SAY# $DO YOU SEE% WHETHER THIS MESSA&E BE FROM ALLAH (&'! Al ()hty)* AND YET YOU RE+ECT IT* AND A WITNESS FROM AMON& THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, BORE WITNESS OF ONE LI-E HIM...$ (SURA AH/AF) H'ly /ur012 46:10. ,. This refers to Moses. See Yusuf Ali's commentaries Nos. 4783/4 to this verse.

Mr. Chairman, a!ies an! "entlemen, The su#$ect of this evenin%'s tal&' ( $Wh"t the BIBLE 3"y3 "b'ut MUHAMMAD (Pe"ce be u4'2 h( )$ ( )ill no !ou#t come as a sur*rise to man+ of +ou #ecause the s*ea&er is a Muslim. ,o) !oes it come a#out that a Muslim ha**ens to #e e-*oun!in% *ro*hecies from the .e)ish an! Christian Scri*tures/ As a +oun% man, a#out 30 +ears a%o, 1 atten!e! a series of reli%ious lectures #+ a Christian theolo%ian, a certain 2ev. ,iten, at the 3Theatre 2o+al3, 4ur#an in South Africa. ' This is the te-t of a lecture !elivere! #+ the author in the earl+ 5670's. P'4e 'r -(33(2)er% This 2everen! %entleman )as e-*oun!in% 7i#lical *ro*hecies. ,e )ent on to *rove that the Christian 7i#le foretol! the rise of Soviet 2ussia, an! the ast 4a+s. At one sta%e he )ent to the e-tent of *rovin% that his ,ol+ 7oo& !i! not leave even the 8o*e out of its *re!ictions. ,e e-*atiate! vi%orousl+ in or!er to convince his au!ience that the $Be"3t 555$ mentione! in the 7oo& of 2evelation the last #oo& of the Ne) Testament )as the POPE, )ho )as the 9icar of Christ on earth. 1t is not #efittin% for us Muslims to enter into this controvers+ #et)een the 2oman Catholics an! the 8rotestants. 7+ the )a+, the latest Christian e-*osition of the $Be"3t 555$ of the Christian 7i#le is 4r. ,enr+ :issin%er,. Christian scholars are in%enious an! in!efati%a#le in their efforts to *rove their case. 2ev. ,iten's lectures le! me to as& that if the 7i#le foretol! so man+ thin%s ( not even e-clu!in% the 38o*e3 an! 31srael3 ( then surel+ it must have somethin% to sa+ a#out the %reatest #enefactor of man&in! 6, the ,ol+ 8ro*het Muhamme! ;ma+ the *eace of Allah #e u*on him<. As a +oun%ster 1 set out to search for an ans)er. 1 met *riest after *riest, atten!e! lectures, an! rea! ever+thin% that 1 coul! la+ m+ han!s relatin% to the fiel!s of 7i#le *ro*hecies. Toni%ht 1 am %oin% to narrate to +ou one of these intervie)s )ith a !ominee 7 of the 4utch 2eforme! Church. ,. Christian e-e%esists %ive *ro%ressive numerical values #+ si-es, to the =n%lish al*ha#et an! a!! u* to %et the total >>>. i.e. A?>,7?5@,C?58, 4?@4 an! so on. 8ro%ression #+ >'s #ecause the num#er of the 7east in the 7i#le is 3>>>3. Tr+ it for 4r.:issin%er. 6. The )riter has $ust !elivere! another tal& in the Cit+ ,all, 4ur#an on the 50th 4ecem#er 567A on the su#$ect $Muh" "! the &re"te3t$. 7. 34ominee3 is the Afri&aans eBuivalent of *riest, *arson an! *re!i&ant.

Luc8y Th(rtee2 1 )as invite! to the Transvaal, to !eliver a tal& on the occasion of 7irth!a+ cele#ration of the ,ol+ 8ro*het Muhamme!. :no)in% that in that *rovince of the 2e*u#lic, the Afri&aans lan%ua%e is )i!el+ s*o&en, even #+ m+ o)n *eo*le, 1 felt that 1 ou%ht to acBuire a smatterin% of this lan%ua%e so a s to feel a little 3at home3 )ith the *eo*le. 1 o*ene! the tele*hone !irector+ an! #e%an *honin% the Afri&aans(s*ea&in% Churches. 1 in!icate! m+ *ur*ose to the *riests that 1 )as intereste! in havin% a !ialo%ue )ith them, #ut the+ all refuse! m+ reBuest )ith 38lausi#le3 e-cuses. No.53 )as m+ luc&+ num#er. The thirteenth call #rou%ht me *leasure an! relief. A !ominee 9an ,eer!en a%ree! to meet me at his home on the Satur!a+ afternoon that 1 )as to leave for Transvaal. ,e receive! me on his veran!ah )ith a frien!l+ )elcome. ,e sai! if 1 !i! not min!, he )oul! li&e his father(in(la) from the Cree State ;a 70 +ear ol! man< to $oin us in the !iscussion. 1 !i! not min!. The three of us settle! !o)n in the !ominee's li#rar+. ,. Dne of the 8rovinces of the 2e*u#lic of South Africa. Why N'th(2)% 1 *ose! the BuestionE 3Fhat !oes the 7i#le sa+ a#out Muhamme!/3 Fithout hesitation he ans)ere!, 3Nothin%G3 1 as&e!E 3Fh+ nothin%/ Accor!in% to +our inter*retation the 7i#le have so man+ thin%s to sa+ a#out the rise of Soviet 2ussia an! a#out the ast 4a+s an! even a#out the 8o*e of the 2oman Catholics/3 ,e sai!, 3Yes, #ut there )as nothin% a#out Muhamme!G3 1 as&e! a%ain, 3Fh+ nothin%/ Surel+ this man Muhamme! )ho ha! #een res*onsi#le for the #rin%in% into #ein% a )orl!)i!e communit+ of millions of 7elievers )ho, on his authorit+, #elieve inE ;5< The miraculous #irth of .esus, ;@< that .esus is the Messiah, , ;3< that he %ave life to the !ea! #+ "o!'s *ermission, an! that he heale! those #orn #lin! an! the le*ers #+ "o!'s *ermission. Surel+ this #oo& ;the 7i#le< must have somethin% to sa+ a#out this %reat ea!er of men )ho s*o&e so )ell of .esus an! his mother Mar+/3 ;8eace #e u*on them #oth<. The ol! man from the Cree State re*lie!. 3M+ son, 1 have #een rea!in% the 7i#le for the *ast A0 +ears, an! if there )as an+ mention of him, 1 )oul! have &no)n it.3 ,. The )or! 3Messiah3 comes from the Ara#ic an! ,e#re) )or! "3"h", )hich means to ru#, to massa%e, to anoint. The reli%ious si%nificance is $the '2e 9h' (3 "2'(2te!$ ( *riests an! &in%s )ere anointe! in consecration to their offices. Messiah translate! Christ !oes not mean "o!. =ven the he"the2 C+rus is calle! 3Christ3 in the 7i#le, ;Isaiah 45:1< N't '2e by 2" e:

1 enBuire!E 3Accor!in% to +ou, are there not hun!re!s of *ro*hecies re%ar!in% the comin% of .esus in the Dl! Testament.3 The !ominee inter$ecte!E 3Not hun!re!s, #ut thousan!sG3 1 sai!, 31 am not %oin% to !is*ute the 'thousan! an! one' *ro*hecies in the Dl! Testament re%ar!in% the comin% of .esus Christ, #ecause the )hole Muslim()orl! has alrea!+ acce*te! him )ithout the testimon+ of an+ 7i#lical *ro*hec+. Fe Muslims have acce*te! the !e ;"ct' .esus on the authorit+ of Muhumme! alone, an! there are in the )orl! to!a+ no less than 600,000,000, follo)ers of Muhumme! )ho love, res*ect an! revere this %reat Messen%er of "o! <+e3u3 Chr(3t< )ithout havin% the Christians to convince them #+ means of their 7i#lical !ialectics. Dut of the 'thousan!s' of *ro*hecies referre! to, can +ou *lease %ive me

$ust one sin%le *ro*hec+ )here .esus is mentione! #+ name/ The term 'Messiah', translate! as 'Christ', is not a name #ut a title. 1s there a sin%le 8ro*hec+ )here it sa+s that the name of the Messiah )ill #e +ESUS, an! that his mother's name )ill #e MARY, that his su**ose! father )ill #e +OSEPH THE CARPENTERH that he )ill #e #orn in the rei%n of HEROD THE -IN&, etc. etc./ NoG There are no such !etailsG Then ho) can +ou conclu!e that those 'thousan!' 8ro*hecies refer to .esus ;8eace #e u*on him</3 ,. This )as first )ritten in 567>. Wh"t (3 Pr'4hecy% The !ominee re*lie!E 3You see, *ro*hecies are )or!(*ictures of somethin% that is %oin% to ha**en in the future. Fhen that thin% actuall+ comes to *ass, )e see vivi!l+ in these *ro*hecies the fulfillment of )hat ha! #een *re!icte! in the *ast.3 1 sai!E 3Fhat +ou actuall+ !o is that +ou !e!uce, +ou reason, +ou *ut t)o an! t)o to%ether.3 ,e sai!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $I; th(3 (3 9h"t y'u h"=e t' !' 9(th " >th'u3"2!> 4r'4hec(e3 t' ?u3t(;y y'ur cl"( 9(th re)"r!3 t' the )e2u(2e2e33 '; +e3u3* 9hy 3h'ul! 9e 2't "!'4t the =ery 3" e 3y3te ;'r Muhu e!%$, The !ominee a%ree! that it )as a fair *ro*osition, a reasona#le )a+ of !ealin% )ith the *ro#lem. 1 as&e! him to o*en u* 4euteronom+, cha*ter 58, verse 58, )hich he !i!. 1 rea! from memor+ the verse in Afri&aans, #ecause this )as m+ *ur*ose in havin% a little *ractice )ith the lan%ua%e of the rulin% race in South Africa.6 'N 82DC==T SA =: 912 ,I = 9=2F=: I1T 41= M144= 9AN ,I =N =: SA MY FDD24= 1N SY MDN4 =, =N ,Y SY SA AAN ,I 7=9== . Deut.18: 18. The =n%lish translation rea!s as follo)sE( "I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and I will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall ommand him!" (HOLY BIBLE) "euteronomy 1#:1#! ,. Muhumme! is mentione! #+ name in the Son% of Solomon AE5>. The ,e#re) )or! use! there is Muh" u!!( . The en! letters IM is *lural of res*ect ma$est+ an! %ran!eur. Minus $( $ the name )oul! #e Muhamu! translate! as 3alto%ether lovel+3 in the Authorise! 9ersion of the 7i#le or >The Pr"(3e! O2e> 'the one )orth+ of 8raise' i.e. MUHUMMED: ;8.7.I.,< 6. 1f this #oo&let is translate! into an+ lan%ua%e, *lease chan%e the Afri&aans )or!s into the local !ialectH an! !o not tr+ a free han! translation of the 7i#lical Buotation. D#tain a 7i#le in the lan%ua%e in )hich translation is #ein% ma!e an! transcri#e e-actl+ as the )or!s occur in that 7i#le. Pr'4het L(8e M'3e3 ,avin% recite! the verse in Afri&aans, 1 a*olo%ise! for m+ uncertain *ronunciation, The !ominee assure! me that 1 )as !oin% fine. 1 enBuire!E 3To )hom !oes this *ro*hec+ refer/3 Fithout the sli%htest hesitation he ans)ere!E $+ESUS:$ 1 as&e!E $Why +e3u3%... h(3 2" e (3 2't e2t('2e! here.$ The !ominee re*lie!E 3Since *ro*hecies are )or!(*ictures of somethin% that is %oin% to ha**en in the future, )e fin! that the )or!in%s of this verse = 72D=2S, SDDS .Y 1S, = S= A = FAT =: ,DM

a!eBuatel+ !escri#e him. You see the most im*ortant )or!s of this *ro*hec+ are 'SDDS .Y 1S' (l(8e u2t' thee), ( 1:= YDI ( li&e Moses, an! .esus is li&e Moses. 1 Buestione!E 31n )hich )a+ is .esus li&e Moses/3 The ans)er )asE 31n the first *lace Moses )as a +EW an! .esus )as also a +EWH secon!l+, Moses )as a PROPHET an! .esus )as also a PROPHET ( therefore .esus is li&e Moses an! that is e-actl+ )hat "o! ha! foretol! Moses ( $SOOS +Y IS$. 3Can +ou thin& of an+ other similarities #et)een Moses an! .esus/3 1 as&e!. The !ominee sai! that he coul! not thin& of an+. 1 re*lie!E 31f these are the onl+ t)o criteria for !iscoverin% a can!i!ate for this *ro*hec+ of 4euteronom+ 58E58, then in that case the criteria coul! fit an+ one of the follo)in% 7i#lical *ersona%es after MosesE( Solomon, 1saiah, =Je&iel, 4aniel, ,osea, .oel, Malachi, .ohn the 7a*tist etc., #ecause the+ )ere also ALL 3.e)s3 as )ell as 38ro*hets3. Fh+ shoul! )e not a**l+ this *ro*hec+ to an+ one of these *ro*hets, an! )h+ onl+ to .esus/ Fh+ shoul! )e ma&e fish of one an! fo)l of another/3 The !ominee ha! no re*l+. 1 continue!E 3You see, m+ conclusions are that .esus is most unli&e Moses, an! if 1 am )ron% 1 )oul! li&e +ou to correct me.3 Three U2l(8e3 So sa+in%, 1 reasone! )ith himE 31n the FIRST *lace .esus is not li&e Moses, #ecause, accor!in% to Y'u ( '.=SIS 1S A "D4', #ut Moses is not "o!. 1s this true/3 ,e sai!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $There;'re* +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3: $SECONDLY, accor!in% to Y'u ( '.=SIS 41=4 CD2 T,= S1NS DC T,= FD2 4', #ut Moses !i! not have to !ie for the sins of the )orl!. 1s this true/3 ,e a%ain sai!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $There;'re +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3:$ $THIRDLY, accor!in% to Y'u ( '.=SIS F=NT TD ,= CD2 T,2== 4AYS', #ut Moses !i! not have to %o there. 1s this true/3 ,e ans)ere! mee&l+E 3Y(e(s.3 1 conclu!e!E $There;'re +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3:$ 37ut !ominee,3 1 continue!E 3these are not har! facts, soli! facts, the+ are mere matters of #elief over )hich the little ones can stum#le an! fall. et us !iscuss somethin% ver+ sim*le, ver+ eas+ that if +our little ones are calle! in to hear the !iscussion, )oul! have no !ifficult+ in follo)in% it, shall )e/3 The !ominee )as Buiet ha**+ at the su%%estion.

CHAPTER TWO E()ht Irre;ut"ble Ar)u F"ther "2! M'ther ;5< 3Moses ha! a father an! a mother. Muhumme! also ha! a father an! a mother. 7ut .esus ha! onl+ a mother, an! no human father. 1s this true/3 ,e sai!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E 34AA2DM 1S .=SIS N1= SDDS MDS=S N1=, MAA2 MI,IMM=4 1S SDDS MDS=SG3 Meanin%E $There;'re +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3* but Muhu e! (3 l(8e M'3e3:$ ;7+ no) the rea!er )ill realise that 1 )as usin% the Afri&aans lan%ua%e onl+ for *ractice *ur*oses. 1 shall !iscontinue its use in this narration<. M(r"cul'u3 B(rth e2t3

;@< 3Moses an! Muhumme! )ere #orn in the normal, natural course, i.e. the *h+sical association of man an! )omanH #ut .esus )as create! #+ a s*ecial miracle. You )ill recall that )e are tol! in the "os*el of St. Matthe) 5E58 $.....BEFORE THEY CAME TO&ETHER*;.ose*h the Car*enter an! Mar+< SHE WAS FOUND WITH CHILD BY THE HOLY &HOST.$ An! St. u&e tells us that )hen the %oo! ne)s of the #irth of a hol+ son )as announce! to her, Mar+ reasone!E "!!!$%& '$()) *$I' +,, ',,I-. I /-%& -%* ( 0(-1 (-" *$, (-.,) (-'&,2," (-" '(I" 3-*% $,2, *$, $%)4 .$%'* '$()) 5%0, 3P%- *$,,, (-" *$, P%&,2 %6 *$, $I.$,'* '$()) %7,2'$("%& *$,,!!!" ; u&e 5E3A<. The ,ol+ KurLMn confirms the miraculous #irth of .esus, in no#ler an! su#limer terms. 1n ans)er to her lo%ical BuestionE $ O MY LORD: HOW SHALL I HA@E A SON WHEN NO MAN HATH TOUCHED ME% $ The an%el sa+s in re*l+E $E@EN SO# ALLAH CREATETH WHAT HE WILLETH# WHEN HE HATH DECREED A PLAN* HE BUT SAITH TO IT $BE*$ AND IT IS $ , 8$%)4 932:(-, ;:4<=! 1t is not necessar+ for "o! to *lant a see! in man or animal. ,e merel+ )ills it an! it comes into #ein%. This is the Muslim conce*tion of the of #irth of .esus. ;Fhen 1 com*are! the KurLMn an! the 7i#lical versions of the #irth of .esus to the hea! of the 7i#le Societ+ in our lar%est Cit+, an! )hen 1 enBuire!E 3Fhich version )oul! +ou *refer to %ive +our !au%hter, the /UR>ANIC version or the BIBLICAL version/3 The man #o)e! his hea! an! ans)ere!E 3The KurLMnic.3< 1n short, 1 sai! to the !omineeE 31s it true that .esus )as #orn miraculousl+ as a%ainst the natural #irth of Moses an! Muhumme!/3 ,e re*lie! *rou!l+E 3YesG3 1 sai!E $There;'re +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3* but Muhu e! (3 l(8e M'3e3. An! "o! sa+s to Moses in the 7oo& of 4euteronom+ 58E58 3 1:= INTD T,==3 ; i&e You, i&e Moses< "2! Muhu e! (3 l(8e M'3e3.$ ,. 8lease o*en the ,ol+ KurLMn 3E4@ an! 56E5> )here the #irth of .esus is s*o&en a#outH rea! it )ith the commentar+, note the hi%h *osition )hich .esus an! his mother occu*+ in 1slam. M"rr(")e T(e3 ;3< 3Moses an! Muhumme! marrie! an! #e%at chil!ren, #ut .esus remaine! a #achelor all his life. 1s this true/3 The !ominee sai!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $There;'re +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3* but Muhu e! (3 l(8e M'3e3.$ +e3u3 Re?ecte! by h(3 Pe'4le ;4< 3Moses an! Muhumme! )ere acce*te! as *ro*hets #+ their *eo*le in their ver+ lifetime. No !ou#t the .e)s %ave en!less trou#le to Moses an! the+ murmure! in the )il!erness, #ut as a nation, the+ ac&no)le!%e! that Moses )as a Messen%er of "o! sent to them. The Ara#s too ma!e Muhumme!'s life im*ossi#le. ,e suffere! ver+ #a!l+ at their han!s. After 53 +ears of *reachin% in Mecca, he ha! to emi%rate from the cit+ of his #irth. 7ut #efore his !emise, the Ara# nation as a )hole acce*te! him as the Messen%er of Allah. 7ut accor!in% to the 7i#leE :$e 8>esus= 5(0, 3-*% $I' %&-, +3* $I' %&- 2,5,I7," $I0 -%*!: (John 1:11). A2! e=e2 t'!"y* ";ter t9' th'u3"2! ye"r3* h(3 4e'4le< the +e93* "3 " 9h'le* h"=e re?ecte! h( . 1s this true/3 The !ominee sai!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $THEREFORE +ESUS IS NOT LI-E MOSES* BUT MUHUMMED IS LI-E MOSES.$ $Other<W'r!ly$ -(2)!' ;A< 3Moses an! Muhumme! )ere *ro*hets as )ell as &in%s. A *ro*het means a man )ho receives 4ivine 2evelation for the "ui!ance of Man an! this "ui!ance he conve+s to "o!'s creatures as receive! )ithout an+ a!!ition or !eletion. A &in% is a *erson )ho has the *o)er

of life an! !eath over his *eo*le. 1t is immaterial )hether the *erson )ears a cro)n or not, or )hether he )as ever a!!resse! as &in% or monarchE if the man has the *rero%ative of inflictin% ca*ital *unishment ( HE IS A -IN&. Moses *ossesse! such a *o)er. 4o +ou remem#er the 1sraelite )ho )as foun! *ic&in% u* fire)oo! on Sa##ath 4a+, an! Moses ha! him stone! to !eath/ ;Num#ers( 5AE53<. There are other crimes also mentione! in the 7i#le for )hich ca*ital *unishment )as inflicte! on the .e)s at the #ehest of Moses. Muhumme! too, ha! the *o)er of life an! !eath over his *eo*le. There are instances in the 7i#le of *ersons )ho )ere %iven %ift of *ro*hec+ onl+, #ut the+ )ere not in a *osition to im*lement their !irectives. Some of these hol+ men of "o! )ho )ere hel*less in the face of stu##orn re$ection of their messa%e, )ere the *ro*hets lot, .onah, 4aniel, =Jra, an! .ohn the 7a*tist. The+ coul! onl+ !eliver the messa%e, #ut coul! not enforce the a). The ,ol+ 8ro*het .esus ;8eace *.#.u.h< also #elon%e! to this cate%or+. The Christian "os*el clearl+ confirms thisE )hen .esus )as !ra%%e! #efore the 2oman "overnor, 8ontius 8ilate, Char%e! for se!ition, .esus ma!e a convincin% *oint in his !efence to refute the false char%eE .=SIS ANSF=2=4, "04 /I-."%0 I' -%* %6 *$I' &%2)":: IF MY KINGDOM WERE OF !I" WOR#D$ !EN WO%#D MY "ER&'N " FIG! $ !' I "!O%#D NO (E DE#I&ERED O !E JEW") (% NOW I" MY KINGDOM NO FROM !EN*E+ ;John 18:,-< This convince! 8ilate ;A 8a%an< that thou%h .esus mi%ht not #e in full *ossession of his mental facult+, he !i! not stri&e him as #ein% a !an%er to his rule. .esus claime! " 34(r(tu"l -(2)!' '2lyH in other )or!s he onl+ claime! to #e a 8ro*het. 1s this true/3 The !ominee ans)ere!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $There;'re +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3 but Muhu e! (3 l(8e M'3e3.$ N' Ne9 L"93 ;>< 3Moses an! Muhumme! #rou%ht ne) la)s an! ne) re%ulations for their *eo*le. Moses not onl+ %ave the Ten Comman!ments to the 1sraelites, #ut a ver+ com*rehensive ceremonial la) for the %ui!ance of his *eo*le. Muhumme! comes to a *eo*le stee*e! in #ar#arism an! i%norance. The+ marrie! their ste*(mothersH the+ #urie! their !au%hters aliveH !run&enness, a!ulter+, i!olatr+, an! %am#lin% )ere the or!er of the !a+. "i##on !escri#e the Ara#s #efore 1slam in his $Decl(2e "2! F"ll '; the R' "2 E 4(re$, T,= ,IMAN 72IT=, A MDST F1T,DIT S=NS=, 1S 8DD2 Y 41ST1N"I1S,=4 C2DM T,= 2=ST DC T,= AN1MA C2=AT1DN.' There )as har!l+ an+thin% to !istin%uish #et)een the 3man3 an! the 3animal3 of the timeH the+ )ere animals in human form. 3Crom this a#$ect #ar#arism, Muhumme! elevate! them, in the )or!s of Thomas Carl+sle, $(2t' t'rch<be"rer3 '; l()ht "2! le"r2(2).> >TO THE ARAB NATION IT WAS AS A BIRTH FROM DAR-NESS INTO LI&HT. ARABIA FIRST BECAME ALI@E BY MEANS OF IT. A POOR SHEPHERD PEOPLE* ROAMIN& UNNOTICED IN ITS DESERTS SINCE THE CREATION OF THE WORLD. SEE* THE UNNOTICED BECOMES WORLD NOTABLE* THE SMALL HAS &ROWN WORLD<&REAT. WITHIN ONE CENTURY AFTERWARDS ARABIA WAS AT &RANADA ON ONE HAND AND AT DELHI ON THE OTHER. &LANCIN& IN @ALOUR AND SPLENDOUR* AND THE LI&HT OF &ENIUS* ARABIA SHINES O@ER A &REAT SECTION OF THE WORLD. ...$ The fact is that Muhumme! %ave his *eo*le a a) an! Dr!er the+ never ha! #efore. As re%ar!s .esus, )hen the .e)s felt sus*icious of him that he mi%ht #e an im*ostor )ith !esi%ns to *ervert their teachin%s, .esus too& *ains to assure them that he ha! not come )ith a ne) reli%ion ( 2' 2e9 l"93 "2! 2' 2e9 re)ul"t('23. 1 Buote his o)n )or!sE :*$I-/ -%* *$(* I (0 5%0, *% ",'*2%4 *$, )(&, %2 *$, P2%P$,*': I (0 -%* 5%0, *% ",'*2%4, +3* *% 63)6I)! 6%2 7,2I)4 I '(4 3-*% 4%3, *I)) $,(7,- (-" ,(2*$ P('', %-, >%* %2 %-, *I*), '$()) I- -% &I', P('' 62%0 *$, )(&, *I)) ()) +, 63)6I)),"!:;Mathe. 5:1/018<. 1n other )or!s he ha! not come )ith an+ ne) la)s or re%ulation he came onl+ to fulfil the ol! la). This )hat he %ave the

.e)s to un!erstan!( unless he )as s*ea&in% )ith the ton%ue in his chee& tr+in% to #luff the .e)s into acce*tin% him as a man of "o! an! #+ su#terfu%e tr+in% to ram a ne) reli%ion !o)n their throats. NoG This Messen%er of "o! )oul! never resort to such fo ul means to su#vert the 2eli%ion of "o!. ,e himself fulfille! the la)s. ,e o#serve! the comman!ments of Moses, an! he res*ecte! the Sa##ath. At no time !i! a sin%le .e) *oint a fin%er at him to sa+, >9hy !'2>t y'u ;"3t> or >9hy !'2>t y'u 9"3h y'ur h"2!3 be;'re y'u bre"8 bre"!>,)hich char%es the+ al)a+s levie! a%ainst his !isci*les, #ut never a%ainst .esus. This is #ecause as a %oo! .e) he honoure! the la)s of the *ro*hets )ho *rece!e! him. 1n short, he ha! create! no ne) reli%ion an! ha! #rou%ht no ne) la) li&e Moses an! Muhumme!. 1s this true/3 1 as&e! the !ominee, an! he ans)ere!E 3Yes.3 1 sai!E $There;'re* +e3u3 (3 2't l(8e M'3e3 but Muhu e! (3 l(8e M'3e3.$ H'9 they De4"rte! ;7< 37oth Moses an! Muhumme! !ie! natural !eaths, #ut accor!in% to Christianit+, .esus )as violentl+ &ille! on the cross., 1s this true/3 The !ominee sai!E 3Yes.3 1 averre!E 3Therefore .esus is not li&e Moses #ut Muhumme! is li&e Moses.3 He"=e2ly Ab'!e ;8< 3Moses an! Muhumme! #oth lie #urie! in earth, #ut accor!in% to +ou, .esus in heaven. 1s this true/3 The !ominee a%ree!. 1 sai!E 3Therefore .esus is not li&e Moses #ut Muhumme! is li&e Moses.3 ,. Cor a full e-*osition of this to*ic, see $CRUCIFIAION OR CRUCI<FICTION%$.

CHAPTER THREE Further Pr'';3 I3h "el The F(r3t B'r2

Since the !ominee )as hel*lessl+ a%reein% )ith ever+ *oint, 1 sai!, 34ominee, so far )hat 1 have !one is to *rove onl+ one *oint out of the )hole *ro*hec+( that is *rovin% the *hrase >LI-E UNTO THEE> ( ' i&e You' ( ' i&e Moses'. The 8ro*hec+ is much more than this sin%le *hrase )hich rea!s as follo)s E "I &I)) 2(I', *$,0 3P ( P2%P$,* 62%0 (0%-. *$,I2 +2,*$2,- )I/, 3-*% *$,,!!!!!!!" The em*hasis is on the )or!s( 3Crom amon% their #rethren.3 Moses an! his *eo*le, the .e)s, are here a!!resse! as a racial entit+, an! as such their >brethre2> )oul! un!ou#te!l+ #e the Ara#s. You see, the ,ol+ 7i#le s*ea&s of A#raham as the 3Crien! of "o!3. A#raham ha! t)o )ives ( Sarah an! ,a%ar. ,a%ar #ore A#raham a son ( ,1S C12ST(7D2N( :!!!!!!(nd (braham, alled $I' '%-:' name, whi h $agar bare Ishmael!: ;Genesis 1-:15<. :(nd (braham took Ishmael $I' '%-!!!!!!" ;Genesis 1/:1,<. :(nd Ishmael $I' '%- was thirteen years old, when he was ir um ised in the flesh of his foreskin!:;Genesis 1/:15<. I* to the a%e of T,12T==N 1shmael )as the DN Y son an! see! of A#raham, )hen the covenant )as ratifie! #et)een "o! an! A#raham. "o! %rants A#raham another son throu%h Sarah, name! 1saac, )ho )as ver+ much the $unior to his #rother 1shmael. ,. Accor!in% to the 7i#le, A#raham's name )as A#ram #efore it )as chan%e! #+ "o! to A#raham. Ar"b3 "2! +e93

1f 1shmael an! 1saac are the sons of the same father A#raham, then the+ are #rothers. A2! 3' the ch(l!re2 '; the '2e "re the BRETHREN '; the ch(l!re2 '; the 'ther. The chil!ren of 1saac are the .e)s an! the Chil!ren of 1shmael are the Ara#s ( so the+ are BRETHREN to one another. The 7i#le affirms, 2'ND !E (I"!M'E#) "!'## DWE## IN !E 3RE"EN*E OF '## $I' +2,*$2,-!2 ;Genesis 1-:11<. 2'ND !E (I"!M'E#) DIED IN !E 3RE"EN*E OF ()) $I' +2,*$2,-.;Genesis 15:18<. The chil!ren of 1saac are the #rethren of the 1shmaelites. 1n li&e manner Muhumme! is from amon% the #rethren of the 1sraelites #ecause he )as a !escen!ant of 1shmael the son of A#raham. This e-actl+ as the *ro*hec+ has it( 'C2DM AMDN" T,=12 72=T,2=N'.;Deut.18:18<. There the *ro*hec+ !istinctl+ mentions that the comin% *ro*het )ho )oul! #e li&e Moses, must arise NDT from the >ch(l!re2 '; I3r"el> or from >" '2) the 3el=e3>, #ut from amon% their #rethren. MI,IMM=4 T,=2=CD2= FAS C2DM AMDN" T,=12 72=T,2=NG W'r!3 (2 the M'uth 3The *ro*hec+ *rocee!s furtherE'.......AN4 1 F1 8IT MY FD24S 1NTD ,1S MDIT,.......' Fhat !oes it mean )hen it is sai! '1 )ill *ut m+ )or!s in +our mouth'/ You see, )hen 1 as&e! +ou ;the !ominee< to o*en 4euteronom+ cha*ter 58, verse 58, at the #e%innin%, an! if 1 ha! as&e! +ou to rea!, an! if +ou ha! rea!E )oul! 1 #e *uttin% m+ )or!s into +our mouth/3 The !ominee ans)ere!E 3No.3 37ut,3 1 continue!E 31f 1 )ere to teach +ou a lan%ua%e li&e Ara#ic a#out )hich +ou have no &no)le!%e, an! if 1 as&e! +ou to rea! or re*eat after me )hat 1 utter i.e.

;1 rea! them in Ara#ic < Foul! 1 not #e *uttin% these unhear! )or!s of a forei%n ton%ue )hich +ou utter, (2t' +our 'uth%$ The !ominee a%ree! that it )as in!ee! so. 1n an i!entical manner, 1 sai!, the )or!s of the ,ol+ KurLMn, the 2evelation vouchsafe! #+ the Almi%ht+ "o! to Muhumme!, )ere reveale!. ,istor+ tells us that Muhumme! )as fort+ +ears of a%e. ,e )as in a cave some three miles north of the Cit+ of Mecca. 1t )as the @7th ni%ht of the Muslim month of 2ama!aan. 1n the cave the Archan%el "a#riel comman!s him in his mother ton%ueE >I/RA> )hich means READ: or PROCLAIM: or RECITE: Muhumme! is terrifie! an! in his #e)il!erment re*lies $ MA ANA BE/ARA )hich means I AM NOT LEARNED: The an%el comman!s him a secon! time )ith the same result. Cor the thir! time the an%el continues.

No) Muhumme!, %ras*s, that )hat )as reBuire! of him )as to re*eatG to rehearseG An! he re*eats the )or!s as the+ )ere *ut into his mouthE

These are the first five verses, )hich )ere reveale! to Muhumme!, )hich no) occu*+ the #e%innin% of the 6>th cha*ter of the ,ol+ KurLMn. The F"(th;ul W(t2e33 1mme!iatel+ the an%el ha! !e*arte!, Muhumme! rushe! to his home. Terrifie! an! s)eatin% all over he as&e! his #elove! )ife :ha!i$a to 'cover him u*G' ,e la+ !o)n, an! she )atche! #+ him. Fhen he ha! re%aine! his com*osure, he e-*laine! to her )hat he ha! seen an! hear!. She assure! him of her faith in him an! that Allah )oul! not allo) an+ terri#le thin% to ha**en to him. Are these the confessions of an im*ostar/ Foul! im*ostars confess that )hen an an%el of the or! confronts them )ith a Messa%e from on ,i%h, the+ %et fear(stric&en, terrifie!, an! s)eatin% all over, run home to their )ives/ An+ critic can see that his reactions an! confessions are that of an honest, sincere man, the man of Truth( >AL<AMIN> ( T,= ,onest, the I*ri%ht, the Truthful. 4urin% the ne-t t)ent+(three +ears of his *ro*hetic life, )or!s )ere >Put (2t' h(3 'uth>, an! he uttere! them. The+ ma!e an in!elia#le im*ression on his heart an! min!E an! as the volume of the Sacre! Scri*ture ;,ol+ KurLMn< %re), the+ )ere recor!e! on *alm(leaf fi#re, on s&ins an! on the shoul!er(#la!es of animalsH an! in the hearts of his !evote! !isci*les. 7efore his !emise these )or!s )ere arran%e! accor!in% to his instructions i n the or!er in )hich )e fin! them to!a+ in the ,ol+ KurLMn. The )or!s ;revelation< )ere actuall+ 4ut (2t' h(3 'uth, e-actl+ as foretol! in the *ro*hec+ un!er !iscussionE 'AN4 1 F1 8IT MY FD24S 1N ,1S MDIT,.' ;Deut. 18:18<. U2<lettere! Pr'4het Muhumme!'s e-*erience in the cave of ,ira, later to #e &no)n as .a#al(un Noor ( The M'u2t"(2 '; L()ht* an! his res*onse to that first 2evelation is the e-act fulfillment of another 7i#lical 8ro*hec+. 1n the 7oo& of 1saiah, Cha*ter @6, verse 5@, )e rea!E 3AN4 T,= 7DD:3 ("l<-(t""b* "l</ur012 the '2ea!in%', the '2ecitation'< 31S 4= 19=2=4 TD ,1M T,AT

1S NDT =A2N=4,3 ;Isaiah 14:11< 3T,= IN =TT=2=4 82D8,=T 3 ;!o56 7u89:n /:158< an! the #i#lical verse continues E 3SAY1N", 2=A4 T,1S, 1 82AY T,==E3 ;the )or!s 31 *ra+ thee3, are not in the ,e#re) manuscri*tsH com*are )ith the 2oman Catholics' 34oua+ 9ersion an! also )ith the 32evise! Stan!ar! 9ersions3< 3AN4 ,= SA1T,, 1 AM NDT =A2N=4.3 ($I " 2't le"r2e!.$ is the e-act translation of the Ara#ic )or!s MA ANA BE/ARA )hich Muhumme! uttere! t)ice to the ,ol+ "host ( the Archan%el "a#riel, )hen he )as comman!e! E I/RAA 32=A4G3<. et me Buote the verse in full )ithout a #rea& as foun! in the 3:in% .ames 9ersion,3 or the 3Authorise! version3 as it is more *o*ularl+ &no)n 3AN4 T,= 7DD: 1S 4= 19=2=4 TD ,1M T,AT 1S NDT =A2N=4, SAY1N", 2=A4 T,1S 1 82AY T,==E AN4 ,= SA1T,, 1 AM NDT =A2N=4.3 ;Isaiah 14:11<. I 4'rt"2t 2'te#

1t ma+ #e note! that there )ere no Ara#ic 7i#les in e-istence in the >th Centur+ of the Christian =ra )hen Muhumme! live! an! *reache!G 7esi!es, he )as a#solutel+ unlettere! an! unlearne!. No human ha! ever tau%ht him a )or!. ,is teacher )as his CreatorE

Fithout an+ human learnin%, >he 4ut t' 3h"

e the 9(3!'

'; the le"r2e!>.$

;5@< There are to!a+ Ara#ic 7i#les in Courteen !ifferent scri*ts an! !ialects for the Ara#s alone. See $The &'34el3 (2 "2y t'2)ue3$. &r"=e W"r2(2) 3SeeG3 1 tol! the !ominee, 3ho) the *ro*hecies fit Muhumme! li&e a %love. Fe !o not have to stretch *ro*hecies to $ustif+ their fulfillment in Muhumme!.3 The !ominee re*lie!, 3All +our e-*ositions soun! ver+ )ell, #ut the+ are of no real conseBuence, #ecause )e Christians have .esus Christ the 3incarnate3 "o!, )ho has re!eeme! us from the 7on!a%e of SinG3 1 as&e!, 3Not im*ortant/3 "o! !i!n't thin& soG ,e )ent to a %reat !eal of trou#le to have ,is )arnin%s recor!e!. "o! &ne) that there )oul! #e *eo*le li&e +ou )ho )ill fli**antl+, li%ht( hearte!l+ !iscount his )or!s, so he follo)e! u* 4euteronom+ 58E58 )ith a !ire )arnin%E +'ND I "!'## *OME O 3'""$ + ;it is %oin% to ha**en< + !' W!O"OE&ER WI## NO !E'RKEN %N O 04 &%2"' W!I*! !E "!'## "3E'K I- 04 -(0,$ I WI## RE7%IRE I OF !IM. ;in the Catholic 7i#le the en!in% )or!s are ( 31 )ill #e the reven%er3, 1 )ill ta&e ven%eance from him ( 1 )ill ta&e reven%eG< 34oes not this terrif+ +ou/ "o! Almi%ht+ is threatenin% reven%eG Fe sha&e in our *ants if some hoo!lum threatens us, +et +ou have no fear of "o!'s )arnin%/3

3Miracle of MiraclesG in the verse 56 of 4euteronom+ cha*ter 58, )e have a further fulfillment of the *ro*hec+ in Muhumme!G Note the )or!s('..... MY WORDS F,1C, ,= S,A S8=A: IN MY NAME,3 1n )hose name is Muhumme! s*ea&in%/3 1 o*ene! Yusuf Ali's translation of the ,ol+ KurLMn, at cha*ter 554( >Sur" N"3>, or Man&in! ( the last cha*ter, an! sho)e! him the formula at the hea! of the cha*terE

An! the meanin%E 31N T,= NAM= DC "D4, MDST "2AC1DIS, MDST M=2C1CI .3 An! the hea!in% of cha*ter 553E

An! the meanin%E 31N T,= NAM= DC "D4, MDST "2AC1DIS, MDST M=2C1CI 3. An! ever+ cha*ter !o)n)ar!s 55@, 555, 550...)as the same formula an! the same meanin% on ever+ *a%e, #ecause the en! SURAS ;cha*ters< are short an! ta&e a#out a *a%e each. 3An! )hat !i! the *ro*hec+ !eman!/' ...F,1C, ,= S,A S8=A: IN MY NAME an! in )hose name !oes Muhumme! s*ea&/ >IN THE NAME OF &OD, MDST "2AC1DIS MDST M=2C1CI .' The 8ro*hec+ is #ein% fulfille! in Muhumme! to the letter 3=ver+ cha*ter of the ,ol+ KurLMn e-ce*t the 6th #e%in )ith the formulaE

1N T,= NAM= DC "D4, MDST "2AC1DIS, MDST M=2C1CI .' The Muslim #e%ins his ever+ la)ful act )ith the ,ol+ formula. 7ut the Christian #e%insE 31n the name of the Cather, son an! ,ol+ "host.'3, Concernin% 4euteronom+ cha*ter ei%hteen, 1 have %iven +ou more than 5A reasons as to ho) this *ro*hec+ refers to Muhumme! an! NOT to .esus. ,. The Christian theolo%ians are i%norant of even the 3name of "o!. 7ecause 3"o!3 is not a name, an! 3Cather3 is also not a name. See $WHAT IS HIS NAME%$

CHAPTER FOUR Ne9 Te3t" e2t Al3' C'2;(r 3

B"4t(3t C'2tr"!(ct3 +e3u3 1n Ne) Testament times, )e fin! that the .e)s )ere still e-*ectin% the fulfilment of the *ro*hec+ of 'DN= 1:= MDS=S', refer .ohn 5E56(@A. Fhen .esus claime! to #e the Messiah of the .e)s, the .e)s #e%an to enBuire as to )here )as =lias/ The .e)s ha! a *arallel *ro*hec+ that #efore the comin% of the Messiah, =lias must come first in his secon! comin%. .esus confirms this .e)ish #eliefE "!!!,)I(' *23)4 '$()) 6I2'* 5%0,, (-" 2,'*%2, ()) *$I-.'! +3* I '(4 3-*% 4%3, *$(* ,)I(' I' 5%0, ()2,("4, (-" *$,4 /-,& $I0 -%*!!!*$,- *$,

"I'5IP),' 3-",2'*%%" *$(* $, 'P(/, 3-*% *$,0 %6 >%$- *$, +(P*I'*!" (0atthew 1<:11?1;). Accor!in% to the Ne) Testament the .e)s )ere not the ones to s)allo) the )or!s of an+ )oul!(#e Messiah. 1n their investi%ations the+ un!er)ent intense !ifficulties in or!er to fin! their true Messiah. An! this the "os*el of .ohn confirmsE +'ND !I" I" !E RE*ORD OF JO!N$+;the 7a*tist< +W!EN !E JEW" "EN 3RIE" " 'ND #E&I E" FROM JER%"'#EM O '"K !IM$ W!O 'R !O%; 'ND !E *ONFE""ED 'ND DENIED NO ) (% *ONFE""ED$ I 'M NO !E *!RI" .+ ;This )as onl+ natural #ecause there can't #e t)o Messiahs, at the same time. 1f .esus )as the Christ then .ohn coul!n't #e the ChristG< 3AN4 T,=Y AS:=4 ,1M, F,AT T,=N/ A2T T,DI = 1AS/ AN4 ,= SA1T,, 1 AM NDT.3 ;,ere +'h2 the B"4t(3t contra!icts .esusG .esus sa+s that .ohn is 3=lias3 an! .ohn !enies that he is )hat .esus ascri#es him to #e. Dne of the TWO ;.esus or .ohn<, "o! for#i!G, is !efinitel+ not s*ea&in% the TRUTH: Dn the testimon+ of .esus himself, +'h2 the B"4t(3t )as the %reatest of the 1sraelite *ro*hetsE 39=21 Y 1 SAY INTD YDI, AMDN" T,=M T,AT A2= 7D2N DC FDM=N T,=2= ,AS NDT 21S=N A "2=AT=2 T,AN .D,N T,= 7A8T1STE... 3;Matthe. 11:11<. Fe Muslims &no) .ohn the 7a*tist as ,aJrut YAHYAA Alai(his(salaam ;*eace #e u*on him<. Fe revere him as a true *ro*het of Allah. The ,ol+ 8ro*het .esus &no)n to us as ,aJrut ISAA Alai(his(salaam ;*eace #e u*on him<, is also esteeme! as one of the mi%htiest messen%er of the Almi%ht+. ,o) can )e Muslims im*ute lies to either of them/ Fe leave this *ro#lem #et)een .esus an! .ohn for the Christians to solve, for their 3sacre! scri*tures3 a#oun! in !iscre*ancies )hich the+ have #een %lossin% over as the $!"r8 3"y(2)3 '; +e3u3$;5A<. Fe Muslims are reall+ intereste! in the last Buestions *ose! to .ohn the 7a*tist #+ the .e)ish elite( 3A2T T,DI THAT PROPHET% AN4 ,= ANSF=2=4, ND.3 ;John 1:11< ,. The .e)s )ere e-*ectin% a sin%le Messiah not t)o. 6. See the $TIMES$ Ma%aJine 4ecem#er 30th, 5674, article $H'9 true (3 the B(ble%$ An! also see $BC*CCC Err'r3 (2 the B(ble%$ a re*ro!uction from the Christian Ma%aJine $AWA-E:$ Se*tem#er 8, 56A7. Three /ue3t('23: 8lease note that three !ifferent an! !istinct Buestions )ere *ose! to +'h2 the B"4t(3t an! to )hich he %ave three em*hatic $NO>S$ as ans)ers. To reca*itulateE( 5< A2T T,DI T,= C,21ST/ @< A2T T,DI = 1AS/ 3< A2T T,DI T,AT 82D8,=T/ 7ut the learne! men of Christen!om someho) onl+ see t)o Buestions im*lie! here. To ma&e !ou#l+ clear that the .e)s !efinitel+ ha! T(,(2(=(= se*arate *ro*hecies in their min!s )hen the+ )ere interro%atin% +'h2 the B"4t(3t, let us rea! the remonstrance of the .e)s in the verses follo)in%E +'ND !EY '"KED !IM$ 'ND "'ID %N O !IM$ W!Y ('3 I<E" a) NO !' *!RI" $ =) NOR E#I'"$ >) NEI !ER !' 3RO3!E ;+ ;John 1:15< !O% !EN$ IF !O% (E

The .e)s )ere )aitin% for the fulfillment of THREE !istinct *ro*heciesE O2e, the comin% of C,21ST. T9' the comin% of = 1AS, an! Three, the comin% of T,AT 82D8,=T.

$Th"t Pr'4het$ 1f )e loo& u* an+ 7i#le )hich has a concor!ance or cross(references, the )e )ill fin! in the mar%inal note )here the )or!s $the Pr'4het$, or $th"t Pr'4het$ occur in .ohn 5E@A, that these )or!s refer to the *ro*hec+ of 4euteronom+ 58E5A an! 58. An! that >th"t 4r'4het> < >the 4r'4het l(8e M'3e3> ( 3 1:= INTD T,==3, )e have *rove! throu%h over)helmin% evi!ence that he )as MI,IMM=4 an! 2't .esusG Fe Muslims are not !en+in% that .esus )as the 3Messiah3, )hich )or! is translate! as 3Christ3., Fe are not contestin% the 3thousan! an! one *ro*hecies3 )hich the Christians claim a#oun! in the Dl! Testament foretellin% the comin% of the Messiah. Fhat )e sa+ is that 4euteronom+ 58E58 !oes NDT refer to .esus Christ #ut it is an e-*licit *ro*hec+ a#out the ,ol+ 8ro*het MUHUMMED:$ The !ominee, ver+ *olitel+ *arte! )ith me #+ sa+in% that it )as a ver+ interestin% !iscussion an! he )oul! li&e me ver+ much to come one !a+ an! a!!ress his con%re%ation on the su#$ect. A !eca!e an! half has *asse! since then #ut 1 am still a)aitin% that *rivile%e. 1 #elieve the !ominee )as sincere )hen he ma!e the offer, #ut *re$u!ices !ie har! an! )ho )oul! li&e to loose his shee*/ ,. ,o) the )or! Messiah )as transmute! to Christ/. See $Chr(3t (2 I3l" The Ac(! Te3t To the lam#s of Christ 1 sa+, )h+ not a**l+ that aci! test )hich the Master himself )ante! +ou to a**l+ to an+ )oul! #e claimant to 8ro*hethoo!/ ,e ha! sai!E "+4 *$,I2 623I*' 4, '$()) /-%& *$,0! DO MEN G' !ER GR'3E" FROM !E !ORN"$ OR FIG" FROM !E !I" #E"; E&ERY GOOD REE WI## (E'R GOOD FR%I 'ND E&ERY E&I# REE WI## (E'R E&I# FR%I !!!! +4 *$,I2 623I*' 4, '$()) /-%& *$,0! ;Matthe. /:1-01?<. Fh+ are +ou afrai! to a**l+ this test to the teachin%s of Muhumme!/ You )ill fin! in the L"3t Testament of "o! ( the H'ly /ur012 ( the true fulfillment of the teachin%s of Moses an! .esus, )hich )ill #rin% to the )orl! the much(nee!e! *eace an! ha**iness. 31C A MAN 1:= MD,AM=4 F=2= TD ASSIM= T,= 41C TATD2S,18 DC T,= MD4=2N FD2 4, ,= FDI 4 SICC==4 1N SD 91N" 1TS 82D7 =MS T,AT FDI 4 721N" 1T T,= MIC, N==4=4 8=AC= AN4 ,A881N=SS.3 ;Geo8@e (e8na8A "ha.< The &re"te3t: The Fee&l+ Ne)sma%aJine 3T1M=3 !ate! .ul+ 5A, 5674, carrie! a selection of o*inions #+ various historians, )riters, militar+ men, #usinessmen an! others on the su#$ectE $Wh' Were H(3t'ry>3 &re"t Le"!er3%$ Some sai! that it )as ,itlerH others sai! ( "an!hi, 7u!!ha, incoln an! the li&e. 7ut .ules Masserman, a Inite! States *s+choanal+st *ut the stan!ar!s strai%ht #+ %ivin% the correct criteria )here)ith to $u!%e. ,e sai!E $LEADERS MUST FULFIL THREE FUNCTIONS#< ;5< 8rovi!e for the )ell(#ein% of the le!, ;@< 8rovi!e a social or%aniJation in )hich *eo*le feel relativel+ secure an! ;3< 8rovi!e them )ith one set of #eliefs.3 Fith the a#ove three criteria he searches histor+ an! anal+ses ( ,itler, 8asteur, "aesar, Moses, Confucius an! the lot, an! ultimatel+ conclu!esE $

38=D8 = 1:= 8AST=I2 AN4 SA : A2= =A4=2S 1N T,= C12ST S=NS=. 8=D8 = 1:= "AN4,1 AN4 CDNCIC1IS, DN DN= ,AN4, AN4 A =NAN4=2, CA=SA2 AN4 ,1T =2 DN T,= DT,=2, A2= =A4=2S 1N T,= S=CDN4 AN4 8=2,A8S T,= T,124 S=NS=. .=SIS AN4 7I44,A 7= DN" 1N T,= T,124 CAT="D2Y A DN=. PERHAPS THE &REATEST LEADER OF ALL TIMES WAS MOHAMMED* WHO COMBINED ALL THREE FUNCTIONS. To a lesser !e%ree, MOSES DID THE SAME.$ Accor!in% to the o#$ective stan!ar!s set #+ the 8rofessor of the Chica%o Iniversit+, )hom 1 #elieve to #e .e)ish, ( .=SIS an! 7I44,A are no) ( here in the *icture of the $&re"t Le"!er3 '; M"28(2!$, #ut #+ a Bueer coinci!ence )r'u43 Moses an! Muhumme! t')ether thus a!!in% further )ei%ht to the ar%ument that .=SIS is not li&e MDS=S, #ut MI,IMM=4 is li&e MDS=SE 4eut.58E58 3 1:= INTD T,==3 ( )ike 0%','@ 2everen! .ames . 4o) in Collins 4ictionar+ of the 7i#le %ives further *roof, that .=SIS is not li&e MDS=S, #ut MI,IMM=4 is li&e MosesE 3AS A STAT=SMAN AN4 AF"19=2 MDS=S 1S T,= C2=ATD2 DC T,= .=F1S, 8=D8 =. ,= CDIN4 A DDS= CDN" DM=2AT1DN DC S=M1T1C 8=D8 =, NDN= DC ......

DAlso in 3T,= =NCYC D8A=41A DC 2= 1"1DN3, Moses is loo&e! u*on in the !ifferent tra!itions. In!er Moses in Is5aB) )e rea! 3MDS=S 1S ,1", Y 2="A24=4 1N 1S AM AS T,= "2=AT 82D8,=T F,D CD2=TD 4 T,= CDM1N" DC MI,AMMA4, ,1S SICC=SSD2...T,=2= 1S MIC, 1N T,= 1C= DC MI,AMMA4 T,AT 1S 1M8 1C1T Y 2=M1N1SC=NT DC T,= MDS=S T2A41T1DN. 3111$ !E EN*Y*#O3'EDI' OF RE#IGION$ &o5uBe 1?$ Ma>Bi55ean 3u=5ishin@ *oBCan6 Mi8>ea E5iaAe (EDI OR IN *!IEF)

1n conclusion, 1 en! )ith a Buotation of a Christian 2everen! the commentator of the 7i#le, follo)e! #+ that of his MasterE 3T,= I T1MAT= C21T=21DN DC A T2I= 82D8,=T 1S T,= MD2A T=AC,1N".3 ;38oD. DuBBe5o..< $BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL -NOW THEM.$ C,A2ACT=2 DC ,1S



COME LET US REASON TO&ETHER SAY#$O PEOPLE OF THE BOO-: COME TO COMMON TERMS AS BETWEEN US AND YOU# THAT WE WORSHIP NONE BUT &ODE THAT WE ASSOCIATE NO PARTNERS WITH HIME THAT WE ERECT NOT* FROM AMON& OURSEL@ES* LORDS AND PATRONS OTHER THAN &OD.$ IF THEN THEY TURN BAC-* SAY# $BEAR WITNESS THAT WE (AT LEAST) ARE MUSLIMS (BOWIN& TO &OD>S WILL).$ (SURA AL<I<>IMRAN) $oly 9urABn ;:64 $PEOPLE OF THE BOO-$ is the res*ectful title %iven to the .e)s an! the Christians in the ,ol+ KurLMn. The Muslims is here comman!e! to invite ( $O Pe'4le '; the B''8:$ ( D earne! 8eo*leG D 8eo*le )ho claim to #e the reci*ients of 4ivine 2evelation, of a ,ol+ Scri*tureH let us %ather to%ether onto a common *latform ( $th"t 9e 9'r3h(4 2'2e but &'!$* #ecause none #ut "o! is )orth+ of )orshi*, not #ecause 3T,= D24 T,Y "D4 1S A .=A DIS "D4 91S1T1N" T,= 1N1KI1TY DC T,= CAT,=2S I8DN T,= C,1 42=N INTD T,= T,124 AN4 CDI2T, "=N=2AT1DN DC T,=M T,AT ,AT= M=.3 ;EEoAus 1?:15<. 7ut #ecause ,e is our or! an! Cherisher, our Sustainer an! =volver, )orth+ of all *raise, *ra+er an! !evotion. 1n the a#stract the .e)s an! the Christians )oul! a%ree to all the three *ro*ositions containe! in this KurLMnic verse. 1n *ractice the+ fail. A*art from !octrinal la*ses from the unit+ of the Dne True "o!, (ALLAH Subh"2"hu 9" t"<"l") there is the Buestion of a consecrate! 8riesthoo! ;amon% the .e)s it )as here!itar+ also<, as if a mere human #ein% ( C'he2 or P'4e, or Pr(e3t, or Br"h "2, ( coul! claim su*eriorit+ a*art from his learnin% an! the *urit+ of his life, or coul! stan! #et)een man an! "o! in some s*ecial sense. ISLAM DOES NOT RECO&NISE PRIESTHOOD: The Cree! of 1slam is %iven to us here in a nutshell from ,ol+ KurLMnE S"y ye# $We bel(e=e (2 All"h* A2! the re=el"t('2 )(=e2 t' u3* A2! t' Abr"h" * I3 ">(l* I3""c* +"c'b* "2! the Tr(be3* A2! th"t )(=e2 t' M'3e3 "2! +e3u3 A2! th"t )(=e2 t' ("ll) Pr'4het3 ;r' the(r L'r!# We "8e 2' !(;;ere2ce Bet9ee2 '2e "2! "2'ther '; the # A2! 9e b'9 t' All"h ((2 I3l" ).$ (SURA BA/ARA) $oly 9urABn C:1;6. The Muslim *osition is clear. The Muslim !oes not claim to have a reli%ion *eculiar to himself. 1slam is not a sect or an ethnic reli%ion. 1n its vie) all 2eli%ion is one, for the Truth is one. 1T FAS T,= SAM= 2= 1"1DN 82=AC,=4 7Y A T,= =A2 1=2 82D8,=TS. ;,ol+ KurLMn 4@E53<. 1t )as the truth tau%ht #+ all the ins*ire! 7oo&s. 1n essence it amounts to a consciousness of the Fill an! 8lan of "o! an! a $o+ful su#mission to that Fill an! 8lan. IF ANYONE WANTS A RELI&ION OTHER THAN THAT* HE IS FALSE TO HIS OWN NATURE* AS HE IS FALSE TO &OD>S WILL AND PLAN. Such a one cannot e-*ect %ui!ance, for he has !eli#eratel+ renounce! %ui!ance.