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Working Title of Position: Department, University, Commission or

Regional Coordinator for Agency:

Granville-Vance District Health
the Department
Stepping Up Initiative
Primary areas of Intervention
Include: Community Development,
Coalition Development, Jail Health,
Mental Health and Substance Use
Prevention and General Health
Education and Promotion
Classification of Position: Institution and Division:
Community Development Specialist I Health Education Team
Name of Immediate Supervisor: Section and Unit:
Lisa Macon Harrison/Bailey Goldman Health Education
Supervisors Position Title: Street Address, City and County:
Health Director 101 Hunt Drive, Oxford, NC -
125 Charles Rollins Road, Henderson,

I. A. Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit

The primary purpose of the Granville-Vance Public Health Department

(GVPH) is to aid in the promotion of good health and the prevention of
disease in the community. The primary purpose of the health
education department is to facilitate and coordinate partnerships for
public health, promote health in the community, and conduct regular
data collection and analysis on a community-wide basis in order to
prioritize health issues for Granville and Vance Counties.

Agency Vision: Inspiring a culture of health by improving Your

Environment, Your Community, and Your Health

Agency Mission: The mission of Granville Vance Public Health (GVPH)

is to Protect and Promote Health in Granville and Vance Counties.

Community Health Assessment Priorities: Four-year priorities

determined from Community Health Assessment in Granville and
Vance Counties from 2015 are:
1. Physical Activity and Nutrition
2. Mental Health and Substance Use Prevention
3. Education

Agency Strategic Goals:

1. To improve our financial security and future viability as an
independent agency
2. To improve population health within Granville and Vance
Counties l a n
3. To increase our value among our partners, community
members, the health system, and other agencies and
businesses within Granville and Vance Counties

B. Primary Purpose of Position

In the 2015 Community Health Assessment, Mental Health and Substance Use
Disorders (MH/SUD) were identified as a top community priority for additional
resources and focus. In response to this directive, The Granville Vance Public
Health has secured funding to lead improvement efforts in this area. This
position is responsible for managing two current projects: The Stepping Up
Initiative, and VIBRANT+. The Stepping Up Initiative is a national effort to
reduce the number of individuals with mental illness in the jails. Locally, these
efforts are a collaborative effort across five counties: Granville, Vance,
Warren, Halifax, and Franklin. VIBRANT+ is an initiative to reduce opioid
overdose and death. High-level community partnerships and effective
collaboration are an essential component of each of these efforts.
This is a consultative position to improve MH/SUD integration and
systems of care to best meet community needs for mental health and
substance use disorder treatment and care. The consultant staffs
and maintains a steering committee of community agencies and
leaders, organizes the collection of primary and secondary data,
assesses policies and systems affecting care and connectivity,
facilitates the development of a data-driven action plan, manages
the completion of action items, and assists with all evaluation

C. Work Schedule

Regular work hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Work
also includes occasional rotating weekends and after hours in serving the
public health needs of the community.

D. Change in Responsibilities or Organizational Relationships

This is a new position.

II. A. Descriptions of Responsibilities and Duties

1. Coordinates the maintenance and enhancement of a steering committee to

oversee the planning and implementation of these initiatives.

2. Assures community, stakeholder and leadership level involvement in identifying

systems issues and addressing systems changes.

3. Organizes data collection and analysis from primary and secondary sources;
assesses policies and systems that are in-place or needed for effective
coordination and delivery of services.

4. Works with County leadership to coordinate state and local trainings, community
events, consultation and networking opportunities.

5. Helps the steering committee develop a logic model and a stakeholder-driven

action plan to improve community systems of care for residents with mental
health or substance use disorders, and their families.

6. Serves as a liaison to the Health Director and County Commissioners who co-chair
the Stepping Up Steering Committee to help coordinate Committee meetings to
assure outcomes are achieved and members are engaged.

7. Collaborates with agencies that serve this population to engage them in systems
mapping, coordination, and quality improvement efforts.

8. Participates in informational and educational programs in order to bring these

needs to the attention of the community.

9. Coordinates data sharing with across stakeholders, counties, and national

programs to allow for enhanced understanding and communication of work being
done by these initiatives.

10. Prepares quarterly activity reports and special reports as needed or requested.

11. Actively seeks and responds to opportunities for additional funding to expand
reach and scope of work.

12. Performs related work as required.

B. Other Position Characteristics

1. Accuracy Required in Work

Accuracy is essential in providing oral and written information to the

community. Must carry out responsibilities in a way that will ensure
delivery of competent, efficient and effective services consistent with
federal and state guidelines, local policies, and North Carolina public
health standards. Reports and statistical data must be accurate.
Maximum accuracy is required in all aspects of patient assessment and

2. Consequence of Error

Inaccuracy and misinformation could cause patients to follow incorrect

course of action, leading to adverse effects on their health. Incorrect or
inaccurate presentations may be detrimental to the health districts
integrity with possible financial repercussions due to loss of funding or
public support.
3. Instructions Provided to Employee

This employee works independently with consultation and guidance of

the health director. Work is accomplished using accepted health
education professional standards, program guidelines, and agency
policies and procedure manuals. A high level of professionalism is
required in verbal and written communication.

4. Guides, Regulations, Policies, and References Used by Employee

Granville-Vance District Health Department policies, Granville-Vance

Home Health Policies and Procedures, Department of Health and
Human Services (DHHS) Contract Addenda, DHHS Health Education
Guide, NC Institute of Medicine, Schools of Public Health, and various
subject-related curricula.

5. Supervision Received by Employee

Work is reviewed on an on-going basis with regular meetings and

yearly performance evaluation by the Granville-Vance District Health
Department, and the Stepping Up / VIBRANT+ Steering Committee.
The person in this position is expected to perform work with
considerable independence and autonomy. The Steering committee
will have direct input into the position performance evaluation. The
Steering committee will meet monthly. The employee independently
plans for their daily work.

6. Variety and Purpose of Personal Contacts

Public relations is a key element of this position and encompasses

several different agencies and community groups in order to promote
and deliver health projects to the community. Employee in this
position should maintain a personal appearance reflecting

7. Physical Effort

Moderate physical strength and stamina is needed for this position,

including walking, standing, stooping, and prolonged sitting.
Transporting, moving supplies and equipment, rearranging furniture
occurs periodically.

8. Work Environment and Conditions

Work is carried out in the community and across the region. Office
space is located at the Health Department or within a community
based organization if needed. When conducting business outside the
building, the employee may encounter inclement weather while

9. Machines, Tools, Instruments, Equipment, and Materials Used

Various Quality Improvement tools and reference materials
Operable motor vehicle Calculator Telephone
Copier Cellular Telephone TV/VCR/Camera
Office supplies and equipment Computer Projector

10. Safety For Others

Must be able to identify potential problems or safety hazards and

assure that staff practice and adhere to infection control measures and
OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Standards even though this position has
very low risk for exposure to blood borne pathogens. Must provide safe
work environment for employees and patients. Practice safety first in
use of all equipment and assure correct information is relayed in

11. Dynamics of Work

Special events such as community health fairs, health awareness

months, and special promotions are planned in advance of scheduled
events. Special or last minute requests may require alteration of
planned schedule. This position will also require presentations to
leadership-level stakeholders at local and national conferences.

III. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities and Training and Experience Requirements

A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

This position requires a general knowledge of the principles and methods of

community organization and systems change. The person in this position
should also have a general knowledge of various programs and concepts
related to mental health and substance use disorder. A general knowledge of
mental health and substance use disorder services, jail systems, Managed
Care Organizations, and other related resources/systems is required. The
ability to effectively assess data and policies to inform improvement efforts is
necessary for success in this position. Effective public speaking and the ability
to express ideals clearly in written form is essential for a person in this
position. Other skills needed are the ability to analyze situations accurately
and to adopt an effective course of action as well as the ability to establish
and maintain effective working relationships with interested organizations,
agencies, and individuals.

B. Required Minimum Training

Graduation from a four-year college or university and three years of

experience, preferably in a
field related to the specific program assignment; or an equivalent combination
of training
and experience. Masters level health-related degree preferred.