8 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua (603) 809-4180
Hudson - Litchfield News | March 10, 2017 - 7

Salute to Business Hudson - Litchfield News

Hudson Kiwanis Members Continue Pease Greeters

to Serve in Hudson and Litcheld
The success of Kiwanis in local communities results from the strong and active service of thousands of
Kiwanis club members. In fact, many Kiwanians have been club members for 25 years or more. Kiwanis
of Hudson, N.H., meets the first and third Mondays of the month at 7 p.m. at Kiwanis Hall, Melendy Ice Fishing
Road in Hudson.
Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one
community at a time. The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved in 1924 and
have remained unchanged for decades.
To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.
To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.
To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business, and professional standards.
To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.

To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic
service, and to build better communities.
To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make
possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.
No two Kiwanis clubs look exactly the same. Each members and communitys needs are different,
and each club looks different. Some clubs are very traditional, with weekly meetings and a strong sense
of history. Other clubs dont meet at all, and instead hold meetings online and only come together for a local organization of volunteers dedicated to
service projects. Newer clubs may follow the 3-2-1 concept: 3 hours of service, 2 hours of social activity serving the world one child and one community at a time.
and a 1 hour meeting each month. Clubs tend to reflect their communities and their members and work
to meet their needs. Flexibility is key to a successful club. Help Us Help Them. Contact 883-0374
Service is at the heart of every Kiwanis club, no matter where in the world its located. Kiwanis PO Box 128, Hudson, NH
members stage nearly 150,000 service projects; devote more than 6 million hours of service; and raise
nearly $100 million in the U.S. every year for communities, families and projects. Key club members Hudson Kiwanis supports locally:
pitch in 12 million hours of service each year, and CKI members another 500,000 hours of service. Club Alvirne High School Scholarships
members donate another 92,000 hours of service every year. Add it all up, and thats more than 18 Campbell High School Scholarships
million hours of service every year!
The local Hudson Kiwanis club recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Originally an offshoot of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute
Nashua club, there are still some members who came to Hudson from the Nashua club, which joined Hudson Girls Softball Kiwanis Ball Field
forces with Hudson due to an aging membership and low numbers. Meals on Wheels High School Key Clubs
The Hudson club sponsors two high school key clubs with over one hundred students participating.
There are clubs at both Campbell High in Litchfield and Alvirne High in Hudson. Key clubs are the
Blessed John XXIII Food Pantry
high school service club extension of Kiwanis. The kids participate in service and leadership projects Girls Inc. of New Hampshire
throughout the year. Many key clubbers go on to continue volunteerism in college and beyond, giving Alvirne Sports & Academic Clubs
back to their communities and the children locally. and many more....
Its great to see the enthusiasm and interest at the high school level, explained Key Club Coordinator
Mike Hardy. Kiwanis will be awarding $10,000 in Alvirne High School, and $5,000 to Campbell High
Kiwanis has been offering scholarships for many years, and recently hit the $15,000 per year total in
annual awards.
We focus on students who show that they like to volunteer in the community, said club President Bob
Guessferd. Its nice to recognize students efforts volunteering in the community. We hope that spirit
stays with them through college, and when they come back and join the work force here in Hudson.
Kiwanis is always looking for people who want to help with community projects, organize events and
local fundraisers, or who just want to meet some new, like-minded friends.
Hudson Kiwanis meets at 14 Melendy Rd. (Hudson Bingo Hall) in Hudson on the first and third
Monday of each month. The Hudson club is looking to partner with folks who have a heart for helping
out in Hudson and the surrounding communities.
For more information, contact Bob Guessferd at 883-0374, or visit

Hudson Chamber of Commerce

Announces Annual Winners, Dinner
Heres a salute to our Hudson Chamber of Commerce members. Support your local Chamber
members, who support our community.
Company Name Telephone Hudson Fire Department 886-6021
5 Way Realty 674-9058 Hudson Historical Society 880-2020 Hudson PumpkinFest
Advanced Spa And Pool 579-2727 Hudson Junior Womens Club 598-5274
All Generations Adult Day Care 589-9570 Hudson Kiwanis 883-0374
All Inclusive Realty 516-7730 Hudson Lions 437-1408 Meetings 1st & 3rd Monday at Kiwanis Hall, 14 Melendy Rd, Hudson, NH.
Allstate Insurance - Gil Jameson 880-4090 Hudson Mall 493-2026
Alvirne High School 886-1260 Hudson Old Home Days Committee 765-2086 Integra Biosciences 578-5800 Melissa Hoffman Dance Center 886-7909
American Legion Post #48 889-9777 Hudson Police Department 886-6011 Jackies Clean Sweep 598-5287 Mello, Ray Attorney at Law 595-1600
Annes Florals & Gifts 889-9903 Hudson Quarry 882-5700 Kendall Pond Pizza 594-9900 New England Pet Partners, Inc. 635-3647
Area News Group 880-1516 Hudson Youth Baseball 703-4775 Kennedy & Moore Power Services 589-9623 New Hampshire Fisher Cats 641-2005
BAE Systems 885-6078 ID Video Solutions 943-6477 Lake Sunapee Bank, 888-0999 NH Employers Support Guard & Reserve 225-1342
Barlo Signs 882-2638 IM Wireless Verizon Authorized Retailer 882-7803 Laurel Place 883-2419 OnSite IT 546-0017
Bean Group, Debra Federico Realtor 321-4777 Independent Electric Supply 821-5160 Matibos Salon Inc. 880-6310 Opportunity Networks 883-4402
Berskshire Hathaway Verani 888-4600 Inner Dragon Martial Arts 765-7998 McDonalds - South Hudson 882-9603 Poles Automotive Service Center 882-8333
Blessed John XXIII Parish 882-2462 Meikyo Dojo LLC 978-415-9658 Portrait Arts Photography 821-9850
Bradley Motors 883-6829 Presentation of Mary Academy 889-6054
Breault Law & Mediation LLC 821-9052 Primerica 595-8082
Quality Press Inc. 715-5406
Brian C Peters, CPA, PLLC
Brox Industries
Greater Hudson Radisson Hotel Nashua 579-3231
Campania Market 880-8300 Chamber of Commerce Rays Repair Service 889-9584

Castleton Banquet & Conference Ctr. 898-6300 Red Brick Clothing Co. 882-4100
Caties Closet 978-957-2200 48th Annual Reeds Ferry Sheds 883-1362
Center for Physical Therapy 546-0335 Regan Clothiers 566-5832
Chamberlin Electric 595-9473 Regional Economic Develp. Corp 772-2655

e r
Charles Schwab - Mary Murphy 595-0581 Ripaldi Home Inspections 759-3152

i n n
Chiropractic Works 595-2205 Rodges Memorial Library 886-6030

Coco, Early and Associates 978-973-9542 Rolling Video Games of NH 1855-426-3795
Columbus Dental Care 882-9955 Sams Club 882-4600
Comcast Business Services 617-279-5015 SAU #81 Hudson School District 886-1235
Continental Academie of Hair Design 889-1614 Sense of Balance 321-0407
Continental Paving Inc. 883-5387 Service Credit Union 579-5423
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Honoring Showtime Computer & Supplies Co, Inc. 881-3475
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Countryside Animal Hospital 889-6269 Citizens & Businesses of the Year Simply Orthodontics 889-1100
Cruises Inc. 781-454-7959 Smith Plumbing & Heating 889-9432
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DM Printing Service Inc. 883-1897 Business of the Year: St. John XXIII Food Pantry 882-2462 x6
Dr. Pierre Dionne 595-8989 St. Joseph Family Medical Center 883-7970
Dream Vacations - Chesna 505-8390
Digital Federal Credit Union St. Joseph Hospital 882-3000
Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home 882-9431 St. Marys Bank 821-2100
Eastern Propane & Oil 883-6400 Outstanding Community Partner: State Farm Insurance 595-8400
Sullivan Tire & Auto Service 595-7703
Electronic Restoration Systems
Energy Educators - Ambit Energy
Kiwanis of Hudson T J Malley Electric, Inc. 595-2970
Enterprise Bank 546-0435 Tate Bros. Paving Co. 882-0527
Environamics LLC 321-5813 Junior Citizens of the Year: TaXus Capital Landscaping 8889-2251
T-BONES Restaurant 882-6677
Erickson Foundation Supportworks
882-1387 x5252
Noah Tardif TD Bank 577-5094
FairPoint Communications 851-4428 Telegraph 594-1215
Fairview Healthcare 882-5261 The Sanctuary Church 889-1884
Family Promise of Greater Nashua
Financial Insurance Services Inc.
March 29th 6pm $50 per person
reservation required 889-4731
Town of Hudson
Tri State Fire Protection LLC
French Insurance Agency 882-9532 Triangle Credit Union 889-2470
Friends of Bensons Park 930-2214 The Castleton Banquet & Conference Center 58 Enterprise Drive, Windham NH TSD Hockey Group 880-4424
Friends of Hudson NH Fields 617-306-1459 For information about becoming a member of the Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce, United States Postal Service 881-4201
Friends of the Library of Hudson NH 886-6030 please log onto, United Way of Greater Nashua 882-4011,call
Goodwill Industries of NNE 718-6111 Event Sponsors US Small Business Administration 225-1405
Granite State Indoor Range & Gun Shop 321-5041 Voden Automotive 598-9150
Green Meadow Golf Club 882-8893 W.K. Hillquist Inc. 595-7790
Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A. 883-5501 Wal-Mart 598-4226
Harmony Real Estate 883-8840 Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. 883-0797
Harris Trophy 669-3984 White Birch Catering & Banquet Hall 579-3636
Healing Baskets 889-4325 YMCA of Nashua 598-1533
Holiday Inn Nashua 888-1551
Hudson - Litchfield Rotary 881-8879
8 - March 10, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Salute to Business Hudson - Litchfield News

Offering Fine Jewelry
for Generations
WEDDING BAND For three generations Scontsas has been known for their fine
TRUNK SHOW jewelry. This year during our annual Wedding Band Trunk Show, a
large collection of bridal jewelry will be available for your viewing.
Renowned brands such as New York designer Martin Flyer, DeMarco
Friday March 17 of California, Lashbrook who specializes in unique wedding bands
10am - 6pm for men and more will be featured. Scontsas also offers gifts for the
bride, groom, parents and bridal party. A bridal registry is available for
wedding gifts such as Italian pottery, Match, Juliska and Vermonts own
Saturday March 18 Farm House Pottery. For those of you who have not visited Scontsas,
10am - 5pm we invite you to experience our wide array of jewelry as well as home
dcor lines. Our services include expert jewelry repair and design,
watch repair, hand engraving and jewelry appraisal.
Call for appointment Come see why we have been consistently voted by The Telegraph
603-882-3281 and Hippo Press as Best Jewelry Store and Gift Shop.
Sales incentives and special pricing will be offered during the scheduled show dates Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18. Dont
miss this opportunity.
169 Main Street, Nashua, NH

High Winds Cause Damage in Hudson

by David S. Morin tree from the road. Throughout the day firefighters
High winds across the area on March 2 brought down many trees They could only responded to several calls of fallen
causing numerous power outages and some damage to area homes. standby and wait for trees and wires. In neighboring
The winds began to pick up around 8 a.m., and by 11 a.m., gusts Eversource to confirm Litchfield, firefighters had a
were reaching more than 45 miles an hour. no electricity was quiet day not responding to one
Just before 11 a.m., Hudson firefighters were called Speare Road running through the weather-related call. Deputy
for a tree that had fallen across the power lines. The large pine fell lines. Speare Road Fire Chief Doug Nicoll credited
across the power lines pulling the wires from the poles and knocking remained closed for the lack of responses to the
out power along Speare Road. Fire and police units closed the road several hours. tree trimming and cutting work
detouring traffic away from the area. Around noontime Eversource had completed over
Hudson Highway crews were requested to the scene to clear the Hudson firefighters the last few years in the town.
were called to 9 Eversource crews handled six
Residential-Commercial Serving the Southern New Lawrence Road for a power-related calls in Hudson
T,W,F 9-5, Thrs 9-8, Sat 9-3 Hampshire area for over 20 Years! tree that had fallen on that affected 50 residences. The

a house. The towns peak number of outages across
FLOORING building inspector was the state was 21,000. In all,
in the area at the time Eversource restored power to
of the call and arrived Hudson Building Inspector Dave Hebert talks with the residents of 9 Lawrence Road 42,000 customers within a 24-
SPECIALISTS at the scene before fire after this tree fell on their house. hour period.
crews. The large tree
Carpets Vinyl Ceramic Hardwood fell onto the roof with
Photos by David S. Morin

Laminates Window Treatments Area Rugs a branch piercing through an overhang above the main entrance
of the home. Firefighters and the building inspector checked the
30 Lowell Rd, Brook Plaza, Hudson, NH building for further damage. They found none, so the residents were
603-886-3411 allowed to return to their home.
There was a slight delay
in Hudson firefighters being
notified of the Lawrence Road
incident. The telephone call
reporting the downed tree first
went to the Hudson, Mass.,
Fire Department. Firefighters in
Hudson, Mass., determined the
5 George Street, Hudson, NH call not to be in their town and
notified Hudson, N.H., crews.
Our mission is to A peak wind gust was reported A large pine tree was blown over across Speare Road taking down
provide comprehensive, in Hudson at 43 miles per hour. all the power lines.
state-of-the-art dental
care to our patients
in a comfortable
atmosphere for
One Community....
a reasonable fee.
We stress preventative
Four Levels of Care
l Care
dental care to help

a l D e n t a
Exception tire Family
maintain your
teeth for a
lifetime. for The E Private suites
State-of-the-art rehab gym
Now Accepting New Patients! 603-889-8499 203 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 030
Memory Care Assisted
WELL OWNER? Specialized programs
CONCERNED ABOUT PFOAs? Open concept, feeling of home

WE FILED A CLASS ACTION SUIT Traditional Assisted Living

IN MAY 2016 AGAINST ST. GOBAIN. 24 private suites
PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. Worry-free living
Long Term Care
Compassionate & dedicated staff
Safe & caring environment

Fairview offers a continuum

Fairview Healthcare is an established member of care that is unlike any other
of the healthcare community since 1951. community in the area.

Laurel Place AssistedLiving
(603) 889-5959
Fairview Healthcare 603-882-5261 203 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH
Hudson - Litchfield News | March 10, 2017 - 9

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Thumbs up to my it would not cost us a dime, it is in fact costing RML card. Enjoy!
neighborhood! I am 6 and I was
having a food drive. We walked
SPRING Oil Burner Tune Up Special $125 a lot of money to support the operation of this
beautiful park. Many people from surrounding Thumbs up to the local flock of turkeys. These
Tune-up your furnace or boiler NOW OIL
around with fliers and so many GAS and SAVE on next winters fuel bills
communities are enjoying
nice people dropped off food last this park, but at the Hudson
week! Now we plan for every WE WORK ON ALL TYPES OF HEATING EQUIPMENT! taxpayers expense. Vote Yes Granite Proudly serving:
February to take the table out for
the food drive for the Nashua Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services on Article 19 which will allow
the BOS to explore options of State Hudson, Litchfield, Pelham,
Windham, Londonderry, Derry,
Soup Kitchen. Thank you,
SERVICE REPAIR INSTALLATION 24 HOURS/7 DAYS a fee. It fails and you have just
said yes to spending more on
Roofing Nashua, Amherst and Hollis.
Over 30 years of experience - Fully Insured something you may not even
All Brands 603-765-0555
Thumbs down! Big thumbs High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters Available use.
down to both Senator Shaheen At Granite State Roofing, we welcome the opportunity to earn
603-635-2012 SeniorDiscounts 603-204-8581 your trust and deliver you the best product and service in the
and Senator Hassan. Shame on Thumbs up to Sara Siteman,
you two. You want to change Emma Beals, Danny McCrystal industry! Our Knowledge, experience and
the process to elect a president! You want to do Thumbs down to the Hudson BOS for and the Alvirne High School commitment is second to none.
away with the Electoral College. By doing so, you misleading voters and the cost of a new fire Student Athletic Leadership
would then null and void any votes that are cast department being only $800K and moving Council for creating an amazing
in New Hampshire for president. If the process unassigned funds to the sum of $2.1 million fundraiser of Joshua Strong
changes, New York and California would be for the proposed station. We have a station in t-shirts; with 100 percent of the Residential Chimney or
electing the president simply because of the large which people are paid to sleep; why not return the proceeds going to the Keller Roofing Masonry
voter population. You both stood by and cast your millions back to the taxpayer? Vote No on Article family. Feel free to contact
electoral vote for Hillary Dillary ... guess what? 6! them to purchase one of these Installation and Repairs
She lost! Get over yourself and start acting in the fantastic t-shirts for a great cause
best interest of New Hampshire and not your own Thumbs down to the Hudson Board of and show your support for the
self-delusional representation! Selectmen for authorizing the termination (assume family! Get well soon from
through legal counsel) of a Hudson Fire captain, Hudson, NH! nine turkeys are very comical strutting down
Thumbs down to operating the street sweeper only to lose in court and have to offer the captain Riverside Avenue. They seem to cover some
on Derry Street on Tuesday afternoon. This his job back. So, now that personnel at the HFD Thumbs up to the Hudson Highway ground. Has anyone had the pleasure of these
machine caused huge billowing clouds of dust have been promoted and the captain being owed Department! While I love how you maintain feathered friends in there yard? I bet they are well
and debris into the air a dangerous hazard to all all past compensation along with a potential our roads in the winter, I really enjoy seeing that fed.
breathing humans and passing vehicles. To keep payoff; what will the final bill to the taxpayers street sweeper clean up the winter mess. Great
job, looking good, and keep up the great work! Thumbs down to the continued postings
Thanks for all that you do and all that we get in about national politics. If you want to voice
this wonderful town. Join me in supporting our your opinions, call someone that talks politics
town employees by voting Yes on Articles 10, 11 and enjoys it. This section is for local news and
and 12. events. We know whats going on politically by
watching the news!
Thumbs down to the construction of a new fire
station. It will add to the traffic issues on Lowell Thumbs up to our Hudson Fire Department
Road, the money could be used for something for getting our big nana out of that little elevator
more useful, and ask yourself if it is really the Saturday at the baby shower and thanks for the
best location. It took the fire chief over a year to dance.
get the renovation project rolling at the central
station; no excuses, he had the quotes in, thats Thumbs up to the new Mustang on our street.
how he had the numbers to put on the ballot in Every morning when you start that car up, it
the first place. So, he couldnt handle a little makes me think of my grandson coming to visit
renovation, he definitely cant handle a new us. Thanks for the memories. Drive safe.
construction project! Vote No on Article 6!

Thumbs up to the proposed

Veterans Tax Credit for all Collins
veterans. Vote Yes on Article 18
of the Hudson ballot. Get out Dentistry
and vote on Tuesday, March 14,
at the Hudson Community Center
on Lions Avenue!
Thumbs up. I recently
observed a tree fall on a ladys
car on Derry Lane; minor damage
At Collins Dentistry for Children we
but the tree was dead. Made believe in prevention and early treatment
the dust from flying everywhere onto everything be? May need a chunk of that $2.1million for a call to the Hudson Highway
and everyone, shouldnt the sand be dampened that versus a new station and lets put the rest in Department and the next day the ComprehensivePreventive&RestorativeCare
before it is swept up by the sweeper? Ouch!
Benson Park ... shall we? tree was gone. Appreciated that;
it was a good job by our highway
Thumbs down to the new fire station! The department and prevented a Saturday Appointments Emergency Appointments
Thumbs up to the Campbell High Hockey fire department doesnt respect the stations they possible more serious situation. Digital X-Rays Nitrous Oxide Available Hospital Dentistry
Players! Go PAC! Good luck in the playoffs! have now, why give them a new one. We are
Thumbs down. How much
the only community in the area in which the
Thumbs up to Campbell High School student firefighters take no pride in their surroundings, all money is enough? My taxes go Find 100 Bridge St. Pelham, NH 635-1166
Abi Gray for being offered a spot on SNHUs other towns the firefighters maintain the grounds up every six months. When does Us On
softball team for the class of 2019. I have facilities and yet ours look terrible! They go to the no mean no on the fire station? Facebook 76 Allds Street Nashua, NH 718-8587
seen you succeed not only in the classroom grocery store, park in the fire lane, and return to How many millions this time in
but also on the field. Keep up the hard work, the station(s) to grill or relax while cooking in the the voting? I cant take anymore tax increases!
determination and stay focused. Just remember gourmet kitchen. Vote No to the proposed hotel Hudson voters, wake up! Vote no! Hudson
as you go, success isnt given to you, it is earned! with a garage attached! No to Article 6! selectmen, stop bleeding us dry! Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs
Congratulations! up or down, are anonymous and not written by the
Thumbs up to Chris Schofield, maybe our Thumbs up to the Freegal music service from Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Thumbs comments
Thumbs down to the thumbs down about elected officials should have heard him out. Rodgers Memorial Library. Try some karaoke or can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at
misunderstanding the illegal so-called travel ban. radio theater. Spoken word arts: poetry, plays, When submitting a Thumbs
The ban specifically made exceptions for non- Thumbs up/Thumbs down. Hudson voters books, comedy videos. So much more than comment, please specify that you would like it printed in
Muslims, so, yes, thats what made it a Muslim - unless you want to pick up the tax burden classic rock, pop or old-time swing. Click on the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary.
ban and it was on that basis that courts declared it of upkeep, maintenance, improvements of RML 24/7 on the librarys home page to explore Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments
unconstitutional. Benson Park forever, even though we were told one of the many resources available with your should be kept to 100 words or less.

We want to be your Mechanic Used Car Sale

(Ready for state inspection)
Autos Trucks Commercial Vehicles RVs
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Domestic Vehicles
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317 Derry Rd, RT. 102, Hudson, NH Rental Cars - When Available
886-0899 Open Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Clean, Spacious Waiting 10% OFF Rust or Dent Repair - We work well with Insurance

Loaner Rental Cars (when available)

Body Shop NOW OPEN!
Rental Cars Towing 24 HR Drop-Off
Hudson - Litchfield News | March 10, 2017 - 10
Scoops got your
Classified Ad Rates: 1 week: $10.00 for 20 words or less. 4 weeks: $37.00 for 20 words or less. Additional words: .10 per word per week. (Maximum of 60 words). Lost and Found and
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y Headers All other ads can be mailed or delivered to: Hudson~Litchfield News, 1 Campbell Avenue, Hudson, NH 03051. Call 603-880-1516 for more information.
Buyer Be Aware: The Area News Group supplies advertising space in good faith for our customers. However, occasionally an advertiser will require up front investment from the consumer.
We do not endorse or guarantee these or any advertisers claim. We encourage you to be a good consumer and do your homework before you invest/purchase any products or goods.

basements, and general home Must be caring, trustworthy, full renovations. All work JOES Handyman Service/ LOVE TO PAINT~NO JOB
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SERVICES: Interior painting, local homecare agency. 03051
windows, doors, decks, faucet replacements to

Obituaries Wilfred J. Bill Bishop

Everylifetimehasastory Wilfred J. Bill Bishop, 94, of Hudson, and formerly of Arlington,
Mass., died March 4, 2017, following a brief illness.
He was a United States Air Force veteran, having served his country
5 column
honorably from December 1943 through May of 1945. Following his
Richard M. Orleans time in the service, Bill was employed with New England Telephone. He
retired from New England Telephone following 35 years of dedicated
Richard M. Orleans, 76, of Nashua, died Feb. 27, Besides his devoted wife Mary, his loving work.
2017, at his home following a period of declining family includes one son and three daughters; Bill was predeceased by his beloved wife of 59 years, Mary, in 2008.

bituaries health. James B. Orleans of Hudson, Deborah A. He was also predeceased by a daughter, Mary Ann Broussard.
He was born Aug. 25, 1940, in Newton, Mass., Orleans of Dandridge, Tenn., Lori J. (Orleans) His loving family includes two sons and a daughter, Richard Bishop of

son of the late Marcel A. and Rose Ann (McGuirl) Sliz of Nashua and Patricia L. (Orleans) Wilmot, NH, James Bishop of Daytona Beach, Fla. and Cathy Battye of
Orleans. He was also predeceased by a son, Osterman and her husband Mark of Nashua; Hudson, as well as seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Richard W. Orleans, as well as by two brothers, M. 11 grandchildren, Christopher Miller, Amanda Visiting hours were held on March 9 in the Dumont-Sullivan Funeral
Charles Orleans and Robert W. Orleans. Miller, Katherine Miller, Zachary Miller, Home, 50 Ferry St. in Hudson. A funeral Mass will be celebrated on Friday, March 10, at 1
He was the husband of Mary C. (Rocha) Orleans
of Nashua with whom he shared 56 years of
Branden Orleans, Brianna Orleans, Michael
Sliz, Matthew Sliz, Amy Long, Adam Long and at church. Burial will be private.
6 column
p.m. at St. John XXIII Parish in Infant Jesus Church, 121 Allds St. in Nashua. All may meet

marriage. Aaron Long; two brothers, Edward A. Orleans To share an online message of condolence or for directions, please visit www.
Richard served his country honorably by enlisting
and his wife Lena and John David Orleans
in the United States Coast Guard. He was a and his wife Charlotte, all of Merrimack, N.H.;
Master Plumber, working for several years with Elston & Sons in
Lowell, Mass., before starting his own company, R M Orleans & Sons
two sisters, Dorothy Levesque and her husband
Gerard of Nashua and Helen Nichols and
Joan F. (Batchelder) Niven
Plumbing & Heating. Richard was proudly self-employed for over 40 her husband James of Hudson; a very special Joan F. (Batchelder) Niven of Hudson, died suddenly on Feb. 22, 2017.
years. nephew, Stephen Z. Andrews of Nashua; two She was the beloved wife of Martin Niven of Hudson, devoted mother
He enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren. brothers-in-law, Anthony J. Rocha and his wife to Charles K. McCauley and his wife Beverly A. McCauley of Hudson,
Whether in the role of a Scout Master or coaching in the Cal Ripken Marilyn of Maine and Gerald Rocha and his Valerie Niven Ryberg of Marlboro, Mass., Jina Niven of Dedham, Mass.,
League, Richard took great pride in being with his children and wife Robin of Florida; one sister-in-law, Carol and the late Mark McCauley, Vickie Niven and Martin Niven. She was
grandchildren. He was a blue ribbon winner for his homemade LeClair of Dunbarton, N.H., as well as many the loving grandmother to 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
maple syrup and jams at the New Hampshire fairs. Richard was an nieces, nephews, and cousins; and also, his Her siblings include Lillian Richards of Hudson, and the late Walter
avid outdoorsman, enjoying camping, fishing and hunting. He also three lovable cats, Marty, Scooter and Attn:
Gary.Kathy Vaillancourt Batchelder, formerly of Saugus, Mass. Joan is also survived by many From:
enjoyed gardening and bowling. Visiting hours were held March 3 in Email/Fax:
the nieces and nephews. Area News
Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home, 50 Total Column Inches: 2 col x 2.5 She enjoyed traveling, entertaining, dancing and loved to spend timePaper: Hud
Ferry St.
in Hudson. A funeral $61.25 with her family and friends, who were the cornerstone of her life. She will be greatly PO # 1017
Over 20 Years FREE ESTIMATES was celebrated onRun March missed by all who knew her.
4 3/10/17
Experience Fully Licensed in Immaculate Conception Visiting hours were held on March 8, in the Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home, 50 Ferry
Phone: (603) 886-1258
St. in Hudson. A funeral Mass was celebrated on March 9 at St. John XXIII Parish in St.
& Insured Parish, 216 East Dunstable
Rd., Nashua. Following John the Evangelist Please email me with your approval of the following ad proof:

cremation, burial will be Church, 27 Library

Talbot Roofing & Contracting held at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, the
St., in Hudson.
Interment was
Residential, Commercial & Condominium Roofing Solutions family requests donations private.
In lieu of
be made in Richards loving
Asphalt, Cedar & Composite Shingles Rubber Roofs & Repairs memory to the St. Jude flowers the family
Childrens Research Hospital encourages Request for Proposals
Siding & Carpentry Ice & Snow Removal donations be
High Level of Workmanship & Service Operating Year Round To share an online made in Joans The Hudson School District is requesting proposals for
Attn: Brooke Dubowik
loving memory Solid Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal Fro
message of condolence,
(603)755.1535 Toll Free 1.888.755.1535 please visit www.
to the American Sealed bids are due by 10:00 AM, Monday, April 10, 2017
Phone: 603-816-1267
Cancer Society at Bid specification packets are available at Pa
Bob Talbot, Owner Total Column Inches: 2 x 5 PL
(10 col inches) For additional information contact PU

Do You Have theRunRight Plan?

Cost: $122.50 John Pratte, Facilities Director
Garside Sewer & Septic Tank Pumping / Cleaning date(s): 3/10/17
(603) 883-7765 extension 1323
(603) 432-9300 New System Installation LIFE - HEALTH - MEDICARE Ms. Karen Burnell, Business Administrator

Londonderry, NH Inspection / Certification Hudson School District SAU#81
Leach Field Fracturing 20 Library Street, Hudson, NH 03051
Please email me with
Tel: your
886-1258of the following ad proof:
Excavation Work
Pump Repair / Installation Insurance Solutions Provided
Lawn Installation Karen A. Archer 603-553-9040
and operated
Independent Licensed Agent 877-728-9593
Family owned40 years! Londonderry, NH TOWN OF HUDSON
for over Life / Health / Dental / Long Term Care / Medicare / Disability PUBLIC MEETING
MARCH 24, 2017
Bradley Tree & Landscape
Tree Removal
The Town of Hudson Special Site Review Committee will hold a meeting
on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 12:00 P.M. in the Buxton Community
Development Conference Room at Town Hall. The following item will
be on the agenda:
Residential & Commercial I. CALL TO ORDER BY CHAIRPERSON AT 12:00 P.M.
Trim Coverage Gutters Roofing Stump Grinding

ih Beaulieu,
Replacement Windows
Storm Damage Removal

C 5 Gaffney, Hedge & Shrub Care A.
Advanced Spa And Pool 162 Lowell Road
Nashua CertainTeed Call 603-886-1550 MS#02-17 Map 210/Lot 009

Purpose of Plan: to construct an outdoor seasonal

display area for items such as patio furniture, grills, and
ServingSouthernNewHampshire'sPlumbingandHeatingneedsSince1994 hot tubs.

All plans and applications are available for review in the Planning
Office. Comments may be submitted in writing until 10:00 a.m.
on the Tuesday prior to the day of the meeting.
51 Lake St, Nashua
Residential and Commercial - Affordable Rates - Free Estimates
Air Conditioning Sales: Service: The public is invited to attend
New installation and Repair of Boilers & Hot Water Tanks LENNOX 603-889-1991
New Construction or Repairs Combustion and Efciency Testing
603-882-4244 John M. Cashell-Town Planner
POSTED: Town Hall, Library, Post Office 03-10-17
Complete Remodeling Services Licensed Gas Pipe Fitter
603-883-0707 Keep Warm This Winter! For office use only:
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Recd signed Insertion Contract:_______ Estimated Ad Size:_______ Requested page to run on:_______
Hudson - Litchfield News | March 10, 2017 - 11

Softball in March, Yes, and for a Great Cause

Hudson~LitchfieldSports Matt Tupman,

who played for
the KC Royals
and Arizona
works with the
catchers about
getting ready for
the pitch without
giving the batter The softball players come togetheer at the end of the day.
an indication of its

by Len Lathrop from the community came out to support him. This past Sundays softball
While there were a few days that felt like spring last week, this past clinic is just another example as instructors from multiple organizations
Saturday it was pretty cold and basketball playoffs were still in progress and volunteered to help with the cause. Coaches from neighboring softball
the college March Madness had not started. programs were quick to lend a hand and spread word within their own
But it was softball at the Hudson Memorial, two gyms full, an all-star programs for their girls to attend this valuable clinic.
clinic and best of all it was for a very good cause. This clinic was to support The premier softball instructors who were on hand Saturday were
Russ Saucier, who is fighting stage 4 esophageal cancer. As Keith Bowen, a Mike Soby, director and coach of Northeast Heat and head coach at
Northeast Heat coach and the principal of Hudson Memorial, mentioned, Campbell High School; Sarah Brisk, head coach at Alvirne High School
softball at this level is a real commitment from April to August. You are and former UMass-Lowell standout pitcher; Matt Tupman, head coach
together playing different teams, but everyone knows everyone else and, of the 16U Concord Lady Cannons, former UMass-Lowell standout and
Russ Saucier is respected throughout the softball system. played professionally as a catcher for the Kansas City Royals and Arizona
Russ Saucier grew up in Nashua. He excelled in sports. Playing for the Diamondbacks; Joe Kennard, head coach of the PLEX 14U Red in Bedford;
Nashua Little League you could find him playing second base or pitching. Mark Grams, former UMass-Lowell standout and highly regarded hitting

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

Sometimes you could encounter him on the mound pitching to his brother, coach; Marc Jacques, coach of the Northeast Hurricanes 14U Nashua team;
Norm, who was a catcher. Later on, Russ moved to Hudson, and it seems Chip Brisk, assistant coach at Alvirne High School; Dave Yates, head coach
he has been coaching baseball and softball for as long as he can remember. at Hudson Memorial School; Jimmy Cestrone, head coach of the Northeast
He started coaching his children when they were young. His son, Zachary, Heat 12U Blue; and Glen Bradish, assistant coach of the Northeast Heat
was a standout pitcher for Campbell High School in 2010 and his daughter, 12U Blue.
Alexis, was a travel softball pitcher. As his children got older, Russ love for The high school players helping out were Sara Siteman, Nicole Teague,
coaching never faded. He coached at Pembroke Academy and the Concord Jenna Bradish, Farrah Cestrone, Liz DeRosa, Haley Peaslee, Jamie Kennedy,
Lady Cannons. He is the director of the Lady Cannons softball program. Kelli Kennedy, Dakota Bilodeau and others.
Last summer his 16U team won multiple tournament championships. The clinic consisted of a couple of hours of defensive skills, pitching, Delaney Power works on arm movement under the
Hes the kind of coach that all of the players love to play for. And across catching as well as infield and outfield practice. And from 2 to 4 p.m. it was watchful eye of Sarah Brisk, the Broncos head coach
the softball community, he is well known and respected. Look no farther all hitting. and UMass-Lowell standout pitcher.
than a fundraiser held in February in Pembroke where hundreds of people

Presenting Treasure from the Isles of Shoals:

HOME PRICES ARE UP! How New Archaeology Is Changing Old History

REAL Estate
submitted by Vicki Varick, Aaron Cutler Memorial Library valuable Atlantic cod here from the 1620s. King Haley ruled a survivalist
If you have been thinking of selling Aaron Cutler Memorial Library has received a grant from New Hampshire kingdom here before Thomas Laighton struck tourist gold when his family
your home, I am here to help. Humanities to present Treasure from the Isles of Shoals: How New took over the regions first hotel on Smuttynose. Laightons daughter, Celia
Archaeology is Changing Old History on Tuesday, March 28, at 7 p.m., at Thaxter, spun poetic tales of ghosts and pirates.
Call me today for a free no the library J. Dennis Robinson, a longtime Smuttynose steward and author of
obligation analysis of what your Scientific digs on Smuttynose Island are changing New England history. Mystery on the Isles of Shoals, explores these treasures and the truth
home is worth in today's market. Feature your home. 880-1516
Archaeologist Nathan Hamilton has unearthed 300,000 artifacts to date behind the legends of Gosport Harbor in this colorful show-and-tell
Karen Giaquinto on this largely uninhabited rock at the Isles of Shoals. Evidence proves presentation.
603-548-9434 or prehistoric Native Americans hunted New Hampshires only offshore islands This program is free and open to the public.
6,000 years ago. Hundreds of European fishermen split, salted and dried
603-883-8400 ext 314

REAL Estate Several
Keller Williams Realty
20 Trafalgar Square Suite 101
Nashua, NH 03063
Feature your home. 880-1516
Planned for
Litcheld Art
63 Robinson Rd. Hudson, NH
2 Winnhaven Dr, Hudson, NH
and Music
SOLD $412,000 883-8840 Departments
submitted by Carolyn Leite
March is a busy month for the
Mari Keegan, Realtor NH & MA 62+ Detached Condo Litchfield School District Art and
Cell: 603-320-1431 / 1 Bedroom & Den Music departments. On Saturday, $224,900 March 11, several performing
groups are participating in the
175 Amherst St., Nashua, NH 03064 2017 Large Group Festival at CHS
Office: 603-4600 x1134 including the 7th and 8th Grade
Combined Band from LMS and
NOW IS THE both the Concert Choir and Band
TIME TO SELL! Call for mortgage pre-approval at 886-1980
from CHS. This festival is free to
the public and starts at 8 a.m.
THE WEATHER The Annual District Art and
IS WARMING Music Shows are also fast
UP & THE approaching! Artwork featuring
MARKET IT students from all three schools
HOT! Virginia Kazlouskas
Joanne Gauthier
Licensed by the NH Banking
Dept. NMLS ID# 131782 Rich Reeve
will be on display throughout
the bottom floor of CHS starting
on March 13 and continuing
Just one of dozens of homes through March 17. The District
Mari's sold in town! Maximize Choral Concert will be held on
sales price with her state of the art CONDO FOR SALE Wednesday, March 15, and the
marketing, HD & drone District Instrumental Concert will
take place on Thursday, March 16.
photography, staging, 24/7 customer Both performances will begin at
service and all at a competitive 6:30 in the CHS gymnasium and
commission rate. are free to the public. The Friends
of Music will be having a bake
2 Bedroom, 1 bath Condo in Elmwood Village,
Recipient of the Berkshire Hathaway Hudson, NH. Great deal for 1st time home buyer
sale and a 50/50 raffle on both
Presidents Award - Top 3% or Investor. Needs work but instant equity possible. There is also a Jazz Night
performer in ENTIRE USA Only $99,900! Dont wait, this will sell quickly! on Tuesday, March 28 (7 p.m.)
network. Hudson/Litchfield For more info, contact: Lisa DiBernardo, Broker/Owner featuring the CHS and LMS Jazz
specialist & a 5 Star Zillow Agent. Bands.

Bringing People Home Buying or Selling!

Call me with any real estate
questions or needs Clara Mannell
Direct: 603-294-1139 Tara Keating C-978-973-9542
Office: 800-450-7784 Realtor Think Spring!
(x7490) Call me for all your Real Estate needs O-978-374-8484
& your Free Home Market Analysis.
direct-603-785-3907 Contact your trusted
office-603-310-4619 ext.7465 Litchfield/Hudson Realtor. I look forward to helping you
find the home of your dreams!
99 Pine Hill Rd Deb Federico Nashua, NH 03063 Bean Group, 264 S. River Rd, Bedford NH
12 - March 10, 2017

Three Seniors Set the Tone as Bronco Ladies Move to D1 Seminals
by Len Lathrop got its hands on the ball a lot; sometimes

While they never made the stampede without a whistle and sometimes with
distance more than 10 points and, at one, to the point Dover went into the
times in the game it was less, but when penalty foul situation early in the fourth
the final horn sounded on Saturday, the quarter.
Alvirne bench was playing and the ladies While Wetmore led all scorers, half of
had defeated Dover 47-33. Dover came her baskets came in the fourth quarter;
into the Steckevicz after a preliminary- she was assisted by Marissa Sweeney
round playoff win against number 5 with nine while Emily Lizotte threw in
Londonderry. During the regular season six.
Alvirne beat Dover 46-24 right before the The playoff win and the NHIAA
Christmas break. bracketing has Alvirne facing the
This Saturdays game had a slow start number 1-ranked Cardinals of Bishop
with the clock showing 1:58 left in Guertin on Thursday, March 9 at
the period and a score of 5-1; Alvirne Southern New Hampshire University.
had had one past the 3-point line and The Broncos struggled and suffered one
one from the floor. When the buzzer of its two regular season defeats to the
sounded it was 8-7. Cardinals 61-27. On game night on
The second quarter saw both teams Feb. 3, one of the Bronco horsemen was
running and man-to-man coverage, the missing due to a college commitment.
Staff photos by Len Lathrop

closest that Dover came to the lead was Thursday should be very different as the
at 3:57 when they came within one Broncos have learned to rotate players
point. But, with 1:32 in the half, the in and out of the line up without missing
Broncos were back in the lead by nine, a beat, and the bench players have
and Amanda Wetmore let one go from seen action in the last several contests.
outside the 3-point line; it was all net. Coach Scott Szukata, when asked about
The halftime score stood at 24-14. the BG game after the Dover win, said
The Bronco ladies came out of the with a smile top secret.
break and never looked back. Wetmore
was in charge and the supporting crew
Coming at full speed from the corner is Emily Lizotte, #4, who had six points in Brianna Jones looks for the rim from the paint in the third
moved as a team regardless of who was
Saturdays playoff game. quarter against Dover.
on the hardwood. Dover was active and

Many Times Playoffs are the Luck of the Seed; Campbell Boys Fall
in Third Round
by Len Lathrop of the court. He had 19 points for a game high
High school basketball doesnt, well, at least with 14 in the first quarter. Matt Gagne had 12 in
in New Hampshire, have multi-game playoffs; no all from outside the circle. Two Cougars threw in
best of three or best of five, it is one and done. eight each, Sean French and Spencer Stanium.
The Cougars boys finished their regular season But then the other shoe dropped as Campbell
contests with a record of 13-5 which placed had to play #1-seeded Kearsarge (16-2), and
them as the number 8 seed in NHIAA Division the game was on Kearsarges court. In January,
3. Mascenic had the same record, but, due to the Kearsarge was successful against the Cougars 76-
factor that on Feb. 10 Campbell beat them 74-64, 69.
the game was played in the Cougar Den. Both This playoff game did not go as well with
teams played hard but the Litchfield kids finished Kearsarge winning 76-67; the irony is that is was
Staff photos by Len Lathrop

ahead 67-57. only two points different from the score when the
Against Mascenic in the Cougar Den, Harrison team played in the regular season.
Vedrani led the charge for the Cougars, he scored
in the middle of the paint and drove the length

Your Best Friend Can Still Have Fun While You Work:

Canine Center
Beginner Obedience I- For dogs 4 months old and older.
Beginner Obedience II- This class is for dogs and handlers
who have completed Beginner I or equivalent course.
Puppy Kindergarten- For Puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks.
Agility Level I & II (I) Basic obstacle familiarization, Joaquin Heller makes a mid-leap pass. Jonah Crema off the bench with two from the paint
i.e.: climb ramps, go through tire, etc. (II) Target training,
obstacle discrimination and simple sequences.

Not Just
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