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HURRELL, Andrew. Kant and the Kantian paradigm in international relations.

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[...] The Kantian tradition was set in contrast to a Hobbesian tradition that viewed
international politics as a state of war and a Grotian tradition which viewed international
politics taking place within an international society. p. 184
Elementos principais da tradio kantiana. 1. the interstate system is of only derivative
significance and that international life should be viewed instead in terms of a global society
of mankind and of the existence of transnational ties linking all human beings; 2. there are
no unresolvable conflicts of interest between peoples and that conflict results either form a
lack of enlightenment or from the malevolent actions of those with a vested interest in
fostering conflict; 3. there is the stress on the importance of morality in international life
and, above all, on the moral imperative to move towards a more peaceful world even if this
involves the creation of a new form of international political organization. p. 185
Objetivo do artigo. This article seeks to reassess the balance between the statist and
cosmopolitan elements of Kants thinking on international relations. p. 185

Kants view of the international system