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Preliminary English Test (PET)

Updated January 2008

PET Vocabulary List
©UCLES 2008
Introduction to the PET Vocabulary List

The PET Vocabulary List gives teachers a guide to the vocabulary needed when preparing
students for the PET examination.

Background to the List

The PET list was originally developed by Cambridge ESOL in consultation with external
consultants to guide item writers who produce materials for the PET examination. It
includes vocabulary from the Council of Europe’s Threshold (1990) specification and other
vocabulary which corpus evidence shows is high-frequency.

The list covers vocabulary appropriate to this level of English and includes receptive
vocabulary (words that the candidate is expected to understand but which is not the focus
of a question), and productive vocabulary (words that the candidate needs to know to
answer a question).

The list does not provide an exhaustive list of all words which appear on the PET question
papers and candidates should not confine their study of vocabulary to the list alone.

How the List is Updated

The vocabulary of English changes over time, with words being added and other words
falling into disuse. In order to maintain its currency, the PET list is updated on an annual
basis by the addition and removal of words, using a corpus-based approach. Suggested
additions to the wordlist are collated and the frequency of these words is obtained by
reference to established corpora (electronic databases). The corpora in question represent
receptive and productive language in general contexts. The main corpora used for the
validation of the PET Vocabulary List are:
! the Cambridge Learner Corpus (CLC) which includes over 20 million words of written
learner English at six levels;
! the British National Corpus (BNC) which includes 100 million words of written and
spoken native speaker data.

Organisation of the List

! Word sets
Some categories of words a learner at this level might be expected to know are not
included in the alphabetical list but are listed separately. Words formed with common
affixes, some compounds and words from some common word sets, e.g. days of the week
are described below and in Appendix 1. Although some ‘grammar words’ (pronouns,
modals, etc.) are included, the ‘Language Specification’ section of the PET Handbook
(available under ‘Downloads’) should be consulted for a more complete listing.

! Exemplification
Example phrases and sentences showing how words might be used are given only where
words with different meanings need to be constrained e.g. the use of case is limited to
‘suitcase’: candidates are not expected to know other meanings, such as ‘a legal case’.
! Prefixes and Suffixes
A list of possible prefixes and suffixes is provided in Appendix 2, and these may be
combined with the vocabulary items in the list as appropriate. Words with an affix which is
not included in the appendix are listed separately in the alphabetical list.

! Compound Words
Compound words are not included in the list where both individual words are present and
the meaning of the compound is literal and transparent, e.g. coursebook, schoolboy,
shoemaker, underwater. A similar approach has been adopted with two-word and
hyphenated compounds, for example, coffee bar, leisure centre, home-made, open-air.

! Multi-word Verbs
Multi-word verbs are not included in the list if they have a literal meaning and are
composed of verbs and particles already in the list. Examples of ‘literal’ multi-word verbs
are come into, sit down, as in ‘Why not come into the kitchen and sit down?’ If the meaning
of the verb is not transparent, e.g. put through, get along, then the verb is listed and an
example of usage given.

! Topic Lists
In Appendix 3 words have been grouped together under common PET themes, such as
‘House and Home’, ‘Sport’, ‘Food and Drink’.

Unsuitable Topics
Cambridge ESOL examinations must not contain anything that might offend or upset
candidates, potentially affect their performance or distract them during the examination. A
number of ‘sensitive’ topics are considered unsuitable for use in PET, for example, war
and politics, and vocabulary relating to these is not included in the Vocabulary List.

Personal Vocabulary
The content of the PET list is general in nature and is unlikely to cover completely the
productive vocabulary that may be required by all candidates. Candidates should know the
specific lexis they will need to describe themselves and their lives, for example, work,
hobbies, likes and dislikes.

Abbreviations used in the Vocabulary List are:

abbrev abbreviation or acronym

adj adjective
adv adverb
Am Eng American English
Br Eng British English
conj conjunction
det determiner
exclam exclamation
int interjection
n noun
phr v phrasal verb
pl plural
prep preposition
prep phr prepositional phrase
pron pronoun
sing singular
v verb

Summary of Points to be noted

! The list does not include every word that may appear on a PET paper.
! The list covers receptive and productive vocabulary.
! It is updated every year.
afford (v)
A afraid (adj)
after (prep)
ability (n) afternoon (n)
able (adj) afterwards (adv)
about (adv & prep) again (adv)
! about 500 students (adv) against (prep)
! The film is about a small boy. age (n)
(prep) aged (adj)
above (prep) agent (n)
abroad (adv) agency (n)
absent (adj) ago (adv)
accept (v) agree (v)
access (n) ahead (adv)
! disabled access aim (n & v)
! internet access air (n)
accident (n) air-conditioning (n)
accommodation (n) airforce (n)
accompany (v) airline (n)
according to (prep) airmail (n)
account (n) airport (n)
accurate (adj) alarm (n)
ache (n & v) alarm clock (n)
achieve (v) album (n)
across (prep) alike (adv)
act (n & v) alive (adj)
! in the second act (of the play) (n) all (adj, adv, det & pron)
! to act in a play (v) all right/alright (adv)
! to act strangely (v) allow (v)
action (n) almost (adv)
active (adj) alone (adv)
activity (n) along (adv & prep)
actor (n) aloud (adv)
actress (n) alphabet (n)
actual (adj) already (adv)
ad (advertisement) (n) also (adv)
add (v) although (conj)
addition (n) altogether (adv)
! in addition always (adv)
additional (adj) a.m. (adv)
address (n) amazed (adj)
admire (v) amazing (adj)
admission (n) ambassador (n)
! charges/cost/price ambition (n)
admit (v) ambulance (n)
adult (adj & n) among (amongst) (prep)
advanced (adj) amount (n)
advantage (n) amusing (adj)
adventure (n) ancient (adj)
advert (n) and (conj)
advertise (v) angry (adj)
advertisement (n) animal (n)
advice (n) ankle (n)
advise (v) anniversary (n)
aeroplane (n) announce (v)
announcement (n)
annoy (v) athlete (n)
annual (adj) athletics (n)
another (adj) atmosphere (n)
answer (n & v) attach (v)
answerphone (n) attack (n & v)
antique (adj & n) attempt (v)
anxious (adj) attend (v)
any (adj & pron) attention (n)
anybody (pron) attitude (n)
anyhow (adv) attract (v)
anyone (pron) attraction (n)
anything (pron) attractive (adj)
anyway (adv) audience (n)
anywhere (adv) aunt (n)
apart from (prep) automatically (adv)
apartment (n) available (adj)
apologise (v) average (adj & n)
apology (n) avoid (v)
appear (v) awake (adj)
appearance (n) away (adv)
apple (n) awful (adj)
application (n)
apply (v)
appointment (n)
approach (v) B
approve (v)
architect (n) baby (n)
area (n) back (adv, adj & n)
argue (v) background (n)
arm (n) backpack (n)
armchair (n) backwards (prep)
army (n) bad (adj)
around (adv & prep) bag (n)
arrange (v) baggage (n)
arrest (v) bake (v)
arrival (n) balance (n)
arrive (v) balance (v)
art (n) balcony (n)
article (n) bald (adj)
artist (n) ball (n)
as (adv & conj) ballet (n)
as well (adv) balloon (n)
as well as (prep) banana (n)
ashamed (adj) band (n)
ask (v) bandage (n)
asleep (adj) bank (n)
aspirin (n) bank balance (n)
assistant (n) banknote (n)
at (prep) bar (n)
at all (prep phr) barbecue (n & v)
at first (prep phr) bare (adj)
at last (prep phr) base on (phr v)
at least (prep phr) baseball (n)
at once (prep phr) basement (n)
at present (prep phr) basic (adj)
at the same time (prep phr) basin (n)
basket (n) ! a blank piece of paper
basketball (n) blanket (n)
bat (n) bleed (v)
bath (n & v) blind (adj & n)
bathroom (n) block (n)
battle (n) ! block of flats
bay (n) blond(e) (adj & n)
be (v) blood (n)
beach (n) blouse (n)
bean (n) blow (n & v)
bear (n) blue (adj)
beard (n) board (n & v)
beat (v) boarding pass (n)
beautiful (adj) boat (n)
because (conj) body (n)
because of (prep) boil (v)
become (v) bold (adj)
bed (n) bomb (n & v)
bedroom (n) bone (n)
bee (n) book (n & v)
beef (n) booking office (n)
before (prep) bookshelf (n)
begin (v) bookshop (n)
behave (v) boot (n)
behind (prep) ! leather boots
believe (v) ! the boot of the car
bell (n) border (n)
belong (v) bored (adj)
belongings (n) boring (adj)
below (adv & prep) born (adj)
belt (n) borrow (v)
bend (n & v) boss (n)
beneath (adv & prep) both (adj & pron)
benefit (n & v) bottle (n)
beside (prep) bottom (n)
between (prep) bowl (n)
beyond (prep) box (n & v)
bicycle (n) boy (n)
big (adj) boyfriend (n)
bike (n) brain (n)
bill (n) brake (n & v)
! electricity bill branch (n)
bin (n) brave (adj)
biography (n) bread (n)
biology (n) break (n & v)
bird (n) break down (phr v)
birth (n) ! The car has broken down.
birthday (n) break in (phr v)
biscuit (n) ! Someone broke in and stole the
bit (n) computer.
bite (n & v) break up (phr v)
bitter (adj) ! When does school break up?
black (adj) ! The pop group has broken up.
blackboard (n) breakfast (n)
blame (n & v) breath (n)
blank (adj)
breathe (v) cake (n)
brick (n) calculator (n)
bridge (n) calendar (n)
brief (adj) call (n & v)
bright (adj) call for (phr v)
brilliant (adj) ! I’ll call for you at 7.
bring (v) call in (phr v)
bring up (phr v) ! She called in to see a friend.
! She was brought up in London. calm (adj)
broad (adj) camel (n)
brochure (n) camera (n)
brother (n) camp (n & v)
brown (adj) campsite (n)
brush (n & v) can (n)
bucket (n) canal (n)
buffet (adj & n) cancel (v)
bug (n) candidate (n)
build (v) candle (n)
building (n) canteen (n)
bulb (n) cap (n)
! light bulb capital (adj)
bull (n) ! capital city
bullet (n) ! capital letter
bureau (n) captain (n)
burger (n) car (n)
burglar (n) carry out (phr v)
burglary (n) car park (n)
burn (n & v) card (n)
bury (v) ! birthday card
bus (n) ! credit card
business (n) ! identity (ID) card
bus station (n) ! playing card
bus stop (n) cardboard (adj & n)
busy (adj) care (n & v)
but (conj) ! take care of someone (n)
butcher (n) ! to care (about/for)
butter (n) someone/something (v)
button (n) career (n)
buy (v) carpet (n)
by (prep) carrot (n)
by accident (prep phr) carry (v)
by all means (prep phr) carry on (phr v)
by hand (prep phr) ! He carried on walking despite the
by mistake (prep phr) rain.
by name (prep phr) cartoon (n)
case (n)
! suitcase
C cash (n & v)
cassette (n)
cassette player/recorder (n)
cab (n) castle (n)
cabbage (n) cat (n)
cabin (n) catch (v)
cable (n) cathedral (n)
café/cafe (n) cauliflower (n)
cage (n)
cause (n & v) chips (n)
cave (n) chocolate (n)
CD (n) choice (n)
CD-Rom (n) choose (v)
ceiling (n) church (n)
celebrate (v) cinema (n)
celebration (n) circle (n)
celery (n) circus (n)
cellar (n) city (n)
cent (n) clap (v)
centimetre (cm) (n) class (n)
central (adj) ! language class
central heating (n) ! first class, second class
centre (n) classical (adj)
century (n) ! classical music
cereal (n) classroom (n)
certain (adj) clean (adj & v)
certificate (n) clear (adj & v)
chain (n) clever (adj)
chair (n & v) click (v)
chalk (n) cliff (n)
challenge (n & v) climate (n)
champion (n) climb (v)
chance (n) clinic (n)
change (n & v) cloakroom (n)
changing room (n) clock (n)
channel (n) close (adj, adv & v)
chapter (n) cloth (n)
character (n) clothes (n pl)
charge (n & v) cloud (n)
chat (n) club (n)
cheap (adj) ! to join a club
cheat (v) coach (n)
check (n & v) coal (n)
check in (phr v) coast (n)
! They checked in to a hotel. coat (n)
check out (phr v) cocoa (n)
! He checked out of the hotel at coconut (n)
the end of his stay. coffee (n)
checkout (n) coin (n)
cheerful (adj) cola (n)
cheerio! (exclam) cold (adj & n)
cheers! (exclam) collar (n)
cheese (n) colleague (n)
chef (n) collect (v)
chemist (n) collection (n)
chemistry (n) college (n)
cheque (n) colour (n & v)
chess (n) comb (n & v)
chest (n) come (v)
chicken (n) come down (phr v)
chief (adj) ! The house had come down in
child (n) price.
childhood (n) come on (phr v)
chimney (n) ! Come on or we'll miss the bus.
chin (n)
comedy (n) correction (n)
comedian (n) corridor (n)
comfort (n) cost (n & v)
comfortable (adj) costume (n)
comic (adj & n) cottage (n)
command (v) cotton (n)
commercial (adj) cough (n & v)
committee (n) count (v)
common (adj) country (n)
! a common surname countryside (n)
! have something in common couple (n)
communicate (v) courage (n)
communication (n) course (n)
compact (adj) ! English course
company (n) ! main course
compare (v) ! of course (exclam)
comparison (n) court (n)
competition (n) ! law court
complain (v) ! tennis court
complaint (n) cousin (n)
complete (v) cover (n & v)
complicated (adj) cow (n)
composition (n) crash (n & v)
computer (n) crazy (adj)
concentrate (v) cream (adj & n)
concert (n) create (v)
conclusion (n) creative (adj)
condition (n) creature (n)
! in good condition credit (n)
conference (n) ! credit card
confident (adj) crew (n)
confirm (v) crime (n)
congratulations! (exclam) criminal (n)
connect (v) cross (n & v)
connection (n) crossing (n)
consider (v) ! pedestrian crossing
consist (v) cross out (phr v)
consul (n) ! Cross it out and write it again.
consulate (n) crossroads (n)
contact (n & v) crowd (n)
contain (v) crowded (adj)
contents (n) crown (n)
continent (n) cruel (adj)
continue (v) cruise (v)
contract (n) cry (n & v)
control (n & v) cucumber (n)
convenient (adj) cultural (adj)
conversation (n) culture (n)
cook (n & v) cup (n)
cooker (n) cupboard (n)
cookie (n) (Am Eng) cure (n & v)
cool (adj & v) curious (adj)
copy (n & v) curly (adj)
corn (n) currency (n)
corner (n) current (adj)
correct (adj & v)
curriculum (n) ! 90 degrees
curriculum vitae/CV (n) ! a degree in maths
curry (n) delay (n & v)
curtain (n) delighted (adj)
curve (n & v) deliver (v)
cushion (n) delivery (n)
custom (n) demand (n & v)
customs (n) demonstration (n)
customs officer (n) dentist (n)
customer (n) depart (v)
cut (n & v) department (n)
cut up (phr v) departure (n)
! She cut up the cake into small depend (v)
pieces. ! It depends on what you want to
cute (adj) do.
cycle (n & v) deposit (n)
! pay a deposit
D depressed (adj)
depth (n)
! the depth of the water
dad (n) describe (v)
daddy (n) description (n)
daily (adj & adv) desert (n)
damage (n & v) deserve (v)
damp (adj) design (n & v)
dance (n & v) desk (n)
danger (n) despite (prep)
dangerous (adj) dessert (n)
dark (adj & n) destination (n)
date (n & v) destroy (v)
! today’s date (n) detail (n)
! to date a letter (v) detective (n)
daughter (n) develop (v)
day (n) diagram (n)
dead (adj) dial (v)
deaf (adj) diary (n)
deal (with) (v) dictionary (n)
dear (adj & exclam) die (v)
! too dear to buy (adj) diet (n & v)
! Dear Sir (adj) differ (v)
! Oh dear! (exclam) difference (n)
death (n) different (adj)
decide (v) difficult (adj)
decimal (adj & n) difficulty (n)
decision (n) dig (v)
declare (v) digital (adj)
deck (n) dining room (n)
! the deck of a boat dinner (n)
decrease (n & v) diploma (n)
deep (adj & adv) direct (adj & v)
defeat (n & v) direction (n)
defence (n) director (n)
defend (v) directory (n)
definitely (adv) ! a telephone directory
degree (n) dirt (n)
disabled (adj) drop (n & v)
disadvantage (n) drugstore (n) (Am Eng)
disagree (v) drum (n)
disappear (v) dry (adj & v)
disappoint (v) dry cleaning (n)
disc/disk (n) duck (n)
! compact disc/CD due (adj)
! hard disk ! The next bus is due in five
! floppy disk minutes.
disc jockey (n) due to (prep phr)
disco(theque) (n) dull (adj)
discount (n) during (prep)
discover (v) dust (n & v)
discuss (v) dustbin (n)
discussion (n) duty (n)
disease (n) duty-free (adj)
disgusting (adj) duvet (n)
dish (n) DVD (n)
dishwasher (n) DVD player (n)
dislike (n & v)
display (n & v)
distance (n)
distant (adj)
district (n) each (adj & pron)
disturb (v) ear (n)
dive (v) earache (n)
divide (v) early (adj)
dizzy (adj) earn (v)
do (v) earring (n)
doctor/Dr (n) earth (n)
document (n) east (adj, adv & n)
documentary (adj & n) eastern (adj)
dog (n) easy (adj)
doll (n) eat (v)
dollar (n) economics (n)
dolphin (n) edge (n)
door (n) educate (v)
double (adj) education (n)
doubt (n & v) effect (n)
down (adv & prep) efficient (adj)
downstairs (adv) effort (n)
dozen (n) egg (n)
drama (n) either (adv, det, pron & conj)
draw (v) elderly (n & adj)
! to draw a picture of someone or elect (v)
something election (n)
! to draw the curtains electric (adj)
! to draw near electrical (adj)
drawer (n) electricity (n)
dream (n & v) electronic (adj)
dress (n & v) elementary (adj)
dressing (n) elephant (n)
drink (n & v) else (adv)
drive (n & v) email (n & v)
driving licence (n) embarrassed (adj)
embarrassing (adj)
embassy (n) exchange (v)
emergency (n) exchange rate (n)
employ (v) excited (adj)
employee (n) exciting (adj)
employment (n) excuse (n & v)
empty (adj & v) exercise (n & v)
encourage (v) exhibition (n)
end (n & v) exist (v)
end up (phr v) exit (n)
enemy (n) expect (v)
engaged (adj) expedition (n)
! to be engaged to someone expensive (adj)
! The phone was engaged. experience (n)
engine (n) experiment (n & v)
engineer (n) expert (n)
enjoy (v) explain (v)
enormous (adj) explanation (n)
enough (adj, adv & n) explode (v)
enquiry (n) explore (v)
enter (v) extra (adj & adv)
entertain (v) extraordinary (adj)
entertaining (adj) extremely (adv)
entertainment (n) eye (n)
entrance (n)
entry (n)
envelope (n)
environment (n)
equal (adj) face (n)
equipment (n) ! a sad look on his face
escalator (n) facility (n)
escape (n & v) ! The hotel has excellent facilities.
especially (adv) fact (n)
essay (n) factory (n)
essential (adj) fail (v)
euro/Euro (n) failure (n)
even (adv) faint (adj & v)
! He couldn't even do that. fair (adj & n)
evening (n) fairly (adv)
event (n) faithfully (adv)
ever (adv) fall (n & v)
every (adj) (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng: autumn)
everybody (n) false (adj)
everyone (n) familiar (with) (adj)
everything (n) family (n)
everywhere (adv) famous (adj)
exact (adj) fan (n)
examine (v) fantastic (adj)
examination/exam (n) far (adv)
example (n) fare (n)
excellent (adj) ! The return fare is £26.
except (prep, conj) farm (n & v)
excitement (n) fascinate (v)
exchange (n) fashion (n)
! an exchange visit fast (adj & adv)
! in exchange for fasten (v)
fat (adj & n)
father (n) flag (n)
fault (n) flat (adj & n)
favour (n) flight (n)
favourite (adj & n) flight attendant (n)
fax (n & v) float (v)
fear (n) flood (n & v)
fee (n) floor (n)
feed (v) flour (n)
feel (v) flow (n & v)
feel like (v) flower (n)
! to feel like doing something flu (n)
female (adj) flute (n)
fence (n) fly (n & v)
ferry (n) fog (n)
festival (n) fold (v)
fetch (v) folk (adj & n)
fever (n) follow (v)
few (adj) following (adj)
fiancé(e) (n) fond (adj)
fiction (n) ! to be fond of something/someone
field (n) food (n)
fight (n & v) fool (n)
figure (n) foot (n)
fill (v) football (n)
fill in (phr v) for (prep)
! You need to fill in a form. forbid (v)
fill up (phr v) force (n)
! He filled up the car with petrol. forecast (n & v)
film (n & v) foreign (adj)
film maker (n) foreigner (n)
film star (n) forest (n)
final (adj & n) forever (adv)
financial (adj) forget (v)
find (v) forgive (v)
find out (phr v) fork (n)
! I must find out when he’s form (n)
arriving. former (adj)
fine (adj, n & v) fortnight (n)
finger (n) fortunately (adv)
finish (n & v) forward(s) (adv)
fire (n) fountain (n)
firefighter (n) free (adj)
firm (adj & n) freeze (v)
! firm ground (adj) freezer (n)
! a good firm to work for (n) French fries (n) (Am Eng)
first (adj, adv, n & pron) frequent (adj)
! first name (adj) fresh (adj)
! first of all (adv) fridge ( n)
! He was the first. (pron) friend (n)
fish (n & v) frighten (v)
fit (adj & v) from (prep)
! keep fit (adj) front (adj & n)
! These shoes don't fit. (v) frontier (n)
fitness (n) frost (n)
fix (v) fruit (n)
fry (v)
frying pan (n) get on (with) (phr v)
fuel (n) ! She got on with her work.
full (adj) ! I’m getting on well with French.
full time (adv) ! Do you get on well with Sam?
full-time (adj) get rid of (phr v)
fun (n) get up (phr v)
funny (adj) ! What time do you get up in the
! a funny story (amusing) morning?
! a funny thing happened (strange) gift (n)
furnished (adj) giraffe (n)
furniture (n) girl (n)
further (adv & adj) girlfriend (n)
future (adj & n) give (v)
give back (phr v)
G ! Give me back this book on
Tuesday, please.
give in (phr v)
gallery (n) ! Have you given in your
! an art gallery homework yet?
gain (v) ! Do you give in?
! gain experience give out (phr v)
game (n) ! Will you give out these papers for
gap (n) me, please?
garage (n) give up (phr v)
garden (n) ! Has David given up playing
gas (n) tennis?
! a gas cooker give way (phr v)
! to put some gas in the car (Am ! You must give way to traffic at a
Eng) roundabout.
gate (n) glad (adj)
general (adj) glance (n & v)
generation (n) glass (n)
generous (adj) glasses (n pl)
gentle (adj) global warming (n)
gentleman (n) glove (n)
geography (n) go (v)
get (v) go for (phr v)
get along (with) (phr v) ! He went for the job.
! How do you get along with ! The dog went for the man.
Harry? go off (phr v)
get back (phr v) ! They went off to Australia.
! When did you get back from New ! Suddenly the lights went off.
York? go on (phr v)
get down (phr v) ! The meeting went on until six
! Get down at once! o'clock.
! Did you get all the notes down? ! What's going on?
get in (phr v) go out (phr v)
! Can you get in through the ! The fire has gone out.
window? ! Are you going out with Thomas
get off (phr v) tonight?
! We get off at the next stop. go with (phr v)
get on (phr v) ! Your tie doesn't go with your
! Get your coat on and then we shirt.
can leave. goal (n)
! How are you getting on now? goat (n)
gold (adj & n)
golf (n) H
good (adj)
! The film was very good. habit (n)
! to be good at maths hair (n)
goodbye (exclam) haircut (n)
good-looking (adj) hairdresser (n)
goodnight (exclam) hairdryer (n)
goods (n pl) half (adj, adv & n)
govern (v) hall (n)
government (n) hallo/hello (exclam)
grade (n) hammer (n & v)
gram(me) (n) hand (n & v)
grammar (n) hand-held (adj)
grandchild (n) hand in (phr v)
grandad, granddad (n) ! Please hand in the answer sheet
granddaughter (n) when you’ve finished.
grandfather (n) hand out (phr v)
grandma (n) ! Hand out the books please, Tom.
grandmother (n) handbag (n)
grandpa (n) handkerchief (n)
grandparent (n) handle (n & v)
grandson (n) handsome (adj)
grant (n) handwriting (n)
! He was given a grant to study in hang (v)
Australia. (n) ! to hang a picture
grape (n) hang up (phr v)
grass (n) ! She hung up at the end of the
grateful (adj) phone call.
great (adj) happen (v)
green (adj) happy (adj)
greengrocer (n) harbour (n)
grey (adj) hard (adj & adv)
grill (n & v) hardly (adv)
grocer (n) ! hardly any time
ground (adj & n) ! He could hardly wait.
group (n & v) hat (n)
grow (v) hate (n & v)
grow up (phr v) have (v)
! Children grow up fast. have got (v)
guard (n & v) he (pron)
guess (n & v) head (n & v)
guest (n) ! to hit one's head (n)
guest-house (n) ! at the head of the company (n)
guide (n & v) ! The child was sent to see the
guidebook (n) Head Teacher. (n)
guilty (adj) ! to head a ball (v)
guitar (n) headache (n)
gum (n) headline (n)
! chewing gum health (n)
! sore gums hear (v)
gun (n) heart (n)
gym(nastics) (n) heat (n & v)
hedge (n)
heavy (adj)
height (n) hunger (n)
helicopter (n) hungry (adj)
hello/hallo (exclam) hurry (n & v)
helmet (n) hurt (adj & v)
help (n & v) husband (n)
her (adj & pron) hut (n)
here (adv) hydrofoil (n)
hero (n)
hers (pron)
herself (pron) I
hide (v)
high (adj & adv) I (pron)
hill (n) ice (n)
him (pron) ice cream (n)
himself (pron) ice hockey (n)
hire (v & n) idea (n)
! to hire a boat (v) identity (n)
! for hire (n) ! identity (ID) card
his (adj & pron) if (conj)
historic (adj) ill (adj)
historical (adj) illness (n)
history (n) imagination (n)
hit (n & v) imagine (v)
! The song was a great hit. (n) immediate (adj)
! to hit the ball (v) immigration (n)
hitch-hike (v) import (v)
hobby (n) importance (n)
hockey (n) important (adj)
hold (v) impossible (adj)
hold up (phr v) improve (v)
! He was held up in the heavy in (adv & prep)
traffic for over two hours. in advance (prep phr)
hole (n) in any case (prep phr)
holiday (n) in case of (prep phr)
home (adv & n) ! in case of fire
homework (n) ! in case of delays
honest (adj) in danger (prep phr)
honey (n) in the end (prep phr)
hope (n & v) in fact (prep phr)
horrible (adj) in front of (prep phr)
horse (n) in half (prep phr)
hospital (n) in ink (prep phr)
hostel (n) in love (prep phr)
hot (adj) in order (prep phr)
hotel (n) in order to (prep phr)
in pencil (prep phr)
hour (n) in pieces (prep phr)
house (n) in place (prep phr)
housewife (n) in private (prep phr)
housework (n) in public (prep phr)
hovercraft (n) in stock (prep phr)
how (adv) in time (prep phr)
how much (adv) in turn (prep phr)
however (adv) in two (prep phr)
huge (adj) include (v)
human (adj & n) income (n)
incorrect (adj) island (n)
increase (n & v) issue (n)
indeed (adv) IT (Information Technology) (n)
independent (adj) it (pron)
index (n) item (n)
! the index of a book its (pron)
individual (adj & n) itself (pron)
indoor (adj)
indoors (adv)
industry (n)
influence (n & v)
inform (v) jacket (n)
information (n) jail (n) (Am Eng)
ingredients (n) (Br. Eng: prison)
inhabitant (n) jam (n)
initial (n) ! strawberry jam
! His initials are J.B.H. ! traffic jam
injure (v) jar (n)
ink (n) jazz (n)
inn (n) jealous (adj)
inquiry (n) jeans (n pl)
insect (n) jet (n)
inside (adv & prep) ! to go by jet (plane)
insist (v) jewellery (n)
instance (n) job (n)
instead (adv) jog (v)
instead of (prep) ! to go jogging
instruction(s) (n) join (v)
instrument (n) ! The rivers join there.
! musical instrument ! to join the army
insurance (n) ! to join (in) a game
insure (v) joke (n & v)
intelligent (adj) journalism (n)
intend (v) journalist (n)
! to intend to do something journey (n)
interest (n & v) judge (n & v)
intermediate (adj) jug (n)
international (adj) juice (n)
internet (n) jump (n & v)
interpret (v) jury (n)
interrupt (v) just (adv)
interval (n)
! an interval in a play
interview (n & v) K
into (prep)
introduce (v) kangaroo (n)
introduction (n) keen (adj)
invade (v) ! He's keen on cycling.
invasion (n) ! to be keen to do something
invent (v) keep (v)
invention (n) keep in (phr v)
invitation (n) ! She kept the children in as it was
invite (v) so cold.
involve (v) keep on (phr v)
iron (n & v) ! He kept on talking.
keep up (phr v) later (adj & adv)
! Keep up the good work! latest (adj)
kettle (n) laugh (n & v)
key (n) laundry (n)
! key to a lock lavatory (n)
! key to success law (n)
keyboard (n) lawn (n)
! computer keyboard lawyer (n)
! keyboard music lay (v)
kick (n & v) lazy (adj)
kids (n pl) lead (v)
kilo(gram[me]) (kg) (n) ! to lead someone by the hand
kilometre (km) (n) ! Where does this road lead?
kill (v) leaf (n)
kind (adj & n) learn (v)
king (n) least (adj & adv)
kiosk (n) ! the least amount (adj)
kiss (n & v) ! at least (adv)
kitchen (n) leather (n)
kitten (n) leave (v)
knee (n) leave out (phr v)
kneel (v) ! He left out several important
knife (n) facts.
knit (v) lecture (n & v)
knock (n & v) left (n, adj & adv)
knock down (phr v) leg (n)
! He was knocked down by the car leisure (n)
as he stepped into the road. lemon (n)
knock out (phr v) lemonade (n)
! The fall knocked him out. lend (v)
know (v) length (n)
knowledge (n) less (adj, adv & pron)
lesson (n)
let (v)
L ! Let her do it.
! Let me think.
laboratory (lab) (n) ! Let’s go out tonight.
labourer (n) letter (n)
lack (n & v) letter-box (n)
ladder (n) lettuce (n)
lady (n) level (adj & n)
lake (n) library (n)
lamb (n) licence (n)
lamp (n) ! a driving/marriage/TV licence
land (n & v) lie (n & v)
landlady (n) life (n)
landlord (n) lift (n & v)
landscape (n) ! Can you give me a lift, please?
language (n) (n)
laptop (computer) (n) ! The lift is going up. (n)
large (adj) ! Please help me to lift this table.
laser (n) (v)
last (adj, adv & v) light (adj, n & v)
late (adj) lighter (n)
lately (adv) ! a cigarette lighter
lightning (n) lounge (n)
like (prep & v) love (n & v)
likely (adj) lovely (adj)
limit (n & v) low (adj & adv)
line (n) lower (v)
! a line on a page luck (n)
! a clothes line luggage (n)
! a railway line lump (n)
link (n) lunch (n)
! a link to a website lunchtime (n)
lion (n) lung (n)
lip (n) luxury (n)
lipstick (n)
liquid (n)
list (n)
listen (v)
literature (n) machine (n)
litre (n) mad (adj)
litter (n) Madam (n)
little (adj & pron) made of (adj)
live (v) magazine (n)
live (adj) magic (adj & n)
! live music/sport magnificent (adj)
lively (adj) mail (n & v)
living (adj) main (adj)
living room (n) majority (n)
load (n & v) make (v)
loaf (n) make-up (n)
loan (n) make sure (phr v)
local (adj) male (adj & n)
location (n) man (n)
lock (n & v) manage (v)
locker (n) ! to manage a business
lonely (adj) ! to manage to do something
long (adj) (succeed in)
look (n & v) manner (n)
look after (phr v) many (adj & pron)
! Who's looking after your baby map (n)
now? mark (n & v)
look forward to (phr v) market (n)
! I’m looking forward to the party! ! to buy something from a market
look like (v) marriage (n)
! She looks like her sister. marry (v)
look out (phr v) master (n)
! Look out or you'll have an match (n & v)
accident. ! a box of matches (n)
look up (phr v) ! a tennis match (n)
! Look up the meaning of the word ! This tie matches your shirt. (v)
in your dictionary. mate (n)
loose (adj) material (n)
lorry (n) mathematics/maths (n)
lose (v) matinée (n)
lost property office (n) matter (n & v)
lot (n) ! Is anything the matter? (n)
loud (adj) ! It doesn't matter. (v)
maximum (adj & n) miserable (adj)
maybe (adv) miss (n & v)
me (pron) Miss (n)
meal (n) mist (n)
mean (v) mistake (n)
! What do you mean? mix (v)
! What does it mean? mobile (phone) (n)
means (n) model (adj & n)
measure (v) ! a model railway (adj)
mechanic (n) ! It's cheap because it's last year's
meat (n) model. (n)
medicine (n) ! She’s a fashion model. (n)
medium (adj) modern (adj)
meet (v) moment (n)
melon (n) money (n)
melt (v) monkey (n)
member (n) month (n)
membership (n) moon (n)
memory (n) more (adj, adv & pron)
! to have a good/poor memory morning (n)
! happy memories mosque (n)
! computer memory most (adj, adv & pron)
mend (v) mother (n)
mention (v) motor (n)
menu (n) motorbike (n)
merry (adj) motorcycle (n)
message (n) motor-racing (n)
metal (n) motorway (n)
method (n) mountain (n)
! modern methods of teaching mouse (n)
metre (m) (n) moustache (n)
microwave (n) mouth (n)
midday (n) move (v)
middle (adj & n) movie (n) (Am Eng)
midnight (n) movie theatre (Am Eng)
mild (adj) movie star (Am Eng)
mile (n) Mr (n)
milk (n) Mrs (n)
millimetre (mm) (n) Ms (n)
mind (n & v) much (adj, adv & pron)
! His mind was on other things. (n) mug (n)
! Would you mind if I called multiply (v)
tomorrow? (v) mum (n)
! I don’t mind (v) mummy (n)
! Mind your head! (v) murder (n & v)
! Who's minding the baby for you? museum (n)
(v) mushroom (n)
mine (pron) music (n)
mineral (adj) musical (adj & n)
mineral water (n) musician (n)
minimum (adj & n) mustard (n)
minister (n) my (adj)
! government minister myself (pron)
minute (n) mystery (n)
mirror (n)
nose (n)
N not (adv)
note (n & v)
nail (n) ! to write a note (n)
! fingernail ! a ten-pound note (n)
! hammer and nails ! Please note. (v)
name (n & v) notebook (n)
narrow (adj) notepaper (n)
nasty (adj) nothing (pron)
national (adj) notice (n & v)
nationality (n) ! to read a notice (n)
natural (adj) ! until further notice (n)
nature (n) ! Did you notice anything wrong?
! nature studies (v)
near (adv & prep) novel (n)
nearby (adj & adv) now (adv)
nearly (adv) nowadays (adv)
neat (adj) nowhere (adv)
necessary (adj) number (n)
neck (n) ! numbers 5 to 7
need (v) ! a large number of cars
needle (n) ! What’s your (phone) number?
negative (adj) nurse (n & v)
neighbour (n) nut (n)
neighbourhood (n)
neither (pron)
nephew (n) O
nervous (adj)
! a nervous person object (n)
! to feel nervous obvious (adj)
net (n) occasion (n)
network (n) occasional (adj)
never (adv) occupation (n)
new (adj) ocean (n)
news (n) o’clock (adv)
newsagent (n) of (prep)
newspaper (n) of course (adv)
next (adj, adv & pron) off (adv & prep)
next to (prep) ! It fell off the table. (prep)
nice (adj) ! The meeting is off. (adv)
niece (n) ! I’ve got the afternoon off. (adv)
night (n) offer (n & v)
nightclub (n) office (n)
no (adv) officer (n)
nobody (pron) often (adv)
noise (n) oh! (int)
none (pron) oh dear! (int)
nonsense (n) oil (n)
noon (n) OK/O.K./okay (adj)
no one (n) old (adj)
nor (conj) old-fashioned (adj)
normal (adj) online (adv & adj)
north (adj, adv & n) ! to book/buy something online
northeast (adj & n) (adv)
northwest (adj & n) ! an online facility (adj)
omelette (n) outside (adv, n & prep)
on (adv & prep) oven (n)
on board (prep phr) over (adv & prep)
on business (prep phr) ! I’m going over the road. (adv)
on fire (prep phr) ! over 40 people (more than) (adv)
on foot (prep phr) ! to be over (finished) (adv)
on holiday (prep phr) ! Several birds were flying over the
on loan (prep phr) roof of the school. (prep)
on purpose (prep phr) overnight (adj & adv)
on request (prep phr) overtake (v)
on sale (prep phr) owe (v)
on time (prep phr) own (adj & v)
once (adv) ! my own pen (adj)
! once a year ! to own a car (v)
! I once saw him dancing. owner (n)
one (n & pron)
oneself (pron)
one-way (adj) P
onion (n)
only (adj & adv) pack (n & v)
onto (prep) ! an information pack (n)
open (adj & v) ! to pack a case (v)
opening hours (n pl) packet (n)
opera (n) page (n)
operation (n) pain (n)
operate (v) paint (n & v)
operator (n) pair (n)
opinion (n) palace (n)
opportunity (n) pale (adj)
opposite (adj, n & prep) pan (n)
option (n) pants (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng: trousers)
or (conj) paper (n)
orange (adj & n) ! a sheet of paper
orchestra (n) ! a (news)paper
order (conj, n & v) parcel (n)
! in order to (conj) pardon (n)
! to put something in order (n) ! Pardon? I didn’t hear what you
! to order a meal (v) said.
ordinary (adj) parent (n)
organisation (n) park (n & v)
organise (v) ! a public park (n)
original (adj) ! to park a car (v)
other (adj & pron) parliament (n)
our (adj) part (n & v)
ours (pron) ! a part of something (n)
ourselves (pron) ! to part from someone (v)
out (adv) partly (adv)
out of (prep) particular (adj)
out of date (prep phr) partner (n)
out of doors (prep phr) part time (adv)
out of order (prep phr) part-time (adj)
out of stock (prep phr) party (n)
out of work (prep phr) ! a birthday party
outdoor (adj) ! a political party
outdoors (adv) pass (v)
! Several cars passed. photo (n)
! to pass the sugar photocopy (n)
! to pass an examination photograph (n)
passenger (n) photography (n)
passport (n) physician (n)
past (adj, n & prep) physics (n)
! the past few weeks. (adj) piano (n)
! in the past. (n) pick (v)
! It’s half past one. (prep) pick up (phr v)
pasta (n) ! I picked up a pencil.
pastry (n) ! I’ll pick up my sister from the
path (n) station.
patient (adj & n) picnic (n & v)
! to be patient (adj) picture (n)
! a hospital patient (n) pie (n)
pattern (n) piece (n)
pause (n & v) ! a piece of cheese
pavement (n) ! to break into small pieces
pay (n & v) ! a piece of furniture/advice
pea (n) pig (n)
peace (n) pile (n)
peanut (n) pill (n)
pear (n) pillow (n)
pedestrian (n) pilot (n & v)
peel (n & v) pin (n & v)
pen (n) pink (adj & n)
pence (n pl) pipe (n)
pencil (n) pity (n)
pen-friend (n) pizza (n)
penknife (n) place (n & v)
penny (n) ! a safe place (n)
pension (n) ! I’ve lost my place in the book. (n)
people (n pl) ! third place in a race (n)
pepper (n) ! to place something on the table
! to pass the pepper (spice) (v)
! red peppers (vegetable) ! London is a big place. (n)
per (prep) plain (adj)
per cent (n) ! It’s plain to me. (clear)
perfect (adj) ! a plain T-shirt (no design)
perform (v) plan (n & v)
performance (n) ! a street plan (n)
perfume (n) ! a plan to do something (n)
perhaps (adv) plane (n)
period (n) planet (n)
permanent (adj) plant (n & v)
permission (n) plastic (adj & n)
permitted (adj) plate (n)
person (n) platform (n)
personal (adj) play (n & v)
persuade (v) ! a play at the theatre (n)
pet (n) ! children playing (v)
petrol (n) ! to play football (v)
petrol station (n) ! to play the guitar (v)
pharmacy (n) ! to play a record/cassette/CD (v)
phone (n & v)
! to play the part of someone (act) poster (n)
(v) postman (n)
player (n) pot (n)
playground (n) potato (n)
playing cards (n pl) pound (£) (n)
pleasant (adj) pour (v)
please (int & v) poverty (n)
! Come in, please. (int) powder (n)
! to please someone (v) power (n)
pleasure (n) practice (n)
plenty (pron) practise (v) (n = Am Eng)
plug (n) pray (v)
! a plug for the bath prayer (n)
! an electrical plug prefer (v)
plug in (phr v) preparation (n)
p.m. (adv) prepare (v)
pocket (n) prescription (n)
pocket money (n) ! medicine on a prescription
poem (n) present (adj & n)
poet (n) ! to be present (adj)
poetry (n) ! at the present time (adj)
point (n & v) ! That will be all for the present. (n)
! to point at something (v) ! I got some lovely birthday
! The pencil has no point to it. (n) presents. (n)
police (n) presenter (n)
policeman (n) president (n)
police officer (n) press (v)
policewoman (n) ! to press a button
police station (n) ! to press a suit
polite (adj) pretty (adj)
political (adj) prevent (v)
politics (n) previous (adj)
politician (n) price (n)
pollution (n) priest (n)
pool (n) primary (adj)
! a swimming-pool ! primary school
poor (adj) prime minister (n)
! She is very poor. (financial) prince (n)
! The poor man. (sympathy) princess (n)
pop (adj) principal (adj)
! pop song/music/star/group print (n & v)
popular (adj) ! in large print (n)
population (n) ! print a document (v)
port (n) ! to print your name in capitals (v)
porter (n) prison (n)
position (n) prisoner (n)
positive (adj) private (adj)
possibility (n) prize (n)
possible (adj) probable (adj)
post (n & v) probably (adv)
! to post a letter (v) problem (n)
! to send it by post (n) produce (v)
post office (n) product (n)
postage (n) profession (n)
postcard (n) professional (adj & n)
professor (n) put up (phr v)
program(me) (n) ! The company was forced to put
! TV programme up its prices.
! computer program pyjamas (n pl)
progress (n)
project (n)
promise (n & v)
! to promise to do something (v)
! to keep a promise (n) qualification (n)
pronounce (v) qualify (v)
! to pronounce a word correctly quality (n)
pronunciation (n) quantity (n)
proper (adj) quarter (n)
property (n) quay (n)
protect (v) queen (n)
proud (adj) question (n)
prove (v) ! to ask a question
provide (v) ! the question being discussed
public (adj & n) (subject)
! public opinion (adj) questionnaire (n)
! to make something public (adj) queue (n & v)
! to be open to the public (n) quick (adj)
publish (v) quiet (adj)
pull (n & v) quit (v)
pullover (n) quite (adv)
pump (n) ! quite pretty
! petrol/bike pump ! quite certain
punctual (adj) quiz (n)
punish (v)
punishment (n)
pupil (n)
pure (adj)
purple (adj & n) rabbit (n)
purpose (n) race (n & v)
! He did it on purpose. ! to win a race (n)
(deliberately) ! to race against fast runners
purse (n) (compete) (v)
push (n & v) ! to race home quickly (run) (v)
put (v) racket (n)
put away (phr v) ! tennis racket
! He put the book away. radio (n)
put down (phr v) rail (n)
! She put her name down. ! to go by rail
put off (phr v) railway (n)
! The meeting was put off until the rain (n & v)
following week. raincoat (n)
put on (phr v) rainforest (n)
! He put on a suit. raise (v)
! Can you put on the light? ! to raise your arm
! He didn’t want to put on weight. ! to raise prices
put out (phr v) range (n)
! The fire was quickly put out. rank (n)
put through (phr v) ! a taxi rank
! Can you put me through to the rare (adj)
manager, please? rarely (adv)
rather (adv & prep) religion (n)
! rather earlier than usual (adv) remain (v)
! I’d prefer to drink water rather remember (v)
than fruit juice. (prep) remind (v)
raw (adj) remove (v)
! raw meat rent (n & v)
razor (n) repair (n & v)
reach (v) repeat (v)
read (v) replace (v)
ready (adj) reply (n & v)
real (adj) report (n & v)
realise (v) request (n & v)
! He realised it was true. require (v)
realistic (adj) rescue (n & v)
really (adv) research (n & v)
reason (n) reserve (n & v)
reasonable (adj) ! She was a reserve for the team.
receipt (n) (n)
receive (v) ! to reserve a seat (v)
recent (adj) reservation (n)
reception (n) respect (n & v)
recipe (n) responsible (adj)
recognise (v) rest (n & v)
recommend (v) ! a rest from work (n)
! to recommend ! the rest of them (n)
someone/something ! The doctor told her to rest. (v)
record (n & v) restaurant (n)
! to keep a record (n) result (n)
! to break a record (n) retire (v)
! to record a song (v) return (n & v)
recording (n) ! to return home (v)
recover (v) ! a return (ticket) (n)
! to recover from an illness review (n & v)
red (adj & n) revise (v)
reduce (v) reward (n & v)
refreshments (n) rice (n)
refrigerator (n) rich (adj & n)
refund (n & v) ride (n & v)
refuse (v) right (adj, adv & n)
regarding (prep) ! the right time (correct) (adj)
register (n & v) ! the right person for the job
! He took the class register. (n) (suitable) (adj)
! He registered with a new doctor. ! my right foot (adj)
(v) ! Everything will be all right. (adj)
registration (n) ! Go right there. (directly) (adv)
regret (n & v) ! Fill it right to the top. (completely)
regular (adj) (adv)
relation (n) ! the right to vote (n)
! to visit a relation ring (n & v)
relationship (n) ! stand in a ring (n)
relative (n) ! a wedding ring (n)
! a relative came to stay ! Give me a ring tomorrow.
relax (v) (phone) (n)
relaxation (n) ! Suddenly the bell rang. (v)
reliable (adj) ring back (phr v)
ring off (phr v)
ring up (phr v) S
ripe (adj)
rise (v) sad (adj)
! The sun rises in the East. safe (adj)
! Prices are rising. ! to be safe from harm
river (n) safety (n)
road (n) sail (n & v)
roast (adj & v) salad (n)
rob (v) salary (n)
robbery (n) sale (n)
rock (n) salesman/saleswoman (n)
! rock (music) (n) salt (n)
! a hard piece of rock (n) same (adj & pron)
role (n) sand (n)
roll (n & v) sandwich (n)
! a roll of film (n) satisfactory (adj)
! a bread roll (n) satisfied (adj)
! to roll into a ball (v) saucer (n)
roof (n) sausage (n)
room (n) save (v)
! the sitting room ! to save someone
! There’s lots of room in here. ! to save money
rose (n) ! to save time
rough (adj) say (v)
! a rough road ! to say something to someone
! a rough idea ! I really can’t say. (give an
! rough work opinion)
round (adj, adv & prep) scene (n)
! a round object (adj) scenery (n)
! the wrong way round (adv) school (n)
! to sit round a table (prep) science (n)
roundabout (n) science fiction (n)
route (n) scientific (adj)
row (n) scientist (n)
! a row of seats scissors (n)
rubber (adj & n) scooter (n)
score (n & v)
! rubber tyres (adj)
! The score was 3-0. (n)
! a rubber (eraser) (n)
! to score a goal (v)
rubbish (n)
scream (n & v)
rude (adj)
screen (n)
rugby (n)
sculpture (n)
ruin (n)
sea (n)
rule (n & v)
search (n & v)
! the rules of grammar (n)
seaside (n)
! to rule a country (v)
season (n)
ruler (n)
seat (n)
! draw a line using a ruler
seat belt (n)
run (v)
second (adj & n)
! to run in a race
! to be second in the race (adj)
! to run a business
! sixty seconds in a minute (n)
run out of (phr v)
secondary (adj)
! He ran out of time and didn’t
! secondary school
secret (adj & n)
secretary (n) ! a sharp knife
security (n) ! a sharp corner
see (v) ! a sharp picture
! to see something (with the eyes) shave (n & v)
! to see the joke (understand) she (pron)
! to see someone about a problem sheep (n)
(consult) sheet (n)
seem (v) ! sheets on a bed
seldom (adv) ! a sheet of paper
select (v) ! information sheet
self-service (adj) shelf (n)
sell (v) shine (v)
send (v) ship (n)
sensible (adj) shirt (n)
sentence (n) shock (n & v)
! words in a sentence ! to suffer from shock (n)
separate (adj & v) ! The film shocked me. (v)
series (n) shoe (n)
! a TV series shoot (v)
serious (adj) ! to shoot at the goal
! a serious person shop (n & v)
! a serious illness shop assistant (n)
servant (n) shopkeeper (n)
serve (v) shore (n)
! to serve in a shop short (adj)
service (n) shorts (n pl)
! a bus service ! a pair of shorts
! customer service shoulder (n)
session (n) shout (n & v)
! in a school, gym show (n & v)
set (v) ! a film show (n)
set free (phr v) ! Show it to me. (v)
set off (phr v) ! The picture shows a village. (v)
! She set off early for work. ! It shows that they care. (v)
set out (phr v) shower (n)
! They set out on the long journey. ! a shower of rain
set up (phr v) ! to have a shower
! Her mother helped her to set up shut (adj & v)
in business. shy (adj)
several (adj) sick (adj)
sew (v) side (n)
sex (n) sight (n)
! the male/female sex ! Her sight is better with glasses.
sh! (int) ! in sight, out of sight
shade (n) sightseeing (n)
! to sit in the shade sign (n & v)
shadow (n) ! a road sign (n)
shake (n & v) ! to sign a document (v)
shallow (adj) ! no sign of life (n)
shame (n) ! signs of winter (n)
shampoo (n) signal (n & v)
shape (n) signature (n)
share (n & v) signpost (n)
shark (n) silence (n)
sharp (adj) silent (adj)
silk (adj & n) snowboard (n)
silly (adj) snowboard (v)
silver (adj & n) snowman (n)
similar (adj) snowstorm (n)
simple (adj) so (adv & conj)
since (conj & prep) so-so (adj)
sincerely (adv) soap (n)
! Yours sincerely social (adj)
sing (v) society (n)
single (n & adj) sock (n)
! a single (ticket) to Cambridge (n) sofa (n)
! to be single (unmarried) (adj) soft (adj)
! a single room (adj) ! a soft material
sink (n & v) ! a soft drink
! a kitchen sink (n) software (n)
! The ship began to sink. (v) soil (n)
Sir (n) soldier (n)
sister (n) solid (adj)
sit (v) some (adj & adv)
site (n) somebody (pron)
sitting room (n) someone (pron)
situated (adj) something (pron)
situation (n) sometimes (adv)
size (n) somewhere (adv)
skateboard (v) son (n)
ski (n & v) song (n)
skill (n) soon (adv)
skilled (adj) ! I’ll come soon.
skin (n) ! as soon as I can
skirt (n) sore (adj)
sky (n) sorry (adj)
sleep (n & v) sort (n)
sleeve (n) ! the same sort
slice (n) sort out (phr v)
slim (adj) ! We need to sort out this problem.
slip (v) sound (n & v)
! to slip on the ice ! the sound of music (n)
slope (n) ! It sounds like/as if…(v)
! mountain/ski slope soup (n)
slow (adj) sour (adj)
small (adj) ! a sour taste
smart (adj) south (adj & adv, n)
! a smart idea (Am Eng) southeast (adj & n)
! smart clothes southwest (adj, adv & n)
smell (n & v) souvenir (n)
smile (n & v) space (n)
smoke (n & v) ! a parking space
smooth (adj) ! write in the spaces
! a smooth surface (level) ! not enough space
! a smooth ride in the new car ! outer space
(comfortable) spade (n)
snack (n) spare (adj & v)
snake (n) ! spare cash, spare time (adj)
snow (n & v) ! to spare the time (v)
snowball (n) speak (v)
special (adj) step (n)
speech (n) ! two steps forward (n)
speed (n) ! to climb the steps (n)
spell (v) stick (n & v)
spend (v) ! a walking stick (n)
! to spend money/time ! to stick two things together (v)
spill (v) sticky (adj)
spinach (n) stiff (adj)
spite (n) still (adv)
! in spite of ! Sit still. (adv)
spoil (v) ! She’s still here. (adv)
spoon (n) stir (v)
sport (n) stomach (n)
spot (n) stone (n)
spy (n & v) ! a large stone
square (adj & n) ! a stone bridge
! a square room (adj) stop (n & v)
! a market square (n) ! a bus stop (n)
squash (n) ! The car stopped. (v)
stadium (n) ! It’s stopped raining. (v)
staff (n) ! The rain stopped me from going
stage (n) out. (v)
! to perform on a stage store (n & v)
stain (n & v) ! a department store (n)
stairs (n pl) ! to store things in a cupboard (v)
stall (n) storm (n)
! market stall story (n)
stamp (n) straight (adj & adv)
! a postage stamp ! to go straight on (adv)
standard (n) ! a straight road (adj)
star (n) strange (adj)
! stars in the sky (n) stranger (n)
! a film star (n) strawberry (n)
start (n & v) stream (n)
! a good start (n) street (n)
! to start a race (v) stress (n & v)
state (adj & n) ! to stress the importance of
! a state school something (v)
statement (n) ! He didn’t want the stress of a
station (n) new job. (n)
! a bus/fire/radio station strict (adj)
statue (n) strike (n & v)
stay (n & v) ! to go on strike (n)
! to stay to dinner (v) ! to strike something (v)
! to stay with friends (v) strong (adj)
! to stay looking young (v) student (n)
! a two-night stay (n) studio (n)
stay behind (phr v) ! TV/artists/recording studio
! She stayed behind after the study (n & v)
lesson to speak to the teacher. ! to study physics (v)
steak (n) ! to study the map (v)
steal (v) ! Social Studies (n)
steam (n) stupid (adj)
steel (n) style (n)
steep (adj) subject (n)
! the subject of a discussion switch (n & v)
! the subject of a sentence ! light switch (n)
! a school subject ! to switch on a machine (v)
subtract (v) system (n)
subway (n)
! New York subway (Am Eng) (Br
Eng: underground)
succeed (v)
success (n) table (n)
such (adj) table-cloth (n)
sudden (adj) table-tennis (n)
sugar (n) tablet (n)
suggest (v) take (v)
suit (n) ! to take someone’s hand
! to wear a suit ! to take someone’s things (steal/
suitable (adj) borrow)
suitcase (n) ! to take a photo
sum (n) ! to take a long time
sum up (v) ! to take a holiday
sun (n) take away (phr v)
sunbathe (v) ! Take 15 away from 78.
sunlight (n) take off (phr v)
sunrise (n) ! Do you want to take off your
sunset (n) coat?
sunshine (n) ! The plane takes off at 6.
supermarket (n) take part (in) (phr v)
supply (v) ! Everybody took part in the
support (v) meeting.
! to support a weight take place (phr v)
! to support a team ! The meeting took place at six.
suppose (v) take up (phr v)
! I suppose it’s true. ! He decided to take up a new
! You aren’t supposed to drive hobby.
fast. talent (n)
! It’s supposed to be a good film. talk (n & v)
sure (adj) tall (adj)
! I’m sure you’re right. tap (n)
! to make sure ! a cold-water tap (n)
surfing (n) tape (adj, n & v)
surname (n) ! a tape recorder (adj)
surprise (n & v) ! a cassette tape (n)
sweater (n) ! to tape a conversation (v)
sweatshirt (n) taste (n & v)
sweep (v) ! to have good taste (n)
! to sweep the floor ! to taste food (v)
sweet (adj & n) ! It tastes good. (v)
! sweet food (adj) tax (n & v)
! a sweet face (adj) taxi (n)
! a sweet smell (adj) tea (n)
! to eat a sweet (n) teach (v)
swim (n & v) team (n)
swimming costume (n) tear (n)
swing (n & v) ! Tears ran down her cheeks.
! to play on a swing tear (v)
! to swing backwards and forwards ! to tear a piece of paper
technique (n) thriller (n)
technology (n) throat (n)
teenage (n) through (prep)
telegram (n) throughout (prep)
telephone (n & v) throw (v)
television (TV) (n) throw away (phr v)
tell (v) ! He threw away the old TV.
! to tell a story thumb (n)
! to tell someone something thunder (n)
! to tell someone to do something thunderstorm (n)
! you can’t always tell tick (n & v)
temperature (n) ticket (n)
! to have a temperature tidy (adj & v)
! air temperature tidy up (phr v)
temporary (adj) ! Please tidy up when you’ve
tennis (n) finished.
tent (n) tie (n & v)
term (n) ! a shirt and tie (n)
terminal (n) ! to tie with string (v)
terrible (adj) tiger (n)
test (n & v) tight (adj)
text (n) ! tight shoes
than (conj) tights (n pl)
thank (v) ! a pair of tights
thank you (int) till (conj & prep)
thanks (n) ! to wait till the end (prep)
theft (n) ! up till 1990 (conj)
their (adj) time (n)
theirs (pron) ! What time is it?
them (pron) ! It took a long time.
themselves (pron) ! the last time
then (adv) ! Is it time yet?
there (adv & pron) ! Four times five is twenty.
therefore (adv) timetable (n)
thermometer (n) tin (n)
these (adj & pron) ! a tin of peas
they (pron) ! made of tin
thick (adj) tin-opener (n)
thief (n) tiny (adj)
thin (adj) tip (n)
thing (n) ! the tip of the pencil
think (v) ! a tip for the waitress
! to think about something tired (adj)
! I think he’s left. title (n)
! What did you think of the film? to (prep)
! I think I’ll go. toast (n)
! I’m thinking of going. ! toast for breakfast
thirst (n) today (adv & n)
this (adj & pron) toe (n)
those (adj & pron) together (adv)
though (conj) toilet (n)
thought (n) tomato (n)
! to have thoughts about tomorrow (adv & n)
something ton(ne) (n)
! to be deep in thought tongue (n)
tonight (adv & n) ! to trust someone
too (adv) truth (n)
! I’ve been there, too. try (v)
! It’s too heavy to lift. ! to try to do something
tool (n) ! to try (out) something
tooth/teeth (n) try on (v)
toothache (n) ! to try on shoes
toothbrush (n) T-shirt (n)
toothpaste (n) tube (n)
top (n) ! a tube of toothpaste
! top of the class tune (n)
! at the top of his voice tunnel (n)
topic (n) turkey (n)
total (adj & n) turn (n & v)
touch (v) ! to turn your head (v)
tour (n & v) ! to turn the page (v)
tourism (n) ! It’s my turn. (n)
tourist (n) ! The wheels began to turn. (v)
toward(s) (prep) turn down (phr v)
towel (n) ! Could you turn down the music?
tower (n) turn into (phr v)
town (n) ! The water had turned into ice.
toy (n) turn off (phr v)
track (n) ! She turned off the engine,
! a race track turn on (phr v)
track suit (n) ! Can you turn on the TV?
trade (n) turn out (phr v)
traditional (adj) ! He turned out the lights.
traffic (n) turn up (phr v)
traffic light(s) (n) ! Turn up the radio - I can hardly
traffic jam (n) hear it.
train (n & v) turning (n)
! to travel by train ! the first turning on the left
! to train in a skill twice (adv)
trainers (n pl) twin (n)
! a pair of trainers type (n & v)
tram (n) ! a type of person (n)
transfer (v) ! to type a letter (v)
translate (v) typical (adj)
translation (n) tyre (n)
transport (n & v)
travel (v)
travel agent (n) U
traveller’s cheque (n)
tree (n) ugly (adj)
trip (n) umbrella (n)
! a weekend trip unable (adj)
trouble (n) uncle (n)
trousers (n pl) under (prep)
truck (Am Eng) (Br Eng: lorry) ! under the bed
true (adj) ! under £10.00
! Is it true? underground (adj & n)
! a true friend ! underground trains (adj)
trumpet (n) ! to travel by underground (n)
trust (v) underpants (n)
understand (v) village (n)
uniform (n) violin (n)
universe (n) visa (n)
university (n) visit (n & v)
unleaded (adj) visitor (n)
unless (conj) vocabulary (n)
until (prep) voice (n)
up (adv & prep) volleyball (n)
! to walk up the hill (prep) vote (n & v)
! Are you up yet? (awake and voyage (n)
dressed) (adv)
! Lift your head up. (adv)
! Speak up, please. (adv)
up to (prep phr)
! up to six people wage(s) (n)
up to date (prep phr) wait (n & v)
update (n & v) waiter (n)
upon (prep) waiting-room (n)
upset (adj) waitress (n)
upstairs (adv) wake (up) (v)
urgent (adj) walk (n & v)
us (pron) wall (n)
use (n & v) wallet (n)
! Can you use a computer? (v) want (v)
! It’s for the use of teachers only. war (n)
(n) ward (n)
! Is this any use to you? (n) warm (adj)
used to (v) warn (v)
! I used to cycle a lot when I was wash (n & v)
younger. wash-basin (n)
usual (adj) wash up (v)
washing machine (n)
washing up (n)
V ! to do the washing up
waste (adj & v)
valley (n) wastepaper basket (n)
value (n) watch (n & v)
van (n) ! My watch keeps good time. (n)
vanilla (n) ! I watched TV last night. (v)
variety (n) water (n & v)
various (adj) waterfall (n)
vase (n) wave (n & v)
veal (n) ! waves at sea
vegetable (n & adj) ! to wave goodbye
vegetarian (n & adj) way (n)
vehicle (n) ! Is this the way?
very (adv) ! the wrong way
venue (n) ! a long way
victim (n) ! to stand in the way
victory (n) ! That’s the way to do it.
video (n & v) ! way of life
video recorder (n) ! way in, way out
videotape (n) WC (n)
view (n) we (pron)
! a beautiful view weak (adj)
! to feel weak whole (adj & n)
! a weak excuse whose (pron)
wear (v) why (adv)
! to wear a dress wide (adj & adv)
wear off (phr v) ! a wide road (adj)
! Has the pain worn off yet? ! with his mouth wide open (adv)
wear out (phr v & adj) ! to feel wide awake (adv)
! You’ll wear out those shoes. width (n)
weather (n) wife (n)
web (n) wild (adj)
website (n) wildlife (n)
wedding (n) win (n & v)
week (n) wind (n)
weekday (n) ! A strong wind was blowing. (n)
weekend (n) wind (v)
weekly (adj & adv) ! Wind up the car windows. (v)
! a weekly magazine (adj) window (n)
! to phone home twice weekly windscreen (n)
(adv) windsurfing (n)
weigh (v) wing (n)
weight (n) ! a bird’s wing
welcome (n & v) ! the wing of an aeroplane
! a warm welcome (n) wire (n)
! Welcome to London! (v) ! an electrical wire
welfare (n) ! a wire fence
well (adj, adv & int) wise (adj)
! I’m very well, thanks. (adj) wish (n & v)
! to behave very well (adv) with (prep)
! Shake the bottle well. (adv) within (adv & prep)
! Well, here we are. (int) without (prep)
Well done! (int) witness (n & v)
well known (adv) woman (n)
well-known (adj) wonder (v)
well made (adv) ! I wonder what he said.
well-made (adj) wonderful (adj)
west (adj, adv & n) wood (n)
wet (adj) ! to be made of wood
! wet clothes ! in a large wood
! wet weather wooden (adj)
whale (n) wool (n)
what (pron) word (n)
whatever (pron & det) ! words in a sentence
wheel (n & v) ! He didn’t say a word.
wheelchair (n) work (n & v)
when (adv) ! school work (n)
whenever (adv & conj) ! to work for a living (v)
where (adv) ! hard work (n)
wherever (adv & conj) ! to be out of work (n)
whether (conj) working hours (n pl)
which (pron) world (n)
whichever (pron & det) worry (n & v)
while, whilst (conj) worse (adj)
white (adj) worst (adj)
who, whom (pron) worth (adj)
whoever (pron) wound (n & v)
wrap (up) (v)
! to wrap (up) a parcel
write (v)
write out (phr v)
! Please write out your name in full.
wrong (adj)

year (n)
yearly (adj & adv)
yellow (adj)
yes (int)
yesterday (adv & n)
yet (adv)
you (pron)
you know (int)
young (adj & n)
your (adj)
yours (pron)
yourself (pron)
youth (n)

zebra (n)
zero (n)
zone (n)
zoo (n)
Appendix 1

Word sets

In addition to the words in the alphabetical list, PET candidates are expected to know:

Cardinal numbers
one, two, three, etc.

Ordinal numbers
first, second, third, fourth, etc.

Days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Months of the year

January, February, etc.

Seasons of the year

spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Countries, languages and nationalities

Names of countries, nationalities and languages, for example, Brazil/Brazilian, Canada/Canadian,
China/Chinese, France/French, Ireland/Irish, India/Indian, Italy/Italian, Spain/Spanish, etc.

Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica, Europe.
Appendix 2


The words in the alphabetical list may be extended by the use of one or more of these affixes:

mini- with nouns, sometimes without a hyphen, e.g. minibus, mini-tour

non- with nouns and adjectives, e.g. non-essential
re- with verbs and their related nouns, usually without a hyphen,
e.g. rename, renaming
self- with nouns and adjectives, e.g. self-importance, self-confident
un- negative prefix, e.g. unsafe
-able with verbs, to form adjectives, e.g. affordable
-ed (-d) with verbs, to form adjectives, e.g. limited, used
-er (-r) with verbs, to form nouns, e.g. teacher, advertiser; shopper, also
comparative forms, e.g. brighter
-ese for nationalities/languages, e.g. Japanese
-ess referring to a woman or female animal, e.g. princess, lioness
N.B. it is less common to refer to women in this way nowadays,
and usually safer to use the ‘standard’ form e.g. actor, author
-est superlative forms, e.g. tallest
-ful with nouns, for amount contained, e.g. spoonful; with nouns to form
adjectives denoting characteristics or qualities, e.g. painful, peaceful
-ing with verbs, for activity or state, e.g. reading, frightening
-ish for nationalities or languages, e.g. Swedish; with nouns to form
adjectives, e.g. childish
-ist with nouns, for occupations, e.g. novelist, guitarist
-less with nouns to form adjectives, e.g. breathless
-ly with adjectives to form adverbs, e.g. seriously; with nouns to form
adjectives, e.g. friendly
-ment with verbs to form nouns, e.g. enjoyment
-or with verbs to form nouns, for people, e.g. inventor
-y with nouns to form adjectives, e.g. hairy, sunny
Appendix 3

Topic Lists

Travel and Transport

accommodation confirm hovercraft roundabout

(aero)plane consul(ate) hydrofoil route
(bi)cycle/bike crossing immigration sail (v)
abroad crossroads inn scooter
airline currency interpret(er) seat belt
airport customs jet (bus) service
ambulance customs officer journey ship
announcement cycle (n & v) land (v) sightseeing
arrive cyclist lorry signpost
arrival deck (of ship) lost property single room
at sea delay luggage speed
backpack deliver map subway
bag depart motorbike/ suitcase
baggage departure motorcycle take off
board (v) destination motorway taxi
boarding pass direction nationality taxi rank
boat document(s) on board terminal
border dollar on business tour
brochure double room on holiday tourist
bus drive on vacation traffic
bus station driving licence on foot traffic lights
bus stop due on time traffic jam
by air duty-free operator train
by land embassy overtake tram
by rail euro overnight translate
by road exchange rate parking lot translation
by sea facilities parking space traveller’s cheque
cab fare passenger trip
cabin ferry passport tunnel
canal flight path tyre/tire
capital city fly petrol underground
car foreign petrol station underground
car alarm fuel petrol pump train
car park gate pilot unleaded
case guide platform vehicle
catch (v) guidebook railway visa
change (v) guest railroad visit(or)
charter guesthouse reception voyage
check in (v) handlebars reservation waiting room
check out (v) harbour reserve windscreen
check-in (n) helicopter return
coach hitchhike ride
hotel road sign

athlete fitness motor-racing shoot(ing)

athletics football net shorts
ball game point(s) skiing
baseball goal practice squash
basketball golf practise stadium
bat gym(nastics) prize surfing
boxing high jump race swimming
champion hit (v) race track table-tennis
changing room hockey racing take part
climbing horse-riding racket team
coach ice hockey reserve (n) tennis
competition jogging riding track
court join in rugby tracksuit
cycling kick (v) running trainer(s)
dancing locker (room) sail (n & v) train(ing)
diving long jump sailing volleyball
enter match score water skiing
fishing motorcycling season

Hobbies and Leisure

barbecue cruise hire picnic

camera dancing jogging playing cards
camp doll join in playground
campsite drawing keen on quiz
camping facilities member(ship) sculpture
chess fan model sightseeing
club fiction museum slide
collect(or) keep fit music swings
collection gallery opening hours sunbathe
computer guitar painting tent

Work and Jobs

(travel) agent canteen dentist factory

actor captain department farm
actress career designer greengrocer
air hostess carpenter detective grocer
application chef diploma guard
apply chemist director hairdresser
architect clerk disc jockey hard-working
army colleague diver housewife
artist comedian doctor housework
assistant company employ (v) instructor
athlete conference employee interpreter
banker consul/consulate employer journalist
boss contract employment judge
businessman cook engineer laboratory
businesswoman crew farmer labourer
butcher customs officer film star lawyer
cameraman CV fireman lecturer
candidate dancer full time librarian
manager photographer professor security guard
mechanic physician (computer) servant
model pilot programmer shopkeeper/
musician poet publisher shop assistant
newsagent policeman quit soldier
novelist police officer qualification staff
nurse policewoman reporter steward(ess)
occupation politician retire taxi driver
office porter retirement teacher
officer (e.g. postman sailor trade
prison/police) presenter (e.g. salary tradesman
operator TV/radio) sales assistant unemployed
out of work president salesman wage(s)
owner priest saleswoman waiter/waitress
part time profession scientist workman
pension(er) professional secretary

Food and Drink

apple cookie juice refreshments

bake (v) corn knife rice
banana cream lamb roast (v & adj)
barbecue (n & cucumber lemon roll
v) cup lemonade salad
bean curry lettuce salt
biscuit dessert loaf sandwich
bitter (adj) diet lunch saucer
boil (v) dinner meat sausage
bowl dish melon slice (n)
bread drink menu snack
breakfast duck microwave (n) soft drink
buffet eat milk soup
butter egg mineral water sour
cabbage fish mushroom spinach
cake flour mustard spoon
can (of beans) fork oil steak
candy French fries omelette strawberry
canteen fruit onion sugar
carrot fruit juice orange supper
cauliflower fresh pan sweet (adj & n)
celery fry pasta tart
cereal frying pan pastry taste
cheese glass pea tea
chicken grape peanut thirsty
chips grill (n & v) pear toast
chocolate ham pepper tomato
chopsticks honey pie turkey
cocoa hot pizza vanilla
coconut hungry plaice vegetable
cod ice cream plate vegetarian
coffee ingredients potato
coke jam raisin
cook (v) jug recipe
Clothes and Accessories

backpack glove perfume swimming

belt go with (phr v) plastic costume
blouse handbag pocket T-shirt
boot handkerchief pullover take off
bra hat put on tie
button jacket pyjamas tights
cap jeans raincoat tracksuit
cloth jewellery shirt trainers
(rain) coat knit shoe trousers
collar laundry shorts sweatshirt
cotton leather silk swimsuit
dress lipstick size try on
dry cleaning make-up skirt underwear
earring match (v) sleeve(less) umbrella
fashion material socks uniform
fasten old-fashioned stockings wear (out)
fit (v) (adj) suit wool(len)
fold (v) pants sweater
glasses pattern sweatshirt

House and Home

accommodation chair flatmate lavatory

address channel (with floor lawn
air-conditioning TV) freezer lift
alarm (fire/car) chest of drawers fridge light
alarm clock chimney frying-pan (clothes) line
antique cloakroom furnished living-room
apartment clock furniture lock
armchair coal garage lounge
balcony computer garden microwave (n)
basement cooker gas mirror
basin corkscrew gate mug
bath corridor grill neighbour
bathroom cottage ground (floor) oil
bed cupboard hall oven
bedroom curtain handle pan
bell cushion heat (v) path
bin desk hedge pillow
blanket digital (adj) hi-fi pipe
blind dining room house plant
block (of flats) dish housewife plug
(notice) board dishwasher housework plug in
bookshelf door iron property
brick downstairs jug radio
brush drawer kettle refrigerator
bucket dustbin kitchen rent
bulb duvet ladder roof
candle DVD lamp room
carpet electric/al landlady roommate
cassette player entrance landlord rubbish
ceiling fan laptop seat
cellar fence (computer) sheet
central heating flat laundry shelf
shower table cloth toy wash-basin
sink tap TV (screen/set) washing
sitting room telephone upstairs (adv) machine
sofa television vase wastepaper basket
stairs toilet video WC
step tool video recorder window
switch towel videotape
table tower wall

The Natural World

animal environment mountain summer

autumn fall (Am Eng) nature sun
beach farmland planet sunlight
bird field plant sunrise
branch fish pollution sunset
bush flood rabbit sunshine
cave flower rainforest tiger
cliff forest range tree
climate freeze river valley
coal giraffe rock waterfall
coast hill sand waves
continent lake scenery wild
countryside land shark wildlife
desert leaf sky winter
dolphin lion soil zebra
duck monkey spring
earth moon star
elephant mouse/mice stone


blow frost lightning sunshine

centigrade fog mild temperature
cloud foggy rain thermometer
cloudy gale shower thunder (storm)
cool get wet snow wet
cold heat snowfall wind
degrees hot storm windy
dry ice sun
forecast icy sunny

Entertainment and Media

act (v) ballet circus disco

action band classical music display
actor book comedy documentary
actress camera comedian drama
ad(vert) cartoon comic DVD (player)
advertisement cassette (player) commercial entrance
adventure CD (player) concert exhibition
admission CD-Rom costume exit
article channel dance festival
audience cinema disc film
film maker magic pop music screen
film star music programme series
folk music news quiz stage
hero newspaper recording star
hit song opera review studio
interview(er) orchestra rock music television
interval performance romantic thriller
jazz music play row venue
magazine poem scene video


absent composition handwriting physics

advanced corridor homework primary school
arithmetic course IT qualification
art curriculum intermediate qualify
bell degree laboratory register
biology desk languages science
blackboard dictionary lesson secondary
board diploma mark (v) school
break(time) drama mathematics state school
break up economics math(s) subject
certificate educate music study (v)
chemistry elementary nature studies technology
class essay notice board
classroom geography photography
college history

Health, Medicine and Exercise

accident damage headache sore throat

ache diet hospital stomach ache
ambulance dressing hurt stress
appointment earache injure swim
aspirin emergency keep fit tablet
balance feel better/ill/sick medicine take exercise
bandage fever operate temperature
bend flu operation walk
break get better/worse pill wound
clean go jogging recover
cut gym(nastics) run


(dark/light) gold pink yellow

black green purple
blue grey red
brown orange silver
Places: Town and City

airport crossing playground station

bridge crossroads road subway
bus station fountain roundabout taxi rank
bus stop market route tunnel
car park park shopping centre turning
city centre pavement signpost underground
corner petrol station square zoo


apartment block/ college kiosk school

block of flats cottage library shop
bookshop department mosque sports centre
café store museum stadium
castle factory office block supermarket
cathedral gallery palace swimming pool
church guesthouse police station theatre
cinema house post office tower
clinic hospital prison university
club hotel ruin

Places: Countryside

area harbour quay sky

bay hill railway soil
beach island rainforest stream
canal lake region valley
cliff land river village
desert motorway rock waterfall
earth mountain sand wood
farm ocean scenery
field path sea
forest port seaside


advertise collect inexpensive reduced

bill complain luxury rent
book cost money reserve
buy credit card order return
cash dear pay save
change deposit price sell
cheap exchange reasonable
cheque expensive receipt
choose hire reduce

bank dry cleaner hotel sports centre

café gallery library swimming pool
cinema garage museum theatre
dentist guest-house post office
doctor hairdresser restaurant


bottle bank litter public transport

climate change petrol rubbish (bin)
gas (Am Eng) pollution traffic (jam)


advanced elementary meaning shout

answer email mention speak
argue grammar message talk
ask intermediate pronounce tell
beginner interpret pronunciation translate
chat joke question translation
communicate letter say vocabulary
communication mean sentence word

Personal Feelings, Opinions and Experiences (Adjectives)

able delighted keen rude

afraid depressed lazy sad
amazed difficult lucky satisfied
amazing disappointed mad serious
amusing dizzy merry skilled
angry easy miserable slim
annoyed embarrassed negative smart
anxious embarrassing nervous special
ashamed excited noisy strange
awful fantastic normal strong
bored fit old-fashioned stupid
boring fond ordinary sure
bossy frightened original surprised
brave funny patient terrible
brilliant generous personal tired
calm gentle pleasant true
challenging glad positive typical
cheerful guilty punctual unable
clever hard reasonable unusual
confident happy realistic well
crazy healthy relaxed wonderful
cruel intelligent reliable
curious jealous rich
Technology and Communications

access dial up invention print

address digital IT printer
airmail directory keyboard program(me)
by post disc/disk laptop reply
calculator DVD (player) laser ring
call (v) electronic(s) machine ring up
call back email message screen
CD (player) enclosed mobile phone software
CD-Rom engaged mouse switch on
chat (v) enter mouse mat switch off
chat room envelope network telephone
click (v) equipment online text
computer fax operator text message
connect hang up parcel turn on
connection headline phone turn off
delete internet postage
dial invent postcard