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Operation Research 2 a) Simplex Method

Pure Integer Programming b) Branch and Bound

Group 9 c) winqsb
Johan Ricardo Perez Figueroa d) cutting planes
Cod. 20141020016 Justificiation: Cutting Method y
Juan David Cubillos Calvachi called too Gomory Method
Cod. 20141020050 4. According to Branch and
The next questioner has 5 questions bound, this method start in:
with different options and only one a) solution of Gomory
answer. b) the optimal solution of
linear programming
1. For the cutting planes method c) the solution of egon balas
is necessary: d) the relaxed problem
a) Select the non-integer
numbers and choose the Justification: the metod of Branch
number with largest fractional and Bound uses the optimal solution
part of linear programming and add
b) Use php simplex programa restrictions for variables whose
c) Divide the problem in two sub solutions must be whole
problems 5. The PIP is necessary in cases
d) Take the number more near of:
to the result of simplex a) problems with negative
method variables
Justification: the cutting method is b) more of 2 restrictions
for does integer to all variables c) we need solution integers
problem. and not-negatives
d) variables with continues
2. The values of the variables in values in all reals
the Pure Integer Programming
Justification: the PIP is refered to
a) Mixes and not-negatives Pure Integer Programming.
b) Only are reals and not- Answers:
c) 0, 1 y 2 A B C D
d) All are integer and not-
1 x
2 x
Justification: the variables than we
are search, have restrictions of 3 x
integers and not-negatives
4 x
3. In 1950 Ralph Gomory wont
one method called: 5 x