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Aldo Rey Galindez Rev. Fr.

Jose Cecil Lobrigas

Student Teacher

I chose this song because it gives much symbolism and patriotism to our country,
Philippines. Because of rampant corruption in our country in the present time, the poor Filipino
individuals and families engage their selves into situations in which is a matter of life and death.
In reality, we are now living in which the rich always gain the side of justice and other positive
privileges while the poor Filipinos had no choice but to accept that they are in the very bottom of
the Philippines law system. This song may only characterize only one Filipino but this is really
what happened to many Filipinos in our time. They rather choose to live in kapit sa patalim
way than to live in a very miserable way of living in which they have no food to eat, or a house
to live in, or clothes to wear. They rather chose the point of no turning back even if their life is at
stake. This is a new song of a new Filipino rapper Abra which entitled Bolang Kristal.
This song is about a guy named Dante in which his live is being lived in miserable at
best. At the end of every situations, he always end up in death. In my own interpretation, because
of the misleading direction that the government is given to us, Dante engages himself to many
crimes and unlawful acts. He did this because he didnt see a good role model of his life because
the government is not giving a good example to the community of Filipino people. He now
presented the three of the most real negative identity and trait of our country especially to its
people nowadays. These acts, in accordance to the majority of Filipino citizens, gave them a
temporary comfort and escape the bad reality of being poor which is being oppressed by the rich.
It is clear that being a drunkard, drug-addict and gambler are three of the famous negative traits
of Filipinos ever known of as a race. Sometimes, we Filipinos try our best to escape reality and
enjoy the temporary fun that we can have.
I just want to quote a famous line by an African leader, he said that how can we say that
education is the key to success if we see in our society today that those are successful individuals
are those who are corrupt, drug-addict and oppressors. It gives me a breath of ton of realization
because it really speaks about the obvious reality and truth. This really what happens to our
country now? One source said that the economy of the Philippines are only being held only by
forty Filipino families such as the Tans, Sys, Ayalas, and Ledesmas of Negros. They are the great
capitalists of our country but not giving enough and just wages to its laborers. It just gives me a
bad feeling because this source can always be true. The Filipinos found themselves in the zone
where the hopeless road is the only way to live and strive in their lives. One situation or news
that gave a negative impact to me is that the fact that one of the leading drug-lords of our country
is wasting money because of abundance of it due to many illegal acts such as illegal drugs.
Because of billions of money that she gained every moment he do his illegal work, he decorated
tons of 500 peso bills in his house and even make a pool of coins, literal pool of coins. Where is
justice in here? Is it properly solved? Heneral Luna is always right by saying that the prime
enemy of the Filipinos are not the foreigners who oppressed us but sadly, the Filipinos
themselves. So, again, where is justice in here? No wonder there are songs that are like this
exposing the real situation of Filipino people.