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a. Choose the correct words to complete the story.

There was once a man boy named Kudin. Alim

invited Kudin to a feast wedding at his house.

Haji Leman also invited him to a feast wedding .

Kudin went to Alims Haji Lemans house first. He

was sad because there was no more food water .

Then he went to Alims Haji Lemans house.

Again there was no more water food . He went

back feeling sad happy .

b. Tick ( ) for the true statement and cross (X) for

the false statement.
1. Haji Leman invited Kudin to a feast first.
2. Alim was a poor man.
3. Both feasts were on the same day.
4. Kudin went to Alims house first.
5. There was no more food at Haji Lemans house.
6. Kudin eat food at Alims house.
7. Kudin walked home hungry.