Every one knows Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and Stuart little some animated characters that always delight and entertain us. Do you know how these characters were born and how it is possible to create wonders with the art of drawing. And the answer is 'animation'- one of the fastest growing and most in-demand industries in the world. Multi media and Animation are among the major hunted jobs of the 21st century. Multimedia alias multiple media as the name suggests is an enormous field that uses more than one medium of communication. It is an art that merges text, images, graphics, animation, audio and video to create virtual magic. Animation is only a component of multimedia. The art of animation started with the cavemen who used to draw pictures on the rock surfaces. Though animation was formally demonstrated in 1828 by a Frenchman, Paul Roget, the first animated film 'Humorous phases of funny faces' by J. Stuart Blackton was made in 1906 by drawing comical faces on a blackboard, photographing them, and then erasing it to draw another stage of the facial expression. It was in 1914, that the first cartoon named 'Gertie, the Dinosaur' by Winsor McCay, consisting of 10,000 drawings, was shown as a film in the theaters. In the early twenties, traditional animation techniques were developed and more sophisticated cartoons were produced. It was during this time that Warner Bros and Walt Disney studios came to exist. Computer animation, started during seventies and eighties, had a greater impact and with the passage of time, more and more advanced techniques were developed. Animation which derived its name from the Latin word 'anima' meaning soul, can be defined as the art of breathing life to a character. A blend of entertainment industry and technology, it is concerned with design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips. In other words animation is making of movies, games or cartoons by moving the drawings or


models of animals or people with the help of computers or other electronic means. Time and space play a critical role in animation. Animation is a field that could be pursued by those who posses excellent creativity and drawing skills. Animators are the talented artists who create characters for a variety of projects like movies, television, advertisements and so on. An animators task is to read the script carefully, study the storyboard and try to get into the character. In other words he needs to know and understand the character. Job opportunities are on the rise for an animator and they are in great demand, as it a growing industry and has become a popular feature in movies and advertising. Creating an idea, developing it into a story script and giving technical assistance to it, are the procedures in making an animation. Besides the most commonly used animations , i.e two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D), there is also puppet animation, clay animation, sand animation, vegetable animation etc. Both 2D and 3D animation can be created Digitaly. Two-dimensional images are shallow in appearance, while three-dimensional images have a feel of depth to them, thus making them look more real. Cel or 2D Animation: Also known as classical animation, 2 dimensional animation deals more with drawing and framing and is the base of 3D animation. 2D animators work mostly on paper, creating frames to define a sequence that are then moved at varying speeds to create the illusion of motion. The process involves creating large number of drawings, and scanning them into the computer and importing them into the software that helps in setting the timing and layers for the scanned sequence of images. Toonz Harlequin, Adobe Flash, CelAction, Anime Studio, Toon Boom Animation, Animaker are some of the software's used for creating 2D animation characters. Computer generated Imagery or 3D animation: 3D or three-dimensional animation, which has more depth and is more realistic, are a series of images/ objects created using computers or any other Digitall media. In addition to the 4

skills in drawing, composition and character design, 3D animators deal with modeling, rendering, texturing and lighting. The texture, lighting and colour of the 3D objects are modified using software programmes and virtual cameras are used to focus, resize, zoom and illuminate the figures. This Digitall animation has the power to create effects not possible with Classical animation. Film, advertising, video and gaming are the fast growing fields for 3D animation. This technique makes extensive use of animation software programmes like 3ds Max (Autodesk), Softimage|XSI (Avid), MAYA (Autodesk) etc.




The research project is mainly divided into two parts first one is study about Picasso digital media and the second is customer satisfaction survey analysis. The subjects under these two parts are 1. General study about Picasso digital media a. To study about company profile b. To compare with other animation school, fee structure of Picasso digital media. 2. customer satisfaction survey analysis a. a survey on students of animation schools on their satisfaction about the courses, fee structure and other services. b. analyzing the data on the basis of survey findings c. Extracting the customer behavior about the satisfaction level. The study will end with a conclusion giving a reflection of whole project and recommendations on the basis of data findings.




Purpose of the study
The main purpose of this study is to analyze the customer satisfaction for Picasso digital media. The study is done for a reference for the students and Picasso to see the satisfaction level of students about Picasso.

Scope of the project
This project will be very helpful to two of us • • The Picasso The students of Picasso

This project will be an information guide to the company for improving the services and products.




Research methodology is considered as the nerve of the project. Without a proper well-organized research plan, it is impossible to complete the project and reach to any conclusion. The project was based on the survey plan. The main objective of survey was to collect appropriate data, which work as a base for drawing conclusion and getting result. Therefore, research methodology is the way to systematically solve the research problem. Research methodology not only talks of the methods but also logic behind the methods used in the context of a research study and it explains why a particular method has been used in the preference of the other methods

Research design:
Research design is important primarily because of the increased complexity in the market as well as marketing approaches available to the researchers. In fact, it is the key to the evolution of successful marketing strategies and programmers. It is an important tool to study buyer’s behavior, consumption pattern, brand loyalty, and focus market changes. A research design specifies the methods and procedures for conducting a particular study. According to Kerlinger, “Research Design is a plan, conceptual structure, and strategy of investigation conceived as to obtain answers to research questions and to control variance.

Types of research is: • Descriptive Research
The type of research adopted for study is descriptive. Descriptive studies are undertaken in many circumstances when the researches is interested to know the characteristic of certain group such as age, sex, education level, occupation or income. A descriptive study may be necessary in cases when a researcher is


interested in knowing the proportion of people in a given population who have in particular manner, making projections of a certain thing, or determining the relationship between two or more variables. The objective of such study is to answer the “who, what, when, where and how” of the subject under investigation. There is a general feeling that descriptive studies are factual and very simple. This is not necessarily true. Descriptive study can be complex, demanding a high degree of scientific skill on part of the researcher. Descriptive studies are well structured. An exploratory study needs to be flexible in its approach, but a descriptive study in contrast tends to be rigid and its approach cannot be changed every now and then. It is therefore necessary, the researcher give sufficient thought to framing research. Questions and deciding the types of data to be collected and the procedure to be used in this purpose. Descriptive studies can be divided into two broad categories: Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Sectional. A cross sectional study is concerned with a sample of elements from a given population. Thus, it may deal with household, dealers, retail stores, or other entities. Data on a number of characteristics from sample elements are collected and analyzed. Cross sectional studies are of two types: Field study and Survey. Although the distinction between them is not clear- cut , there are some practical differences, which need different techniques and skills. Field studies are ex-post-factor scientific inquiries that aim at finding the relations and interrelations among variables in a real setting. Such studies are done in live situations like communities, schools, factories, and organizations. Another type of cross sectional study is survey result, which has been taken by me. A major strength of survey research is its wide scope. Detail information can be obtained from a sample of large population .Besides; it is economical as more information can be collected per unit of cost. In addition, it is obvious that a sample survey needs less time than a census inquiry. Descriptive research includes survey and fact finding enquiries of different kinds of the major purpose.


Descriptive research is description of the state of affairs, as it exists at present. The main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables; he can only report what has happened or what is happening. The methods of research utilized in descriptive research are survey methods of all kinds including comparative and co relational methods. The reason for using such needs to be flexile in its approach, but a descriptive study in contrast tends to be rigid and its approach cannot be changed ever now and then.

Management Dilemma
Customer satisfaction will leads to greater organizational profitability and popularity.

Management Question
What are the factors which lead to customer satisfaction in a animation study institutes?

Research Question
Q.1 Q.2 Does the students are satisfied with the institute? What are the factors which affect the customer satisfaction?

The main hypotheses of the research are 1. customer satisfaction depending on the basis of fee structure 2. customer satisfaction depending on the basis of course structure 3. customer satisfaction depending on the basis of institutional infrastructure 4. customer satisfaction depending on the basis of staff student relation


Data collection methods:
After the research problem, we have to identify and select which type of data is to research. At this stage; we have to organize a field survey to collect the data. One of the important tools for conducting market research is the availability of necessary and useful data.

Primary data: For primary data collection, we have to plan the following four
important aspects.  Sampling  Research Instrument  Secondary Data - The Company’s profile, journals and various literature studies are important sources of secondary data.  Data analysis and interpretation 1. Questionnaires 2. Pie chart and Bar chart

This is the most popular tool for the data collection. A questionnaire contains question that the researcher wishes to ask his respondents which is always guided by the objective of the survey.

Pie chart:
This is very useful diagram to represent data, which are divided into a number of categories. This diagram consists of a circle of divided into a number of sectors, which are proportional to the values they represent. The total value is represented by the full create. The diagram bar chart can make comparison among the various components or between a part and a whole of data.


Bar chart:
This is another way of representing data graphically. As the name implies, it consist of a number of whispered bar, which originate from a common base line and are equal widths. The lengths of the bards are proportional to the value they represent.

Preparation of report:
The report was based on the analysis and presented with the findings and suggestions. The sample of the questionnaires is attached with the report itself.

Sample size: The sample size is 100




Picasso Animation College is set up with the vision of bringing in the global standards of animation industry to India and provide high caliber animation professional to studios handling international projects. To facilitate this at fast pace, Picasso Animation College has implemented best international standards and practices and set up international alliances. We are staffed with professionals with expertise in animation production as well as academic practices. Companies with international co-production contracts like Rhythm & Hues (Mumbai), Crest Animation Studios (Mumbai) and DQ Entertainment (Hyderabad), visit our campus regularly for recruiting the passing out students. While all the passing students get placed within one week of graduation, it is common to see a large number of our students get multiple job offers and actually make a choice of their first employer. Our college attracts many international students. Our students may also avail of valuable credit waivers for further studies in USA and Canada. Picasso Animation College has been founded to design, integrate and deliver an innovative mix of creativity and technology based education in the fastest growing Animation Industry. Picasso offers unique industry oriented programs, which is in line with the global standards, in collaboration with Centennial College, Canada. Our systematic approach of blending creativity with technology by developing an education model has been well appreciated by the industry. Picasso strives to unfold the full creative potential and talent in every individual. Picasso Animation College aims to nurture talent in India in line with international animation industry standards. Picasso will launch its students into the exciting world of Digitall animation.


I am confident that the process of learning within the hi-tech and Digitall campus will be enjoyable and fruitful for the student community. The student community is Welcome to join Picasso family for exploring the exciting world of Digitall learning, creativity and innovation. (Ajay Prakash Chairman Maharishi Group) About Maharishi Group Picasso Digitall Media Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Maharishi Group. Maharishi Group is multinational and multidimensional with presence in more than 120 countries. The group's activities include Education, Housing Finance, Solar Energy, Ayurvedic Products, Printing and Publishing, Granite, Software Development and System Integration, Aviation, Gems, Gold and Diamond Jewelers, IT turn key projects, Digitall Animation, Clothing and many more. Maharishi Group's Corporate Entities Maharishi Group, besides many philanthropic activities, runs several successful business entities with professional management in diverse areas. Our diversity reflects the mature and broad based corporate skills. Some of the group companies are:
• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

Age of Enlightenment Publications Trans Bharat Aviation Pvt. limited Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation Pvt. Limited Cosmic Softech Limited Maharishi Ayurveda Products Ltd. Picasso Digitall Media Pvt. Ltd. Star Granites Pvt. Ltd. Maharishi Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd. Global Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. Ram Rajya Clothing Pvt. Ltd.


• •

• •

Maharishi Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. Multiple TV channels telecast from Holland for European And North

American TV viewers. Our University Maharishi University of Management Maharishi University of Management's 272 acre campus is located 50 miles west of the Mississippi River, a few hours from Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Madison and Minneapolis. IOWA City, home of the University of IOWA, lies an hour to the north. The students find a wholesome and dynamic environment to study in this 1.2 million sq ft of teaching, research, recreation and living space. There is ample space for learning and plenty of room for fun. Our Schools In education, we have more than 200 Maharishi Vidya Mandir (MVM) schools, spread throughout India. We also run a chain of Ideal Girls School in USA and India. Hollywood Experts as Trainers

Michelle Urbano

Prof. Johannes

Prof. Philip


Michelle Urbano : Michelle Urbano has 32 years of extensive experience in all aspects of Entertainment Production handling animation and special effects for Hollywood movies she has worked with studios such as Walt Disney, Rhythm & Hues, Warner Bros., Tippett Studio, Universal Animation and for animation and visual effects projects like Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Stuart Little, Cats and Dogs, Sixth Day, Little Nicky, The Grinch, The Haunting, Babe 2: Pig in the City, Dinosaur, Spacejam, The Pagemaster, Swan Princess, Rover Dangerfield, An American Tail, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pride, Various TV Students's Shows, etc. She has now joined Picasso Animation College as a full time animation & Visual Effects trainer. Philip Edward Alexy has worked on projects like Star Wars, Jumanji, Casper, Flubber, Angela Anaconda, 101 Dalmatians & game like Need for Speed Underground. Johannes has worked In Europe for several projects in capacities such as 3D Artist, VFX Artist and Visualiser in companies like Bunning -Architects, Styles and Stories, Frame FX GmbH. About Picasso Studios Picasso Studios develop original IP content for deployment. After projects such as gags for commonwealth games, disco dance video and Kelvin & Hobs comic strips, Picasso Studios has started working on full length animation feature films for theater release. Current film under production is Bal Bheem, a 90 minute animation feature film. Students of Picasso have the unique advantage of working on few shots of the animation features being produced by Picasso Studios. Some of the alumni of Picasso Animation College have also been recruited by Picasso Studios to work on their projects. Animation experts from Picasso Studios come as guest lecturers to Picasso Animation College periodically sharing their rich industry experience.


International Standards Leading To Global Careers Our endeavor is to equip students for global careers. Our approach is to blend creativity with technology. Picasso Animation College employs best practices from international animation schools. We give our students solid foundation in generic concepts and make them lifelong learners. Our students work on multiple projects while mastering various aspects of animation film making. They emerge as creative thinkers and product experts rather than software technicians. We provide the most conducive environment in the campus to make our students most effective: • Quality standards from globally reputed Maharishi group with presence in 120 countries. • • Centennial College's partnership for international standards. State of the art facilities: Digitall Studio, Art and Sculpture studio and Special Effects Studio, Multimedia lab with audio visual aids and projection equipment. • Studio quality infrastructure comprising of • • • Digitall library High-end work stations with dual processors Windows and Apple-Mac platforms

Student participation in international film festivals. Hostel facility on request for outstation students. Communication skills training.


• • •

Cultural Festivals at the campus. Broadband internet connectivity to all computers. Industry Collaboration and Placement Division for industry internship and campus placement.

Awards & rewards.......... Winner of Award from NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies)'s Animation & Gaming Festival 2007: Vishal Dandriyal (2005-06) batch) who participated in the competition along with his team says " When our team won the coveted Super Pitch Award at NASSCOM's Animation Gaming Event of 2007, no words can describe our feelings and gratitude to Picasso Animation College. Equipped with the skills learnt at Picasso Animation College, we won this award competing against big studios like DQ and Annirights. Vishal's team members are Sanjay Banerjee, Nitesh Vaid, Amit Singh and Gagan Winner of award from DIGICON 2007. Our student project entitled "Wrong Delivery" produced by Yashi Jain (2006-07 batch) and her team won the award at DIGICON animation film festival. Their entry topped all the student category films in the festival. Yashi and her team mates Ranjit Singh Rana, Jayanth Raj, Jagdeep Singh Sagoo and Philip Bode work with studios such as DQ, Crest and Picasso. Winner of Best modeler of the year award by Crest Studios: Our student of 2006-07 batches Rakesh Kotliya has been adjudged as the best modeler of the year 2007 in the internal rankings of Crest Animation Studio. With just 6 months experience after passing out of Picasso campus, Rakesh has won this honour from the Crest studio who employs over 500 animation professionals.


Rakesh Kali, team leader with DQ entertainment says " I was always fascinated by movies like Shark Tale, Stuart little and wanted to be part of the team making such movies. Even before completing my program from Picasso Animation College, I got an offer from India’s largest animation studio, DQ Entertainment. Within 3 months of joining DQ, I was promoted to the position of team leader. Presently I am working on a project outsourced from a famous Hollywood studio.

Picasso’s new campus at Hi-Tec City, Hyderabad 133% job offers at campus to Picasso students Studios handling international projects find it difficult to get adequate number of skilled student from the market. NASSCOM’s report on animation for 2007 shows only 13% of the students passing out of various animation institutes are employable. This poor rate is due to poor curriculum, infrastructure and faculty quality. In contrast to this, Picasso Animation College since inception has maintained track record of achieving 100% campus placements to its students. Job offers


received by the students at the campus stands at 133% which is a brilliant record indeed. This takes Picasso Animation College to the undisputed no 1 in campus placements. Vice President of Crest Studios, Mumbai, India’s premier animation studio, Mr. Raj Shekhar says “We have visited Picasso Animation College for campus recruitment and found the quality of students passing out to be quite impressive.” Employers’ View: Crest Animation Studios 1. Studios who recruited Picasso’s students have repeatedly stated that Picasso’s students are on par with best of the western colleges. Their growth in terms of salary and responsibility has been steep as per the HR manager’s reports. Studios who recruited Picasso students in the past include Rhythm & Hues, Crest, DQ Entertainment, U-TV etc. They all felt that programmes such as Picasso’s BSc will provide the most lucrative career option to students as well as fulfill the need of studios to have the right talent to handle international projects. 2. Vice President of Crest Studios, Mumbai, India’s premier animation studio, Mr. Raj Shekhar says “Picasso Animation College has put together superb infrastructure and education process. We have visited Picasso Animation College for campus recruitment and found the quality of students passing out to be quite impressive. We look forward to visit Picasso for future campus recruitments” PICASSO ANIMATION COLLEGE SELECTED TO REPRESENT INDIA: Picasso Animation got the unique honor of representing India at the international animation event MIFA 2007, in France held in June 2007. This international animation festival showcases animation content from feature films, TV serials, and short films besides movies produced by students. Picasso is part of the India’s 10 member delegation team led by NASSCOM to showcase India’s talent in animation industry. Picasso is the first education services organization chosen 24

to represent India by NASSCOM at this prestigious event. This indeed reflects Picasso’s unique contribution to Indian animation education. Our Programs Our college has a unique training methodology developed in line with the requirements of Indian and international studios along with consultation from our full time Canadian experts working at corporate office. While creative focus and international standards are unique to Picasso, students get contact hours about 2-3 times than that of any conventional animation training institute. Picasso Animation College which is credited with international quality animation education has launched several programmes for 10+2, graduates as well as college going students to build career in animation industry. We offer: 1. Integrated MSc with Multimedia & Animation 2. Integrated BSc with Multimedia & Animation 3. Digitall Animation 4. Art & Design Foundation 5. STAR Program Unique Features of Picasso Animation College 1. Backing of Reputed and Trustworthy Maharishi Group 2. Know-how from Centennial College, Canada 3. Access to foreign facility on request. 4. Curricula in line with international standards. 5. Full Time Hollywood experts at corporate office 6. Guest lectures from Animation Professionals. 7. Credible track record of 133% on campus job offers.


8. Managed by Professionals with vast international experience in education.


FEE Schedule for STAR Program - AFM Series Animation Film Making—Specialization Installmen t 11111 8571 No. of Inst 9 14

Mode Professional Track College Track

Duration 10 Months 15 Months

Fee 120,000 140,000

Down payment 20,000 20,000

Animation Film Making—Honors Installmen t 12,000 8696 No. of Inst 15 23

Mode Professional Track College Track

Duration 16 Months 24 Months

Fee 200,000 220,000

Down payment 20,000 20,000

Integrated BSc with Multimedia and Animation Particulars Tution Fee Security Deposit Total 1st year 1,90,000 95000 10000 105000 95000 14500 14500 0 95000 95000 95000 2nd year 2,90,000 14500 14500 0 0 3rd year 1,90,000 95000 95000

0 Digitall Animation (10 months) 2,70,000 1st Inst 135000 2nd Inst 135000

Particulars Tution Fee


Total 135000 CPP (4 months) Tution Fee 56,000


Integrated MSc with Multimedia and Animation Particulars Tution Fee Security Deposit Total 1st year 1,95,000 97500 10000 107500 97500 97500 97500 97500 2nd year 1,95,000 97500 97500


Pumpkin Location South-Ex Reception area is good, just Infrastructu re two class room. One is sketching and clay modeling room, other No. of Classes No of student in a batch 4-5 students 1 semester2 hrs Duration of a Class No of days No of batches in a day Duration of course 2 15 months 2 15 months 3 15 months 3 18 months 2 15 months remaining 1hr 30 mins 6 5 students 1 semester2 hrs remaining 1hr 30 1hr 30 mins 6 1hr 30 mins 1hr 30 mins mins 5 5 6 5 students 4 systemP-4 Show labhaving 10 P-4, 2Apple They just show the lab- nearly 10 systems they have. P-4 MAAC South-Ex Not so good, maintained infrastructu re GECKO South-Ex Not so good, maintained infrastructu re Very overall Infrastructur crowded e is good not shown their Said its lunch time 15 students 15 students 2 classes and one lab. Lab P-4, 3apple and Mac Arena SouthEx Maximus Nehru Place

campus. consist of 7

is lab having systems-


1,18,97 4Normal track, 1 lac(including Cost (rs) tax) 10% + 5% (registered Discount offered before 15 Aug) 1,20,658 5,000 before 15 Aug na na 10,000 seminar is going ontopic is 3D animation. 25 students attending Amitabh Bachann + No smoking + water conservatio n + HBO Demo reel logo No smoking + V-TV AD She just relating MAAC with More emphasis on 2D MAAC production house some of the student work Emphasis on the success in other cities to MAAC just tell about course. na na the seminar out which 20 are the current students, 5 are new enquiries 1,20,000 1,04,38 4- Fast track 1,68360 (including tax)

comparison the




Customer Satisfaction – a Critical Component of Profitability
Exceptional customer service results in greater customer retention, which in turn results in higher profitability. Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit growth. To achieve success, we must make superior service second nature of our organization. A seamless integration of all components in the service-profit chain – employee satisfaction, value creation, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profit and growth – links all the critical dynamics of top customer service. Sadly, mature companies often forget or forsake the thing that made them successful in the first place: a customer-centric business model. They lose focus on the customer and start focusing on the bottom line and quarterly results. They look for ways to cut costs or increase revenues, often at the expense of the customer. They forget that satisfying customer needs and continuous value innovation is the only path to sustainable growth. This creates opportunities for new, smaller companies to emulate and improve upon what made their bigger competitors successful in the first place and steal their customers. Customer Expectations Customer is defined as anyone who receives that which is produced by the individual or organization that has value. Customer expectations are continuously increasing. Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Customers seek out products and producers that are best able to satisfy their requirements. A product does not need to be rated highest by customers on all dimensions, only on those they think are important.

Customer-driven strategy for improvement – any management activity should eventually lead to increased customer satisfaction...


The Canon Production System (CPS) is about: 1. Environmentally-conscious manufacturing and logistics 2. Quality-oriented methods 3. Lower costs 4. Shorter deadlines 5. ... All aim for maximum customer satisfaction... Customers for Life The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer. If a business successfully creates and keeps customers in a cost-effective way, it will make a profit while continuing to survive and thrive. If, for any reason, a business fails to 33

attract or sustain a sufficient number of customers, it will experience losses. Too many losses will lead to the demise of the enterprise. According to Dun and Bradstreet, the single, most important reason for the failure of businesses in America is lack of sales. And, of course, this refers to resales as well as initial sales. So our company’s job is to create and keep a customer, and our job is exactly the same. Remember, no matter what your official title is, you are a salesperson for yourself and your company... Customer Satisfaction Illusion and Trap Today, "it would be difficult to find a company that doesn't proudly claim to be a customer-oriented, customer-focused, or even-customer driven enterprise. But look closer at how these companies put their assertions into practice, and often you discover an array of notions and assumptions that range from superficial and incomplete to misguide." Some examples of customer satisfaction illusion include:

believing that by conducting market surveys and focus groups you know all there is to know about your customers believing that investing in awareness programs for employees and putting customers' pictures on the cover of your annual report is enough to achieve customer satisfaction

believing that the job of CEO is done by giving his or her direct phone number to some valued customers All these approaches are well intentioned, but "all of them offer, at best,

partial solutions to their customer satisfaction, and all, as a result, fall short." There is nothing wrong with the notion of customer satisfaction per se. "The problem comes with its pursuit, which if fraught with peril. Most plans to improve customer satisfaction stand on two shaky – and dangerous – assumptions." What they create is an illusion – the customer satisfaction trap.


Too often, measurement of customer satisfaction are misleading – they tell you very little about where you are, and they can't show you where to go. Process-managed Enterprise A process-managed enterprise supports, empowers and energizes employees, encourages their initiative, enables and allows its people to perform process work. "Process work is work that is focused on the customer, work that is directed toward achieving results rather than being an end in itself, work that follows a disciplined and repeatable design. Process work is work that delivers the high-level of performance that customers now demand." Benefits of Business Process Management The payoffs of process mastery can be breathtaking. Costs melt away, quality goes through the roof, and time spans shrink to a fraction of what they were. In 1999 Hammer and Company6 surveyed dozens of companies that had adopted the process approach to work and business.
• •

In order fulfilment, cycle times had typically decreased by 60% to 90% "Perfect orders" (those delivered on time, with no mistakes) had increased by 25% These improvements in process performance paid off in the critical

enterprise currencies of customer satisfaction, customer retention, and corporate profits..




1. How satisfied are you with regarding the Picasso course? Very Unsatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Unsatisfied Satisfied Overall quality Value Admission experience 12 7 9 20 12 8 13 28 24 32 24 39 23 29 20

first class experience Course experience











2. How you know about Picasso? Friend media Parent 42 38 20


3. Overall, how satisfied are you with Picasso ? Very Unsatisfied Unsatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied Extremely Satisfied 14 8 21 37 20

4. Compared to other animation schools that are available, would you say that picasso is... Much better 24 Somewhat better 18 About the same 24 Somewhat worse 12 Much worse 13 Don't know or never 9 used 5. Will you come to Picasso again? Yes No Don’t know 63 24 13


6. How likely are you to recommend Picasso to others? Definitely will recommend 22 Probably will recommend 37 Not sure 12 Probably will not recommend 14 Definitely will not recommend 15 7. Based on your experience with Picasso, how likely are you to come to Picasso again? Very Unlikely Unlikely Somewhat Unlikely Very Likely Extremely Likely 12 14 24 38 12


Graphical interpretation How satisfied are you with regarding the Picasso course?

Overall quality


12 20



Very Unsatisfied Satisfied

Unsatisfied Very Satisfied


Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied with over all quality


V a lu e

7 29


28 24

V e ry U ns a tis fied n s a tis fie dN e u tral S a tis fied V e ry S a tis fie d U

Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied with value


a d m is s io n e x p e rie n c e




24 39

V e ry U n s a tis fie d s a t is fie d e u t ra l S a t is fie dV e ry S a t is fie d Un N

Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied with admission experience


first class experience

12 29 14

17 28

Very Unsatisfied




Very Satisfied

Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied in first class.


course experience

8 34 17

23 18

Very Unsatisfied




Very Satisfied

Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied in course experience.


How you know about Picasso?

42 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Friend media Parent 20 38

Most of the students comes to Picasso by reference of there friends and parents.


Overall, how satisfied are you with Picasso ?

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 V ery Unsatisfied Unsatisfied 14 8 21



S om ewhat Very S atisfied Extrem ely S atisfied S atisfied

Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied.


Compared to other Animation School that are available, would you say that Picasso is...

25 20 15 10 5 0

24 18



13 9

Only 24 % customer says that Picasso is much better than other animation school.

Much better

Somewhat better

About the same

Somewhat worse

Much worse

Don't know or never used

Will you come to Picasso again?


24 63



Don’t know

Most of the customer will come to Picasso again


How likely are you to recommend Picasso to others?

15 14




Definitely will recommend Not sure Definitely will not recommend

Probably will recommend Probably will not recommend

Just more than the half of the customer will recommend Picasso to other people .


Based on your experience with Picasso , how likely are you to come to Picasso again?

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Very Unlikely Unlikely 12 14 24



Somewhat Very Likely Extremely Unlikely Likely

Just more than the half of the customer will come to Picasso again .




• • • Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied with over all quality Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied with value Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied with admission experience • • • Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied in first class. Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied in course experience. Most of the students comes to Picasso by reference of there friends and parents. • • .Just more than the half of the customer is satisfied. Only 24 % customer says that Picasso is much better than other animation school. • • Most of the customer will come to Picasso again Just more than the half of the customer will recommend Picasso to other people • . Just more than the half of the customer will come to Picasso again




LIMITATIONS Every study has certain limitations. In my study, also there were certain limitations, which I could not able to solve. 1. The research was conducted in a very small area. 2. Time factor was also important for me. I had only 60 days to complete my research, for which a full-fledged report was insufficient for me. 3. The respondents filled the questionnaire mostly in careless manner, so it was difficult to make them hold for time. 4. The sample size is also very small which represent my research on behavior My study is not recognizable in whole INDIA as well as outside Delhi due to the above limitations and less area coverage.




Web www.google.com www.wikipedia.com www.scribd.com www.managementparadise.com www.Picassoindia.com

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Book Marketing management: analysis, planning, implementation, and control by Philip Kotler - Business & Economics - 1988 Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller - Business & Economics 2008 Research methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners by Ranjit Kumar - Social Science - 2005 Research methodology by Douglas K. Detterman - Psychology - 1985




Questionnaire 1. How satisfied are you with regarding the Picasso course? Very Unsatisfied Overall quality Value Admission experience class experience Course experience 2. How you know about Picasso? Friend ……….. media ……….. Parent ……….. Unsatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied


3. Overall, how satisfied are you with Picasso ? Very Unsatisfied ……….. Unsatisfied ……….. Somewhat Satisfied ……….. Very Satisfied ……….. Extremely Satisfied ……….. 4. Compared to other animation school that are available, would you say that Picasso is... Much better Somewhat better About the same Somewhat worse Much worse Don't know or never ……….. ……….. ……….. ……….. ……….. ………..

used 5. Will you come to Picasso again? Yes ……….. No ……….. Don’t know ………..


6. How likely are you to recommend Picasso to others? Definitely will recommend ……….. Probably will recommend ……….. Not sure ……….. Probably will not recommend ……….. Definitely will not recommend ……….. 7. Based on your experience with Picasso, how likely are you to come to Picasso again? Very Unlikely Unlikely Somewhat Unlikely Very Likely Extremely Likely ……….. ……….. ……….. ……….. ………..


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