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FS 4

/jikm STUDY

Learning Episode

My FS Learning Episode Overview

The episode is concerned with enumerating the characteristics of a
teacher as a curricularist. It clearly spells out the various functions of a
teacher as a curriculum specialist

My Desired Learning outcomes

Define roles of teachers as curricularist
Discuss the roles of teachers as curricularist
Reflect on how those roles affect the teaching-learning process

My Performance Criteria
I will be rated along the following:
Quality of my observation and documentation
Completeness and depth of analysis
Depth and clarity of classroom observation-based reflection
Completeness, organization, clarity of portfolio

My Learning Essentials
A curricularist is a professional who is a curriculum specialist. A
teachers role is broader and inclusive of other functions and so a
teacher is a curricularist. What does it take to be a curricularist?

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

My Map

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

My Learning Activities
Interview a teacher on the specific roles he/she plays as a
Activity 1 curricularist. Your interview must include a teacher in basic
education and in tertiary level. Complete the matrix given

Levels Roles as a curricularist

Early Childhood
Name of Teacher
Ms. Marivic As a teacher she plays the role of
Liampada______ being a curricularist in just planning or
School: Buenavista III, Day a good planner, writer, initiator and
Care__ implementor.
Signature: _________________
Name of Teacher
Ms. Alpha P. Dao- She plays as curricularist. Her roles
ay_______ are planner, writer, knower, initiator
School: Buenavista and also evaluator.
Signature: _________________
Secondary Level
Name of Teacher
Mr. Carlo C. He says that as a curricularist, he
Baylen_______ plays all the role of a teacher like
School:Governor Ferrer planner, writer, knower, innovator,
Memorial National High evaluator and implementor.
School Buenavista Annex
Signature: _________________
Tertiary Level
Name of Teacher
Mr. Andro He says that as a curricularist, he play
Besana_________ all the role of a teacher.
School: Cavite State
University _ General Trias
Signature: _________________

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

After the interview. Get samples/pieces of evidence to show
Activity 2 that the teacher is a curricularist. Write/Paste or post them

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

Activity 3 Research in the library and look for a topic about the role of a
teacher as a curricularist. Complete the template below:

Research Title:
The Roles and Responsibilities of an early
Childhood Teacher______
Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of

Findings: (Write the salient forms in bulleted form)

It requires you to be willing to wear many hats. As an

experiences teacher, you already prepared to be
flexible. As a new teacher remember that your job
description may charge on daily basis.
In most cases, you will very similar to that of a guide.
A guide leads others down new paths. A guide walks
beside a person on a journey, not in font. A guide also
keeps others safe from harm.
Also you will be challenged to find new experiences to
share with children. Guide children, do not lead them
and move in direction that interests the child. As a
guide, allow the child to choose their learning and
playing style while making safety your number one
Teacher play important role in fostering intellectual
and social development of children during their
formative years. The education that teachers impart
plays a key role in determining the future prospects of
their students. Whether in preschools or high schools
or in private or public schools, teachers provide the
tools and the environment for their students to

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

develop into responsible adult.

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

My Reflection/Insights

Aware of the roles of the teachers as a curricularist,

How do you perceive your role as curricularist?

As a future educator/curricularist, I perceive the role as a

curricularist by means of exploring such things with regards to the role
of a good teacher or curricularist. I want also to attain being aware in
the different way or how to play a role of good curricularist.

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

Integrating Theory and Practice

Directions: Read the items given below and encircle the

correct answer.

1. This curricularist uses unique and out-of-the box strategies to

make his/her class highly engaging. He/She is a/an __________.
A. Knower
B. innovator
C. writer
D. implementer

2. This curricularist has published researches, books, manuals,

and other instructional materials. He/She is a/an __________.
A. implementer
B. evaluator
C. planner
D. writer

3. This curricularist attends seminars, workshops and pursues

graduate work. He/She is a/an __________.
A. Innovator
B. Knower
C. Writer
D. evaluator

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

Pieces of Evidence Documents
Records Portfolio Pictures

Signatures of my interviewee

Mr. Carlo Baylen

signing my FS book

Other Learning Proofs/Pieces of Evidence

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum

My Learning Rubric
Field Study 4, Episode 3 The Teacher as a Curricularist
Focused on: - defining roles of teachers as curricularist
- discussing the roles of teachers as curricularist
- reflecting on how those roles affect the teaching-learning process.

Name of FS StudentAlexa Jean Q. Colocado Date Submitted: August 15, 2016

Year & Section: Third Year/ SED301 Course:BSE-ENGL

Learning Episodes Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Needs Improvement

4 3 2 1
All episodes were All or nearly all Nearly all episodes were Fewer than half of episodes were
done with outstanding episodes were done done with acceptable done; or most objectives were
Learning Activities quality; work exceeds with high quality quality met but need improvement
3 2 1
All Analysis question Analysis questions were Analysis were not answered.
questions/episodes were answered not answered completely.
were answered completely. Grammar and spelling
completely; in depth Vaguely related to the unsatisfactory
Analysis of the answers; thoroughly Clear connections theories
Learning Episode grounded on theories. with theories
Exemplary grammar Grammar and spelling
and spelling Grammar and acceptable
Spelling are superior
4 3 2 1
Reflection statements Reflection Reflection statements are Reflection statements and unclear
are profound and statements are clear; shallow; supported by and shallow and are not
clear; supported by but not clearly experiences from the supported by experiences form
experiences from the supported by learning episodes learning episodes
learning episodes experiences from the
learning episodes
4 2 1
Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is Portfolio is incomplete; Analysis question were not
clear, well-organized complete, clear, supporting documentation answered
and all supporting; well-organized and are organized but are
documentations are most supporting; lacking Grammar and spelling
Learning Portfolio located in sections documentations area unsatisfactory
clearly designated available and
logical and clearly
marked locations
4 3 2 1
Submission of Submitted before the Submitted on the Submitted a day after the Submitted two days or more after
Learning Episodes deadline deadline deadline the deadline
4 3 2 1
COMMENT/S Over-all Score Rating:
(Base on transmutation)


Score 20 19-18 17 16 15 14 13-12 11 10 9-8 .7-below
Grade 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.5 5.00
99 96 93 90 87 84 81 78 75 72 71-below

MR. IAN KARLO OLEGARIO _________________

Signature of FS Teacher Date

FIELD STUDY 4 - Exploring The Curriculum