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3rd Grade Newsletter
Week of March 6 - March 10, 2017

memory verse spelling words
After they prayed, the place where they were 1. mismatch 9. preheat Challenge Words
2. unclear 10. restart
meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with
3. reread 11. prefix 16. preschool
the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.
4. refund 12. unfair 17. unaware
Acts 4:31 13. recount
5. unzip
6. misprint 14. misplace

of the week for diligence 7. unload 15. preview

Mia DiDodo
8. mislead

Week in Class:
Bible: The Holy Spirit

native american projects are coming along. Last week we worked
Geometric figures classification, area,
on finishing up our first paragraph and starting on our second one. The
perimeter, Multiplication Mixed #8
students added a picture and caption in their Google Doc. We will start
Reading: finishing Mr. Popper's Penguins and

Menu Project
on our third paragraph this week by collecting information, organizing
it, making an outline, and then typing a paragraph in Google Classroom.
Language: Past, present, and future tense You can access their paragraphs by seeing them in Google Classroom.

verbs Next week we will be starting on the introductory paragraph. The goal

Writing: Third paragraph of our Native is to have the report done by the end of the month. I am keeping track

American report of the students progress on a weekly basis and will let parents know if
Studies: Symbols, monuments,
Social their student is falling behind.

memorial, and landmarks
Speeches for the Speech meet Your child has been given their Speech
Art: Meet the Masters Meet selection they chose. Speeches will be due on March 22-23. All
student should be ready on the 22 .This will be part of their oral
language grade.
No Helpers this week but next Terra Nova Testing. We will be doing Terra Nova testing April 3-13.
week we will be back to our Please make every effort to have your child to school on time
regular center schedule. and plan not to pull them out early during the testing weeks.
Students do their best when they are able to test in their normal
classroom environment.

Homework and Stuff

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday

No P.E. Music Mixed P.E. P.E.

Multiplication Library Books Due Bible Verse Test

Timed Pre Test Meet the Masters Spelling Test

Chapel 9:00 Assembly Mixed Multiplication Timed
Math Quiz 6-1 Test

Sticky Note Sticky Note "SWBS" Sticky note Spelling pre-test Turn in checklist and signed

"SWBS" Math Pg. 242 "SWBS" SIGNED pretest!

Math pg. 240 Boom Cards to study Math pg. 243 Sticky note "SWBS" Turn in Sticky Note "SWBS"
for Math Quiz math pg. 244
Study for tests