Are you ''Happy'' but you don't know?

Are you happy but you don’t know it? One of the strangest things about happiness is that you might be a quite happy person, but you don't feel it! To know your real inner feeling of happiness, answer the following questions of a test with ''yes'' or ''no'' then read the degrees at the end of this test: 1. 2. 3. 4. Do you often leave your own tasks a side to help other people? Are you always described as the enthusiastic and determined person? Do you feel a perfect comfort when you get up at the morning? Are you interested in reading scientific magazines, ambiguous stories and universal novels? Do you adapt yourself easily to the new circumstances a round you? Are you ready to wear others' clothes if you found them more comfortable on you? Do you have a happy home life with your family? Do you generally feel happy at the beginning of every new day? 9. Are you beloved as much as you want to be? 10. Do you enjoy meeting new people? 11. Is it bothering if somebody broke in the queue overstepping the order? 12. Does it bother you when a child asks you questions? 13. Do you want to be a novelist, a famous or a millionaire? 14. Do you often be absent-minded from time to time? 15. Are you generally uneasy and worried? 16. Do you feel that you are lower or less than the others because you lack the social and sport activities? 17. Do you often spend long time thinking about your dreams or hopes that didn't come true? 18. Do you like to hear discussions by chance? 19. you often feel that you are stupid and clumsy? 20. Are you one of those who become broken –hearted of a very trivial situation? * The degrees and analyzations: Give yourself (1) degree for every ''yes'' from number (1 to 10). And give your self again (1) degree for every ''no'' from number (11 to 20) * 5 degrees or less is a sign that you can have more pleasure in your life. * 6 to 14 a sign that you have a average level of happiness. * 15 to 20 degrees assures that you are a very happy person whether you know it or not. Translated from an Arabic book by Ala'a Younis, 2nd year


Special points of interest:
I s s u e 3

Issued by the students of Department of English Language in College of Education for Human Sciences.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner”

F e b r u a r y ,

2 0 1 0

My advice to you is get married: ugliest behavior that appeared in the college... Can guys and girls make a friendship? Do you enjoy meeting new people? There are two logics that people depend on...

When you say... “No one really loves me...”

God tells you “ I Love You”
Amera Ramadhan, 2nd year

NO HEART TO GIVE Some primary advices
In a state of devastation When you can`t get any vision When you can`t go or run away You can`t hide or be away When there is no land any bound No light ever day in day out No point to strive, no goal to achieve No see No sight No sob No sound In a world of sorrow and grief When all gladness has been spoiled No mercy, No sympathy The Rosen lands are destroyed

5. 6.

Managing Director: Makos Karam Editor-in-Chief: Fatima J. Taheer Language Editor: Ala’a Younis STAFF WRITERS
Pashéw Majeed Didar Husain Ardalan Luqman E-mail:

1– Always try to keep smile on your face and think in a good way, so as to be an optimistic person, because our prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was always having a smile on his face. 2- In our live, when something is gone it doesn’t come back again, it becomes a part of our past. So we should not waste our time thinking about it and grieve, but we should plan for today and the future. 3– Get benefit of your time. Try not to waste even a single moment in your life wasted uselessly. Time is more precious than gold, people can buy gold but they can not buy even one second. 4– Try to be an open minded person and try to change your bad habits or behaviors' and even your way of thinking, if it was a wrong or a confused one. Try to accustom yourself with the people round you. Be a useful person to your society.

7. 8.

Nasik Sa’id Abdullah. 2

nd year

BEKHAL photocopy Mob: 07504514852

“No gain without pain”
Means that there is no work without tiredness, if you’re not suffering pain by working, you can’t get your aim.

What are you going to do if you forgot your computer`s password or in case you want to break locked computers in this case you have to follow this steps; 1- Restart the computer. 2- Press on F8. 3- It will appear a display with many options. 4- Choose Save Mode and wait. 5- After Save mode finished, the computer will be unlocked.
by Mohammed Thanoon, 4th year

steps to give up smoking
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Choose a day that you don’t have duty. Don’t think about stress and your troubles. Write down which time you smoke. You should eat sweats and gums. Try to tell everybody about your decision.
(Translated from German to English by: Didar Husain, 2nd year)

Bleeding (Light)
Goal: stop the bleeding.  Do not touch the wound
(danger of infection)

Inside this issue:
The Logics of Transferring our Ideas Friends are treasures A profile on a teacher's career Why do student write on the walls and desks in college? Vitamins

In this word of (No means of salvation) Surely, there is No HEART to be given
by Pashew majeed,3rd year

First Aid

“Look before you leap”
Avoid acting hastily, without considering the possible consequences.

 Do not treat wound with
powder, salves or sprays.


 Wound treatment: cover with sterile
material and bandage.
Parez Azad, 2nd year

  

When you say... “I can’t solve this ...”


Learn a Foreign Language
When you are in a foreign country. If you don’t know the language of that country, you may have a lot of problems. Here is the story of a French man who was traveling in the United States. One day he went to a restaurant and wanted to order some mushrooms. Because he didn’t know English, he asked for a pencil and a paper and carefully drew a picture of a mushroom. But his drawing was not very good. The waiter looked at his drawing and went away. Then he returned back after a bout twenty minutes with a large umbrella. Another story is about two Americans traveling to Spain. They didn’t know even a single word of Spanish. One day and while sitting in a restaurant in a small village, they wanted to order some food. One of them wanted a glass of milk. The waiter couldn’t understand him. Finally, on a piece of paper the man drew a picture of a cow, and tried to show to the waiter that I want the milk of cow. The waiter looked at the picture carefully. Then he left and disappeared for a bout an hour. When he returned back. He had
Parween Anwar, 3rd

 For slight bleeding, a plaster is often

God tells you “I will direct your path” When you say... “It’s impossible”...

On the pages of days, sketches of imagination pictures capture. a piece of writing for life… an expression to images, an attention for moments, remembering the memories Become a bouquet of flowers.
We do apologize last issue we made a small mistake, this is the correct one.


 If wound is large-scale, use a wound
cover and bandage, do not apply bandage too tight, as a stasis can lead to increased bleeding.

God tells you “Everything is possible” When you say... “I feel all alone...”

 Note: wounds as a result of the bite
from a rabid animal have to be washed withy soapy solution.
Prepared by Srwa Wria, 2
nd year

God tells you “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”


When you say... “I don’t deserve forgiveness...”

God tells you “I have forgiven you”

Every minute of anger will get you one more year older.

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Issue 3

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Logics of
Transferring our Ideas
by Asma A. Kareem, 2nd year

A profile on a teacher's career
Dr. Saman (The head of department of English in college of language)

Would you please introduce yourself briefly! - I think, first of all, they should have the will for learning. Learning a foreign language is a process of self-study, follow up, and practice. I believe that following media channels is one the best means of learning a foreign language. Moreover, students have to be familiarized with the library to enrich their knowledge through reading. - My name is Saman Hussien Omar. I was born in 1977 in Kirkuk. I have PHD in Modern American Novel. - I try to follow a method which brings about a student-centered class in which there is no spoonfeeding and students learn by practice.

It is easy to oblige your horse to go forward to river but it is impossible to oblige it to drink from the river

There are two logics that people depend on when they have ideas and they want to transfer them to the others, the first idea is (Mental persuasion) and the second logic is (Enforcement persuasion). There is an ancient proverb which says; (It is easy to oblige your horse to go forward to river but it is impossible to oblige it to drink from the river), so which sort of logics do you prefer or which one do you

rely on when you become a strong person? Do you agree with those people who prefer (men t a l persuasion) or sometimes you use the force? When we ask people such question, most of them would respond offhand and they prefer the mental persuasion logic because by enforcement we can’t reach the result but even if we reach the result, of course it doesn’t continue. Due to the enforcement way and it is like

a strong spring whenever you compress on it and release it, it returns back to its normal shape. That’s why we can’t focus on the enforcement way for transferring our ideas to others it’s just because mental persuasion logic stays or remains longer than the enforcement logic which it will vanish gradually or day after day. It can be out of date very easily.

What is your opinion about GENIUS?

Dr.Saman Hussien

Do you study English as a hobby or for career?

- It is a part of my career and actually I love it and enjoy it.

- It is a very good step. I think other students have to follow your example. I hope the staff of GENIUS will get the attention and back-up they deserve.
Interview by ZHILA and DIDAR, 2nd year

What is your opinion about the best way for students to improve their English?

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) says: “Be clean because Islam is clean”

Which method do you adopt in teaching?

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."
-Albert Camus


riends are

So you have to choose your friends carefully, and put them on probation , know them, and try to realize who your friends are. Can guys and girls make a friendship? May be it’s a most common question that we faced, in fact in some cases, guys and girls can be the best of friends, but in other cases any truly platonic relationship is virtually impossible. It depends on you and your intention. -Try to find out why your friend is jealous of you. - Find out what your friend really wants to have. - Keep the smile on your face. -Don’t show off. - Imagine that you’re your friend; put yourself in the same situation. - Sometimes you can ask him/her to do a favor with you. If there is no solution Stay away from jealous friends. If my friend is liar? If you figured out that your friend had lain, at first you have to know why s/he did that? If his/her lie is reasonable it’s OK. Otherwise I got the remedy for you; stay away from liars because they are like shadow or mirage keep away from you what is near and approach to you what is distant.

Why do students write on the walls and desks in college?
uneducated persons or students accustomed to write on the walls illogically, and actually it is one of the worst and ugliest behavior that appeared in the college nowadays. Some of unsuccessful students waste their time usually by writing on the walls of studying halls, desks or water closet’s wall (W.C), and certainly it has a strong relation to their families’ education sometimes they would be praised by their families or I can say that their families are the motivation of bad behaviors such as writing on walls instead of cleaning their college up and there is no doubt that it is honor for everyone to clean his/her college up so as to be a dynamic place for educating the future’s generation. Our honorable prophet, Muhammad (P.B.U.H) says: “Be clean because I s l a m i s c l e a n ” if we really like our prophet, we should be clean if it is not because of our sakes, let it be because of our prophet’s sake.
by Ardalan Luqman Bakr, 2nd year

Few questions friendship.

Having a good friend is God given gift. Everyone has his/ her own friend, but they are few those who have good friends. As college students sometimes we’re facing problems with our friends, because we don’t know how to make good friends. That’s why we have to know what are the reasons behind them, and seek solutions. You have to be very careful. What do you do when one of your friends took you for granted? What if s/he went behind your back and betrayed you by telling others something that you confided in them! And put you in trouble?

O f course one of the most
scientific organizations which lead the society for development and invention is college. And those who are employed or studying in this valuable association, should be ambitious people, but with a deeply moving some of

Who are my friends?
I think my friends are those who will stay by my side when I need them whatever the situation is, and tell me my faults in private. And those who make me cry not those who always comfort me by their lies. What have to do if I have a jealous friend?

“My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you’ll be happy ; if not you’ll become a philosopher.” Socrates.

Along with several other nutrients, vitamins are needed for humans to grow, reproduce, and be healthy. Thirteen vitamins have been identified: A, eight B-complex vitamins, C, D, E, and K. Because only vitamins D and K are produced in the human body, people get most of the vitamins they need from food. Vitamin supplements can be helpful to people who do not get all the vitamins they need from

“An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex.”
Edgar Wallace.

Apples and other fresh fruits contain many of the vitamins that growing children as well as adults.


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