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Sanosil: Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver as an all purpose disinfectant

Hydrogen Peroxide has long been known for its oxidizing capabilities. But, its unstable nature made it highly
unsafe and short lasting. Use of Silver as stabilizer and activator is the ideal solution to this problem. Silver
stabilized hydrogen peroxide is efficiently used for soil fumigation, air sanitation, water disinfection, even
surface disinfection. Silver with antimicrobial properties and the intense oxidizing effect of H2O2 can be used
as an eco-friendly and powerful disinfectant with an assortment of utilizations.

Sanosil-Silver H2O2 is the only EU Biocide Article 95 compliant Hydrogen Peroxide/Silver based disinfectant
approved for use in the UK by the HSE and NHS and used widely by the water treatment sectors,
decontamination sectors as well as home care, hospitality and pharmaceutical sectors worldwide. The product
is specified by the NHS to combat MRSA. The unique disinfection properties of silver stabilized hydrogen
peroxide are intrinsically and environmentally safe to use in medical, clinical and most other built

Sanosil disinfectant works in a combined 2-phase effect of the main ingredients. The nascent oxygen from
hydrogen peroxide attacks cell walls of microorganisms upon direct contact. Nascent oxygen denaturizes the
cell wall and disrupts cytoplasm stability. This effect is boosted by silver ions that disrupt protein activities
associated with reproductive and metabolic systems and deactivates them resulting in rapid cellular
degradation and microbial death.

Silver H2O2 disrupts the cellular membrane of microorganisms and attacks internal cell structure and
processes. H2O2 decomposes into water and oxygen (2H2O2 2H2O+O2) and traces of nano silver form residue
on the disinfected surface. These silver traces are invisible and non-toxic but actively and effectively
counteract re-germination and re-growth.
Common disinfectants in the market focus their effect on one single point of attack which may be sufficient to
kill germs in the short term however; monovalent biocides result in evolution of resistant germ strains and
become increasingly ineffective over time. Sanosil is regarded as smart technology and less problematic as it
does not allow development of resistance.
To date and based on ongoing worldwide studies, there is no human pathogen that has managed to develop a
resistance to Sanosil.

Sanosil range of formulations for professional use is predominantly preferred as:

surface cleaner
low level water system continuous dosing agent
water distribution system treatment for bio-film removal
dental chair unit (DCU) waterline additive

The available formulations are:

Sanosil S003 (1.5% H2O2): Fogging aerosol disinfectant for low level germ loads
Sanosil S006 (3% H2O2): Fogging aerosol disinfectant for moderate level germ loads
Sanosil S010 (5% H2O2): Fogging aerosol disinfectant for high level germ loads and particularly effective in
combating bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mildew, fungi, molds spores and malodorous smell.
As per the EEC, WHO, and the USEPA, Sanosil silver hydrogen peroxide represents no health threats to
people. Even Switzerland, France, Australia and Germany have approved silver hydrogen peroxide for drinking
water sanitation.

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