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Kuder Career Interests Assessment

Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment

Date Completed: 1/27/2017 Date Completed: 1/27/2017

Pathway Results Pathway Results
1Plant Systems 1Professional Support Services

2Maintenance/Operations 2Network Systems

3Transportation Operations 3Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance

4Quality Assurance 4Law Enforcement Services

5Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations 5Personal Care Services

Plant Systems People who work in this group of occupations study Professional Support Services People who work in this group of
plants and how they grow. They help farmers to take care of natural occupations provide a variety of special services in school setting
resources and protect the environment. They also figure out ways to These individuals help students with personal, physical, and
increase the food value of crops and how to make them less subject to educational problems. Examples of these occupations are school
pests and lack of rain. counselors, social workers, psychologists, and speech pathologist
Maintenance/Operations People who work in this group of Network Systems People who work in this group of occupations
occupations are concerned with the placement and maintenance of design, install, and maintain computer networks. They first find o
machines that are used to manufacture many kinds of things. These what the needs of a facility or organization are for computer servi
workers decide where to place equipment, assemble it, and maintain Then they make a detailed plan, purchase the equipment, and inst
it in good working condition. it. They also make sure that the system continues to work properl
Transportation Operations People who work in this group make and meet the needs of the organization.
sure that people and goods are moved. Some drive the vehicles Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance People who wor
(trucks, ships, planes, buses) that move people and freight around the this group of occupations are focused on making our environmen
country and the world. Others keep track of all of these operations safe. They apply methods to making contaminated land safe and
and attempt to keep them working efficiently. productive. They make and enforce rules in work places so that th
Quality Assurance People who work in this group of occupations health and physical well-being of workers will be assured. Some
have the responsibility of making sure that whatever a company design office equipment that will cause the least amount of wear
delivers is of good quality. Some choose the materials that are used to tear on the human body.
make the product to assure that they meet the highest standard. Law Enforcement Services People who work in this group of
Others test the product after production to make sure that it looks and occupations attempt to reduce crime and keep the public safe. Th
operates correctly. Some constantly test products against legal guard neighborhoods, roads, airports, and public places. They arr
requirements to make sure that they conform. people who break the law or issue parking and speeding tickets. T
Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations People in this may testify in court. They may investigate crimes and answer call
group of occupations work in places where cargo is handled, such as for help.
ports, terminals, and warehouses. They sort, label, and store items Personal Care Services People who work in this group of
that come in. They load and track items that are being shipped out. occupations improve the physical appearance of others. They pro
They record and track shipments. services such as cutting and coloring their hair, suggesting attract
makeup, doing their nails, or helping them improve their physical

Kuder Work Values Assessment

Composite Report
Date Completed: 1/27/2017 Date completed Interests Assessment: 1/27/2017
LowMediumHigh Date completed Skills Assessment: 1/27/2017
Pathway Results


Plant Systems

Prestige Having the sense of being highly regarded by others because
of the nature of my work or the leadership I provide.
Innovation Having the challenge and opportunity to do my work in
new ways and with independence and variety.
Accomplishment Having the feeling that what I do in my work is
important and making a contribution. Transportation Operations
Workplace Having the pleasure of working in a comfortable, 4
attractive work space where the supervisors and co-workers are
supportive and friendly.
Income Having the desire to achieve earnings and rewards that
strongly support my economic and financial advancement. Quality Assurance

Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations

One Page Report

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