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Candidate Name: Mnica R.

Alonzo Council District: 6

Please complete questionnaire below.
You must send a completed electronic copy to or mail a completed copy to
P.O. Box 192305 Dallas, TX 75219 by Monday, March 6th, 2017.

1. Your background and the LGBTQ community

Please share any experience that illustrates your understanding and interest of the needs of LGBTQ Dallas residents.
Since the beginning of my local organizing efforts in Dallas, Texas, I have valued, respected, reached out to, worked
with, organized with, played with, demonstrated with, lobbied with, sat on the front lines with LGBT Dallas residents.
I still do. As solid Democrats, so does my family.
You have supported, endorsed, and helped me in the past. I have not nor do I now take any of those actions and
efforts for granted! That is the reason I am once again seek your support, your endorsement, and your help
so we may continue moving forward as caring communities united and working together for improvement of our
Quality of Life in our city.

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas seek to inform members of the LGBTQ and Democratic Party community of candidate's
political background. Our organizations by-laws require us only to consider candidates with Democratic Primary
voter history or, in the case of someone having some history of voting in Republican Primaries, affirms their party
affiliation via an oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Do you qualify or would you be prepared to sign an oath
of allegiance form from the Dallas County Democratic Party? I STILL proudly and strongly qualify.

2. Creating an inclusive community

Cities compete for residents, tax payers, conventions and new businesses/economic development. As a member of
the Dallas City Council, how would you insure that Dallas can compete effectively with other cities in the area of
LGBTQ inclusion?
Both as Councilwoman for District 6 and as Mayor Pro-Tem of the Dallas, I have maintained an open-door policy for
full inclusive community participation. I am there for you and all constituencies. Currently, one of the jobs I perform
on your Dallas City Council is representing the Council on the Dallas Convention Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. I
am currently the Interim Chair of the Board. The organization is charged with putting the face on Dallas to attract
future growth through development, especially tourism and hospitality. As the former Chair of the Diversity and
Inclusion Committee of the Board, I have worked side-by-side with members of the Board who are active participants
and residents of Dallas LGBT community. We work together to ensure that policies are INCLUSIVE for full community
participation on Dallas behalf.

Would you recruit and consider qualified LGBTQ constituents for your commission and board appointments?
The record will demonstrate that during my tenure on your Dallas City Council, I recruited, considered, and named
qualified LGBT constituents for YOUR City of Dallas boards and commissions. As this is a continuous, ongoing process,
your assistance is welcomed in getting MORE of the LGBT community politically interested, participative, and active in
their Dallas City Hall. Working together, we can progressively move forward.

Will you support a Dallas City Council's resolution for a statewide ban on LGBTQ employment discrimination? Yes
3. The City of Dallas as a LGBTQ inclusive employer

The private sector has seen a large increase in policies and benefits for LGBTQ employees, how should the City of
Dallas remain competitive to attract and retain top LGBTQ talent?
I seek your input into this type of important matters of city business and your organization and others take the
opportunity to work with us to address these issues. I remain committed to working with you and being available
with my Open Door Policy.

Do you support comprehensive transgender inclusive health benefits and as a council member work with the City
Manager to implement such benefits? Yes.

4. Current Events
The Governor and many state legislators continue to push legislation to curtail the current scope of governance for
home rule cities like Dallas. This could remove local control over matters such as drilling within city limits, LGBT
protections, etc. Do you favor or oppose this, and what do you plan to do in response?
Oppose. I would continue to work to lobby legislatively and to seek allies such as the LGBT community in combating
this type of negative legislation.

What are your thoughts on the current campaign finance rules for Dallas elections which set donation amount limits
on people newly seeking office but essentially place no donation amount limits on incumbents via unrestricted
officeholder accounts which may be used for campaign purposes?
We need to abide by our State and Local Ethics Rules and Policies that govern this issue.

How do you plan to address the Police and Fire Pension crisis? How would you support a tax increase to address the
ongoing funding deficits for the Police and Fire Pension System's benefits?
All parties involved are working together to bring resolution.

What is your position regarding current state legislation to regulate public facility access and keep transgender Texans
from using restrooms that align with their gender identity? I oppose
Will you defend the existing non-discrimination city ordinance for LGBTQ individuals, including public
accommodations? Yes

Homelessness affects marginalized communities, such as the LGBTQ community, at a disproportional rate. Given the
increasing problem of homelessness in Dallas and efforts to minimize it, what would your approach be to address this
crisis? Do you support a Housing First initiative for Dallas?
I believe this is an endemic issue and I forward to working with my council colleague, Mark Clayton, in confronting it.

What are your Ideas to address income inequality in the City of Dallas? Do you support implementing living wage
rules for city employees, city contracts, and subcontractor workers? How will you support the use of city subsidies or
tax abatements for housing development that substantially benefit the growing number of working poor and
struggling middle class residents in the City of Dallas?
I was a strong supporter of the City of Dallas taking action to support a stronger wage floor for companies that do
business with the City. This impacts those companies workers assuring that they get paid a livable wage.

What do you think the role of local law enforcement should be in the enforcing of federal immigration law?
The Dallas Police Department is not a federal immigration enforcement department.
What are your thoughts about the Dallas County Commissioners' recent resolution declaring Dallas County a
Welcoming County, particularly as it pertains to the City of Dallas? Do you support this resolution?
I support it.

Do you support ensuring that all residents of the City of Dallas have access to city services, regardless of immigration
status? Why, or why not?
Yes, I support all residents of the City of Dallas having access to city services regardless of immigration status because
we are a non-discriminating city.

Last fiscal year, the Dallas City Council approved an ongoing $15 million dollar bailout for ATTPAC with little support
for small arts organizations in return. Critics argue that the real need is for support in local neighborhoods outside the
Arts District that are cultural deserts. What are your thoughts on revising or canceling the annual $1.5 million bailout
and use those funds to support small to mid-size arts groups in underserved neighborhoods as well as the downtown
As the Chair of the Arts, Culture, and Libraries Committee of the Dallas City Council, I see as my primary responsibility
to bring the arts and their lasting benefits to all residents. Although I am proud of our many opportunities for the arts
downtown, I will not rest until all of our children and families can have the emotional and intellectual benefits of the

I, Monica R. Alonzo, am seeking an endorsement from the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas for the 2017 Dallas City
Council elections.

Signed XX Monica R. Alonzo Date March 6, 2017