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Assignment of Machine Design-II

1. Define Risk & Hazard with example. Differentiate them.

2. Define the terms:
a) Reliability, Regulation and standards
b) Probabilistic approach to design
c) Maintenance & repair
d) Hazard Analysis
3. Explain about the reliability theory. What are the causes of reliability? How do you
minimize the failure?
4. Define FTA with example. Explain about the FMEA with steps involved.
5. Write design guidelines separately for casting, forging, welding, machining.
6. What are factors Affecting the Design Process? Explain about optimization methods.
7. We wish to design a cylindrical tank to store a fixed volume of liquid V. The tank will
be constructed by forming and welding thin steel plate. Therefore, the cost will
depend directly on the area of plate that is used. Design for the optimum cost.
8. A total of 300 linear feet of tubes must be installed in a heat exchanger in order to
provide the necessary heat-transfer surface area. The total dollar cost of the
installation includes: (1) the cost of the tubes, $700; (2) the cost of the shell 25 D 25L ;
(3) the cost of the floor space occupied by the heat exchanger = 20 DL . The spacing
of the tubes is such that 20 tubes must fi t in a cross-sectional area of 1 ft 2 inside the
heat exchanger tube shell. Design for the optimum cost.
9. What are the various search methods? Explain any one of them.
10. Write about the power transmission system of
a) Automobile
b) Lathe, milling & shaper machine.