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Working with Vajra Body: This immersion in Rishikesh, India is focused on combining the

study of CranioSacral work with the Vajra Body practices of Siddha Tradition.
The Vajra body is also known as the "Linga Sharira", "Rainbow Body", or
"Dream Body". According to Siddha Tradition, the Vajra-body is a
source of health, wellness, and personal transformation. You will
be studying and practicing:
Origin, history of modalities in CranioSacral Work
Hands-on work with primary bones of axial skeleton system
Working with the Primary Respiration, also know as the Breath of
Shakti in Siddha Tradition, which is the core aspect of CSW
Siddha Meditations to deepen our connection with Breath of Shakti
within our Heart and whole being
The focus is on developing perceptual insight, clarity, and inner awareness
of Vajra Body which becomes the foundation for our study in Siddha
CranioSacral Work.
No prerequisites. Open to all beings, yogis, healers, and anyone
interested in subtle-body healing or inner-work.
Scenically located in Rishikesh where the Ganges River comes down
from the Himalayas
50 hrs. of CranioSacral Work (lectures and practice)
Daily meditation and Chakra Yoga sessions
Visits to ashrams and sacred places along river Ganga
12 nights accommodation w/ breakfast for 10 days
All travels within India including airfare from Delhi to Rishikesh.

April 18 to 29th | REGISTER EARLY! | ONLY 10 SPOTS!!

Early Bird : $1625 | $1775 after Jan. 31st.
Details & Payment:
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental World-Trained Tantra Yoga Teacher,
Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Creator of Hip Hop Tantra Yoga.
Herbalist and teacher of Ayurveda and Over 10 years of international and
CranioSacral Work. Traveled extensively online Yoga teaching experience.
through the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Her studies span throughout various
Nepal, and India, to learn meditative and traditions with Masters in India,
healing practices. Thailand, Bali and Greece.
Dr. Prana | LAc., DAOM., MBA. Maria|