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Candidate name: CFBISD

Please complete questionnaire below.
You must send a completed electronic copy to or mail
a completed copy to P.O. Box 192305 Dallas, TX 75219 by Monday, March 6th. You can download
an editable MS Word version of this document at the Endorsements page of our website at .

1. Your background and the LGBT community

Please share any experience that illustrates your understanding and interest of the
needs of LGBTQ Dallas residents.

As a gay man, all I have heard growing up was you cant do this or that will
never happen for you because I am gay. I simply worked harder to graduate
from the Texas Public School system and start a successful private sector career
in telecommunications and now for the last 8 years working for the Texas
Workforce Commission. My husband, Dr. Bruce Sherrill, started one of the first
openly gay dental practices in Dallas 36 years ago, serving our community
faithfully even during our most challenging days of the Aids crisis. He continued
for many years giving to the Black Tie dinner thru his business for charitable

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas seek to inform members of the LGBTQ and Democratic
Party community of candidate's political background. Our organizations by-laws
require us only to consider candidates with Democratic Primary voter history or
affirms their party affiliation via an oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Do you
qualify or would you be prepared to sign an oath of allegiance form from the Dallas
County Democratic Party?
I am a Democratic activist for the past 29 years. I have been a
delegate to every state convention but 1 since 1990. I could not
afford to go to Houston in 1992 at that time.

2. Creating an inclusive community

Cities and Counties compete for residents, tax payers, conventions and new
businesses/economic development. As a member of the Carrollton Farmers Branch
Independent School Board, how would you insure that Dallas County can compete
effectively with other places in the area of LGBTQ inclusion?
My slogan in Exemplary School=Economic Development. We must treat all
taxpayers equally and provide the same level of service to everyone. We cannot
afford to leave great talent on the table. I want to ensure we continue to have
great teachers and staff not discriminating in our promoting or hiring practices.
I will ensure we follow the law in all hiring and promoting opportunities.

Would you recruit and consider qualified LGBTQ constituents for your staff and

I would encourage qualified LQBTQ constituents to volunteer at our schools or with

the district Ambassador program or District Improvement Council.
3. Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District
(CFBISD) as a LGBTQ inclusive employer

The private sector has seen a large increase in policies and benefits for LGBTQ
employees, how should the CFBISD remain competitive to attract and retain top
LGBTQ talent?
Increasing our teacher pay to market is a start. We are below market pay
compared to other districts around us. I do not want us to be a training ground
for other districts near us.

Do you support comprehensive LGBTQ and especially transgender-inclusive health

benefits? As a CFBISD board member will you work on lobbying the state and Teachers
Retirement System to implement such benefits?

We are looking at trying to get out of TRS health care due to limits on coverage and very
high costs. I want to provide all employees better coverage and lower costs. I would want
a comprehensive benefits package.

It is great to have policies supportive of non-discrimination for LGBTQ personnel and

students. Does CFBISD do any diversity training of personnel related to non-
discrimination and anti-bullying?

Yes, and I will ensure Dr. Burns continues our policies against bulling and
nondiscrimination. I will fight tea party efforts to eliminate these basic standards for our
What will you do to support Gay Straight Alliances for your school district?

I am proud to say we do have a Gay Straight Alliance in CFB and I will work
with them to increase membership and awareness. I will make history as the
first Gay board member and will use that bully pulpit.

4. Current Events

What do you see as the top challenges for the CFBISD board going into the next
school year, and what are your personal priorities for your work on the board for
CFBISD? My first priority is getting term limits passed for the board members. The
board is divided 3/3 now and I would be the 4th vote to enact limits. We must have
open seats come up regularly so new blood and voices can serve. I would also make
history as the first board member ever elected from the Irving/Coppell part of our
district. Second is raising teacher pay and ensuring a balanced budget moving
forward after our recently passed TRE election. We will have to look at keeping
technology updated and maintaining and repairing some of our facilities in the district
that are in older buildings.

LGBTQ youth make up approximately 40% of the homeless youth population, but only
10% of the youth population as a whole. They also face considerable discrimination
and abuse in traditional homeless assistance programs. Given these facts, is there
anything that CFBISD can do to help this at risk population stay in school, and any
other assistance to help get them off the streets? We partner with Metrocrest
Services who helps us tremendously with our low income and homeless student
populations. I would want to engage more charitable partners like the Dallas Resource
Center and other corporations in our district. We have a 66 percent low income
student population. The west side of our district has many billion dollar companies,
the LCA and VRA that are not being engaged with now.

Dallas County's Department of Elections has made it a priority to encourage new

young voters to participate in elections more. In what ways would you attempt to
increase participation in Dallas County's successful Student Election Worker program?
Is there anything more that CFBISD can do to help student voters participate in

I want to register kids at 18 in High Schools to vote and encourage Democratic clubs
on campuses. I would like to see if our students who volunteer at election time can
get extra credit.

What are your concerns regarding the new A-F grading system for Texas public
schools that is being rolled out in 2018? What specific improvements to this new
school evaluation system should CFBISD be lobbying for?

This is a horrible system that is designed to negatively rate schools to help the
Republicans pass there voucher plan to defund our schools. I would lobby the
legislature to go back to exemplary, recognized, acceptable and unacceptable.

I, _John T. DeLorme______________________________, am seeking an endorsement from the

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas for the 2017 Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School Board

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