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Ramesh (Private): 08:04: Hi sunil, I'm still not able to access VPN machine, please connect with
me after training.
ashwini (to Organizer(s) Only): 08:06: hi sir\
Ravichandra Mannava (to Organizer(s) Only): 08:12: Hi Sunil - I am Ravi. Joined today. I would
like to know if you guys can provide MDM Admin training also oe provide a VM where I can do
complete Install starting from scrach and practice Administration ?
Soumya Acharya (to Organizer(s) Only): 08:19: hi sunil i have a question
[ Waiting for name ] (to Organizer(s) Only): 08:43: Hi Sunil, is there any LDAP integration like
[ Waiting for name ] (to Organizer(s) Only): 08:50: I am an admin and would like to know if
LDAP integration is possible or should we have to enter manually
Jyo (to Presenter Only): 08:58: ok sure
Sunil Mohanty (to Everyone): 09:10:
Sunil Mohanty (to Everyone): 09:10: 8977729981