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DAMAGE AND DEATH Recovering the body: If the body of a dead ally can be re- covered, thereisa chance theally may not be truly killed. He may have been knocked unconscious or simply stunned. If a character reaches a dead ally’s body within one hous, the dead character may make a Luck check when his body is rolled over. On a successful check, the dead character was badly injured but is not permanently killed, and the ally is able to keep him alive. The “dead” character was simply ‘knocked out, stunned, or otherwise incapacitated. Once an ally shakes the downed character awake, he recovers to 1 hit point. The character is groggy for thenext hour (4 pen- alty to all solis) and sustains a permanent injury of some ‘kind, reflected as a permanent -1 penalty to Strength, Agil- ity, or Stamina (determine rendomly).