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ISeriillNo.:OO15 I
I(K 4208·11221·012<15--2101
JSONQ78·QaJ-46·12QS·5 The Ministry of Educo1ion. Dewan Bohasa don
f11'S-1P1'lnr.i"tg201:l Pusl$:o ond tho ponet of wril¢($ would fk¢ 1<)
® Celion Bohoso don Puslo1:.o2013 express Itbeir opp!ecioliCll lor !he conlribulions
mode bJj the follO'Mrtg pttIles:
.AJIRights ~.w. No pon of this book. moy • Ediloriol Pon(lls ot !he 1,llnlstrVof £du«JIIC'.n
be reproduced or ITO"Ismittedin any form or by • Evoluo!ion Ponels of Dewan Bchcsc den F\lsta.:o.
(lO!) mecns, el¢<lr¢(li,or mechonlCcf. InMlno • ctgeoders of the Ministry oi Education.
pholocopying. recording or any informotion • Pci'd ()fRe<XtCf$. newon ectosc dCt'l PuSI<lk.o.
stOl"cge and remevot system \\'~hOU1permission • Sekoloh KEbongsoon Sondor Sri Oomansoro
in writing f(Ofl"l 'h~ DifOOO(·GOOl}f(J1.Dcwon &rdor Sri ncmonscrc.
Bahasa don Pustdo:o. P.O. BOl( 10803. 5Qq26 • (;topixel Slvdio.
Kuala LumfN,lr. M(JIOH$lO Negorl(ltlon is su~e(1 • Puon ShoIidaz !:inli Zani
10Iha colculOliOn of loydly Of' honOrarium. • p\j(:n kirl(!(lh N(lr blnll ~A.<)hd,
De-wonBohoso don Pustoko. t\'ery effort has been mode 10trace Ihe o'llnerstip
Jolon O(l'WOIl6(JhoS(J. of COP!JII!)hlm(ll(lrl(:rl$,
50460 Kuola lumpul. Any informolion Ihoi enab!EG the publisher 10
let: O~·214S[011 correct any error or 0mi1 any mOlerkJl in future
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Contents Introduction
The englishYear 4 SK Textbookis wrillen to fullil Ihe english Languageneeds of
Year 4 pupils in accordance to the Slondord Document for Primory School English
language Curriculum IKSSR)for Year 4.
tntroduetlO(1 The textbook is designed to equip pupils with basic language skills and knowledge
-~. ~ge frOf1\\the\WritetS of the English Janguoge to enable them to communicate effectively in 0 variety of
O\oroc t '" I 1,,..-
contests appropriate 10 their levels of developmenl. The language comsnt

\:.fnit " ~ur CormYluni1y ore divided lnlo 15 units and presented under Ihree themes namely Ihe
World of Self. Familyand Friends.Ihe Worldof stcoes.and lhe World of Knowledge.
\:In" ~ 2'1 Tile textbook also incorporates the 12 educational emphases to equip pupils to face
~~ter.dQYand:rodoy the challenges of the real wortd. The modular approach foken in this book provides
~nit '3 31 pupils Ihe oppor1\Jnlly10focuson and developspecificlanguageskills in Ihls o<der,
SeJSofe lislening and Speaking.Reading.Writing.Grammar.and LonguogeArls.
<!!Ini! t!,4 ~I
~o$emot7tJ\,.o"d\thelF:our GlrtsylGnome'S
I.!Jnit ,5 Listening and Specking
53 ------ - -~--
Cor~\fO('\tt1e see This component aims to develop pupils' ability to listen 000 respond to different stimuli.
t!Jnit ~ 6:3 It olso aims to develop pupils' abil1ty to listen to oral tsxts and to speak in various
SloggiQ,9 conlexlS.boih in and oulsideIhe dcssroom.TokenoteIhallhe lisleningand speaking
\.\!lnit 'f1 oclivily is 10 be conducted by the teocheror by making il as a poirwork odivily 10
enoble thopupilsto practisethe languageorally.
""nit l8
,Th.._etP,.t.incoand the 'Thieves ~ Listeningand SP.o~:C:~:~:.:: ::::~:ed wijh t~>~ons
lIlInit '9
QUt SOlor'~$tem W. Let's SGy. ~ l~t's listen and IiOY.
let's listenand answer.
_ Let's do.
t:lnit Ita UoJtU in OIv.,or.sJty
_g3 '"'"\1{1 Let>" tetk,
~~ Let'. recite.
, '5 Tile reading activities in this book ore designed to develop the pupils' ability to read
from words, phrases and sentences in lil)OOrond non-linear texts. Towords the end,
[12-5 dlfferenlvorlellesof readingrnoienolcomprisingof poems.stories.rhymes.dialogues.
tables. and charts ore included to enrich the pupils' reading experience.
Reading activities are presented with these icon.
I~ ~ Let's reed.
~. Lot', rlXld ond Qnswef.
Let·, read and do.
Let·s read and tell.
Lot·" rood ond loorn.
Le,.. read .n,! preetl se.

. end sentence level.~~Lot'.. Ii. L. write. • Lot'. t~ Lo" • $: writ 8.0"ore PupilS given adequate and plentiful opportunities to moster the mechonics ofwrillng. and produce creolive pieces of work. let ••write. ~ 1\ Lot's ptaU. ~. . f. This component provides opporfunfties for pupils to use English through fun~~lIed activities that stimulate lheic imagination and interest. t. They Ieorn '0 write 01word. Let'sad. Let's Q'lHIte.01. ~D. Let's spell them right.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 ' 1'- '1@. ptoy 0 OOI'M.illsand enable them 10write for specific purposes.t'.. leam and practise.I"I.IS Lot'... These ore the icons that represent the writing activities. Let's practise. The units encourage pupils to use the grammar items learned in a variety of contextualised or situational texts.. (cod.i~..-.. 0 story. .·I:. toll a story. ~-:. Grammar activities are presented with these icons. Q': "'~ _ Let'.jH@Ui·'. writ. D. ohrose. t.U. Dr:. ""4: Let's do. Let's proc. fi _ tet's reed and write. Hlet's do. wt'.. " I ~'I'JIJ"'IIIl''''1 _ I . prepore.F The grommar oclivilles in every una provide a simplified e. These ore the icons 10Ihe aclivities in langoage oris. do. let"1 chant. Thisbook provides0 voriely of writing octi\trties which enhance pupils' penmanship sk. '8. ~ crm ~ Le".tise and oct. ~ Let's make. Ma1n OIaractefs TheseOreIhe chorocters found in Ihe} Let's .. Let".xpionolJon of the rules in qrcmmcr and a confextuolised use of the item.j. c. It olso encouroges the pupils to pion.MANAGER HEIJI .

/lll. ( coffee shop ) ( night market post Office) ) UA (!llet's say. (rJ d_ Wool do you see? ) ~~ ~O (~t) How do Ihe people ge1around? Whatdo Ihe people do tor 0 living? i"'<..-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI ..} t. Our Community Nurul and her friends are at the's toll<. Gt~)) . Whol con you see in the pictures? ~o IJrlllo'r\l Tell your friends about what you can see in the pictures above.1(01 <:'IVIJ:::. 11- ~r.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n... USlenlng and Speaking ..:I'wl _ I ..

Fishermen II was Monday.MANAGER HEIJI .. Example: First. falher is an architect. I was curious. curious hardware 2:2:. I wont to help. Where are Ihey gelling Ihe building malerlals? 'K Let's do.I asked. Make a poster aboul a colloge induslry in your communlly. Klnah. Who Is going 10help design Ihe house? 3. !r':and Pravln 10help.PERSONAL USE ONLY• 1111 I!I .added Mum. Something was going on '1 Ihis 10preserve the fish. Dod came home early. -Dad. Here are the steps 10make soiled fish: and I had 10know whal il was...2. • -ThaI's greatl I will ask Kim Seng. Whal happened 10Mak Dllah's house? 2. you can collect donations from your schoolmates..y. Include: locate and find the meanings of these words in your dictionary: • the name ot the Induslry. I I I I . -Provin's of soH. ')~. They slarted 10 make phone calls and pack a few things.. CUI open and Sprinkle lhe dean the fish.. and finally.. Our neighbour who owns a hardware store Is contributing building materials. whal's happening?. The neighbourhood had a meeling and decided 10help li'A» Mal<Diloh rebuid her house: -Isn'l building a house difficulP.... Answer these questions.. next. How many sleps are needed 10make sailed fish? 4. Mum.. -There wos a fire. t -Welt. Use the words first.. archltecl conlraclor wonderful • who is involved in Ihe Indusl.. S. Who made sailed fish In Ihe old days? 2. Explain the steps 10make salted fish. -Wow. They did Mum. How Is Nurul going 10help? When is Nurul's falher calling Ihe head mosier? Making sailed tish is a collage Industry. Kim Sang's un<:1eis a contractor. fish with a 101 -If many people come 10herp.. I. ~ Let's read and do. ioor I said excitedly. 4.Iasked. He talked 10 mode sailed fish when Ihey had caughl more Ihan enough fish. • where Ihe industry Is localed and olher relevanl delails. He valunleered 10help design lhe new house. -~ rMaking SaltedFish In the old days. il will be easy: said Dod.. people did nol have retrigeralors or freezers.. Nurul: Mum replied. cut open . #' I will call your headmaster lomorrow 10discuss II with him:' replied Dod. People could eallhe soHed fish Ioler. "Mol<Dilah's house was burnl i'1 10lhe ground. that's wonderful.. 100.fal . I. He will help rebuild ij: -Many neighbours are giving dooolions. 11- ~ Reading Reoding ~ Let's read and answer. Why did Ihey make solted fish? 3." I sold.. Next . Rnally .

vn/.wl"f''&''~ ~ ~.. The proceeds from 3.. Help them to complete the Invitation below in cursive writing. The organising committee wonts to invite the .hA. 3.1.xJ. __ 7. IB!6 '£1.h..e.41b..m: m 3 Jl) (J'/Irb.. Writing ® Let's read and write.. Nurul will sell vegetables.f.]._t.U bA./!"M : 9:00 a. pt. Kinah will sell fruits I if} .J"".dM'<atr..d4- hause fire hardware village coffee grass school M. Writing The Parent-Teacher Association is organising a fund-raising fair on 31January from q a...-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . fYV''-<"ff.'Yr_ j.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. ": Write these words using cursive writing: Ait ".2.d V.m. . t .1@ <:'IVIJlIWI'WI _ I J).fa )Io.1.. -l" ~{/ fi community to come to the fair. Jdp.ri.m. fa 3 p. Practise cursive writing. 11- • Let's write.u. 3+ Ii n fir Aim 'Mi]1 7& -::Ii . ifi the fair will be donated to Mak Dilah to help rebuild her house. __!.2(0).v..a .H}/.d._. . and Pravin will sell cakes and cookies... . /.

Using a mind map.I(q) <:'IVIJlIWI'WI _ I . .£.f. and cheese torts.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. Our friends and neighbours sold ice cream.. os well as.cabbages. at the.~ • let's write.U(~ <S.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .t .. collected a lot of money to help Mak Dllah. list the things Nurul and her friends may see January wos more exciflng than usual this year because the Porent-Teacher in the market. Association organised a J.. Nurul and her friends work hard to help make the fund·raising fair a success. potted plants. 11- Writing Grammar ~ Let's read and write. Common nouns are general names we give to people.. Everybody came to show their support. Use a mind map to list the things you may see in 0: pork night market 8 3. and mineral water.t. Provin's mother sold special Pond Ii cookies. things.. and things. Nurul's mother soldL£: such as long beans .hand books and magazines. Complete the paragraph. The words in bold are common nouns. watermelon juice. Kim Seng sold cold and refreshing I . places..iced lemon teo. second. and sweet potatoes. It was on interesting experience and I was very happy that we Example: I canbuy at themarket. Let's learn and practise. and many other Use the words from the mind mop to make sentences.

Thetwo tf (womanl hod beautifulwhile lIoothl. 'Plural'meansmore Ihan one.. The Isheeplwere eating gross in the field. bus buses match matches dress dresses box boxes brush brushes fox faxes Changethe -y to -ies at the end of nounsto make them plural. Vias grv-en money to buy food for the children. -ch. Olivergrew up in a home for the very young workhousechildren. 3. apple apples pencil pencils bUI she kept most of it fo<herself. Grammar ~ Contemporary Literature ~ Let's 'earn and practise. • Let's read. tooth teeth child children woman women fish fish ox oxen sheep sheep Fillin the blanks with the plural form of the words in brackets.. Usually. 11- . Someirregularnounsjust stay the some. 2.2J(q) <:'IVIJlIWI'WI _ I . 2.'. homelesspeoplewere forcedto livein workhouses. They were also forcedto work for food. banery batteries party parties Changethe -f or -fe to -ves at the end of nouns to make them plural. -sh. and -x to make it plural. 'Singular"means one. Who is the caretakerof the home? 3 He saw two Ibird)flying near the three (cage). I. Pravinbought two (loon of raisinbread. Mann.. ~Il'(!!)(e) 4. What does the caretakerdo? 4.we add -es to a noun that ends in -so -$S..we odd -s to a noun to make it plural. Mrs. Do you think the childrenlike the caretaker? S. Pleasehang the rt (shirl)and (toweliout to dry. Many yeors ago.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n.. A common noun can havea sIngular or plural form. Answer the questions. the caretaker. I. However. half halves knife knives We make irregularnounsplural by changingthe vowelsor adding -en.

Sally. I . _olr\t~ Discuss what you want to be flying school --+ pilot Who do you think Sharon. f:..2.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . _I . A good job gives you a good salary. Prema. 1:1:3 1. university --+ Tom. Iwill be aUowed to fly aeroplanes. ( \ ) What do you think you need to study or do? t wont tobe o pilot.' I~\ I . The pupils in 4 Venus are leaming about why it is important to have Spending Wisely an ambition.. Gary. ~. A good salary gives you enough to live a comfortable life.4 <:'IVIJlIWI'WI _ I .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n. and Gladys are? ((~. 11- Ustenlng and Speaking ~ Let's listen and talk. (hove to study in a flying school.. Afler ( pass 011my examinations. _~ when you grow up.

00 for my brother's present. Where are you going1' "My brother's birthday is tomorrow. I don't wont to spend more than that: replied Jagjlt with a smile. Youmust study herd to achieve Answer these questions. Jagj~I' replied Kim Seng. Goodbye. "You look like you are in a hurry. that's great! What are you going to buy for him?" asked Kim Seng. That is too expensive 1 However. Kim Sengi" said Jagj~." said Kim Seng.ti(~) <:'IVIJlIWI'WI _ I . She continued.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. Spendilllg Wisely "Hi. It is RM4Q. "The type of backpack my brother likes cost at least RMIOO. and Pravin are talking during recess. The one he has now is old: replied Jagjit. We should collect money. You con olso help not the backpack? the community. I have a budget of RM50. "At first. ~ Let's read and answer. -A penny saved is a penny earned: replied Jagjit._. B. 1 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . \Nhen you ore working.2(g} . yoo will get a solo~ every I. After 0 few years and save money: said Kim Seng. "It is always a good Ideo to have a budget when you plan to buy things. Let's talk. We should worleport-trne to earn money. It is always good to save money.QO. she teaches diving. What is the meaning of the idiom -A penny saved is a penny earned"? A. This salary is used 10 buy 2. Now. of diving. She took on "That's great. Why did Jagjit choose to buy the CD and food and doihes. "Helio. 3. You must save some of your salary.2.. I have to go now. C. "Wow. I'm going to the department store to buy him a present: said Jogjit excitedly. "Oh. Now I know how you spend wisely Open Water Diver course.• 2. 2. 1'- G:"1&') USlenlng and Speaking Reading ~.. she signed up for the Instructor course. your ambition. Kim Seng. That's within my budget: My serer Is 0 scoto diving InstruclOr. Nurul. I wanted to buy him a new backpack.2.. Where is Jagjit going to buy the present? month. See you tomorrow: "See you. his favourite singer just released a new CD. I checked the prices of backpacks in the mali and they are over my budget: "Budge!?" Kim Seng looked a bit confused.

. ~mecardS' • Do not buy things that you cannot afford. Thirdly.. Pravin gets an allowance every month. stollonery. Pravin talks about how he spends his monthly allowance. most of his money on needs such • Save to buy things you want. he puts a small sum into his savings. I need books. Why should you save money? Give two reosons. 2. list three ways on how to manage your money. Saveup and buy them later. When I read books. leerning how to manage your money is important.. 2. fI Firstly. Example: As a pupil. How can I save money? Make sentences starting with the phrase below. As a pupil. but it will be easy once you start to do it. • Sove some money for a rainy day. What do you do when you want to buy things you cannot offord? 3. Secondly. and food. he spends same of his money on wants such as comics • Do not borrow money. Here are same useful tips: his allowance wisely. I. • Think before you buy. I need. os books.) <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I .2.2. he spends • Buy only the things you need. It may be difficult at He has a budget to help him spend first.2@ 3. I learn many /lew things.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. 11- Reading • Let'$ write. Answer these questions.(9.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .2.

PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n.l. blueberry. • RMSO.f.. cream wafer oil sail flavours Hans Anderson and block • Baked by her • Freebookmark • Mode In Malaysia favourile baker • RM40. Writing A let's learn and practise. 45 strawberries.. Pak Ali's cows are in the field. We use a little.They bought 30 torts.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . We need to save some money for Q rainy day. a few. II cosls RM50. She She colleels many coins. plerrty of.I(d}~) <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I . Example: 4. some. The house is located next to the river. a lot of with uncountable nouns. Jagjil went to the moll with her mother to buy a gift for her brother. an. 1/ Let's write. They have a singular and 52 party hats. Grammar Rewrite the paragraph.00 Find the countable nouns and uncountable nouns in the sentences. • Availabte in hardcover • Available in pink. and vanilla • Wrilfenby brown.00 which is within my budgel. Countable nouns are nouns thai can be counted. I will gel her 6. The litlle girl has beautiful long hair. brush brushes factory factories ".. SJ.. let's answer. several.OO. I wOllld buy a birthday cake because my siSler loves 10eal cake. celebrofion. Which presentshould I choose? I hcve RMSO. Examples: coke cokes fox foxes I . 2. Would you like some cream in your coffee? a chocolale cake because il is her tovounte flavour. The nurse took his temperature with a thermometer. II 5. I want fo buy a birthday present for my sister. Sheela bought two bars of soap and a boffle of shampoo. is available in chaco/ale. 3. How much sugar would you like to pul in Ihe tea? she wenl grocery shopping with her mother for her brother's birthday We bought a few papayos. and vanilla flavours. and a plural form. many. plenty of. "~ Uncountable nouns are nouns that conner be counted. Change the numbers to word form. blue. 43 tuna sandwiches. a lot of wilh countable nouns. Give reasons for your choice. After thor.00 • Freecoin purse • Freecandles • RM2S.. some. tM _. blueberry. I I is baked by her 7. 11- . watch watchos leaf leaves - Sheep sheep deer deer I. much.OO I. kiss kisses hobby hobbies . 8. We use a. Please pass me the sugar ond soli. bought I newly released CD by her brother's favourite singer. favourile baker. I have three books and five pencils. Examples: butte( honay milk Iiour • Availablein chocolole. Help Kinoh to choose a present for her sister...

I had a plale of fried rice and some soup for lunch. milks) and ten (apple. toothbrushes). They also bought a tube of lIoothpaste. (Adopted from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland written by Choose the correct answers. Examples: Thereare Iwo babies sleeping inlhe cots. They bought two bollies of cooking (oil.2J(q) <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I . cupsl.rstold by J. 9. a sale there. wanted to get up and pick some daisies to make a flower chain. list five nouns from the passage above.! Pravin went to the supermarket with his mother lost Sunday. C. yogurts). 2. lewis Coren. her hand. Just then a wMe rabbit with pink eyes Write sentences using the phrases above.!¥ Grammar Contemporary literature _ let's practise..y Lewis Car-oil Alice hod sat on the bank by her sister till she was tired. and she ~ Let's wrtte. 6. The hot day made her feel quite dull.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I 11- it. Gorham. Who was with Alice? apples). What did Alice suddenly see? (cup. 5. toothpastes!. Pravin's mother was very happy because they saved 5.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . I.)(e) 4. What do you do when you leel dull? a lot of money that day. Once or twice she had looked at the book her sister held in some j. sand box oil beach candy sugar wish yogurt air cream eraser sheep bakery water deer coin b. a [knife. "What is the use of a book without pictures?" thought Alice. There was Answer these questions. Where was Alice? oilsl. a mre of (milk. butlhere were no pictures in it. plates). They chose to buy some Ithing. a tub of (yogurt.1lf(!!. knivesl and five 4. things) at the sale because the offers were good. Group these words into countable nouns and uncountable nouns. • Let's read. ron close by her. How was Alice feeling? (toothbrush. four 3. two (plate.

U. !k"~_ Listening and Speaking ~ Let's listen and talk.'..i £.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 ' 1'- ~-.MANAGER -'1 III•• HEIJI . Jli\ ~~} Yesterday and Today ~ ~&-. ..t3.1(g) <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl 1_ . ~)) ~ Let's talk.

.. T.._ with How is life in the past different from his friends. Pua Kheln Seng set up I._I I ·... A flosh drive is a memary device for sloring informotion10or tram a compuler..PERSONAL USE ONLY• fa mi •• I I I I •••••• 11- @. After he finished his studies.2..'1\11:1 :lo"'wl _ .3. ~ Which do you prefe<?Why? 5. Taiwan.. Pua Khein Seng invented _. I. 2. Let's read. he set up a company With his fnends Khein $eng's success has brought him a 101 fanning of awards.. It was during his Ihird year in university Ihol he began conducting research lnto flosh memory lechnology.i. He left Malaysia allhe age of Iq 10pursue a degree in electrical conlrol engineering 01Chiao Tung Universily. It was during his third year in university Ihal he began conducting ___!_ 4. Khein Seng is from a memory device for .r give up but keep Improving themselves.. Ulfenlng and Speaking Reading ~ let'.!1. 3. MANAGER HEIJI . listen and talk.. Khaln Seng wos a lop siudeni. His advice 10people who wonllo be successful is 10 hove palience with the things lhey are doing. Selangor..2{o) • <2.. His advice 10people who wont to be successful is .. He also odded Ihol one must not Comput. He invenled Ihe flash drive when he was 27 years old..I•• lllon Fill in the blanks.1i[b) '._ Tronlport 2.. Pua Khein Sang is a young Malaysian who invenled lhe flash drive. A .

computer. See you rIA..q. Word Meaning Sentence example rhonk ~JOUtor ~our r.hIhlll has "(It exlsted in the dictionary..4(a)(~ 3. Stll'e. that 1he word is in tire list of important words.._ ~. He invented the ftash drive provides sburnecooa. ~ @ ~ .-: 5" S. \'loule!!Jov be oble k) <orne for the prodice? Do you have on exira racquet? 1lost mine lostweek. In-vent h/IO'\'eIllJ verb meaning of the words I ""'_Slh 10produce or desig') $I.e._ 6oGt'riM)oPfO(.. 3.xt week.r let's read and write. ReadIng e_.. A flash drive is a memory device Ihe words you do nor There 'IIill be 0 -hodmlmon p<OCIlOOon Wednesdoy oesrweek. J hO''Ulelhol you (. 11- ~ *f let's read and write.. Arrange these words in alphabetical order. read the for storing information to or from a whole paragraph.ilWnPmri(~ n1ifl. Mr.3. Guess their meanings and then check them in the dictionary.2. Joajij before: who itll'('lItccl. end for storing information to or from a undetSlond.. A flash drive is a memory device First. Wa con b:un 0 $01from him.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .look for the Thank you... « who invented the flash drive. .'UA". You only reed to bring your racquet The school computer. . It stons 01 3:30 p.Y9S.he ~·tC(fl'n ('ngint'? Zh_SLh to ~<1}' ur describe sth d\. 2.m. underline Hi Nurul.especialty ill ceder to Irick The0-.. when he was 27 years old. Romesh is our newcooch Hewillbe I'Olnln9 us for throe monlhs.. II will be allhe school badminton coon.m guess Ihelr meonings.p. Can you lend me one 0.1ce Pua Khein 5eng is a young Malaysian nt 8 .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n.. U A" S E ~ . yours? Finally.iltis uot srue. 5e(ond.'(1Il OOHo\\'.@.~· « conduct device invent reseorcn patience HiJogjil. SofTy IQhecr about it.. Hope to see you soon.1(q) <:'IVIJ llli"WI _ I .. I.(lrtr. Writing How do we look for the meanings of words we do not understand in a reading passage? Pua Khein 5eng is a young Malaysian who invenled the flash drive. 2. I om gOhg for the(BncXI week. Wfs a good coccb. Try10 finishes 015:30 p. Nurul 4.. He invented the ftash drive when he was 27 years old. symbol shows Help Nurul to reply to Jagjifs message..=i:~":5S.

The mobile I ogree J use II to send and reply emoils You !JOurs phone is mine. five 10six hours 3. informalion websiles 5. Possessive pronouns are used 10show possession... Ihree 10four hours C. 2. 11- Writing s. ~. What do you use a computer for? I use a computer 10 A. a cyber cafe screen is crocked.~ .. C. send emails 4. snore files chot online. one 10two hours B.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n.J_. and ploy online games \file ours They theirs He h~ She hers It liS The laptop Is spoilt becouse It. search for informalion C. v ~ ( \ The words 'mine' and 'yoors' are possessive pronouns.. Subject Possessive Pronouns This is my mobile I mine phone. How long would you use a computer? I would use a computer for A. We use Ihem 10replace nouns.l(b) 15:1.2(0) <:'IVIJ:lIII"WI _ I . C.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Grammar . play games B. ~ let's learn and practise.

. 10. 11- '" A . The farmhouse is (his.lirtIe Red Riding Hood and 1ho Wcli .My grandparents live in the old farmhouse. The sharp white teeth. 8. Let's 'earn and practise. she saw. This is Rania's dress. The book belongs to me. mine). mine). (Ad0pled from the poem .I died . Create a two-line Poem with any of the words that rhyme. "He's going to eat me up!' she cried.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n.. Is the blue pen (yours. What is the tille of this poem? 2. He went and knocked on Grandma's door.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . 5. yours). 5. After a big Ileorly meal? I. hers) and lits. That he would like a decent meal. itsl or (its. This looks like your bag.2(0) <:'IVIJ :lIllI'".I 4. Is this bag Ihers. Example: feel . hers) but Nurut says it is Ihis... I. -May I come inT Poor Grandmo almost died. 11is not Iyours. 4. 7. hers). When Grandma opened it. hers). It is (hers.-~- Grammar Contemporary Utero lure As soon as Wolt began to feel. Kim Seng says the ruler is Ihis.1. hers). 2. Example: Howdo you feel. -.meal grin . theirs). Act out the poem.. These are Jagjifs shoes. They are Imine. Our house is neXito the police station. q This house is not (ours. Underline the correct pronouns. They are lours. the evil grin. yours)? 6. his). The television is lours. 11is (his. Who wrote the poem? 3. I - I . These are my cards. theirsl screen is big. mine)? 3. And Wolf said. b!J koolcl OQN) Answer these questions. List words that rhyme in the poem.

Be Safe Inspector Hashim: Please tell me what is missing from your home. the television set. Ramesh and his family come home after a wedding dinner.3. They were shocked to see . Inspector Hashim: Anything else. Inspector Hashim: Is there anything missing from the kitchen? Mrs. the microwave oven and the water filter Mr. {) • What happened to Mr... 11- Llslenlng and Speaking '). the pointing.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .. we found two things that do not belong to us. Ramesh : My!wo sons' coin boxes and daughter's music player are gone. the computer. Theirdesignerjeans and T-shirtsare gone. Ramesh : My husband's gold watch. my diamond ring and bracelet in the bedroom are also missing.Let's listen and talk.. Inspector Hashim come to investigate. Ramesh's house? • How did the burglars get into the house? • What did they take from the house? • What time do you Ihink the burglars come into the house? 1. Ramesh : Well. I ~ Inspector Hashim : Is there anything taken from the children's bedrooms? Mr.I_(a}(c) <:'IVIJ :lIllI'".. Mr..PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. . too. and the printer in the living room are missing. are missing. a cap and a hair band. Mr. Inspector Hashim: What about the master bedroom? Mrs.. Ramesh : Yes. Ramesh : Oh yes. I - I . Ramesh? Mr.

Let's read and answer.2. Inspector Hashim gives Mr... 11- ~!'" Ustening and Speaking Reading ~ Let's listen and talk. Whose telephone numbers should children have? 4.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. 2..2:3(b) <:'IVIJ :lIllI'". Romesh and his neighbours some home safety ~ps: Why should we turn down the volume on the What do you soy when: home telephone before we leave? • your friend's father has on occident? 2. ~~.. Ramesh's neighbours come over to express sympathy and offer help. Think of other ways we can keep our home safe.2(1) .-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . 2. Mr. Why do you think tools or ladders should not be • your friend's pet has died? left outside the house? • your friend's uncle is ill? 3. I - I .

~ Let's read and answer.

Kim Seng
Do you know Ihot Mr. Ramesh's house was broken
Inlo yeslerday?
Yes, I am sod and worried that our neighbourhood
has become unsafe. What can we do about this?
Reading _. Let's write.


Mama Goot : I am going to the morket now. so be careful not to lei
Pravin Well, the police are looking Into the burglary. They any slrangers into the house. Be safe. my children!
sold they will send more police cars to potrol our oreo. Kids IAII four) : Bye mama. we will be careful.
Kim Seng We can1Just depend on the police 10 help us. Mr. Wolf sees Mamo Goolleoving the house.
We must do somelhing 10 keep our neighbourhood sofe. Mr, WaH : Ah·ho. now is my chance to eol the kids.
I heard that the adults In our neighbourhood are He knocks on the door and colis 10 the kids.
forming a Neighbourhood Walch. Mr. WoH : Children. moma Is bock. Please open the door.
Kid One : No. no. your voice Is rough. our memo's voice is
Wholls lhot?
K'Jd Two : You are not our mama.
A Neighbourhood Walch Is a programme 10 keep the Kid Three : We will not open lhe door.
neighbourhood safe. Kid Four : Go away! Go owoy!
How Is it done?
Every member will lake turns walking in groups from Mr. Wolf goes home 10 lake some honey.
slreello street 10 make sure that all the houses are sofe. Mr. Wolf : Ah, now my voice Is as sweet as Mama Goat's.
Pravin Is Ihal all? Mr. Wolf is bad: al the house. He knocks on the door and co/Is to the kids.
Kim Seng They also set up check polnts 01junctions to discourage Mr. Wolf : Children. mama is bock. Please open the door.
strangers from coming into the neighbourhood. Kid One : No. no. your paws are block. our mama's pows are while.
Pravin That sounds good! I would like tojoin. Kid Two : You are not our mama.
Kim Seng We are too young to Join the Neighbourhood Watch. Kid Three : We will nol open the door.
We can help by Informing our parents if we see any Kid Four : Go away! Go away!
unusual activlly or suspicious-looking people.
Pravin You are right. Iwill help keep our neighbourhood Mr. Wolf goes tiom« 10 put some flour on his paws.
safe, too. Mr. Wolf : Ah, now my paws are as white as Mama Goal's.
Mr. Wolf is back 01 the house. He knocks on the door and calls to the kids.
State True or Folse.
Mr. Wolf : Children. mama is bock. please open Ihe door.
I. We should depend on the police alone to keep us safe. Kid One ....
2. The purpose of a Neighbourhood Watch is to keep the
neighbourhood safe.
3. Kim Seng and Pravln cannot Join the Neighbourhood Watch.
4. We can always trust suspiclous·looking people. What do you Ihink happened? Wililhe kids practise home safely lips?
5. Children can help keep the neighbourhood safe. Write an ending to the slory and act it out.

2:2:.2(0) 3:3.1(g) -2.l..1(9)

1 1 111•••••
HEIJI - PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n.... 11-

fi'Let's read and write.
Writing s:
~ Let'slearnand practise.

This is Mr. Ramesh's gold watch. What is that?
II belongs to Mr. Ramesh. Which of the two Ihings found did not belong 10Ihe family?
Whose gold watch is this' Who is giving Mr. Ramesh advice?
II is Mr. Ramesh's gold watch. Whom should you inform if you are going on a holiday?
Whose lelephone numbers should Ihe children know?
These are his sons' coin boxes.

I They belong to his sons.
Whose coin boxes are these?
What. which. who. whom. and whose are inlerrogalive pronouns:
we use them 10ask queslions.

They are his sons' coin boxes. 'WhoI' is used 10ask aboul a person or a Ihing.

These are his Chiidren'SjeanS'M
They belong to his children.
Whose jeans are Ihese?
They are his children'sjecos.
Fill in the blanks.
I. This diamond ring belongs to Mrs. Ramesh. >
This is diamond ring.
2. This music player belongs to her daughter.

'Which' is used to ask you 10choose a person or a thing.
This is music player.
3. These T-shirts belong to her children.
These are T-shirts.
4. That cot belongs to her aunt.
Thai is cat.
5. Those books belong 10Jagjil.
Those are books. .
6. Those hots belong to the men. -
Those oreat hats.
Form questions using the word In brackets.
Copy this paragraph. Put the apostrophes (,s or s') In the correct places.
I. This is a cop. IWhali
They found a man cop. It Is nol Mr. Ramesh COp.II is also not the boys 2. Her name is Kinah. (What)
cap. Then Ihey found a girl hair band. II is nol Mrs. Romesh hair band. 3. The small music player belongs to her. (Whichl
The police Ihink thollhey are Ihe burglar things. 4. The gold wotch belongs to Mr. Romesh. (Which)


<:'IVIJ:lltll'!,I1 _

-II 111•••••

~ Grommor' Contemporary literature
_ Let's leam and practise, • Let's read.
'Whose' is used to ask who something belongs to.

Form questions using the word in brackets.
I. Those are his sons' coin boxes. [Whosel
2. Mrs. Ramesh's microwave oven was stolen. IWhose)
3. Mr. Ramesh's neighbours come to express sympathy. IWhosel
4. His doughter's music player wos stolen. (Whose)
5. Inspector Hashim's car is parked in front of their house. IWhosel
'Who' and whom' are used to ask about a person.
Example: I nspecfor Hoshim talks to his officers every day.

Form questions using 'who' and 'whom'.
I. Provin speaks to Kim Seng every evening.
2. Encik Rahman visits his parents every weekend.
3. Mr. Ramesh greets Encik Rahman every moming.
4. Mrs. Ramesh sends her sons for football practice every afternoon. What were the Artful Dodger and Charley Bates doing?
S. The guards check on the families in the neighbourhood every day. Were their actions good or bad? Why?

SJ.2(b) • $:2.1

<:'IVIJ:lltll'!,I1 _

ePA-.. 'elves'. fteryour teacher.nd pointto t~he:~ture}.~~Q. <2.-II III•• MANAGER HEIJI . y 0* magic wand armour fairy gnome elves magic potion ogre sword crown carrioge monster cosne Okay. ~ ~. ~ .. and Describe the character . I pick 'coslie'.ThenS. o"! ..PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I 11- Gil~ .. My sentence are they dOing? would be .2 <:'IVIJ:lltll'!. Listening and Speaking Rosemary and the Four Gutsy Gnomes ~ let's hsten an Liste. How man!JC haracters can s you see an the cover rnoqlc wond . ddo.I1 1_ .

They were resting after a tiring day of plucking wild berries in the forest... Look at the pictures. Predict the ending of the story.. They respected her. Tell a story to your friend.'-" strong monsters . Her heart was with her people. 11- ~~ Ustening and Speaking Let's listen and talk..rnountcns- Rosemary could not do anything to save her people.. but she knew she needed to get help from other creatures. _' ~ '.. there lived a Once upon a time. ' ..... She lived in the kingdom" ' of Renosia with the fairies and elves. ~ . • ran· took. I s: 1 -~~ :. a terrible thing happened.i. Fierce monsters attacked the land.(! i-: to own Renosia. ~. What do you think happened Rosemary went to them for help. happily with the king and queen. there was a princess named Arabella. Rosemary. she stumbled upon four gnomes silting on toadstools. ~ Let's read and answer. She flew as fast as she could through a secret tunnel and escaped. They wonted I()~/r... !__'.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Nobody could defend themselves against the big. They held all the magical creatures.. She lived beautiful fairy princess named . to the monsters? . )( . A long time ago.... One night .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • t1I . Suddenly. _ lived _ happily _ king and queen _ One day. ' Rosemary was kind and helpful to her people.

. They could not move at all.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I I 1 •••••• 11_ Reading Writing The gnomes felt sorry for the princess.001'' '1 _ I . everyone believed that good will always triumph over evil. " • they • Forweeks. returned 10Renosia. I . She told -Use the words below to make the story more Interesting.>1. When they were finally ready.. Rosemary and her brave gnomes • Rosemary was a kind and helpful princess. sprinkled Ihe magk potions and all the monsters were turned into stone. Let's write. In the end. they all lived happily ever after.2(0) • 2 . them about the evil monsters who took over her kingdom. • One day. Rosemary and the gnomes retumed to Renosia and sprinkled the magic pollons on the monsters. They gave her food and clothes. They were resting after a tiring day of plucking wild berries In the forest. They successfully took over the kingdom. magic pollons on the monsters. people and her kingdom. Rosemary and her brave gnomes ron to the dungean and freed all the prisoners...". When they were finally ready. • Rosemary flew quickly through a secret tunnel. • She stumbled upon foor gnomes sitting on toadstools. The gnomes fought the monsters bravely. . flerce monsters attacked the land. 22.she stumbled upon four gnomes shting on toadstools. they managed 10defeat the monsters and lived happily fNer after. the gnomes planned a surprise oncck on the monsters. Everyone wos happy and grotefulto Rosemary and her brave gnomes.tJ!!!) -. They mode magic potions to turn Ihe monsters into stone. . Rosemary presented a pot of gold to the gnomes and thanked them. They gave her food I clothes.. I she really wanted to save her • The gnomes gave her food and clothes. they planned a surprise attack on When they were finally ready. So lor weeks. they returned to Renosla and sprinkled the monsters. I .the monsters were defeated. they planned a surprise attock on the monsters. • Fi1aIIy. The monsters were stunned and immedialely turned into stone.. She wonted to save her flnafly and but then suddenly people and her kingdom. Rosemary was tired I frightened. So with that. So for weeks. The gnomes Sequence the sentences in the correct order.-II MANAGER HEIJI 1111 . 1(0) .. They made magic potions to turn the monsters into stones. felt sorry for the princess. I.

.. Use the words to write a story. 8. Examples: 8aseWords Post Tense put put cut cut hu~ h"~ let let read teod Read the sentences.forgot . Grammar She fan as fasl as she could into the forest.friends ..birthday . .shouted 'Happy Birthday' 3.palace .. . 5. 3A_.. Circle the irregular verbs. These are also called irregular verbs.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n. it was Rosemary's birthday . Begin your story with: 6.searched . They remain the some in the present and past tense.came out .. The gnomes put the wild berries in a basket. One day. 7 The soldiers rode horses to catch the escaped prisoners... The princess hurt herself when she tripped over a stone.surprise party . Rosemary lived a wonderful life after the gnomes defeated the monster. 4. The gnomes felt sorry for the princess. Let'slearn and practise.n begcn keep ~epi buy bought know knew cal ate make mode . _. The prince began hisjourney to the mountains early in the morning. 11- Writing J. Examples: 60se Words Post Tense Base Words Post Tense beg. I. 2..I(b) <:'IVIJ:lIl4I'!. feet feU tide rode nobody. They do not end with -d or -ed in the post tense. Irregular verbs are part of Simple Past Tense.everywhere . The woodcutter cut wood in the forest yesterday.sad . They held all the creatures captive. fly flew see saw get got swim swam give gave leach tought go went win won hold held write wrote Some verbs do not change form.birthday .I1 _ I .celebrate .friends . . The maid let the frog out of the caslle. Ran is an irregular verb.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .

f. The beautiful princess (mel. They f-.MANAGER -'1 111••••• HEIJI .. you miss a turn. Grammar Willlail'did yot:! do ye·sterday? I. sell !{ For example. The king (tells. He ~ (selll the shoes and had money to buy food. Grammar . come .. (is) aboul the elves and the shoemaker.. say I. You need a dice and some tokens. Read the passage below. person who reaches 'Finish' wins the game.Qlet's playa game. . They y. lisl surprised to see the shoes. The prince (took.I< . see . takes) over the throne after Ihe king died. <:'IVIJ:lIl4I'!. 7. rode) on his horse 10save Ihe princess from Ihe evil queen lost night. leftl after Ihey finished making five pairs of shoes. take . you need to describe the picture using the simple past tense 3. The elves (leave.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 ' • n. I. I Icul) and sewed many pairs of beautiful shoes for the shoemaker. f.I q speak - k. 1'- A . One night. The next morning. Iput) them on the shoe rack for the shoemaker to see. Iwo elves k. the shoemaker I. - ". teach . The first 4. 4. 6. The knighl (rides. S. If you are unable to describe the picture correctty. "1 drank wafer yesterday-. by soying. Choose the correct answer. pay I.I1 _ I . meell her handsome prince and they lived happily ever after. make . throw . 8. (come) to make shoes. 10.f.~ let's learn and practise. It k. [make) beautiful clothes for the elves to repay them for their kindness. I. Write the simple past form of these words. 2. Change the verbs in the brackets to past tense. • Roilihe dice and move according 10 Ihe number on Ihe dice. Rosemary Ie (read) a book last nighl. if your token lands on square number 6. 5. The shoemaker k. 3. I. (become) very IIIand coutd not offord to make shoes. He /. 2. told) his people to work hard and live a better life this morning.

~ Cut 4 cm in the into half.1. it also did not seem strange to Alice to hear the rabbrt say. Based on the passage above. retold by 3. Gorhaml (J Draw a picture ~ Write the story from around the mouth. and looked at into a triangle. • Let's read. Page 47. write a dialogue for Alice or the rabbit to soy and act.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . 11- Language Arts ~ . dear! I shall be late!" ~ Fold each flap ~ Push the flaps ~ Open the paper. (Adopted from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland wriHen by Lewis Coroll. But when the rabbrt took a watch out of its packet. and was just in time to see it go down a large rabbit hole near the hedge.lhere goes a rabbll. inside..I1 _ I . 0.:10) <:'IVIJ:lIl4I'!. middle of the paper. .. Whalls il doing? IIis talking and looking at its pocket watch. Seeing a rabbrt running passed her was not a strange thing.~ Let's make.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 .3. "Oh. dear! Oh.. for she knew that it was the first time she had seen a rabbit with a watch. Example: Alice: Oh. Alice got up quickly. j~ You need: A4 paper Scissors Coloured pencils (! C~~ How to make: Fold an A4 paper ~ Fotd it in half again. C.. it and then ran on. She ran to get a look at rt. At that time.

Jusl because you do nol see Ihe rubbish. beach dean-up? How do y-ou feel when you look Ollhis plclUre? When people Ihrow rubbish inlo drains and rivers. it does nol mean it is gone.. My doss is going 10cleon 0 nearby beoch on Intemotonol Beach Cleon-upDay. We should organise dean·ups ot beaches. Throwing rubbish an beaches and from baals inlo Ihe sea harms our environmenl. G"~i) cG:f let's talk. \'Vould you like to come wilh me to the '" ". river bonks. I Oh thai s 100bod People should be more responsible. Why are you cleaning up the beach? ~ The beach used to be beau. and ()~!U parks 10keep Ihe environment dean. 1.2J(~)(b) <:'IVIJ:lIl:SI'wl _ I . Hi. Jogjit._II MANAGER 111••••• HEIJI .aul but now It IS • lull ollubblsh. it will end up in Ihe sea. Care for the Sea Nurul is inviting Jagjillo a beach clean·up. Whal can you do 10prevenl pollulion of Ihe sea? Would you like 10go 10she environmental exhibition with me? ~ I must throw rubbish into ~ bins and nOllnlO the droil\$.PERSONAL USE ONLY I 1 • n••• ~~ Listening ond Speoking ~ let's listen and talk.

Kinah is waiting on the beach.. The slorfish is 'eloled I. they reach the eggs. G ~ \Nhereare starfish found? WhOllS Ihe Slonish Starfish are found in the sea. Then.. They saw a presentation there. she sees the outline of a Starfish turtle in the dark. What will disturb a nesting sea turtle? 4. They watch the turtle from a distance. 2.. loaves or stems. ~o I rllfo'r" They help the hatchery officer bury the eggs in 0 new hole in the hatchery. It is moving slowly out of the water. She points out the turtle to her father. buried in the hatchery? 5. • Closely related to sea urchins Kinah is very excited to see the turtle. Kinah helps them to take the eggs aut from the nest and put them into a pail carefully.MANAGER HEIJI . Answer these questions. they immediately take the eggs to the turtle hatchery nearby. Where is Kinah? 2.. loud noise and bright • Have colours that hide them from enemies lights will dislurb a nesting turtle. Her parents are watting near • Have hard.3J(b) <:'IVIJ:lIl:SI'wl _ I . How does Kinah help to conserve the sea turtles? What is special about ~ the semveed? They do no' hove 'S:l! roots. When the hole is big and deep enough. He nods his head. tt covers the hole with sand again.. It storts to dig a hole with tts Seaweed flippers.6 2. it crawls back into the sea. • What is special about them soc wocd ()('t Ih¢ Inl(::r'(lC1. Kinah and Pravin visited an environmental exhibition. Then.3J(g) . Why is Kinah excited? 3. 1'- ~. USlenlng and Speo~lng Reading ~ Let's listen and talk. 1.1.. After some time. bony skin her. The officer marks the sand clearly with a sign.. Who marks the sand with a sign after the eggs are related to? ~!l 10 Ihe seo urchin. After the eggs Talk about: hatch... Kinah's • Produce food through photosynthesis • Some seaweed may be eaten father and mother dig into the sand. After • Do not hove roots. At last. the turtle starts to lay eggs. Kinah will help to take the hatchlings out to the beach and release • Where starfish and seaweed are found them. She hopes the hatchlings will survive and come bock one day. but she knows she cannot shout out to them.!I. leaves or stems that..PERSONAL USE ONLY• Ii . The turtle is looking for a place to lay her eggs. • n.1A!!!) . Her • Their features Search for moreinfottlY1llon obcut family helps with the turtle conservation programme every year.

. Predict what will happen if: You may use the following painls in your poster: • a turtle is caught in a fishing net. Ad.Ihe green turtle. These sea turtles polluted beach. \~Je should also not eat their eggs. The beaches where they nest are pOIiUled There 1$ also 100much development on Ihe beeches. 1'- ~ Reading Writing ~...-""(: let's read. and Pravin are collecting rubbish on a hawksbililurtle. let's read and write.2. • Protect our jungles • we keep ealing turtle eggs.3(b} '3.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n. 1 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .lurlle.2(b) • 2. -=.) <:'IVIJ:lIl:SI'wl _ I . plastic containers from Ihe beach. Jagjit. Kinah. 100.Nurul. Jagjit is picking up pieces of papers and paper cups. Kim Seng. There are four types of sea turtles found in Malaysia .2. How can we help lhelurtles? \f!/e Should nOI throw tubblsh Into Ihe seo Of on Ihe beach. Lobel the Items they found on the beach._.. The noise and brighl lights will disturb the lurtles. and olive-ridley lurlle.11 sea lurtles are also occidenlolly coughl in fishing nels all the time. lealherbacl:. Make a posler enlilled "Core for Our Environment".2(0) . ..2.3.1{9. • Recycle woste 2. Kim Seng and Kinah are pulling a fishing net out of the sand. • Don't pollute rivers and Ihe sea • we disturb a nesting turtle. 3.. • Throw rubbish into bins • a turtle tries to nest on a beach full of rubbish. Nurul is collecting are all endangered. Pravin is picking up aluminium cans. Vo/e should not disturb the turtles when they nest. Some people eollhe eggs.

. .... "Thank you for inviting me: said Kinoh. would you like to go with me to the tree-planting programme 7. Iwalk to the park.... They are playing football In the field. We can use the Present Continuous Tense to talk about things 'We must always throw our rubbish into bins. I plan to hove a Father's Day dinner tonight.PERSONAL USE ONLY•.r. storting now. 2. I. Theladies ore sewing new cUrloins for Ihe hol/. 5. He practises for the squash competition nexJ month. Happening now: Questions I am going fa fhe taekwondo toumament now_ He is eating a sandwich at the canteen. good moming pravin said rania 2.. romesh 4. She is swimming in the pool. 3.. Example: She swims in the pool.. Romesh is trovelling in Europe at the moment.. i. If everybody does this. happening around a time. 6. "''' '. . Puspa bakes cakes for the fair.. our environment will be cleaner' said Mr. Exclamations Mr. I would be delighted to go with you replied kim seng 3..._I I MANAGER HEIJI . 4. Kinoh and Jogjn decorate the room for the party. Rewrite these sentences with correct punctuation marks. oh dear there's so much rubbish in the river sold nurul 5. Pravin's father cuts the grass in the garden.. Happening around a time: I om making a wou wilh grandfather. sayings or quotations. llil mi •• I I I I •••••• 11- let's write. conversation. Quototion marXs are symbols thot indicate a speech or Writing A Let's learn and practise. The boys read comics in their room. I did not see you at the beach clean-up yest9(dayjelini said nurul 6. asked provin 8.'1\11:1 :l1II"wl _ I . Ramesh Example: I om reading willl tatner today. ~ 60 .~ are utterances. Nurul sweeps the Hoor. We put them around words to show thotthcy fJ~.. Examples: Sentences The Present Continuous Tense shows us what Is happening now. Change the sentences to Present Continuous Tense. have you finished your scrapbook yet asked mr... I am IrcweJJing10 Pedis wilh my brolher on 50lurday. Ms. Example: Thehealthy lifeslyle campaIgn I. Grammar I om going to school now. 10m p/o!)ng badminton wilh Provin Ihls evening.. I .

Grandma. _ Let's practise. Grandma.PERSONAL USE ONLY ~. Please get well soon.salad - 5J. The Wolf follows her to Grandma's house. Grandma. my Bonnie to me. Beware! . bring back. Oh bring bock.3(c:) 4. Please get well soon.. Red Riding Hood walks in thejungle. my Bonnie to me. bU Roald OahU My Boonle lesover Ih0 ocean... Grandma. Grandma. Grandma. Bring bock. Brir)g bock. Grandma. Beware! Oh Beware! The Wolf would eat dear Grandma. (To the tune of My 80/}I)jeJ . "" The Wolf would eat dear Grandma. IAdopled from the poem 'UI~e Red Riding Hood and the \'IoH . bring bock. Qh. To vis~ her Grandma who's sick. Unknown to her the Wolfs watching. an I>'In9 bock my Boonle 10mo.. Tome. the clue words to help you. Use Red Riding Hood walks in thejungle. My Bonnie lies over the sea. Oh bling bock. Grommor' Wrile a sentence in the Present Cantinuous Tense for each picture.1. To vis~ her Grandma who's sick.1 <:'IVIJ:lPIlI''''1 _ I . My Bonnie lies over the ocean. Grandma. Unknown to Miss Red Riding Hood. Red Riding Hood walks near the hills. ._II MANAGER 111••••• HEIJI . Beware! oh.

1n ~ June 20_ • ._ PrO'.oJ.\fl)gRlo.ely!>log! Ih..~~ -~ Nome C!Jmment: Thismorning Mr.omf.tdMifJ9. <:'IVIJ:lI'III'wl _ I .gp. TocleanIhegarden. Mr. Romeshexplained to us "'..:.. ..:\w. 11- listening and Speaking Slogging .I~ . Pravin look I. ".....pUllhe rocks and slones in Ihe comer. make the a photograph of Ihe garden before we started Kim Sen" flowerbeds.. filo"ks lerIho • L _" video recording.loosonthe soilwith spades or trowels.Nexl...d~. -"'.. pholographis big cnd cleor. children! we wont tocreolea gardenIhollooks likeIhis. lasdy.slack Lost week.s. Then. Romesh decided to replant tHe "hem. tho wer Ing on I .J1I~. bJ... Romosh: Wei done. Nurul.~. fOf selling up lhe Kim Seng.Afterthatlay plants in Our school gorden. done.Kinoh 4 June 20 - ~r~·~~ . path.:~ .. P'ovill! Mr.~~Nurul' ~:"'1.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n... .and I were there 10help." ~. Klnoh Ihe polsnexllo the wall. ~ _ .. Kino": what we must do to deon the gorden.MANAGER HEIJI 111 ••••• . Well . t><t '"::.'p.. ki ·1 Hey...a9rszl.. Provin.

' . . He was holding a neslling in his handkerchieft Itmust have fallen from ils nest.~u. . Nurulalmostcried. while painting at a rose bush...e. was moving In Ihere.. two being one more than one There ore two adult birds in the tree. 1'- ~ Reading Reading @' let's read and answer. Choose the correct homophones. Immediately.. ~ let's read. @ @ #} A few' minutes lote-r. Word Meaning Example I. to towards. Soy the words below..2. f I June 20_ Todaysomelhing inleresling happened in our Mr.~~ went bock 10 their nest to comfort their nestling. They have the same sound but different meaning.. garden. Theadult birds began chirping even louder now. __ d.. We did not pay much Nurul: 2. SomeThingwas moving in Illere. rose a kind of flower Tills Is 0 rO~ plon/. Mr.. Rameshwent closer to look. Some homophones have the same spelling. IIwas also chirping... ~ brake brea~ the pots when stacking them.t(b) <:'IVIJ:lI'III''''1 _ I . so Mr. we Ihoughllhe eose who ore In need.$it Suddenly Nurulwas screamingand running towards us. the two adult birds .. "'air Thobirds flow back to thejr nest.T\Ais 0 kind gill. 1 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .We alilhought it was a snake and stayed for away. Ramesh? ~ What kondof person do you want to b~? 2.he-rose from the bush smiling.rl if we do not water them. thor. rose past tense of 'rise' A few minutes lofer... Romesh: N\. At first.y. What was moving In the bush? Why did the pupils stay for away? What kind of person is Mr. Two birds were chirping loudly while we She has sympolhy for 1.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. Rameshclimbed up a ladder and put the nestling and was trying hard to free itself. 2._. opposite of 'from' She was running 10us. anention to them. he rose from the bush. birds werejusl happy to see us. They are called homophones. Thenestlingwas not hurt. ~ Itwas a very touchingmomenl. back into its nest. were weeding under a tree. Th()nk.. Something I@ I. 2.~~ . We realised that they were worried aboul their baby.

000 speciesof ferns in Ihewortd Choose a topic below and write a notice. ·3.Heoding/Su~ct _ _:___: _ _J 15 June 20_ Today we discoveredtwo interestingplants in Norul: This is to inform all friends and visitors to} M!J mum $01.2. see you soon' because ils fine leoflels the some. Jelini will take I L Coorents -' • A mimosa plant over my garden dulies while I am away. and she wonts to plom one hcfSe:tf holiday s. . I searched the Internet and found some fascinating facts on them. • Things to bring for arts and croft lesson ~ro'lip 'o'~ • Changes to Ihe examination dates Search the Internet for more informotion on local plants.. NOTICE Theword 'notkc' 18 August _------------> :::==o:o:te==~ Away on A Holiday -+ L.----~ closequickly when touched Kinah -+ ~==No=m=.2(b) <:'IVIJ I - :111"1'101 I . 1'- ~ Reading Writing . Write aboul the: ~' of homework • size of the plonts • colour of Iheir leaves and flowers • special features Put the notice on your classroom notice boord..~.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n..15 Ihe Our Garden that I shall be away on a gorden. My cousin. I shall be back on 25 August.tarting tomorrow._. Let's read and write. Let's read and do.===! • Has sharp thorns on its stem (Owner of Our Gardenl -+ F • Has pink or yellow flowers Tille • Afem • Grows from spores • One of the oldest plants on earth • Over 10. fern isbeoulilU. 100.... 1 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Klnah: • Also called a shy plant My mum soys Take core everyone. Present them in a poster.

The gardener gave the reea. -e' before the 'e' sound. the pupils were laying the path. I. Rewrite the sentences using the post continuous.. At 3 o'clock. the pupils were carrying rocks and stones. The sun (set) when the pupils finally finished their work. 'i' before 'e'.1. Nurul (run) towards the other pupils. He was holding a nestling in his handkerchief! A Let's leam and prac. Those misch "vous boys were throwing balls into our garden. The pupils saw something interesting as they (work) in the garden. when the 'e' sound comesofter the letter 'e'. rho word '(oiling' has tho IOhC( form of 'am' and ts'. were chirping. The house plant is so toll that If reaches the cling.. the pupils were stocking the pots. so the leller 'e' comes before the feller f. piece them to show continuous For example. the pupils were pulling out the weeds. hondkerchief Were' is the post tense form of receipt 'are' and was' is the post tense Ho·we· ver. 3.Hin rule Examples examples of verbs in the Past Continuous Tense. deceive pe((ol\'G- Read aloud. ~ Let's read and spell aloud. except after 'c'. then the letter 'e' receive comes before the Iellcr'l'. SOIhe letter -t comes believe actions happening in the past. We felt rei ved when the nestling was saved. 3. before tho tenet '.4 S_.. 5. Complete the words using 'ie' or 'el'. I. 4. the word 'thiel' hos the 'e' sound. At II o'clock. 3. 11- _~et's spellthem right. 4. 2. At q o'clock.'.tise.2. 5. Now the pupils are making flower beds. Something was moving in there. pt to the headmaster. We use brief when the sound is -e'. There is a f Id next to our garden. Pravin found a mimosa plant as he lroke) the leaves..PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. ~I At 7 o'clock. Grommar Two birds were chirping loudly while we were weeding under a tree. A bird (chirp) in the bush. and was weeding are The"". ( 7 a clock ) ( q o'clock) \. For example. 2. There is a spelling rule that can help us to remember whether to place 'i' before or after 'e': Was moving. Ihe lenet 'I' comes before the leller 'e'.3(d) <:'IVIJ I - :111"1'101 I .-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .

. Roll the dice and move according to the number on the dice.. when The Kinoh and mytricnd headmaster Nllrulwcrc .. 0 0 KimSengwos 0 0 ThE!pupils were tAdoPled from 'Grcphic Dickens: Oliver T·. neslling..ond .-' 'O'~~ _ jus1 noVl.. The first person that reaches IXl§l. wos . 11- i1!'lt • Grammor' Contemporaryliterature ~Let's playa game. chirped when I wcs weeding_ Jwos ... Look up the following words in your dictionary: (eng.. o snake. you may comptete the phrase by saying "The birds chirped when I was watering the plonts. • let's read.. G The girls ~ e Nurulwos . branches. You need 0 dice ond some tokens.'sf resctd by Hooey &minghom.. e The boys were wero .3(d) 4.. - We were . he was happy there? SJ.1(~ <:'IVIJlU:I'''' 1 _ I . yesterday.'. 'while 0 --1Im:~:.-_ • 1woo . For example..ill is the winner G) $ G e 1ft " .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n...h"nlhe bell ".__.... 0 tte bOds 0 He VlOS .. Mrs.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI ..2. Why do you think ploots.. was .the The countryside collage was a happy place for Oliver. she were .) ". • • .. you move three steps backwards. when he SC]I!I .. yesterdoy. \\IOS ••• e . countryside cottage summer • • - 0 sbe wos ..- qorden.. in the ondshe SOW(l ." If you lond on a leof. called me. Iosl week. 1hewhole day.. Use a verb in the Past Continuous Tense to complete the sentence or you miss a tum. if you land on square number 3...Moylie and everyone in her house moved 100 cOllnlryside conoqe for lhe summer. While he wos Hstorted10 e The qordener 41) The teacher <ut11nglhe (oin vAllie lhay was .. in tho field..

. e correctpicture Repea t after your teacher the Thieves .4'·1.d crew cvl hoir hooked nose pointed ears long hair big eyes cur1!J hair full lips scarred face bald head shon beord thick..12·1.I.) 1... ~ ""'_ jJ' - i"--.... .tena~n~~"'·~~e ~/ .1.4 <:'IVIJ I 1- :111"1'101 ._/ l:.i._.. 1 III•• MANAGER HEIJI .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 1'- Llslenlng and Speaking The Prince and ~~ ~ let's listen and talk. moustoche Ihinlips bock leelh 1._.3_.1(<.

Jamal. The ministers were worried. came up with a plan 10persuade the prince to return to his throne. They agreed. Quielly. One day. This man has curly hair. He locked himself in the palace and refused 10meel anyone.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .·r~~~§-_-. was to be the new king. He pul on old dofhes and wenl out. • He has pointed ears and long hair. ~ Let's read and answer. the king died of old age. He decided 10invesligole. Their country did not seem 10have a ruler.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 11- G\flo Ustening and Speaking ~ Let's listen and answer. However. As he lisle ned. Kudin. Chief Minister's house.:a.. could join them.. The Ihird Ihief. Prince Foriz warned them that • He has small eyes and a white beard. The second thief. said he could Describe it to your friend. One nighl. there were many guards at the • He has curly hair and thick eyebrows. He saw Ihree men whispering togelher. A long lime ago. The first thief.::==========::- __ guards. Kimal. Prince Fariz was very sad over his father's death. Prince Fariz heard some voices oulslde his room. Prince Fariz. <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I . befriend any animol. • He is tall and handsome. moustache and a sharp hooked nose. the prince asked the thieves whether he • He is bald and has a scar on his cheek. He wrote down his worries and concem aboul the prince and his counlry on a piece of paper. Kaduk. he realised Ihallhey were Ihieves. He has a thick said he could open any locked door. Ihe Chief Minisler. there was a country called Langkapura. Soy the nome of the person described below. said he could hypnotise the _~~'r~lIf::. His son. Choose a picture. They were planning 10steel from Ihe Chief Minister's house.

2. They were the palace guards. In a story. These are the persons in the slory. I- 5. Supporting characters ace less important. What did Jamal write on a piece of paper? Plot ..2(0) • 2. 4. Prince Fariz ordered Jamal to come to the palace.. Kudin. They ore coiled main characters. I. Supporting characters: Answer these questions. middle. you will find: He quitely kept the paper in his pocket. ". was all a plan to help him be aware of his duty to his country. Some chorocters ore more Charaders important. The other choracters are the supporting characters.3(b) 3..PERSONAL USE ONLY • n••• 11- Writing They broke into Jamal's let's read and write.What happened: in tbe beginningof Ihe story. Why was Prince Fariz so sad? 2. Kimol. and end of the Slaty Fariz showed him the papers. The wise and kind prince decided .-II 11••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Jamal calmly explained to the prince that it Now complete the boxes below based on the story.. 1. They removed their handkerchiefs from their faces. Why do you think Prince Fariz ordered Jamal to come to the palace? What do you think Prince Forlz will do now?~~ 2.. house. What special abilrties did the three thieves have? or meend of the Slaty 6.2. How did the old king die? 3. As they were searching Read the story 'The Prince and the Thieves' again. and Kodukl Prince Fariz then realised that Jamal Main characters: Ii' was a good man and a very clever advisor. Jamal then Selling: .1(0) <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I . coiled for the three thieves.2. Prince Foriz found a piece of paper on the table.. The four of them went I Selting This is the place or lime where Ihe slary lakes place.. their separate ways after they divided the loot.. the house. Why did Prince Fariz put on old clothes before he went auf' in lhe middle of Iheslory. Prince PIoI The events 11'101 happen at the ~glnnln9. I The next day.

.2(c) <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I .. PrinceFarizis reading a message of sympathy sent by his friend. lam /. he was sod.. I can I: . Thethief stole the gold becoUle he The/hIe! was gr. 11- tfIfl __ let's read and write. Theminister was glad $0 he smiled . ? Your 1-. However.. He WO$sod so tie cried. Dear Prince Fariz.. • A neighbour who lost his cousin. ~.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n...} about the loss of your father. Dear J: . Writing :ff:. I can r-------. The ministers were worried because their country had no king.2.. understand how you are feeling now. the princewould not However..tise. Solulolion Because and $0 are conjunctions. PrinceArif. Grammar ~ let's learn and prac..-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Theminister smiled because he • A friend who lost his grandfather. I was shocked and sorry to hea. We use '50'10 explain a result of on action.. LI __ (_O_"_IO_nl__ . He did not want to meet anyone so he locked himself in the palace. ----------> Nome of Ihe receiver We use 'becouseto show reason. you have to be strong and do take care of yourself.J He cried becau . wos glad .!. wosgreedy..edy so he Slole /he gold. Complete the sentences using because or so.. the prince refused to rneet anlJOne..

One day. W I cent leave them alone. write a message to Dinah.. But I brought a fox. you know. goose. my deor! I wish you were down here with me. down. a went on. Discuss what the farmer should do to get his animals and beans to the market using 'because' and 'so'. Down..1 <:'IVIJ:lIXII'wl _ I .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. the goose LewisC(lron. tell me the truth.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . let me show you how . • tell Dinah that you hope she is given milk at tea-time. and the long fall was over. Farmer : I cannot go to the market I have not "Dinah. C. Do you eat bats?" Chief Minister : So how is that a problem? All at once. across the river the boot can only carry And Just as she asked her. There are no mice in the air. been able to solve a problem.. Imagine you are Alice. Gorhaml will eat the beans. "Now. I cannot leave the goose (Adopted hom Alice's Adventufes in lNonderlond written by and the bag of beans alone. or the other way round. a goose. must have gone to sleep. I can help you. Thump! Thump! Down she Farmer : The fox will eat the goose when I ferry the came on a heap of sticks and dry leaves. (Dinah was her cot). bag of beans across the river. for she dreamed that she walked hand in However. you might catch a bat." Alice along Ihe river bonk. "Dinah Chief Minister Jamal was a very wise man. Dinah.. and a bag do cats eat batsT and here Alice of beans with me to sell at the market. me and one of them. In the message: • tell Dinah that you miss her and wish that she Is with you.. 11- s: ~ Let's learn end practise. refold by J. and mot's Farmer : I need money to buy food for my family much like a mouse. 4'3_. I cannot toke all of them hand with Dinah. Contemporaryliterature Complete the passage below using 'because' or 'so'. and a bog of beans. • ask Dinah whether cats eat bats. but Chief Minister: Tell me your problem. as he was walking will miss me tonight. What shall [ do? Chief Minister : That Is easy. he sow a sad looking former silting next to a fox. "I hope they'lI remember to give her milk at teatime: Alice Chief Minister : Why are you so sad? was worried. down. Grammar & Let's create.

comisoencel spoce/solor-system Whot can you see in I can ~e Ihe Moon thes~y 01night? in Ihe sky 01 night._II MANAGER 111••••• HEIJI . The Earth is a planet in the Solar Syslem. Read the passage to your friend. • Venus Gorden to Saturn Gorden other planets belong to MerC\lry also belongs lheSolarSyslem? 10Ihe Solar System.sidesthe Eorth. The Moon is a nalural .let's listen and talk. . whot Give instructions to Nurul and her friends to get from: Besides Ihe Earth. L1slenlngand Speaking Our Solar System Nurul and her friends are in the Planetarium gardens.OgfopOc. Be. Saturn. ~ let's listen and say. • Solum Gorden to Earth Garden • the Planetarium to Neptune Gorden 1:2.Sil hHpe.nationc!gP. Jupiter. we can also see many bright stars in the sky at night. look at the picture. The olher planets in our Solar System are Mercury. We con see the Sun in Ihe doytime. Venus.2 <:'IVIJ:lWI'wl _ I . and Neptune..I. Besides Ihe Moon. but 01nighl we see Ihe Moon.o ~.v. Uranus.>r' To find oul more OOOul!he SolorSyslem . Mars.J/sciellte. All these planets travel around the Sun.1---- salell~e Ihal travels around Ihe Earth.PERSONAL USE ONLY I I • n••• 'i.

1.2(~ <:'IVIJ:lWI'wl _ I . 2. A space station is launched as one complete piece. Aslronaulslive on space stonons. Rewrite the poem in cursive writing.. A satellile is used to forecast weather. 1. 5.Z(!!) 2. I. A rocket takes photos of things in space.1. 3J. 4.PERSONAL USE ONLY • n.3 • 1.1. 3. 11- Reading State True or False..MANAGER HEIJI .2. A space telescope is used 10launch a rocket into space..

These volcanoes are not active anymore. What is special about Venus compored to the other planets? 2.ta Earth is Venus.2.logon 10Ihe 3.g&fc. Meetme at the Planetarium entrance at Ii p.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. II is the closest planet to Earth. Whot covers the surface of Venus? {meinel and '. However.. The weather on Venus is very different from ours. it does not have seas or living things. Thick clouds ~ • cover the surface of Venus. 11- ~ Reading Writing ~' let's read and answer. The temperature l • is the second planet from the Sun._noso. How is Venus Similar to Earth? Tofindcct rocreoboutVenus. The surface of Venus is covered in dried lava from old volcanoes. I. Write the sentences.2(q) <:'IVIJ:lWI'wl _ I . The thick t 5. Venus and r 2.m. Venus spins • • during the day is so hot that metal can melt.. is so hot that even metal can melt. Where is Venus located? '2. the Sun.. Venus is the second planet from t I. &le~us Match the phrases to make sentences. The douds on Venus also reflect sunlight.g(W 4. See you! Answer these questions. • Let's write. Venus is special because it spins slowly and in an opposite direction from the other planets. II is located between Mercury and Earth.iS1 hrtp:llsta'chlkJ. Earth are almost the some size. The nearest planet ~ • slowly. clouds over Venus keep the heat in. I4. That is why Venus looks so bright from Earth. Why does Venus look so bright from Earth? 5. I 3. The temperature during the day Read the message below.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Venus ~ .

• The planet is the fourth planet from the Sun.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . people or things. • It takes 687 Earth days to travel around the Sun. Grammar word form.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. _-_~1Iil Venus is located between Mercury and Earth. Neptune is a large gas planet that looks like a blue-green ball. 2 thick and 2 thin rings around it. The planet has many moons. First. Look at the beautiful rainbow above us. • Mars is about half the size of Earth. She liked all the tropical plants. and between. It orbits the planet in an opposite direction to all the The word above means 'higher than'.she visited the Earth Gorden and looked up at the coconuts hanging " her. S:I.S(o)(b}(e) <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I . she walked to the Neptune Gorden. other moons. The moonlight is reflected in the lake below 11. • The soil on the planet is reddish-orange. 1. t of Neptune's moons is called Triton. There was a big water lily pond there. Kim Seng prepares a PowerPoint presentation on planet Mars. below. Complete the paragraph with above. Solum is located befweenJupiler and Uranus. such os 0 planet or sror. Change the numbers to Writing A Let'sleamand practise.. It has Earth is located between Venus and Mars. everything looks oroond another object tiny below. Kinah liked the gardens in the Planetarium. Thethick douds above the surface of Venus keep the heat in. The Earth Gorden was the Neptune Gorden and the Mars Gorden. The word between shows something is in the space • The surface of Mars is rocky and cold. • "is named after the Roman god of war. Next. 11- ~jJ _~ let's write_ Rewrite the paragraph using cursive writing. An orbit is a curled path follO\vOO by an object F'Mars . The word below means tower than'. 4 of the moons orbit the planet within the rings. • It is next to Earth. in space as il moves When I am up in a hot air balloon. Themoon is shining brightly above us. _let'S create. separating two objects. She could see fish hiding the water lily leaves.. Theclouds spin fast and produce thunderstorms all the surface below..

The Wolf replied. Let's recite. below. 4. 6. Wolf sat there watching her and smile. D.X><m 'li1"o ROORiding Hood ond Ihe Wcit ~ by Rook! Dahll Complete the sentences using above. There is a carpet the table. IAdoPTOd ucm Tho .. The Earth poster is Ie Which is your favourite character? Why? S. Grandma" <All the better to hear you with".le Red Ridilllg Hood and the Wolf Recite the poem.I. The solar system mobile isrlJ the globe. There is a space shuttle model the solar system mobile. He thought "I'm going to eat this child. Talk about the picture. 11- ~ Grammar ~~ Contemporary literature ~ let's write. 5.. 3.S_(!!)(b)(e) 4. $0 no matter what she says. A book on Venus is ({Ia book on Mars and a book on Uranus. and between. Red Riding Hood stopped.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. She stored. I'm going to eat her anyway·.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . 'What great big eors you have.. 2.2J(q) <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I . Liifit. I. A painting of the Moon is the bookshelf. and then she said.

Beautiful and peaceful. We are proud to be Malaysians. too. Full of people and natural TOlove her is our duty.. There are cheongsamand samfoo.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Nurul and her friends learn about celebrations in Malaysia. 11- ~~ Listening and Speaking ~ let's listen ond tolk. loving family.. Harmonious and colourful. Kebaya and baju Melayu.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n.. Cultures and traditions. We come as a nation. Malaysia. Hinava and umai. too. ( 1. Ibosot and murvkku. Oh my beloved Malaysia. My beautiful country.2. iers gollo know Ihem. The people ore nice and "Iendly. I love our country. To celebrate happily. Unity in Diversity Hello.• <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I . boys and girls. And colourful saree. let's recite. I Don't forget lemangond fandang. Oranges and mooncokes. As one big. Veshtiandjippa. Malaysia. We ore a multiraciol sOciety.

And colourful saree.2. My beautiful country. loving family. We come as a nation. Unity in Diversity Hello.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n. As one big. Full of people and natural TOlove her is our duty. iers gollo know Ihem. Malaysia. ( 1. too. Oh my beloved Malaysia. Kebaya and baju Melayu..• <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I .. There are cheongsamand samfoo. Hinava and umai. We ore a multiraciol sOciety. Beautiful and peaceful. Veshtiandjippa. Oranges and mooncokes. boys and girls. I love our country. Harmonious and colourful. We are proud to be Malaysians. Cultures and traditions. too.. To celebrate happily. 11- ~~ Listening and Speaking ~ let's listen ond tolk. I Don't forget lemangond fandang. Nurul and her friends learn about celebrations in Malaysia. Malaysia. Ibosot and murvkku. The people ore nice and "Iendly.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . let's recite.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is one To accept an invitation of the main celebrations.These food are made from To decline on invitation sliced raw fish which is marinated In lemon juice. When do the Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Aidillitri? ~Oi''''''O'''\l 3. the East Malaysians celebrate Gawai Festival and Thonk you fot inviting Kaamatan Festival. Malaysia isa mulliracial country. They are mostly worn during festivals. porerus will be awoy. s•• you. Date :tJune and celebrations. Q3300 Kuchlng are the boju kurung and boju Me/oyu for the Malays._II MANAGER 111••••• HEIJI .2l~).3. Meanwhile. rendong are served during Hari Raya while thosai. During Chinese New Year. and Indians. There are also the Ibons.. my dear friends. I am having an open house for Gawai festival and I would love to invite you. Kinah's cousin. Chinese New Year is a celebration that lasts for 15 days. Name the traditional costumes for the Malays. Chinese. costumes are made from colourful fabric.. I will be Ih. Malaysia is also rich in wonderful food. Yes. Answer these questions.. There are many celebrations in Malaysia.m.1(1l)(2) 2. Malaysia is a wonderful country not just because of Its natural I'm sorry I'll b. 10onend.2. idli. Gawai festival isjust around the corner. Who have unique food like umoi and hinovo? Your friend invites you to his or her place. Find words in the text that have similar meanings. Thank you. 4. I. cheongsamand somfoo for the Chinese. We should be proud to be Malaysians. Iwon'~be of their religions.. • special • clothes • together • cloth • good 1. Sirotand ngepon Iban are traditional costumes for the lbons. and lifestyles. Jelini. Chinese. People living in this beautiful country are Here are the details: the Malays.2. food.ning and Speaking ~. ~ 2. and saree and j/ppo for the Indians. and See you on lhal day. I'm sorry.2. Besides that. USI. My harmoniously with one another. People in Sabah and Sarawak also have unique food like umol and hinova. We should live peacefully and Thank you for Invillng me or obi. beliefs. and Punjab is. Hello. They have their own unique traditional costumes.PERSONAL USE ONLY I 1 ~. vlsl~ng beauty but also its people. Kadazans. The people of Malaysia have their own traditional costumes. Jolon Budoyo. The people are friendly and united regardless my ouni on mot day. and curry are served during Deepovali. ketupat. Their Hope to see you there. the Chinese prepare Mandarin oranges to symbolise wealth. [emong. There Place: 38. let's listen ond tolk. It is celebrated by the Muslims after a month of fasting. or That's lovely. me. and Indians. TIme: 2:30 p. Jelini wants to invite her friends to her house. Accept or decline the invitation.1@ <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I ..

Whal do Ihe peaple wear during Ihis festival? • [I is celebrated every year on I June to mark the end of the horvest season. and I found out lhct ths people Ii! during this festival. siratand nge(XJn Ibon 2. .. What olher Ihings did you find out about the feslival? during Ihe festival. and during the festival..'wl _ I . Our costumes are beautiful and colourful... The men usually wear kurlo.3_. Who celebrates this festival? I) us good luck Our trodtnoncl costumes are soree ondJ/ppa. IselVe /llOSOI vodoi.! 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Use Ihe questions below to help you. Our main festival is Gowoi Oayok. Troditional Special foodl Festivols Other Information Costume Drinks Deepovali Thelightsare In to bonggood luck. • I. 2..f.. Whcrt do they do during the festival? _ .1(b) <:'IVIJ:"". too. as the Feslivalof lights..2(0) • 2. They are my favourite.-.. Writing ~ f'l I celebrate Deepovali Deepavall is also known }':.2. 6. and loddu.. Ibon who lives in a longhouse beside a river in Sorowok. The traditional costume for the Punjabiwomen is sotwor karneez which they wear with a dupatto. . We go to the temple to pray and to ~ celebrcrte this festival . women dance the giddo to celebrate the event. and murukku IIis called:l.I(b} 3. It is called Hari Raya Aidillifri.=~~1 "\1 I om on They l._I.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n••• 11- ~ let's read and write. The winner is crowned as The men wear[l and Ihe women wear 5. I love eating Iroditionol Punjobi food like chapalli. My mother usually lights !' ~I all lamps outside the house They are I~to bring Nurul is wriling a short paragraph about a festival celebrated in Malaysia.f . 4. Whcrt food do they serve? They servea/.' Example: The Malays celebrate this festival. There is also a beauty contest during Gowoi Festival.U. Our traditional costumes are called siral for the men and ngepan Iban for the women. Help Nurul to write.. Reading ~4 -a let's write. khir. III 3. Kumong Gowa. My family and [ celebrate Vaisokhi every year in April.. Complete the table.. ~.3.. Whol is Ihe name of this festival? \m~ give thanks When my friends VISitme during the celebrallon. Men donee the bhongro and the They .

.. -.J near the river.. .:' I Pupils may wear their traditional costumes to the show. singing." [1 ". ~ Write 0 notice about: -' ~l)y'Q~} d_ist_an_c_"_ov_'_ay:. Mr. How about the preposition 'neor' ? il·· -~.~ I >~. 2..4 p.. musical recital._". Let's learn and practise..IV.. School Hall Yes. '-i!" Kim Seng is standing There will be a traditional costume parade./ ~R. ~ .{.m. usc 'next to' _ ~"~ ~:~'~~. Ramesh rreacher-in-chargel We use 'necr' wilen ~ . __ Kinah and Jagj~ ploy I.J. My mother and I stand next to eachather outsidethe house.. or 'beside' to describe \Nhen a person or 0 thing Is next to eoch other. Whol about 'next to? Does IfIII!!ll\ it hove lhe so rne meo .2(b) -. SeJ<olahKebangsaan Sri Teratai is organising a cultural performance. Ramesh.. 11- ~ __ Let's write. The words in bold are prepositions. A school concert '\7:! it. : . it doc s. '\ next to Mr.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . When do we use It? Mr. Ramesh is organising a cultural performance in Sekalah Kebangsaan Sri Teratai. '---'--------__. 00 not miss this special event..".. and dancing.m."i someoneorsomething' ~ is located a short ~'1:... You can eithe.0 "'.2. An English Language Society meeting ~. '...' . Rome-sh? LIt We use 'besideto show someone or something l is by !he side of you. A school trip 3. All pupils are inviled.:. .. 28th August ~~ Mr. N(o)JrIa Whendo we use the preposition 'beside'. Writing Ii . Grammar I live ill otonaious« be$lde 0 riverin $orowok.... Dote 4 September as 'beside'? ~ t:' ~ Time Venue 2 p. We use prepositions to show the SEK(o)I!AHKEB'~NGSAAIIISRI TERATAI location of on object or person.J:""""'1 _ I .PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. I invitemy friendswho liveneor my house to eat.

The coffee table is the boll.. ... Where is Ihe basket of oranges? • Rose • Oliver • Mrs. Where is the cheongsam? 3.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 1 • n. Contemporaryliterature Oliver and Rosediscovered who their parents are. 1'- _ fJ. The sofa is Ihe coffee table. Where is the kelupan OIi'lE~rTwist'. Ihal Rose Is his aunl._. 2. Oliver also found out Fill in the blanks with beside or near. The coffee table is the presents. retold by Hilory Surninghom) 5.~~'" Why were the following characters happy? 6. The Christmas tree is the standing lamp.. The sofa is ~ the standing lamp. Let's learn and practise. I.. Grammar A. 'next to'. 4. The presents are f1l the ball. Look at the pictures. Where is the house with the blue roof 'M. 3. I.W-_'~I:C~1(1 <:'IV1J:"""wl _ I .2J(q) _I I "'''''. Let's do. Where is Ihe plate of Ihosai? 2. 5. Answer the questions using the prepositions 'beside'. and 'near'. 6. 1 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . Maylie • Harry Maylie 4. Where are the traditional dancers standing? VMJopled 110m'<Sophie Did:ens 4.

very frightened' Whot shall I do? Which insect is the caller describing? i-~~:_ ~Ifr'~ dMlIte tD "A8!i~%. Is n 0 butterlly? Yes. Does n sting? No.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . _ '!!. guess its name. The Insect Investigators were busy ~. CDD tID .@i'Ui. ~--:-------- Does it have wings? How many? Yes. It Is block ~ Let'stalk. it hos four wings. _ ..6 ~o ~~l:Y "-:. it docs" 'I sting. 11- ~~ Listening and Speaking The Insect ~ let's listen and talk..". It is ftying all over the place. II makes a buzzing sound. it isn't a drogonfly.3.. ore you the Insect Investigator? Please...1.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n. irsa bune<ny.1(0) <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I .I=I=hO~S=O=b=ig=.".=o_n_d_h_Oi_'Y sting? Ooes it bite? Is it poisonous? I am J investigating a nearby jungle when Nurul received a telephone call.~.!iUi G!i!M1"iiP I '.) It has four wings and six legs... (~ body.=v=.-~o=nd~Y~~I=o. The caller was Jelini's sister.. Investigators Hello.0'. ~. 1.=ro=u=n=d. Does il II was a sunny Saturday afternoon. help me! There is a scary insect in my house. Is It 0 drogonfly? No. ~~ Think of one of the insects above. Your friend will ask questions and .

two compound eyes. Usually.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 ' • n. The queen is the only ant that can loy eggs. Ants use their antennae to find food and to find their way back home. They are the queen. The workers have different duties to perform in the colony. the workers. II has a pair of antennae. and the moles. !wo pairs of wings. a thorax. What do ants use to find their way? 4. Use the description of the bee above as your guide. Some gather food and keep their home clean. They also have bigger and stronger mandibles. What does omnivorous mean? 5. defend the colony. How many types of ants are there in a colony? 2. Each colony consists of three types of ants. Some toke care of newly hatched ants called larvae..2. and even attack enemy colonies for food and nesting space. It has a head. Some worker ants are given the duty of soldier to protect the queen. a colony consists of only one queen ant.21w <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I . 1'- Ustening and Speaking Reading Ants live in large groups called colonies. These soldier ants are normally bigger than the rest of The bee is on insect.MANAGER -'1 111••••• HEIJI . and three pairs of jointed legs. Why do you think soldier ants are bigger than other ants? 2. Some toke core of eggs.. Say these words: • head • antennae • thorax • compound eyes • abdomen • JOinted legs ~ Describe the mosquito and the beelle below. Name three duties of worker ants. Ants are omnivorous. They eat both meat and plants. ~~ on ont colony big mandibfes Worker Soldier Answer these questions. 3. the workers. and on abdomen. lis body is covered with fine hair. The queen is also the largest ant in the colony. The queen and the males hove wings. I.. while the workers do not.

The gegs bunerfty larvae ore also kr'cwn as colelpillol's. When the caterPIllars hove nleil' \vings ore sUitsoft grown to their full length and folded.. Say the words in bold. so Ihe!.2(~ <:'IVIJ :"'~I'wl _ I . 'Nhenthe eggs hOlch:& 101'\'00 (orne out. strong and stable That choir is not firm.2. Find more homographs from Ihe Internet. Each word has more than one meaning. Label the parts correctly..they come cut from the pupae. 3 2. • Let's read and write. change into bvtterflies. firm company My father works in a big finn. type write with 0 computer keyboard The clerk types leiters every day. 11- ~ Reading Writing ~' let's read and write. "Vhen the butterflies ore fully transformed. Use 0 dictionary. thoy will 10m> to rest on leoves until1heir into pupae. Wrife down Iheir meanings and give examples.l need and weight. \fllElhinrho wings oro finn. fonn a poper to fill in details He is filling in the toms. the but1erl1:ieswill fly off to look tor tood. Unscramble the letters 10form words Ihallabel the pictures.-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . become Ice fonns when woier freezes.2@ -3. the caterpillars within ueee 10four hours.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n. Word Meaning Exampte kind There ore many types of bullerflies. Usually_ pupae.2. Caterpillars need to eat o 10101leaves so they cangrowqui(~y.. They are called homographs.

. slza. Kinah's moth is big. VlJifhinone week.2. scory ~scarier than fhe scoriest Read aloud these sentences. l' ._" i mosquitoes lay people or places. . strong stronger than the strongest Complete the paragraph below./tI1:./. We use comparatives to compare two nouns.. J. ~ torvoe eat tiny Ihe eggs will hatch Acijective Comparative Superiative ------. the eggs thin thinner thon the thinnest Larvae eat rJI.1o .other small water creatures . . lar.rr"- ~. and placing 'the' before the adjective. The word in red is a superlative adjective..-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI .1(0) S_.~ The queen is the largest ont in the colony. Pupae turn into adult mosquitoes after a few days.' _Let. Writing ~..eggs . the larvae firm firmer than the firmed form .s learnandprac. Adult .Jorvcewill Superlatives are normally formed by adding '-est' to the adjective form into pupae. Within a week.a few years . _ ' After growing four _ eggs in wafer. A superfative adjective is used to compare three or more objects.tadpoles . After growing four times their original size. pieces at food into lorvoe.lla smell smaller than the srnollest floollng in weter..I1 _ I . They do not eol.1:::- times their original and placing ·than· behind the adjective. Comparatives are normally formed by adding '-er' to the adjective ~- . ~ '\ . Forexampte: . A pupa then turns into a lorge larger than fhe lorgest ~ Write the life cycle of a dragonfly.eggs -Jcrvoe . big I bigger than Ihe biggest Adult female mosquitoes loy water.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I • n••• 11- « let's read andwrite.tise. the biggest. ~ Grammar . Soldier ants are normally bigger than the rest of /he workers. Kim Seng's moth is Pravin's moth is . 3..6{o)(b) <:'IVIJ:I'IlI'!.J:- Pupae live near Ihe worer surface. Pupae live . Adull fernole The word in blue is a comparative not form pupae .~ small fishes .I.adults bigger than Kinah·s. They do not ..water After two to five weeks ..

hurrah! ond S(l(JI'(h rO( the tunc Some comparalives and superlatives are changed completely The grasshoppers are hopping for.' Some comparatives are formed by adding 'more' before the adjective without changing the spelling of the adjectives.. Their superlallves are The dragonflies are flying high. I good better men lhe best Complete the table below in your exercise book Adjective Comparative SUperlative I bright 1.J{ -4 4l0ngU090Arts Adjectives that end in '-y' are replaced with 'i' before adding '-er' or ·-est'.ul the moot dongerous And they all go flying high. " beautiful dangerous more beautiful than more dangerousthol) the moot beaut.' The dragonflies are flying high: ~ Adjective Comporatlve SUperlative and everyone stops to yell "Hurrah!" .U·41." ~ . ~ .-II 111••••• MANAGER HEIJI . around the town. hurrah.PERSONAL USE ONLY 1 I 11- $.t§J) Ii.. Examples: The dragonflies are flying high.andpractise. The next day was Isunny) than the day Co~ratly.~ -. Let'ssing.2 . hurrah! The ants are marching on parade. SUpertativ!_ and everyone stops to yell "Hurrah!" bod worse men the worst And they all go hopping for. and everyone stops to yell "Hurrah!" .6io)(b) 4. hurrah! iIi. hurrah. The Insect Investigators went to thell' (for) part of the jungle to find linteresting) insects. Examples' . around the town. hurrah! .. The ants are marching on parade. .I' ~~ ~let's learn. 1I1010nesl I t. hurrah. Adject. tP '1---- logon the J ntemes The grasshoppers are hopping for. Grammar . around the lawn. hurrah. hurrah. Nurul found a caterpillar (fat) than the one she saw the day before. Pravin found the (colourful) beetle there. Ie I 101 J.- formed by adding 'most' before the aqjectives. hurrah! of TheAnts GoMorching from Iheir adjectives Examples' to isten 10 the song.k pretty prettier than the preHies1 And they all go marching down. I I Complete the paragraph in your exercise book.'.. hurrah! ~ )0 ~ . sunny colourful lor more colourful than lortherthon the sunniest "- 1-. The grasshoppers are hopping for. Adjective Comparative Superlative tidy tidier Ihan Ihetidiest The ants are marching on parade: ~'. hurrah. S>J.

4. ice cream. it is sure This makes me very confused: to make you sick. CaterpillarJ. at Alice but he did not t . Alice was langry/suprised) to find a bottle on the stand. maybe you haven't experienced it was in fact very nice. speak pipe questioned stared 3. GOIhoml For example. or three times rei old by J. looked. for I myself don't know who been taught if you drink much from I am: I have changed so many nmes all in one day. I'll look first. Alice. He was t: about Alice. "Who are you?' Alice with the words 'DRINK ME' printed on it. 4':2. C._II MANAGER 111••••• HEIJI .1 (0) <:'IVIJ:I'Ill'!." she said. He took the from his mouth and 1 Alice. "I'm not sure. Alice tried to h to the 6. "and see if irs marked 'poison' or not: for she hod "I'm afraid I can'ttell you.. She checked the bottle [carefully/carelessly). bul home. IAdopled from Alice's Adventures in wondMond <4' wrillen by Lewis Carall. here just now:' said Alice). Alice fell [normal/strange) after drinking from the bailie. Alice drank from understand explain confusion curious it [bravely/shyIYI.I1 _ I . to taste it. speak. but it did not speak.1'(0) 4:2. The grass/JOpper smiled at Jagjit. I am sure I am not so large as I was!" And so it was: she was Rewrite the first paragraph in the passage by changing the not quite a foot high . two (Adapted from A1lc&'sAdventures In Wonde. "No. r r said.. "but when you have to a taste of pie. you know . I. it took the pipe from its mouth and said. so she dared "It doesn't: said the caterpillar. who I amjust now. Caterpillar but he still could not her 7. home. sir. She was [wise/silly) not to drink from the bottle immediately. It hod yet: said Alice." roast fowl. and tied round the neck of the bottle was a tag At last. Gorhaml "How strange I feel: "" said Alice. In fact. This had no such mark on it. Soon she drank H all up. This time she found a small bottle on the stand l-which I am sure was not The caterpillar looked at wrttten by leVlis Corol!. but I think I have been changed Iwo or Ihree limes since then: Alice was too wise to do that in haste. following words: caterpillar. pipe. know who was when left r Itwas all right 10say 'DRINK ME'.. Alice felt that she was (bigger/smaller) than before. When there was no 'poison' labelled on the bottle. "What do you mean by thatT asked the caterpillar.. She found that H "Well. Alice was [less/morel than a foot high.. you will someday. 5. retold by J. and she waved at ii. your first sentence may look like this: Underline the correct words. Complete the paragraph below using the following words: 2. and hot toast. but il did not move. mouth. a bottle marked 'poison'. slared. and she stared at it. C.PERSONAL USE ONLY I 1 ~ Contemporary literature • let's read and practise. change ..